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Fanfiction ► KH: Prince and the Pauper

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Oct 6, 2007
Hey guys, i have the next story for you ^^ sorry it took so long


The Prince and the Pauper
~Chapter Sixteen~
Love Me

He opened his eyes to find a stone ceiling, and not a farm ceiling; he had a grin crawl on his face as he turned over to face the window. He gazed at the garden and mountain. The sun was just starting to rise. And he had to admit, he was glad the Prince ran off, as cruel as it was. “It’s not a dream…” he sat up and cracked his back. As he got up he stretched and yarned. After that he looked at his bed and shrugged, he started to make the bed when a maid came in.

“Ummmm, Your Highness?” she questioned. She had a tray in her hands, and her eyes were gazing at him with a strange look.

“Yes?” he answered.

“Ummmm, what are you doing?” she questioned once more.

“I’m making the bed… oh, I’m sorry,” he stopped what he was doing, and sat on the bed. “Good morning,” he greeted.

“Right… where do you want your breakfast?”

Riku looked around and saw a small table in the middle of the room. “I’d like it there, if you don’t mind. How long have you worked in the castle?”

The maid paused then continued toward the table, she placed the silver tray down and lifted the cover. When the cover was lifted Riku Replica felt a sudden urge come over him. He had never smelled food so good and now his hunger was driving him to run toward the tray and eat like a pig but his ability to control himself kept him in check. He stood up slowly and walked over to the wonderful aroma. He sat and watched the steam rise from the food. He couldn’t believe it was for him. He picked up a fork, careful to be sure it was the correct one and started to eat.

“Your Highness, what kind of bath do you want?”

Riku Replica overwhelmed with the food and the amazement of the area around him let out a laughing yell, “I don’t care!” he said as he took a second bite.

The maid raised her eyebrow and walked away. She was surprised at the Prince’s behavior but she had to remain silent, speaking wrongly of the royal family would have her in prison, and so she went to start his bath.

The Prince smiled as he ate his food. He never had food prepared for him, it was a blessing from the gods. Finishing what little he could he stood and walked toward the bath, where the maid stood at attention next to the door way. Riku tilted his head and stared at her, then gazed into the bathroom, there was a large tub in the center of the room, much like a small hot tub but filled with bubbles. Riku frowned, ‘That’s a little gay… why in the world would I take a bubble bath?”

“Is there something wrong?” the maid asked.

“Yeah, what’s up with the bubbles? That’s for girls,” he said.

The maid stared surprised for a moment, “Um, sir, that’s your usual, lavender soap, sea salt water and super hot water…”

Riku stared and wondered what the heck was going on. He sighed, ‘I can’t force her to redo the bath, and even if I did she might say something to the queen,’ he lifted his head for a moment, “Oh, I’m sorry, I thought I smelled Rose soap,” he lied. He walked to the tub and took off his shirt, he paused when the shirt was just pass his shoulders, “I’m sorry could you not watch?” he asked.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” she bowed quickly and closed the French doors behind her.

Riku tossed his cloths in the corner and stepped into the tub. He had to admit, his skin was burning but he had never had a bath so warm. He embraced the heat with little protest and sat in the tub. As his skin turned red he realized how comforting it was to sit in a tub and not have to rush to get out. He leaned his head back and sucked in some air. After a while he was used to the hot water and he found himself wanting it a little hotter. ‘Man, he’s really living it, I can’t believe he left this…. If he ran away,’ he lifted his head and gazed at the picture along the wall. It was a picture of a sunset on a black sand beach. The sun was pure white, and however strange the picture was, Riku found it soothing. He wondered why his friend would ever want to leave this.

“How’s your bath?” he heard a girl say to him.

He faced the voice to find Namine there, “What are you doing here?” he asked surprised, he felt nervous having a female this close to him while he was nude.

“Checking up on you,” she smiled.

“While I’m in the tub? Naked?” he questioned.

“Trust me, I’ve seen you in worse situations… or at least Riku in worse situations,” she giggled.

“Right… and I’m not him… so…”

“Okay, well, when you’re done I have to escort you to the Princess,” she said walking away.

Riku looked over his shoulder toward her, “Okay,” he said.

Riku got out of the tub, a few minutes later, and found that there were clothes prepared for him on the bed. He dried his hair and stared to get dressed. When he was finished Namine appeared in the room, she remained silent and bowed when he approached her. Riku sighed as he put his crown on. Namine giggled and put the crown in its correct position. Roxas was waiting outside the door. He had his full suit on, and he had a spear in his right hand. He walked behind Riku while Namine walked in front. They walked down a long hall and after a few turns they stopped at a set of doors.

Namine opened the doors and stood to the side and lowered her head. Roxas did the same except he stood on the other side, across, from Namine. When Riku was well pass the cheery wood doors the other royal guards bowered, Namine and Roxas closed the door together and walked behind Riku. Riku had to admit that he was actually nervous. He bowed when he was close enough to his “mother” and he grinned, nervously. To the left of the room there was a group of musicians, to the right there was a grand piano. It was pure white and gold was the nuts, bolts, and whatever else held it together.

Riku swallowed, he had no idea what to do at this point.

“Riku, darling, today you and Princess Kairi will spend a whole together, for the first few hours you will be supervised,” the Queen said.

Riku nodded, “Yes, mother, I understand.”

The Queen smiled, “My son loves music, Kairi will you sing for us?”

Riku looked at her, “You sing?” he asked.

Kairi, her smile wonderful and beyond beauty, “Yes, but the song I wish to sing requires a piano,” she said in dismay.

Riku grinned, “I’ll play for you,” he said walking over to the piano.

Namine and Roxas stare in fear and surprise. Princess Kairi smiled brighter and walked over toward the piano. She whispered into his ear, “This is the song…”

Riku looked up at her and stared amazed, “You know that song?” he asked.

“Yes, its one of my favorites,” he smiled.

Riku Replica smiled and started to play.

After a few notes Kairi started to sing, “Once a lace met a lad. You’re a gentle one said she, in my heart I’d be glad if you loved me for me. You say your love is true and I hope that it will be.”

Riku then continued, “I’d be sure if I knew that you loved me for me,” around this time the other musicians start to play along with the song. This enhances the song in its beauty.

“Could I be the one your seeking? Will I be the one you choose? Can you tell my heart is speaking? My eyes will give you clues.”

Riku continued the song, “What you see maybe deceiving, truth lies underneath the skin,” he continued to play the piano, with a grin on his face.

Kairi smiled, took a breath and sung, “Hope will blossom by believing.”

Then they both then sing, “The heart that lives within.”

Riku grinned, staring her in the eyes, and continued, “I’ll be yours, together we shall always be as one, if you love me for me.”

“Who can say where we’ll go, who can promise what will be, but I’ll stay by your side, if you love me for me,” Kairi sung, her voice filling the room, she and Riku sing their verses together.

Riku sings with her, as she does her verse he felt his heart fly, “I’ll be yours, together we shall always be as one, if you love me for me.”

And after a short pause, they both sing together, while gazing in each other eyes, “If you love me for me… if you love me for me…”

When it was over, Riku stood, “You’re voice is beautiful,” he said amazed.

“Not as lovely as yours,” she said.

Roxas and Namine, standing in the corner, were standing frozen in shock. They had no idea that he could play… Riku could never play but it was surprising that Replica did. But it came to a sigh of relief when no one in the room questioned it. As everyone clapped, Kairi and Riku took a walk toward the garden. Heading out the door Roxas and Namine sighed and grinned. They hoped that things would go well with their plan, all he had to do was convince her to move the wedding back for one more week, and that would give them three weeks to find the real Riku, because although he was a good friend he was still nothing more than the fake Riku.


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Oct 6, 2007
-sigh- no reviews but i shall update again. Hopefully something will come up.

The Prince and the Pauper
~Chapter Seventeen~
In Love

“I had a great time,” Riku said as they sat on a bench. “I can’t remember a time I had this much fun,” he said.

Kairi nodded, “Same here, I like you… you’re real,” she said.

Riku Replica lowered his head and tried to accept that, but something made him want to cry. Was it because he had never heard words like that? Was it because he never felt loved? Or was it because he was so overjoyed to have a Princess actually appreciate him? Whatever the reason Riku Replica held back his tears and gazed at the sun, “Thank you, I never thought I was…”

Kairi touched his hand, she gripped it gently, “Well, right now, you mean something to me…”

Riku grinned, “Thank you, and… I must admit, I didn’t think I’d like my time with you,” he scratched the back of his head, “But right now I can’t be more happy,” he lowered his head as if ashamed.

Kairi grinned, her dark blue eyes gazed into Riku’s ice blue ones, Riku swallowed and touched the side of her face. He held her face and they both inched closer, as they got close the clouds became dark and the thunder banged and the lightning clashed, and rain fell. It rained heavily. They both pulled away and they laughed as they started to run inside, the doors closed and their laughter continued, maids came out of nowhere and started to dry them.

The Queen walked up to them and smiled, “I see you had a good time,” she touched Riku’s shoulder.

Riku nodded, “A very good time,” he said, “I hope things go well in the future,” he said. The maids worked his way down to his shoes and dried his shoes.

“Thank you, Prince Riku,” Kairi said as the maids started to move away from her, “I had a great time,” she smiled.

Riku gazed into her eyes, “I did too,” he said.

“Well, I have to go to my room, I’ll see you in the morning,” she waved as she walked away.

Riku waved back and gazed with a feeling in his heart that was beating his heart quickly. The queen smiled and turned to her son, “I hope you will be happy,” she said, “Good night son, I’ll see you when you wake,” she walked away.

Riku sighed and walked to his room. When he closed his room door he found Namine and Roxas there, they were both waiting with their arms crossed. They waited for Riku to come closer before they would question him. When he did they questioned as much as they could.

“Where were you?” Namine asked.

“We’ve been waiting for you for hours!” Roxas said.

Namine then asked, “Did you at least ask to move the wedding back another week?”

Riku sat on the bed and laid back, his grin was unmoved by their questions. “Hello?” Roxas said, “Replica! Dude! Did you move the wedding back?”

Riku finally came to and smiled, “She’s beautiful, and I can’t believe I had a great time,” he said.

“That’s great but is the wedding moved back?”

Riku sat up, “I didn’t ask to move it up,” he said. “I asked to move it to tomorrow.”

“You what?!” the both exclaimed.

Riku stood, “It’s called a joke, calm down, no I didn’t ask to move it, if I do that so soon they’ll know something’s up,” he said.

“Well that’s true,” Roxas agree under his breath.

Namine became furious, “Don’t you understand that Riku is still out there? We are still looking for him! You have to move it back as much as you can!” she yelled.

“Namine calm down, we’ll find him,” Roxas said.

Namine rolled her eyes, “Forget it! Its obvious that Replica has fallen in love with her. There’s nothing that we can do, I’m going to look for Riku, Roxas you stay here and look after him.” Namine stormed out and took her hood and cape with her. Roxas, at first, went after her, but paused. He looked over his shoulder at Riku.

“Well, she’s pissed,” he shrugged.

“I’ll say,” Riku sat back in the bed. Riku sighed, “Sorry, maybe I went too far,” he said.

“Yeah, you did but there’s nothing we can do now except wait,” Roxas said. “I hope she’s safe while she looks for him.”

“Me too,” Riku said.

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AH! You updated~

:D Of course Repliku would fall in love with Kairi while Riku is in love with Namine. XD :D I'm very excited about this! GO FIND YOUR MAN, NAMINE!


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Aw, Riku Replica is falling in love with Kairi!!! That is so cute, now the real Riku can be free to go after Namine. Man, I hope the real Riku comes back soon; I would really like to see how everyone reacts to two Rikus. Anyway, great job, and I look forward to more.


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Oct 6, 2007
Hehe, thanies ^^ I would love to publish my non-fanfic stuff but i still have to finish them ^^

BTW I have many other fanfics, some on this site


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They are Riku and Mai, Riku and Mai 2, Ikari: Prequel to Riku and Mai, Axel's new house, uh.... oh yeah and Stuck in the Host Club. ^^ What are your stories? if they have been put on this site

And Here is the next chapter ^^ I hope you like it.

The Prince and the Pauper
~Chapter Eighteen~

Riku had followed the trail for a while, but the sun had just set and it was too dark for him to go on. He sighed and got off his horse. It had to have been hours since he had left the castle of King Mickey, but it felt like only a minute since he left. His heart had raced most of the way here, but now it was beating at a regular pace. Riku reached down for the little stream and splashed some water onto his face. The dirt streamed off, his now cool face was relaxed. Riku was tired and he didn’t know what else to do. In that case he decided to lay back and stare at the stars until he fell asleep.

He stared for hours… and he was getting annoyed.

Before his eyes he saw a female, she was crying, and then before he could get a look at her pale face she vanished. Riku sat up with a start and gasped for air. As he gasped a male was seen crying too. Riku couldn’t believe it, and neither did he want to. But soon enough, rubbing his eyes wasn’t working. Riku saw these pale faces acting out a scene that was horrible and said.

-“What are we going to do?” said the woman, her eyes were green and her hair was short. Tears streamed down her face as she held something in her arms.

-Her husband, stood, “Honey, we have to go to HIM he’s the only family we have left.”

-“But… we can’t he hates us…” she cried. “He hates us… he can’t help us… he won’t…”

-He rested his hands on his wife’s shoulders, “Hun, we have to try.”

Riku watched as they preformed this scene in front of him. He felt the urge to watch but he realized that he must have going crazy to see people in front of him. As the pale faces drifted away they faded, Riku stood quickly and mounted the horse. He took off after them. Soon he found them in front of a man, his long blonde hair and hunched back screamed at Riku but he couldn’t understand why. He couldn’t see the face of this man but everything else about this man had Riku’s mind screaming.

-“Please, help us… please, you know that father would have wanted you to help us,” the husband begged, his wife was sitting on a stone and rocking her child.

-“Why would I help? You owe me money as it is,” he said.

-The man yelled, “Even! Please! Help us!” he lowered his head, “How could you treat your blood like this?”

-“Because Stan, you are a orphan, my family adopted you, you aren’t blood at all,” Even said, “Look, I don’t care about those that aren’t family, and I don’t even care about the family as it is, so get lost you fool,” he said, he closed the door and was gone.

-Stan, whom was the husband, lowered his head.

Riku watched as the scene continued to play before his eyes, whether they were ghost or not still had him under a vial of confusion. Riku had his horse to follow the pale faces a little further into the woods, after a moment they dipped behind some trees. Riku followed only to discover that they had vanished. Riku sighed and turned his eyes toward the sky. He blinked when he realized that the dark sky was too dark… then he gazed around him to find many trees surrounding him. He rubbed the neck of his frightened horse and commanded his horse to walk in a certain direction. The sound of the horse’s hooves filled the forest. Riku led his horse slowly and patiently. He was stuck and he wasn’t sure what to do now. He had to admit it but he was lost. The ghost, if they were of any importance, led him into the darkness of the vast forest.

Riku shook his head as his horse passed.

~ At that Same Time~

--“Ugh, why couldn’t he just keep up?” said a young man. He groaned and paced from his hiding spot. After a moment he snapped his fingers and nodded, he stuck up to the horse and gave it a soft pat, calming the worried creature down. After a moment he looked at the young, lost, prince. He turned back to the horse and gave it another pat on the neck and then placed his hand on Riku’s shoulder. Riku stirred for a moment, thinking it was a small bug. The young man pulled his hand away for a second then reached for his shoulder again. He pulled away and made it clear that his presence was known.

--“What… is that?” the prince questioned out loud. The young man grinned, he was pleased that, in doing so he gave the horse a wave and the horse obediently followed. The prince had no idea why his horse was going off into the woods but it was strange. But he wasn’t going to fight his horse, getting more lost couldn’t be any more possible. The young man nodded when he noticed that the normally stubborn prince wasn’t fighting. He led the horse down and around the mountain, large stones and a few streams. The prince sat silently as the darkness started to sound more alive. The young man commanded dangerous creatures to back away as he led the horse through the woods.

--The young man then summoned the power of light and created a bridge to walk over a large gap in the mountain side. The prince for a moment became fearful but after a moment he noticed the white bridge built with light. After they got a cross the bridge it vanished. The young man then stopped. He turned to the horse and held his face in his hands.

--“Take Riku to the large rock over there,” he pointed, “He’ll be fine, there are no dangerous animals near by. Be careful either way. When the pale ones vanish then take him to the city, it’s in that direction.”

--The horse nodded his head. The prince stared at his horse as if it was going crazy. The prince then tried to unmount and the young man, hidden to human eyes held Riku on his seat. After a moment the prince decided not to fight it.

--“Okay, go,” he said to the horse.


“What was that all about?” Riku questioned as he got off his horse. The horse stopped at the large rock and folded his legs underneath himself. Riku walked over to the large rock and touched it. Something told him to sit next to it. As he sat he looked at the sky with a grin, he was happy to see some light, it was eerie and dark in those woods. ‘The silence made it worse… but… what was up with that light… and the horse walking around without me telling him to? And… was there a person holding on the seat? It was all so strange… I honestly don’t know what to think of it,’ he thought to himself.

-“Stan, are you sure we can come here?” his wife asked. She didn’t have the child with her this time.

-“I don’t know but we have to find a way to get to the King,” Stan said.

-His wife looked up at him, “Are you sure?”

-“Yes, we have to…”

-“But… what about…”

-“We’ll have to leave him here… we can’t take him with us…”

-“But… what if we don’t come back?”

-“Well… he’ll be ok… he’s safe now isn’t he? We won’t be gone long… we’ll try not to be…” he said seldom. Then the ghostly figures vanished.

Riku narrowed his eyes in confusion. He sat on top of the hill wondering about what he just witnessed. Who were they? And who was Even? He never heard or met anyone by that name. it made him search deep in his memories but no face came to mind. He sighed as he stared as he stared at the sky. He wondered if they were important or now… probably but who knows…

‘But that bridge… what was that all about? I mean… it was just… strange…’

Riku sighed as he sat on the luscious grass. He wondered how long he had been wondering through the woods. But it’d be okay, he’d find a way out and he’d be home… safe… and sound…

A/N: Fate is the bold and italicized and ghostly visions are italicized. Now, before anyone gets carried away, Riku won't remember some of the things Fate does, like the bridge for example, Riku won't forget the ghost however.


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Wow this one was very interesting... And I think I have an idea as to who those ghostly characters are, but I'll just wait and see ^^ I really liked Fate's point of view as well. I can't wait to see what happens when/if Riku gets back to the castle and what will happen to Namine when she goes looking for him. Great job! Oh and BTW, my fanfic's called "The Forgotten Islander", but it's nowhere near finished yet o_o'
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Hey, I'm back, sorry it's taking forever but I gotta figure out how to conect some scenes and stuff well here's the next chapter ^^

The Prince and the Pauper
~Chapter Nineteen~
New Found Friend

Riku woke up with the sun beating on him. His horse was next to him but was standing and it’s head lowered to his. Riku waved the horse’s nose away and sat up. His icy blue eyes saw that this large field he had slept in was still silent as it was the night before. There wasn’t even a small bird.

The blue sky was oddly very clear, even though the clouds yesterday were large and over whelming. Riku groaned as his aching back screamed in protest of him moving. However Riku ignored his back’s cries. He grabbed the horse’s reins and stood up.

As he cracked his back he tried to think of the night before. He soon found that his memory of the night was fuzzy and distant, more so than it should have been. He shrugged it off, since it was giving him a headache, and hopped on his horse. He gazed around as he tried to figure out which way to go. He wondered if he should follow the wind, or wait again until night fall to find the North Star. He wasn’t sure what to do.

He groaned as his headache, that he thought would leave, became stronger. He sighed as he decided to just start riding in a different direction. After a few moments Riku realized that he was in a good direction.

The path he had chosen out of random was starting to reveal a brick road. Even if he wasn’t going to his castle, he was heading toward a place where there were people and that was good enough for him.

Riku traveled for a few miles before he had a smile creep onto his face. He was almost filled with the utmost glee when he saw his light blue marble castle standing on a cliff above his city. It was as if he had reached heaven and crawled out of the depths of hell. Riku wiped a tear away as he put his horse into over drive. He made his horse ride as quickly as possible.

As he reached the gates he found that the doors opened for him without hesitation. That’s when he figured that he was one step closer to home. He kept his ice blue eyes glued to the castle. He road like lightening and yet he kept the guards off his tail.

Soon he came to the castle road. This road was made with the finest bricks and they traveled all the way to the main gates of the castle. Riku filled with joy had his horse move faster and faster.

But after a few moments Riku found himself faced with guards.

“Who goes there?!” a guard questioned as he sat up high on a tower.

“It’s Prince Riku,” Riku answered with a grin. Happiness filled his heart. He was sure that people were missing their prince, searching for him, crying over him, hoping for his safe return. He was sure that they’d open the gate wide to his presence and the world around him would fill more welcoming than all the years that he had lived in the castle.

“If you’re the prince I’m the king,” the guard chuckled within himself. He sighed as the laugh subsided. He gazed down at Riku thinking he’d turn back around.

Riku narrowed his eyes as if the man had lost his mind. “Sir! Let me in! I am the Prince!” at first he thought the man was playing around with him.

The guard frowned, “Please leave before I lose my temper.”

“But… I am the Prince!” Riku’s heart sunk and his thoughts of joy were being shaken to the core.

“I just saw the Prince with the Princess today, they’re eating breakfast as we speak, so please move along.”


“NOW!” the guard drew back his bow with its arrow ready to hit its target.

Riku became filled with shock and confusion. His heart sunk and his dams broke, he pulled his horse away and turned back. He rode off slowly as he wiped a few tears away. He never knew what it was like to wake up and find his home is further away than he thought. His ice blue eyes were filled with the utmost pain. He wanted so badly, so eagerly, so horribly, to scream and run his horse off the cliff side. But he knew better, he knew not to give up just yet…

‘I don’t understand,’ he thought. Riku rode his horse away from the castle’s gates. He traveled down the brick road, he went into the streets were people flooded the area. Some pushed and shoved but Riku didn’t care. He had suffered worse. He was beat half to death for days, then he was lost in the woods, was visited by ghost, and was just rejected from his own home.

They way he saw it, he could handle people, whom didn’t know him, to push and shove as he let his horse wander the streets. After a while his horse stopped and remained still after a while. But Riku, with his head hanging, didn’t care. His horse stood at a drinking post for horses. Riku lifted his eyes for a moment to see where he was. He felt relieved when he saw the café that Roxas had showed him a few days ago.

With little to lose, and nothing to do except cry, he got off his horse, tied the reins to the post and walked inside the small café. Inside there was not a soul in sight. That was good, he felt relieved as he found a chair and lowered his head on the table. He held back his tears but so wanted to cry. He wanted to cry, even in public, anything to ease the pain.

“What’s wrong?” a girl’s voice interrupted his slowly breaking dam. Riku looked up and found himself being gazed at by Sarah. “Riku, are you okay?”

“No… not really,” Riku admitted, he sat up and kept his head low.

“Do you want to talk about it?” she sat in the chair across from him.

Riku, at first, was hesitating. He didn’t want to tell her about his week, his worse life experience, but something in her eyes told him that it was okay. She was so understanding, and so honest that Riku had found himself go on and on about his week.

Sarah, listening with eyes, ears and soul, nodded. When Riku was done she saw that he was holding back a flood of tears. Sarah, grinning, responded, “You can cry, its okay, I might not understand everything you’re telling me but I’m not one to judge.”

Riku pulled his eyes away, he continued to hold back the tears, “I don’t need to cry, I want to go home,” he said.

Sarah, grinning again, grabbed his hand, and held it tight, “You have to let it out you know,” she said. “If you don’t the anger will eat you inside and eventually it’ll kill you,” she lowered her eyes to his hand, “Listen, don’t worry, even in the worst of times the light will come and it will save.”

Riku, remembering her past, closed his eyes and took a deep breath, he felt bad that he couldn’t help her understand him a little more, but he couldn’t, not in the state mind that he’s in. He couldn’t help but want to cry, he wanted to take her advise so much but he couldn’t. His pride was still there, however beaten down it was.

Sarah grinned, then walked over to his side, “I’ll get you some tea,” she squeezed his shoulders and let some tears fall down, a few hit his shoulder, “You’ll need it because… you won’t cry.”

Riku watched as she walked off. She went into the kitchen and was soon gone beyond the wall. Riku bit his lip and slammed his eyes shut. Without him putting up much fight, a tear fell from his eye. He had never felt so… rejected in his life.

‘What do I do…?’ he questioned. ‘What am I suppose to do now?’

Riku then felt his eyes become weak, he couldn’t hold back the tears much longer, ‘What do I do?’ tears streamed down his face. He lowered his head to the table and started to accept the streams, slowly they became rivers and then waterfalls. Riku continued to wipe his eyes and by the time he had let it out Sarah came back.

“Are you okay?” she asked as she placed the tea pot and two cups down. “Its okay if you cry, I won’t judge you,” she handed him a napkin, “here, wipe your eyes.”

Riku wiped his eyes once more as he reached for the napkin, “Thanks,” he muffled out.

Sarah grinned, she poured his cup first and added his agave and stirred it. She handed it to him as she smiled, “They say a smile can heal a lot of things, anger, sadness, and hatred, I hope my smile is helping, because I don’t know if its true or not.”

Riku looked at her then let out a half chuckle. “I think it’s helping,” he took the saucer and the cup and grinned, “I feel better… a lot better,” he gazed at her, “Thanks.”

Sarah grinned back, “Your Highness, it’s my pleasure,” she said as she started to pour her cup and she did so slower than she did Riku’s. Riku looked into her eyes and found himself trapped in them. Riku found himself, uncontrollably, staring at her.

Sarah grinned, “I never thought I’d sit next to a prince that wasn’t so bratty,” she chuckled.

“Not all of us are bratty,” Riku tilted his head to the side a little, “I admit that I sorta like having things done my way,” he said sheepishly.

“Don’t we all? But what makes the difference is if we use and abuse it,” she said.

Riku sighed, “That’s true…” he pulled his eyes away, “Um… what do I do? I want to go back home but… “

“I know, but if you want to find a job or something, y’know, to get people to see your face and to hear your story or something you should go to my friend’s place.”

Riku raised his eyebrow, “Who?”

“My friend, Rick, should be able to help you.”

“Rick? Where can I find him? What does he look like?”

“Rick is one of the poet’s that performs here, his boss calls him Replica, but I call him Rick because he told me he doesn’t have a real name,” Sarah explained.

Riku raised an eyebrow, “Replica? He looks like me right?”

“Yup, a whole lot like you, I wanted to say something about it the night you came here but I thought it’d be rude.”

Riku grinned, “Sarah, I think Repl- Rick, will help me, he and I are friends.”

“Really? Well that’s good, finish your tea and I’ll take you to his job, he should be there by now,” she said.

“Thanks,” he said once more.

Sarah grinned, she walked over to Riku and gave him a gentle kiss on the forehead, “Don’t worry about it.”


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Aww poor Riku :( Does Sarah not know about Riku running away and being found again? Because she said Replica/Rick would be at his job soon...eh ^^ Once again, tremendous job and I'll keep reading :)


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hey guys i have the next chapter for you ^^ I hope you like this chapter ^^


The Prince and the Pauper
~Chapter Twenty~
Prince to Pauper

Riku looked at Sarah once more and sighed, “Can I rest?” he said, “I’m tired and I don’t think I can handle going out looking for Rick today,” Riku lowered his head. He held his reins and tried to control the urge to yarn.

Sarah looked at Riku, “Well, alright,” she yarned and turned her horse around, “Well, I’m tired too, let’s go to my place,” she grinned.

Riku grinned back, he never felt so… interested in a person’s character before. Her whole life was completely interesting. Riku turned his horse around and followed.

After a few blocks Riku looked behind him and called Sarah’s attention, “Hey Sarah, I want to go back.”

Sarah looked back, stopping her horse, “Why? What’s wrong? I thought you wanted to go in for the night.”

Riku nodded, “I do but… I want to go home… and… Rick might be able to help…” and he also felt a presence telling him to go back. “Can I go back?”

Sarah tilted her head a little bit, “Sure, don’t worry,” she started to turn her horse around when Riku stopped her.

“No, it’s okay, I’ll go alone,” Riku said.

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah,” Riku backed up his horse toward her’s, “Thanks, Sarah, it means a lot to me that you helped me.”

Sarah grinned, “Of course, I had to help a prince, I mean… I like you…”

Riku blushed, “I… like you too…” he pulled his eyes away. He never admitted his feelings like that before.

Sarah blushed too, “Riku… I’m glad I made friends with a prince like you… I never thought I’d meet one so nice…”

Riku swallowed, “Um… thanks…”

“Well… um, I’m gonna go home… stay safe… okay?”

Riku looked her in the eye, “Of course, although I doubt I’d be in any more trouble than what I was.”

Sarah giggled, “Yeah, you’re right, but still.”

“I will,” Riku gave his horse a gentle command and rode off.

Riku gave a sigh of relief as he rode off further, ‘That was close, she was thinking about kissing me, that’s for sure… but… still… I guess I owe her… she fed me, let me bathe and she gave me new clothes… I guess I did owe her at least a kiss…’

Riku shook his head, ‘No… I can’t think about that. Besides, she’s nice but she’s just a friend and lust is getting a head of me.’ Riku turned the corner then scanned the slightly crowded street. After a moment he saw the shop, he realized how close he was to the shop and how easily he gave up. He groaned and pointed horse in that direction. As he moved around through the carriages and some people Riku found himself watching the sun set.

The sky was casting off a light purple and pink and orange and yellow in the sky. Riku sighed as he turned his head to his left to gave at his castle, he wanted so badly to gaze at his bed, at his clothes, at his desk, at his bookshelf, at his royal silver tray. He missed everything, tending to himself was actually harder than he thought. But he wasn’t going to let that stop him. He stopped his horse in front of the shop and tied the reins.

He went to the window and looked inside. He found no one there. The lights were off and the doors and windows locked. Riku sighed and wondered if he could catch up with Sarah, but he didn’t know where she lived and he didn’t know if waiting here would be a good idea or not.

Riku sighed again and looked again toward his castle, to his left, he gazed at it high atop the cliff wall and yet something drew his attention to the ally way that was near by. Riku pushed himself off the window and gazed into the alley as best he could but found that he couldn’t get a good glimpse.

Riku walked toward the alleyway and found a set of stairs. He walked down the stairs and turned the corner to find himself being forced to walk toward a door. Facing the door Riku found himself wanting to open the door. He reached the door, grabbed the doorknob only to find it taken away from his grasp.

He was then faced with a long blonde haired man.

“I don’t care if it takes all night! I need these dressed finished by tomorrow!” he yelled but as he turned he saw Riku standing there. “And you!”


“Yes you! Who else would I be talking to?! Get your butt in here and finish these dresses!”


“No but’s!”

Riku stared confused at the man and the man stared back with his slimy green eyes, “What are you doing out here anyway?”

“Um, I’m looking for Replica,” Riku answered.

Vexen let out a laugh, “That’s a good one!” he reached out his hand and pulled Riku into the room. “Now Replica finish these clothes, Sora will assist you.”

“But Vexen there is just too much…”

“Shut up! You pathetic fool! I’m not gonna feed your hungry ass until you finish all of them!”

Riku growing irritated with this man stood square to Vexen. “If you continue to treat your employees this way I’ll have my family take their royal business somewhere else,” he groaned.

“Excuse me?” Vexen glared at Riku.

“You heard me, don’t treat him this way,” Riku made a fist, the urge, the desire to punch him was so strong that it took all of his strength to hold back.

“Who do you think you are, Replica? I could have you fired and then I’ll sue you just for the heck of it!”

“My name is Riku! Prince Riku of the Destiny Island Castle! And you will respect me!”

At first there was a silence. The room that was once so loud with Vexen’s yells was now stupidly quiet. Riku narrowed his ice blue eyes to find himself staring at both Sora and Vexen. Sora remained wide eyed as he left the ice blue eyes and turned to Vexen whom stood amazed.

Then the silence broke with a laugh, a nervous one, “You’re funny, Replica,” he whipped away some sweat, “For a second I would have thought you were him,” he chuckled, he walked toward the door, “The Prince and I are great friends, he treats me out to tea and cakes once a week, trust me you’re not him. Now finish these dresses before I get back tomorrow morning! That’s an order you swine!” he slammed the door and locked it. Before Riku could bolt over there he realized it was too late. He pulled on the knob and made a fist and banged it against the door.

‘Locked in again…..’ he thought.

“Replica? Is that you?”

Riku turned to face him, “No, my name is Prince Riku,” he answered, he took a step forward, “May I ask your name?”

The brunette tilted his head, “You look like him, you sound like him but you don’t talk like him… well, I’m Sora,” he smiled.

Riku sat on a crate and continued, “Does he always treat you like this?”

Sora lowered his head, “Yeah, a lot actually but it’s something we get use to.”


“Well, me and Replica, we make all the clothes for this story, everything is made here in this room and we’re paid very little…”

Riku narrowed his eyes, annoyed, “I see, well Sora, I’m glad you believe me.”

Sora grinned, bringing his eyes up to Riku’s, “Me too… I just feel like… we were meant to be friends…”

Riku grinned, “Is that so?”

“Yeah,” Sora answered.

“Well, I’ll help you with this.”

Riku started to pick up a few pieces of cloth and he pulled out a few needles and started to “help”.

“You’re Highness, you don’t have to do this,” Sora said after holding back a laugh.

“I can’t let you do all the work alone,” he said.

Sora held back a laugh, this truly wasn’t the guy he knew, his friend knew how to sow, knit and basically, he knew how to hold a needle, but this guy could barely do a correct pattern.

“There, it’s all finished……” he held it up, “Sorta…”

Sora couldn’t hold it back any more, he let out his laugh and Riku became red with embarrassment.

“Don’t worry man, I got it, besides, I’ll help you get back home.”

Riku looked at him, “Seriously?”

“Yup,” he said.

Riku grinned, “And I promise to help you get out of this place, I don’t like the way he treats you,” he said.

“You’ll get me out of here? And Replica right?”

“Of course, I owe Replica.”

“Oh, okay, well you can sleep, I’m gonna do what I can here and then I’m going to sleep.”

Riku nodded and found some piles of cloth to sleep on. After a minute or too he fell asleep.


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Hey guys, well idk what happened but I will update another chapter........ plz review/comment/reply i'm begging you!

The Prince and the Pauper
~Chapter Twenty One~
True feelings

The sun was setting and the “prince” and the princess were getting along well.

They sat together as the servants inside prepared dinner. The whole day was filled with their laughter or chatter and yet no one complained. This was something wanted, for the kingdom.

Riku sighed, “I love that about you,” he said.

“I like that about you too,” she grinned.

“I’m not that good at jokes…” he forced back the want to turn red.

“Yeah you are,” she said.

Riku tilted his head, “Well, I guess,” he said.

They stopped walking in the garden and sat on a bench, one made of stone and sat next to the roses. Riku, rested both arms on the back of the bench and flipped one leg on the other’s knee. He rested as the Princess sat next to him. After she made herself comfortable Riku reached over with one hand and pulled down a rose and handed it to her.

“Aw, my favorite,” she said sniffing it.

Riku grinned and went to lean over to kiss her.

“Your majesties!” a servant came to them before they could kiss. They both looked up and saw the man bowing. “Dinner has been prepared, the Queen demands you sit with us,” he said.

“Okay, thank you,” Riku said. He wanted so badly to push the guy away and kiss the princess but he couldn’t. He’d blow his cover and he would seem forceful on the princess. He sighed again and stood; he took her hand and helped her stand.

“It’s okay, we’ll be able to do that whenever we want after we get married,” Princess Kairi said.

Riku grinned but was still looked down, he nodded and the princess got on her toes and kissed him on the cheek, “C’mon, we have to go inside,” she said.

She walked ahead of him, slowly but so magically, Riku Replica saw her as if she was gliding. He soon followed into the glass doors. When he entered he found himself being heavily gazed at by Namine.

She approached his side and walked with him, “You have to push it back, we can’t fool around much longer, we haven’t found the prince yet,” she whispered to him.

Riku Replica groaned, “I know, but I can’t just keep asking, they’ll start to get suspicious,” he whispered.

Namine paused, “We have to find him… I’m worried about him…” she whispered.

Riku Replica, pausing with her, “I know, but I can’t push it back just yet, but don’t worry I’ll find a way to push it back again.”

Namine looked him in the eyes and felt better looking into his trusting ice blue eyes, he grinned and nodded then headed toward the dining hall. After a moment Roxas came to Namine through the glass doors, he touched her shoulder and kept a calm face.

“No luck,” he said.

Namine lowered her eyes, “Do you think we’ll ever find him?”

Roxas sighed, “I don’t know,” he shook his head, “But I’m going out for a while, I’m going to check on Sarah, she might have seen him.”

Namine, sighing, ‘I hope she has,’ looked over her shoulder as if to look at the dining room, which was unseen beyond the large doors, “Go, come back safely,” she said.

Roxas nodded, “I will.”

~Mean While~

At the dinner table Riku Replica and Princess Kairi sat next to each other, they held hands under the table and when no one was looking they exchanged notes on a napkin.

The Queen and the Escort (as they all called him) talked over the wedding plans.

Princess Kairi grinned and nodded with her Escort then when he turned to the Queen she passed her note on to Riku.

Riku took it quickly and read it.

“I can’t believe we’re getting married soon… I can’t wait but at the same time I think I’m too young,” Kairi wrote.

Riku grinned and kept his chuckle low, “I feel the same, except I’d love to make out with you right now,” he wrote.

“Son, what color do you want to be married in? the last suit the pauper needs to make is yours,” his “mother” asked him.

“Oh, I’d prefer to be married in… ah, one moment,” he said, ‘This is my chance, I can push it back, I can think of something so complex that Sora will know I’m trying to stall, but at the same time… he doesn’t know I’m pretending to be the Prince right now. Shot! And even more, Sora wouldn’t know how to do the sowing I had made up to make the material stay together longer. So he’ll be stuck with the usual pattern and he’ll still finish on time…”


“I’m sorry, but to be honest I don’t know yet, I still feel rushed,” he said sheepishly.

“Well, think, we’ll get back to you in a moment.”

With an exhalation of relief, he passed the letter to Kairi.

Kairi read it, turned red and stomped on his foot under the table. Riku Replica reached down to grab his foot and in the same moment slammed his head on the table.

The chattering of the Escort and the Queen stopped, their eyes gazed at Riku. “Son, are you alright?!” she exclaimed worried and alarmed, at that moment two royal guards came to his side and helped him stand, since he fell out of his chair in the midst of his head being slammed against the table.

Riku Replica, collecting himself, with the guards help, rose and put a nervous smile on his face. “I’m alright,” he said with a nervous giggle.

With a sigh of relief the Queen placed her hand over her heart, “Oh, thank goodness!”

“I agree,” said the Escort, “How’d that happen?”

Replica swallowed, “Um, I’m not sure…”

“Well, Princess, you may retire for the night,” the Escort said after a moment.

Princess Kairi nodded, then turned to Riku, “May you walk me to my room?”

Riku grinned, “Of course,” he bowed and offered his arm for her to hold on to. She took it and gazed into his eyes as they walked away.

As the doors closed behind them Riku realized that they weren’t being followed by any guards. Riku had to admit he liked that they weren’t being watched now. He wanted to have alone time with her and not feel cautious about his actions.

As they approached Kairi’s room Riku felt the need to kiss her, the feeling had been growing ever since he first saw her.

“Thank you,” Princess Kairi grinned, gazing up into his ice blue eyes, “You’re so charming,” she blushed as Riku grinned at her words.

Riku gazed at her, “I’m sorry about what I said… I didn’t mean to be so blunt so quickly,” he said with a nervous giggle.

“I over reacted but yes, you’re still in the wrong,” she giggled.

“Yeah, I’m sure,” he said.

Kairi giggled with him.

Then there was a pause. There was a silence in the hall.

“Riku?” Kairi said after the long silence.

Riku turned his head to face her only to find her eyes deeply in his. Their eyes collected and soon after their hearts clung to each others. They in complete control and yet not in control at all. Their bodies wanted each other and yet they were too afraid to make a move.

They found their faces coming closer, and soon their faces and their lips touched each others. At first the kisses were slow but soon the kisses grew to strong and loving emotions. The kiss grew and grew, and their feelings along with it.

As the kiss grew, their bodies came closer. And soon, when the kiss ended they were hugging.

“I think… I think…”

“You don’t have to say anything,” Riku said.

Kairi kissed him again, “Well, I better get some sleep,” she said softly.

Riku pulled away, “Yeah, me too.”

The watched her open the door and walk in. He wanted so badly to go in with her but he remained still. He grinned as she grinned and then closed the door. Riku Replica grinned and walked toward his room.


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:D Luvz da romance! Sorry for not reviewing earlier, I didn't see the update. Great job with the Repliku/Kairi romance (and Repliku's napkin note was hilarious ^^) I'll check for updates more often from now on and I look forward to reading more!


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The Prince and the Pauper
~Chapter Twenty Two~
Mistaken for Ally

Roxas was out on the town, it was dark but there were some people on the street still. At this time, he was sure that in a few minutes people would start to head home and turn in for the night. He sighed as he hopped off his horse, he hadn’t been looking for an hour yet and he felt like his search was hopeless, meaningless and had been ongoing for hours.

Roxas tied his horse’s reins to a horse-post and walked to the store nearby, he talked to the owner before he closed the shop and he claimed he hadn’t seen the Prince. And the night went on like this; every person that bothered to open their doors either groaned in his face or denied ever seeing the prince.

For at least three hours Roxas searched for him and no one saw him. Roxas was starting to wonder if he should be out at all. He sighed as the last open shop in town closed and locked his doors. Roxas got on his horse and decided it was time to head home. After a moment he saw a familiar face. He narrowed his eyes in confusion, he stopped his horse and waited for his superior to come closer.

“Hey, Zexion,” Roxas called out to him.

Zexion, whom wasn’t riding a horse, paused and saw Roxas before him. After he came close he spoke, “Roxas,” he said with a nod, “What are you doing out so late?”

Roxas sighed, “I’m… I was just…” he paused, he couldn’t tell Zexion that Replica was taking Riku’s place, he could be imprisoned or put to death. Roxas swallowed, he had to come up with something. “I like riding out late, I like the cool air,” he lied.

Zexion, with little emotion on his face said flatly, “I see,” he started to walk away, in the opposite direction of Roxas.

“Do you want me to accompany you?” Roxas turned his horse around, ‘I mind as well go check on Sarah,’ he thought. “I’m heading in your direction,” he said.

Zexion paused and looked back, “You should get back, guards shouldn’t leave the Prince alone at night, especially since he ran away last time.”

Roxas, swallowing, nodded, “You’re right,” he turned his horse back around and headed back toward the castle.

Zexion, watching Roxas leave frowned, ‘That doesn’t make much sense at all… he’s lying about something. He not suppose to leave royal grounds at night, no guard is unless commanded otherwise. And I doubt the Queen would want her son to think about running away again. And I doubt she’d trust him to have little or no guards. So why was he out here?’

Zexion narrowed his eyes as Roxas disappeared from his view, he frowned and continued toward his destination.

After a few blocks he found himself drawn to a small stable. He gave it a glance but turned away just as quickly.

“That’s too bad that Riku can’t get home,” said the voice.

Zexion paused. His eyes opened wide at the name. He knew better to let up his hopes but he still felt like… ‘This girl, she had to be talking about Prince Riku, she has to be,’ he inched closer to the door to listen.

“I feel really bad for him… I wish I could help but unless Roxas contacts me I can’t get him home. The guards won’t believe me since they didn’t even believe him! Their own prince. Well, Moon, I guess we’ll have to wait until morning,” said the girl.

Zexion soon figured out that the girl was talking to her horse, the horse made noises as if he was understanding and speaking with her.

“Well,” she sighed, “I’m going to sleep, you get some sleep too, okay?”

The noise agreed with some form of joy and the girl started to head out. Zexion, grinning his evil grin, waited outside the stable doors. When the girl came out Zexion greeted her.

“Oh, hello,” Sarah said in surprise.

“Hello,” he said, “Ma’am, I couldn’t help but over hear some of your conversation, please, excuse me, my name is Zexion, I’m the royal advisor,” he held out his hand.

Sarah with some nervousness reached out his hand to shake it. “Nice to meet you,” she said.

Zexion grinned, “I was walking by when I heard you say that you met the Prince,” he said.

“Um, yes… I did…”

“Would you mind telling me where he is?”

Sarah bit her lip, “Um… Well…”

“What’s wrong?”

“I’m not sure…”

“You can trust me,” he said.

Sarah, felt the need to trust him, some power over flowed from some other source and made her feel comfortable, even though she didn’t want to.

“Well, he’s at Vexen’s Suit Shop,” she said almost in a trance.

Zexion, grinned, “I see.”

After a moment, the trance passed, Sarah felt a little dizzy but that soon passed. She looked at Zexion and Zexion glared back with an evil grin.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” she questioned.

“Because, you’re making my job easier than I thought it could ever be,” he pulled out his book and Sarah saw shadows appear and twirl around her. They gagged her and bond her. She couldn’t scream and she couldn’t run. She was instantly filled with terror and fear. “Because of you we can finish the original plan,” he chuckled. After a few seconds Zexion teleported Sarah’s body away. When the black mist vanished Zexion put his book away, a few seconds after that he heard a horse quickly approaching.

He hid in the shadows and watched as the horse came by.

Roxas hopped off his horse went to Sarah’s front door. He knocked and knocked and there was no answer. He knocked louder and after a few seconds the door opened. A young woman answered the door.

“Hello,” answered the woman with a sleepy voice.

“I’m sorry to wake you but I’m a royal guard, I’m looking for Sarah, is she in?”

“Um, no, she didn’t get back yet, but I’m watching her son until she gets back,” she answered.

“I see,” Roxas said dismayed, “Thank you,” he turned away and rode back to the castle missing Zexion, hiding in the shadows, completely.


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The Prince and the Pauper
~Chapter Twenty Three~

Zexion walked into the cabin with a grin, he had a surprise for his leader; that would make his day. The group was sitting, except the leader, and they did so silently.

"Where were you?"

Zexion's grin faded. He folded his arms and answered "I found something special for you."

The leader nodded, curious about this special thing, and waited. He folded his arms and tapped his foot.

Zexion snapped his fingers, his arms still folded, and appeared the young girl, all the men rose to their feet in amazement. Other than her striking beautiful appearance there was something that they all feared of her, yet none said a word.

The leader remained unmoved, "You brought me a girl? For what?"

"It's not so much the girl but the things she knows."

The leader, if they could see his face, raised his eye brow, "Really?"

"She knows where the real prince is."

The leader went to the girl, she tried to crawl away with fear. When the leader reached her face he pulled the dark band from her mouth. She opened her tightly shut eyes slowly. Fear continued to grip her but the freedom to speak was all in her power.

"What do you want from me?" she asked in a soft voice. "Please let me go home."

The leader knelt down, "I will make myself clear once. And you will answer me or I will hurt you. Got it?" The young girl nodded, she wait for her question. “Where is the Prince?”

Sarah swallowed, “I won’t betray him,” she whispered.

Zexion narrowed his eyes. Then he answered for her, “She said something about a shop. He’s hiding somewhere in town, and I also learned she has a child,” he grinned.

The leader, if one could see his face, grinned an evil grin. Sarah had tears flow down her face, “Please… not my child please…”

“We now have something to make you talk. If we don’t find the prince we’ll kill him in front of you.”

“Please no…”

“Zexion, go and find the child, bring him here, we will make her talk.”

Before Sarah had time to protest Zexion was gone.

Seconds later he appeared with the child in his arms. He placed the child down and the group watched as he ran for his mother. Lexaeus then grabbed the child, seconds after he reached his mother’s arms. The child screamed, tears running down his face.

“Where is he?!” the leader asked.

“I… he’s…”

Lexaeus then started to pull the child’s hair, “He’s in serious pain, I suggest you be a good mother and end it.”

“Please!!! Let him go, I’ll tell you… he’s in Vexen’s shop… please let him go…” she cried and cried but Lexaeus still had a tight grip on his hair. “Please, I’m telling the truth… please…”

Raising his hand, “Stop, let him go, let the child go, she’s telling the truth.”

With that Lexaeus went to the door and tossed him away, after a few seconds he got up and ran into the darkness of the forest.

“Zexion, go, find the prince, Axel, take her to the mines, and don’t forget to bind her,” Axel and Zexion bowed and when they disappeared Sarah did as well.


“Sorry, but Leader’s orders,” Axel said, “Don’t worry, I doubt the boss is gonna kill you.”

Sarah shook her head, “I’m not worried about that…”

Axel, shrugging, because he really didn’t care said, “Well, don’t worry, you’re cute, he might just marry you instead.”

Sarah frowned, “I have no interest,” she glared at Axel.

Axel chuckled, “Of course not. But it doesn’t matter, you’ll probably be in the mines for a while.”

“I doubt,” she spat at him.

Axel sighed, “So much for being nice,” he said. Soon they had reached the door, inside the mines, deep inside. The metal door was large and thick. Axel opened it and gently pushed Sarah inside.

“Can I ask a question?” Sarah said as she gazed at her prison.


“Will I ever see my son again?”

Axel sighed, “Probably not.”

Sarah nodded.

Axel closed the door and locked it.


Zexion checked the front door and found it completely dark, so he decided to check the back door, and to his surprise he could hear two people talking.

The sun was rising and Zexion didn’t have long to carry out his mission without arousing civilian attention. He knew that with him going in the wrong direction the crowd would be able to speak against him if word got out that he was alive for longer than he wanted to say. He needed to be as sneaky, as smooth about this as possible. Even one witness can spoil his story and that would be more work for his leader… and punishment for him.

As he started to think of a way to open the door a man with long blonde hair showed up. His eyes of green were creepy and think in color. He was somewhat hunched over and had long arms.

Zexion grinned, ‘So… it is the same man…’

Vexen looked up from his keys and stopped in his tracks. He gazed at the silver haired man in front of him. “Zexion?”

“Vexen, how do you do?”

Vexen grinned, “I’m fine, I’m guessing you guys are trying to get me back?”

“No, not at all actually, I’m here for the silver headed boy you have in your shop.”

“What? Replica? That lousy boy?”

“Yes, in fact we need him for a very, very important mission.”

Vexen raised his chin, “What for?”

“If I tell you, I’ll have to kill you,” Zexion answered, flatly.

“Ah, yes, the rules haven’t changed then?”


“Well, I shall help you regardless,” he walked by Zexion and unlocked the door.

Instantly, the boy with silver hair jumped up. “Zexion! You found me!”

“Indeed… indeed…” Zexion grinned.
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