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KH through the eyes of an 8-year old.



Aug 11, 2017
United States
Wasn't sure where to post it, so I guess Dark Seeker Saga makes sense.

I am currently replaying BBS once again. My 8 year old of course finds me, and asks me to explain KH in general to her. She gets it. Her mother, aka me (won't mention my age here), and I think the KH community in general get things twisted when we start adding in our theories, but it's interesting what you get when you just deliver the facts. She gets the heartless / nobody concept. Who returns when you destroy both. She gets the general idea of time travel, and not to mess with it. She was very disappointed with Sora's actions in KH3. Her words, and I quote. "You don't mess with time you weirdo. Mommy, so there are 8 Soras?! 7 that go back in time, and our original dude who goes on to be completely crazy, and he turns evil." 🤔 She understands the Final World to be a version of heaven, and this "Quadratum" place to be a purgatory, or the in-between per se.

I explained the lifeboats to her very brief and the mechanics, and data Daybreak Town. This is an 8 year old's thoughts. "Luxu is walking around a zombie Strelitzia he found in Data Daybreak Town. Why would a zombie wear a white coat to protect her from the light, and where did Luxu learn to sew? Also, why would you send a zombie to the future? Sora needs to worry about fighting heartless and nobodies, not zombies."

Her funniest current takeaways:
  • She thinks Old Man Xehanort is a mad scientist, didn't like his hands by the way.
  • She has heart eyes for Roxas.
  • Makes fun of the spell names. (Aka, blizzard, blizzara, blizzaga)
  • She wants to see more girls. Too many creepy guys with silver hair.
  • She pointed out the nobody earrings on our boy Yozora. Say what???
  • Cracked up several times with the guardian holding Terranort by the mouth in KH3. The video was on repeat a few times.
So thoughts people, is she right on the money?

Two days later edits: For our conversation has continued. To get her thoughts. The ending of Union Cross. Our boy Luxu approaching Brain, and saying, "It's a shame you only get one lifetime."

Her words, "It's a speech bubble, plus we can't see Luxu's face. So we don't know HOW Luxu is saying it." So her takeaway, when we see Brain walking in the Keyblade graveyard with NoName and the black box. "It's Brain in the real world (not the future) the real world. He has Luxu's stuff and that's it. Plus, why would you wear a hat under that cloak, that would be uncomfortable."

Tell her about the cutscene with him waking up in future in Scala, looking the same age and confused, and approached with his hat. Her words, "I guess he got tired of carrying around a heavy box. Wants to see his friends, so takes another lifeboat, and go searching."

🧐 I love this girl.
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May 14, 2017
East Coast, USA
Your 8 year old has more of a grasp on this complicated series than fully grown men that consistently get things wrong or just go "KH story complicated, duh huh!" (Game theory anyone? really hate that guy), you should be a proud parent, and I hope that if I have kids one day and I introduce them to KH, they'll pick up on the intricacies like your 8 year old.
  • She wants to see more girls. Too many creepy guys with silver hair.
Very true, we need less silver haired men in KH (I'm SERIOUS) and more white haired women. Or women with any colored hair for that matter. It's so 2002 how Nomura keeps going on with this silver haired emo trope, get with the times you old fossil.


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Oct 9, 2022
She pointed out the nobody earrings on our boy Yozora. Say what???
does he really have Nobody earrings? I tried looking up an image, but they're really hard to make out because they're so small, anyway, truly wonderful the mind of a child is.