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Aug 30, 2006
http://www.deviantart.com/deviation...ch&qh=boost:popular+age_sigma:24h+age_scale:5(this is the chapter cover for my story)

Chapter One: An Unexpected Landing.

Look up at the light of the stars in the night sky.
Look up at the light of the stars in the night sky.
Once twice the bell toll echoes deeply terribly in my heart.
As story tells, the rock will sink with the best of Rock ‘n’ Roll inside.
Eventually, time will begin it’s trek.
As the rock sinks silently lower.
Fine, get it over with for the world, the earth, and the people.
Goody, bring the flowers and the light into view.
Fire’em off until they reach someone.
The light of the sun is just on the other side.
Once you start messing with it, it will seem easy.
Look up at the light of the stars in the night sky.
The era when we sharpened feelings we’d never known.
Your voice is fading, don’t act a fool.
Our eyes sparkle as someone finally screams.
Thought in the wind, wishes to the moon.
I’ll live as strong as I can today again.
Look up at the light of the stars in the night sky.
The era when we sharpened feelings we’d never known.
Your voice is fading.
One day our feelings will reach someone’s heart.
Shine on like that star.

“430 meters to ground level.” the ships computer said.

"We’re losing altitude fast!” cried Sora. Grabbing the guiding handle he thrust it back with all his might yet do the speed of there decent there was a high resistance on the guiding handle.

“Ahhh! We’re gonna crash!” yelled Donald, Covering his eye’s.

“Not if I can help it, Goofy help me with the handle!!?” yelled Sora. As Goofy and Sora pulled back on the handle, the ship began to loose altitude slowly but unless one of them thought of perfect place to land they would crash in no time with explosive results.

We can’t just land anywhere we need run way, think think! Sora thought to himself. They had come this far, through so many hardships for it to end this way. With adrenalin kicking in Sora scanned for place to land.

“280 meters till ground level.”computer said.
“Sora! how about that there bridge!” said goofy pointing to the visual screen. From a distance there was a run way of land separating both left and right traffic, it was long enough but the question in Sora’s mind was if the bridge could take the impact of the ship without breaking .

“156 meters to ground point.” said the computer.

“Got no choice. Let’s go for it.” said Sora.

“101 meters to ground point.” said the computer. Sora grinded his teeth as a trickle of sweat ran down the side of his face, he breathed in slowly. This was a crucial point, it was either ship would hold on impact or become a ball of fire, devouring all of them in an explosion.

Easy... easy does it now, come on COME ON!!! Sora thought to himself in the hopes that the ship wouldn't give out on them.

“46 meters to ground point.” said the computer.

Kurosaki Ichigo lay back on his bed, bored while staring at the ceiling. Rukia Kuchiki was in the room with him but she sat on the carpet with her legs crossed and busied herself with another of episode Don Kanonji mysterious spiritualist on television.

“Spirits are always with you! Bwahahahaha!” chanted Rukia, reciting Don Kannji famous punch line.

“Why do you waste your time with that kiddy crap, the guys obviously a fake.” said Ichigo.

“Hay I like to live a little, its not that often you get to have this much fun in Soul Society, besides you need to lighten up Ichigo, have some fun for once in your life and stop being so serious all the time.” said Rukia.

“I don’t think chanting stupid punch lines made by lame fake actors is gonna put kick in my life.” said Ichigo

“No wonder nun of the girls at school are into you, your such an ass sometimes.” replied Rukia, rolling her eyes at Ichigo.

“Like I’m even into any of them.” glowered Ichigo.

“We interrupt your following program to bring you this urgent message. A large unknown object has just hit the Tokyo Rainbow Bridge. Authorities aren’t sure what the object is nor if there have been any deaths in the matter, at this point the bridge has been closed off until further notice. We advice all viewers to stay calm and stay tuned as this situation progresses.”

Ichigo immediately sat up. As they watched there was footage shown of what tourist had caught on tape of the ship crashing into the bridge. Ichigo and Rukia looked at each other for a moment. Turning away from Ichigo, Rukia got up quickly and dashed to the closet, she rummaged through her bag to find her cell phone. She found it and quickly punched in the numbers.
Ichigo pondered for moment wondering what was happening “You think it might be a Hollow?” asked Ichigo.
“I don’t know I’m on it right now......come on......come on Urahara pick up” replied Rukia impatient as the line rang for while with no answer.

At the Urahara Shoten(Shop) a phone had rang continuously in shops break room. A young boy, Jinta Hanakari sat on the single sofa while flicking through channels and heard the phone ring, He had hated taking customer calls and always left it to Ururu. “Hay Ururu get that will you, I can’t stand that dame ringing uhhh!!! it’s driving my crazy!” scowled Jinta.Ururu was the closest to the phone but not even the ringing had woken her up she lay on couch fast asleep unaware that even Jinta was talking to her .

“Ururu? Hay Ururu wake up! Ururu!” yelled Jinta. As he threw the remote at her but before it could make a hit on Ururu, Urahara the owner of the shop grab it with lightening speed. Looking at Jinta Urahara moved his finger side to side at him implying what he did was not acceptable and tossed the remote back to him.
“Remote’s are for televisions, not causing bodily harm to others Jinta” said Urahara while answering the phone. “Hello Urahara Shoten how may I help you? “

“Hello.” answered Rukia

“Aaaahhh Rukia how are you?”

“I’m good thank you... are you watching the news on television?”

“Not at the moment.” Urahara snapped his fingers to Jinta to pass him the remote. “Is there something wrong Rukia?” asked Urahara.

“Tune in on channel 3 it will all be explained there" said Rukia. Flicking through a few channels Urahara finally arrived on channel 3. He watched as the reporter stood in front of the Rainbow Bridge which looked to have caught fire in the background.

“Reports released by the authorities so far have said that the objects is fly craft of some sort it is still unknown what is inside craft do to the tremendous fire around it, which is still being put out. Ambulance and police are helping to evacuate injured civilians. In any case S. W. A. T is on the scene and standing by if the situation does get any dangerous. This is Tetsi Shinta KBS News” Urahara passed the remote back to Jinta who continued flicking through channels for something to watch. Urahara was silent for a moment and trying to come up with n explanation when Rukia broke the silence.
“You think it might be someone from Soul Society? or maybe new type of Hollow.” said Rukia.

“Hmm never heard of a Hollow flying a craft of any sort before. Might be someone from Soul Society, might not be. Wouldn't know until I checked on it.” answered Urahara

“Should me and Ichigo go on ahead and meet you there?” asked Rukia.

“No no it’s quite fine, stay where you are for the time being. Me Tessai and Jinta can manage, but should anything happen I’ll contact you on the double” said Urahara.




“No need to worry, this is turning out to be quite the adventure. You take care now Rukia.”

“Ok bye.” said Rukia hanging up.

“Bye bye” said Urahara. Hanging up the phone, Urahara turned around and clapped his hands twice. Upon hearing the claps Tessai came instantly.

“YES URAHARA SIR!” said Tessai. Standing straight with his hand to his forehead like a soldier to his drill Sargent.

“We’re doing a little exploring tonight at the Rainbow Bridge. I suggest packing the usual just incase and we might need these.” said Urahara,. Pulling a pen and paper out from the pocket of his haori (similar to a bath robe) and wrote down what extra material they needed. He passed the paper to Tessai. Taking it Tessai asked if Ururu would be accompanying them “No need she can watch the shop till we get back” replied Urahara.

“What about Jinta?” asked Tessai.

“He’ll be tagging along..Jinta lets go we have lots to do with so little time!”yelled Urahara.

“Aw man just when I was gonna call it a night old man sheesh!” said Jinta switching off the Television.

Sora coughed while coming to. Ohhh.....uhhhh... mmy hhheaad he thought. Reality had slowly come to him. At first his vision was a blur but as he blinked things became more crystal clear. The smell of smoke filled air and stung his nasal congestions so much he got teary eyed . He could feel sweat tickling on the side of his face. After wiping it he looked at his hand to find it wasn’t sweat but blood. He had nasty bruise followed by throbbing headache. The pain had seemed to bounce back and forth from his bruise to the center of his head. In the distance he could hear sparks flaring. Looking around he saw Donald on his back with piece of ventilation shaft on him. While Goofy lay in a corner slouched. Both were unconscious “Uuuuhhhh.....Gu..guooffyy..Duh... Don...ald.” he agonized saying their names. He tried to move but he was weak, drained to core. The pain was to much to bare and the heat of ship and heavy smoke had made it even harder to bare Am I dying? He thought. Right now they were in state emergency in an unknown world; defenseless against the heartless and the nobody’s who could attack at any given moment.

Urahara, Tessai and Jinta stood in West Shinbashi Street, behind a crowd of what looked to them to be over thousand people, some where carrying cameras while others holding cam corders trying record the footage. From distance thick smoke could be seen coming from the bridge. The authorities had put up blocks aids to keep people out. The bridge incident had caught most the public’s eye.

“Well looks like we can call it night.” said Jinta stretching his hands and yawning.

“Not so fast I’m thinking.” said Urahara. He stood there thinking hard as to how they were going to get past all these people to reach the block aids. Then it hit him.

“I’ve got it!” Urahara leaned towards Jinta to whisper his plan into his ear.

“What! No way in hell am I doing that!” yelled Jinta outraged at Urahara’s plan.

“Jinta come on now?.” said Urahara.

“Nope, no way, you bringing me here was bad enough, but that’s cutting it to far old man.”

“Well then I guess you won’t mind if Ichigo and everyone looks your baby photos. Now if I recall I think there was one with you going to the potty for the first time.” said Urahara.

“You wouldn’t!” said Jinta.

“Try me.” said Urahara smiling.

“Rrrrr! you better start sleeping with one eye open old man.” said Jinta grinding his teeth.

“Thank you Jinta I knew you would see things my way.” replied Urahara. At that moment Jinta let out a yell that could have resonated through the ground.

“I want my mommy!” yelled Jinta at the top of lungs. Soon came the water works and soon he was whimpering and crying like a baby. At that moment Urahara and Tessai took Jinta by both hands and escorted him through the crowed and made there way toward the front.

“You heard him folks he wants his mommy! pardon me, excuse me, coming through, sorry, excuse us.” said Urahara pushing his way through so many people.

The plan had worked like a charm. With Jinta continuing with the waters works and temper tantrum, Urahara, Tessai and Jinta had made it to front of the crowd.

“You did amazing! Nice water works effect, I must say I was touched.” said Urahara.

“When we get home, oh you just wait till we get home” said Jinta. Security was tight. As they stood behind the block aids several authorities stood every where keeping the crowed from getting any closer. Urahara reach into his pocket and took out what looked like a white glass ball.
“What’s that?” asked Jinta.

“I call it Mr. Sand Man.” replied Urahara.

“Ok what’s it do?” asked Jinta.

“It unleashes a white mist within about a 200 yard radius. The mist acts like tranquilizer dart, if you breath it in. or if it gets into your eyes you go quietly to sleep. Bad part is the effect only works for 20 minuets or so, after that you wake up out of a great slumber, forgetting how you even came to falling asleep.” said Urahara.

“Ahh man just when I was looking forward to hallin ass on these cops.” said Jinta.

“Jinta Jinta there more simpler ways to solving a problem then resorting to violence.” said Urahara.

“Your getting soft oldman.” said Jinta.

“Hhhmm indeed. Tessai! The masks please.” asked Urahara. Each of them had put on mask that covered there hole face. They had switched on the oxygen supply which was contain in two very small cylinder like tanks that were held at the mouth piece. Urahara raised his hand and held up Mr. Sand Man for a moment and then dropped it. As the ball shatter mist came out in seconds. Screams could be heard from people around them afraid of what the mist was while others thought it to be tear gas. Within minuets Urahara, Tessai and Jinta could hear the sound of bodies collapsing around them.“Like taking candy from a baby, Lets go.” said Urahara.

They had finally reached the Rainbow Bridge entrance. The smog from fire had become fog but it was no match for Mr. Sandman’s mist as it cut through the smog. Wow it’s a lot stronger then I expected it to be referring to Mr. Sandman’s mist. They could her loud creaking coming from the bridges cable beams. Lets hope this bridge doesn’t come down on us thought Urahara. Luckily for them the mist had spread further along the bridge but it was hard to see what was up ahead because of how think the mist had become. As they moved on cars lay every where, some intact others crashed, some pilled on top of each other. People were every where some in their cars others lying in pavement fast asleep while others lay dead Poor things didn’t even see it coming . Then Jinta was the first to discover it. He had almost fallen but Urahara grabbed him by his collar “Hay! You almost choked me” scowled Jinta.
“My apologize” replied Urahara. Looking down they saw a deep impact the ship had made, followed by pathway where it dragged. With still no site of the ship, the three followed the path way.

“How much time is left Urahara Sir?” asked Tessai

“14 minuets to wake up call, lets hurry!” replied Urahara.

It was hard running in a pathway a ship had left, do to the fact that the ground was completly uneven. As they made there way, the mist had begun to clear away. Things started to become more clear around them. All of sudden shots were heard followed by screams. Then the shots had stopped followed with something whipping in the air, as if it was cutting through the wind, then it was followed by gurgling and loud wheezing. Urahara could see the ship figure now, it was gigantic. The ship lay on it’s side, one wing broken off upon impact. Parts of the exterior had caught fire. All of sudden Urahara felt an aura, one very strong aura. He had the feeling it felt familiar but couldn’t explain why. As they moved closer to the ship something began to appear on the horizon.

“Wait! Some things here” said Urahara. As the mist cleared a black figure stood in front of them, it wore long sleek leather trench coat blowing in the gentle breeze, it had a hood over its head . The hands cufflinks were large, the hands themselfs were covered with leather gloves. Its pants silky black with a leather boots finish. It stood there engulf in black like a dark omen,. It held out black kitanna blades in its right hand. In its left was another black kitanna but this one was in torso of what looked to them like badly beaten officer. The officer stood suspended in the air only to be held by the blade in his torso. He was still alive, twitching from death spasm, gasping for air, while coughing blood. The dark omen brung its left leg forward fast and kicked the officer off its blade so hard the man went flying through the air into concrete dead. The dark omen stood there its back to them with its blades dripping of blood.

“Tessai take Jinta to safe distance.” said Urahara.

“Yes Urahara Sir.” said Tessai. Jinta had been struck between shock and disgust to even notice Tessai pick him up. Urahara stared at the figure. All that could be heard now was the howling wind rushing by the bridge. The silence was broken by the omen. “I’ve come to deal with him.” it said.
“Come to deal with who?” asked Urahara.

“Do not interfere.” warned the omen. The omen would scene something different about the man who stood in front of him by his aura.

Urahara twisted his cane and pulled to reveal blade kitanna. “Well then it looks like we’re getting started off on the wrong foot, My name is Urahara Kisuke, I welcome you to planet Earth, but I’m afraid this is as far as I may let you go.” said Urahara, knowing he was going to end this in two words.

“Awake, Benihime.” he whispered.

All across the city dark clouds began to form followed by lighting and thunder. Soon the first patter of rain had fallen on the window Rukia was looking out of. She stood there staring in the direction of the Rainbow Bridge. All she could see was smoke rising from the vicinity of bridge. She was worried, an hour had passed and yet no reply from Urahara. The rain had started to come down hard. Soon lightening was dancing across the sky while thunder joined in. Rukia dazed and worried, picked up her cell phone laying on the shelf beside the window. She punched in Urahara cell number. There was ringing but no answer, then the answering machine kicked in “Hello this is Urahara. I’m not here Jinta put that down! No no over there uhhh! just leave me a message Just leave it! I’ll get back to you as soon as possible *Beep*”.

She smirked for moment, the message had helped to ease her worry abit.“Hay Urahara it’s me Rukia, I just thought I’d call to see if every things ok...It’s really coming down out there, so give me a call as soon as you get this message.” said Rukia hanging up.

“Uhhh god!, this so boring, didn’t he say he would call you?” said Ichigo.
“Yes but only if he needed me.” replied Rukia, looking out the window.

“What if hat n sandals got his hands full, maybe he needs us but can’t get to us.” said Ichigo.

“Urahara can handle himself Ichigo until” Rukia was interrupted by loud thunder followed by a brightest lighting strike she ever saw, it was ammoniating from the bridge.

Urahara sword was no longer the Kitanna he pulled from his cane. Now it transformed into a large, dark blade which was held by gold edge notch with U shape slit in the middle, it’s handle black with golden diamond shape patterns running from the notch to the end of the handle. At the end of handle hung a red ribbon Five minuets till the spell wears off on everyone. Urahara thought to himself. The white mist had now cleared completey. “I guess you don’t care if you get wet but I do” said Urahara. The omen didn’t answer. It stood there it’s back to Urahara.

“Don’t you think it’s rude just standing there with your back to me. The least you could do it introduce yourself and tell me what is it you want.” asked Urahara smiling.

“Now I know why your aura feels so familiar to me, you are Shinigami I didn’t think so at first but when you summoned your zenpacktu that was the answer I needed ” said the Omen. Suddenly the omens blades began to speak.

"Ohhh I’m so excited it’s been while since I’ve felt the flesh of Shinigami" said the blade

“Quiet! You’ve revealed to much Kyuzo!” said the Omen. The blades spoke no more.
A talking sword could it be? no, it couldn't Urahara thought to himself. “Oh so your not from the ship ,I..” Urahara was interrupt.

“Enough talk prepare for your demise Shinigami.” said the omen. Urahara’s cell phone had gone off.

“Hay hay no need to make any threats, just let me answer the phone for sec.” said Urahara. As he was about the reach for his cell phone the omen turn around quickly and dashed forward with its blade. Bracing himself Urahara countered with his sword. Both sword came together so fiercely that the clash caused from both blades caused them to thunder loudly and imit a blast of lightening from the ground to the sky. Both opponents pushed fiercely at each other. Neither ready to give in to the other. With blade in hand pushing fiercely. Urahara pushed back and the omen slid back still keeping his balance. Soon both opponents swords clashed in mortal combat. “He’s good, really good” said the omens blades. He is thought the omen. With one feirce whoop there blades came together and at this moment Urahara took advantage of it by raised his other hand to his temple in a fist, then he stuck out his index and mid finger and yelled “Destructive art 33: Blue fire, down!”. The omen went flying back and hit the ship, bounced off and landed in the pavement.. Nine minuets left Urahara thought to himself. The omen lay there not moving. “Tessai, Jinta! It’s safe you can come on now!” as Urahara yelled those words the omen moved and began to stand up.

“Wow I’ll have to admit your stronger then I thought, at the range I shot that destructive art you should have been dead” said Urahara. As the omen slowly got to its feetm, blood began to poor from its side.

The omen stood up with his hand to his side trying to stop the bleeding “Ju Just a scratch. I assure you I wouldn’t lose so easily to a Shinigami. The ship is yours, but know this the destruction of the Shinigami’s will soon come to pass and you will beg for death before the end” said the omen “We’re leaving already come aw I wanted to play some more” said the omens blades.
“Enough Kyuzo will have more play time soon enough” with that the omen disappeared into a ball of darkness.

“Urahara sir are you ok!?” asked Tessai.

“I’m good.” replied Urahara.

“Man you kicked ass back there, I saw everything, your not wet behind ears old man and you gotta teach me that move next time.” said Jinta.

“Later but right now the spells the about ware off and we have to see what that Darth Vader guy wanted in the ship.” said Urahara.

The ships was massive. The three of them had searched for an entrance but no luck. “Urahara sir I found a door!” yelled Tessai.Touhcing the doors handle Tessai got burned The door was still hot from entering the atmosphere.

“Stand back!” yelled Urahara. He took his sword and fiercely sliced the door open. As they entered smog was everywhere, which made it harder to see. Waving the smoke away with his hand Urahara made his way through smog and debree. At that momnet he found a young man facing down over the control panel. “Hay hay over here!”. They all gathered. Urahara turned the young man over. The young man was caucasin with brown spiky brown hair. Black hoody sweat shirt, over sized black track shorts with red pocket sacks on each side. He wore fingerless mesh like black gloves. On his neck was chain neckless with silver crown pendent. Lastly the biggest show was his shoes. Dame! Those are big feet thought Urahara. Taking his hand Urahara checked his pulse. “It’s weak but we need treat his wounds or he might not make it. Tessai, Jinta check if there are any other survivors.” said Urahara while lifting the young man and putting him over his shoulder.

“Urahara sir I found out someone.” said Tessai carrying Goofy in his arms.

“Me to!” said Jinta piggy backing Donald.

“Any others?” asked Urahara. They both shook there heads left and right in disagreement “Ok lets go.” said Urahara.

“Warning, Warning engines have reached unstable temperatures, emergency cooling system not activating, engines will over load and combust in 3 minuets repeat engines will combust in 3 minuets, all passengers abandon ship and seek a safe distance. Commencing count down to safe distance T minus three minuets”

Zexion leaned on the wall to relax himself from standing to much. He wasn’t alone in the room but was in middle of a very important meeting with someone.
“So what exactly is it that you want?” the man asked Zexion.

“Her heart of course, she posses one quit strong.” said Zexion.

“That’s a little gruesome don’t you think, I mean you don’t look like the type who would indulge himself by cutting someone heart out”. said the man.

“I assure you I don’t mean it in physical sense.” said Zexion

“Just what are you planning on doing?” asked the man.

“Curiosity killed the cat my friend, besides why kill plot so early when story just begun.” answer Zexion. smiling.

“Hmmm just remember if you cross me in anyway I will kill you.” said the man.

“Ha your words are but empty threats, besides if all else fails I have more to lose in this then you do, and with this on my side I can guarantee you will both get our side of the bargain.”

Zexion snapped his fingers. A dark circle appeared from the ground. Slowly a shadow appeared forming into human figure with an instant the dark figure turned white. It wore a hamaka, it’s skin deathly pale. It’s nails cobalt black . By it’s waist was a Katana completely black with dark aura resonating from it. It’s face was half covered by a white mask with red line patterns on the edge of it, there was no hair on it’s head, it stood bald. It’s eyes were black with yellow pupils, it stair was morbid with a look of insanity. It had a smile of psycho path.

“A Hollow?” said the man.

“Please you insulting my work, don’t compare this to a measly Hollow. I assure you this surpasses Hollows by a long shot.” replied Zexion

“What is it?” asked the man.

“My white surprise, my ultimate weapon, let me introduce to you a Dowl Sloy, it’s part Hollow, Shinigami and Heartless.” replied Zexion

“Interesting.” said the man

“With a mere pierce to heart from the Dowl Sloy, you become one. As for heart of that person pierced it’s collected and stored with in the Dowl Sloy’s blade till it’s extracted. Unfortunately the Dowl Sloy, as powerful as it is it has the same weaknesses as Hollow. This I found very hard to remove. But luckily for its high Shinimagi skills it puts on one hell of a fight.” said Zexion.

“Perfect everything is set, I’ll be heading back to Soul Society, hopefully I’ll be seeing you there very soon?” asked the man.
“Yes soon enough.” replied Zexion.

“I see and has that Keyblade boy you were talking about been dealt with?” asked the man.

“Oh yes I sent someone to deal with him at the bridge, by now he’s catching his last few breaths” replied Zexion

“Good everything is going according to plan so.” the man was interrupted by Zexions cell phone going off.

“Excuse me a moment, Hello?”

“Zexion excuse me for disturbing you, it’s Loz, my brothers has been seriously hurt” said Loz.

“Pull yourself together. What happened? What about the bridge? Did Kadaj finish off the boy?”

“ no this Shinigami guy was there and he surprised Kadaj” said Loz.

“Uuhh! I’ll be there in a moment.” Zexion hung up his cell phone aggravated at the situation now.

“Is there a problem?” asked the man.

“Just minor set back. I’m going to deal with it right now” replied Zexion

“Alright then I’m off” said the man.

“Alight I’ll be keeping you updated” said Zexion before disappearing in ball of darkness. The man stood up and walked towards the exit door.

(Mean While in Soul Society)
The Conference hall in Shinigami Academy was the oldest section ever built. It was here that the four fathers founded and built Shinigami Academy. The floor were made of glossy limestone, the walls of ivory marble. Portraits of former men and woman recognized for there nobles deeds hung on the walls. In each corner of the room were four statues representing the four fathers, each holding a katana up right with a words engraved in each one. Discipline, Honor, Knowledge and Power. Those were the philosophies the four fathers believed and taught the Academy. On the ceiling in the middle of the room hung a grand crystal chandelier, each diamond cut perfectly and it glistened ever beautifully . Below the chandelier was an extending oak cherry dining table. At the end of the table sat Genryusai Yamamoto Shigekuni first Division Captain, head master of the Shinigami Academy and General all 13 division Captains. To his right sat Feng Soifon second Division Captain, Unohana Retsu fourth Division Captain, Kuchiki Byakuya sixth Division Captain, Kyoraku Shunsui eighth Division Captain, Hitsugaya Toshiro tenth Division Captain and Kurostuchi Mayuri twelfth Division Captain. To the generals left would have been Gin Ichimaru third Division Captain but he had not arrived yet, rather he was late.
“Hhmm” said the general in a disgraced tone.

“He will be here soon master Genryusai I’m sure of it.” said Tosen.

“I don’t know what I’m going to do with that boy.” said the General. Next to Gin sat Aizen Sosuke fifth Division Captain .Next came Komamura Sajin captain of seventh division, Tosen Kaname ninth Division Captain, Zaraki Kenpachi eleventh Division Captain and lastly Ukitake Jushiro thirteenth Division Captain . The Captain of Shinigami Academy were about to have there most important meeting yet.

“I can’ wait any longer I’m going to have to start this meeting with or without Gin. I’m sure all of you know of the decision made by Central 46s judiciary. Kuchiki Rukia has been found guilty of giving her Shinigami powers to mortal and remaining in a faux body, the punishment for these actions by order of Central 46s judiciary is execution, there for it is only right that Kuchiki Byakuya, being her brother bring her back to soul society to ” the General was interrupted by Aizen.

“I’m sorry for interrupting master Genryusai but am I the only who sees this execution as immoral and far to harsh. She is young girl FOR GOD SAKES WHO ARE WE TO PLAY GOD WITH SOME ONES LIFE!!!” cried Aizen.

“AIZEN!! Might I remind you that you are a subordinate, watch the way you address master Genryusai.” said Tosen.

“I’m sorry I just don’t see how giving her Shinigami powers to mortal and using a faux body is punishable by death. Tosen you know this. Your on the Central 46s judiciary.” said Aizen.

“Aizen I suggest you don’t question politics that’s way outside your understanding, know your place and leave it as that” said Tosen. Aizen looked to Byakuya.

“Byakuya she is your sister dammit and yet here you sit listening to us take of her death and yet you remain so calm”. Byakuya was quite. He didn’t even make eye contact with Aizen.

“I have accepted Central 46 decision it is the rule of law and as Captain I must follow that rule of law without any insubordination” said Byakuya.

“How can you!” Aizen was interrupted by the General.

“Silence! this matter is not up for debate, the decision has been made. Any more further outburst Aizen and I will have you taken into custody. Let me make this clear to all of you anyone who tries to interfere in the execution will be found guilty of treason that goes highly for you Aizen. This” said the General interrupted by creaking door. At that moment the doors of conference hall creaked open.

“Oh sorry I’m late guys you wouldn’t believe the traffic of people I had to get through to get here”. Everyone watched as captain Gins footsteps echoed through the room.

“This meeting is adjourned, I expect full report from each division on this matter.” said the General.

“Hay no fair I didn’t get heads up on what happened master.” said Gin. Aizen bumped into Gin.

“Here we all were in very important meeting about execution Kuchiki Rukia and you have the audacity come in here making comical statements. Oh Gin. You have fallen and really need to start taking your position as a Captain more seriously.” said Aizen. He despised Gin on all aspects. He thought of him as childish, irresponsible and cocky young man, not even fit to be captain at all.

“Hay Aizen A and B conversation, C you later.” replied Gin.

“Little punk.” said Aizen grabbing Gin by the collar. Gin slapped his hand away.

“Careful Aizen you might put in really bad mood and stuff could get really ugly.” said Gin smiling.

“Don’t underestimate me Gin you don’t know what I’m capable of.” replied Aizen walking away.

“Gin! I want to see you in my office” ordered the General.

The sirens blared reminding passengers the engines were going to combust . Adrenaline ran through Urahara, Jinta and Tessai so fast that the weight of who they were carrying had no effect on there speed.

This is not good, this is not good Urahara thought to himself while making his way to exit with Tessai and Jinta. The ship was vibrating more and more as the computers sirens echoed through out the ship. Each of them stumbling but trying hard to keep there balance. The count down was about to began.

They had reached outside the ship. The rain had stopped. All that could be heard now was drips of water droplets onto near by puddles. Each of them were out of breath.

“What are we gonna do Urahara sir!?” asked Tessai.

Urahara was thinking, the situation just got detrimental. The spell cast by Mr. Sand Man ball would be wearing off right now and now this ship was going to blow possibly taking them, innocent bystanders and half the bridge with it. They removed there masks and threw then in the bag Tessai had. Urahara thought hard to come up with plan. Come on COME ON old sport you’ve been in tougher situations then this. An option came to his mind it was the only option but this would mean suicide for him and Tessai. The sirens had stopped. The ships exterior speakers kicked in

“Commencing count down, T minus three minuets”.

“Ahh! I don’t want to die, all I wanted was to stay home and sleep but no the old man had to checkout the bridge why did have to end like this!” yelled Jinta.

“Hay keep it together Jinta! anyways guys lets lay these three over here” said Urahara. They had laid each of the survivors good distance from the ship.
“Tessai I gotta plan. Hay Jinta” said Urahara.

“Yeah?” replied Jinta. Urahara leaned down to explain Jinta what his part in the plan was going to be. “Me and Tessai are gonna use a technic when we’ve lifted this ship a good distance into the air it is very vital you follow through when I give you the signal, because we can’t hold in the air for that long do to its size and weight so it is very crucial Jinta that you do the following. I want you to concentrate hard with every bit of strength your muscles have and use your calamity strike to the fullest and I mean with every ounce you can swing with that bat of yours. Timing and strength means everything, there’s no going back.” said Urahara

“But what if I” Jinta was interrupted by Urahara.

“No buts young man. This is your moment to shine and really show me if you can hall ass, ok?” said Urahara.

Jinta was worried he had never been put under this much pressure by Urahara which made him all more afraid to fail. I can do this, I can do this, I’ll show the old man what I’m made of he thought.

“Got it” said Jinta. So with bat in hand Jinta raised his bat with both hands to his temple and was in a trance powering up to make what could possibly be called the greatest strike in his life. Adeline and excitement ran through his body. He was gonna gift his all.

“Tessai you know the telepathy techniques.” said Urahara.

“Hoi!” replied Tessai.

“Good were going to use a levitation spell level 99." said Urahara.

“Oh god Urahara sir not meaning to question your plan of thinking but level 99 could kill us sir I don’t know if my mental strength can handle that much pressure” replied Tessai

“I know but time is against us old friend and I’m playing with the only cards given to me. If we don’t make it. It’s been great pleasure working with you and Jinta.” said Urahara. Bringing his hand out.

“It’s been great pleasure to sir.” said Tessai shaking Urahara’s hand.

“Lets do this!” yelled Urahara.

Each of them had taken there positions. Tessai and Urahara kneeled side by side on the pavement of bridge facing the ship. Both there hands at there forehead, palms together with there heads tilted forward in prayer position. Together they chanted “Telepathy art: level ninety-nine levitation!”. Both there hands came down fast with only there index and mid finger sticking out. Both fingers penetrated the pavement like jackhammer on rock. This sent shock wave of cracks from there fingers to around the ship. This had now created a barrier under and around the ship . The barrier had now become a force field lifting the ship gently off the ground. The bridge began to softly shake. The stress of level ninety-nine levitation spell was coursing hard through Urahara and Tessai that every vein in there body was appearing and throbbing in excruciating pain but most of it came from there heads. Sweat had began to pour out like bullets from each of them. The ship was almost suspended in mind air.

“T minus ten seconds, nine, eight, seven” said the computer

“Ahhh Jinta now!” yelled Urahara agonizing in pain. Now glowing blue with aura of his full strength, Jinta leaped into the air. Time had slowed at this moment. It was do or die. He breathed in and out slowly.

“Calamity strike!” yelled Jinta. The blast had caused a light so bright it could be seen from any where int the city. Jinta could not even see if he made a directed hit. After the light had died Jinta could see the ship high in sky. It flew over the bridge and skid into the river. It sank in splash of water. At that moment a bubble blast exploded sending so much water into the air it rained down like a heavy monsoon. Jinta had a landed on his feet. He had felt light headed after using half his strength in that one hit. As the smoke cleared there was a huge crater where the ship once lay. Beside the edge of a crater lay Urahara and Tessai on there backs. They weren’t moving at all. (to be continued)

Ishida sat in the corner of the living room, home alone. It was completely dark except for the gentle light of table lamp that stood next to him. He had busied himself with filling out his daily agenda on preparation for tomorrow. 10:38pm hmm anther 30 minuets of study time wouldn’t hurt he thought while looking at his watch. Reaching into his knapsack he pulled out a binder a text book and placed them on the desk.
Ishida was completely unaware of the events that were still unfolding tonight. He never had an interest for watching television. In fact he rarely watched more then 10 minuets of tube time, unless it was under the situation of checking for the weather. Flipping through the pages of his text book he finally arrived on the chapter he was looking for. Linear transformation and Matrix alright let see what I know. Upon writing his first question Ishida was startled by loud knock at the door. He had been grateful his mother wasn’t asleep but pulling an all nighter at the hospital. If there was one thing he and his mom hated were solicitors but it was little late in the night for one to be visiting but if it was Ishida was going to give the solicitor a piece of his mind for knocking so fiercely. The loud knock came again, Alright Alright I’m coming gees. Ishida peered through the view hole in his door. To his surprise it wasn’t solicitor but his friend Sado Yasutore or Chad everyone called. Behind him stood Inoue Orihime. Ishida opened the door Chad leaned against the frame of the door. Exhausted and breathing heavily with sweat trickling down the side of his face. Inoue bent down to catch her breath. They’d booth looked like they just came from long marathon. “Ishida!” said Chad still trying to catch his breath “Ichigo...trouble...Urahara is at the bridge.” finished Chad.
“Ok breath Chad tell me what’s going on guys?” asked Ishida. Inoue answered
“we got phone call from Rukia...she said Urahara might be in trouble at the bridge...haven’t you been watching TV its like on every channel.” said Inoue breathing heavily.
“No time for explaining. Lets head for bridge Rukia and Ichigo are there waiting for us” said Chad. Ishida ran to the kitchen fetched the house keys. Putting on his shoes he headed out the door locking it behind him. Chad, Inoue and Ishida sprinted to catch up with there friends in race against time.

Jinta knelt beside Urahara, gently nudging him. He wouldn’t come to. Jinta started to blame himself, he felt deep agonizing guilt. Why didn’t I act sooner he thought as tears started to build in his eyes. Pull yourself together man what the old man think if he saw you like this he thought. Jinta got up and started dragging everyone unconscious closer together. He was completely exhausted after lining them all up horizontality. The spell had completely warn off now and he could hear people in the distance coming to. Few people had passed by him trying to escape the scene. No one had come to Jinta’s aid but he was determined to protect his friends to the very end, then Jinta heard the sound of Urahara cell phone ringing.

Rukia had been running desperately to the Tokyo bridge while holding her cell phone to her ear, Ichigo was beside her. She waited, hoping, praying that Urahara or someone would answer. Someone hid.“Hello? Urahara” said Rukia.

“No it’s Jinta” replied Jinta. Rukia felt distraught at this point. Urahara not answering his phone meant something had gone terribly wrong. There were thousand questions running through her head but one she wanted answered the most was if Urahara was alive.
“Is everything ok? where’s Urahara?” asked Rukia
“He’s unconscious, there all unconscious” said Jinta sounding mortified.
“Jinta we’re on our way until we get there I need you stay with me on the phone and tell me everything that’s happened, just stay with me ok?” asked Rukia
“Ok” replied Jinta
Jinta had explained how the events of tonight at the bridge unfolded. Rukia couldn’t believe what she was hearing, from the omens appearance to Urahara and Tessai levitating the ship. Rukia’s cell phone started to beep, reminding her that the battery was running low.
“Jinta my cells gonna die on me, where at the entrance of the bridge” said Rukia hanging up.

Rukia and Ichigo reached Shinbashi street. There was a surprised crowed of people in panic, some lay on the ground as if unconscious while others tried to bring them to. Rukia had asked a man what happened.
“I don’t know, I was standing a one point try to get my view at was going on at the bridge and the next minuet I’m waken up out of a sleep” replied the man.
“Hayo Kurisakikun!” yelled Inoue. Inoue, Chad and Ishida appeared from distance jogging towards Ichigo and Rukia.. Ishida face was drenching in sweet and he was breathing heavily.
“You guys made it” said Rukia..
“Hay Ishida what’s wrong you can’t handle a little jog” said Ichigo
“Be quiet I just ran for fifteen minuets no break. so cut be some slack” replied Ishida..
“Cut the chit chat guys this serious, so far this what I know from what Jinta told me. Urahara and Tessai are out cold do to the ninety-nine level spell they cast. The ship that crashed in the bridge had only three passengers there also unconscious as well. This what we’re gonna do. Chad you’re gonna carry tessai since he’s the biggest weight. Ichigo you’ll carry Urahara”
“Me!” yelled Ichigo. Frustrated with Ichigo reaction Rukia grabbed him by collar of his shirt.
“Listen buddy our friends lives could be in danger not to mention three other survivors. So I don’t think this is up for negotiations got it?” said Rukia. Ichigo was silent do to the rage and flare in Rukia’s eyes and the tone of her voice. He just nodded to let her know he understood.
“Anyone else have problem?” asked Rukia fiercely. Everyone was silent.
“Alright lets go everyone keep up with each other” said Rukia. So with that they were off dashing between people to entrance of Tokyo Rainbow Bridge.
“Ji Ji Jinta” wailed Urahara. Jinta came by his side. Urahara lay there eyes open looking at the night sky. “Yes Urahara” said Jinta teary eyed at the sight to see his friend conscious.
“You did amazing!” yelled Urahara excitedly. Jinta was shocked and confused. Standing up Urahara brushed himself off and dusted his beach hat and placed back on his head.
“Wait you mean you weren’t unconscious the hole time?” asked Jinta.
“Well I was out of it, up until you were talking to Rukia on the phone. But since you had the situation under control I took a nap” said Urahara.
“You bastard!!! you made me worry for nothing and all this time you were snoozing” said Jinta angry. He clenched fist ready to punch him for having played him for a fool when someone yelled Urahara name out aloud. It was Rukia and the gang.
“Ahh Rukia come to join the party?” asked Urahara
“Urahara your alright?” asked Rukia
“Yes but I can’t say much for our friends or this bridge” replied Urahara
“What do you mean bridge” asked Ishida
“Hear that loud creaking coming from those cable beams. Well that’s sound of to much tension and I bet my hat this bridge will collapse at any sec” said Urahara. Soon everyone was in state of fear from what Urahara said.

Sora had opened his eyes to the dark star filled sky. He could feel the rough hard surface of pavement underneath him. The first of many questions running through his mind were how he got outside. Rising himself halfway he sat up. Putting his hand to his forehead he still felt a light head ache.
“Hay hay one of them woke up!” pointed Jinta. Sora was startled by Jinta yelling he didn’t even realize were people around him. Looking around him he first saw magenta haired Caucasian kid point at him. Next to him was tall man, with short blond hair and green and white beach hat, he wore dark green haori which is similar to a kimono, and wooden sandals. To Sora’s right stood two girls one shorter then the other and in the middle stood three males one with orange hair the other wearing frame less glasses and lastly the other was large and muscular with darker skin tone.

“We come on peace” said Urahara rasing his hand to show Sora the peace symbol. Sora was silent are these the people that saved me?. “Excuse my rudeness but I’m afraid we’re in quite a predicament and we’re short on time. So it’s best we save the introduction for later time. Right now we need to get off this bridge immediately.”
Sora slowly began to rise, his body still stiff and in pain he stumbled and as he was about to fall Urahara caught him. Suddenly a cable beam snapped.
“Quickly everyone lets go” yelled Urahara. Chad had picked up Tessai and Goofy and lifted them both over his shoulders. Ishida picked up Donald and carried him in his arms.
“Can you walk?” said Urahara asking Sora. Sora nodded.
Everyone began to sprint for the bridges exit. People were running all around them in panic, jump over debree. Cars were scattered everywhere, it was like maze trying to go around each one. Some people were still inside there cars refusing to leave out of fear.
Suddenly things had taken turn for the worst. The cables on one side of bridge gave way. This had caused the Bridge to twist side ways. People started sliding off the bridge other were push off by cars. Some had still held on to debree stuck in the pavement. As Urahara and gang held on to what ever they could. As cars slid toward them Urahara used what reitsu he had left to create a barrier above them.
“This will do for the time being but it wont hold forever” said Urahara
Rukia was in a state of shock. She knew she couldn’t swim witch added to the stress. Sora was meter above Rukia holding on to rusted steel cord. He could hear wincing from below him. Looking down he saw one of the girls from earlier. The short one with black hair.
“Hay every things gonna fine just hold on” said Sora. He hoped is words of encouragement would help to settle her state of panic.
“I can’t swim” said Rukia. The debree she held onto gave way. Falling back Rukia screamed. Sora let go, sliding fast toward Rukia, he grabbed her by the arm as she was falling off the edge. Now with one hand holding on to rukia and the other at the edge of the bridge Sora had an ultimatum. Taking the water with chance of having this girl drown, the clock was ticking.

“I’m going to need you to do some....” said Sora, Rukia interrupted in panic.
“Don’t let me go!” yelled Rukia fearfully
“I won’t I won’t. I’m going to pull you up just a little. As I do that, grab hold of my waist and hold on tight” said Sora. Hopefully upon impact of the water she would still hold on to him and then we would swim to land with her. Sora pulled Rukia up gently as he did so the edge shook hard which cause his grip to give out. Sora fell along with Rukia. She screamed in horror. Still holding onto Rukia’s hand they both hit the water. The impact was so strong at there altitude it caused Sora to let go of Rukia’s hand. He was underwater now and desperately trying to make to swim for the surface. As he came up he took breath of air. Looking around he didn’t find Rukia. Calling her name repeatedly proved useless. Sora dived below and caught a glimpse of Rukia’s pail skin, the moon light reflecting on her skin. He dived deeper and desperately trying to make to her before she sunk any further. Please be alive he hoped . Grabbing her by the waist he surfaced. Upon coming Sora paddled fast to make his way to river bank.
“They’ve Fallen over!” yelled Ichigo. Witnessing the edge give way to Sora from a distance.

“They should alright Ichigo I’m sure Rukia is in good hands.” said Urahara. The barrier was beginning to crack do to all the weight of the cars pilling up. “Oh dear!” said Urahara
“What..What is it?” ask Ichigo.
“Looks like will all have to take a swim, The barriers about to break any moment” said Urahara. He let go of the pavement, followed by Chad with Tessai and Goofy still over his shoulders, then Inoue, Jinta, Ichigo and Ishida still holding Donald.

Sora had arrived on land. The constant swimming had done a number on his arm. He cradled Rukia and placed her on the ground. Rukia wasn’t moving or still breathing. He knelt beside her, redding himself to give her CPR Pinching her nose together, he toke deep breath and placed his mouth over hers and exhaled. He then began pressing at her chest three times. She still didn’t breath. So Sora tried again and agin. Fear, guilt and sadness had pushed him to hope for the better but it was no use. Rukia lay there no life in her. He whimpered as tears started to stream down his face. All he thought about was what she said to him Don’t let me go, I can swim!. At that moment as if god himself had felt Sora’s agony a miracle happened. Rukia coughed, spitting up water she had inhaled. Sora lifted her head gently, a feel of relief had come over him. She opened her eyes and grabbed at Sora. All she remembered before blacking out was that she was sinking under water, he’d saved her and that moment she felt fear of the event but relieved to know she was alive and not alone. She cried in Sora chest as he held her, telling her that everything was going to be alright.
“Well well looks like we have ourselves a hero, but please don’t let me rouen this touching moment” said Urahara. He stood there drenched in water, squeezing his beach hat that was also soaked. Soon the others had coming running from behind Urahara. Ichigo, Ishida, Inoue and Chad arrived. They crowded around Sora holding Rukia.. “I don’t know about you but the breeze is starting to get chilly, lets warm up with some hot chocolate at the shop, it’s on me” said Urahara.
(End of Chapter Two)
Coming Soon: Chapter Two: Many Explanations
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Chapter Two: Many Explanations

Chapter Two Cover


Chapter Two Many Explanations

I want to live in a world of peace
Without conflict, the one in my dreams
I just can’t keep it inside
I’ve gotta say what I wanna say
The bus stop at twilight, on the way home
saying bye bye bye to the sad backs of others
Your face doesn’t show your fighting pose
A world, the one I’ve seen in dreams
Without conflict, daily peace
But in reality, I sometimes worry about
Love and the day to day grind
Those rolling days
You would never hold a lie, no never
All my loving, without it I can’t go on
Sweet love like I’ve seen in my dreams
Lovers searching for hidden faces
But in reality, the days we can’t meet
Continue on, but I believe lonely days
Even if you stumble way to go, yeah yay
A muddled rolling star

“What is the meaning of this!” yelled the barren. He was not pleased at the out come of grains and vegetables the farmers provided. It had been shorter then what he had expected to produce.
“I’m sorry my liege, but the weather hasn’t been to our liking and thus has taken it’s tole on the crops” said Kyoshiro Valentine. He like many of the other farmers were in charge of all preparations of rations were up to date for pick up. He kneeled on the ground with his head in the dirt, frightened, Gods hear my prayer please let no blood shed commence today on account of my actions he prayed with every ounce of belief he had in his soul hoping the Gods would hear his plea. Everyone in the village were on there knees with there heads in the dirty afraid of what the bandits were going to do. For years they lay powerless against the bandits that took control of there home land and used them for there agriculture. Today for first time the village didn’t make due.
“This isn’t what I promised my buyers and now you’ve jeopardized my business deal” said the barren. Barren Krouzer was known leader of the nineth squad bandits. He was heartless, cruel and he only lived to see other below him suffer his malus. The villagers had heard many story of his sinister tortures he condemned on other villages who crossed him. Which made the situation all the more traumatic for the people of Curaga “It’s alright”said the Barren. Kyoshiro was surprised by relieved that Barrens tone had comd. Lifting his head from the dirt he looked up at the barren.
“Really?” said Kyoshiro.
“Yes...I”ll just have to make an example of you so this won’t happen again” said the Barren.
“Wh..What?” replied Kyoshiro. Two men grabbed him by the arms Kyoshiro struggled but it was futile.. “This is a lesson to all of you, failure is not an option in this establishment. Because of you farmers, you have condemned this man to have his arms broken!”. The barren singled to one of his men to complete the task.
“No please my Leigh I beg of you!” cried Kyoshiro. From amongst the crowed of villagers young Vincent Valentine heard his older brothers plea and rose wanting to help him, but his father stopped him. “What are you doing boy? Don’t be stupid, do you want to makes things worse then they already are?” said Iuchi Valentine. “But father there going to break his arms, I...I can’t just sit by here he is my flesh and blood” replied Vincent. “What could you possible do? Even if you if you tried you would get yourself killed or all of us killed. Just shut up and keep your head down boy” Vincent’s felt same as Vincent did but he could do nothing to help his own family member. He had already lost his wife and he made promise to her on her death bed that he would take care and protect of both Kyoshiro and Vincent at any cost but now Kyoshiro might have to live the rest of his life handicap and as much as it hurt knowing that was going to happen, Iuchi felt the pain was more worse knowing he broke his wife’s promise.
Vincent was so enraged. Having to hear his brother plea and yet stay here and keep his head in the dirt degraded him. I’m sorry father but I’m going to end it here, to long have we kept our faces in dirt like worms. Forgive me for what I must do Vincent closed his eyes, concentrating hard and quickly, diving deep into his subconscious. where are you? Show yourself! . He found it. The very curse he was born with. The evil that lead to his mothers death, it was a part of him he wished he could rid himself of but it was the only part of him that could save his brother right now. I’m going to be a hero father you wait and see and hopefully you won’t hold a grudge against me for what happened to mother . It took many years but Vincent managed to control the demon to a curtain extent. It fed on his emotions which was why Vincent had keep state of mental well being. It all involved timing. If it took control for to long he’s risk damage to his body and a chance of long term mental breakdown. It was the only way and he needed a hand now more then ever.

Kyoshiro was put in the ground face first. The heavy boot dug into his back. Grabbing his arms, the bandit pulled them up. “No no no please, Gods hear me!” screamed Kyoshiro. The pain became excruciating as the bandit pulled his arms up and he could feel his tendons give and muscles pull. A shriek came at the sound of bones breaking. All the villagers shuttered as they heard his cry. “Remember this day as lesson to all, fail me again and I’ll take more then a mans arms next time.!” yelled the barren. At the moment Vincent rose. Teeth clenching his rage had gone to insanity. A red aura could be seen fuming off his body. His eyes glowed red with fury. The demon had awoken and taken control. “No! You remember this day. The day when you crossed the terror of death” said the Demon. His voice had changed and now was dark and ominous. Iuchi looked up at his son and in his eyes. He could tell it wasn’t his son at all but something else, his eyes they were different, they were blood thirsty and mad for vengeance. The demon? It’s taken over, what have you done boy? . Iuchi crawled away from Vincent afraid the demon might kill him. The demon walked towards Kyoshiro. Looking down at him he could see tears streaming down his face as he cried in pain. You are a pathetic sight Kyoshiro. I can not even comprehend how you are even blood to him.. The bandits drew there swords. The barren signaled to them not to attack just yet. Krouzer lived for these moment, when someone stepped forth to oppose him. Then he would crush them and watch as there confidence turned to cowry at his dominance. “And who is street rat who dares to speak against me” laughed the Barren.
“Fool do you not know death when you see it. Remember this you, will walk the in valley of hell blind, mute and deaf. So all those who see you will say ‘there goes the fool who challenged the terror of death’ oh yes, oh yes indeed” said the demon cackling. Krouzer was infuriated. No one had ever dared to utter words like those to him.
“Enough!, kill him and bring mew his head!!!”yelled the barren. One of the bandits charged at Vincent with a sword. He dodged each swing so swiftly as if the demon wasn’t even putting any effort at its defense. Then grabbed the bandit by the throat with one hand and the other wear he held the sword. Breaking his arm, he grabbed the bandits sword out his hand and stuck it in his chest. People started rising and watched in utter shock. Never had they witness such brutality at what Vincent had done. Another two bandits attacked. One from the left the other form the right. Another bandit fired and arrow from behind Vincent. Time had slowed, Vincent flipped up high and grabbed the arrow. Upon coming down he jammed the point in the throat of the bandit to the right of him. Before the bandit could fall he grabbed him and tossed him with full force toward the bandit archer. As the left bandit approached Vincent feel back on his right hand and kicked high with his left leg at the bandits chin which sent him flying into a stone wall. Things had happened to fast the villagers could not tell how Vincent sub duad three bandits at once.
The barren watched in bewilderment at what a mere bot had done to his men. As the rest of bandits tried to stop Vincent the Barren slipped away thinking he had gotten away unnoticed. Upon dealing with rest of bandits Vincent saw the barren run. He ran so quicky his movement was undetected by the human eye.
“Leaving so soon? how rude” said Vincent.
“This is impossible, how can mere boy have this much power!?” said the Barren. Vincent grabbed the Barren by the throat. Watching this Iuchi tried to stop his son.
“Stop Vincent! Don’t let it control you, remember what it did to your mother!.” yelled Iuchi
“Ah you must be his father. I’m terrible sorry but Vincent’s not in at the moment but I can take message for him if you like” said the Demon. With one hand the demon gust Iuchi back The Barren gagged and chocked on the demons hard grip at his throat.
“Your not a killer Vincent he’s the killer don’t let him turn you into one” said Iuchi rising from the ground
“Don’t bother old man he’s somewhere far where he can’t hear you” replied the Demon.
“Please let me live, I promise I’ll never return to these lands again!”cried the Barren with tears coming down his eyes.
“I told you, you will walk the in valley of hell blind, mute and deaf. So all those who see you will say ‘there goes the fool who challenged the terror of death’ didn’t I?” said the Demon. At that moment Vincent reached into Barrens mouth and pulled his tongue out. Then gouged his eyes out with his fingers and lastly ripped his ear lobes off. He dropped the barren onto the ground. Wailing in pain the barren clawed the ground trying to escape Vincent. Then it hit him. A head like no other. Vincent Valentine was trying to take back control of his body but the demon was not about to forfeit so easily. It tried hard to block Vincent out.
You have gone to far I’m taking control back.
“What you doing you fool this my moment of glory!”
NO!! This is my body you stay the hell out
“Never this is body belongs to me I’m the superior one.”
You killed my mother
“I wish I’d also killed you and taken this body! Ahh!” cried the Demon
. Vincent clutched at his head yelling in pain. What became a verbal argument now turned into a mind war for control. People watched as Vincent’s body shook and yelled at himself. Falling to his knee’s he let out a roar that echoed in the distance......
”V?”...”V?”. Vincent Valentine had flinched coming back to reality. He had lost himself in thought, reminiscing over the past. He sat at the edge of the Shinra manner balcony over looking the blue pale moon in the star filled night sky.
“Vincent? are you ok?” ask Rinoa Heartilly..
“Yeah I was just...” he paused. He did not like talking about the past to anyone but Rinoa was different, he felt he could confide in her, he loved her.
“The past can be such burden” said Vincent.
“Not if you keep letting it drag you down all the time V.” said Rinoa. She stood behind him puting her hands around his waist and leaning her head on his back to comfort him. The feeling of her arms are him gave him a sense of ease.
“Rufus wants you come downstairs there’s going to be very important meeting” said Rinoa.
“Will you stay with me a little longer?” asked Vincent. Without answering Rinoa sat over the edge of the balcony. She threw her arms around his neck and leaned her head on his shoulder. They were silent as they sat there enjoying the beautiful night sky and view of the stars on the horizon.
(to be continued)
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Well so far no manga's thats what I'm trying to do make turn each chapter into a manga. So far I'm the only artist but I can't do this alone. I want this fan fic to be by the fans for the fans so I'm still on my quest to find the persons that will help me acheive that.


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Chapter Two: Many Explanations (part 2)

Kadaj lay in bed in one of the rooms of the Shinra manner. He lay there staring at the ceiling still copping with the defeat suffered at the hands of a Shinigami. The wound did not prove to be fatal but his brother Yazoo told him that it would leave long term scar. The worst scar Kadaj felt was not the fact of it being wounded but losing to a Shinigami, the very people he hated and despised with a passion. He kept thinking back to battle and contemplated in his head what he could have done to change the out come but no matter how many times he tried it did not matter any better, for he was here with his ego shattered. The human world was different from Soul Society. Here his power was cut down by thirty percent due the lack of spirit energy compared to Soul Society. Rufus Shinra warned him and everyone else about this but Kadaj let his pride cloud his judgement. Sitting up he flinched at the pain at his hip. Clenching the bed sheets with his hands, he swore to himself that he would seek his revenge on the that Shinigami. Kyuzo his trusted blades lay on the mantel to the right, beside his bed. “Feel any better?” asked Kyuzo.
“No I’m yarning for vengeance Kyuzo” replied Kadaj.
“Thinking of revenge already? Your certainly in no condition for that” said Yazoo who sat left, next to his bed watching over his brothers with a book in his hand.
“Believe me when I’ve rejuvenated I’ll have my way, one-way or another” glowered Kadaj.
“Great then we can play again, hopefully will run into that Shinigami again I want to know how his flesh tastes” said Kyuzo
“Be quite Kyuzo! I don’t want hear that word uttered by you again” said Kadaj enraged about the loss he tried desperately to get over.
“Sorry, sorry” said Kyuzo.
“You should have stuck to the mission like Zexion told you but you always have to go and prove your worth by engaging in senseless altercations.” said Yazoo. Kadaj hated his brother when ever he condescended on him and yet envied him for always being the better one.
“I just don’t understand what a Shinigami was doing there” said Kadaj.
“They come to slay Hollows in this world. Once they’ve grown out of control and not to mention there are some Shinigami here that are banished from Soul Society.” said Yazoo
“You mean ones like Valentine?” said Kadaj.
“No Vincent left Seireitei after the war for personal reasons he is not banished from Soul Society” said Yazoo.
“I still don’t trust him” said Kadaj
“You still feel grudge towards Vincent?” replied Yazoo
“How can I not he was a Shinigami the very clothes he wears I despise, when mother...” Kadaj paused, the thought of what happened that day fill him with deep sorrow he tried to block the images out , he tried to convince himself he had moved on but the events of that day carried a burden on him he would never forget. He felt the urge to cry little for her sake but with his brother here he held back.
“If your going to cry then go ahead” said Yazoo smiling. Noticing the whimpering look in his brothers face but Kadaj gave him a cold stair.
There was a knock at the door, “Come in!” said Yazoo. It was Zexion with Loz behind him. Walking over to Kadaj, Zexion was pleased he was recovering.
“I apologize for what happened to you tonight Kadaj I assure you retribution will be met.” said Zexion feeling guilty for having put one of his own comrades life in jeopardy.
“No need for apologizes, I was at fault, I should have stuck to the mission instead of engaging the enemy...” Kadaj was interrupted by Rufus Shinra’s voice over the P.A “Attention! my everyone please call to mind the favor I have asked of you and remember my disciples history will be in the making tonight” Everyone in Shinra manner made there way to the dining room.

At the Urahara Shoten Inoue was healing Sora’s wounds using her Soten Kissun ability which reverses time on wounds. This allows her to bring anything back to its original state by taking out any negative effects. Rukia kneeled beside Sora watching Inoue heal him. Sora lay on the floor eyes closed with a blanket and pillow underneath him. His garments were removed except for the shorts he wore.
“I’m amazed Rukia. He’s been so badly injured and yet he had the strength to save you. Like a prince saving his princess in the heat of battle, how romantic” said Inoue.
Rukia smiled at her rolled her eyes Inoue do you ever think before you speak
Sora’s eye brow twitched soon he started to open his eyes.
“Try not to move so much Sora I’m tending to your wounds. Just keep still little a while longer” said Inoue
Looking up Sora could see everything was orange. The orange was the aura emanating from Inoue Soten Kissun technique. Turning his head to right Sora saw Goofy unconscious a few feet away from him. The same was for Donald, who was to Sora’s left. “Hay come on now, your making it harder for me, don’t worry your friends are going to be alright. I’m going to tend to them next” said Inoue. Sora nodded as he looked up to his right he could see Rukia the girl he saved. Looking at her now he realized just how beautiful she was. He took his hand and put it over hers. Rukia blushed and looked right back at him and smiled I’m glad she’s ok thought Sora. He smiled back at her and then closed his eyes and drifted back into a slumber.
In the dining room Urahara, Ichigo, Ishida and Chad sat with cups of hot chocolate in their hands and towels over their shoulders. Urahara explained in more detail of his run in with the omen in black and how he knew he was a Shinigami.
“So how did he know you were a Shinigami? is the question” said Ishida
“Maybe he’s mercenary or assassin of Soul Society” said Chad
“Could be but get this his blades were taking to him, what I’m trying to say is his swords had a voice” said Urahara
“A voice you, mean like a talking zenpaktu” said Ichigo
“No, I don’t think it was, I’ve never seen a zenpaktu so openly. I mean Shinigami’s command there zenpaktu’s but no one else could see or hear them but zenpaktu owner” said Urahara
“Do you have any assumptions Urahara?” asked Ishida
“One but until I find hard facts to prove my conclusion I won’t say anything just yet. Now please guys drink up quickly I’m dead tired and I want to rest” said Urahara.
“Kicking us out already old man?” said Ichigo. Tessai had shown up to inform Urahara that Jinta and Ururu were put to bed and his bed was ready. “Tessai what are you doing? you should be resting my friend, your in no condition to be running around do any errands”
“My apologize Urahara sir but I’m back in shape, ow!” said Tessai putting his hand to his head. He still felt throbbing pain in his head from the spell.
“See, now go and rest or you’ll have another head ache to deal with from my cane” said Urahara

Soon everyone had left. Inoue had finished healing Sora, Goofy and Donald. Each of them had now rested for the time being. Rukia was the last one to leave. Urahara held the door open for her. “Take care Urahara” said Rukia
“I always do and I’m sorry for having worried you tonight”
“It’s ok I’m just glad everyone’s ok”
“I’ll call you in morning and tell you about his condition” Urahara smiled as Rukia blushed.
“Did my look give that away”said Rukia
“A little but don’t worry he’s in good hands take care and good night Rukia” said Urahara, and with that he closed the door behind him. Relived the night was over but he had one small chore to do before heading off to bed. Walking over to the library he searched the shelves for what he was looking for. Twelfth Division Research Department Experimental Data it was labeled confidential in red. He found what he was looking for. It was old and dusty, he blew on the cover of the book. The dust had caused him to sneeze. Flipping through the pages Urahara final arrived on section that caught his attention. Failed Experiment # thirty-four, Subject : The Bount Urahara began reading.
(to be continued)
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The Shinra dining room was one of the most beautifully decorated rooms in all the mansion. Its floors were made with pine wood that had a glossy finish. The walls were solid white marble. With built in fire place that was burning brightly as the only source of light. Over the fire place lay a portrait thirteen individuals dressed in seventeenth century garments, they all stood in group in well mannered posture. Under the portrait was coat of arms which had an inscription of ancient tongue few could read. The ceiling was design in of ancient Sistene Chapel Fresco by Michelangelo; the detailing was so precise one could say it was the real thing. In the middle of the room was a dining table imported from Britain. Each corner of the table had an identical lions head which were hand carved in a oak finish. Five out of the eight seats were occupied by Loz, Yazoo, Kadaj, Zexion and Rinoa. Vincent preferred to lean back near the window where the gentile moon light shaun through. Rufus Shinra had yet to appear at the meeting but everyone waited patiently. Zexion sat stairing at what he held in the palm of his hand. It was Stirling silver locket; it lay open. The locket contained a picture of beautiful young Caucasian girl with blue eyes and long curly red hair that shimmered at how glossy it was.. On the inner left side of the locket there was an inscription. Je va etre toujours proche de ton coeur Ozine et Tu vas etre mon eternellement . It was in french which translated to I’ll always be close to your heart Ozine and you will always be in mine eternally. . It was a gift from her long ago. He could not remember when or what he felt because that part of him was still missing but he knew once his Kingdom Hearts was complete he would get that piece of him he lost so long ago. Zexion closed the locket and placed it back under his coat pocket.
“What’s taken him so long, guy calls us down here but doesn’t even show up himself” said Loz. He was bored of waiting and anxious to go to bed because no nights hunt had made him dreadfully tired.
“Patience Loz Lord Shinra must have urgent news to deal with I’m sure he is trying hard to make his way here” said Yazoo.
The room had absolute silence when suddenly the doors to dinning room opened with load creak it startled everyone.
“Sorry mates, did I miss anything?” said a voice. It was Spike. He was young man with black sleeted back hair but it was hidden under his black Kangol hat. He always dressed in navy blue blazer with white dress shirt, matching navy blue dress pants and dress shoes. No one said a word to Spike everyone had enough on their minds to even care about Spike presents tough crowd, No hello, or how are you? What a rude bunch of wanks he thought. Spike made his way to table and pulled up a seat beside Rinoa. He thought of Rinoa as what every man thought of young Teri Hatcher, sexy, stylish and perfume she wore that smelled so invigorating ir arouse any mans scenes “Hello love, did you miss me?” said Spike. Rinoa laughed “Oh please Spike not when I have vibrator” said Rinoa looking over at Vincent and winking her eye at him. “Oh! she torched your ass Spike” said Loz laughing at what Rinoa had said. Everyone except Vincent found it to be humors. Embarrassed and ticked at the situation Spike turned away from Rinoa Bitch he thought..
The doors to dining room opened once more. The sound of machine and foot steps could be heard entering. It was Rufus Shinra in automated wheel chair. His face, along with half of his upper body was hidden under cloak all that could be seen part of his chin and hands. Rufus did this to hide the many scars bruises and bandages on his face from a great war long ago plus he hated the fact of people staring at his deformity. Beside him was Lulu a long white haired partly braided young woman with copper skin, she had silver like cat eyes. She wore a black tube top with white Hawaiian flower designs and matching skirt. The most interesting sight about Lulu was not hear physical appearance but the large bottle known as a gourde she carried on her back with straps. Inside the gourde was sand but not any sand this was black volcanic sand. At this point the black sand was holding two unconscious people behind her. Both had their hands and legs bound by rope with duck tape to their mouths.
“I apologize for not being hasty my friends, I needed to give Lulu time to find a subject for the night. I thank everyone of you for taking the liberty for this humble cause but before I continue I would like to know that what we embark on will mean death for some and if any of you are having second thoughts speak now and leave becuase after tonight there is not turning back” Rufus waited for someone to throw in the towel but to his surprise no one did. Everyone had a cause whether it was for loved one, honor or revenge no one felt compelled to give up and walk away. “Good I’m glad to know all of you are one same page and fighting for a just cause. As you may already know the first faze of Project Atonement has been carried out. Zexion our beloved companion has almost completed construction of the gateway command. In exchange he asks we do him the favor by collecting hearts for his research but before you go regurgitating all over my floor, at the thought of it, Zexion will go into more detail better detail. If you may Zexion.” finished Rufus.
Zexion pushed his seat back and stood up.
“Thank you Rufus. Let me make it clear that this operation will evolve no mess at all. All I require is the essence of the heart. Allow me to show you an example. Lulu if you would please.” said Zexion
Lulu placed one of the victims on the table. Zexion snapped his finger then a ball of darkness appeared above the body and from it a Dowl Sloy appeared. “This is a Dowl Sloy. Dowl Sloy if you may bring me the heart of that human” asked Zexion. The Dowl Sloy stood over the body on the table. It took its long boney white fingers and plunged them into the victims chest.. When the Dowl Sloy’s hand came out there was white crystal ball with it red light emanating from its center. Everyone watched in amazement at how beautiful it was it’s bright light engulfed the room, some had to cover over their eye’s as to how strong the rays were. Then the Dowl Sloy’s cloak opened and black tentacle peered out and removed the crystal ball from its hand and receded back into its cloak. “As you can see the crystal is the essence of the heart and after taking it the Dowl Sloy keeps it in its cloak for safe keeping but if harm comes to Dowl Sloy and it is slain then the hearts will be lost”. Said Zexion
“What harm could come if its under our protection” said Kadaj
“The boy is the only thing standing between you and the hearts you seek” said Zexion
“You remember Kadaj, the one you failed to kill” said Yazoo
“Come now a child like him please, the shinigami protected him but next time it will be only me and him and I’ll have that boys heart” said Kadaj
“Do not underestimate him he has already killed a few of my comrades in the past, he carries a weapon called the keyblade be aware of it” said Zexion
“What of this keyblade?” asked Yazoo
“It has the power to kill heartless and many other powers still unknown about it, don’t do anything rash and lastly be careful with Dowl Sloy, do not take them for granted, they are a powerful weapons but if used rashly and carelessly they will consume the careless”

Zexion pulled a pouch from under his cloak. Opening the pouch their was six black crystal. He tossed one to each person except for Rufus. “These should allow each of you summon a Dowl Sloy” said Zexion, Vincent surprisingly tossed his crystal back to Zexion.
“Vincent I don’t understand?” said Zexion. Confused he felt offended by his actions.
“I’m not interested what your doing is not a cause of justice but ambition” replied Vincent
“How dare you insult my work!” asked Zexion.
“It’s alright Zexion I have special mission just for Vincent, is there anything else you would like to make clear to us?” asked Rufus
“No that will be all” said Zexion
“Moving on I have one last thing to show you my friends. I can see some of you very tired and restless” Before Rufus could finish his attentions was caught by the body that lay on the table. It began turning completely black, as if a shadow of its self. It shrank to half its size. Though small it turned a little muscular. The body rose up slowly. Its eyes completely yellow and beady, narrow head with two long antennas that bent back and zig zagged at the ends . It stood up with slouch. Staring at everyone with one antenna twitching. Everyone reached for there weapons preparing for the worst while Zexion remained calm. The dark minion disappeared into pool of darkness and slithered away outside the open window Vincent was standing by.
“Pursue!?” asked Lulu
“No need its harmless” said Zexion smiling.
“What was that?” asked Rufus
“It was a heartless, when the heart is taken by the Dowl Sloy all that is left is the darkness that will consume the body, those without a heart become one. The Dowl Sloy are heartless themselfs so that would explain what just happened” said Zexion
“Alright with that said I would like to move on quickly to the final demonstration, Lulu if you would do the honors.” Lulu lay the last victim. Rufus pulled out what looked like a cubic box with holes around it. There was something moving inside because the box shook a little. Rufus unlocked the top. Reaching in with his hands he came out with winged insect in the palm of his hand.
Its wings white and separated four ways. Skin grey with black fur running down its back. Its head was narrow and pointy with needle like mouth. Lastly its abdomen was the largest part on its body with blue crystal attached to it. It made purring noise fallowed by clicking as it moved around Rufus’s hand.
Everyone stared in curiosity at the insect. Rufus lay the bug beside the body of the victim on the table. It crawled and made its was to the victims neck and poked its needle though. Soon the blue crystals on its abdomen turned a neon orange as the insect fed. The body of the victim slowly turned to dust as the bug finished feasting. In the end all that was left were garments. The bug made its way back to Rufus’s hand. Lulu used her sand to reach for the wine glass on tray that lay on a mantel and gave to Rufus. He took the glass and lay it on the table. With the bug in his hand Rufus twisted its abdomen off. The bug twitched and screeched at what Rufus did. As the abdomen came off the bug regrew a another one. Taking abdomen Rufus pored the bright orange liquid that was inside into the wine glass. Taking the glass he drank down the substance, completely emptying the glass with one gulp. Placing the glass back on the table he sat back in his automated wheel chair.
“If he starts puking I ain’t bloody hell cleaning it up” said Spike. Rufus twitched a little.
He then did something none had ever seen him do. He stood up and removed himself from his wheel chair. With one hand he pulled the vale off himself and let it drop to the ground. The cuts and scars on his neck hands and face were gone except for the bandages. His skin, hair and eyes were fresh and rejuvenated as if he was completely reborn.
Expressions os of amazement filled the eyes of everyone in that room as to what they just witnessed.
“I have solved our little problem with feeding on the souls of living, never again will we have to hunt my friends, these Sytherz will make great key to keeping our hunger to a minimum and as added bonus this adds a temporary thirty percent power again to you and your dolls. If each of you wish to attain this new power, head to the fridge in kitchen there’s bottle with each of your names on them. Now I hear by call this meeting adjourned all of you take your rest because tomorrow night the hunt for hearts begins” said Rufus. Everyone at the table made there way to kitchen. As Vincent was about to leave for his room Rufus stopped him. “Vincent can I have word with you?”.
The dining room was quiet and empty except for Vincent and Rufus everyone else had gone to there quarters for the night with new found potion of power. “I really wish you had not made that scene tonight Vincent, because of that the others are probably beginning to question your loyalty” said Rufus
“I join you because I believe in your cause Rufus but this Zexion is has his own agenda and I want no part of it if it’s not for sake of justice, taking human heart who is he to such a thing” said Vincent.
“This is team Vincent there is no I, each of us have come together because we understand each other and where we stand in this mission.” said Rufus
“No one understand me let alone knows me, and those that did are gone now” said Vincent
“I don’t know you? A boy who is plagued by the death of his mother who wants to atone for what happened at his village when he stood up for what was right. A father who couldn’t come to his scenes to kill this boy to save his own village because of dying promise. A boy who protected his brother even at the sight of death and by chance was saved by shinigami and from that moment took sword in hand made an oath that he to would cut the chains of oppression as a shinigami, believing that one day it would bring righteous and justice to humanity so that their seeds would never suffer from the same travesties he suffered all through, a boy who chose solitude as way of life” Rufus words had awoken a feeling in Vincent he had not felt since the death of his mother. Remorse, he felt it deeply not only for his mother sake but for all the people he hurt in his life. He held back the tears but it was harder and harder every day because the guilt grew.
“I don’t want to hear anymore!” said Vincent
“I’m sorry Vincent but you think I just chose you as some rogue shinigami, your nothing like any them and your companions don’t know how much your worth is to this fight. When I read about you and how much your impact on Seireittei was. I knew you would be the key to bring justice to the bount possibly even the world.” said Rufus
“There is no justice in the world Rufus. Ones justice is always another’s injustice. Tosen knew it and so did Light”
“I hope one day you can find your justice Vincent” said Rufus. As he was about to leave he left a documents on table explaining Vincent’s mission. Taking the document he left for his quarters. Rinoa sat up when she heard the door open.
“I was beginning to worry what was taking you, everything ok?.” said Rinoa.
“Yeah. I’m alright” said Vincent. He placed the document on the shelf, changed out of his garment and climbed into bed with Rinoa.
“I’m going to....” Before Vincent could finish Rinoa placed her finger on his lips.
“Shhh forget about everything this our time” said Rinoa kissing him as she lay back, they made love as the moon light shaun on them though curtains.
to be conitnued
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Pretty good! (Or maybe I just think so because I'm a huge KH and Bleach fan...) The grammer needs work, but the storyline itself is great! I was kinda suprised that Aizen was in it, though...

Shadukai X

Apr 21, 2005
Thats a really good story you got going there, keep up the good work! I hope to see an update soon!


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Aug 30, 2006
It was late afternoon at the Urahara shop. Sora had just awoken to ray of light that shun through the a window he lay near. Rubbing his eyes he looked up. Donald and Goofy were peering over him.
“Your awake!” said Goofy
“It’s about time sleepy head” said Donald. Sora rose half way feeling much better then he had left last night thanks to Inoue help. Goofy and Donald hugged him relived to see that there friend was alive and well.
“Sora I’m sorry I panicked at the ship” said Donald
“It’s ok, all that matters is we’re alive thanks to that man and his friends” said Sora. I owe a lot to those strangers, if it wasn’t for them I would never be able to find Riku or see Kairi again Sora’s stomach made loud gurgling noise. He was hungry and it had been some time since he had eaten.
“Boy some ones really hungry” laughed Goofy. He picked up a covered tray by Sora’s side and laid it in his Sora’s lap. Removing the cover, the sweet smell of eggs, pancakes and orange juice filled Sora’s nostrils feeling his mouth water Sora pigged out.
“Curtsies of Mr. Urahara Kis-something rather it’s pretty delicious” said Goofy
“You said it Goofy. Uh Sora I have some bad news. It’s about the Gummi ship. Its gone for good” upon hearing what Donald said Sora nearly choked on what he was eating. Hitting his chest he drank the orange juice to wash it down.
“What you mean gone?” asked Sora
“Well while you were still asleep me a Goofy had little chat with Urahara as we ate. He said the engines over heated and the ship was going to blow up. So they used a spell to throw the ship over the bridge” said Donald. Sora was silent with his head low. He ate the food at slow pace now. His mood had sunk. The King and more importantly Riku, No! This can’t be happening. thought Sora. Goofy and Donald exchanged looks of sorrow and put there hands on there friends shoulder.
“I’m sorry Sora I shouldn’t told you right away” said Donald
“I’m sure the king or even Riku might be on this world” said Goofy smiling.
“Now how are we suppose find the king” said Sora and more importantly Riku he thought.
“For starters turn that frown upside down and listen to your friends Sora ”. It was Urahara who stood leaning against the door frame with fan in his hand. Bedside his feet sat a black cat with its tail moving about slowly. “I’m going to do everything in my power to see if I can help you out Sora. After the bravery you pulled last night it’s the least I could do” said Urahara. Entering the room he pulled up a chair then went to the closet to and grabbed a large fluffy pillow and placed at beside his chair . Removing his hat, sat down and placed the hat on his lap. The cat got up on the large pillow sat up beside Urahara. “Before we begin Q and A I would like to introduce you to Saito Shiro. She is very close and personal friend of mine” said Urahara pointing to the cat.
“Pleased to meet you all” said Saito
“Whah! a talking cat?!” said Sora, Donald and Goofy, astonished. They had not heard a talking cat since the Cheshire cat in Wonderland but given this world was more normal compared to Wonderland.
“Oh? And I suppose a pants less duck in sailor outfit is nothing out of the ordinary” replied Saito
“Hay!” said Donald in outrage.
“I guess there is more to you then meets the eye Urahara.” said Sora. He had this feeling ever since the events at the bridge. And here I thought you were just some old man who managed to save me by luck thought Sora.
“Quid pro qou Sora quid pro qou” said Urahara.
“I think in all honesty me and Urahara would like to know how you came to being in this world because there is something Urahara told me and it’s been puzzling me” said Saito. Sora had explained the events how the crash came to be. As he explained Urahara kept note of the dark omen in the back of his mind, stilling wanting to know how it connected this boy.
“So these heartless that attacked your ship what are they?” asked Saito.
“They are the darkness in peoples hearts. Beings that spring from that darkness, with no heart, those are heartless” said Sora
“I guess these heartless are very formidable?” said Urahara.
“They attacked in numbers which makes all the worst in an ambush” said Sora
“Why did they attack you?” asked Saito. Sora raised out his hand and with glint of light the keyblade appeared in his hand.
“This is the reason the heartless attacked me” said Sora. Urahara stared in amazement at the giant key looking sword. Simply amazing I’ve never seen such weapon in all my life, no wonder that bount wanted him thought Urahara.
“Sora’s the keyblade chosen one” said Goofy.
“So that’s the weapon that draws the heartless. Does it have any special abilities” said Saito. Sora nodded.
“Yeah it has the power to destroy the heartless as well as open doors to new worlds” said Sora
“I guess this explains how you came to be in our world” said Urahara. Wow! Can there truly be many worlds out there that have never been discovered, I have to say Sora you are quite the cool boy thought Urahara trying to contain his excitement.
“Now this the part that has been puzzling me. Can you think of anyone who might have known about your presence here?” asked Urahara.
“No, wait! Did you run into the King or Riku” asked Sora. Saito and Urahara were puzzled by Sora’s outburst.
“No I’m sorry Urahara did run into any King or Riku you mentioned, but would anyone other then your friend and the King you mentioned, know you were here?” asked Saito
“No why?” asked Sora
“Well when me Tessai and Jinta went to investigate the crash we ran into someone.” said Urahara.
“Who was it?!” asked Sora. At this point Sora had deep unsettling feeling he could see in Urahara’s expression it was not someone pleasant.
“Well I didn’t get clear view of the face because it was hidden behind the darkness of the person hoodie” said Urahara
“Was this person dressed all in black” said Sora
“Yes?” replied Urahara surprised at how close Sora guess was. Impossible! even if these guys are form another world they couldn’t have known about the Bount
“The Organization 13!”said Donald and Goofy.
“Organization what!?” said Urahra
“I think your mistaken” said Saito
“No we’re not, trust me on this, it’s defiantly The Organization, what happened? tell me everything.” said Sora. There hear already!? Wow talk about cutting it close thought Sora,
Urahara explained the run in with the dark omen. Sora had felt all the more grateful for Urahara arriving in a nick of time, they had been lucky. A moment later and he probably would not be here right now.
“The reason why I think you might be wrong is because last night I..” before Urahara could finish his attention was caught by a presence he felt of a strong reistu. It was the Omen, the Bount he so thought, had would never lay eyes on. Then it hit him, the final words the Bount said before leaving Know this, the destruction of the Shinigami’s will soon come to pass and you will beg for death before the end he knew now just how serious the Bount was. Looking at the window a ball of what looked like a blue flame came burning through. Barely dodging the flame that skid by his should and burned him Urahara jump at Sora Donald and Goofy grabbing them under his haori, with the speed of light he transported them outside. Looking back at the window he saw Saito come jumping out just as an explosion followed with flame and debree, she landed safely on her feet. From what Urahara saw at where the window once was the room was completely burned to a crisp, black think smoke came fuming out. Looking around the the Bount was no where to be seen but Urahara could still feel a strong reistu. Sora had felt rush of adrenaline at how fast things had happened and the explosion that followed.
“What was that!” yelled Sora
“Saito get them all in the basement the very lower training room” said Urahara.
“What’s happening!” said Donald
“This serious guys go!” said Urahara. With that Sora, Donald and Goofy followed Saito quickly inside the Urahara shop.
Urahara clenched at his burn wound on his shoulder it hurt severely and by the look of the burn it was deep Where are you? he thought. Walking to the front of Urahara Shop he twisted his cane removed the base and called forth Benihime. As Urahara made to the front he was jolted by a ghastly scene. Jinta, Tessai and Ururu were anconeous and tied up together with chains, sitting on the ground, over there mouths were thick layers of duck tape but what shock Urahara the most was explosives with a timer, tied to them. Beside them stood the Bount this time with no hoodie covering the face. The Bount was male, Caucasian with short silver like grey hair, aqua blue cat like eyes and sinister smile on his face. Holding out a small remote he pressed it. The timer counted down from fifteen minuets.
“Lets skip the formalities, for you time is of thee essence Shinigami ” said Kadaj.

(End of Chapter 2)

Coming soon (Chapter 3: The Bount)
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(Chapter Cover)
Chapter 3 The Bount
Nobody knows who I really am.
I never felt this empty before.
And if I ever need someone to come along.
Who’s gonna comfort me and keep me strong?
And still the journey goes on.
Even on tranquil days so long.
And each new face of the moon
Shall shine upon my heart with boon.
So I offer a prayer.
Waiting for a new day to share.
Until the brilliant blue sea.
Dries up completely.

Darkness was every where around him. He could see nothing but blackness. The air was scentless and tasteless. All Vincent could hear was his own heavy breathing and light foot steps as he ran. “Vincent?” said a voice in the shadows. “Stay away from me!” yelled Vincent. He was frightened and the fear had kicked adrenalin in which increased his speed. “Me?” said the voice cackling. “You are me just as I am you” . Vincent ignored the voice while continuing to run. Then to very large sinister eyes, red to the pupil appeared before him. His sudden stop caused him to fall back but he did not land on the floor as he expected but continued falling until he landed in palm of what looked like a large gargantuan hand. The skin tone was fix of black and red. Its fingers tips pointy to the edge, claw like with no nails. Sitting there Vincent could feel his hands were wet. As he looked at them they were drenched in blood, he screamed trying to rub the blood off himself but it would not come off it was stained on his hands.. “Look behind you” said the voice. He did not want to know what was behind him because he though it might tie to the blood on his hands. “Look!” yelled the voice. The loud tone had shock his body. Turning around he witnessed a sight so devastating it froze his body still. He could not move, he could not breath, he felt he lost his voice. His mouth was completely dry. His hole body cold. What he witnessed was image so grossum he could feel the pit of his stomach ready to regurgitate completely, down to the last drop of bile. It was his mother once beautiful but she was no longer beautiful. She lay lifeless in pool of blood that traced back to where Vincent sat. Her once beautiful glossy black hair was now a mess, it looked dry and brittle, covering over one side of her face. Her skin he remembered feeling as child was so soft and nourished but now dead grey and dry. With one dead eye she stared at Vincent, lifelessly. He dropped his head “Stop please, stop it” said Vincent gently, begging the demon as he cackled at Vincent cowering. Collapsing his head between his knees, with his arms around his head he was rocking back and forth trying to convince himself everything was going to alright. Tears started streaming down his face. He wanted this nightmare to end “What’s wrong Vincent” asked the voice. “Leave me alone!” with those final words the nightmare ended with Vincent rising half way out of his bed he was back in reality. He remebered everything how he saved his bother, then slaughtered the bandits and then collapsing after having subconscious battle with demon over control with his body.
His older brother came running into his room. “Vincent are you ok!?” said Kyoshiro. Looking at him Kyoshiro could see he was sweating heavily and shacking, even the bandage around Vincent head as little wet. “I saw her Kyoshiro, she lying their and her blood was on my hands” said Vincent staring into his shacking hands. Kyoshiro every so gently moved his arms that were cast and bounded with two small wooden planks on the front and back of his hands to heal the cartilage. It was painful moving his arms but watching his brother in traumatic state was even a bigger pain. He held Vincent’s hands which felt cold.
“Hay your going to be alright you just had nightmare” said Kyoshiro. Vincent was silent. “Lay back and rest Vincent”.
“Where is father?” asked Vincent
“He is at the Holy Temple along with the rest of villagers” said Kyoshiro
“I need to be there Kyoshiro” Vincent rose out of bed. He felt his head sore and his forearm was throbbing a bit.
“You need rest Vincent! after what happened earlier today”
“Thank you Kyoshiro but I can not just stand by and hide I want to face the crowed of people, I want them to know I’m going to protect this village even if it means taking my life”. Kyoshiro wanted to tell him other wise but he felt Vincent had already decided.
“Alright brother as much I feel great concern about this I stand by you”. Vincent began changing out if night garments. I swear father I will make you proud

The Holy Temple of Curaga had stood for four generations it once used to stand brimming with beauty but now the walls were cracked and slowly eroded. It was hard to find time to mend the temple because of the bandits but people of Curaga took turns fixing anything that looked withered on the temple every now and then . Inside the was a long grand hall divided by red carpet. Each side stood a statue of a symbolic God. The people of Curaga were pagan and which made them the smallest minority in all of Soul Society . At the end of the red carpet stood the Holy Alter of Plato, Priest Kakaro Yushi stood behind it. In front of him were the many villagers and their children. There was mixed feelings amongst the crowd some angered, others worried but it all centered back to violent actions Vincent Valentine had done to the bandits, earlier that day.
The priest raised his hands to lesson the noise amongst the crowed. “Citizens of Curaga I know we are in time of great dire peril at the moment. The bandits will eventually know of the events of this morning and the murders committed by our own village member but let us not begin grieve heavy and then turn to persecute one another. Remember all is not lost my children” as Priest Kakaro was about to continue someone from amongst the crowed retailed from his speech.
“All is not lost!? For give my rudeness, your holiness but all is lost, the bandits will take blood for blood. How are we to fend for our self? The Gods have abandoned us!” said one man.
“I say we give Vincent Valentine to them, then they might show us mercy” said another man. The crowed began vouch for what the man said. Iuchi Valentine who was amongst the crowed but hooded was afraid that this mob might turn angry and march over to his farm and take his son like some wild animal and feed him to bandits.
“Silents! Everyone of you I will not allow you speak of anyone nor the Gods in that manner in this holy sanctity” said Kakaro. The crowed fell silent.“Shame on all of you. Have you given up hope already in the Gods. Cowards everyone of you!. The Gods help those who keep hope alive and fight even when the odds are against them. I want to tell you something. My grand daughter came to me last night she told me that she was willing to die for her village not because she wanted to but to break the shackles of oppression so it would not be passed on to our next generation. How can we bring them into a world where slavery is there only ultimatum of life. It was has been so long since I have heard the laughing of children or even a smile on a child, we all pretend like we go on our daily lives putting on mask to hide the tears and fears but in your hearts I know all of you urn to drink from the cup of prosperity with out having to pass it to the bandits. The freedom to use your own time instead of it being set on you I tell you to accept what has happened. I do not blame you for being afraid. Remember if you corner an animal will it it not fight back. My children no one is going to hand you justice or freedom as human being you take it. They should have known this day would come. My children look at this moment as an opportunity. Yes the bandits will eventually know what has happened today but we can stall them and buy sometime and during that time we can find noble warriors to fight for our cause even if it must be a Shinigami” The crowed was in shock at the utterance of that words. There were many legends told about the Shinigami and from those legends there were more bad then good. “Do not fear my children we will find noble warriors before ever asking a Shinigami for aid. Now I ask any of you brave enough to step forward on journey to find these noble good warriors, who amongst you has the will, the courage to go on this journey?”. The crowed began to look amongst each other, it looked as if no one was going step forward until priestess Kirara stepped forward. “I will your holiness, my sister was brutally violated and killed by those bandits and I don’t every want to see another woman go through that again”. The crowed was shocked as whispers could be heard in disbelief. “I to your holiness. The bandits took my wife and sold her into slavery, I to never want to see another villager sold into that kind of life style” said Rikichi. “I as well!.” Another voice said from behind the crowed. Everyone turned around. To there shock it was Vincent Valentine Stupid boy what is he doing now . Thought Iuchi . He felt upset that Vincent wanted to help considering he had made the situation worse already. The crowed looked at Vincent in fear. Those who had witnessed the events of what he had done to bandits feared him the most. As Vincent moved toward the priest people moved out of his way quickly as if Vincent was a plague.
Vincent kneeled before the priest “Your holiness all of this is the cause of me only because I love and care for my family and protected one of them. I beg of you let me aid this village” said Vincent
“There is a lot of punishment this village has received and does not deserve my child, you did what any sibling would have done. I admire you Vincent, you have lived such a troubled life and yet your eyes burn with courage. Your d aid would be of great help Vincent” said Kakaro. Upon hearing this Iuchi Valentine left unnoticed, aggravated at the situation.

It was only a matter of time until bandits noticed one of there infantry had not returned. The bodies of the dead bandits were buried deep in earth outside the village. The bloody scene where the bandits were slaughtered had been cleared. At the Valentines farm Vincent was making preparations for his voyage by packing food, water and fresh garments. Heading downstairs he stopped at the kitchen wear his father was feeding his older brother since Kyoshiro could not use his hands.
“Kyoshiro, father I take my leave now” said Vincent. Kyoshiro looked up has brother swallowed and smiled at him.
“You’ve grown into quite the man, Vincent. Our prayers go out to you ,may the Gods grant you safe passage and may you come back safely my brother” said Kyoshiro
“Not my prayers boy” said Iuchi. Vincent was struck cold at what his father said. For moment there was silence till Kyoshiro spoke.
“Father please rest this grudge you hold against him. Mother would not want you to be this way” said Kyoshiro
“I am this way because she is gone remember Vincent I only carry out her dying wish but love you? I will never” said Iuchi.
“I see. You wish that I had died and she had lived?” said Vincent
“So very much, you took what made everyday more of a reason to live even when I was in torment because life I lived with those bandits. She was my life and you robbed me of her you demonic tyrant! be gone from my sight the very look of you mortifies me!” With those crushing words Vincent fell, higher then any peak into deepest pain of emotional distraught anyone could ever feel. No words could cut a man so deep then what his father just uttered to him. He felt suicide was a salvation and that his own existence was an abomination.
“Father stop this at once!” said Kyshiro. Iuchi slapped Kyoshiro
“Silence, know you place boy.” said Iuchi. Kyoshiro was silent.
“Why did you do that father!?” said Vincent. He clenched his phis angrily. “Come now Vincent I know you want to kill him as much as I do” said the demon.
You twisted fu..
“Watch your mouth Vincent or I might have to make you bite your tongue off” said the demon cackling. Vincent ignored the demon.
“What are you going to do now Vincent? Are you going to kill me for hurting you brother, like you did those bandit. Well come. I’m right here, take me!” said Iuchi. Vincent did nothing. “Brave? Oh Kakaro all I see is coward I in front of me” his father just passed by him without even giving him a second glance. Vincent try hard to hold back the tears but one slipped out. Before any more could shed he headed towards the door. “Wait! Vincent!” yelled Kyshiro. Vincent stopped at the door.
“Kyoshiro tend to the mark on your face and tell father if I don’t come back that I forgive him for always having looked down on me, maybe one day, just one moment he might realize how...” he stuttered trying to say it without crying “...how much of a good son I am and know that I love him with every decency in my heart. Thank you Kyoshiro and goodbye ” said Vincent. Opening the door he ran though quickly. while holding his backpack tightly without even looking back at Kyoshiro.
I love you two Vincent with my inner most soul thought Kyoshiro as he closed the door behind him.

The tears had streamed down his face as if a river had flowed through Vincent’s eyes. I will bring justice to this village father and one day you will recognize me thought Vincent wiping the tears form his eyes. At distance he could see Priest Kakaro, Kirara and Rikichi at the village gates.

“He’s hear” said Kirara. Vincent had come dashing from the distance. Vincent had arrived and yet he was not out of breath.
“It’s about time my boy I was begining to think you had second thoughts” said Kakaro
“I’m sorry your holiness” said Vincent.
“It’s quite alright. Now I have some thing for you and Rikichi” said Kakaro. Reaching under his robe he pulled out two swords that were sheathed and handed one to Vincent and Rikichi.
“These are the Gemini swords identical to each other, forged with mightiest of metal and magic. They are the finest swords to ever be created in this village. I had Alumni the village mason take great care in making these. They will burn a bright white if in any case a hollow is to be near by. Use them to guard the priestess with your life if any harm should come your way. Hear is a map as well. I have charted your course on it so you can reach Rukongai safely. In the next few days we will try to stall the bandits to best of our abilities so please arrive soon as you have enough warriors, I’m praying for five noble warriors. The fate of this village rest in the three of you. All our prayers go out to you, may the gods give you safe passage” said Kakaro. With that Vincent, Kirara and Rikichi headed off to Rukongai.

Vincent Valentine was running and jumping from roof to roof in Serretai. His objective was to reach Shinigami Research Department. Over his shoulder he carried small bag containing the material that Rufus Shinra provided to get the data he needed. It had been more then several decades since he left Soul Society. At this point he had to take the ut most caution to hide his presence even though the garments he wore would make it impossible for anyone to recognize him a small battle could prove to give his identity away. As he jumped from roof to roof Vincent failed to realize the last step he took before leaping had caused one of clay tiles to slip out and descend down onto the head of a Shinigami on watch duty.

(to be continued)
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