Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Level 1 Encounter Walkthrough (Video Guide Playlist)



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Apr 18, 2016
Hey Guys, Cloudmighty here!

Today I finally completed my second version of a complete level 1 encounter walkthrough for Kingdom Hearts 2.5 on the PS4. This guide covers every encounter from every world (including bonus visits such as Space Paranoids 2, Pride Lands 1&2, Olympus Coliseum etc.) But doesn't include optional bosses such as Sephiroth, Data Org or Lingering Will. Optional bosses will be included in a separate playlist, if people want it and assuming this walkthrough is well received!

This guide is designed to be for people who have already played through the game but would like to perhaps challenge themselves with a level 1 play through. Each video covers both bosses and any forced encounter you come across during a standard play through. Each strategy is designed to be relatively easy to follow whilst also being efficient, some fights also include an optional 'hard-mode' strategy if you want to challenge yourself further still!

I have previously done this a couple of years ago for the PS3 version of the game. Since that time of course strategies have improved so I am now hoping that this guide is definitive. Thank you for taking the time to read this and if you have any questions or suggestions, send me a message, I am always willing to chat!

tl;dr This is a level 1 encounter walkthrough for KH2.5