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Kingdom Hearts 3D To have(Shocking ending)

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Jun 18, 2010
The Realm Of Darkness..
Tired of being left in the dark about Kingdom Hearts’ 3DS debut? Tetsuya Nomura is here to light the way.
If you’re a fan of Square Enix’s titles, you’ve no doubt got your calendar dated for the company’s upcoming conference on January 18th. Always coy in their information on upcoming titles, Square will soon give fans the biggest glimpses they’ve yet had on many of their long-development projects, including Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Kingdom Hearts 3D.
But in regards to the latter, Tetsuya Nomura is always eager to tease fans about his projects, and a couple of new tidbits straight from the designer/director’s mouth have surfaced. During an interview with Nintendo Power, Nomura dropped a couple of choice comments, first dispelling speculation that Kingdom Hearts 3D was, in fact, the third sequel in the Disney/Final Fantasy series, rather than another spin-off. While the game does take place after the events of the second game, and will show the current status of main hero Sora and his best friend Riku, the game is yet another self-contained storyline that will add to the Kingdom Hearts mythos, but not advance it.

While yet another spin-off may prove disappointing, Nomura also teases that the game’s ending will be “shocking” for fans who have been keeping up with the storyline. A rather bold statement, as the series has not been shy about dropping cryptic, often confounding teasers for its spiritual sequels. Ever since the first game, the comfort zone of players has been tested, with CG movies of dark-cloaked figures battling out in a rain-slicked futuristic city, or a trio of armored warriors fighting an enigmatic sorcerer amidst a massive battlefield littered with broken Keyblades.
These mysterious teasers usually manifest themselves in the following games, so whatever crazy imagery Nomura has cooked up for Kingdom Hearts 3D, it will certainly be expanded in the next game to follow it, which has previously been alluded as, at long last, Kingdom Hearts III.
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