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Kingdom Hearts: A Tyranny of Light (Sign-Up and Discussion Thread)



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Apr 27, 2016

KINGDOM HEARTS: A Tyranny of Light

Initial Plot

All main characters are citizens of a town called Sun's Outlook in a world known as Lumengrad. Lumengrad is one of many worlds well within the border of safety provided by the High Court of Luminescence, the ruling body of the Coalition of Radiant Worlds (CRW), which is pretty much a collection of kingdoms and governments united under one banner, spanning hundreds of worlds or more. Seen as a harmful and corruptive substance, Darkness has been widely expunged. The universe has never been more saturated in light. The High Court was said to have obtained light potent enough to expel darkness from those worlds under their purview. So much so that it is said that those who live in their direct domain will never have darkness in their hearts.

Due to the radical imbalance of universal forces, feats of ingenuity with the power of light hitherto unseen are now possible or even commonplace. The greatest discovery to date was the creation of a new type of being known as Paragons. Constructs of light, and will, they are singularly potent at accomplishing tasks given to them by their masters or owners. Those gifted with Keyblades can make Paragons so potent or so numerous, that they have become pervasive in society, fulfilling mundane, and almost frivolous tasks. It is common for civilians to commission keybearers or those with a tie to the light for customized Paragons for their unique daily needs. They are greatly taken for granted.

Each world within the Coalition of Radiance has an appointed ruler or Government in place which operates subserviently to the High Council. That being said, these rulers are still a big deal and govern whole worlds, and Lumengrad's Kingsday holiday is just a few days away. During this event, the King of Lumengrad and a massive procession of his most trusted advisers, and defenders, make a pilgrimage from the summer palace in Heldris City to the Winter Palace in Au Ometra. The Winter Palace is the largest structure in world, and it is there where many of the King's most prestigious events and ceremonies take place.

During this pilgrimage to the Winter Palace, the King stops in many towns and cities, giving his blessing and casting the light of the Aeon Scepter (An ancient artifact of the Lumengrad royal line), upon his people. Within three days, the procession will pass through Sun's Outlook. Everything will change on Kingsday.

General Roleplay Rules:

  1. I will not have a character in this Roleplay. I will serve as narrator and guide for the events that occur. Think of me serving a role very much akin to a GM in table top games.
  2. I’m only accepting 5 players in this first wave. If we manage to make it far enough, I will gladly take more.
  3. This takes place at an ambiguous time in the history of the universe. It could be way before or way after any of the events known in the games. As such, references to the original games should be few and far between, and knowing the characters personally is impossible.
  4. Original Characters should be completely original without ties to existing Final Fantasy or Disney characters. Characters you have made from other roleplays are allowed.
  5. No God-modding or Power-playing.
  6. Post should be substantial. Less than 200 words will be considered short.
  7. When I make a final decisions about something, that’s how it will be. I am happy to discuss and negotiate, but eventually I may just have to settle the matter so that we can move on. It won’t be anything personal, and it will not change how I regard you in the RP.
  8. No Double Posting, for cleanliness.
  9. Keep conversations about non-roleplay topics out of the thread.
  10. No editing your character after the game has begun. If you feel your character is too weak, we can work on getting you more power in game to make up for it.
  11. I would like this to move fairly quickly, but I would be happy with a minimum of once per week posting schedule. However, I would prefer a post every few days if possible. If you need to be away for any reason, let me know and we can make sure you’re out of the way and that you can re-assume your role whenever you are able to return.
  12. Mark the top of your application with “Ready for Review” when you have finished. It lets me know when you are done and that you’ve read the rules.
  13. Feel free to ask me any questions you might have about the game and your character’s place in it.

On the Subject of Keyblades:

Excerpt from “A Treatise on the Holy Blades”
By Reuben Jextal

"Before we commence with the revelations we have gained over decades of research, we should wish to review our known information to establish a baseline. Based on our research we are aware that the Holy Blades of our Photon Knights and the ancient Keyblades of myth, are one and the same. Though when they first appear, the Holy swords appear to look like stylized weapons, it would seem that after some time and perhaps training, the Holy Blades will transform into a Keyblade, at which time the capabilities and power output of the blade drastically increases. It will then permanently be a keyblade until the owner dies at which point the blade will vanish.

Each Keyblade is different and has different strengths. Some are made to be devastating in combat, while others could be of little to no extra help in a direct confrontation, other than to be a sword and conduit for magic. Still useful no doubt, but not anywhere near as potent for violent ends. Why these individuals get chosen to wield one, and why they manifest the abilities they do, is unknown. However, I believe the answer lies in the heart of the individual. I suspect that the blades do no seek someone who is powerful or even destined to become so. No. The blades seek out those who need them. We always perceive them as simple weapons of power, but I believe they are more than that. They are wiser than we are, and they know what they are doing. I believe that the blades seek out those hearts who need is so great, that for an instant, they were burning bright with a fierce desire to live and grow. Then, through dream and danger, their bond is forged."

--- A Foreword, and a Warning.

In this game, Holy Swords, or Keyblades serve a pretty similar function as they did in the original games. They are weapons of great power with a profound ability to eradicate the darkness (Or nurture it). Your characters are welcome to have one. However, there are a couple rules/tips to keep in mind here before you go and make one:

  1. No keyblades can have the ability to inhibit the powers of others for long periods of time.
  2. No keyblades can copy the abilities of other keyblades. People are a different story.
  3. A Keybearer does get a leg up on a lot of stuff, but you do not need to be one to achieve great things.
  4. Even having a keyblade doesn’t mean you know how to use it. This game will have you discover your blade for the first time and train it up over time.
  5. You can have powerful abilities, but use good judgement. If you make a power that breaks the game, everybody loses. Try to make something with a good mix of pros and cons.
  6. Dual Wielding is allowed, but this happens very rarely, and would have to have a really good reason behind it. It pretty much outright makes someone more powerful than an average keybearer, though likely with some unforeseen side effects.
  7. Keyblades don’t need to be derived from light. Keyblades of Darkness exist, though they are seen as abhorrent by general society. Using dark keyblades in worlds of light can have differing effects to a keyblade of light.

Base Character Template (Everyone will fill this out):

Age: (I would prefer characters to be 16 or older, though if you have a good case for younger, I’ll consider it.)
History: (Generally anything is allowed. If I feel that your background for some reason inhibits the story for others or makes it difficult to carry out the overarching plot, I’ll have a private discussion with you and we can see if we can find a compromise.)
Appearance: (Basic appearance with enough detail that someone reading it could create a decent image of your character in their minds.)
Personality: (How does your character go about dealing with situations in their daily lives? What do they fight for? What are their strengths or flaws? The more you give me here, the better tools I have for story building. )
Personal Abilities: (You are at the start of your adventures. I’m happy to let you have a couple minor abilities to start with of whatever nature you like, but for the most part you are just a short step above a normal human in terms of power. If your power is too strong, or if I feel you have too many, I may ask you to cut some.)

Keybearer Template: (Fill this out in addition to the basic template. If you are accepted, you will get your keyblade through in game events.)

Keyblade Name: (This is the blade’s true name, or title, whichever you prefer.)
Initial Appearance: (What does the blade look like before it transforms into your keyblade?)
Keyblade Appearance: (What shape has this blade taken for you?)
Forms: (Keyblades can sometime be malleable, taking multiple shapes and obtaining new powers.)
Keyblade Alignment: Light, Darkness, other? (Where does it draw its power?)
Standard Abilities: (Keyblades can allow their users to do many things on instinct, such as casting magicks or unleashing powerful strikes with your keyblade. What abilities does your keyblade provide you?)
Unique Abilities: (All Keyblades possess certain powers. The Power of Waking, The Power of Sealing, the ability to open any lock. But each blade also possesses unique abilities that only they can do. What makes your blade unique? This can be anything you want (almost like a super power), but if the power seems like it will be disruptive, I will speak with you about it in private about it and we can try to come to a compromise. )

Status Key

Approved - You are one of the applicants chosen to be a player in this story.
- Application had been reviewed and is acceptable in its current form.
Under Review
- I am currently looking at it.
- I have found an issue and you are currently charged with fixing it.
- The character is for some reason no longer eligible to be in the RP.

UsernameCharacter Name / Age / GenderKeybladeStarting AbilitiesStatus
TruestSynTavi / 29 / FemaleCling to InnocenceDoubleflight, Dodge Roll, Sliding DashComplete
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Jun 23, 2017
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Ready for review

Name: Tavi (Tah-vee)
Age: 29
Gender: F
History: Tavi aspires to be a member of the High Court of Luminescence, she's been training and going to school to learn the ins and outs of the position for many years. She has only one Paragon that she uses to keep her on time and assist her in sorting her books and school work in order. She has always admired the strides light has taken in a universe that has historically been shrouded in darkness. Tavi prides herself on controlling light and that she has never had doubts that would allow darkness in her heart.
Appearance: Blond hair, chest length. Hair is always in twin tails. Has glasses, thin frames with square lenses. About 5'6" tall. B to C cup chest and a slender build. Typically wears thigh length spandex shorts and a form fitting shirt adorned with the college logo on the back. Has a single strap, dark green backpack she wears everywhere and a pair of fingerless gloves she wears when she does any physical training. When she gets nervous she mumbles and fidgets with her shorts.
Personality: She is mostly outgoing, as she aspires to be a member of the High Council and considers indecisiveness as a weakness. She is very outspoken and can be a bit bossy at times, but she chalks that up to the fact that she's bad with people. Books have been her friends for years, so sometimes she forgets that people act differently than stories.
Personal Abilities: Doubleflight, Dodge Roll, and Sliding Dash.

Keybearer Template: Considers herself strong at heart, strives to prove the light she carries is strong enough to produce a keyblade of her own. Innocent at heart but had to push down that innocence and sense of childlike wonder to study hard and act mature for the position she desires.

Keyblade Name: Cling to Innocence
Initial Appearance: Appearance is a purple and pink pearlescent straight blade. Hilt guard is a red cube.
Keyblade Appearance: The keychain is a pink and purple pearlescent heart, the chain links look like a ring of flowers. The hilt looks like a jack star and the hilt guard looks like a pile of multi-sided die. The main part of the blade looks like a ball-and-cup toy and the edge/tip of the blade looks like a hand of cards. Along the shaft of the blade there are various toy objects that adorn it.
Forms: Walk the Dog: Twin yo-yo with bladed wheels. Each wheel has a chibi face design. Eternal Inferno: A diabolo set up where she holds the batons and tosses around the diabolo.
Keyblade Alignment: Light
Standard Abilities: Fire elemental keyblade, has fire boost and fire screen abilities.
Unique Abilities: Eventually unlocking glide. Like a freeform flight more than a glide, but allows her to fly short distances.


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Apr 27, 2016
Giving this a bump. Still hoping to run this and I think it could be a very collaborative project. If you have any concerns or even suggestions as to what might make the game more enjoyable for you, let me know and I'll try to accomidate it if I can.


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Feb 18, 2022
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Ready for review

Name: Frac
Age: 28
Gender: Male,
: Frac was born to a family that was looked down upon by the people of Sun’s Outlook. Despite these hardships, Frac kept his chin up through most of his childhood. As he grew up, he discovered he had a knack for comedy. Whenever Frac noticed some other kid getting bullied, said bullies would often see themselves at the butt of some kind of pranks. I can't imagine why or from who. When Frac became a man, he used this combination of wit and mischief to become a well known bounty hunter, capturing criminals with his tricks and turning them in to make ends meat. Little did he know that this year's visit from the king to change not only his career path but also his life as a whole.
Appearance: Frac is usually seen wearing a blue vest zipped over a gold yellow sleeveless t shirt, short blue pants with white buttons, yellow gloves with sharpened fingertips resembling claws ala the ones Sora wears in Halloween Town, a sky blue bowtie, and a black top hat with a violet ribbon around the band. He has dark brown spiky hair and hazel eyes. He's tall and just pudgy enough that you might notice a gut if his clothes are tight enough.
Personality: Given his history of thinking on his feet, Frac may come off as suspicious at first. However, his humor and wit will soon win you over. He can also be quite charming with women, being sure to at least attempt to flirt with most of them. Usually, Frac avoids actually combat and will attempt to get out of dangerous situations with words and trickery. If push does actually come to shove, he will spice up any fights with witty one liners. The only thing that really gets under his skin is seeing someone do something mean or crooked and not get what they deserve.
Personal Abilities: Dodge Roll, Guard

Keyblade Name: The Ultimate World Spun
Initial Appearance: a paintbrush with blue paint at the tip
Keyblade Appearance: the key-chain is shaped like a jester's hat, the chain links resemble beach balls with red white and blue stripes, the hilt looks like a stage magician's wand and the hilt guard resembles two fireworks chasing each other in a circle, the main part of the keyblade a white drinking straw with a blue stripe in the middle while the blade is a golden jigsaw puzzle piece.
Forms: Devilsknife: turns into a scythe like weapon with a jingly bell at the tip of the blade and green and purple stripes around the handle. Knockout Gloves: transforms into a pair of mickey mouse gloves that Frac can wear in order to shoot fireworks out of the fingertips
Keyblade Alignment: Chaos (a strange force made up of both light and darkness that takes on the appearance of darkness)
Standard Abilities: Balloon Magic: able to cast all three tiers of the balloon spells from Dream Drop Distance, Strike Raid: throws keybladelike a boomerang
Unique Abilities: gives Frac the ability to teleport short distances
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