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Kingdom hearts and symbolism



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Jul 20, 2021
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I'm not sure how many people really think about it but Kingdom Hearts uses a lot of symbolism many people know this as many authors writers of any type tend to do this but Kingdom Hearts does it in such a unique way that I can really only compare texting you no more to a writer or director like David Lynch in fact you ever go through a lot of David Lynch's work and then the more is there's an interesting amount of them and similarities the same with t tak similarities Tite kubo's bleach a lot of the symbolism in theme seems to really move Kingdom Hearts for example a lot of stuff is never expanded upon or solved because it is clearly up to us the players interpretation and it hits the mind and allows one to think it allows us to really think about it for example you could use rakunan some you can use it as multiple metaphors for example one you could say Riku is defeating a child predator or a child attacker it's an easy way to look at it depending on your point of view as Kingdom Hearts really isn't a kids game sure it's got kid appropriate characters but character such as Mickey Donald and Goofy and let me be honest the Final Fantasy aspect has a huge part of it to some will dismiss it is poor writing but the thing is namora writes in an abstract way on purpose a way that's normal audiences might not really get many details and interpretations are there for the audience could you say that this is more the fault of square in Disney for allowing nomura to use and more Lynch in take on a series featuring characters like Mickey Mouse or cloud really Disney uses what's called a star cast for a star system which allows you to put them into I noticed a lot of this happening and a lot of the criticisms towards namora usually end up very uninformed because people don't understand that a lot of is it is up to the players interpretation or a lot of the times it's just flat-out said or explained or nemora and square literally give easy answers 4 these questions such as the data books or the ultimate has which advics pants and stuff or adding extra scenes into the Final Mix version a lot of it is explained and what is an explained in makes us question so it's pretty clear that it's on purpose and a part of me is always got a lot of excitement although many people seem to have a lot of contempt for it or a hatred for Kingdom Hearts for doing this but let's be honest the fact that it doesn't hold your hand is one of the most Charming things about the Kingdom Hearts series and one of its best assets because it allows us the player to interpret things or it allows us to really want to understand the things that happen within the series much symbolism is there and I'm glad to see many people are starting to make YouTube videos about it and are starting to talk more about it from religious metaphors to symbolism and Final Fantasy which kingdom hearts spawned from so when it comes down to it I've always liked the way it shapes it going through a lot of the symbolisms and metaphors messages off the top of my head would take forever but I love how it's shaped the series ended and a narrative that always keeps the player guessing it always makes us intrigued or want more and let's be honest how many series really do that a lot of the times a series will give us answers or an ending that just isn't satisfying or it'll fizzle out Kingdom Hearts has yet to do that because of how many twists and turns that uses and how well they are when you realize the devil is in the details that's all for now


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Mar 4, 2019
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Please use periods next time 😆😅

I (think?) I agree with you. Sorry, wow, that was quite the stream of consciousness. If what you meant to communicate was “I fucking love this series,” then yes, I agree with you.

Re: the symbolism, it’s clear from across their work that Nomura and company are at least somewhat familiar with various streams of Gnostic, occult, Norse, and other miscellaneous esoteric thought. So yea, it’s laden with symbols. Someone (I don’t remember who) said something to the effect that KH as a series plays with the literalization of metaphor; treats metaphors as the actual substance of reality (hearts, darkness, light, keys, nobodies, etc etc). Symbols get at something similar; they point to a more “ideal” form of whatever they metaphorically correspond to. Lol KH is basically Plato 101? Though it’s also kinda animistic.

Anyway, like (again, I think) you’re sorta getting at, KH is both a dream and a puzzle, but the dream/emotions/soul come first, and the intellectualizing/analyzing/theory-crafting are secondary to that primary core. Which is what makes it such a crazy ride. In my opinion.
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Sep 15, 2017
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Nah..... symbolism is everywhere in a lot of Japanese work if you know where to look. I mean we are talking about the culture where serving you more food meaning they are kicking you out (no seriously, in kyoto if they served you rice with hot tea it means they are saying ur not welcome at that home)

Bold of you to think you would not find symbolism in child medias. Sectonia from Kirby runs on the idea of "kyouka suigetsu" and pokemon black and white runs on the idea of yin and yang despite unova is based on US.

And as much Disney prohibit explicit blood, psychological horror is totally fine by them. 0.2 is full blown psychological horror where you are trapped in place where there is only darkness, minimum light, time barely passes, endless hordes of enemies, and the best thing of all, a twisted version of you that gaslights you out of your deepest fears and insecurities with equally lovely battle theme, oh yes, totally not psychological horror. Twisted Wonderland looks like another bishie feast gacha.....then it introduces the idea of overblot. then again, it was written by Yana Toboso.

That being said , the symbolism is ultimately puzzle pieces and Nomura loves making puzzle pieces-like plot anyway (which he is not that unique either, thare are several jigsaw puzzle plot in japanese works like metal gear, tsubasa reservoir chronicles, blazblue, evillious chronicles, etc) . The problem is, Nomura does not only love to make his plot puzzles, he also like to retcon plot for the sake surprise, making sure not all puzzle pieces connect. and he answers one question to raise like a dozen more. People come to KH because "FF X Disney" premise, why would they want the headache inducing plot?