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Kingdom Hearts: Critical Mix [KHFM Mod]



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Feb 15, 2019
Download Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bf3HNqbb4Rb_-59ruAeZHaSINqUsilt2/view

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ttzjvPeIXc

Kingdom Hearts: Critical Mix is a mod for Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix that adds new gameplay features, multiple quality of life improvements, and a very challenging Level 1 mode. This mod includes abilities on keyblades, similar to Kingdom Hearts 2 and beyond, a new progression system, and scaling keyblades similar to Kingdom Hearts 3. Any feedback and recommendations would be great, as there are some fairly substantial changes to the game with this mod. If there's anything I can do to improve it, I'd be happy to make changes and adjust it.

While this mod is created around a Level 1 Proud Mode experience, you can feel free to play on a lower difficulty for a less intense level of difficulty.

Make sure you take a look at the list of Keyblade Abilities so you know all the benefits of your equipped weapon!



NOTE: Aladdin interferes with the increase to damage taken and he causes Sora to take far less damage than normal.

  1. Place "3E68955A.pnach" in the "Cheats" folder in your PCSX2 install directory.
  2. Enable cheats in PCSX2. System -> Enable Cheats.
  3. After making your first save file, open "3E68955A.pnach" in notepad and delete the "Starting Abilities - DELETE AFTER SAVING" section. If you don't, you will not be able to unequip any of your abilities.
RECOMMENDED: In your PCSX2 controller settings, set "Right Stick Down" to do nothing. If you don't, you may accidentally move your command menu while rotating the camera.

New Gameplay Features

- EXP Zero

- Keyblades now come with a variety of abilities. The 6 empty abilities at the top of Sora's list are used for AP abilities given by keyblades.

List of Keyblade Abilities: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1mPsC-zV6GKoX9euLi6xF79xunkD7Gt8uNWfVljk5L1g/edit?usp=sharing

- Keyblades also scale in power as you seal keyholes, which makes all keyblades endgame viable.

- Sora's HP, MP, Strength, and Accessory Slots are now increased by sealing the keyholes of worlds.

- Items now use the Auto-Reload system.

- Sora's movement speed has been increased.

- Sora has access to a wide variety of abilities from the start of the game.

- Sora has Combo Master (does not work during Guard Armor for some reason).

- Sora's base HP has been increased by a lot, but he also takes significantly more damage and his base defense has been reduced to 0. This reduces the effectiveness of +HP Items and Cure spells.

- Elemental Resistances are not affected by accessories. Resistance can instead be obtained through certain Keyblade abilities. (This is not reflected in your stats screen)

- Sora's damage output has been adjusted to deal adequate damage at level 1.

New Options

You can enable and disable these to best suit your preferences.

- 60FPS. Disable this if you have a weaker computer.

- KH2 Camera. Zooms the camera out for a better view of Sora's surroundings. Disable this if you prefer the closer KH1 camera.

- Cutscenes can be skipped the first time watching them.

- North America controls are enabled (X to attack, O to jump).

- The camera is now controlled with the Right Stick instead of L2 and R2.

- Solo Mode. Enable this if you want an even greater challenge.

NOTE: Solo Mode crashes the game during Guard Armor. It may crash during other areas. If your game crashes, this should be the first thing you disable.

Disabled Items

- Elixir (Converts into 1 Hi Potion and 1 Ether)

- Megalixir (Converts into 1 Mega Potion and 1 Mega Ether)

- Stat Boosts

Update Log
Update 12
Sealing Hollow Bastion now reduces Sora’s damage intake form 300% to 200%.
Damage after Hollow Bastion second visit was too high, particularly noticeable in Hades Cup.

Bugfixes to Ultima Weapon and Lionheart.

Update 11

- Solo Mode is disabled by default again. This was accidentally enabled in Update 9.

- Elixirs will now convert into 1 Hi Potion and 1 Ether instead of doing nothing.
- Megalixirs will now convert into 1 Mega Potion and 1 Mega Ether instead of doing nothing.

- Oblivion's late game scaling has been increased.
- Divine Rose's Auto Cure now also prevents death when it activates.
- Divine Rose's Auto Cure now costs 3MP (up from 2MP)
- Divine Rose no longer causes your MP and HP to be lower than normal after death.
- Divine Rose no longer has Fairy Harp's ability.
- Divine Rose no longer causes Fairy Harp's ability to not activate.
- Metal Chocobo now has scaling. It is stronger as a result.

Update 10

A total of 3 Kupo Coins have been added as world completion bonuses.
Kupo Coins will revive you once when you die, but will drain your MP to zero.
Only one Kupo Coin can be used in a battle.

Deep Jungle and Wonderland have had their stat bonuses swapped.

Update 9
- Jungle King's movement speed penalty has been reduced.

- Divine Rose has had its ability changed to Auto Cure.
Auto Cure automatically spends 2MP to instantly heal Sora when his health is low.

- Crabclaw has had its ability changed to MP Infuse.
MP Infuse boosts Sora's strength while he has any MP, but spends 1MP every 5 attacks.

- Oathkeeper has had its ability changed to Emergency MP.
Emergency MP restores 1MP if Sora uses an item while out of MP.

- Olympia has had its ability changed to Hero's Power.
Hero's Power increases Sora's Strength increases by up to 9 based on how many times he has attacked, as long as his HP is 60 or more.

- Oblivion's Ability has been fixed (Again)

- Metal Chocobo's Ability has been fixed.

Update 8

Bugs with damage scaling have been fixed.

Auto-Reload no longer reloads your items in between rounds in Olympus.

Update 7

Smoothed out Sora's damage scaling. It will feel much more natural now, and you will no longer deal chip damage to mobs in late game.

Update 6

Auto-Reload for items has been added.

Oblivion's ability has been fixed.

Update 5

Monstro's world completion bonuses now work, and are instead unlocked when you obtain High Jump.

Update 4

Jungle King and Wishing Star have been rebalanced.

Sealing Olympus now increases Sora's Strength by 2.

Update 3

Shortcut abilities granted by keyblades are now correctly removed when the keyblade granting them is unequipped.

Update 2

Sora's HP, MP and Acessory Slots now increase based on the number of worlds you have completed.

Keyblades now scale in power based on the number of worlds you have completed.

Update 1

Minor bugfixes
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