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She Shoots for the Stars
Nov 11, 2014
Somewhere east of Atlanta, GA
Okay! Here we go.

You may notice there's a lot more Eli-friends here. This isn't a accident; I had a lot of friends in FFXI, and I have quite a few in XIV too. I think it's b/c I tend to be polite most of the time and always strive to be better at my chosen jobs. ^^

Oh and before we go in; I used some charas from Lvl UP! because that comic was based on events in the real game and also; the charas actually existed, on my server no less! Woosh for instance, played on Midgardsormr/Quetz with me, even tho that chara had to have a name change with the server merge, and is actually a friend of mine. (The guy has 3 charas, all have showed up in that comic) So as a matter of respect, I feel I have to add a little disclaimer. (Yes I did ask first.)

All Lvl Up! characters Copyright ©2018 Fred Perry. Used with permission.

Okay, off to the new player charas that I know you won't recognize. Those that are important, I've used a program called AltanaView to get their faces, since to be honest, I did take screens but I didn't get everyone! I've spoilered it in case someone wants to skip it, but since there's pics, you may not want to; that's to help things flow better since this is a major MOUTHFUL!
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Also the names she thinks of? Those are people she met though that summoner LS! Also, can you find the poem hidden in the story? I bet you'll see it..

I've been beating around the stupid bush too long again. Here..WE..GO!

Interlude 1: Chasing Secrets and Stars

Vana’diel, Buburimu Peninsula about the same time...

Anyone who saw her would wonder if she was either helping a new adventurer or was nuts, Elizara thought. For what thief would be killing the leeches like this at one of the beaches in Buburimu unless they were either making a certain jug that attracted a nice monster for low level beastmaster, or was after a Carbuncle’s Ruby? Especially one like her, who had a certain pair of distinctive grey and tan boots on, the brown beret, red, brown and silver shirt, her tight, brown pants with a mesh-y pattern on the inner thighs, and especially that salmon dagger she wore and was using in her left hand; her Izhiikoh in the other, which she’d gotten from Delve earlier. Not to mention anyone would recognize the half gloves she wore as a prize from Dynamis that had been upgraded.

All this was the mark of a very strong Thief; most strong thieves had no business messing with those leeches. There were a lot of other things to kill for items that made more money on the auction house. If any bystanders knew I was after a Ruby for me, they’d really think I was nuts. But I swear, you want it, and it won’t show up. Been at this for an hour… She sighed and let a couple more leeches have it, and checked their innards. In the second, finally..there was the Carbuncle’s Ruby she’d been getting her daggers bloody over.

Elizara then sighed, cleaned her daggers, then sheathed them. Dang it, the things I do to help keep the secret. If the enemy knew what I’ve been finding out, yikes. We’d be dead...And if I’m going to ask Fenrir for help, I’m going to have to have a way to conceal it. That bozo would give both arms and both legs for the chance I want to give that boy; a chance to get some hints on the future and how maybe, just maybe, he can choose the path to change it! I know what Carbuncle asked of me though to help summon the one Prime that has mostly been forgotten; Siren..I think she could make sure there isn’t any eavesdroppers. And it’s necessary; if the enemy finds out what all the people that closely know the Star Sybil know; that Fenrir can actually see the future, he’d rip the worlds apart to get at Fenrir. But from what happened; I know the future is not set in stone, though, so it’s possible to change it..as long as you are not a time traveler.

She rinsed the Ruby off in the seawater and headed to the outpost. It was only a moment to have the taru at the outpost teleport her back to Windurst. Going to have to change jobs in a second. I don’t know if Siren’s going to want to fight or not. And I’m first to admit, I’m not that good at soloing tougher monsters on thief, even when my extra job is dancer. Summoner or beastmaster is where it’s at for solo, and with Primes; I’d rather go summoner. And I’m definitely going to need summoner for Fenrir; he always wakes up on the wrong side of the Fountain, so I’m going to have to be prepared for a fight.

She sighed again, remembering all she’d been though in the past few days. After she talked to Cait, she’d been though the forbidden section in the Optistery with the help of Tosuka-Porika (he’d promised to keep the secret and had helped her find what she needed); though the forbidden section (again) in the Selennia Memorial Library with Arciela’s help (she’d also promised not to tell), went to talk to Grav’iton’s ghost (Grav’iton wasn’t happy about telling Elizara what she knew about keyblades; Elizara had to swear never to tell anyone but the boy to get her to talk. Elizara had gotten the impression that Grav’iton didn’t like keyblade wielders one bit.), had spoken with Yve’nolie’s ghost (Again, she’d had to make an oath not to tell anyone but that boy. Yve’nolie had been afraid of keyblades as well) and finally, had been caught by Esha’natrl (Esha’natrl had given Elizara quite an earful over the whole thing; but she’d told Elizara what she knew in the end). It’s all safe in a little journal I mean to give him; if anyone else but me tries to touch that, they’re getting a beatdown. I won’t go back on my word. Not ever.

Just as she got most of her summoner gear (well, all but the staff, one of her rings, her necklace for that, and the other earring.. Her moogle had that stuff.) from the porter moogle, she heard a voice calling her on the friend pearl. “I got that done, where do you want to meet?”

Elizara touched her left ear. “Oh, hey Calcula. Meet me at the big fountain in Windurst?”

“Okay. Be there in a couple minutes.”

It didn’t take long for Elizara to move from Port Windurst to Windurst Woods. Man, who would of thought Woosh would know of someone who could actually draw? And her sister, too. She smiled and remembered..

“Dangit, dangit, dangit.” Elizara had said under her breath while running by Woosh. Woosh looked up curiously and her tail went up.

“What’s wrong? You’ve been running around like a headless chocobo!” Woosh had said.

“Well, part of it’s personal, but..I need to get some pictures. You know the Soultrapper plates that let you take normal pictures don’t last more than two months..And I can’t draw worth stink-o and don’t know who to ask...”

“Say no more.” Woosh grinned and winked. “My sister can draw pretty well and I think she’d be glad to take the commission.” Woosh then told her where Calcula was fishing…

Yeah, turned out to be a little funny, too. When I came up on Stardust Angel, I think Calc jumped six fulms. Tho she was glad for the commission. Oh yeah, Woosh isn’t the only one trying to find out what I’ve been up to. Ever since I asked Demandred to make..THAT...he’s been after me too. I mean, yeah, it was a toy, but I’m not interested enough in any guys to get married and have a kid, and I don’t have any sisters. My adopted brother, Shadowneko, hasn’t found a girl either. And my aunts haven’t had any kids recently..Sheesh!

She ran to the fountain; just as she got there, she saw Calcula coming, with the feather of her pimp hat waving in the breeze (Calcula was a red mage). She was wearing the red mage artifact armor too; or so it seemed. (It was probably upgraded all the way, which made it decent gear.) The gear was red, tan, and gold, with shoulder vambraces that were very distinctive. The only jarring note if you knew anything about red mages was she was using a Chatoyant Staff; red mages didn’t have any skill with staves at all. If they wanted to attack and not spin a lot of spells, they would use a sword instead. (Most red mages didn’t bother, Elizara knew. Most liked to use the fine art of “casting gravity and poison on something and hauling ass” as a certain paladin had called it instead. The elemental staves..or the merged one, which was chatoyant..were better for that.) Her pinkish hair (which was in a high ponytail) also waved a bit as she came up to the edge of the fountain.

Elizara held out her hand for a handshake; Calcula took it and they shook. Calcula then reached into her gobbiebag and gave Elizara a stack of pictures. “I still don’t get why you wanted these..” Her tail twitched a bit.

“Um, I think I said this is personal? Thank you though.” Elizara reached into a pocket and slipped Calcula a fat sack of money (500 thousand; The commission fee had been pretty expensive in the first place, but the usual polite thing to do when you didn’t know the crafter very well (And Elizara counted an artist like Calc as a crafter) was to give them a tip when you got the item or items. If you knew said crafter well, you didn’t have to do that as long as you supplied materials, tho Elizara tended to tip anyway if it was a pain in the south end or a high quality item.)

Calcula then slipped the money into a pocket. “You’re welcome!” Elizara then waved and headed for the mog house complex. Little did Elizara know that after she turned her back, Calc said quietly, “Sis, I still don’t know what’s going on here..”

A voice that Elizara would of found rather familiar answered quietly, “Neither do I.” Woosh then appeared (she’d had sneak and invisible on from Spectral Jig since she was using Dancer as her extra job); she was a thief. She had the same color hair as her sister, tho it was shorter and spikier; and she was using different gear than Elizara. As in, upgraded artifact armor gear (green hat that covered her ears, a short jacket that was open in front with a very short shirt under it, short brown leather boots, green shorts with a belt made out of pouches around the waist..just the usual. She also used different daggers than Elizara; she had the relic dagger(Mandau, and it was fully upgraded) and a Izhiikoh as offhand.)

Woosh continued, “I think I told ya she’s been acting really strange, sis. Running to the Optistery and Adoulin a lot. Saying on WeSayHurray “LINKSHELL OFF!” a lot when she hasn’t been in any tough fights lately. She’s also not been as chatty as usual.”

Calcula cocked her head. “You know her better than I do sis, so I’ll take your word for it.” Just then they heard a loud yell from Elizara from the direction of the mog house. They both jumped from the noise.

Woosh shook her head. “That’s the fourth time I’ve heard her yell like that lately. Enough’s enough. Leave this to me, sis. I’ll try tailing her and see what I can find out.” Woosh’s tail twitched in a fashion that’d tell anyone who was watching that she was thinking of doing something that was a little naughty.

Back at the entrance to the mog house, Elizara had been minding her own business when she got ambushed by Demandred. Again.

“DEM! Didn’t I tell you when I asked you to make that, that it was personal?! How many times do I have to tell you I haven’t gone sweet on someone?””

Demandred did a knowing wink at her. “I swear, asking for a boy’s toy? You sure you don’t have a boyfriend?”

Elizara muttered, “Oh, shit! Shit, shit, shit!!!” and then said more loudly, “No I don’t! Can you please stay out of my beeswax?” She stamped right for the entrance.

Demandred shook his head; this was quite the mystery, and since Elizara had knocked down every other option why with that toy, that seemed like the only one left. Just then however, a voice near his feet said, “Um..Why was Elizara..CUSSING?”

Dem looked down. There, at his feet, was a little red mage tarutaru with red hair. She had the other “pimp hat” on, which was a prize from dynamis (tho it was probably upgraded). It had a black instead of a red top and had some silver scrollwork on the black. She also was wearing the red mage gear that one could get from Abyssea, which was a bit fancier (gold scrollwork, and a big heart button at the throat), as well as a Chatoyant staff. She had placed her hands over her mouth like she was really startled.

She moved her hands to her hips. “Elizara never cusses unless she’s so mad or frustrated, she’s in the mood to strangle someone. What did you do!?”

“Um..she asked me to make her a really odd item; it’s a boy’s toy actually. Been trying to figure out who the lucky kid is, but she won’t tell me and clams up when I mention it...That’s just made me more curious, especially since she’s been acting pretty weird lately.”

The taru winked. “Might want to stifle it, especially if she’s gotten to saying..that. And sorry if I startled you, sir; I was looking for an earring I dropped.”

“Did you find it?”

The taru shook her head. “Nope; where in the grass is it?”

“I’ll help you look. Annoying, losing a little thing like that in the grass..” He got on his knees and started looking for the missing earring. It didn’t take Dem long to find it; it had rolled behind a rock. He picked it up and offered it to the taru. “Is this it?”

The taru nodded. “Yes, thank you.” She took a rag out of her bag, wet it with some water, wiped the earring off, then put it back on.

Dem smiled at the taru. “Everything okay now?”

The taru nodded and smiled, then straightened her hat. “I guess since we share a friend, I might as well introduce myself? I’m Illyria...”

Dem grinned. “I’m Demandred, nice to meet you. Sorry you had to see that..”

Illyria nodded. “It’s okay. My stupid fault that I tripped just as she stepped into the area, though.”

“It happens. Anyway I’d better get going. Hopefully I can find out later..” He brought out a warp ring and warped away.

Illyria thought a second. I’d better go knock on her mog house door. I don’t know if I can find out what she’s been up to, but maybe I can just help her out. She ran to the entrance to the mog house complex.

Even tho right now
I walk alone
I do not forget
Where I’ve been
And who helped me get where I am…

Meanwhile, Elizara was poking her head in her armorie. Her moogle had picked up a small broom and was checking under the green table with her Cordon Bleu set on it.

“Kupo! Solitude isn’t under here...”

“And he isn’t in here. Darn that stupid taru. If I catch him in here again, I’m going to find Xaxial and shove my Morgenstern up his...” She shut the armorie, picked up a broom and started poking behind her bookcase.

“Why are you going to do that, kupo?”

“Because I know who sicced Soli on me. Darn that Xaxial. I ought to smash Soli’s soultrapper, too...Bet that’s why Xax did it though. I tend to like my privacy and don’t want anyone to see me in my underwear. Pictures or any other way. So I guess...I’m kinda hard to get.” She was glad her moogle was helping in this situation; they were really good friends. I’m glad he helped me confront the MHMU leaders. At least..when that boy has to say goodbye this time, it won’t be forever if my idea works. She remembered…

They had met the leaders of the MHMU where Beanie had her wedding a while ago, out in Sarutabaruta. (It was pretty ironic since Beanie hadn’t really liked Elizara.) The president (Elizara didn’t know that moogle’s name, but they rarely revealed their names) heard her out.

“You mean, this is about a keyblade wielder?!”

Elizara nodded. “I know, I know, there’s a seal but somehow we’re involved anyway. He can’t come here because of that, but people from here can go over there if you know the way. That’s what happened; thing is, those three’ll have to come back eventually. I realize he might make some friends because those three are there; but since they will have to come back; it’s just too cruel to just do nothing because he won’t ever be able to speak to them again..You moogles handle letters from other dimensions all the time. Is there a way for a keyblade wielder to send one here?”

Her moogle had spoken up. “Kupo!! Kupo!! You guys know there is, I read about it!”

The lead had agreed and said he’d set it up if she could find an item that would work. It’d taken Elizara a bit to think about it; then she’d hit upon that toy she’d asked Dem to make (even tho Dem was giving her a lot of grief about it); she knew whatever-it-was had to be snuck past the enemy, and from what she’d heard about that moron, he not only had done beyond cruel trial and error experiments, he only seemed to see what he wanted to see. So there is a good chance that if ..whatever..looked ordinary or was something he’d have a good chuckle at, he wouldn’t pry too far into it and find the moogle magic.

After Elizara had gotten that toy (Well, it was a toy.) they met the leaders of the MHMU again. It didn’t take long for them to set up the base for the letter-spell. Then Elizara had gotten a surprise.

“Kupo!” her moogle had said. “I don’t know if I can be with you then kupo, since you’ll have to go though Dynamis for the planned meeting; that place creeps me out! But there’s another way to key it, and I trust you enough to help you that way, kupo. But one thing I need to tell you to get it to work.. My name is..Kuplo Kopp..”

Elizara had been shocked by that. No mog house moogle ever revealed his or her name! The MHMU leads were a little upset by that as well since it was irregular, but they could understand it this time.

Yeah, I accepted that; Kuplo’s my friend after all. I promised I wouldn’t use his name where there was any chance it’d be overheard; I know now why moogles usually don’t give us their names; names have power with them, so they prefer to not tell us adventurers. But on the other paw..If I ever go to the more normal part of the worlds that boy knows, it’ll be less awkward, since Kuplo said he’d come with me then. Gracious, there must be a million moogles; and he’s cool with being called by his name when we’re not on Vana’diel, he said.

Just as Elizara confirmed that Solitude wasn’t behind the bookcase, there was a knock at the door. “Elizara?” she heard Illyria say.

Elizara then opened the door. “What are you up to, Illy?”

“Not much. Heard the little argument outside and decided to check on you. Everything okay?”

“Kind of.” Just then, Kuplo was poking under the table that had her goldfish bowl and fighting fish tank on it. Illyria peeped around Elizara.

“What is your moogle doing?!”

Elizara blushed. “Um, I’ve been having a doggone rotten taru called Solitude sneaking into my room lately. He’s been trying to get pictures of me changing jobs for a Elvaan called Xaxial..If I catch him in here again..they’re both getting a world of pain.” Elizara stomped one foot a little bit. “So we’re trying to make sure my room’s Soli-free since I need to change to summoner...”

“Bah. I’m guessing Xaxial’s a bit addicted to naked girls?”

Elizara nodded. Illyria continued, “I don’t mind ruining his day then. Mind if I help?”

Elizara grinned. “Sure. I think my moogle wouldn’t mind a little help; this is as annoying to him as it is to me.”

Kuplo chimed in, “Kupo! That little taru’s being a big fat rat. I don’t mind help catching him; I got a spare broom if you need it.” Illy nodded, knowing that under most circumstances, adventurers were not allowed to use weapons or attack-type magic against other adventurers. (Sleep spells were a minor exception but it had to be justified or the caster got in trouble. Brooms, however, didn’t count tho the handles could really hurt.) He tossed Illyria a moogle sized broom….which was just fine for a taru. Illy came in; Elizara shut the door. The trio checked the room thoroughly. No Soli, but Illy found a wrapped package under the bed. It was wrapped in blue paper, and had a gold ribbon.

“What’s this?”

Elizara flinched. “Please don’t open that!” She grabbed it, then passed it to Kuplo, who put it in the mog safe.

“Is that..what Demandred was wondering about?”

Elizara nodded and sighed. “That package has given me a lot of trouble; yes it’s a wooden toy. You proly know..I don’t do a lot of woodworking, especially master-level woodworking that takes smithing, too..”

Illyria nodded. “Who’s it for? I know that’s all Demandred wants to know..” Illy guessed that’s why Elizara had asked Demandred for it; if that thing could only be made by someone with master-level woodworking, then it was probably a bit rare and whoever it was for was very lucky.

Elizara sighed again. “It’s a secret. Don’t worry, not embarrassing but I really don’t want anyone to find out.”

Illyria noticed Elizara was a bit worked up and nervous, so she thought; It might not be embarrassing but I think whatever this is is something a bit sensitive. She’ll tell when she’s ready, I know that from experience. “Like..what happened in that delve linkshell? Ugh.”

Elizara said in a relieved voice, “Yeah. Thanks again for telling me those guys were talking dirty about me behind my back. Geez. Like I wouldn’t work on my skills.”

“Yeah, and ironically you were skilling geomancy at that time, and of course they didn’t know; they just saw you in past Windurst since you were staying away from the crowd, which was skilling it in Abyssea.”

Elizara then nodded at Illyria, then smiled at Kuplo. “Day isn’t getting any longer. I’d better do this.”

Illy asked quickly, “What are you planning?”

I’d better be careful how much I say!, Elizara thought. “Got a minor matter to deal with, then I’m going to give Fenrir a spanking...”

Illirya winked. “Bad mood?”

I’ll go along with that…“You can say that; Don’t need help for this really.”

Illirya nodded. Elizara then nodded to Kuplo. Kuplo drew out a big ring with stones on looped chains strung on it, like a chain of beads.

“You ready, kupo?” He offered the ring to Elizara. Illirya knew what was coming and politely turned her back and covered her eyes.

“Yep.” She chose the summoner stone (had an engraving of Carbuncle on it, with a staff behind Carbuncle) and the Ninja stone (that had two crossed katanas on it). “Let’s do it, moogle.”

Kuplo carefully removed the two stones. “I gotcha, kupo; main summoner, extra job ninja..” and caught them in one paw, then gestured with the other paw and whirled. Elizara was surrounded by a whirlwind of light; she felt the change and embraced it, as she always did. And as always, her clothes and weapons fell off. (This was why she’d been getting really annoyed at Solitude; she didn’t like to be caught like this.) She was left standing in her underwear. It didn’t take her long to grab her summoner clothes; green and brown pants that flared at the bottom and that had green and brown triangles at the bottom and laced leather at the knees, the reddish shoes that curled at the toes, her black and gold halfgloves that was her hard won Nashira Gages, and the top, that had reddish-leather patterns, white on the collar, and a sort of ropish thing on the sleeves. All of that was the mark of a powerful Summoner that no one in their right mind would mess with. She picked up her Caller’s Horn, then told Illy; “It’s safe to look now.”

Illirya turned around and put her hands down. Elizara put the Horn on where it belonged, and then her rings and other accessories, including a cape. Kuplo handed her Gridarvor (which if someone didn’t know better, looked like a Monster Signa; straight, plain staff, two sticks at the end (the top one was curved like a horn), with a cloth with something like a target stretched between them) She put it on her back; Illirya reached up to help straighten it.

“Thanks, Illy.” Elizara offered a hug to her friend; they cuddled a second. Elizara checked her bag for the ninja tools she always had when she used that job as extra job; she had plenty of shinobi-tabi, sanjaku-tenugui, and most important, shihei. She also made sure her Holla ring, her warp cugel, and her warp ring were in easy reach, since she had one stop to make before she could take care of business. (Part of her business was in Yuhtunga Jungle, so she’d have to come back for a teleport; they’d recently outfitted and built more homepoints since they’d figured out how to use them as telepoints.)

Illirya gave her friend a wave, then left the mog house. After the door shut again, Elizara drew out the pictures she’d gotten from Calcula.

“Could you take care of these while I’m gone, moogle, please?”

Kuplo nodded. “Sure, kupo. I’ll put them in a binding for you..I still wonder why you had to ask her.”

Elizara shook her head. “Because that boy has never been here; I did take notes, but some of the creatures around here would get a “What, huh?”. I can show him a few with my Tetra Master cards, but I can’t let those cards out of my sight since those are rare, blast it. I don’t want to go though the trouble of getting them..again.”

Kuplo smiled. “So, kupo..you need them simply because you know you take some stuff for granted, right?”

Elizara nodded. “Yep. Goes with the territory, I’m afraid. Anyway, wish me luck. I hope I don’t have to swat a Prime avatar twice today.”

“Kupo! Kupo! Hope not. Good luck though!”

Some have vanished, as our ilk
Are prone to…
Some are still walking…
But all are alive
Inside of my heart
Inside my memories…

It didn’t take Elizara long to exit the mog house complex, slip on her Holla Ring, then use it. (This was clumsier than if she was white mage, but this was the best way.) She called Stardust Angel, and they headed to Carbuncle’s circle.

Once she’d gotten there, she removed the Carbuncle’s Ruby she’d farmed, then called out, “Carbuncle, Carbuncle, will you please speak to me?” with a little will behind it. Carbuncle appeared out of the middle.

“Are you ready for this?”

Elizara nodded. “Ready as I’m going to be. I hope Siren will be agreeable; I wish that what recently happened hadn’t been sorta my fault..well. Hopefully I can make it up to her. And hopefully she can help; the power of you prime avatars is really hard to dispel by a normal mage. Which I think makes that ideal to keep the enemy away.”

Carbuncle nodded. “Let me see that Ruby, okay?” Elizara held it out to Carbuncle; some light shone from the jewel on his forehead, and it surrounded the Ruby. Just then, the wind also blew very hard; the stone turned a very light grey-white right there. The ruby then fell back into Elizara’s hand.

Carbuncle hopped up and his tail twitched. “There. That will allow you to call Siren for a conversation without consequences once.”

“Thank you Carbuncle. Hopefully this will not lead to a fight; I know Siren is more tied to the land than the rest of you, since she is the source of Geomancy, but you know what I mean to ask. I don’t think it’ll hurt a thing.”

Carbuncle shook his head. “No, it won’t. Having a way to keep eavesdroppers from overhearing is a very good idea, considering what you have.”

Elizara nodded to Carbuncle, who jumped into the air, curled into a ball, and disappeared. Elizara then swapped her staff for a moment for the warp cugel; then used it. She found herself at the home point in Windurst Woods. It only took her a moment to swap back. Just then she thought she heard someone sneeze; she looked around and saw nothing. Must of been my imagination!, she thought. She reached out to the telepoint and chose her destination; next moment, she was near the exit of the Sea Serpent Grotto. It didn’t take her long to run out and over to where the Sahagins were playing. Not that she meant to mess with those fish guys.

She drew out the altered Carbuncle’s Ruby, concentrated on it, and called out: “Singer, guardian of the very land, wilt thou show yourself to me? Siren, please!”

The Ruby rose out of Elizara’s hand and glowed. It moved to where not too long ago, she’d had to get friends to help her subdue Siren; a whirlwind appeared and grew, then was dispelled; Siren floated there where the whirlwind had been. Unlike some stories, she did not carry a harp, tho she had four wings on her head, and wings on her heels, as well as a kind of feathery skirt.

Elizara bowed her head in respect. “Siren; thank you for this.”

“Why do you call? Do not worry, I do not blame you. It was not this ‘you’ that caused the Escha lands..”

“Doesn’t mean I still don’t feel guilty. But this isn’t about Escha, tho I hope those areas heal and disappear. I need some help, and I think you can.”

“It isn’t a summoning pact, is it? You know what I’d have to do for that..”

Elizara shook her head. “No, no. What I need is a way to make sure I don’t have eavesdroppers in a certain situation.” She explained the situation; that she meant to eventually meet the boy in an abandoned town and why, and then explained: “I understand from some old scrolls that Primes like you can give a thread of their power as a spell that can be evoked later. If there’s a way to do that in such a way that it would make sure eavesdroppers could not listen in at all, I think that would be ideal, since I understand that Prime-born magic is almost impossible to dispel unless you were the person that set it loose; if someone else tried, they’d be knocked flat on their backside with their head ringing like a church bell.”

Siren brought one claw-hand to her chin. “Yes, now I understand. I trust you now that..what happened..is over.” She shook her wings and a feather flew out. Siren caught it then sang a few notes; it glowed, then turned to crystal. She then gave it to Elizara.

“Just a warning, this will only work once, and will work best if you are in a building. It will create a ring of wind and song that will blot out anything that you and whoever is with you is saying to those outside; if someone tries to go though it they will be temporarily rendered deaf as long as they are in the wind or inside the circle. Also, only you can evoke that or revoke that.”

Elizara smiled; that was just what she needed. Siren then called up the whirlwind again; then whirlwind and Prime disappeared. Thank goodness Siren was agreeable, Elizara thought. I didn’t want to fight two Primes today and I don’t think Fenrir is going to just talk. Not to mention, Siren is worse than Fenrir, tho considering, I’d respect all their powers, I still remember the time I fought Fenrir the hard way a while ago, with a normal group. Had to have a tough paladin back then to take it.

She slipped on her Warp Ring, then used it. She ended up back at the homepoint at Windurst Woods that she started at. She then set off for Windurst Walls..to get to Toraimari Canal via the back door.

They all helped me, now it’s my turn..
I won’t let my world die!
Or let who’s left die!

It was confusing to travel the passageways of Toraimari Canal, even if you had the map. However, Elizara had memorized the way to get to Full Moon Fountain a long time ago. So much so her mind drifted as she scooped up the necessary ninja tools and cast Tonko and Monami, which would make sure she wouldn’t get attacked, and went on her way.

It’s been rough, these couple weeks. Me and my well..Eorzan sister have been training in dreams, and the second time; she brought friends. She remembered that first evening; they’d been talking in that first dream, not sure how they could explain what the other could do until her “sister” had remembered there was a Beginner’s Hall on her world, and Elizara’d remembered that there had once been a Coliseum in Aht Urhgan, but they’d closed it. Part of it was now open for a monster on monster fighting thing called Pankration, but there had once been an arena as well where gladiators had fought. That gave her the germ of an idea; it hadn’t taken long for her to call Diablos so she could get her “sister” to Aht Urhgan and Diablos could reopen that arena in her dreams at least...as a Practice Hall.

The second night though, she had managed to bring a couple friends with her; Yugiri (who was a rather odd ninja of a race Elizara had never seen before; she had a thin, lizard like tail and dainty horns on her head) and Alisaie (She kind of looked like a Elvaan, but they called it Elezen over there; and she was a red mage. A rather odd one, but Elizara had guessed that even the jobs might be different between worlds.). Both of them were incredible fighters; and Elizara was glad for the help, for what was coming was sure to be a huge mess. They were both nice people and good at their jobs, even if it was unorthodox.

Just then, Elizara sensed the spells slipping. She went to one side where there were no monsters, canceled Monami, then recast the spells. It wasn’t long after that that she arrived at Full Moon Fountain.

Elizara canceled the ninja spells, then reached into her bag, removing a Moon Bauble. (This was another Carbuncle’s Ruby with a dark heart.) I hate this., she thought. But there’s no other way to get his attention now a days.. She dropped it right at the edge of the fountain. Carbuncle appeared, as he always did in this situation.

“You really ready for this?”, he asked.

Elizara nodded. “I don’t see another way. The only way to truly guide that boy is to know what the future may bring, and Fenrir’s power has done that for generations here in Windurst. You already know; I’ll do whatever it takes.”

Carbuncle nodded and bowed his head. The light shone from his jewel, and the Moon Bauble rose up in the air. Carbuncle also rose into the air; six lights exploded out of the Moon Bauble and hovered over the Fountain, like a huge string of pearls. One was red for Ifrit, another was green for Garuda, another was a really pale light blue for Shiva, a dark blue for Leviathan, purple for Ramuh, and finally a light brown for Titan.

Carbuncle then shouted as the lights sank into the fountain: “Fenrir! Grant us your presence, if only for a while. Draw on the power of the avatars and show yourself to us!”

Fenrir then appeared. He snarled: “Raurragh! Who dares to summon me from the darkness of the void?
Is that you, Carbuncle?”

Carbuncle then answered, “Accept my power! And also listen to this one; she has a request to make.”

Fenrir then turned to face Elizara. “Raurragh! What is it?”

Elizara straightened up. “Fenrir, you know what is coming. I need information..information that would only normally be available to the Star Sybil. If I can help that boy forge a new future and prevent that Xenohort from deep sixing everything...I need to know what’s coming. Help me guide that boy, guide that star so he can forge a brighter future!”

Fenrir then snarled, “Rarrrgh! Let’s see if a brighter future is worth this! Do you have the courage to do the impossible?”

Elizara saw his body language; he wanted to fight. “If that’s what you want, Fenrir..” she said, grabbed out a shihei, and cast Utsusemi:Ichi (since if she had to recast, she’d use Ni because it didn’t take as long to cast). She then reached down inside herself..

:Leviathan! Lend me your power by thy pact!: Power swirled around Elizara; She slowly raised her arms, then pushed her hands out flat, so that her arms were level by her waist. A blue seal formed next to her, and Leviathan..well, his shadow anyway (even tho it looked like the Prime, unless you looked into its eyes; they were curiously blank) appeared in a swirl and a splash of water. She then raised her arms, then lowered them so they were a bit from her hips, with the mental command: :Sic’em!:.

The Leviathan shadow went right to Fenrir and started bashing him with its nose. Elizara raised her arms once again and lowered them; this time giving Leviathan the command: :Spinning Dive!:

Leviathan rose up, then dived for Fenrir, spinning all the way. Elizara didn’t watch, she ran a distance away and waited. She had to; it always took a bit before she could command Leviathan to do that blood pact again. She sensed Fenrir was hitting harder than usual, but not so bad that she couldn’t deal with it. Once she could, she stepped forward, and had Leviathan Spinning Dive again. Again, she ran. She sensed her Leviathan die, so she started to summon him again.

Fenrir ran up and started chomping at her; but all he got was a mouthful of paper shadow, as always. He got two shadows before she managed to resummon; Leviathan went right for Fenrir and started attacking again. Elizara cast Utsusemi:Ni to make sure he couldn’t get her with his teeth; then she had Fenrir Spinning Dive once again, then ran. She got away just in time; Fenrir did his biggest attack, which was Howling Moon (Elizara sensed it though her Leviathan)

Elizara then ran up for the third time (not counting on when he’d come at her) and had Leviathan Spinning Dive once again. As she did, knowing this was the winning one, she thought: Gencay..Izzitda..Twoofy..Slayerindian..Markuma..Mycheal..Guppeh..Kellar...Aarahs..Buteo..Yedythe….Aelim...All my friends..This is for YOU! I won’t let the world go to hell!

Fenrir then went to his knees, then said in a low growl: “Enough! You have shown the strength of your heart and will.”

Elizara then dismissed Leviathan, then said politely: “Is there a way to do what I ask? The way I feel about this, however; I will have your help willingly in this or not at all, so you have the right to refuse, and no hard feelings. I will not hold you to any pact; I know what happened with Windurst, and I would not doom the rest of the universe to that uncertainty.”

Fenrir nailed her with a steely glance. “The danger is so great that I know I cannot refuse, rrrr. It is a bit tricky, but I saw this coming. It requires a personal touch.” He howled; Diablos appeared.

There’s trouble and someone needs their can kicked!? And there’s a boy involved?! Woosh thought. She’d almost yelled when Elizara had mentioned whoever Xenohort was needed stopped, but she’d bitten her tongue just in time. Getting caught was no part of her plan. Luckily she’d found a good rock to hide behind at the Fountain; she’d seen the whole fight, as well as Elizara confronting Siren.

It had been lucky earlier that Elizara hadn’t caught her when she’d sneezed; but this seemed pretty big. What the frick has Elizara gotten tangled in? She watched as Diablos and Fenrir summoned the remmants of the Moon Bauble and transformed it with their power. It turned into a deep blue jewel, which fell into Elizara’s hands.

Fenrir then said, “This will allow you to call me into the realm of dreams and bend the rules; ordinarily, as you were warned, we cannot be summoned outside this world. We Primes are tied to the life-force of Vana’diel itself, rrrr. But since you were planning on meeting that boy where his adventures first began, where Spirit Dream Eaters walk, the rules can be bent. I can be summoned out of dreaming then to be able to speak; it won’t be the same as a normal summon, but it will work.” He then explained; he would basically temporarily become a Spirit Dream Eater himself, since she would only be summoning his mind and heart; his original body would be fine until he got back. Unfortunately, this would weaken him considerably until he returned to his real body, but since this was only for talking, it would not matter. He also explained that this was how it must be, because of how his future sight worked.

Elizara agreed, bowed respectfully, then thanked Fenrir (who disappeared). Carbuncle then said quietly: “Goodbye, life forces of Vana’diel..for now.” He vanished, as he always did. Elizara then left out the back and then to West Sarutabaruta. She called Stardust Angel and headed back. Unbeknownst to her, Woosh followed, wondering what was going on. I wish I knew. Asking Fenrir for help? Man. I wonder what is happening. And..this mess is not here!? What’s going on!? Does this have anything to do with Shantotto, Prishe, and Ulmia disappearing?! Prolly does...

Let my heart shine…
Along with my friends..
And light the stars!
Next up: Back to Twilight Town for a little bit, then it'll be to EORZEA to see how Eorzea-Elizara's doing. Then we head for the end..
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Elizara getting Fenrir's help will hopefully change Sora's future as the keyblade wielder. Especially if Sora's fight against Xehanort in the future is really that bad. Furthermore, it was really cool seeing Elizara go through a lot of trouble to get a summon, and find a way to get messages through with Kuplo's help too. Everyone sure is nosy though! Otherwise it was a good chapter as always! And the poem was also a really nice tie in for this chapter too. :)


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Okay! Here we go. Finally got this one done even tho Sis was pouncing on me a lot today. I don't think this chapter needs much explanation. :) Yes, Sora's going to come back; I figured since he still has a journey to do, it'd come up sooner or later.
Chapter 6; Of Friends and Journeys

Prishe woke up that morning and stretched. Why was Carbuncle in my dreams anyway?, she thought. Ulmia sat up, then said, “Morning, Prishe.”

“Morning. Slept okay, Ulmia?”

Ulmia nodded. They went down to breakfast; Sora was there too with Donald and Goofy. There was some chatting going on over bacon and eggs; it seemed Rosa was okay with getting Sora and crew some breakfast too (“Don’t bother; we can afford it, don’t worry.”)

Right after they finished, Prishe saw Relm get up. Relm squeaked and ran; as she got up to chase, she met Sora’s eyes. Sora then got up too and ran after Relm with Prishe. He was a little faster and grabbed Relm by the collar. He then looked Relm right in the eyes.

“Hey, about yesterday..that wasn’t nice.”

“W..what do you mean?”

Prishe shook her head. “I meant that ta be a secret, remember?”

Relm hung her head. Sora then said, “That won’t win you many friends if you do that all the time. Secrets should remain that; besides, there’s some really rotten people around that if they knew that, there’s a chance they’d make Prishe here into a puppet..”

Relm put her hands to her mouth. “Yikes! Who are those guys anyway?”

“They’re the guys in black cloaks running around. I should know about the puppet part; they almost got me, but I’m not gonna let them have another chance.”

Relm stomped one foot. “Fuddy-duddy or not, no one deserves that! If I catch’em I’m gonna paint their portraits, even if they don’t want me to!” She nodded to Prishe, and then she took the special brush off her belt and eyed it. Suddenly it glowed and rose into the air; a keyhole appeared over their heads.

Sora then pulled out his keyblade and pointed it at the keyhole. A ray of light erupted from the keyblade; Prishe heard a lock being unlocked (tho she didn’t understand what had just happened). Donald and Goofy then ran up; they both winked at Sora, who sighed.

“Sorry, we got to go. That’s what that means.” Prishe could tell Sora didn’t want to, but duty called, which she could understand.

Quistie then ran up. “Good for you for apologizing, Relm. Sorry to see you three go..”

“Can’t promise anything but I’ll see if we can come back later.” Prishe then winked, and said; “Don’t get yourself killed or worse, or I’ll find what’s left of ya guys and kick the holy hell out of it!” Sora smiled and winked back, then the three left.

Ulmia then came out and looked at Prishe.

“I saw that, are you going to be okay, Prishe?”

Prishe nodded. “I have a feelin’ he’s gonna be back before too long.” She rested her hand on her heart for a moment. Yeah, I think our hearts linked a bit; not strong since we’re just barely friends, but I just get the feeling he’ll be back.

Prishe then said, “Ulmia, I think ya’d better learn dagger if ya can. You and me make a damn good team but it’s kinda hard when I’m not sure if those black-cloaked morons are going to sneak up behind us.”

There was a discussion about that; Ulmia could understand why after the grabbing the other day, tho she knew she couldn’t be a master at it without going home, since the person who trained folks in dagger on Vana’diel was the Chieftainness of Kazham, and that mithra was not here. Cecil offered to help with the training since he knew dagger and could at least teach Ulmia the basics; Prishe also offered to go over the self defense stuff again with Ulmia just in case, since a weapon could be slapped out of a hand.

It became quite the busy day; the plan (Which the others agreed with) was to try to keep the Heartless in town down while Sora was away. After all, no one wanted any babies in their cribs to get eaten by one of those things.

After supper, they all went to bed. There was no interruptions this time. Prishe dreamed again that night..

She found herself back at Carbuncle’s circle in La Thiene Plateau. Carbnucle nodded at Prishe, then said, “I think you planted a few seeds; I think he’s going to be okay.”

“Not like that awful Xenohort I saw Sora worrying about..”

Carbuncle shook his head. “Nope. This is something people do all the time. Basically, what I mean by “seed” here is you gave him some ideas and influenced him a little bit. When you do that, it can be kinda like a seed; you can either let it sprout and become part of yourself, or it withers. I don’t think he’ll let it wither; if they do sprout, they’ll just strengthen his heart a little and cause him to grow a little inside. But he’s still himself, so don’t worry about that at all.”

Prishe then asked, “Why do ya keep showing up in my dreams, tho?”

Carbuncle answered, “That’s one of the powers of that hairpin; we Prime Avatars can keep track of you that way. I’ve been asking Diablos to help me reach into your dreams so I can explain a few things, since I just want to help, even tho what I can do at this distance is rather limited. I can’t control dreams myself just so you know; controlling dreams is of the darkness to a certain extent and my powers are of the light. Only Diablos can do it, among us Primes. Don’t ask me what else it can do; I’ll just say I want it to be a surprise to both you and the enemy.”

Prishe then nodded; Carbuncle was one of the greater Primes after all. They were sort of a god, so this wasn’t something you could argue with.

When Prishe woke up that morning she thought it was another strange dream, but she’d believe Carbuncle here and do her best while Sora did his, wherever he’d gone..

Next; We're off to EORZEA to see the Elizara there and see what she's been up to in the meantime. Also; I think if you play any online games at all, you'll get the beginning really well (No, not going to spoil it.). Then..it's all going to come together, you'll see.


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Okay, it took me a while to contact the players I borrowed their charas for this..But yeah.

Anyway, in this one Eorzea is a alternate world to Vana'diel; not a surprise if you know the history. Originally, the same director ran both games..Hiromichi Tanaka. But with this one..he screwed the pooch really bad. He was trying to make a sequel to FFXI..without checking the market (Games that imitate Everquest don't work anymore unless they are classics, like FFXI) and he wanted to make it UNHACKABLE. I assume he was really mad at gilsellers and people that use bots and such. Anyway from all reports, when it came out it was unplayable (the interface didn't load most of the time, ugh!) and flopped..until Nanoki Yoshida took over. If you're curious about that, since this was the game that almost sunk Square and denied us both FFXV and KH3: Check out the Noclip documentary of the whole story behind the mess.

Now, also part of this is how I'd imagine a KH/FFXIV crossover would go down if Yoshi and Nomura were collaborating. And since more resources are put into XIV vs. XI, I can see it happening; not maybe in KH3, but later down the line if they start talking about it and Yoshi's agreeable.

Also, just so folks know: the timeline on this is sometime between patch 4.1 and patch 4.2. I figured there had better be a cutoff and early on b/c well, XIV is still being updated and the story's continually growing. But yeah, if you haven't played, you might want to turn tail and run. Now. There isn't major spoilers, but there's story hints/spoilers enough that if you hate them it might bother you bigtime.

Anyway again, here's the chara list. Mind, spoilered again for better flow..

Spoiler Spoiler Show

Blast, that's enough beating around the bush. On with the story!

Interlude 2; Crystals, Light and Friends Dance

I close my eyes, tell me why must we suffer
Release your hands, for your will drags us under
My legs grow tired, tell us where must we wander
How can we carry on if redemption is beyond us?

To all of my children in whom life flows abundant
To all of my children in which Death hath passed his judgement
The soul yearns for honor, and the flesh the hereafter
Look to those that walked before to lead those that walk after...

From the main theme song of FFXIV, Answers


Interlude 2; Crystals, Light and Friends Dance

Eorzea, around the same time…

Elizara Paksenarrion appeared by the CurseTheYagudo free company house. She was crying; she’d been training and it had gone wrong. Very wrong. Anyone who looked at her would of thought, “Now that’s a pretty strong white mage!” for she seemed to be wearing some gear that was exclusive to high level white mages (gold waves on the bodice, white half-sleeves that connected to a armguard, a silver head piece). However, that was just the glamor; if they looked closer they’d know it was pretty powerful gear.

She stepped into the yard, trying to stifle her crying. She was so wrapped up in her own feelings she didn’t notice who was in front of her, and tripped over someone else’s foot. There was a familiar yip. As she righted herself, she looked back to see who she’d tripped over; it was Erstyx Aevias, the big crafter in her free company. He wore a reddish stocking cap, dark overalls, a red shirt and gloves. (He was human as well.) He’d been crafting something with Alchemy. Again. Unfortunately, this distracted him just enough that..it was ruined so badly the materials were lost. (It was prolly another music scroll for the orchestron, she hoped it wasn’t an expensive one.)

Erstyx shook his head, and reached for the center of the alchemy device. Grabbing a glowing bulb, he pulled up; the boiler part got sucked into it, and then he put his alembic (for that’s what it was) back on his belt. “Goodness, Elizara. Don’t worry about what I was making; I can replace the materials and we’ll swat that primal again later. What’s gotten you so upset?”

Elizara shook her head. “I was..redoing the final section of Deltascape...Felt like my cures weren’t doing anything and they thought I wasn’t curing at all..they slapped me after..”

“Sheesh. Hard to say if they were right or they were just being mean...” Just then Elizara looked up. Two more of her friends were running up; a lalafell called Yelta Sumasru and a darker Au Ra called Trevor Kristler. He was the kind with ram like dark horns on the sides of his head; he wore red and dark gear that must have been a glamor, for it appeared to be older stuff. As for Yelta, she was wearing a rather bikini-like purple top with matching misty skirt, and what appeared to be the recent artifact armor weapon for black mage. It was almost the same shape as hers, but it was a lot darker and didn’t look as much like vines. It had a crystal in the crook, however. Oh now I remember, I’d invited those two over to take a look at my apartment; they must of heard the ruckus., Elizara thought.

Yelta shook her head. “I heard that..those guys were just mean! I think that’s something I can do something about, since I use white mage too; we can do a dungeon and I can give ya some pointers..”

Trevor smiled. “I’ll tank for that. Need a little practice on warrior anyway.”

Yelta then smiled and nodded, her purple hair waving in the breeze. “We’ll get that straightened out.”

Ersty then took a good look at Elizara’s gear, he combed his fingers though his white hair (it had a lavender streak in front). “What, no materia? You ought to fix that. That might have been why it felt like your cures weren’t doing much.” They talked a bit about what kinds of materia Elizara should go get and Erstyx offered to attach them for her. That got Elizara to thinking; I’d better fix summoner too. What’s coming is just going to be an awful mess and I’d better be ready to bring out my best.

Just then she looked up at the sun. “Gaah! By the Twelve, I almost forgot! I got a meeting with most of the Scions in Kugane in about fifteen minutes!”

“Oooh!”, Yelta then said. “You’d better scamper then. A Warrior of Light’s duties..”

Elizara nodded, then finished, “..Are never done!” She then thanked her friends, promising they’d all get together to fix her problem, even tho there were still nasty people out there that would still make fun. Then she focused on the teleport spell..and on Kugane, then vanished into the crystal network that covered Eorzea. It didn’t take her more than a second to get to Kugane’s telepoint and pay the attendant for using it (they had to upkeep it, after all.). She then ran for it; it didn’t take her long to get to the Ruby Bazaar..and the East Aldenard Trading Company headquarters. It’s been a miracle that only the Scions...and the friends of the Scions...know what shite might hit the fan. This..could be really bad, but I hope not.

She spoke to the attendant and went into the offices. There, waiting for her, was Hancock (of course; he owned the place. He’d promised anyway with this, since this office was spelled against eavesdroppers, that he’d keep what went on during meetings like this under the ivy bush.) and most of the core members of the Scions, along with Yugiri Mistwalker and her lord, Lord Hien (which was a surprise.) Elizara raised an eyebrow to Hien, who explained; “Since this does have to do with Yugiri, I felt I ought to be in on this. Do not worry, on my honor, I won’t tell a living soul.”

Elizara nodded to Hien, trusting him. Alphinaud leaned forward, then said; “I still wish I could come along...”

Elizara then shook her head. “You know what Hydaelyn said; Only four at one time can go, and my alternate self is one of those four. Besides, you know..” she smiled at Alisae, “I had an ulterior motive, so I was able to talk the conjurers from Grindana to let me lend my power and expertise in helping Alisae get healed up after that nasty fight with Fordola where she got hurt..”

Alisae, who was near her brother, then chuckled. “Dear brother, you needn’t worry about me like that. I’ll be fine.”

This was an old argument after the rest of the Scions..barring Lyse, who hadn’t been there..had found out Elizara’s little secret. She frowned, remembering..

She’d only wanted some pictures of her long lost friends from the Scions simply because, she was dead sure maybe, just maybe, that boy could find their alternate selves? Maybe Minfilia could help that boy if she could be found. Or maybe Moenbryda; that Roegadyn had been an incredible researcher before she had had to sacrifice herself, which Elizara really regretted, deep down. She always thought when she thought of that woman, if only she’d not frozen up, she’d of been able to find another solution…

She’d had trouble finding a good artist for hire, and then Alphinaud had overheard and asked her why..

:Oh yeah. And that led to the Antitower, and me calling on Hydaelyn on purpose down there. Wasn’t hard to get to where I did that before, now that the defenses have been smashed. Hydaelyn said two more could go by linking my fate to theirs for the moment, and I don’t doubt Alisae and Yugiri will be needed, this is going to be a horrible mess. Yes, Matoya was a bit testy about me going but I was able to talk her into opening the door to it one more time. Hydaelyn told me to choose two of my friends to bear the burden; we discussed it. Yugiri volunteered because she feels she owes me and the Scions a big debt of honor. Y'shtola said she wasn’t sure it was a good idea for her or Thancred to go, since it might make things worse for them after that..mess with the assassination that wasn’t. That’s when Alisae volunteered; I think she’s right. This won’t be a time for diplomacy, and Alisae can hold her own pretty darned well in a fight. At least Alphinaud was able to help with the pictures, and they understand why I want to keep this quiet.:

Hien then spoke up. “So..we have a mess coming that will cause you and Alisae and Yugiri to vanish for an hour or so?”

Alisae nodded, playing with a crystal that was on a string around her neck that she’d gotten when she’d found herself with Elizara with the others during that second Antitower incident. “Also the burden of this can’t be transferred. It has to be me and Yugiri now.”

Elizara bowed her head. “I know you weren’t there Lord Hien, but what’s going on; there’s a villain as bad as any Ascian on another world that is not part of Hydaelyn’s. He needs to be taught a lesson sadly, tho there’s a boy who will hopefully end his plans forever. That boy, however, needs some information that was not given him because someone forgot.” Elizara shook her head. “If all goes well, we’ll be able to throw a temporary wrench in that villain's plans; hopefully long enough so that boy can have some breathing room.”

Yugiri then nodded. “I told you earlier, my lord; this is a debt of honor. I cannot stand idly by while I know Elizara, the Warrior of Light we all know, is going to have to step right into the hellfire. Without you, my lady,” she nodded at Elizara, “Doma would not be free now. And you and yours helped give shelter to the Doman refugees.”

Elizara then smiled. “That’s one thing I don’t regret. Alphinaud, I think I explained what we know earlier?”

Alphinaud nodded and sighed. “I may not be able to be there physically, but you had a good point; I could think up a few strategies to try when you’re in that mess. I feel pretty helpless though about this..”

Alisae patted her brother’s arm. “I’ll give them enough trouble for both of us, dear brother. Don’t fret too much, please? Don’t worry; I don’t believe in heroic deaths, especially on a strange world.”

Alphinaud then went over the strategy he’d thought of; it was sound and probably would work. But then one more thing came up..

“Won’t that boy not be sure who’s friend and who’s foe? You three are no one he’d recognize..”

Yugiri crossed her arms. “True, and I might have to make things a little worse for him, I fear. I’m getting a new mask made..”

Hien then nodded. “And that’s how I found out. Why, I wondered would you want that, Yugiri?”

Yugiri then smiled at Hien. “My kind has been never seen before in that world. Many people are afraid of ‘different’; I’d rather not frighten people.”

Elizara smiled. “I’ll add this Lord Hien; there’s also a rule about meddling in other worlds’s affairs that we need to watch out for. I’ve already warned Yugiri and Alisae not to mention that I’m a Warrior of Light while we’re there, for that simple truth would cause way more trouble than it would solve if it were known. And Yugiri; I hope you aren’t getting that made in black..”

Yugiri shook her head and smiled. “I remember what you explained to me about the people in black cloaks. No, it will be purple.”

Alphinaud sighed again. “We still need a symbol, something you guys can wear visibly, that will mark the group as allies. But..what could work? A white flag would only mean you won’t fight, when you are..”

Elizara shook her head. “All I know is that boy is a world traveler too; not on the scope we three will be, but he came from an island world..”

At that, Y’shtola raised her head, her blind eyes shining. (That had happened during the..assassination incident, tho she had learned another way of seeing after that. Elizara worried about her sometimes, since using aethersight shortened the user’s life.) “I remember an old children’s story..that on some island far away, there grows a star-shaped fruit. And if two people share one of them, their destinies would become intertwined...Also people would make replicas of that fruit out of seashells for good luck on voyages, since it is said to represent an unbreakable connection.”

Elizara started at that. “You know Hydaelyn showed me some things. At one point, that boy was using a keyblade with this on it..” She drew out some paper and ink and drew it the best she could. It was a five pointed star made out of some kind of seashells, even tho Elizara could barely draw at all and it was quite sloppy. (She would never try to draw people for that reason.)

Y’shtola’s eyes widened at that. “Even tho I can tell you are no artist, Elizara, that’s exactly what the story was talking about! How can this be?”

“Last time me and Yugiri and Alisae were training in a dream, Diablos said that sometimes stories travel across the void. They often are changed along the way, but could that boy’s home be that island that particular story talks about?”

Y’shtola nodded slowly. “Could be. Maybe we could make those for that? As I recall, they’re called ‘wayfinders’ tho I seriously doubt we can find the right kind of seashells here on Eorzea. Ah well, we can probably make them out of glass and metal instead; which means I can enchant them as well so this adventure will never be forgotten, as well as for luck.”

Tataru, who was in on this from the beginning anyway, smiled. “That sounds like just the thing to do!”

Elizara grinned back at Tataru. “You sure my summoner gear wouldn’t scare the shite out of him tho, Tataru?”

“Positive. He may have the heart of a child, but he’s been though a lot. It might be an odd style compared to what he’s seen before, but it probably won’t frighten him.” She shook a hand in the air as she said that. “If I thought it would, I’d make you some gear for a new glamor; as it is, I still got your measurements.”

Alphinaud chuckled as Elizara turned her head away and blushed since the..incident..where Tataru had gotten Elizara’s measurements was not just a little embarrassing. “I still think we ought to make you our official tailor, Tataru. Anyway, I do think that wayfinder idea has merit; we don’t know what it means to him, but hopefully it’ll mark you guys as being on his side. But..do we have the money for the materials?”

Elizara then grinned from ear to ear. “Won’t cost you guys anything if you let me go after them. This is something I’m sure you didn’t know, but I haven’t just been training in the Disciples of Magic. I’ve been training in the Disciples of the Land too; I’m a very experienced Miner, and I’m working on the other two in my spare time.”

Everyone was really surprised at that; Elizara then laughed. “You know adventurer doesn’t always win you riches. Warrior of Light or not, I still get hungry and need to buy food! Besides, Hydaelyn caught me as Miner that first time I found out about this mess. It’s funny now, but wasn’t then.” She then related the story, lost in memory as she told it:

It’d been a fine day over in Northern Thanalan. Elizara had just been going after cobalt ore..again..so she could get the money so she could buy enough food to eat for a few days. Just has she’d gotten a basket of the ore, suddenly there was a bright flash of light. Before she knew what had happened, she was standing before Hydaelyn.

Hydaelyn then said softly, “Child...child..there is….terrible trouble….coming.” Elizara noticed Hydaelyn’s voice was trembling more than usual.

What’s the matter? You should rest if you can..” Elizara was aware that Hydaelyn had lost a lot of her strength and was really tired lately, so it must be really urgent if she felt she had to speak to Elizara.

A man who serves….Darkness...is causing trouble on a world that is not….one of mine, but….it will affect us. This might even….hasten yet another…..Calamity..if that happens, I will not…..be able to recover from that…..in time.”

Elizara’s eyes had then widened. “That….would let Zodiark win by default, wouldn’t it?”

Thee have the right of it….sadly…. my child. But it will take….more than one…..to stay the destruction...There is….more than one….of that man.”

Pardon? More..than one?”

Yes. But...there is a way….if thee can trust...another...you. I think thee...can do this.”

What do you mean? Another..”

There is another world...who’s guardians...I’ve..been...in...contact..with. There is..a...alternate you...on that world. She...can...help too. Be aware...you..are a rare...one. Not everyone...can accept...this..I..know..thy..heart...”

:Hydaelyn was right. It wasn’t hard to accept that there is another ‘me’ out there somewhere. She also explained to me that this isn’t where a warrior would be needed, but someone with ‘the true heart of a healer’; I still don’t get what that meant.:

Anyway Hydaelyn also explained that this would not take much of her remaining strength, since the path to that world was already created. She also had an idea that wouldn’t take much either, just so we can get the heat off his tail for a little while. I’m not sure for how long, however. From everything I’ve heard, Xenohort is as smart as a whip and a master strategist, which means he could figure out the trick to our little ‘distraction’ and counter it. Hopefully we’ll of bought that boy some time, though..

Elizara finished with, “After I agreed and changed to white mage for the moment, she sent me to meet my erm, Vana’diel sister. You guys know the rest.”

There was nods all around; Elizara then said, “Just give me the list of materials. I’ll go after it, no problem. Do we know a crafter who can do this though who won’t say a word?”

Hancock smiled and nodded. “Say no more. I can get someone who can do this who will be discreet. I can understand; if people knew about this, there would be panic.”

Y’shtola turned toward Hancock. “Thank you. Let me handle the magic part; it shouldn’t take long.”

It didn’t take long for Y’shtola to write up the list, which turned out to be easy to get materials (silex, several different kinds of gemstones, electrum ore, natron, minium, as well as some silk cloth and thread, which at worst, she was sure she could get Erstyx to make for her without any awkward questions). Elizara promised she’d go after the mats as fast as she could (considering she was a Warrior of Light and could use the telepoint network like no one else and with no side effects other than being a little tired after at worse, that would be pretty fast).

She then turned to the other Scions.

“This won’t be happening on our world, and there it probably isn’t the “seventh dawn”, but I think you all agree; we can’t let this be. We’re in this up to our necks now..”

Alphinaud nodded. “This is a fight we must win. For the sake of the future!”

Everyone there rose their fists into the air and echoed him. Elizara then said, “Everyone; all I ask is please, please, PLEASE don’t tell Urianger about the alternate selves thing. He’d really want to see Moenbryda alive and well, and from what I understand, there’s no rhyme or reason to someone having an alternate self on another world, tho I’m hoping, to be honest.” She shook her head sadly.

Everyone nodded grimly; luckily Urianger wasn’t here or this secret would not be one. Thancred then quipped, “That would be twisting a knife in that wound if it wasn’t true; I don’t think anyone here would be that cruel. I sure wouldn’t be.”

There were nods all around, then the meeting broke up as Elizara went to a private room to change to Miner. We’ll get this. And I hope to the seventh hell that I won’t have to add yet another name to that godsdammed list of people who died...
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