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Kingdom Hearts III Mod Shows Unaccessible Areas of Twilight Town and Radiant Garden



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Feb 15, 2012
United States
Here's the real crime: How come we never went through those doors into various interesting worlds? That icy mountain, a kid's room, a jungle, there's plenty of awesome locales we could have visited briefly. The doors were so underused... simply background images with no real purpose. They could have been sheets of wood for how interesting they were in the game. There's even really cool parts of the factory we never see, like the scare test room, or the theater, or Randall's secret lair. Plenty of places to go, but instead we got one or two cool areas and a whole lot of piping.

Yeah that was probably a worse missed opportunity. I guess I enjoyed the outside factory aesthetic and some of the machinery was cool, and not something we would really get anywhere else. But yeah, the definitely could have added more variety.

I still don't understand why Radiant Garden couldn't have been playable. It roughly could have been the size of Twilight Town and wouldn't have taken up nearly as much resources as any of the Disney Worlds. The world literally could have just been the following areas:

1. Ansem's Study
2. The Castle Gates connected via stairway to the Town Square
3. A small street leading to the the castle town area and Merlin's House.

If you think of Olympus as the tutorial, Twilight Town could have been the start of the real adventure and have Radiant Garden be the bookend after all the Disney Worlds are done, opening the way to end game content.

I mean...are you also suggesting something actually happens there? Like with a bunch of scenes? Cuz I mean, honestly if its the same size as Twilight Town it doesn't seem worth it to me unless it contributed something we didn't already get storywise lol.