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Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts III Twilight Realm

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Apr 11, 2008
This isn't one of my newest ones, but here it is

Chapter 1

Up in a clock tower somewhere, 2 hooded figures stand. One is small, and has giant round ears. The other is shrouded in a black robe.

" Your majesty? What are you doing here." said the mysterious figure.
" I came to ask. What do you need Torsla for!" Demanded the other.
" If we wish to eliminate Sora, he needs to go as well, for he is the backup link."
" Backup link. You mean-"
" Yes, he is the light that Sora has."
" No! I won't let you destroy Sora's light! Without it, he'll be stuck in. In. Whatever the middle dimension is named."
" Ah, you mean the Twilight Realm. Where light and darkness meet?"
" Yes."
" Well, it is a sacrifice. Now, if you'll excuse me. Orginazition duties." A portal begins to appear behind the person.
"NO!" yells the other. He runs over, and a keyblade appears in his hand. He strikes, but is too late.

In the kerfluffle, his hood is removed, revealing to be King Mickey.
" I've gotta warn Riku and DiZ!" He then jumps off of the tower.

Somewhere in a tower far away, a voice is heard

" We feel darkness. We feel light. We feel everything. We will help those originators.

More to come. Please reply


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Apr 11, 2008
Here's the next chapter

Chapter 2

In an unknown shadowy place,a young boy wakes up from a deep sleep.

" Huh? Where am I? What are all of these shadows doing here?" He asked to himself.
He looks around the room, and suddenly sees a figure with red cloth around his face, with a red robe that has strange patterns on it.
" Uhm.. hello? Who are you? Can you tell me where I am."
" No. Surely you should though?'
" What? I don't follow."
" Poor young boy, never knowing his true destiny."
" What? Why are you talking about destiny? Where am I?"
" It shall all be revealed in due time, now come along."
" Wait! What's your name?"
" My name? You can call me DiZ."
" DiZ. Should I commit that to memory?"
" As you wish. Come along, our train is here." Suddenly a giant purple trian with stars on it approached them.
" Uhmm... Ok?"

So the boy and DiZ went off in the train.

More to Come


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Apr 11, 2008
Sorry I haven't been on much, but here's the next chapter

Chapter 3:

The mysterious youth and DiZ walk through a small town, with a giant clock tower looming overhead.
" Uh? What is this place. I don't know why, but for some reason, it seems vaguely familiar. Like, a part of me has lived here all along." says the young boy.
" Oh, really? Hmmm..."
" Hey, what's the matter, DiZ?"
" Oh nothing, it's just that you haven't introduced yourself."
" Oh, how silly of me. And here I thought we were going to a party. My name is Torsla."
" Hm. Torsla. Don't worry about what happens ne-"
Suddenly creatures in white appear from nowhere.
" Oh, goodness. I certainly don't have time for these wretched fools. Torsla, do you mind?"
" What? What do you mean? I-I don't have a weapon!"
" Yes you do. Look in your heart."
" My. Heart?"
" Yes, look in your heart, and it'll do the rest."
Torsla raises his arm, and puts it on his chest. Suddenly, a light emnates from this spot, and the whole area is engulfed in light. Suddenly, Torsla is in a fighting stance.
" Now, I understand DiZ."

MOre to come
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