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Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts: Journey in the Dream Realm.(Another Side/Another Story to the OurKH timeline)

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Lanydx reborn

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Jun 14, 2009
Kingdom Hearts: Journey in the Dream Realm.(Another Side/Another Story to the OurKH timeline)by Lanydx reborn.

Kingdom Hearts, The World Ends With You, Final Fantasy belong to Square Enix Disney characters, and Marvel belong to Disney. I make no money off this.

To my friends on KHI, and my dear partner KitKat.

Plot summary: Sora Branford, Keyblade Wielder of Destiny Islands and all around good guy has landed in the Dream Realm. However he has no idea how he got there or how to get back home. Not only that, but his friends and even his family don't recognize him. Granted Kingdom Hearts is not unkind for he still has the power of the Keyblade, and a new power in the form of his new pets the Dream Eaters. He will meet old friends in new ways, and totally new characters, to chill or butt heads with. He's gonna need them with Heartless, Nobodies, Unversed, Nightmares, Blotlings, and Demons from Hell on his heels. Can Sora get his friends back, and get back home, while fixing a few problems on the way? Is this Master Yen-Sid, and Aqua's Mark of Mastery test, or is it something far more sinister? Read and post to find out.

Also there will be hetro pairings and slight your pairings. No yaoi….look everywhere else for that crap. There with be songs from Disney movies every now and then.

Chapter 0: Open up your senses.

"Ow my head!" Mumbled a voice

A spiky brown haired teenager slowly rose up from the cold, hard ground that we laid on. His pair of blue eyes, woke up scanning a dark, and dingy alleyway. The boy jumped up, his large yellow shoes. hitting the gravel pavement. He was cladded in a matching red jacket and long pants. His Crown necklace was still dangling around his neck, but on his cheats was a small black pin with a white cross that when you look harder looks like a skull.

"Okay that's it Sora, no more Sea Salt Ice Cream parties. No matter what Roxas and Xion say." Sora mumbled to himself making his gloved hands grab a hold of throbbing head.

He then looked around, realizing he had no idea where he was. Sora quickly dashed to find the nearest light source. He ran from the alleyway, which turned from right to left. Finally getting out of the Alleyway Sora found himself alone, totally alone. He looked around to find a large city, full of large towering skyscrapers. Granted they were not plastered with windows like normal, but covered in long, well drawn and beautiful graffiti.Sora could tell right away that this city was quite dark, having little light, and not even any stars in the sky. He looked at one building what had The Grim Reaper holding out a long sickle, with angel wings. Sora looked around trying to scan for his friends.

"Riku, Kairi….Donald, Goofy?! Master Aqua, Mickey, Roxas, Xion? Hellleeeooo! …..Anyone?" The boy yelled and hollered.

Still no one would respond to his words. He was alone in a world he didn't recognize. The city was eerily silent. Sora rubbed his eyes cause he thought he was seeing things. The whole city was starting to turn bright crimson red. Sora looked up to find a large swirling moon. It looked like an eyeball was staring at him. As he gazed at the moon Sora was starting to feel dizzy, sick, and weak. His heart, and Ven's heart inside of him were starting to stop beating. However, what snapped the boy out of this trance was a tap on his shoulder. The boy stopped gazing at the wicked moon and turned to find to his delight another person.

"Now, now, can't have our boy go crazy just yet." The high pitch voice giggled.

Sora looked at a tall, thin young man. He had pushed his long whitish hair out of his eyes. Sora looked down to see the boy was dressed in a white buttoned up shirt, tight black pants, and black and white shoes. The mystery child was playing touch screen cellphone.

"So your Sora, I take it? My, my The Keyblade knows how to pick em." The other boy said.

To Sora's confusion the boy tapped some buttons on his screen and Sora's Keyblade shot out his hand. The boy came in closer to examine Sora's main Keyblade.

"Let's see now, type Kingdom Key, very nice. That one was the first off the line in ten years. Balance of attack, defense, and magic. It's spiritual blade is very sharp, and it's polished. Well I can see why she's so attached to you." the boy said.

"Huh, how do you know my name and my Keyblade?" Sora asked.

"Slow as always Sora, but where are my manners. You may call me Joshua." The skinny boy introduced himself.

"You didn't answer my question, and I'm not slow." Sora thought to himself.

"Now I bet your wondering why I didn't answer your first two questions, well I have to answer more important questions that are in your mostly empty spiky head." Joshua explained.

"Is this guy just gonna keep insulting me?" Sora wondered.

"Yes, yes I am." Josh stated as if he was reading Sora's mind which made the boy jump a bit, giving the little snot an amused look on his pretty boy face.

"Okay so, where am I? What happened to my friends, and why can't I remember how I got here?" Sora asked.

Joshua snickered as he checked his phone again.

"Well in order: 1. You, Sora Branford are in The Dream Realm. A world literally made of people's dreams, and nightmares. where you are right now is in Neon City's Nightmare Realm. Think of Neon City as…..The World That Never Was mixed with Twilight Town, and Travese Town all mixed up. Also don't look up at the moon." The boy explained and warned.

Sora nodded his head remembering what happened last time.

"As for the second question, Well your friends in your reality are fine. However I can't say the same for your friends in here." Joshua started to say.

"Huh? Okay time out, I don't get it. What do you mean friends in here? I've never been here before." Sora asked.

"I was getting to that!" Joshua snapped making Sora shut it.

"Now as I said before, this is The Dream Realm. Think of it has an alternate world. With it's own version of You, Riku, Kairi, you get the idea. However these versions of your friends won't know you are. For all you know the Riku, and Kairi could love you, or hate your guts." Joshua stated.

"WHAT?!" Sora yelled out in despair .

"Okay, okay, maybe hate was too strong a word. However you do understand that you can't relay on your friends here to fight off the darkness here right?" Josh asked.

Sora put his hands over his head and smiled.

"What do ya mean, sure I can. I'll just have to start over that's all." Sora said trying to keep upbeat.

Josh giggled again.

"Yes, that won't be the only thing you have to "Start over." on."

"What do you mean by that?" Sora asked.

"Let's just say your going to have to go back to basics Sora. Look I'm getting tired of talking. So I'll just give you your gift, and send you on your way." The skinny boy muttered.

Joshua gave Sora a red box, with a green bow on top in his hands. The boy then shoved a pair of 3D glasses in his face and pushed him down.

"Have Fun Sora." The boy said as the Nightmare part of city had been washed away, as Sora closed his eyes.

Sora then opened his eyes, nearly blinded by the many hanging multi colored neon lights. The city now noisy with music and the many footsteps of people. He was now no longer alone, for he was being pushed around and tossed aside from large crowds of people. Rather then be stepped on, Sora joined a group of people, walking the street not really sure where he was going, looking at the street signs and many balloons that small children were carrying. The young visitor felt something move about. He checked to find he still had his gift. He was about to open it, when he heard a loud scream come from one of the groups of people.

Sora turned his head to find a shadow Heartless attacking a man. It ripped the heart out of him and started to make others like it.

"Wait! I thought Heartless weren't bad anymore?" Sora said out loud as the people ran away from the monsters.

Sora with sad eyes, summoned his keyblade, and put his gift somewhere safe.

"Back to basics Sora." He said to himself as ran to the fight.

He jumped into battle, whacking the Shadow Heartless into a wall. He then pointed the end of the Keyblade it the other Heartless.

"Fire!" Sora yelled.

Nothing happened, causing the Heartless to look at each other.

"Fire!" Sora said again.

Nothing happened.

"Um, Thunder….Blizzard?"Sora asked.

No spell would come out of his Keyblade. The Heartless quickly jumped at him.

"Guess I'm really back to basics!" Sora thought as he hacked and whacked at the shadows till they were blasted into darkness.

That was only the first wave as a six dusks and some enemies Sora was not familiar with. The new guys or girls looked like a mix between a dog, cat and some small horned animal. It was the color mix of purple and black. Sora would have called it cute, if not for it trying to kill him. Suddenly the gift Joshua gave Sora started to bounce and move. The box had be broken on the outside, and in a flash of light Sora was met with some backup. It was like the new beings, however it looked friendlier and cuter. The color was changed to blue and white as well.

Sora and his new pet worked on the new monsters, The blue one quickly, bite, whacked their bodies and jabbed them with it's horn. Sora went after the dusks, knowing their attack pattern. He waited, and then attacked seeing an opening. After five smacks Sora and his new pet were finished with the fight.

Many people were staring at Sora and his new pet.

"Look, that boy's beat up the Nightmares with that key." One voice said.

"Oh wow he's got a Dream Eater,lucky!" A child said.

"Can I have one Mom?" A another child asked it's mother.

Sora was starting to feel uncomfortable having so many people stare at him.

"Look!" Sora yelled, watching them all look where he pointed. He quickly made a dash for what he thought to be the plaza.

"So your a Dream Eater huh? Well that makes sense, since I'm in a Dream Realm and all." Sora said to it, while passing by the lighted palm trees

The marshmallow faced cat dog Dream Eater barked and whimpered. It jumped on him, licking his face.

"AH hey cut it out, aw! Your so cute, who's a good boy?" Sora said while petting his Dream Eater who's tail was wagging.

"Now what am I going to call you?" Sora asked.

He looked around to find a street vendor, but rather then sell hot dogs, his man sold chocolate covered marshmallows on a stick.

"How about Marshmallow, that sound good?" Sora asked.

The Dream Eater now known as Marshmallow barked and wagged it's tall, while purring.

"Well, why don't we explore the town!" Sora suggested.

The Dream Eater followed him as they walked around looking like a lost tourist.

Unknown to Sora someone was watching him. On top of the tallest building in Neon City was a man shaped figure, he was talking on his cell phone.

"Looks like we got another one! What? What do you mean, you lost the other one!? You zeta sons a dight, she was a freaking kid, handcuffed even! Well Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally, I figured top Reapers would be able erase one player! Forget I'll add them both to the heap myself!" The man ranted.

End of chapter.

So people please tell me what ya liked, didn't like, and how I can improve. Don't be shy.
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Sep 25, 2010
I'm already digging this new story, yo. Neon City sounds cool, and are those the reapers from TWEWY? I really like Joshua. *u* I can't wait to see how it goes when Sora runs into Riku and Kairi.

"WHAT?!" Sora yelled out of disappear.
I think you meant to write despair in that sentence. Otherwise, the rest of it looks good. Keep up the good work, and I look forward to seeing whats next!

Lanydx reborn

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Jun 14, 2009
Thanks KK I got it fixed. Glad you like it. As for myself on Josh....I really don't like him, but I did my best to keep him in character. Also Yes they are the reapers from TWEWY.

Lanydx reborn

The Superior Lanydx
Jun 14, 2009
Chapter 1:FoxMan Begins.

Sora and Marshmallow had been eating near a local coffee shop Sitting outside Sora was munching on a Sea Salt Ice Cream bar, while the Dream Eater was eating some cotton candy. Granted the coffee guy was nice about them not ordering coffee. As for how Sora got the money to pay for his food, he found it on the floor after taking care of some Nightmares. He never got why monsters would carry it. Sora was looking around watching people walk bye. There would be someone who would look at Sora and Marshmallow, but other then at Sora had some time to think.

"Okay so, I'm in The Dream Realm….so how did I get here. Last thing I remember was…..dang it I can't remember! It's Castle Oblivion all over again!" Sora thought to himself.

""What worse, if I meet someone I know here…they won't know me. What if, what if they hate me like Joshua said?" Sora thought not liking what he was thinking.

"No, no, bad Sora. No thinking like that! They are your friends no matter what. I'll just have to start over like I said!" He thought back.

"Now if only I had something to do/" Sora said out load.

The two could here music playing louder and louder. They watched crowds of people looked at a giant ballon version of Marshmallow. His interest had been peaked. He got up and moved into the cluster of people.

-Cue Music: Nightmare Before Christmas What's This!.-
(Look up the song on youtube and play it while reading this part.)

"What's this, what's this? There's confetti in the air! What's this, look a giant Panda Bear! I can't believe my eyes, I must be dreaming! Wake up Sora, I need some air. Oh what this?" The Spiky haired boy sang as he pushed himself into the streets.

The boy looked to find some wheels on fire spinning around him. He noticed a big busted woman wearing a red Chokabbo suit.

"What's this, it's all so very odd. The streets are running around with crazy Dream Eaters stealing taffy.Everybody seems so happy! Have I possibly gone daffy? what is this?" Sora sang as he looked around.

He moved out of the way. He saw Marshmallow look at kids playing a game.

"There's kids blowing up balloons, with little pin heads. They explode, but no one's dead! There's free candy coming from the windows. I can't believe my eyes. I feel a warmth coming from inside!" Sora sang as hie two hearts started to feel all warm and fuzzy.

His Dream Eater nudged him to look around. Near a plaza he saw something else. He grabbed Marshmallow and showed him what he saw. He saw a man and a woman and another group of people.

"Oh look, what's this? They're hanging Dream Catchers, and kiss? Why reminds me of something, oh wait! They're gather round telling stories, roasting marshmallows by a fire! What's this?" Sora sang while looking at the next thing.

He looked to find a blue police box by the end of the street. He opened it finding something else.

"Oh wow, they got a little tree, but in here? It looks so unique! It's covered up with little clocks on strings, with lights and other things! It's giving a smile on everyone!" Sora sang cheerfully.

He then looked at his Dream Eater who licked his face.

"Now Marshmallow correct me if I'm wrong, but this looks like fun! It looks like fun, could it be I got my wish? What's this?" Sora asked leaving the police box.

"The Heartless are all missing, and The Nightmares can't be found, and it seems that in their place is good feeling all around. The smell of sweets and pies are everywhere!" Sora sang as he walked around the streets.

Marshmallow was jumping up and down happy as can be.

"The sights, the sounds. They're everywhere and around. I haven't felt this good in a while. It seems this thing is going for another ten miles. I gotta know I gotta know! What is this event that I have found? WHAT IS THIS!?" Sora demanded to know, when he ran into a sign.

-End music-

"Festival of Dream Eaters?" Sora asked while reading in daze.

He then felt someone push his leg.

"Sorry sir gotta run!" A young child said while leaving Sora.
He got a close looked at the child.

She wore a black beanie hat, an orange long sleeved shirt, who's hands were chained together by a pair of painfully tight handcuffs, white shorts, and black shoes. Sora quickly knew who this girl was.

"Rhyme?" Sora asked.

Sadly she ran too far ahead to hear him. Sora then gave chase after the girl who if you didn't know here you'd swear she was a boy by how she dressed. He then found a tiny bell necklace on the floor. Sora, picked it up, and gave it to Marshmallow.

"Get the sent boy, come on, get it!" Sora ordered.

The Dream Eater took a big whiff and ran after the sent. The two were hot on the trail when Sora looked at two moving shadows moving ahead of him. He looked up to find one pink haired angry looking woman wearing a something out of Hot Topic. She carried a large hand gun, and on her back was a pair of black bone like angel wings. To this girl's left was a skinny orange haired man with clear glasses on his face, and a lollypop in his mouth Sora could make out that he also shopped at Hot Topic, due to his Skull rib cage jacket. He carried the same gun, and same pair of wings.

The two flew into an alleyway, unknown to them Sora was following them, and their gusts of winds blew the hood the Keyblade wielder had that he didn't know was on his jacket.
The Dream Eater took a step back from him, not sure if it was his Sora or not, for the hood was not just a hood, but a cowl. Sora's eyes were cover by white eye hole and his head had small fox ears.

Sora stopped to look at himself in a puddle.

"What the? Actually Marshmallow….this could work." He muttered.

He felt jiggling in his pants pockets and found a dozen ninja stars and a few smoke bombs.

"It's hero time Marshmallow!" Sora declared.

-Cue music: Batman the animated series intro.-

Rhyme had started to wish she hadn't chosen to run into a dead end ally. She felt herself being backed against the wall, as her attackers came closer and closer.

"This time we got you! I don't know how you survived our shark, but this time, your sleeping with the fishes brat!" The pink haired Reaper yelled while pulling out her gun.

"Don't cry or anything, cause that would really put a damper on my mood." The lollipop sucking Reaper requested.

The girl closed her eyes. The Reapers were about to fire when a pair of ninja stars knocked the guns out of their hands. A smoke bomb went off, Rhyme felt herself being pulled upward by a hook, and what took her place was a red hooded boy with fox ears, pulled out his Keyblade ready for a fight.

"Who the hell are you?" The pink haired Reaper yelled.

Sora threw his Keyblade whacking them both on the head, as it came back to him.

All Sora said was.

"I'm FoxMan!" He glared at them, ready for a fight.

-End music.-

End of chapter.

So again how did I do?
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Sep 25, 2010
Kudos to incorporating the lyrics from Nightmare Before X-mas to fit this chapter. I can't wait to see more about these two indiviual reapers that are after Rhyme. It was another great chapter, Lan. I think you could of added more to it but, I like the ending where Sora goes: "I'm FoxMan!".

The girl closed her eyes. The Reapers were about to fire when a pair of ninja stars knocked the guns out of there hands. A smoke bomb went off, Rhyme felt herself being pulled upward by a hook, and what took her place was a read hooded boy with fox ears, pulled out his Keyblade ready for a fight.

The two words I highlighted should be changed to 'their' and 'red'.

As for the rest you are just missing a few commas but, that can be overlooked. :D


Oct 9, 2009
i like this story! =D not really found of the singing but you being able to work it in there was pretty cool imo.
lol foxman~ xD

Lanydx reborn

The Superior Lanydx
Jun 14, 2009
Chapter 2: Of Dogs, Foxes , Cats and Rabbits.

"Ya know FoxMan, I don't know who you are, but your getting in our way, and that's something you shouldn't be doing." Warned the lazy looking Reaper.

The Cowled Keyblade welder pointed his Kingdom Key at the two.

"You two shouldn't be attacking innocent kids!" He respond.

The Young blonde girl watching from the roof of the building of the east side of the dead end alleyway. She felt rather confused with seeing the blue/white, horned cat/dog Dream Eater Marshmallow licking her face as her savior fought the two Reapers that were after her life.

Her savior Sora or FoxMan as he was calling himself had thrown a few ninja stars at the duo. The Pink haired one had dodged them, and quickly grabbing a hold of her gun and fired it. Her partner did the same thing, however he did it in a more calculated way. Sora was able to block most of the gun shots with his ninja stars, however a few bullets made why into his skin. Luckily no vital organs were damaged. Sora blinked to find the pink haired one nearly cut him in two, with her finger nails! Sora bounced onto the wall, with his Keyblade, he quickly blocked the crazy woman's claws. Sora then jumped into the air and kicked her square in the face, sending the Reaper in the cold pavement. As Sora threw a smoke bomb to cover his tracks.

"Okay, this is bad. I have no magic, and no items….It could be worse….Why did I say that?" Sora thought to himself.

She slowly picked herself up, boiling with rage.

"That's it Kariya, this one dies!" She screamed.

"Easy there Uzuki, remember your blood pressure, that's how you died." The Lollipop loving Reaper said.

His glasses, and favorite snack were knocked clean off his face, and out of his mouth, thanks to Sora's Keyblade whacking him across the face. Sora kept whacking him until he whammed the orange haired Reaper out farther from the alleyway. Uzuki used this as her chance to get some damage in. She slashed Sora in the back, causing him a large amount of pain. Kariya pulled out another lollipop, however unlike his last one, this one turned into a large sword which stabbed into Sora's stomach.
Rhyme had covered her eyes, not wanting to see the rest, while Marshmallow had other ideas.

Sora's shocked face said only half of the amount of pain. The Reaper looked at the ground for blood, but found a large shadow. Uzuki didn't see this, being too busy getting ready to finish Sora off but her partner…

"Move!" He yelled pushing her out of the way! Sadly for the two they didn't get out of what just attacked them. As for what attacked them, Marshmallow had tripled in size, as the Dream Eater was trying to flatten them. The buildings even shook a bit.

Sora, who should have been dead at this point was clearly very much alive. If fact he felt great. He could feel a blue power return to him, also another form of power, which was healing him right now. In a flash Sora jumped and zipped around the walls like a ninja on one too many energy drinks, catching up to his Dream Eater.

Who was making the ordinary town's people run and scream in a panic, like it was a Godzilla movie. Sadly his size didn't, and he returned to his normal size. Which now made the poor thing an easy target for the Reapers.

"Sorry little guy, your gonna have to end up like your friend. No hard feelings, it's just the job." Kariya stated sadly.

"Game over!" Uzuki stated, as she was about to cut him into ribbons.

That was shot down by a large fire ball, then the two were met with a massive ice ball whiled froze the woman's legs, and finally to top it off was a blast of lighting from the Heavens! They looked to find FoxMan right next to them, grinning with Rhyme hanging on his side.

"You done goofed!" Sora said.

"How the blood soaked yaoi fan girl hell did you do that!" The pink haired bitch spat.

"Magic that's how!" Sora stated while punching the two into a solid wall knocking them out cold.

Sora then put the young girl down, removed his cowl to show her his smiling face. he then patted Marshmallow the head.

"Are you hurt FoxMan?" the child asked her handcuffs still on her arms.

"Nah, I'm fine see." Sora stated while showing her his wound was totally healed.

Sora then looked at her handcuffs. He then pulled out his Keyblade and unlocked them, seeing them drop on the ground. The young girl smiled rubbing her wrists.

"Thanks, that Key must come in handy." Rhyme said.

"Rhyme, don't you recognize me? It's Sora!" He said while hugging her.

"Sora who?" She asked innocently.

The spiky haired teen then dropped her, his face looked dumbstruck in a cartoony way. The word's from Joshua rang in his ears, and painfully stung.

"You….really don't remember me Rhyme?" Sora asked almost sounding hurt.

The girl shook her head and frowned.

" No, but don't feel bad. Your not the only thing I don't remember. I don't remember anyone or anything." She stated.

Sora understood, but it took a while before it took full effect.

"Wait, you lost your memory!?" Sora said baffled.

The girl nodded her head.

"Yep, but I'm not to worried. It will come back sooner or later." She said smiling as Marshmallow started rubbing his head on her leg lovely while she rubbed his head.

She then looked at her attackers as Rhyme's face changed from happy to scared.

"I'm guessing those guys are the one's that your worried about huh?" Sora asked.

She nodded her head, and that was all Sora needed or wanted to see, He sent down at her eye level, and held her hand smiling.

"Well you don't have to anymore. You and me are gonna stick together from now on." Sora promised.

"I'd like that, thank you Sora." Rhyme said smiling.

Sora then pulled something out of his pocket.

"You dropped this, so here." He said while giving her necklace back to her.

She smiled and put it back on her neck, the little bill chimed.

"You're not just a good friend, but a great finder too." Rhyme complimented.

The two or three counting Marshmallow were still exploring the city, having only covered a small bit of it. Little did they know that someone was following them. They looked to see a street by a large water fountain. The two sat down by it, needing to rest.

"Does anyone ever sleep here?" Sora asked.

Rhyme rubbed her eyes.

"I don't think so, due to all the lights everywhere." She stated.

Her bell neckless had chimed again. However the water and also chimed. Marshmallow jumped up and down, happy something was about to happen. The water from the fountain rose up and wrapped itself around the young girl, giving both a sense of wonder. The water had left her, but with a gift.

That gift that was sitting on her lap was a light yellow and green bunny rabbit with big, long floppy ears. It's whiskers twitched. It looked at Rhyme with loving eyes and cuddled her.

"OHMYGOSHSHE'SSOCUTECANIKEEPIT?!" The young girl gasped barley able to handle the cuteness in front of her.

"Xion would be so jealous right now." Sora thought as he thought of his little sister Xion hugging her friend Lucky the Rabbit.

Marshmallow barked and purred, happy that he had a new playmate.

"I think I'll call you Fifi." Rhyme said while petting her new Dream Eater.

"Look sharp!" A voice in Sora's head warned.

Sora's ears then heard music, but it was a rather odd song. A song that was never far off the the eccentric owner of it.

(Cue music: The world Ends With You OST Junk Garage.)

"Get down!" Sora yelled.

He pushed the three into the fountain, narrowly dodging a powerful flare. Sora then looked to find a familiar Reaper. His gray hair was covered with with a black math baseball cap. His yellow cat like eyes showed arrogance, and death. His black wings matched his black pants, and shirt, and shoes.

"Not you again!" Sora said remembering this guy.

"You're dreams are garbage! Crunch, I'll add it to the heap!" The mathematic Reaper boasted.

Sora was about to pull out his Keyblade when he was kicked into the head, then his neck was being choked by a large black claw. Rhyme and tried to get him off Sora, but she was was flicked into the ground.

"I'll subtract you from the problem later. Right now I need to take care of this unknown factor here." The Reaper muttered.

Sora was starting to black out, losing air in his wind pipes. The last thing the boy saw was the the Reaper being knocked out with the back end of a sword, on his head.. The boy could make out a figure in a yellow cat mask with pointed ears, wearing a black coat. This new figure's foot was near his face before Sora closed his eyes.

"HELP!" Was what Sora heard. His eyes were ripped open wide.

"Roxas? Xion?" He asked.

He was greeted with a hug from Rhyme, and some love from Marshmallow and Fifi.

"Glad you're okay Sora, was worried you would be asleep forever.

"Where are we?" Sora asked.

He looked around to find himself on one of two beds in a brightly lit hotel room, that included a mini fridge, TV, with the remote bolted down to the wooden chest.The two jumped hearing a loud knock on the only door in the room.

"Heeellllooo! Are you two still sleeping? I'm coming in!" A high pitched woman's voice stated.

Sora summoned his keyblade just to be on the safe side. Rhyme had found a broom nearby, granted it would help much, but it was better then nothing. The door opened, who opened it was well…a long brown haired woman dressed in a red top, her arms covered in what looked like red feathers, as well as her backside covered with red feathers like a peacock. The boy's eyes were as big as diner plate, his face blushing to match the woman's attire.

"Think of Kairi!" Sora said to himself.

"Who…who are..you?" Sora shaking.

The odd woman looked at the two.

"Well I am the owner of this this fine hotel Chocolina! Don't worry about the money you two, your friend who dragged you both in paid for everything. If you need anything ring this bell and a moogle will come help you out." She explained.

She then turned around.

"Oh yeah, you two have company." I'll just leave you all to chat." She stated as she left. Showing the two the mask figure that helped them before. As well as an orange haired youth wearing a pair of headphones around his ears. Sora knew this boy's phones and his fashion of a purple hooded, white pants, yellow wrist band and purple shoes,

"Hello Sora, Rhyme…we need to talk." The Masked person said in a woman's voice stated.

(With Sora, and Rhyme meeting another familiar face and new hidden one as well, what is in store for our heroes? Are the Reapers playing the old game, or are they under new management? Who is this mysterious masked woman, and why is she aiding Sora? Read the next chapter and find out!)

End of chapter.


Oct 9, 2009
;D i think we all got a little crush on chocolina~

good chapter, nomura should add FoxMan to kh xD


Sep 25, 2010
I wonder who it is beneath the mask, that helped Sora out. I was surprised to see Sora get stabbed in the stomach by a sword, and come out unharmed from that. :D The reapers are really cool villians. I like the one that said he'll extract Sora from the equation, and Rhyme is just so adorable! x3 I like everything you've done in this chapter, Lan. I can't wait to read more.

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Jun 14, 2009
Chapter 3: We are watching you!

Neon City, bathed in the warm glow of the lights of dreams. Unknown to the many people who live in this town, there was a nightmare part of it. In the dark and dim side of the town, under the crimson moon of madness four undead souls met on the tallest building.

Uzuki was clawing the thin air in anger. Kariya was sucking on his lollipop waiting for her to calm down. Sho Minamimoto was busy thinking of a new work of art to make. Granted the math wiz was starting to lose his cool.

"Grr, when is she getting here, this is cutting into my arts and crafts time!" Sho mound.

"Shut it math nerd, I need to figure out how I'm going kill that bastard FoxMan!" Uzuki ranted.

"Oh please I could could erase that zero in a nanosecond." Sho barked.

Then how did you get your ass handed by him huh?" The pink haired Reaper snapped back.

"She's got you there Sho, that kid whoever he is\ ain't human. He might be angel or demon class." Kariya butted in.

His partner looked at him oddly.

"Um, yeah I was getting that vibe at all." She muttered.

"You didn't but when I stabbed him in the gut there was something…off in him. Something old, and powerful." He said out loud.

"However he is not our main objective! That would be The Composer's players!" Said a iron voice.

From the shadows came forth a blonde haired woman. with glasses cover her eyes so cold. Covered in a white and black gothic style dress. Yet there was something off about her.

"So here she is at last,The Iron Maiden herself!" Kariya said.

Uzuki saluted showing her respect.

"Wasting our time like normal babe, if you not even here, I'm done, I'm going fox hunting." He muttered while vanishing in thin air.

Kariya shook his head.

"Kids, no respect huh ma'am?" Kariya asked.

"Never mind him, that idiot will suffer at his own hand. I have come to report that I have captured one of the players, and have another one locked into the city's Dream Eater Colosseum. The new Conductor has the mayor and everyone involved into allowing some new rules." The woman stated.

Uzuki raised her hand.

"Um ma'am I know it isn't my place to ask, but why haven't you erased the captured one yet?" She asked.

The woman threw a black stuffed cat on to the floor.

"Simple my dear….she's the bait." The Iron Maiden stated.

Meanwhile back with Sora.

Sora quickly shook Neku's hand.

"Neku long time no see! Glad to know your all right!" Sora said in his normally cheerful tone.

"Rhyme, that's Neku. He's one of your friends." Sora said to the girl who was looking at Neku.

"Yeah I know who Rhyme is, who the hell are you?" Neku asked.

Sora felt a sting of pain which showed on his face.

"He's Sora, he helped me get away from those Reaper guys." Rhyme said.

Neku looked at the Spiky haired host, with a glade of distrust.

"So, are you a player or Reaper?" He asked.

Sora knew that he was saying are you friend or foe.

"Oh I guess I'm a player, cause I got this pin." Sora said showing Neku the black skull pin.

"Thank God, it's not the Red pin. Otherwise I'd have to fight up to my armpits in zombies." Neku thought to himself, remembering his third week in the game.

"So Sora, right? Who's your partner?" Neku asked.

Sora just looked at him with a blank stare.

"Hello earth to Sora!" Neku yelled getting impatient.

"Well I er, what was the question again? I'm sorry you told me about this before right? It's a little weird to hear all this again." Sora asked.

"What the hell does that mean!? I've never seen you in my life, so how the hell could I tell you? Also how did you know Rhyme was my friend!? Who are you!" Neku lashed at Sora wanting the kid to make sense.

Sora didn't know where to start.
The masked cat woman felt her need to come to Sora's aid.

"Neku, Sora isn't from this realm. In fact, he's from a parallel world. One where he knows you and your friends, and that version of Neku and your friends know him." She explained.

"Hey how did you know about that?" Sora asked.

The masked woman put her index finger on her mouth piece.

"A girl has her ways." She muttered.

Neku just stood there.

"Is this for real? Granted it doesn't seem any less real then the three weeks of Hell I've had to go into. I've got back Rhyme, now all I need to is find Beat and Shiki..then kick The Reaper's ass the finally Josh's ass so we can go home." Neku thought.

"Um, Neku something on your mind?" Rhyme asked.

The punk snapped out of it.

"Um, sorry. Sorry Rhyme, Sora, I didn't mean to snap at you, it's just…this all a little weird." Neku muttered.

Sora put his hand back on his head smiled.

"Hey it's no big deal, let's just be friends." Sora said.

"Wait, what just like that?" Neku asked not used to this.

"Sure, why not?"Sora asked.

"Why not? It can't be that easy!" Neku snapped.

"Sure it is!" Sora said happily.

While the two were going on back and forth about friendship. Rhyme looked at the Masked Cat woman. she tugged on her coat's jacket to get her attention.

"Miss, thank you for helping us. I'm Rhyme by the way. How are you?" She said.

The masked girl patted the girl on the head.

"Aw your sweet Rhyme, and very welcome. I can't tell you my real name, but you can call me Kat." The hooded woman said.

"Is that because you have a kitty mask?" The memory missing child asked.

"No smartypants. I got it from a candy bar." Kat said playfully.

She then turned to Sora who was smiling. Neku however looked worn out.

"You two buds?" Kat asked.

"Bingo!" Sora said grinning.

"Sorta friend!" Neku protested.

"Fine for right now..I've got some things to show you." She said.

Sora nodded his head.

Kat gave Sora, and Rhyme what looked like a smartphone.

"That's for you two, it will let you talk to Neku, and each other if you get lost." Kat explained.

"I know what a phone is!" Sora said.

"Yes, but Rhyme doesn't. Or doesn't remember." Kat interjected.

Sora looked down feeling bad.

"Sorry Rhyme." Sora wispered.

"It's okay Sora." Rhyme said not really minding.

"Anyway, I also have a map of the Dream Realm here for you all." Kat set a large scroll on the bed.

"Also for Neku…here." Kat said pulling out a small egg from one of her pockets and into the boy's hands.

He looked at it, then back to her.

"What is this?" He asked raising an eyebrow.

"It's a Dream Eater Egg, give it some time and it'll turn into a Dream Eater." Kat said in a matter of fact tone.

Marshmallow and Fifi jumped up to see the new guy or girl, leaving poor Neku in a bit of disarray. He put the egg in his pocket. Sora and Rhyme were reading the map. Kat was flipping though the TV channels, when the whole set became static. They all looked at the screen that had something rather odd. They could see The Reapers. Kariya and Uzuki.

"Hey all you people out there with Dream Eaters, wanna have some fun? Wanna get paid? Then come join the The Reaper Cup, and have you and your Dream Eaters fight to the death." Kariya said like a game show host.

Win and you not only get tons of cash, but also this little cutie."

Uzuki said while pulling someone that Neku, Sora, and Rhyme knew. However she wasn't….well dressed. Kat covered the young child's eyes. Sora and Neku got a bit of a nose bleed, but Neku was very very angry.

"Shiki!" Sora yelled.

"Oh my God! Those Reapers are sick." Kat muttered digested.

"……I'm gonna kill them! I'm gonna kill all of them!" Neku ranted.

"So come down to The Colosseum at midnight to join the fun, it's something to die for." The two Reapers said as the TV became normal or at least for three out of four of them. For Sora, something was very wrong. He was back into the Nightmare Realm, alone. With a large message on the wall.

KILL SORA! Was what it said.

Sora then started to feel sick, the screen flashed an image of a young black haired girl, dressed in a black four sack. She was chained to a wall by her arms and legs screaming in pain.

"XION!" Sora yelled.

He was then pulled back into The Dream Realm by Rhyme, and Kat. Marshmallow was licking his legs. Neku looked at Sora oddly.

"Where did you go?" He asked.

"Nightmare Realm, not a nice place to be." Kat explained.

"Sora are you okay?" Rhyme asked.

"Xion! Someone's hurting Xion!" Sora gasped.

"Who?" Everyone asked.

"My sister, she's my little sister." Sora explained.

"Oh no, seems we have another problem. The Reapers are trying to end us and have our loved ones. However it's not midnight only seven ol clock. So we have time to plan." Rhyme said.

"Sounds like you thought of something." Neku said with a rare smile.

Rhyme smiled " Yep they know about us, and FoxMan, but not about Sora. We go into the Colosseum and save Shiki, while Sora and Kat hide and make sure we get out of there ok." The girl said.

"Wait I don't have a Dream Eater! Or one that's of any use." Neku said.

"Don't worry, Marshmallow can help out. Right boy?"Sora asked.

The blue dog/cat barked and wagged his tail. The Masked Cat Woman laughed a bit.

"Since we have time, why not get in some training in? Sora can help Rhyme with magic. Also Neku, you need to get used how Marshmallow fights." Kat stated.

The two kids nodded their heads, leaving the hotel room. However Neku gazed at their companion.

"Why are you helping us?" He asked having a distrusting look in his eyes.

The mask wearing woman looked and Neku, and he swore she was giggling.

"Because you three are so cute!" She said while pinching the boy's cheek.

She then left, leaving poor Neku in a state of shock.

"…I…AM…NOT….CUTE!" Neku thought to himself.

He then thought of Shiki giggling and smiling, which made him blush.

"Okay…i'm only cute when Shiki says I am….THAT's IT!" He said to himself.

Suddenly a ghostly image of Joshua entered Neku's mind.

"Oh I am sooooo using that thought for blackmail!" He trolled vanishing as quickly as he came.


Kat came back feeling a little worried.

"Are you okay Neku?" She asked.


She then grabbed a hold of the angry boy and went outside, hearing an annoying giggle coming from the room.

The four, and the Dream Eaters went out by a parking lot. Sora had many memories of his training with Aqua, granted it hard work, but it was so worth. Even fun at times. Sora couldn't wait to find out what crazy thing Kat was going to teach us.

"So what are you gonna show us? A new spell, combat, or maybe we can fuse with our Dream Eaters!' Sora asked

Kat quickly pulled out her sword and swiped at them all and screaming like a mad woman.

"DODGE!" She screamed like a madwoman!

"AAAHHH!" Everyone yelled trying to get out.

This went on for two long hours! The three were gasping and panting. The Dream Eaters were tired as well. Kat's body language showed she was satisfied. Neku only gave her a cold angry stare.

"WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!? WHY DIDN'T YOU TEACH US SOMETHING USEFUL?!" He ranted, and unknowably speaking Sora and Rhyme's mind.

The Masked cat woman's mind started to flashback into her childhood. A sobbing girl was holding on to a blue crystal for dear life.

" Mommy,Daddy!….WHY DIDN'T YOU DODGE!?" She sobbed.

Rhyme could have sworn she saw a tear drop from their aide's covered face.

"So who's hungry! I'll buy!" She asked quickly dodging Neku's question.

"I AM!" Sora yelled raising his hand.

The gang found themselves at a mexican restraint not too far from the hotel. Neku was eating the Carnetaus, Rhyme was sitting on Kat's lap not by her choice mind you, eating a taco, while Fifi was eating a salad. Sora, who was wearing his FoxMan cowl and Marshmallow were having the Enchiladas. Kat was about to eat her Chimichanga while everyone was starring at her. They all wanted a look at her face. She slowly removed her mask….only to have another mask on but with a large hole for her mouth, this was disappointing for everyone. After taking a few few bites, she looked the young girl on her lap.

"Aw what's wrong Rhyme, you want me to feed you?" She asked.

"I'm not a baby, I can eat by myself!" She protested.

"Aw, but you'd look like such a cute baby. Can you be my baby? Can I change your diaper?" Kat tested while poking at her face.

"Sora, help." Rhyme whined.

Sora was about to save her, when he was greeted by a very odd fellow. He was a black and red spandex wearing person from head to toe. He wore a mask that was most red, expect for the two long back circles over his eyes. The man hand a few gun holsters and two katanas on his back.

"You Foxman? Th new superhero who's taking Neon City and the reading fanbase by storm?" he asked.

Sora didn't know what to think about that last bit. Neku and Kat were worried The Reapers or someone else had hired a hitman to whack him.

"Yes?" Sora said.

"Name's DeadPool, badass and forth wall breaker since 1997 Since I'm in town I was wondering….ya wanna team up?" The Mrec with the mouth asked.

End of chapter.

(With Someone or something after Sora in the Nightmare Realm how will our hero move on? Well he be able to save Xion, and Shiki from the Reaper,or are they all space dust? Why is Kat not wanting to show her face? Is she ugly or just camera shy? What will Neku's Dream Eater look like?

That's right people! I did say there would be Marvel characters. Since Spider Man's going into some weird split personalty thing I thought I would call later. The Avengers were busy, most likely swimming in a big pile of money thanks to the movie. The X-Men are trying to kill each other, and DareDevil told me to stop stacking him….much like Tara Strong. So I had to get the most poplar B-listing Marvel character Deadpool. He was quite nice to fit me in for the next cameo chapter, being busy with his his upcoming game, being on The X-Force, and Thunderblots. Also he still needs to kick Zombie George Washington in the nads.

Deadpool: I'm getting paid for this right?


Deadpool: What! What ya mean I'm not getting paid! Get over here you!


Rhyme: Be sure to post and review. See ya soon.

Sora: Now we gotta go and save the Author from getting killed by his favorite Marvel Characters.)


Sep 25, 2010
I feel bad for Shiki and Xion. On the other hand, I'm totally digging all the screen time we see going on with the Reapers. I couldn't help but, laugh at the disappointed looks on Sora, Rhyme and Neku's face's; when Kat had another mask on beneath the one she wore. (Reminds me of Kakashi Sensei.) Also, it's really cool to see you throw in a new character! I can't wait to see how Sora does partnering up with Deadpool. Unless he chooses not to.


Aug 1, 2010
sitting with you know who in the realm of darkness
Nice chapter! :D
Neku and Sora need to kick the Reaper's butt's soon! Poor Xion and Shiki. :(
Joshua's small part in this chapter was really funny! X'D
Loving Kat! She's full of surprises! Like how she teases everyone. And the second mask under the other part was really funny! XD
And yay! Deadpool is here! 8D Wonder if Sora will team up with him. 83

Can't wait for the next chapter! :D

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Jun 14, 2009
Chapter 4: FoxMan and DeadPool issue 1.

Sora, Neku, Rhyme, and Kat looked at this odd man.

"You want to team up?" Sora asked.

"Well, yeah, your a new superhero. I'm an awesome mercenary, so why not?" He asked.

"What's a mercenary?" Sora asked.

"Oh I kill people for money..wait that sounded better in my head." DeadPool said.

"Why to do go moron, nice way to start the partnership!" His yellow inner monologue ranted.

"Hey Shut up, yellow thought boxes!" The Mrec with the Mouth yelled in the air.

"Are you insane?" Neku asked.

"Kinda." DeadPool admitted

Sora was stilling giving him an unsure look.

"Yeah, sorry man, but I don't think this team up is gonna work out since…I don't really kill people…at least not without a good reason." Sora stated.

DeadPool put his hand on Sora shoulders.

"Me too, I'm done killing for money. I've been a bad guy,and well I wanna be a good guy. You can help me be a good guy!" DeadPool said in a speech.

"Did we really mean that?" His yellow thought box asked

"Maybe, let's see where this goes." A white box said.

Sora was getting a now reformed Ansem the Seeker of Darkness vibe off this guy, mins the math crazy, horror movie watching Molly Mushroom.

"All right I've give you a shot." Sora said.

"WHAT?" Neku and Kat yelled.

"Look, he wants to be a good guy, and we need all the help we can get." Sora said.

"Well maybe he can help us, "You never judge a book by it's cover." Rhyme quoted.

The two looked at the Merc with a Mouth.

"Fine." They muttered.

"AWESOME AVENGERS HERE I COME! Oh hey are you gonna finish that Chimichanga?" DeadPool asked while munching down on Kat's unfinished food.

Which was shot out his head by a gun bullet. Kat quickly pushed everyone but DeadPool down on the floor as the windows where shot, making the glass call. The black and red anti hero was now full of holes like swiss cheese. They looked to find a a large gang of black winged people dressed in baggy black, red, and yellow hooded men with Sho in front grinning.

He pulled out a mage phone and yelled in it.


Sora looked at Neku and Rhyme, then at Marshmallow.

"Guys you make a break for it to that Colosseum to save Shiki. Marshmallow you go with Neku okay?" Sora asked.

The two nodded while, the dream eater licked Sora's face then left as they ran out the back door. Kat however made some quick hand signs and in a poof of smoke another Kat followed them.

"Kat, where did you learn that spell?" Sora asked.

"My Grandpa, but that's not important right now Sora." Kat said.

"That's right it's time to whoop ass!" DeadPool yelled while pulling out a pair of swords

"How are you alive?" Kat and Sora asked.

"Top secret superhero program, I failed, but I got some awesome healing power. I'm like Wolverine, only way cooler and, funnier!" DeadPool boasted.

"Okay then, lets go!" Sora yelled while summoning his Keyblade.

They jumped out from the now ruined restraint.

"LEEROY JENKENS!" DeadPool yelled while the three charged at the small army of Reapers.

Neku, Rhyme,Marshmallow, and Fifi ran using their phones to find a map of the city. Kat who was behind her charges watched for enemies, and behold she found some, in the form of Heartless. They lunged themselves at Neku, he was then cover with them until a spark of lightning circled around his body.

"Finally, my pins work!" Neku yelled.

Then one forth a city block was covered in a large, sharp icicle that stabbed the rest of the heartless.

"Wow Neku that was cool, no pun intended." Rhyme giggled.

"Heh thanks." He said grinning.

However A large multi colored ape who had a jack in the box like chest. Roaring and pounding it's chest.

"You guys go, I'll take care of this." Kat said.

She threw her sword and stabbed the Nightmare in the head with it.

"Hey Monkey, over here! Come to Kitty!" She taunted while watching The two make way for the the tournament.

Kat then lifted a lamp post in mid air, a purple orb circled her hand.

"Time to put Dad's spell to good use." She whispered to herself.

Sora, the first Kat, and DeadPool were busy whooping ass! Sora and Kat were slashing Sho with their sword and Keyblade. DeadPool however was dealing with the rest of the small time reapers. He was ripping out their wings like someone who was picking flowers.

"She loves, me she loves me not." He said, having a nice collect of black wings.

The ones who he didn't out right kill already ran away in fear of their lives. One hid behind a trash can.

"Oh man I didn't sign up for this s**t. I'm a wall Reaper for crying out loud." The last red hooded reaper ranted.

"Hey what are ya doing?" A voice asked.

"Hiding from that crazy guy. You?" The reaper asked.

He was then shot in the head by DeadPool.

"Oh you know, hunting wacskly weapers." He said.

He quickly found some more of them. He grabbed on, held him down, got up a golf club swung it while yelling.

"FOUR!" He yelled, whacking the reaper's head clean off.

"Dang sliced it." He muttered. He then found something else.

Back with Sora and Kat were busy fighting off the Taboo noise/human hybrid. Kat then formed a stance.

"Moogle style, Feet of Fury!" She screamed.

She started to swiftly kick the math reaper right in the manhood many many times. causing him to scream in pain. However he vanished and reappeared slashing Kat with his claw. Sora whacked him a few times with his keyblade, lit him on fire with a fire spell, what stopped the fight was a human head flying out of the sky, it landed on Sho's head.

"What the?" Sora and Kat yelled.

Sho was quickly smashed into a wall by DeadPool who was driving a large pick up truck. DeadPool opened the truck door,

"Get in!" He yelled.

The two jumped in.

"YOU ZETA SONS A-" Sho yelled before DeadPool put a grenade in his mouth, and stole his hat.

"Good bye." He said waving his hand while pulling the pin, causing The math reaper to explode, as they drove away.

Sora and Kat were shocked at this.

"Dude, that was a bit harsh!" Sora said.

"Aw don't worry about it. The Author would never kill a fan favorite character. He'll be brought back to life soon, hell he's done it for for one of his fan character like three times." DeadPool stated while breaking the forth wall.

"What?" Kat and Sora asked.

"Aw forget it, wing anyone?" He offered them a long deep fried hot wing.

"Oh thanks.' Sora said while taking one and biting the wing.

"What are they made of?" Kat asked eyeing him.

"Reapers!" He stated.

Kat quickly stabbed DeadPool in the head while Sora spat out the wing.

"Now that's just mean." DeadPool said while trying to shoot Kat.

Sora in a drowsy haze notched the lights and signs change from the bright and colorfulness to a dim and creepy red and black. The signs at bright white letters under a picture of Xion that said


Sora quickly grabbed a hold of the steering wheel and drove.

"FoxMan what are you doing?" Kat yelled.

"Taking us for a joy ride yeah!" The Mrec said.

Sora drove right into a large black tower!. Heartless, Nightmares, and Reapers watched as the three jumped out of of the van. DeadPool pulled out two pistols and fired while yelling.

"BANG, BANG, BANG, BANG, BANG!" He yelled shooting many while Sora whacked them over the head with his Keyblade, hitting them like a baseball bat. Causing a few to hit the roof.

"And it's good!" Kat commented.

As they cleared the room. Kat stopped shacking for some reason.

"Hey, if you gotta go, I think the can's that way." DeadPool pointed out.

"Sora…pray that Neku and Rhyme win, cause if they don't…" Kat started to say.

"We got intruders!" Someone yelled.

"We got company!" Sora said with Keyblade in hand.

"Good, I need to kick some ass after what I just saw."

"Now you're talking!" DeadPool said while pulled out his swords again.

A bunch of reapers came in ready to attack them.

(music cue- Nickelback Burn it to the ground.)

"Let's do this." FoxMan yelled while throwing a smoke bomb.

The three vanished in a puff of smoke, they quickly worked Sora threw his keyblade whacking many reapers and smashing the heartless right into them. DeadPool slashed their body parts while Kat stabbed at the rest taking his kill.

"Hey Sora mind, telling me what you saw?" Kat asked as Sora shot out a lightning blot a the last heartless.

"Xion, she's here!" Sora explained.

"Sora, are you sure?" Kat asked telling her something was off/

"Yeah, my hearts telling she's here." Sora said sure of himself

"My heart told me something else!" DeadPool who had his own beating heart out of his chest.

"What, would put that thing back in where that belongs?!" Kat screamed.

"Well he's not wrong." The mrec stated.

"How do you know?" Kat asked.

"I read the author's notes, and I stole his math homework." He stated.

"WHAT THE F^&% DEADPOOL!?" The author wrote in a fury!

"Come on, let's go!" Sora said not wanting to waste time.

They ran around the dark and dim tower. After ten minutes, they all heard a horrible shirk of agony.

"What was that?" Kat asked.

"Some poor sap who was forced to listen to Fifty Shades of Gray on auto-tape?" DeadPool suggested.

"Nice." said his yellow text boxes.

"Xion!" Sora yelled while ran to where the screaming was coming from.

They found a large door. Sora summoned his Keyblade and unlocked it. They were met not with Xion, but with another door that was being protected by someone. They looked at a small black armored man with two large and sharp black horns. Kat could whiff blood all over him. He carried a large axe, and looked ready for a fight.

"Who are you?" Sora asked.

"I am the Black Knight and none shall pass." He stated.

"Oh I am so gonna make tons of Monty Python jokes next chapter!" DeadPool said all giddy.

(End of chapter.)
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Sep 25, 2010
-mind is blown away- j-just wow. I wasn't expecting Deadpool to be that brutal to the reapers whatsoever, and he was hilarious. Gosh, I don't think I've ever come across such a character before like him. I really like Kat. That poor reaper won't be producing kids after that many swift kicks between the legs. x'D I was surprised to see the Black Knight in this story, and I can't wait to see what happens next.


Aug 1, 2010
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8I This. Chapter. Was. So.... AWESOMESAUCE!!! 8D --- Deadpool's the funniest Marvel anti hero EVER!!! X'D What he did to all those Reapers, along with him cracking jokes the whole time was just SUPER HILARIOUS!!!! X'DDDDD --- Hope Sora saves Xion soon! :'3 --- And wonder who that Black Knight is? o.o --- Seriously can't wait for the next chapter! >U

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Jun 14, 2009
Chapter 5: The Black Knight Returns!

The three looked at the Black Knight, Kat was quite worried about the whole thing, hearing stories about this guy.

"Oh no, you have got to be kidding me! He's still around? How? Granted Mom said they never found the body, but just how?! No I have a job to do!" Kat thought to herself.

Sora and DeadPool however took a look at the guy and..

"Heheheh BAWAHAHAH!" They both laughed.

"Oh my God, he's so small! We could throw him at the door" Sora laughed.

"I know, look at those horns, we-we could just stick him to the wall! HAHAHAH!" DeadPool yelled.

"Guys." Kat said, seeing the Black Knight was going to make his move.

Sora chopped off DeadPool's arm.

"You fought well sir, knight but the fight is mine." He quoited.

"Tis but a scratch." Deadpool boasted.

"A scratch, your arm's off!" Sora yelled.

"It's a flesh wound, I've had worse." Deadpool said.

"You liar!" Sora laugh while punching him in the good arm.

"Come on ya pansy!" The Merc with the Mouth said.

The two looked at each other and started to laugh again.

"GUYS!" Kat yelled being more worried now.

Sadly her warning was too late as DeadPool's head was cut clean off by the Black Knight.

"Holy smoke!" Sora yelled before he was next.

"DO NOT MOCK ME!" He yelled. Sora was trying his best do dodge the swift blows. Key word was trying, fighting this guy was luck fighting a fully armored evil King Mickey. Sora was not used to fighting someone so small, fast and powerful. Normally he would be fighting one of the three but never all at once.

DeadPool's head landed in Kat's hands.

"Ouch." He said weakly.

"How?" She asked.

"You'd be surprised what I can live through." He joked.

She threw his head at the Black Knight whacking and breaking his flow of attacks on Sora.

"Strike!" Kat yelled. The Black Knight's axe barely missed her arms.

"Hey smart one! Over here!" DeadPool's head yelled to his body.

She held out her sword trying to block his blows, but he started to cut him her legs up. Sora in response shot out every magic spell he knew, which their foe dodged. He then shot out a spell that was brand knew. a giant ballon shot out his keyblade. The three just stared at it. Kat herself threw her sword at it.

"POP!" She yelled.

It did so pop, turning to tiny little balloons which exploded when they made contact with the Black Knight's armor, causing him to take damage from this rather odd spell. Sora then felt he had metal in his pockets. He then threw his ninja stars in a quick pace. He then didn't see that one ninja star was actually Kairi's lucky charm.

"NO!" He yelled as the Black Knight cut the charm in half.

Sora stood their dumbstruck! The beatings and slashing from the Black Knight didn't even faze him. All he could think about was Kairi crying at the fact that not only did he lose her good luck charm that she made him, but watched it get destroyed. The Black knight had turned the Keyblade hero into bloody mess of a punching bag. He was about ready to kick the bucket until Kat grabbed in and healed him using a cure spell.

"Come on Sora, snap out of it!" She yelled while slapping him across the face.

"You will all die at my hands, filthy mistakes of God!" The Black Knight growled.

He charged at the two, Kat did whatever she could to get Sora away from this freak. From the shadows a lance came to the masked woman's hands. Trying to work an attack, but this guy was do damn fast.

"Oh please your the mistake!" Kat yelled.

"Nice comeback." DeadPool mocked as his head that rolled around near here. She kicked the merc's head to the side.

Kat was smashed into a a wall. As the Black Knight was about to kill the boy, Deadpool would have done something but his body was still trying to find his head.

Suddenly in Sora's near death experience was met with Kairi pulling out her hand for him. He felt his power come back to him and then some. He blocked the attack from Kat. He broke the Black Knight's hand and threw the axe to the wall.
They were all confused by Sora's new found power. He actually put the knight in a choke hold and whispered near his ear

"You mess with the charm…you lose an arm!" He said

"Oh oh, wait! A one and a two!" DeadPool said while his body putted out a conductor stick.

"AAAAHHHH!" The Black Knight screamed as Sora snapped his arm like a twig.

"Ah music to my ears!" DeadPool said fondly as he

The Knight's bashed Sora's head in with one of his horns. He got out of the boy's hold, but Sora block the punches with his Keyblade. DeadPool finally managed to put his head back on his body and pulled out a gun, and sword. Kat however did a few hand signs and the the shadows in the room started to work and move for her, making a large long blade. The Knight closed his eye and suddenly a large whirlwind appeared into the room.

"I will remember you all, pray for a quick death!" He growled while vanishing.

"Ha joke's on you. I can't die!" DeadPool joked.

Kat however was shaking while Sora just stood there.

Sora found the broken charm. The masked woman looked at it.

"Oh, don't worry..I'll fix it." Kat said as she casted a spell that put it back together. She put in Sora's hands and the boy gave her one heck of a hug.

"AW Group hug!" DeadPool yelled while hugging both of them. Kat quickly punched himself in the face.

The three heard Xion's horrible whale again.

"Oh no they've moved to Twilight!" DeadPool said with horror.

Sora sprang into action. His keyblade turning into a chainsaw and cut the door in half, throwing it, and crushing the unknown reapers standing guard to a small chamber door.

"I want one!" DeadPool said looking at the Keyblade.

The rest of the reapers looked at the three. Sora having his FoxMan cowl back on, but they were all looking at Kat and DeadPool. The woman snapped her fingers as their shadows start to gab a hold of them keeping them from getting away.

"Go on Sora, we got this." Kat said.

"Thanks." He said walking into the chamber door.

The two adults looked at the many reapers.

"Oh boy, more hot wings!" DeadPool said with joy while pulling out his swords, while Kat looked away.

"AAAAAAAHHHHH!" They all yelled kicking and screaming for their lives.

"The King had better pay me extra for this!" Kat thought.

Sora went into the chamber which had turned into a long narrow, and dimly lit hallway. His head started to pound.
He heard a voice…Xehanort's voice.

"They will forever be out of your reach. You will suffer endless sorrow! They will only know torment." His voice whispered in his ear as his he felt like he was in the Nightmare Realm.

"Shut up Xehanort!" He yelled but couldn't tell where it was coming from.

"Sora?" Xion asked.

End of chapter.

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