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Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts Life On Destiny Islands

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Aug 5, 2005
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Re: Kingdom Hearts Life On Destiney Islands

Chapter 14
A few hours later
Cloudisawesum1-Why didnt they come back
TMM-I dont understand
WWA-What the h*** happened
key_bearer1-Where are they
sora bHkriku-I need to rest
VCH-Never again Never again and where are they(looks under rock*u all under there
bhkX-I hate those guys we just beat
Atnihs-Im sure they will be allright
Cloudisawesum1-I hope so(walks away and dissapears in darkness)hey where am I(looks arund into the darkness)
Me-Cloudisawesum1 is that you
Cloudisawesum1-SGP am I seeing things
Me-Lets find out(hits him on the head)
Cloudisawesum1-Hey that hurt
Me-Nope your not seeing things
Cloudisawesum1-That did hurt
Me-Yea well what the(gets pulled into the darkness)This is bad
Meanwhile in the darkness saratp is walking around
saratp-Hello anyone there
Voice-You will soon be a prisoner of darkness
saratp-Who said that
Replica Riku appears
RR-Come with me or you will die
saratp-No way
RR-Fine(runs up to her and picks her up by the neck
saratp-Let go of me
RR-You will die here
Voice-No she wont
RR-Whos there
A man in a hood walks out of the darkness
Hooded Guy-Let go of her
RR-Make me
Hooded Guy-I warned you(runs up to RR and cuts him in to)
RR-How(spits up blood)did I lose
saratp-Thank you(passes out)
Hooded Guy-For now rest
The Hooded Guy picks up saratp and walks into the darkness
Ayame-Where am I
Rikusgal-Ayame your here
rh123-Hey you two
Aurie-You all are here
Kairi-Where are we
Ayame I dont know
Rikusgal-We have to get out of this place
rh123-I hate this place
Aurie-It gives me the creeps
Kairi-Where is the exit
saratp-Who knows
Then a person appears
Ayame-Who are you
SITB-I am Sora Is The Best
Rikusgal-Why are you here
rh123-Tell us
SITB-I am here to kill you all
Kairi-Thats not good
saratp-How are we gonna beat him
SITB-You cant(attacks Ayame)
Then the Hooded man appears and punches SITB in the face
SITB-What the
Hooded Guy-Your gonna have to go through me
Ayame-Who is that
Rikusgal-If he's helping I am not complaing
rh123-Yea go Hooded Guy beat him
Aurie-But whos under the hood
Kairi-We dont know
Hooded Guy-Here take this(attacks SITB)
SITB-You fool(shoots huge darkball at the Hooded Guy)
Hooded Guy-O come on how fair is tha(ball hits him and the hood flies off)
saratp-We are about to find out whos under the hood

So are you all happy i posted


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Aug 8, 2005
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Re: Kingdom Hearts Life On Destiney Islands

oooooooo who's the awesome mystery man?Can't wait 4 the next chapter to find out whos under the hood!POST MORE AND FAST PLEEEEEEEEEEEZ!

sora is the best

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May 3, 2005
Re: Kingdom Hearts Life On Destiney Islands

Yes im in it and im pure evil thanks for putting me in and for posting another chapter.


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Aug 5, 2005
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Re: Kingdom Hearts Life On Destiney Islands

Chapter 15
Ayame-Come on who is it
The man is standing in the darkness
SITB-Show yourself
Second Hooded Guy comes out of the darkness
SITB-You want to die also
Hooded Guy-You wish
SITB-Here I will kill you quick(shoots huge darkball at the hooded guy)
Hooded Guy-A waste of my time(reflects the ball back)
SITB-But how(jumps out of the way)Hooded Guy-I thought you where gonna kill me
SITB-I will(attacks the Hooded Guy)
Hooded GUy-O please(dissapears and appers behind SITB and kicks him in the back of the head)
SITB-How are you so fast
The other hooded guy walk out of the darkness and up to the girls
Ayame-Cloudisawesum1 is that you
Cloudisawesum1-Yea its me
Ayame-Why did you have a hood on
Cloudisawesum1-SGP said we should wear hoods so no one could find us
Ayame-Wait thats SGP
rh123-I havent seen him in so long
saratp-Go SGP kick his butt
Me-Ok I will(pulls out the oblivion)
SITB-No wonder your powerful SGP(attacks me)
Me-You cant beat me(attacks SITB)
SITB-You fell for it
Me-What do you mean
kh forever-He means this(shoots darkball at me)
Me-It was a trap s**t(gets hit in the left arm then a huge CRACK comes from my arm)
Ayame-That cant be good
Cloudisawesum1-SGP are you ok
Me-Yea Im ok my arm is just broken(holding arm)
SITB-Now you cant win
kh forever-SITB you take SGP I will take Cloudisawesum1
SITB-Ok I will kill SGP in no time
Me-This is bad(still holding arm)
Cloudisawesum1-SGP when I beat this guy I will help you
kh forever-You wont have time
Cloudisawesum1-Yes I will
kh forever-Lets do this
Cloudisawesum1-You will lose(attacks kh forever)
kh forever-No you will(attacks Cloudisawesum1)
They start beating the crap out of each other
Me-I still wont lose even with a broken arm(attacks SITB)
SITB-You wish(attacks me)
Ayame-This is gonna be a huge battle
rh123-I hope they win
Kairi-When have they ever lost
saratp-They havent
Rikusgal-They will win
Me-Take this(punches SITB)
SITB-Why you(kicks me across the head)
Me and SITB keep fighting and Cloudisawesum1 and kh forever keep fighting
Cloudisawesum1-This is hard(keeps attacking kh forever)
kh forever-You are good(keeps attacking Cloudisawesum1)
Me-He cant keep this up(keeps attacking SITB)
SITB-You will die(keeps hitting me)
I punch SITB and he punches me then I slash him with the oblivion and he he slashes me then he jumps back and shoots darkballs at me and I jump out of the way and start shooting beams from the oblivion
SITB-Just die already(throws sword at me)
Me-To slow(Throws the oblivion at SITB)
SITB-I dont have time to get out of the way(oblivion stabs into him)
Me-I won(walks up and pulls the oblivion out of SITB)
SITB-You will pay(stabs me with a knife and dissapears)
Me-You(pulls out the knife)
rh123-SGP are you ok
Meanwhile Cloudisawesum1 and kh forever are still fighting
Cloudisawesum1-How are you still standing(punches kh forever)
kh forever-Your just weak(kicks Cloudisawesum1 across the head)
Cloudisawesum1 falls to the ground
kh forever-Now lets see how much energy you have left(shoots darkball at Ayame)
Cloudisawesum1-No dont do that(tries to get up)
Me-This is bad
The darkball hits and explodes
Cloudisawesum1-No Ayame(starts to cry)why did you do that kh forever u will pay
Me-Cloudisawesum1 dont worry shes ok
Cloudisawesum1-What SGP what do you mean(looks over and sees me in front of Ayame)
Ayame-SGP are you ok
Cloudisawesum1-Take this(punches kh forever)
kh forever-You are a fool(shoots darkball at Cloudisawesum1)
Cloudisawesum1-Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh(falls to ground)
kh forever-Ok whos next(shoots darkball at rh123)
rh123-Why do they always try to kill me
kh forever-It's my job
The darkball is about to hit rh123 and then I jump in the way
Me-This hurts badly(throws oblivion at kh forever)
kh forever-What the(falls back and dissapears)
I fall over and pass out
rh123-Are you ok SGP(shakes me)
Ayame-Cloudisawesum1 are you ok

so how do you like the chapter if u want more then tell me a chapter a chapter i posted a chapter i have no idea what im talking about lol anyways how much u all like it tell me


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Aug 5, 2005
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Re: Kingdom Hearts Life On Destiney Islands

Chapter 16 The Death of Sepharoth Part 1
Later on I am healed and I get up and go outside
Ayame-SGP your awake but its only been and hour
Me-I heal faster now
rh123-Ok thats cool
Ayame-You sure
Ayame-In that case
rh123-We rally missed you
Aurie-Yea we didnt think you would come back
Rikusgal-But we are glad we get to see you again
saratp-What took you so long
Me-Why are you all looking at me like that
The girls all jump on me and hug me telling me they missed me
Me-Ok I get it
rh123-You wont leave again will you
Me-I dont know
Ayame-It's just not the same without you
Aurie-Yea we never have any fun anymore
saratp-You need to come back
Rikusgal-You must come back
Me-I will when I beat Sepharoth
Aurie-You better come back
rh123-Yea beat Sepharoth quick and come back
Me-I will try
Setharoth-You cant win on your own
Me-Who are you
Setharoth-I am Setharoth
Rikusgal-Well hello(voice with love in it)
Me-(starts laughing and whispers in Rikusgal's ear)you like hi
Rikusgal-I do not(smacks me)
I fly back and hit the wall
Me-Ouch(on the ground)
rh123-That had to hurt
saratp-SGP are you ok
Me-Yea I think
Cloudisawesum1 comes out and sits by Ayame
Me-They are in love
Ayame-No we are not SGP(smacks me)
Me-Not again(flys back and hits the wall again)
rh123-He is just unlucky today
Me-That cant be good
Ayame-Whats wrong SGP
Me-It's Sepharoth he's on his way here and he has an army
Cloudisawesum1-Thats bad
Setharoth-This will be the end of him
Me-Yea he will be here in 2 hours
Cloudisawesum1-We need to get ready
rh123-Ok lets get ready
Aurie-How will we win
Me-And he's sending an army to Destiney Islands
Cloudisawesum1-Thats bad
Setharoth-Dont worry about them
Me-We have to
Meanwhile Sora and the pthers are on the Islands
Me-Sora can you hear me
Sora-Yes I can SGP
Me-Sora Sephoroth is send an army to the Islands
Sora-Ok we will be ready
Sora goes and tells everyone and they get ready and the girls go and take cover and plant traps
2 hours later on Destiney Islands the boys are ready
TMM-Lets do this(pulls out 2 swords)
WWA-We can win(pulls out swords and bombs)
key bearer1-We cant lose(pulls out sword)
sora bHkriku-I'm ready(pulls out spellbinder)
VCH-Ok I can do this(pulls out Lion Heart)
bhkZ--I can do this(pulls out oblivion)
Atnihs-This will be good(pulls out flamed katana)
Sora-Are you ready(pulls out the Kingdom Key)
Everyone-Yes we are
Sora-Ok now remember some may die but its for our home
Atnihs-We will not lose
bhkX-We know
Then the army appears appears on the Island
Sora-It's huge
bhkX-This will be hard
Atnihs-Lets do it
VCH-We will win
sora bHkriku-We shall win I hope
key bearer1-Lets win not lose
WWA-Lets destoy them
TMM-This will be easy
Meanwhile back in the darkness We are all ready to fight
Ayame-I am ready
Cloudisawesum1-Ayame get on high ground and shoot at them
Ayame-Ok(gets up on huge wall)
Me-Aurie,saratp,Kairi,and Rikusgal do the same
They all get up on the wall
rh123-What do I do
Me-You will fight with us
Setharoth-SGP are you sure this is a good Idea
Me-It's ok and rh123 if theres alot more then we guessed get on the wall and protect the others ok
Cloudisawesum1-I am ready(pulls out The Ultima Weapon and Oathkeeper and throws the Oathkeeper to me)
Me-Thanks(grbs the oathkeeper and pulls out the oblivion)
Setharoth-Lets do it(pulls out two huge swords with great power)
Then the army appears and they attack us

The great battle is about to start if you want to see what happends in the war keep reading
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