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Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts Life On Destiny Islands

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Re: Kingdom Hearts Life On Destiney Islands

Chapter 19 The Death of Sephiroth part 4

Sephiroth-Yea dont move make it easy
Sephiroth-Die(swings sword at me)
Me-Nice try(blocks and slashes him)
Sephiroth-What the(swings again)
Me-Give up(blocks again and slashes him)
Sephiroth-No more(slashes me)
Me-So you are fighting back
Sephiroth-Come on(starts slashing at me)
Me-Take this(starts slashing at him)
Me and Sephiroth attacking one another I slash him he slashes me I kick him and he punches me
Me-Keep up
Sephiroth-You are stronger then before(summons his army)
Me-Thats getting old(starts slashing the army)
Cloudisawesum1-SGP let me take the army you get Sephiroth(stands up)
Ayame-No dont
Cloudisawesum1-SGP needs my help
Ayme-Be careful
Me-Ok Cloudisawesum1 have fun with the army(runs towards Sephiroth)
Cloudisawesum1-Ready to die you stupid army(attacks the army)
Ayame-I will help(shoots arrows at the army)
Rikusgal-Have some bombs(throws bombs at the army)
Cloudisawesum1-Keep it up(still attacking the army)
They keep attacking the army and I attack Sephiroth
Sephiroth-Give up(slashes me)
Me-No way(slashes him)
Rikusgal-Have some knives(throws knives at the army)
Cloudisawesum1-SGP kill him fast(keeps attacking the army)
Cloudisawesum1 keeps slashing the army and Ayame keeps shooting arrows at the army and Rikusgal throws bombs and knives at the army
Me-You wont win(keeps slashing Sephiroth)
Sephiroth-I will win(keeps slashing me)
Me and Sephiroth are attacking each other I slash him and he slashes me then I punch him in the face and he knees me in the gut then I kick him in the head and he punches me in the face
Me-This is getting hard
Sephiroth-Your strong
Me-Of course I am
Sephiroth-But not more powerful then me
Me-In your dreams
Sephiroth-Ok I think it is time you die
Me-It is time for you to die
Me and him charge at each other and start fighting
Cloudisawesum1-Wow the wont just die(keeps attacking)
Ayame-Just die(keeps shooting arrows at the army)
Rikusgal-Die(throws knives at the army)
One of the knives miss and hit me in the leg
Me-WTF Rikusgal learn how to aim(pulls knife out)
Sephiroth-Take this(runs up to me and slashes me 20 times)
Me-Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh why you(slashes him back)
Me and him keep slashing at each other and we get tired
Cloudisawesum1-This army is huge
Ayame-Yea it is
Rikusgal-A little to big
Sephiroth-Now you die(runs at me)
Me-Thats bad or not(smiles)NOW
Then Cloud jumps out of the sky and slashes Sephiroth
Sephiroth-Why you(slashes Cloud)
Cloud-SGP do it
Me-Hey Sephiroth keep your eyes on me(jumps at Sephiroth and stabs him in the neck)
Sephiroth-That was a good plan they made(falls to the ground)
Then the army disappears and everyone is happy
Cloudisawesum1-Yea we did it
Ayame-We won(starts jumping up and down)
Rikusgal-Itis finally over
Me-Thanks Cloud I didnt think you would make it
Cloud-When you told me how to get here I came
Me-I am glad you did
Sephiroth-You may have beaten me but I will kill you
Me-That sounds bad
Sephiroth-You will all die(blows up)
Cloud-What the(gets hit by the explosion)
Cloudisawesum1-Thats bad(flys back)
Ayame-Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh(flys back)
Rikusgal-This is gonna hurt(flys back)
rh123-Whats going on(flys back)
Aurie-I would run but my leg is beoken(flys back)
saratp and Kairi fly back to
Cloudisawesum1-What happened(gets up)
Me-This better work(I put a sheild around everyone)
Then the smoke clears and everyone is on the ground hurt
Ayame-Thanks SGP(sits up)
Rikusgal-Setharoth where are you
Setharoth-Over here
Rikusgal-Are you ok
rh123-SGP where are you
Me-Over here(stands up)
Aurie-Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my leg(falls back)
Me-Dont move or it will hurt more(walks over to her and wraps up her leg)
Then we all start to fade from the darkness into the light
Cloudisawesum1-Whats happening
Me-We are going home
Ayame-I am so happy
Rikusgal-Me to
Kairi-I cant wait to see Sora
saratp-I am just glad we get to go home
Then we appear on Destiney Islands and see what happened
Me-What the this is bad

If you want to know what happends next read chapter 21 because chapter 20 is gonna be about what happends on Destiney or mabey you will have to wait for chapter 22 or 23 kk so read and tell me what you think

so anyways how much do u love it


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Aug 5, 2005
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Re: Kingdom Hearts Life On Destiney Islands

Chapter 20 The Battle on Destiny Islands Part 1

While the battle in the darkness is going on back on Destiny Islands they are fighting an army also
Sora-Lets do it(attacks the army)
TMM-This will be fun(runs at the army)
WWA-I will not lose(pulls out sword and attacks the army)
sora bHkriku-Here I come(runs at the army)
VCH-They cant win(runs at the army)
bhkX-They will die(runs at the army)
Riku-They are weak(jumps at the army)
Tidus-I will kill them all(starts hitting the army)
Wakka-I am stronger then them man(throw his blitz ball at the army)
Atnihs-They wont get passed me(pulls out his katana and runs at the army)
The army jumps at them and they start slashing at us
Sora-They are fast(slashes at the heartless)
Wakka-A little to fast man
Then a heartless jumps behind Wakka and stabs him in the neck
Wakka-Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh(falls to the ground and dies)
Tidus-Wakka(starts beating the crap out of the army)
TMM-Kill them fast(keeps slashing the army)
WWA-We are killing them as fast as we can(keeps slashing the army)
sora bHkriku-To many of them(keeps attacking the army)
VCH-Then lets kill them to even it out(keeps attacking the army)
bhkX-We will win(keeps attacking)
Riku-They are still weak(starts punching and kicking the army)
Tidus-Take this(hits the army over and over)
Atnihs-They wont beat me(slashes at the heartless and destroys a bunch of them)
They keep attacking the heartless and then the heartless jump at them and start slashing them
Sora-Stupid heartless(keeps hitting the heartless)
VCH-I hate them(starts punching them)
bhkX-I will never give up(keeps attacking)
Riku-Die(runs towards a bunch of heartless)
Then the heartless jump onto Riku and start killing him
Riku-Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh(passes out)
Sora-No Riku(runs to Riku and destroys the heartless on him)
TMM-Sora be careful(still attacking)
WWA-TMM dont worry about Sora he can take care of himself(destroys a bunch of heartless)
Atnihs-They keep appearing(slashes at the heartless)
Then a bunch of heartless jump on sora bHkriku
sora bHkriku-Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh(starts bleeding badly and passes out)
Tidus-Stupid heartless(keeps attacking and starts to breath hard)
bhkX-I must keep going(keeps attacking)
VCH-I must not lose(keeps killing the heartless)
Sora-You stupid heartless you hurt Riku he was my friend you will pay(starts to kill all the heartless in his way)
WWA-When will they stop(kills more heartless)
TMM-They better die soon(starts beating the crap out of the heartless)
Atnihs-We will win no matter what
WWA-I have to sit out you guys I dont have anymore energy(falls to knees)
TMM-Dont worry we can keep this up(hits the ground and it cracks and the heartless in the way fall down into it)
VCH-Nice one TMM(throws sword and it kills 20 heartless)
bhkX-This is fun(jumps up into the air and flys down and hits a bunch of the heartless)
Tidus-I am out of energy(passes out)
Atnihs-They keep on attacking(keeps slashing the heartless)
Sora-Lets keep this up(keeps attacking)
Then all the heartless jump at them and they start to fight them off but then the heartless overpower them and starts beeating them
TMM-This is not good
VCH-We cant go out like this
bhkX-We failed
Atnihs-I wont give up
WWA-Lets atlease try
Sora-Yea we can win I hope
The heartless keep attacking them and they keep attacking back then they are about to be killed when
Cloud-Take this(destroys the heartless attacking them)
Ok if you want to know what happends next read Chapter 21

so whos happy i posted a new chapter i know maggie is cause she loves this fic dont u maggie


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Re: Kingdom Hearts Life On Destiney Islands

woot,Good but not much action,i kept fighting the most XD


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Re: Kingdom Hearts Life On Destiney Islands

so........tired.......i just came back from............the desert...........not. i just havent been on the comp for 3 days..anyways nice chappys SGP.POST THE NEXT ONE SOON!!!!!
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