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Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts Life On Destiny Islands

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Re: Kingdom Hearts Life On Destiney Islands

*strums on a guitar*.....NIWA! SGP! ANDREW! AJ! WATEVER U WANT ME TO CALL YA! POST DAMNIT! OR I...um..............*looks at guitar*...will bash u on the head with this! MUAHAHAHA!....


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Jul 27, 2005
Re: Kingdom Hearts Life On Destiney Islands

Hey guys its been ( uses fingers to see how many months its been since i last logged on) ( holds out 7 fingers) this many >.> kiddin around... im going to live in this site again. i just, hate school. God forbid, so if any of you killed me off or anything like that can you resurect me or something, im going to read them all now. what was my old saying ( thinks real hard) oh yah... I am so wise :D


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Re: Kingdom Hearts Life On Destiney Islands

Chapter 35
As the girls lay on the ground knocked out the boys rest after the beatdown they got
Me-Ouch ouch ouch that hurt better take a note(pulls out a notebook and writes note to self don't piss off the girls may cause 5 to 10 years of pain)
~S~-Ouch girl pack a punch
Atnihs-I will never make a girl mad so long as i live
Shikuya-I hardly know them and they still beat the crap out of me
VCH-Hahahahahaha so much for AJ being all powerful
Me-SHUT UP(punches VCH in the jaw)
VCH-Ouch(falls back and hits head against wall)
KM42-I feel bad for you guys but not you VCH
Sora-That was funny
KN-I have never seen them like that before you guys stood no chance
VCH-Hehehehehe weaklings
Me-Shut up(punches VCH in the jaw again)
VCH-Crap(falls back)
Shikuya-I don't like when people laugh at me sora
Sora-O shi..(gets kicked in the face by shikuya and flys back)
Atnihs-Why did this happen
Shikuya-AJ come over here I need to talk to you(walks to the other side of the room)
Me-Ok(walks over to shikuya)
Shikuya-You know how the girl got knocked out and went back to normal right
Me-I just thought they passed out
Shikuya-No It was the Red Wings
I'm looking over at the others and not really listening
Shikuya-Hey moron you listening
Me-Uh yea of course
Shikuya-As i was saying The Red Wings did it
Me-The Red Wings is that a food
Shikuya-No The Red wings that are in our family they only awaken in the strongest and smartest of our family
Me-So they awoke in you
Shikuya-No they awoke in you I have trained so I would get them but they came to you
Me-Wow really I never would have guessed that you are the dumbass
Shikuya-Shut up you idiot and listen They will fully awaken in time and when they do you will need to fight many evil people who are after them
Me-Ok I get it alot of fighting
Shikuya-I hope you do get it and i hope you can do all that o and another thing as you go you will will learn new things so be ready
Me-I will and I do don't worry(walks away)
Shikuya-I wonder when they will attack to try to take them
The boys all lay down and fall asleep meanwhile the evil ones are talking again
Kyo-So the wings awoke for awhile
Sugiko-Yes they did
Coroku-We will be able to take them soon
Hooded Girl-So what should we do next
Hooded Guy-We should attack them
Kyo-We will in time
Sugiko-They are all asleep right now
Coroku-Well then we should attack
Kyo-Ok fine send them in and you two go with them
Hooded Guy-Ok we will(disappears)
Hooded Girl-We won't be beaten(disappears)
Sugiko-So how do you think they will do
Coroku-They will most likly lose
Kyo-Yea AJ and the others are to strong for them
Coroku-But why send them if you know they are gonna lose
Kyo-You will all go and fight them
Sugiko-I get it now they can't beat us all
Coroku-We will get the others and attack
Kyo-Good now hurry
Sugiko and Coroku both disappear
Kyo-What will you do now AJ
Back where the others are sleeping the hooded people are heading to the room I wake up because i hear them coming
Me-Damn everyone get up
The others start to wake up
Shikuya-Are they coming
Me-Yea they are
Sora-well let's get ready
Rin-I am up for that
Keito-What happened to us
KK-I have no clue
Namine-My head hurts
KN-Come on they are coming
~S~-This might be hard
VCH-No it won't
KM42-Let's hope this works out
Shikuya-It will
Atnihs-Well I am ready
Me-Find a weapon(pulls out oathkeeper and oblivion)
Rin-Lets do this(pulls out the Heart Unlocker)
Keito-I'm ready(pulls out dagger/katana mixed thing)
VCH-Ok this will be fun(pulls out Bonds of Flame)
KN-Ready(pulls out two katanas)
Sora-Ok let's do this(pulls out kingdom key)
The others grab a katana and get ready for the fight
Me-Here they come
Heartless start to appear in the room and they all attack us
Me-Take them all out(slashes at the heartless)
The others run at the heartless and slash at them the heartless try to get out of the way but they get hit and start to stay away from us
Me-Whats going on this is to easy
Voice-Yes it is but not for long
KN-That sounds bad
Namine-I don't like this
Everyone stands still until trap doors open under us and we start falling I jump over by Namine and KN follows me and we fall
KN-Wonder what is at the bottom
I hit the ground and then stand up
KN-Watch out below(falls on me)
Namine-Whaaaaaaa(lands on us)
Me-Ouch damnit
KN-That hurt
We all stand up to see we are in a room and nobody is around
Voice-To get out you must win
Me-Win what
Voice-The fight
Me-Uh nobody is here so i guess we win
KN-That was easy
Namine-Ok lets go
Voice-You morons it will start soon so shut up
Me-Ok stupid
Meanwhile in a different room the others stand up and look around
Rin-Where is AJ,KN,and Namine
Shikuya-They are in some other room
Keito-That can't be good
Kairi-I hope they will be ok
VCH-They are strong don't worry
KK-Yea your right
KM42-So what now
Atnihs-We find a way out i guess
Voice-You must fight to leave
Just then heartless appear all around them and 2 hooded people appear in front of them and pull out weapons
~S~-Ok who are you guys
Hooded Guy-I am well you know me I'm Coroku(he puts down his hood)
Sora-I hate you
Hooded Girl-I am Zazumi(puts down hood)
Shikuya-They are gonna give us all they got get ready
Rin-I'm so ready
Keito-I am to
Kairi-Let's do this
KK-Ok I'm ready
VCH-Let's go(runs at coroku)
Coroku-You fool(disappears)
VCH-What the(looks around)
Shikuya-They are fast
Rin-Watch out the heartless
The heartless jump at them
KM42-No time to look(slashes at the heartless)
Shikuya-Damn heartless(shoots beams at the heartless)
Keito-Whoa(slashes at the heartless)
Coroku-Got you(appears above VCH and kicks him in the face)
VCH-Damn(slashes coroku)
Coroku-Not bad(Starts slashing VCH)
VCH-Damnit(trys to block the hits)
~S~-You could use some help(jumps at coroku)
Coroku-Damn(slashes ~S~)
VCH-Don't take your eyes off of me(stabs coroku)
Coroku-What(falls over)
~S~-That was weiird he went down fast
Zazumi-That is because we are the weakest
VCH-What no way then the others are fighting the stronger ones
Zazumi-Yes they are
~S~-That is not good
VCH-They get all the fun
~S~-Shut up we still need to get through her and the heartless
Zazumi-And I am not as weak as him so just try to take me out fast
VCH and ~S~ attack zazumi but she blocks and pulls out daggers and starts attacking
Rin-So many heartless
Keito-We can't stop yet
Kairi-We need to win
KM42-They keep coming
Shikuya-Don't stop yet
Sora-We won't
They all keep slashing the heartless as the heartless keep appearing
Zazumi-You won't win
VCH-Damn she is strong(breathing hard)
~S~-Yea she is but we have to win
VCH-So let's(attacks zazumi)
~S~-Yes let's(attacks zazumi)
They keep attacking zazumi as she trys to block all the attacks but gets hit by a few of them
Zazumi-I have to tell you two that this is hard and I love it
VCH-Yea i think the same
~S~-This is fun
Zazumi-But now you will die(holds up hand)
VCH-Think again(smiles)
Zazumi-What wait where is the other one damn
~S~ appears behind zazumi and stabs her in the back and she falls forward
Meanwhile back in the room where me,KN,and Namine are two girls in hoods appear
Me-Sugiko so you came
Sugiko-How did you know o who cares(takes hood down)
Hooded girl-I am Lano and we came to kill you
Me-Namine stay back ok
Namine-Ok AJ
Me-KN you take lano I got sugiko
KN-Fine by me
Sugiko-Ok so two one-on-one battles I like this
Lano-Well we will be done fast
Me-Yes we will
KN-Let's go(runs at Lano)
Lano-You will not win(attacks KN)
KN-You are kinda slow(blocks the attack and slashes lano)
Lano-Damn you are stronger then I thought
KN-Your just weak
Lano-You little punk(starts slashing at KN)
KN-Your not to smart(blocks the attacks and starts slashing her)
Lano-Damn(runs at KN and starts attacking)
KN blocks the attacks and then stabs her in the chest
Lano-No way(falls over)
KN-To easy
Me-KN stay by namine while i end this
KN-OK I will(runs by namine)
Me and sugiko run at each other and start attacking each other she attacks and I block it and slash her
Sugiko-Not bad kid(slashes me)
Me-Damn(attacks her again)
Sugiko-Your fast(attacks me)
Me-Why thank you(slashes her)
She gets slashed then slashes at me but i move out of the way and gather energy in my fist and punches her in the gut and the energy cause an explosion and sugiko flys back and smahes into a wall
Me-Well that was fun while it lasted
Sugiko-Damn how did he do that(starts to stand up)
Me-Just die(throws a kunai at her and she falls over)
KN-AJ that was cool what you did
Namine-Yay great job AJ
KN-So how do we get out of here
Me-I have no clue
Lano-You won't leave alive
Me-What she is still alive
KN-I thought I killed her
Lano-No but I will kill you(starts glowing)
Me-O no
KN-That looks bad
Me-Run(runs in front of namine)
Me-Damn to late(grabs Namine and pulls her close as the blast hits)
KN-Ahhhhhhhhhhh(gets hit by the blast)
The blast hits us all and we fly back and smash into a wall
Namine-AJ are you ok(shakes me)
KN-He took most of the blast he even covered me
Namine-AJ wake up(starts to cry)
I lay on the ground motionless as Namine crys and KN looks at me then at namine and sits down
KN-Damn this sucks
Namine-Why is this happening
KN-I wish I knew
Namine-He won't wake up this is horrible
KN-I'm sure he will be fine
Namine-I hope your right
Meanwhile in a darkroom Kyo is thinking about what he should do about us
Kyo-Damn they killed them all how am I gonna do this should i do that but it could destroy everything i guess i will
Kyo starts to laugh as he disappears meanwhile back in the room where me,KN,and namine are I start to wake up
Namine-AJ you are awake I'm so glad
KN-Welcome back AJ
Me-Thanks and what happened
KN-Lano wanted to kill us so much that she killed herself as well
Me-Kyo should come soon
Namine-I hope it will end after that

Ok here sorry it took so long i have been really bust but i am done with the chap so have fun o and if ya want something new for your character PM it to me and people who are not in it and want to be in it PM and i will think about it


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Re: Kingdom Hearts Life On Destiney Islands

hes back Haulla luya and with an aswome new chap to boot Vch gets socked i kill a few heartless its all good but do i have the Thing u had everyone pick up or my Keyblade


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Re: Kingdom Hearts Life On Destiney Islands

Well u go Take a Nap,While i'll Save the World From the heartless *grins* Well...now atleast outside the story...niwa wont make me look like a fool :p
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