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Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts Life On Destiny Islands

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ok ok ok here is the chap happy ppl i have been grounded so sorry but enjoy

Chapter 39
A week later AJ is healed Cloud is training,roxas is attacking AJ whenever he can.Yuffie is still determined to get AJ,tifa is just relaxing at the beach.VCH is helping roxas to prove he's strong rh123 is just resting.~S~ is training with cloud while cloud is at the beach and sora is watching her from his window.Namine is watching Roxas get beaten each time,rin is training more as well.KN is watching the others thinking who he should train with,keito is sleeping in her house.KM42 is in a tree just resting before he trains more.
Roxas-Shut up here he comes
VCH-I know I know
AJ walks outside and yawns as he starts walking towards the beach to relax and then train.
Roxas-GET HIM!!!
VCH and Roxas jump out with wooden swords and swing at AJ.AJ jumps over them and steps on VCH's face then lands and pulls out his wooden sword.
VCH-AJ that hurt you SOB
Roxas-Get him fast
VCH-Ok but stop ordering me around
They both run at AJ and start attacking from front and back.AJ blocks VCH's attack and kicks him back then turns around and blocks attack with his foot.AJ swings and hits him in the side and he flys sideways into a rock.VCH runs at AJ again and starts attacking, AJ blocks all the attacks and hits him in the neck with the tip of his sword.VCH falls over holding his neck and coughs,roxas runs at AJ.AJ knocks his sword out of his hand and holds his sword up and closes his eyes.AJ opens his eyes and disappears and then appears behind roxas,AJ smiles as roxas falls over coughing up blood.
AJ-That's my new attack did you know I hit you 30 times and you never notices.
AJ started walking again as cloud watched him then looked at roxas
Cloud-I did not see any of his movements he is even stronger
Rin-That was cool I wanna do that
Cloud-In a while me and him are gonna train
Rin-Can I come
Cloud-You can ask AJ
~S~-I wanna also
Cloud-Ask AJ not me
Rin-Fine I'll ask him when he comes to train you
Cloud-Ok see you then(walks away)
Zi is in a tree watching AJ..................................ok mostly tifa
Zi-Damn look at her(looking through a telescope)
AJ-Your a pervert Zi
Zi-Hey shut up I may be older then you but that does not mean I can't look at girls
AJ-What ever you say pervert(walks away)
Zi-I am not a pervert damn kid(keeps on looking through telescope)
AJ walks onto the docks and sits down as yuffie comes up behind him
Yuffie-Hey AJ(hug's him)
AJ-Why do you always do that
Yuffie-It's fun
AJ-Ok whatever you say
Yuffie-Let's do something AJ
AJ-Sorry I gotta train cloud
Yuffie-Fine guess I will try later
Yuffie walks away and into the hangout and AJ gets up and walks over to Cloud with his sword
AJ-Time to train
Cloud-Yes this is what I have been waiting for
Rin-Hey AJ I wanna train to
~S~-Yea me to
AJ-Fine follow me
They all go into the woods where AJ set up traps to train
Cloud-This place again
Rin-What is this place
~S~-Wait when did the island get woods
AJ-This place is my training ground I set up traps and heartless and nobodies are in here
Cloud-You fixed it up
Rin-Sounds fun
~S~-This will be easy
AJ-Once your in fighting for your life you will find out if it is easy or not I will watch from here
Cloud-Ok AJ see you soon(walks into the woods)
Rin-This should be good(walks in)
~S~-Ok see ya(walks in)
AJ-They have no clue that in that place death is easy for a normal person
Cloud,rin,and ~S~ walk around the woods together looking around
Cloud-It seems peaceful
Rin-Yea I wonder why
~S~-Yea I wonder why
~S~-Mabey nothings here
As they walk a rocket launcher in a tree aims at them and shoots the rocket hits the ground next to rin and she get's thrown back from the explosion.
Rin-Ouch damn gun
Cloud-Gun's in the tree's thats new
~S~-Where is it
Rin-I don't know
Cloud-This is how we get stronger and quicker find and destroy them o and dodge when they shoot
~S~-Ok I'll try
Another gun in a tree shoots fire and it hit's ~S~
~S~-Ahhhh damn hot real hot(jumps up and breaks the gun)
Cloud-This is bad lot's of guns
Rin-Yea um so do you see anymore
~S~-No nothing
As they walk they get surrounded by heartless and nobodies
Cloud-That was random
Rin-Yea it was
~S~-Let's destroy them
They each run in different directions and start attacking.Cloud swings at a heartless but it jumps out of the way and slashes him.Rin slashes a heartless and it jumps right at her and slashes her.~S~ jumps in the air slashes down at a heartless it blocks and slashes him back.Cloud,rin,and ~S~ all jump back by each other
Cloud-They are so strong
Rin-How can this be
~S~-This is not right
Cloud-We need to fight together
~S~-Let's go
They all run at the same group of heartless and start attacking.Back at the beach the others are relaxing except roxas and VCH who are in lot's of pain
Yuffie-Tifa you need to help me
Tifa-What is it this time
Yuffie-AJ has not even noticed me
Tifa-I'm sure he does he's just busy
Yuffie-Really you think so
Yuffie starts jumping up and down then slips and falls into the water and tifa starts laughing.The others are just resting cause they got a break fro once but how long will that last.Five hours later AJ,Cloud,Rin,and ~S~ walk back to the beach.
Cloud-We did it
Rin-That was great
~S~-That was painful
Cloud-Are you mad cause we used you to block attacks
~S~-Shut up
AJ stops as sephiroth appears in front of him and everyone looks
AJ-Why are you here
Sephiroth-To tell you i am holding a tournament in one hour that will seal the fate of this island
AJ-So I see
Sephiroth-You may see some old friends that will kill to see you
AJ-So one hour
Sephiroth-Yes one hour see you then and never again(disappears)
Zi jumps out of the tree and walks up to AJ
Zi-So a tournament
AJ-Yup in one hour
Zi-Sounds fun
Cloud-Yea it does
Rin-I am so in
~S~-Me to
AJ-I get the feeling this could be bad
Everyone who is entering gets ready to fight after one hour sephiroth appears
Sephiroth-Are you ready
Rin-So am I
Cloud-You know I am
Roxas-Let's start
VCH-I can't wait
Yuffie-Come on
KM42-I can do this
Sephiroth-Ten of you good well each match will be one on one fight to death or if they give up as you win you will get closer to the final match.
AJ-Ok just call the first match
Sephiroth-It is AJ and Axel
AJ-Ok fine by me
Axel-This should be good
AJ and axel face each other and get ready to fight
Sephiroth-Start when you want
Axel forms a ring of fire around AJ and laughs as the fire starts getting closer to him
Axel-No way you will survive this
The fire explodes and hits AJ smoke covers the battleground as it clears up AJ is nowhere to be seen
Axel-To easy
Yuffie-No AJ
Axel keeps laughing then his eyes widen as he falls foward covered in blood
AJ-The fool forgot I can fly(lands on the ground and walks by the others)
Sephiroth-Next is Zi and Demyx
Demyx-I am gonna kill you
Zi-Your dead already
Demyx-What do you me.....(drops to the ground dead)
Sephiroth-damn Zi wins
Sephiroth-Next is Yuffie and Xemnas
Yuffie-O come on
Xemnas-This will be easy
Yuffie-You shut up
Xemnas charges at yuffie and starts swinging at her Yuffie get's hit and falls back
Xemnas-You die now little girl(swings down at yuffie)
Before his attack hit he flew back and smashed into the ground
Xemnas-What happened why you
AJ is standing in front of yuffie looking at xemnas with blood red eyes full of hate
AJ-I'll kill you in the next round
Xemnas-You do that
Aj picks yuffie up and sets her by the others and walks over to Zi
Zi-The girls should not be in this
AJ-If it get's bad we will just attack Sephiroth
Zi-Fine by me
Sephiroth-Next up Xalsin and VCH
Xaldin-I'll take you out quick
VCH-Let's find out
Xaldin charges at VCH and starts slashing him with his spears
VCH-Damn(falls back and lands on hand then jumps over xaldin and slashes him in the back)
Xaldin-Damn your stronger then you look
VCH-Getting beat by AJ everyday has paid off
Xaldin runs at VCH and starts attacking him VCH jumps back and slashes xaldin they keep attacking each other.After a while they are both tired and can bearly stand
VCH-I'm......gonna win ugh(falls back and passes out)
Sephiroth-Xaldin wins
AJ-He almost won
Zi-I did not see that coming
Roxas-He is stronger then before
Sephiroth-Ok next is me and roxas
Roxas-This sucks
Sephiroth-Take it like a man
Sephiroth runs at Roxas and slashes him 20 times
Roxas-Ugh(falls back)
Sephiroth-I win
After all the first round fights only AJ,Cloud,Zi,Rin,and ~S~ made it to the next round
Sephiroth-Now you have a day to rest see you tomorrow(disappears)
AJ-Ok everyone rest up
Everyone one goes into to be good Yuffie is still knocked out
Zi-This is going to be good
An hour after sephiroth left yuffie finally wakes up
Yuffie-Where am I
AJ-My house
Yuffie-What happened
AJ-Xemnas beat you
Yuffie-Damn I wanted to win
AJ-Don't worry tomorrow I'm gonna kill him cause he tried to kill you
Yuffie-AJ thank you
AJ-No problem
Yuffie stands up and gives AJ a kiss then leaves
Zi-That kid is lucky
The next day sephiroth appears and smiles
Sephiroth-First match AJ and xemnas


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Aug 5, 2005
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i see you liked it and don't worry the next chap is the last of the first LODI and let's just say lots of fights will start o and everyheart get back here*grabs every heart*


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Chapter 40 The End of evil and the birth of great evil
Sephiroth-Are you two ready
Xemnas-Let's go
Sephiroth-Ok start
Xemnas runs at AJ and starts attacking him super fast.AJ blocks his attacks with no trouble at all.
Xemnas-Why can't I hit you
AJ-You are nothing but a bug
AJ's eyes turn blood red because of hate and he smiles with anger.Xemnas runs at AJ and starts attacking again.AJ disappears then appears behind Xemnas laughing.
AJ-100 hits
Xemnas-No why me you will pay(falls onto the ground bleeding)
AJ-I still am not done with you
Xemnas-Your a demon
AJ-Even worst i am one pissed off demon now you die goodbye(snaps fingers)
Xemnas starts to glow and he starts on fire and starts yelling in pain then he explodes and the shockwave knocks everyone but AJ and sephiroth back.
Sephiroth-AJ wins((AJ has so much hate in him he has a demon in him))
KM42-What was that
Yuffie-That was not AJ
Sephiroth-Ok next match
AJ-Screw the match I want to kill you sephiroth
Sephiroth-Ok then come get me I will be at the island of rock and have fun fighting my army and the top four men in it(disappears)
AJ-I will come after i kill those four men
Sephiroth's army appears and start to destroy the island
VCH-Let's kill them
KM42-This ends now
AJ-Watch out for the top four men
Cloud-Ok AJ
Roxas-Let's go
They all run at the army of sephiroths men and start attacking.The army attack back as the ultimate war begins.Sephiroth's army start to burn anything in the way as the storm the island.
VCH-Quick stop them(starts slashing the army)
Cloud-VCH watch out(jumps behind VCH and covers him)
Tifa starts punching and kicking the soldiers as rin slashes them.KN slashes at the soldiers and KM42 starts slashing them as well.~S~ attacks the army and roxas backs him up.Everyone else helps in the fight wwhen the top four men appear.
AJ-Your mine(jumps in front of one of the top four)
???????-Ok let's go
AJ-What this can't be
Meanwhile one of the other top four appears in front of VCH
VCH-You Xaldin
Xaldin-This time i will kill you
VCH-No you won't(run's at xaldin)
Xaldin jumps at VCH and trys to stab him VCH ducks and then slashes Xaldin across the chest.
Xaldin-So you won't give up
VCH-No way
Xaldin-Then I have to kill you quick
VCH and Xaldin keep fighting as somewhere else the final two top four appear in front of cloud and rin.
Cloud-You two again
Rin-Why are you back
Kyo-I want to kill you all
Coroku-Me to
Cloud-Well you can try
Rin-I'll take Coroku
Cloud-I got kyo then
Kyo-You try your best
Coroku-This will be easy
Cloud attacks kyo and Rin attacks coroku at the same time.Kyo slashes cloud and he jumps back and starts slashing kyo.Coroku attacks Rin and she blocks and starts attacking back.Kyo slashes cloud and he falls back and does a backflip and lands on his feet.Rin lunges at coroku and he moves and kicks her so hard she flys back and slides on her feet.
Rin-Damn they are strong
Kyo-Are you done
Coroku-Just give up
Cloud-No way
Rin-Let's get them
Cloud and Rin start running then they jump into the air and cloud kicks coroku in the face as rin lands and stabs him in the chest.
Coroku-No........way(falls over)
Cloud-One down
Rin-One to go
Kyo-Well looks like you beat him
Cloud-And now you(jumps at kyo)
Kyo laughs as he stabs cloud in the gut and laughs more.
Kyo-Did you think you would beat me
Cloud-This is part of the plan
Rin runs behind kyo and stabs him in the neck
Kyo-Ugh........N....N........No(falls foward)
Cloud-Now to take care of the army
Rin-Yea but watch your wound
Cloud-I know
Rin and cloud start fighting the army again while VCH and Xaldin are still fighting.
VCH-I will kill you
Xaldin-You wish
VCH runs at Xaldin and starts slashing him.Xaldin blocks his attacks and stabs him in the gut.VCH smiles as he disappears and moves superfast and slashes xaldin over and over again.
Xaldin-That was nice
VCH-Now to finish this
Xaldin-Come on
VCH runs at xaldin and stabs him in the gut then slashes his neck xaldin falls foward with blood squirting from his neck and gut.
VCH-Yes I did it now to help the others(runs at the army)
As VCH fights the army with the others AJ is confussed
AJ-Why are you here
Shikuya-Because I want to kill you
AJ-Why you
Shikuya-Come let's fight
AJ-I can't fight you ugh(falls to his knees holding his shoulder)
Shikuya-Don't be weak(slashes AJ 50 times in a row)
AJ-Ahhhhh(falls back then trys to sit up)
Shikuya-Why are you weak
AJ-I can't fight you(coughing up blood)
Shikuya-Then you die(swings down)
KM42-AJ look out(kicks Shikuya out of the way)
AJ-KM42 why did you come
KM42-AJ go get sephiroth i got shikuya
AJ-Ok i guess i will leave it to you(flys off holding his shoulder)
Shikuya-So i get to kill you
KM42-No i am gonna kill you
KM42 runs at shikuya and starts attacking anyway possible.Shikuya jumps back and shoots a darkball at KM42.KM42 gets hit and flys back and smashes into a wall.KM42 jumps back at shikuya and starts slashing him.Shikuya stumbles back then shoots more darkballs at him.KM42 jumps away from the darkballs and charges at shikuya.Shikuya charges up a darkball withh all his energy and shoots it at KM42.KM42 stops and starts holding the darkball back as he is pushes back he uses all his energy and reflects it back at Shikuya.The darkball crashes into shikuya and destroys him.
KM42-I did it AJ now sephiroth is up to you
As everyone fights the army AJ lands on the rock island right in front of sephiroth.
Sephiroth-So you made it
AJ-Yes I did and no I am gonna kill you
Sephiroth-You seem like your in pain
AJ-Shut up i can still win(runs at sephiroth and starts attacking)
Sephiroth jumps back and starts attacking AJ they both jump back and laugh.As they stand still and look at each other it starts raining.They stand still as lighting strikes right in the middle of them.They both disappear as the clash of thier swords roars through the island and the lighting strikes at every blow.Aj slashes sephiroth and he jumps to the side and swings at AJ as he blocks then kicks sephiroth across the ground.Sephiroth jumps back and flys into the air as AJ follows and starts attacking again.Sephiroth slashes AJ over and over as blood starts to drip from him sephiroth shoots him with a darkball and he crashes into the ground.Sephiroth lands and laughs as he stabs AJ in the gut and he coughs up blood.AJ lays on the ground with blood flowing out of him as the rain pours on him sephiroth laughs and stabs him again.
Sephiroth-Do you see you can never win
AJ-You......shut.......up(starts glowing red)
Sephiroth-What no this is bad
AJ uses all his energy to make a redball and shoots sephiroth with it.
Sephiroth-So you beat me but now you can't hold in the darkness anymore(explodes)
AJ-Damn he's right the darkness will escape
A lighting bolt hit's AJ as dark energy pours out and a person appears that looks just like AJ
AJ's darkside-Thanks for freeing me AJ now i'll see you later(jumps into the air as black wings appear and he flys away)

After the ultimate war AJ returned to the island to heal and afterwards he set out to destroy his darkside.Time after time he kept fighting but kept getting beat.14 years after the ultimate war AJ met his darkside one last time they kept attacking each other until Aj was struck down by his darkness.AJ's darkside killed AJ and went on a rampage because nobody could stop him but AJ has a son who is determined to get revenge.On his 16th birthday AJ's son Niwa steped foward to kill his fathers darkness.The darkness killed all the parents then left Niwa and the other kids were hurt because the familys they loved were killed.Now Niwa and friends live on the islands training to get stronger so he can get revenge.

Coming soon KH Life On Destiny Islands A New Story

New friends
New pain
New evil
New anger

So much more funny moments
and more
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