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Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts ~ Lost Memories

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Apr 11, 2006
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kaze_krazy said:
Tests suck. <.<

Poor Riku. His ears were bleeding from Larxene's hideous voice. ;~;

KYLE! D: RUN, MY BISHIE, RUN! -chucks softball at Axel & Nobodies-


Awesome update ... s. :D <3

There be no Nobodies in the world of KHAD. ;)

Yay, my story is slightly original. xD


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Apr 11, 2006
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Chapter 9


Without warning, Axel disappeared. Kyle held the two weapons, one in each hand and looked for Axel.
Axel had led him to a new room, full of endless corridors before disappearing.
“Wait! What did you say about a test?” Kyle shouted. He opened the many doors, but found nothing. Nothing but darkness. He slumped down onto the ground. What’s going on? He thought.
He recalled how the other islands, Destiny Islands, were destroyed. He lived in Twilight Town, but would occasionally go to Destiny Islands to buy food and gather coconuts for his orphanage. He had been watching a boy named Sora a while before the storm came. Sora never noticed Kyle, but Kyle still observed him, usually from a distance. Sora and his friends were so similar to Katsu, Hikaru, Mitsuko and Kyle… although there were only three of them. The leader of their little group was a boy named Riku, who was very much like Katsu. There was the girl, who was called Kairi, who Kyle didn’t really know much about and there was Sora who was kind of like Hikaru and Kyle: ambitious and always seeking thrills. On that fateful night, Kyle had taken his boat over to investigate the storm, but didn’t bother to go and wake up Hikaru and the others.
Then, a huge black ball swallowed us up, Kyle thought. But why did I end up here? Where are Sora and his friends?
There was a flash of flaming red, and Axel returned. “Congratulations. You’ve passed the first test,” he said.
“Sora. We need him,” Axel explained. “’Cos he’s like… well, I can’t tell you.”
“We? And why do you need him again?” Kyle had no idea what was going on. Another figure appeared next to Axel. It was a man, covered in red bandages, face hidden save for one eye and his mouth. From the skin exposed around his lips, Kyle saw that he was heavily tanned. His eyes were dark orange. He appeared frail, like an old, but wise man.
“Ansem,” Axel said, facing the man, smiling. “I’ve found him,”

“Excellent; I’ll go inform the 1st,” Ansem replied wearily. The man named Ansem suddenly disappeared into thin air without warning, and left naught but a tiny note.
Kyle stared blankly at where Ansem was standing only seconds ago.
“Now, for your second test,” Axel said. Axel disappeared at that, sending a huge shockwave across the radius. Kyle was sent flying backwards, nearly dropping his two weapons. There was a flash and Kyle found himself in an alleyway. He recognized this place. This was his home.
Twilight Town. He walked around, searching for anybody he could remember.
What am I doing here? And where is everybody?
Something appeared under his feet. Awoken from his daydream, Kyle jumped back. There was a glowing white dot on the ground. It was getting bigger by the second. He whipped out his two swords and prepared for battle. Strangely enough, as soon as the ball of light took form, it started running away. Kyle gave chase, suddenly intrigued by this strange being. It looked like a little white person without a face. The only thing on its head was a cross like shape. Kind of like the pendant acting as Kyle’s zip on his shirt.

He realised that the two weapons were weighing him down.
“Aww man. I wish these were lighter,” he moaned. As soon as he finished his sentence, the two blades started to glow and turned into small keychains. In fact, they were just the pendants on the end of the weapons. He put them in his pockets and continued chasing the creature. He had lost it. Kyle looked around corners to find nothing.
Looking up, he saw the thing jump out of the sky and run along a wall. It stretched its body and flipped onto another wall. He couldn’t keep up. He pushed on, using up all his stamina. He was nearly there, when it jumped onto another wall. Actually, into another wall. The creature was gone. Completely disappeared. Kyle touched the wall. It was solid, alright. He slumped down and took in some deep breaths.
“Hey kiddo,” said a voice.
Kyle turned around to see Axel.
“Ready for your next test?” he asked, grinning.

He disappeared again in a ball of flame this time. There was a flash of light, and Kyle found himself on a strange platform. It was more of a pillar though. The ground was made of stained glass. An image of Kyle’s pendant was spread across the face of the glass. The cross. Did it have some kind of significance?
“What the hell?” he asked himself. The ground was glowing with a strange blue light. Looking around, he saw the little, white creature, growling at him. Kyle acted by impulse. He ran towards it, without either of the weapons. He lifted his foot, ready to kick the thing in the head. He launched his foot forwards, crushing the head of the creature, sending it flying off the pillar. As he turned around, something appeared. Just for a second. He felt his body lurch as a beam of light erupted from his body, and suddenly took the form of a duplicate of himself… although completely white.
In the distance, he heard a voice say, “Get ready, kid!”
“Jesus…” Kyle muttered. The thing in front of Kyle suddenly bent over on all fours and started to grow! Its hands turned into claws, and its head expanded until it reached the size of a beach-ball. It changed again, and with a flash of light, it was complete. Long tentacle-like strings shot up, curling around, before the beast lifted its head with its body. It looked very much like the small creature from before… but it was huge. It had that symbol on its head; the cross and an upside-down heart. Tendrils flickered around playfully behind it; they were attached to its neck. It had what looked strangely like a scarf. Its shoulders were enormous spikes. It also curiously had a long zipper down its chest. He tried to run, but stopped as he reached the edge of the pillar. He turned around and faced the fully-grown creature fearfully.
Kyle said nothing; he just stared absent-mindedly. He looked up as it glared at him. How could it glare at me if it didn’t have eyes? Kyle thought. He took out the two keychains from his pockets and gripped them tightly. The keychains began to glow and took their original forms once more. “Okay… let’s do this,” Kyle muttered.

He charged at the creature with both of his weapons. He swung with all his might. The creature dodged effortlessly.
“Crap,” Kyle cursed.
Its tentacles reached down to him and picked him up. Damn it! Stop daydreaming, Kyle! Kyle told himself.
Kyle sliced the tentacles off, letting go an explosion of white powder. “Yeah! Kyle: one, freaky white guy: zero!” he shouted.
The beast lunged at Kyle and clamped its claws around Kyle’s waist. It opened its palm and pushed Kyle into the ground. Kyle roared with pain. Pinned down, Kyle could do nothing. The creature used its crab like claws and practically skewered Kyle’s arm.
He screamed in pain, clutching his wound. His arm was bleeding at the same rate that a tap lets out water. He was losing consciousness.
Suddenly, Axel appeared. “Hey! ‘Sup?” he said. With a huge kick, he sent the beast tumbling backwards.
“All yours,” he said, only to fade away seconds later. Kyle got up. Using one arm, holding the black weapon, he cut through the creature’s face. “Yes!” Kyle shouted. “Take that!”
He looked down, and found that his wound had already healed. Axel…
He was about to unleash a final blow when the whole thing just collapsed—right on top of Kyle. It began to fade and was replaced by light. Small tentacles of this light caressed Kyle’s body, and began pulling him into the pillar. He tried to squirm free, but it was useless.
Axel suddenly appeared from above. “Hey! Think about darkness, and you’ll be fine!”
“Darkness?” Kyle asked. “What are you talking about?”
“Just do it!” Axel called, before vanishing again.
Shrugging, Kyle emptied his mind and just imagined a black wall. Nothing happened.
His legs were now under, and his arms would be next. Come on…
Abruptly, the tentacles backed away and exploded. Kyle pulled his legs out of the glass; it felt like jelly, but was too hard to be anything like that. He yanked his hand free and looked at it. A dark aura surrounded his palm for a moment, and suddenly disappeared.
“Man that was cl…” he was cut off before he could finish his sentence. The glass under him shattered.

Kyle fell. It felt like a century had passed, but he still hadn’t touched ground. Strangely before he reached the ground, his fall miraculously slowed down. In fact, he was floating. He landed like a feather on solid ground. Lights began appearing around him. They were bright and blasted away the darkness. Kyle turned around to see Axel. He was putting on his gloves. “Ok kid, this is your last test,” he said, grinning menacingly.
“Test after test! Give me a break!” Kyle shouted.


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Apr 11, 2006
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It seems I did. o-o

Chapter 10


The gummi ship lay crumpled on the bed, while both Mitsuko and I were lying on the ground. The crash had been fatal; we wouldn’t be able to use the gummi ship anymore without any repairing
“Where are we?” I asked, rubbing my head. Mitsuko lay next to me, unconscious.
“Hey, wake up!” I shouted, shaking her.
“What’s going on?” she muttered, slowly opening her eyes.
There was a thump. I turned around. Another. Thump. Thump. Thump.
Oh no, I thought.
“COOL!” shouted a voice. It was a loud one; one that seemed too loud to belong to any human. But the monstrously loud voice didn’t match the tone that it made. It was like… a young boy’s voice. I felt something grab me—an immense hand. Then, I felt a tugging.
“I’m Hikaru the cowboy!” I said, without thought. What am I saying? I heard Mitsuko’s voice say
“Howdy,” she said as she hung limply from a hand beside me.
Were we actually toys now? I mean… was that really possible? We were being taken somewhere by the giant. I tried to wrench myself free, but it was too strong. It threw us onto the bed and ran off shouting “Thanks for the new toys, mum!” the giant boy called.
Sweet Jesus, we really were toys…
I was only just able grab onto the edge, Mitsuko, half asleep, hanging onto my boots. Boots? I lifted us up, to be confronted by two legs right it front of me. It appeared to belong to someone wearing some kind of spacesuit.
“Where am I?” I asked, pulling myself up. The guy in the suit whipped around and pressed a button on his arm sending a small beam of light out of his arm.
I jumped back, just in case. “What the hell?!” I screamed, jumping out of the way.
“Woody?” he asked.
“What? Woody?” I replied, not sure what to think. Mitsuko lifted herself up and was regaining consciousness again.
“Who the hell are you, anyway?” I asked.
“I’m Buzz Lightyear! Space Ranger!” he replied.

“What? Space ranger?” I asked. I didn’t remember ever knowing about any space rangers.
“That’s right. I’m the defender of galaxies. The hero of the stars…”
A cowboy stepped in and interrupted.
“Don’t mind Buzz.”
I stared at this new person, noticing that his attire basically matched mine. He had a leather hat… no, a plastic hat, a jacket, a yellow shirt and jeans.
There is a cowboy talking with some space nerd, I thought. Where am I…?
“Do you know these people, Woody? That one there looks kinda like you,” said the space guy, Buzz, pointing at me.
“What the hell do you want?” I asked.
A pig walked up to me from behind; I hadn’t noticed it before.
“Hey kiddo, what’re you doing here?” it asked.
“What’s going on?!”
What the goddamn hell is happening? Talking pigs? I kept running and running until I ran into a massive pillow.
“So, where are we?” Mitsuko asked.
“This, this is Andy’s room; where else?” Woody replied. “Oh! You must be Andy’s new toys! Welcome to Andy’s room. He’s a pretty good kid. He’s owned me for quite a while and has taken good care of me too. You’ll love him.”

There was a deep rumbling. “Oh no! Not again!” Buzz shouted.
“ZURG!” Woody screamed. I looked down from the bed and saw a purple man in a robe. “BUZZ LIGHTYEAR! IT IS TIME FOR YOU TO DIE!” Zurg shouted.
The line was ridiculously corny, but I think he really meant it. The space ranger jumped off the bed and pressed a button on his chest. A set of gliding wings exploded from his back, and he drifted down to the ground safely. He landed perfectly, like a cat.
“Wait, Buzz!” Woody looked over at us. “I don’t know what you can do, but I’m guessing you can help us somehow. Zurg is another toy. He comes from next door. He’s Buzz’s arch nemesis. He comes once in a while to ‘greet’ us,” Woody explained throwing a lasso from his belt, letting it hook onto a lamp. When it was secure, Woody swung off it and landed on the ground safely.
“C’mon Hikaru,” Mitsuko said, getting ready to jump. She was back to her normal self again. She had tied the staff to her back with a piece of rope, so that she’d be able to carry it around with a little more ease. “We gotta help them, right? I got my magic and you’ve got your sword.”
“Let’s roll!” I shouted brightly. I jumped off the bed, soon to realise that I didn’t have wings like Buzz, and I didn’t have a lasso like Woody.
“Damn…” I muttered as I prepared myself for the fall.
“Gravity!” Mitsuko shouted from above. I fell… but as if I was in slow-motion. It was like I was but a feather. Hey, it’s just like in that dream… I thought. I reached the ground and my feet touched down lightly. I saw Mitsuko land on the ground like I had, but with a little more grace.
“You owe me one,” she said, winking.
I released the Keyblade from its keychain form and prepared for battle.

Zurg lifted his arms into the air. Small balls of black energy began to form, and then, little black things began appearing. At once I knew: somehow, the Heartless were here as well.
“Not the Heartless!” Woody wailed. It seemed that Woody and his friends had already seen the Heartless before.
Mitsuko readied her staff for an attack. “THUNDER!” she shouted as huge bolts of lighting pelted down on the Heartless, crushing them instantly.
“NO! MY HEARTLESS!” Zurg shouted.
It looks like Heartless are all over the Universe, then, I thought. The Heartless continued appearing, but in different forms. One was a big black ball with eyes. Another was what appeared to be a toy soldier. And the last was a spinning top. This one was the most deadly of them all, and I was about to find out why. SMACK!
The spinning top crashed into me, sending me flying. I was shaken, but amazingly, I was able to get up.
“Take this!” I shouted, madly swinging the Keyblade around. There was another SMASH, and I looked to see the spinning top fly into one of the black balls, making it explode like a balloon. As I watched the ball fizz up into the air I heard a roar that amazingly seemed to belong to a dinosaur. Then, looking up, I realised it was a dinosaur.

It came crashing down on Woody and the space guy.
“Hiya Buzz,” it said.
This place is getting stranger and stranger with each passing second… I thought.
“Hiya Woody. Need some help?” the dinosaur asked.
“Hey Rex, smash Zurg with one of those famous head-butts of yours,” Woody suggested.
Rex the toy dinosaur prepared himself and screamed as he charged into Zurg headfirst. Now was my chance. I sliced through the spinning tops, the soldiers and the huge balls with little effort until I reached Zurg.
“Who are you?” Zurg asked.
“I’m Hikaru, and I’m gonna kick your ass!” I shouted.
Zurg stepped back and began shooting me. A yellow ball made its way towards me and met me in the jewels.
“Oh, for the love of God,” I muttered as I fell to the ground clutching myself.
“PITIFUL FOOL!” Zurg laughed.
I was too confident in myself, and that caused my downfall. He prepared himself for a final attack. I covered my face with my Keyblade, unable to bear defeat.

Then, like the voice of an angel, someone’s mouth exploded with the words, “To infinity and beyond!”
Buzz jumped on Zurg, toppling him over. Woody ran over and helped me up.
“Hurry! Before Zurg gets up!” he shouted. Still nursing my injury, I got up and limped away, trying to reduce the throbbing pain.
Zurg blasted the space ranger off of him and aimed his gun at Mitsuko.
Her mouth opened wide, eyes blank.
He was merely metres away from her. Or was it centimetres?
There was a flash of pink and Zurg fell to the ground.
He screamed as his head collided with the ground.
Mitsuko was standing still, frozen with fear.
“What just happened…?” she asked, still slightly shaken.
Standing in front of her was the pig. Where it came from I didn’t know, but it saved Mitsuko so I appreciated its presence.
“Good job, Ham. I’m proud to have you on my side!” Buzz shouted.
The pig had launched himself straight into Zurg’s chest before he could fire.
“Hey, I had to do it. If it was you, you wouldn’t have been so lucky,” the pig, Ham, joked.
Mitsuko lifted her staff. “I think I’ll help this time,” Mitsuko said.
“What’s she doing?” Woody asked, obviously having no knowledge of magic.
“I have no idea,” I muttered.
“Uh… well, get him while he’s still down!” Woody called.
Buzz jumped on Zurg again and held him down. “GO! GET HIM!” he shouted.
A surge of blue lighting encircled Mitsuko.
What kind of magic was this? This wasn’t any element that I knew of. I had flicked through the magic book that Merlin gave her, but didn’t find anything with this description.
“Ultima!” she shouted.

A ball of black and blue energy filled the area. Everything began to warp as if it were being pulled into a black hole.
I don’t think she knew how to use that spell all to well.
“Oh, I messed it up!” she shouted, stamping her feet.
Seconds later, we were all warped into another place.
I seemed to remember this place from something. Holy crap, I think this is the same place from the dream. This was definitely the same place.
Although there was one difference. The stained glass image had changed. It was now a picture of the number three. It was beautifully detailed; it had intricate designs in and around the normally plain and dull number.
“Where’s Zurg?” Buzz, asked. We all looked around.
“Mitsuko…? What did you do…?” I asked, trying my best to stay calm.
I didn’t like this place. I sensed something evil, of pure malevolence stalking us. I could feel its breath against my neck, but when I turned around, nothing was there. Mitsuko was lying on the ground, upset that she had failed.
“How can we get out of here?” Woody asked.
“You tell me,” Ham replied.
“Curse him. Zurg must have done this!” Buzz shouted. I was getting to know these, people, toys, whatever pretty well.
Buzz seemed like he was from some kind of video game. “Welcome,” said a voice, breaking the silence abruptly. I turned around.

It was a man in a coat, a black coat, the black coat.
“Do you still seek the Keyblade master?” he asked.
Woody, Buzz, Ham and Mitsuko looked at me in confusion. It was as if they couldn’t see him.
“Who is the Keyblade master?” I asked, remembering my reason for starting this ‘adventure’.
“I cannot answer that question, as it is too obvious,” the man replied.
I looked down at my hand. Sure enough, a Keyblade was in it. Was I the Keyblade master? Was the death of my mother my fault?
“And now, for that fight that I promised,” he added.
I eyed him, struggling to recall when he had promised a fight, but then I remembered that he had said that I needed to fight him before I could escape; but that was right before he disappeared. He lifted his hand out of his sleeve and clicked his fingers.
“Whaoh!” Mitsuko shouted. The others were being sucked into a gaping hole floating above the pillar.
“Help!” she shouted. They all began to spiral around and eventually disappeared.
I couldn’t move my legs. I was alone. No Mitsuko. No Buzz. No Woody. No Ham. No Rex. Alone.
“Do not worry. They have just been transported back to the world you were in before,” the man said. He opened his palm and readied himself.
I held the Keyblade in front of me with both hands. A small ball of energy formed in his hands. Blue turned to red, and two glowing red and orange beams of light appeared in both of his arms. “This is it. PROOVE YOURSELF, BOY!”
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May 1, 2005
Wonderland. We're all mad here! :D
Violence?! VIOLENCE! Zomg, Toy Story. <3 -starts quoting it- Hikaru's a cowboy. Kinky. xD -tries to remember how this world ends- Curse my memory.

Awesome update!



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Apr 11, 2006
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Glad you both enjoyed it. I'd appreciate it if you helped spread KHLM awareness somehow. ^^

And Kaze, the ending of this world, from my memory is absolute sh!te. I was revising chapters, making them better and stuff. So far I'm only up to 15. D:

And if you're planning on reading until this fic is over, I'm sick of Disney worlds and the like, so I'm going to have a timeskip. So in total, there's only like 3 worlds; the rest are original and stuff... kinda. =/


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Apr 11, 2006
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That world was remotely fun to write about, but it's really out of place. I guess it's just there for character development. ._.


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Apr 11, 2006
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Chapter 11

I readied myself for a battle that could’ve easily been my last. The hooded man began to run towards me at an amazing speed.
I shifted myself to the left and held my Keyblade out, hoping it’d hit him. I heard a smack. It was I who was hit. I fell onto the ground, merely inches from the edge of the pillar.
“Pathetic vermin you are,” the man said.
“Shut up!” I got up, and lifted my Keyblade above my head with my right hand. I leapt up and prepared to strike. The man looked up, the shadow covering his face slowly becoming dimmer. His face was becoming visible. That one desire, that yearning, to see that man’s face was my downfall. Literally. I fell down before I was able to hit him.
The man chuckled.
The blades in his hands glowed with a colossal power. His arms flowed with electricity from an unknown source. He lifted his arm. My eyes went wide as I saw the face of my would-be executioner. Something about that face was disturbing. Very disturbing. But so familiar.
The blade went down…

…but not before I lifted up my Keyblade parrying the surely fatal blow. “I’ve seen this move before,” muttered the man.
“Sorry, but you should’ve learned from my mistake,” I said. He looked at me. “Don’t ever hesitate.”
I flipped my Keyblade around in my hand, sent a huge blow into the spot between the man’s legs. He didn’t even seem hurt, let alone feel the excruciating pain of a blow in the genitals. Now I wasn’t so sure if he was a man. He just looked at me, my Keyblade’s tip still touching him.
“Your childish blows do nothing. I am no longer human. I do not share the same weaknesses as you scum. I am…” WHAM.
I spun around on my heel, with Keyblade in both hands and slashed at his face. It was disturbingly effective. His head was bent askew. He fell to the ground, only to flip straight back up.
“That is more like it,” he said, cracking his neck back into place. I shuddered at the sound. “Now, this fight truly begins,” he said.

He flipped into the air, arms waving about.
I used my Keyblade as a shield to block his attacks, but barely managed. He was overpowering me with ease.
“Your ability is not equal to that of the Keyblade Master,” he said, suddenly unleashing a huge wave of energy at me.
That was a relief. If the Keyblade Master was stronger than me, that meant the Keyblade Master couldn’t be me, and in turn meant that there would be no way that I would be responsible for Mum’s death. I was sent flying back, crashing onto the ground. Well, a lower chance anyway…
I could’ve blocked it, but I was too busy thinking.
He walked up to me. That face. It sent a cold chill down my spine every time I saw it. He plunged one of his blade arms into my left shoulder. The pain came in a huge explosion. I roared with pain as the searing hot blade plunged into my flesh.
Blood splattered across my face, sending fear throughout my very soul. This was it: death. He lifted up his other arm and plunged the other blade into my right arm. The Keyblade slipped from my fingers. My fingers were shivering. It was over…

I blinked. I was still on the pillar, except I was standing, alone. Something was out there, in the darkness, waiting. Something was there. I was sure of it. But nothing came.
I sat down, on the cold glass. That face. That face was so disturbingly familiar. I had seen it before. Before it became what it was. I was connected to that face. Somehow. The pupils were a lifeless grey. The hair, a ghostly pale purple.
How I had ended up here only moments before my certain demise escapes me, but I wasn’t one to complain.
I felt a nudge on my right arm. I turned around. Nothing was there.
I started shaking. I wasn’t shaking myself, though; someone or something was doing it.
“LET GO!” I screamed. It didn’t stop. I could hear a voice; a familiar voice.
“Hikaru!” it shouted. Mitsuko?
“Mitsuko? Is that you?” I asked. The shaking and the screaming continued. I didn’t think it’d stop. My arms were being gripped by someone, or something. Then, everything started to disappear. The darkness faded into light.
“Hello!” shouted another voice in the distance.
Something began to appear in the blinding light. Something pink. “Hey kid!” it shouted.
I opened my eyes.

Weren’t my eyes already open?
The first thing to greet me was not a huge pillar surrounded in darkness, but a pig.
I shouted in fright.
In response, he screamed and jumped back as well.
“Ham!” I shouted. He landed next to me, insides spilling out. Funnily enough, his insides were actually coins.
“Ouch,” he moaned, dazed.
“Where am I?” I said, rubbing my head.
“Oh my god, Hikaru! I’m so glad you’re okay,” Mitsuko shouted, hugging me. There was a strange sensation to that hug.
“We’re in Andy’s Room,” replied a cowboy, who I recognized as Woody.
“What happened?” I asked.
“We just arrived here and you fainted,” Mitsuko replied. I looked down at my arms.
“Holy heavens!” I screamed. My arms were covered in blood, but curiously I didn’t feel pain.
“I’ve healed your wounds, but, I forgot the clean up the mess,” said Mitsuko, blushing.
Was that a dream? Did I really fight that man?
“Mitsuko, how did I cut my arms?” I asked.
“I dunno,” she replied, scratching her head.
Buzz went up to me.
“You began jerking and your arms just seemed to explode,” he answered. I got up, rubbed my arms and looked around. “That doesn’t sound too normal…” I muttered.
How could I have had such a lifelike dream? Was it even a dream? Too many questions.


The doors opened, and a tall man walked out.
“Hello there,” he said. His voice sounded mellow, yet menacing. He pulled something out of his black coat. Something blue. He strapped it onto his wrist and shook it around a bit. “I take it that you are Riku,” he said, still looking at the blue object on his wrist. “And?” Riku replied weakly.
There was a soft whoosh and the man was suddenly running towards Riku.
“Your eyes are useless. You don’t need them,” Vexen said as the air around him was torn apart by his incredible speed. The friction that Vexen’s weapon created made the tiny molecules of air explode around him. Riku flinched.
“Wha…” He never finished the word. Vexen slashed Riku across his face. Riku screamed in pain. The tears coming out just made the pain even worse. Blood spewed out of the holes in his head. One slash, striking both of his eyes.
“What are you doing?!” Riku sobbed.
He rubbed his eyes, at least what was left of them.
He was blind. Utterly blind. He had to control the pain, but he couldn’t. He tried to get up but fell on the floor, soaked in blood. Riku pushed himself up with his right arm, determined to exact revenge for Vexen’s actions.
“I think you’ll need some new clothes too,” Vexen said, without emotion, throwing a black bundle onto Riku’s body. Larxene looked at Vexen.
“I think you overdid it…”
“Meh,” he replied.


“Well, hello there Hikaru,” said a dinosaur. It was Rex.
“How’s he know my name?” I asked.
“I told them about you,” Mitsuko replied.
“I need some water…” I moaned, my voice hoarse from lack of hydration.
The blood was beginning to get irritating; it was drying up and made my arms and clothes sticky. I needed a shower.
Woody, the cowboy came up to me with what appeared to be a thumbtack full of water.
“Here you go. I don’t know why you’d want water if you’re one of the normal toys around here. I guess you could be some new brand,” he said. “I never knew toys could bleed as well…” he added.
“I’m not a..”
Mitsuko nudged me in the elbow.
“Um, we’re just going to have a private chat. Could you just give us somewhere to talk alone?” she asked.
Woody pointed to a small box on the corner of the bed. “There’s a nice place,” he said. We walked over to the box and made our way in.
Buzz rammed his shoulder into the box, piercing a hole right through it.
“They’re agents of Zurg, plotting against us!” he shouted, firing his laser past my ear.
“What?!” I shouted, jumping back. “Just, leave us alone for a sec!”
Mitsuko and I walked off to the little box.
“Hikaru!” she hissed.
“World Order!”
“What the hell?”
“Merlin told me that when we travel, we can’t talk about other worlds!”
“Why not?”
“It destroys the World Order!”
“Um… okay,” I said, ending the conversation, although still no content with her explanation.
With that done, we left the box.
“Now that you’re better we can look for Katsu,” she said. The sentence burnt into me. The soft feeling of her hands around my body turned to an excruciating sting. The feeling faded.
I stood in front of her, eyes blank. “Okay. But what makes you think he’s here?” I muttered.
“Well he must’ve ended up somewhere close by, right? So if he wasn’t in Traverse Town, maybe he’s here.” she explained.
Was she merely using me to help her find Katsu? What about me? What was I to her now that Katsu was gone? Did she already forget my near-death ordeal?
“Don’t you care about me…?” I muttered under my breath bitterly. “Why Katsu? What has he done?!”
Her eyes detailed an expression filled with shock. She was frozen solid, speechless. “What do you mean, Hikaru…?”


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Apr 11, 2006
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Another short one.

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Chapter 12


The man had disappeared.
Sora’s shirt began dampen as rain pelted down on him. He needed some new clothes, and fast. He was cold; excruciatingly cold.
The people, or things, keeping him captive took most of his clothes and left him with nothing but a ragged shirt and a pair of shorts. Both articles of clothing seemed to be at least ten years old.
He had barely escaped, when he saw her. Kairi. At least he thought it was her. As he reached out for her a man had taken her. His appearance was almost exactly the same as the enigmatic figure who had disappeared only moments earlier. “She is gone,” Sora remembered the man saying.
Sora sat down on a bench and began to think. What did he mean? Sora thought. Who are these people in those coats? What do they want from me?
He remembered her cherry-red hair, glowing in the sunset of Destiny Islands. The last sunset.
It was funny. Sitting here, alone in this chilly, desolate city, Sora was able to finally think about what he had done, but more importantly, what he had lost.
His home, his mother, Riku, Kairi, Donald, Goofy, the King, Cloud, Leon, Aerith, Yuffie, Cid... Sora was by himself.
What had become of my mother? Sora thought. Had she perished with the Islands, or was she alive somewhere else?
He had failed Kairi. Her good luck charm, which he promised to give back to her, had been stolen. Sora had only been able to take one of the shells from the charm in his struggle; the rest was gone.
Along with that, his gift from Riku had also been taken. His two greatest weapons, the memories of his two closest friends were gone.
All taken away by that man. Sora could recall his red hair, his devilish eyes, glowing with malevolence. Just the thought of him angered Sora. His name was Axel, and Sora swore to take revenge for what he did.

Sora rubbed his head as the rain kept falling.
He didn’t know how he got here, but it seemed he wasn’t going to get out. While searching for King Mickey and Riku, Sora and his friends, Goofy and Donald reached a crossroads.
The three decided to split up, Sora going left, Goofy and Donald going straight. The path on the right remained empty as they searched. Soon, Sora had found himself lost, stuck in a maze of endless crossroads.
Then, he was confronted by the hooded man, the first one.
All he could remember after that was ending up in a castle.
Goofy and Donald had been separated from Sora, and when Sora had finally escaped, he couldn’t see any signs of his friends, and he had no clue to their whereabouts.
He had opened a door and ended up here. As he stepped out, the door had disappeared, destroying all or what little hope there was of finding Goofy and Donald.
Thinking about the castle brought back bad memories. He had been trapped there for a whole year, being interrogated by them. And he was told a truth that he had never realised. They, the hooded ones, spoke of hidden memories. Of her. Naminé. Who was Naminé? She seemed so familiar, yet, so alien.

He recalled what the girl, Larxene said.
“You don’t belong here. Where did you get that charm?”
“Naminé…She gave it to me…”
“Hmm, Naminé…”
So many thoughts; all clouding Sora’s mind. He had lost all hope. He took out his Keyblade. Its silver shaft glistened.
“What good is this anyway?” he asked himself. He imaged a life without the Keyblade, without the Heartless. He saw Riku, Kairi and him, running along the cool beach of Destiny Island. He saw Kairi’s face, smiling, her blonde hair, shining bright in the sunlight.
“Blonde?” he muttered.

“Where are you?”
“Hey, you know the new girl at the mayor's house?”
“No. Not without K- Naminé…”
“I know you will!”
“This time, I’ll protect you!”
“Don’t ever forget. Wherever you go, I’ll always be with you…”

Was Naminé Kairi? Or was Kairi Naminé? Who is Naminé? Why was he thinking about her? Why? Why did she plague him? Why did he love her?
“Why?!” Sora shouted. He felt a tingly feeling inside whenever he thought of her. The same feeling he felt when he held Kairi’s hand that one last time. Strangely, he didn’t seem to feel the same about Kairi anymore; she was beginning to feel like a stranger; somebody Sora didn’t know. He felt an unseen force taking over him. The rain pelted down on his face.
Why was this happening? Why did he feel this way about this girl who he never even knew existed? Was he still Sora?

What had Sora discovered in the castle? He didn’t even know himself. Why couldn’t he remember? What was happening to him?

“So many questions…” said a voice.
“Who was that?”
“You know the truth. Why do you still seek so many answers?”
“What the heck is the truth?”
“You should already know…”


She walked along the white marbled corridor. She knew he was nearby. She would find him. Even if it meant defying what keeps the worlds in order. Destiny…


May 1, 2005
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Chapter 13


Kyle positioned himself, ready for the worst. “What do you want?” Kyle asked. Axel stared back at him.
They were in a dark room, with streams of light running around different paths on the ceiling, the walls and even the ground.
“Nothing.” Axel smiled.
Something sparked in Kyle’s mind.
Kyle looked down. What was he saying? Axel lifted his hands up. Kyle knew this was going to hurt.
Steadying himself, he prepared for Axel’s oncoming assault. Two red rings of fire appeared in Axel’s hands. The fire began to take shape. Soon, his weapons were firmly grasped in his hands.

The attack was swift, merciless. Axel sped towards Kyle, rings out. One slash was all it took, sending Kyle hurtling into the sky. “Oh shit!” Axel shouted, flying into the air. He whacked Kyle back down to the ground, actually saving his life.
Kyle got up.
“Phew, I thought I lost you there…” Axel muttered.
“Why’d you save me?”
“Why should I tell you,” Axel replied, sticking his tongue out.
This guy is getting annoying, Kyle thought. He lifted his two weapons up, the white in his left hand, the black in his right.
“Do you know what they are?” Axel asked.
Kyle paused. “No, no I don’t,”
“They are Keyblades. Keys to the heart of worlds. Bringers of death and destruction…”
Kyle froze. Death? Destruction?
“…and then, bringers of peace and hope.”
“What are you trying to say?”
“You must choose your path. And choose well at that.”
Kyle stared at Axel. His face was rigid. “Why do I have to choose?”
Without thinking, he swung his Keyblades at Axel. Axel dodged with ease.
“You’re not gonna do anything if you fight like that… Why do you have to choose? Nah, I was kidding; you don’t have to. You can take the middle path.” Axel teased. He pointed at Kyle’s Keyblades. Bringers of death and destruction, and then peace and hope. Kyle repeated the words in his mind.
Kyle slashed at Axel with all his might. He lifted his feet off the ground; it was happening again. A huge surge of energy, flowing freely throughout Kyle’s body. It was time.

Kyle threw his Keyblade, the one in his left hand. As he did it, that boy, Sora’s face appeared in his mind. Axel’s mouth was wide open, in terror. He tried to deflect the spiralling Keyblade, but to no avail. He was sent flying through the air, landing down, barely inches from the edge. “Holy crap, kiddo!” Axel shouted, wide-eyed.
And with that, Axel disappeared into the darkness once more. Kyle landed back onto the ground, the Keyblade he threw returning to him. Kyle flinched as it approached. He half expected it to hit him, but when he opened his eyes, it was in his hand. How did he learn that? Destiny?


He was feeling better, regardless of his permanent injury. His eyes were gone. He lay on the floor, the blood around his body slowly drying up. It made for a strange sight. Just a boy, lying motionless on the ground, breathing hoarsely, covered in blood, all alone.
He tried to get up, but fell back down. He was losing blood, but he didn’t care. It was over, and that comforted him.
The madness, the love, the insanity, the darkness. Sora and Kairi. He’d never se them again.
“Get up,” said a voice. Riku moaned. He felt a sharp pain in his side. It was only then that he realised that he’d been kicked. The pain shot through him like a bullet. He shouted in pain, tears flowing out of where his eyes used to be.
“Haven’t I been tormented enough?” he sobbed.
“This is for your own good,” the person replied. He lifted Riku up and tore his blood-stained shirt off.
“What the hell?” Riku shouted, trying to free himself.
“Wha?!” Riku screamed. What’s going on?
The person suddenly threw a black coat over him. Power flooded through Riku’s veins in a powerful jolt. He lifted his hands. The energy pulsed through Riku’s arms. His fingers tingled. He was alive again…


Mitsuko stood in front of me, wide eyed. My hands were clenched in fists. “W-w-what d-do you mean?” Mitsuko muttered, reiterating. I opened my mouth, but nothing came out.
“Hikaru? Are you okay?” she asked.
“I’m sorry. I’m not really sure what I’m saying anymore…” I replied blankly.
What had I said? Where did it come from?
Mitsuko looked down at her toes, trying not to look me in the eyes. “No… it’s my fault. We shouldn’t be in such a hurry. You should get your wounds fully healed first… I’m sorry,” Mitsuko said, looking sad.
“No, I’m sorry. Just forget it ever happened. So, what’s been going on?” I asked, putting the events of the past few seconds behind me.
“Nothing really,” Buzz replied.
“Just you fainting,” Woody added.
“Hey, I was wondering, are you any good at fighting?” Ham asked.
“Why do you ask?” I replied.
“We need help,” Ham answered.
“Well, I guess I’m okay,” I said.
“The Heartless are in this house, watching our every move, waiting to strike,” said a voice.
The Heartless. They had killed Cid.
A small brown potato-like thing appeared next to me.
“Mr. Potato’s the name. I know lots about Heartless,” the potato said, holding out his hand.
“Okay, hello there Mr. Potato,” I said, returning a handshake.
“So, tell me about the Heartless,” I said, pretending not to know.
“They’re creatures who appeared out of nowhere. They came around the same time Andy got Buzz,” Mr. Potato explained.
“Who’s Andy?” I asked.
“Oh, he’s just a kid who takes care of us,” Mr. Potato said.
“So, they come around every once and a while and steal a toy’s heart,” he added.
“Oh, it’s always terrible,” Rex said, trembling.
“We try to fight them off, but we just aren’t strong enough,” Buzz said.
“I’ll help. I have the Keyblade,” I called out proudly.

“What’s a Keyblade?” Woody asked.
“A celestial weapon created in Kingdom Hearts, used to destroy the Heartless and save worlds!” Mitsuko interrupted.
Kingdom Hearts? Why did it sound so familiar? What was it?
“Mitsuko, how’d you know that?” I asked.
“Merlin told me,”
“Why didn’t you tell me?”
“You never asked!” she replied, poking her tongue out.
I remembered the Heartless that I saw from that apparent dream.
“Hey, was there a Heartless shaped as a bouncy ball?” I asked.
“How’d you know?” Mr. Potato asked.
I said nothing. The dream was real. But, how could it be? How could it be real? How could it be so accurate? Was it real?
I looked down at my feet.
“I don’t know…”
“Why don’t you?” Woody asked.
“I just don’t know,”
I was confused, just like I had been for the past week or so. I don’t think I’m ready to fight just yet. I needed a break.
“Sorry, but, I don’t think I can help you,” I said. I began to walk away.
I turned around. Ham looked at me, his hand full of small ball like objects.
“We’ll give you munny,” he said.
“How much?” I asked.
“Two thousand per mission,” he replied.
“Two thousand, eh?” I muttered, looking at Mitsuko.
“We’ll accept your offer,” she said, smiling.

I was about to ask for a rest when a huge explosion rocked the bed.
“They’re here! For the love of God, they’re here!” Rex shouted, pointing to the ground with his stick-like hands.
The Heartless had come for their daily feed. One of the soldier Heartless growled at me from beside the bed and raised its gun. I decided to call them simply toy soldiers.
The toy soldier shot a round at me. I summoned my Keyblade as fast as I could and deflected the round, sending it flying right back at the Heartless.
I jumped off the bed and prepared for an all out assault. I realised that I should give the other Heartless names as well. The balls, Bouncers and spinning tops, Tornadoes were closing on me, as well as a horde of toy soldiers in the back.
“Let’s get it started…” I muttered.

A Bouncer leapt into the air, determined to crush me. Powered by impulse, I lifted my Keyblade over my head in a vertical position. The Bouncer landed directly onto the Keyblade.
A gust of air exploded out of the ball and sent the rubber-like body spiralling into the air. I regained my balance and ran towards the horde of oncoming monsters.
I held my Keyblade out and ran past the Heartless, slashing them into pieces as they passed through the Keyblade.
“Hikaru! Over here!” shouted an effeminate voice. I looked up. Mitsuko was in a helicopter, calling out for me. A ladder dropped.
“GRAB ON!” Buzz shouted, coming into view. I took hold of the ladder, kicking off any Heartless that tried to grab at my leg.
We were safe for now.
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