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Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts ~ Lost Memories

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Apr 11, 2006
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No updates yet. I've just been busy these holidays with homework and KH2, which just came out here.

Except something within the next fortnight.


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Apr 11, 2006
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Yay, update!

Chapter 21


“Where is he?” she asked.
Silence. The hooded figure lay on the ground, Keyblade at his neck.
“I can’t tell you.”
She glared at him, pushing the weapon closer. “You may be a king; but that doesn’t mean you can’t die,” she muttered, drawing her weapon back. She lunged down with the Keyblade, surely destroying the figure. But it was gone. Completely vanished in the blink of an eye.
“King Mickey,” the girl muttered, smiling.
He was gone. A stool lay on the ground, crumbled. Memories.


There was a grunt. I turned around. “Woody! Get out of the way!” I shouted, diving over to Woody, knocking him down. Slam. A huge fist plunged into my leg and I screamed with pain.
“Hikaru!” Ham shouted. The Heartless had recovered from the shock of the sudden gush of air into its mouth.
“Help me up!” I shouted. The toys ran to me, all trying to help.
“Are you okay?” Jessie asked. I winced.
“Yeah, I’m fine,” I muttered, trying to conceal my pain. I took out my Keyblade. “We’ll worry about Mr. Potato and Mitsuko later!” I shouted.
Ham looked worried. After all his effort, he hadn’t seemed to make a difference. “I’ll go look for the others; not that I’m scared or anything!” Ham said, reassuringly.
“Let’s go boys!” Jessie yelled, running towards the beast.

It roared as it grabbed a wriggling and screaming Rex off the ground in its block-like claw. “Woody! A little help here!” wailed Rex.
Woody stood still, thinking. His eyes shone with confidence as he threw his lasso into the air. It latched onto Rex’s leg as he shouted in surprise. The beast grunted. “Hey guys! Pull!” Woody called, signalling us to pull Rex free. The beast struggled as we burnt out all of our strength trying to free the dinosaur.
There was a pop, and it was only then that Woody realised what he had done.
We had pulled Rex’s leg out of the plastic socket. “Oh dear…” Rex muttered. The beast roared as the drill in its other arm blazed to life.

Rex’s body was completely still as he twiddled his thumbs, preparing himself for the worst. “Darn it!” Woody shouted, staring up in horror, the limb leg attached to his lasso, lying on the ground.
“Woody! I have an idea!” Buzz shouted. Woody turned around sadly and faced Buzz. “There’s no hope.”
“What do you mean? What happened to your spirit? What happened do your courage?” Buzz shouted, almost taunting him. Buzz turned to me.
“I’ll need your help then. That is if Woody can’t help.” Woody looked into Buzz’s eyes, thinking hard. Rex’s shouts could be heard in the distance. Woody looked at me; I nodded.

I felt strangely insignificant, even though I seemed to be a Keyblade wielder, but I was glad Woody was taking a stand. “I’ll help!” I called.
Buzz clasped my hand and shook it firmly. “We’ll have to be quick.
“Woody! Give me the lasso!” Woody passed it over and Buzz caught it with his spare hand.
“Woody, grab my arm!” He did so, placing his hand next to mine. “Okay, this may seem insane, but you have to trust me,” Buzz explained.
“Okay, whatever. Let’s do this thing!” I shouted.
“Good luck!” Slinky called, waving to Woody.

The plan – as farfetched as it sounded – had our fates in the balance. There were merely seconds left before the beast would plunge its drill into Rex’s chest. Rex was still, head to tail. “Okay!” Buzz roared, firing his laser into the Heartless’ helmet, sending the beam ricocheting off it and into a pot on one of the kitchen benches.
It fell down, slamming and exploding on the creature. It roared with pain as it released the now panicking Rex.
“This is the last part guys. You ready?” Buzz asked. We nodded.
“Till the end,” I said, looking at my new friends.
“Till the end,” they echoed, grinning.

Buzz leapt onto a ruler with us hanging off his arm. “Slinky! Push that bowl off the table and onto the ruler!” Buzz called.
Then I realised; he was going to send us into the air with this ‘lever’. Slinky fluidly made himself to the top of the table and pushed. No luck. “Buzz, it’s too heavy! I can’t get it down!” Was that it? Was that all our hope lost? SLAM. The flailing figure of Rex flew down from the sky, sending the bowl on the bench tumbling down towards the ruler on which Buzz, Woody and I were standing on.
“To infinity…” Buzz began. “AND BEYOND!” We flew up as the creature began to get back on its legs.
“Let go!” Woody shouted. We both let go and flew in all different directions. Buzz landed on the left arm, Woody landed on the right, while I landed on the helmet. I used my Keyblade to pierce through the transparent plastic protecting the Heartless within. There was a huge gush and the force of destroyed vacuum sucked me into the small chamber in which the Heartless lay. I could hear the chaos outside, the thrashing arms of the enraged beast flying in all directions, trying to shake out the intruders. The Heartless within stared at me; but didn’t move. I stared back, eyeing the small beast.
Confidently, I swiped at it. Amazingly enough, the Heartless was unharmed. It didn’t even seem to have felt anything. Did my Keyblade even make contact?
WHAM. I felt a huge explosion at my chest and I realised I had been hit. I flew across the small chamber, hitting the wall. The Heartless was nowhere to be seen.

Outside, Woody and Buzz where attacking the arms, trying their best to keep hold. There was a bang and the right arm came off. Woody jumped into the hole where the helmet used to be, landing next to me. “Hey, where’s that Heartless?” he asked. Buzz could be heard outside shouting “Stay down!”
I looked up and faced Woody. “I have no idea.”
“What do you mean? It’s hiding in this chamber, isn’t it?” he asked in disbelief.
“I just don’t k…”
Woody was sent hurtling forwards, smashing into me. Behind him stood none other than the creature that killed Bullseye.
“Woody, you take over. I’ll help Buzz,” I said, slowly getting up.
“You’ll pay for what you did to my friend.” Woody took out his pistol, ready to fire. I made my way out as the distant sounds of gunfire could be heard. The arm of the huge machine waved about, nearly knocking me off my feet.
“Hikaru!” Buzz shouted. He had his whole body clasped against the huge arm like a claw. “Use your pull-string and get me outta here!”
My pull-string? Oh, how could I have forgotten? I reached behind my back and pulled some string out with the small ring. It seemed like there was quite a bit.
“Use it as a lasso!” Buzz suggested, barely hanging on. It seemed hard, but I had to try. I had to get this over with so I could find Mitsuko. I have to.
I pulled out some more of my pull-string, and threw it with all the energy left inside my body. I tightly held on to the end, just to make sure the string didn’t come back before it reached him. Buzz reached out with one hand.
It fell…

…right into his palm. I let go and the words “There’s a snake in mah boot!” rang in my ears. He was pulled in by the string and landed on the right shoulder beside me.
I heard Woody shouting with pain as he was slammed into the ground. “Buzz! We have to help him! I can do it!” I shouted, taking out my Keyblade. I walked forward, but got caught on something. No, it was Buzz.
“This is Woody’s fight. We can’t interfere.”
Poor Woody, I thought. “Well, we have to do something!” I shouted.
“We’ll finish our job and get rid of this monster!” Buzz exclaimed. “I’ll go in first; you stay behind me,” Buzz said.
“Okay, whatever. Just as long as we can get out of this alive and in one piece.”
Buzz looked back at me with a grin. “I can’t guarantee that,” he replied, winking. “Now let’s go!”
He ran along the shoulders and reached the arm, still in a frenzied tantrum. I could hear more gunshots and a small bubbly sound. Then I looked back, seeing a small heart float into the air. Had he done it? I heard a sigh of relief coming from inside the chamber. “Woody?” Buzz called.
“I beat it,” he replied weakly.
I smiled. “Good job Woody,” I said, congratulating him on accomplishing what I couldn’t. I felt a gush of wind against my face.
“Ahh…” I sighed. Sweet Jesus! I had leaned forward too much! I had fallen onto the spiralling arm and was now grabbing onto nothing but a small finger. I could barely hold onto the Keyblade, let alone the tiny claw-like finger of the empty ‘shell’. I slipped. “HIKARU!” Buzz shouted, reaching out in vain.

I flew through the air, propelled by the winding force of the insane arm. I smashed into the wall and landed face first onto an upper bench.
“Oh, shit…” I moaned. I looked up and saw a small hole. My arm suddenly moved up. I was losing control of my arm! I tried to keep it down, but, it just kept trying to point towards the hole. It looked like a keyhole of some kind. Keyhole. I gave up the fight, and my arm, and Keyblade with it pointed straight towards the tiny, glowing hole.
The Keyblade pointed towards the ‘keyhole’ and a small red dot appeared at the tip.
“Huh?” A small beam shot out and somewhere, I heard the sound of a door locking. Keyhole.


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Apr 11, 2006
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Sorry for making you wait. :/

I've just been feeling a bit down lately, and upcoming exams at school aren't helping. I promise I'll get something done within 30 days. Feel free to check out my dA, my website and some other fan fics which I host on my site.

Once again, so sorry! :c


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Apr 11, 2006
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I'm actually working on the next chapter now... While your waiting, maybe get some more people to read, if possible. More readers always makes me feel more inclined to start updating. ;3

Chapter 22


“Well, are you ready to meet our leader?” Larxene asked. Kyle felt a strange feeling of dread fill his mind.
“Uh, I’m not sure…”
Larxene ruffled his hair and replied cooly, “It’s okay. He isn’t some evil tyrant; you don’t need to be scared.”
Kyle still wasn’t sure if he could trust any of these people yet.
“Hey, I have a question.”
Larxene looked back at him, waiting for him to say something.
“Could you explain why we’re chosen more clearly?” Kyle asked. “I’m still completely in the dark here…”
“Oh, sorry. I didn’t explain very well.” Larxene apologised, blushing.
“Well, uh, what you lose is usually dear to you and decides what your destiny would be. Like I said before, after you lose that person or thing, your destiny is gone. You become nothing. Our leader grants us a new destiny. In return, we do his work. We help keep Destiny the way it should be, and along the way, try to find a way to rid the Universe of the Heartless. But the core of this whole thing is our leader is making us… whole again. Without destinies, or replacements, we would be doomed to fade into the dark, or light, depending where we are. Got it all?”
Fade into the light or dark, depending on where we are? Kyle thought, feeling puzzled. “Okay, thanks for explaining that. I’m still pretty confused about the situation, but, let’s just go.”
Larxene looked annoyed. “Well, alright.”
The two of them walked into the corridor, passing by what seemed like hundreds of doors.
“Um, how many rooms are there here?” Kyle asked, looking around curiously. The corridor seemed to stretch forever.
“To tell the truth, I don’t even know,” Larxene replied, laughing.
Kyle, despite being rather unnerved, continued on. They continued to slowly make their way across the possibly endless corridor until they reached a huge double door, towering above them. “Well, here we are.” Kyle edged closer, his anticipation growing with each step.
“Go on, open it.”
Kyle turned around. “Aren’t you coming?” he asked.
“Sorry, I’m not allowed to. Have fun,” she replied, turning away.
Oh boy… Kyle thought, sighing.

The doors creaked open as Kyle pushed. They were stiff, as if they hadn’t been used in a long time. A wave of mist floated past Kyle’s face, smothering him, intruding into his vision. He closed the door. There was deep breathing somewhere behind what appeared to be a curtain.
“Hello 12th” said a voice. It seemed to come from all directions. Kyle spun around, searching for the source of the sounds. Nothing.
“You cannot see me.”
“What? Who are you?!” Kyle screamed. In a burst of what seemed to be mix of adrenaline and fear, Kyle ran towards the curtain and pulled it away.
“You cannot see me.”
This is madness, Kyle thought. Insanity. He felt a force grab his arm. It lifted up his sleeve, revealing his bare upper arm.
“LET GO!” he shouted.
“Welcome to the 13th Order,” chuckled the ominous voice.

He felt a small prick on his arm, barely scrubbing against the surface of his arm. What the? There was a small pop, and Kyle saw blood. He screamed in pain, as he fell to the ground as the small device plunged into his arm.


It came out, and Kyle felt a huge burning sensation on his left arm. It was then that he realised, to his horror, that he had been branded. The number ‘12’ was burnt into his skin, leaving a permanent mark. His skin still bubbled on the surface and was a deep red around the burn.
“What was that for?!” he shouted.
“It happens to all.”
“What the hell?” Back to square one—absolute obliviousness.
“Do you know your destiny?” the voice asked.
“What? The boat salesman thing?” Kyle replied.
The voice laughed hoarsely. “No. You are special among us… you still have a destiny, 12th…”
“Tell me; tell me what my destiny is!” Kyle demanded. At that point he had forgotten his old life, and his parents with it. He had forgotten Twilight Town. Forgotten his old fate.
“Do you see your Keyblades?” the voice asked.
“Uh, wha?” Two lights shone in the darkness of the room, and sure enough, Kyle’s weapons returned to his hands. White and black. Light and dark.
“Oh, those.” Something about them brought back memories. Of friends. Friends that he never knew.
“Do you see the pendant on your neck?” the voice asked. Kyle looked down, seeing the cross just above his chest. Friends. It was a gift. It was just like his friend’s.
It had been given to him on his twelfth birthday. It was placed under his pillow, and Kyle assumed it was from the lady at the orphanage. It was somewhat a good-luck charm for him. He took it with him everywhere.
Both Kyle and Hikaru’s pendants where similar. Kyle’s was pearly white, and Hikaru’s was a dazzling silver. Kyle knew that somehow the two were connected.
“It is not yours,” muttered the voice.
Kyle’s eyes flared. “What do you mean?! It was given to me!” he shouted.
“Regardless, it is not yours. It was given to you by the 3rd. Two days before that, we knew that you were the one who’s destiny would be destroyed,” the voice explained.
“You knew?! Why didn’t you tell me?!” Kyle screamed, more enraged then ever.
“We couldn’t. You would know of our existence. We could not allow that to happen.”
“Well, I know you exist now!”
“That is because you are one of us.”
“I never ag-” He was interrupted before he could finish.
“It is evident that you are displeased, but before you joined us, you would’ve drifted off into a life of nothingness. Just like another I know. But when I saw him again, it was too late. He had changed; he reached a point of no return. Without us, your true destiny can never be realised.”
“What, so if you live your life without a destiny you change? What do you mean, change?” Kyle asked in confusion.
“Not exactly; you would drift around worlds doing nothing; just what you need to do to survive; not be able to achieve anything worth achieving. You search for a meaning for existence that does not exist.”
“Do you die?” Kyle asked, curious now. For some reason he felt like he could empathise with these people… as if he had experienced it all himself at one point. But that was impossible.
“You survive, and you live a much longer life, as your mind is not at peace until it believes that you have achieved your destiny. You can be killed, but you do not die naturally until you have achieved what fate has put in front of you. Many of these people end up becoming Heartless,” explained the voice.
“It is time for your test,” said the voice.
Kyle could sense the being who had been talking with him was smiling now. There were eerie white flames burning from candles, attached to wall-mounted lamps lit the room, revealing nothing but more desolate space. Was the Leader even in the room? Kyle thought. He looked around him, seeing a large gate.
“These are Heartless.”
“What? The gate? The lamps? What are you talking about?!” Kyle shouted.
“All of them.”
The gate began to twitch, and Kyle thought that it was about to open, but he was wrong. It burst into life, the two symbols on the gate turned into real, living, breathing creatures. “What the goddamn hell is going on?!” Kyle shouted.
No reply.
He looked at the lamps, anticipating the worst. He remembered what the voice had said. “All of them.”
Suddenly, the candles began to burn brighter, and then a figure came out of that wall, as if it was behind it the whole time, waiting for the right moment to pounce.
It flipped its body around, revealing what seemed to be a creature with two different forms. It laughed hysterically, then flipped around and began to yawn. Insanity.
“What’s going on?” Kyle shouted, staring at the hideous creatures.
They charged forth.

Kyle flung his two Keyblades to his sides and tore the two Heartless next to him apart. “Hey, that didn’t seem so…”
One of the doors on that gate smashed into him, sending him flying across the room, smashing into a wall. Kyle gasped for air, feeling his whole body becoming numb.
Then, rage kicked in.
He leapt into the air, seeing the gate amazingly bounce around the room in hot pursuit. He threw his white Keyblade down, then his black one. They spun rapidly in such amazing form that they appeared to be mirrored images, save for the distinct difference in colour. They drew a circle around the room, taking out most of the candle wielding Heartless, and headed towards the gate. After the long trip around the room, the two weapons were losing momentum, and could fall at any second. There was the clang of metal, and the two doors smashed the two Keyblades back up at Kyle.
Luckily enough, Kyle was prepared. He pushed himself forwards through the air and amazingly enough it worked. How he did it, he wasn’t sure. It was as if there was a step in the air which he could push himself off with. Shaking his head, Kyle put his mind back to the task at hand. He reached out and grabbed both of the Keyblades in his hands. The force pushed him back slightly, but he down this time, towards his enemy, and slammed down the Keyblades onto the gate as he landed.
It shattered instantly. No, it exploded. Tiny fragments of Heartless flew in all directions, before fading into nothing.
Kyle fell to the ground, all his energy gone.
The voice. “You are making amazing progress, young child.”
Kyle didn’t reply. He was at the brink of unconsciousness.
“Your anger contributes to your ability to defend yourself. An interesting trait. You are becoming one of the Order.”
Kyle tried to talk, but his mouth couldn’t move. He was too exhausted.
“But you must learn to control the anger, or you will never reach your full potential.”
His eyes began to twitch. His eyelids fluttered as he tried to retain his consciousness.
“Young one, there are still more,” said the voice.
Sure enough, as Kyle looked up, there they were.
They had all changed; changed into their other form. There were only two left, and they seemed to be in some kind of deranged tantrum.
They threw themselves at him, then grabbed his body. There was an explosion, and everything went black.

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That was grat, and i already went to khad site!!!i checked out one of the storys...the one thats being revised...actually...its called lost meories. I will work on getting others to read your awesome fic cuz that update was SWICKED!!!!!!!! thanks for writing it...and would you mind reading mine? its called reunited bladers...but only if you want to, or if you have the time? thanks again for the update!!!!! Ciao!


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Woah! Omni? you probably don't remember me... at all. But i remember you. Wow, long time. O wells, lost memories sounds familiar in some way to me. once again i don't care and i can't freak1n wait for more of your fic here!


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Whoah, shit, man! I remember you! :eek:

Where the heck have you been? I remember you joined KHAD forums after I left but disappeared soon after. Good to see you again. :)
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