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Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts ~ Lost Memories

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Apr 11, 2006
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Hey, Tok! :D

I'm going to be redoing quite a lot... I'll probably kill the GTA bit and have that as a 'lost' chapter or some shit.

And like I said earlier at KHAD, there will be changes in the plot.



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Apr 11, 2006
In your pocket.

I just can't keep concentrated on anything because of the upcoming Wii launch. SO SORRY! OMFG! >_<

I promise to get at least one update in before the end of the year or I'll chop my balls off. So remind me in case I forget! X_X


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Apr 11, 2006
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Disappontingly short, but here's an update! :D

Chapter 23

-----------------H-I-K-A-R-U ----------------

She had come back, thanks to Mr. Potato. I thanked him, along with everyone else for being so kind. I was relieved beyond words.
“Hey, that’s what friends are for,” Woody replied.
I didn’t know where I’d be without them.
It’d been a day since that battle, and everything had calmed down. It seemed that all the Heartless were gone as well, but there was still a problem. Bullseye.
His body had mysteriously disappeared after the battle, but what was truly confusing was the fact that there were his footprints on the ground, leading to outside of the house. It was as if he had just gotten up and walked away.
“Woody, I promise to find Bullseye for you, no matter how long it takes,” I told him, even though I wasn’t sure if I could stick to my word. I thought I might as well say something to cheer him up.
“No, it doesn’t matter,” Jessie interjected.
“Why not?” Mitsuko asked.
“These things happen; it’s just best to try and cope with the loss.”
“No, I made a promise, and I’m going to keep it!” I exclaimed. I remembered something my father had told me many years ago: ‘Stay true to your word, no matter what.’
“Well, we’d like to stay, but our job here is done,” I said, even though I truly did want to stay. I had to remember the real reason for my travelling: to find the Keyblade Master. Oh yeah, and to find Katsu.
“We’ll miss you!” Mitsuko called.
“Where are you gonna go?” Ham asked.
Buzz arched his eyebrow, looking confused.
“Is something going on? You don’t know where you came from?”
I waved my hands frantically, shouting “No, no! Just a, uh...mental blank!” I laughed nervously, trying to hide the truth.
“We’re from another house, but we’re moving soon,” Mitsuko corrected. I looked at her. She nodded at me, slipping in a dangerous glare in her eyes.
“Yeah, yeah, that’s it. Hehe…”

It all seemed to end so quickly, even though it lasted about a whole day. Seemed like nothing but ten minutes. Mitsuko didn’t seem to be emotionally scarred after what had happened to her.
She had explained that she was in fact kidnapped by some guy in a black coat. From the way she described him, I knew that that coat was the same as that man’s; the guy from the dream.
But she saw the man’s face, and it was nothing like the face that I saw.
She said he had an old face with long dark blonde hair, while the face that I saw seemed to belong to a corpse; pale and lifeless.
The fact that Mitsuko’s kidnapper looked different than the guy in my dream meant one thing and one thing only; there were more of them.
She had barely escaped after running after he was somehow attacked. He was attacked by another person in a black coat. Why he was attacked was a mystery to her, but she was still grateful.
So there were at least three of these mysterious people—or whatever they were.
It was then that she met up with Mr. Potato and found her way back to Andy’s house.
“I’ll see you all later!” I shouted. Ham, Rex, Mr. Potato and Slinky all waved goodbye. Woody and Buzz shook my hand, embracing our last moments together.
“We made a great team you know. We got to get together some time again,” Buzz suggested.
“We were a great team? More like me!” I joked, getting a punch in the arm from Buzz.
“The next time I see you all, I’ll be with Bullseye; you remember that!” I called out as I made my way to the gummi ship.
It was conveniently placed on the bed by Andy’s mother after she finished cleaning the old house and found the abandoned ship in the cupboard that it landed in. As I hopped into the cockpit I saw the image of Woody going over to a silent Jessie to comfort her.
I would find Bullseye and reunite him with his friends; even if it meant giving up the chance for revenge.

We waved goodbye one last time as the ship prepared to take off. There was a relatively large sunroof on the ceiling, and the ship shot through it like a bullet. The ship tore through the atmosphere, and we were back in space.
Mitsuko hadn’t talked much since she made her way back, which wasn’t like her.
“So, where to?” I asked.
“Why don’t we go back to Traverse Town? We have to ask Merlin about what’s going on,” Mitsuko suggested.
“Traverse Town it is,” I replied simply, looking away. I wanted to talk to her, but I didn’t know where to start.
I set the controls onto autopilot to Traverse Town. I sat down on the small couch next to Mitsuko. “I’ve really missed you.”
“I was worried. I thought that you’d come, but you didn’t,” she muttered.
My blood ran cold. “I swear I was going to! I just, just…”
“I’m joking!” she laughed, shoving me over. “You’re so serious sometimes,” she laughed.
“Yeah, yeah, whatever,” I replied, rolling my eyes back.
“So, did you find any sign of Katsu?” I asked. She looked upset. “Nope. Nothing at all. I’m sorry; I was so stupid to go alone. I hope you can forgive me…” she muttered quietly.
“You callin’ me serious?! Of course I forgive you!” I exclaimed, returning the shove.
She giggled in approval. Things were looking better, but I still haven’t learnt anything about this Keyblade Master yet. I would ask Merlin.


It had been a whole day since he joined the 13th Order, and nothing exciting had happened since that Vexen was found brutally attacked. Axel had brought his bloody body into the bastion, shouting for medical help.
Riku had settled in moderately well, still not being in contact with the dreaded Ansem. He had met the some of the other members: Marluxia, and Zexion. There were more, but he was told that he wasn’t allowed to meet them until his first mission.
He was coping quite well with his handicap. Even though it seemed like a massive disadvantage, it increased the force of his other senses nearly ten fold.
Riku stood in the huge room in which he had first met Larxene, getting used to using a weapon again. It felt strange using his gift from Maleficent again. Soul Eater it was called: a devourer of souls.
Axel had been gone for a while now; he said that he had some business to take care of. There was truly a nice side to him, but also a darker, more mysterious side.
He heard a voice. It was Marluxia. “Come boy; the King is here to see you.”


In order to reveal her true destiny, she would have to find him. She had to find him at all costs. She would take her rightful place as the 1st. It had be prophesized that she’d overthrow him. The Leader himself knew that his days were coming to an end.
The dark corridors of Castle Oblivion were empty; they had been abandoned.
The king was nowhere to be seen, and she had met little life since she arrived.
This was a test. She had to find him before he would surrender his title.
What was at stake? Her Keyblade.

“Give the Keyblade to me,” said a voice. The 9th. Axel.
“Why? I need it…” she replied.
“I’ve been given direct orders to take it from you. It is not yours. It belongs to the boy,” Axel explained.
“Do I care?” the girl spat.
“You have done wrong enough. You are at the top of our assassination list. You must be destroyed,” he continued.
“I want to find him. I want to be with him.”
“Who? Sora? He fears you!” Axel shouted.
“The 1st told me; Sora is destined to be with me. I love him, and he loves me too!” the girl shouted.
“No, he loves his friend; he loves Kairi…”
Her eyes seemed to ignite with a burst of anger. “He has lost if not all, nearly every single memory of you. He doesn’t even remember the time you gave him that lucky charm. He has lost his memories…”
“LIES! ALL LIES!” she cried, blocking her ears. Tears welled up, trickling down her cheek.
“WHO IS THIS KAIRI?!” the girl screamed, pointing her Keyblade at the calm 10th.
“She was the girl sent by Ansem.”
“All of your friends’ memories were erased, your position taken by Kairi,” Axel explained. It was working perfectly, Axel thought.
“I want to find him! I want to tell him the truth!” she screamed, crying uncontrollably.
“Then come, come with me and I will give you your wish; I will tell Sora the truth, Naminé…”
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