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Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts Shards of Time

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Aug 14, 2008
You tell me, stalker.
Opening: Sora sits alone on the beach of Destiny Islands. As he watches the sun set a box, carried by the waves, washes up near him. A look of dull curiosity enters his eyes and he walks half-heartedly towards it. He kneels next to it and opens it. Inside is a piece of glass of no particular shape. Disappointed, Sora throws it back in the box and it shatters. There is an incredible explosion and the screen fades to black.
After an opening sequence a girl stands on a Goofy platform. A voice says: “Time is running out… The pieces are falling together… The darkness is gaining strength… It’s alright… There is still much that needs to be done.” The girl looks for the speaker but sees no one. The voice says: “Remember your name…” The girl closes her eyes and whispers: “Sh…Shani.”
The player then gains control of Shani and goes through the training. The player learns movement and jumping on the Goofy platform, chooses their weapons on a Donald platform, reaction commands on a King Mickey platform, fighting on a Kairi platform, and meets the first new enemies on a Riku platform.
Shani stands on a Sora platform. She sees someone dressed in gray staring at her. She takes a step back and darkness seeps over her. She tries to fight it but it completely covers her.
Chapter One: Destiny Islands

Sora opens his eyes. He looks down and sees the beach of Destiny Isles. He yawns and leans backwards. He is startled to see Kairi leaning over him. He jerks up and turns around while saying: “Don’t scare me like that Kai-” He sees a girl standing over him who is definitely not Kairi. She has a somewhat blank expression on her face and her brown eyes have almost no emotion. She cocks her head and says quietly: “Who’s Kairi?”
Sora sits up, scratches his head and says: “She’s a friend of mine…” He stares at her and says: “…You look kind of like her.” He sits there for a second with a thoughtful expression on his face. He then jumps up and says said cheerfully: “My name’s Sora!” The girl looks at him blankly and says: “Shani…” Sora looks confused and says: “What?” The girl looks up and her face loses some of its blankness. She gives him a small smile and says a little more distinctly: “That’s my name…I think.” Sora stretches and says: “Well, when did you get here? I don’t think I’ve seen you before.” Shani looks thoughtful. “I don’t know.” She looks up at Sora as though seeing him for the first time. “I remember shadows…” she says as she looks out at the ocean. “…And darkness.”

The player gains control of Shani and talks to Sora who tells her a little about himself. He tells them that he is the keyblade master and offers to teach her. After she fights him he tells her to meet him at the beach.
After she explores, (The special place is blocked) talks with some of the islanders, accepts invitations to fight, and goes on a scavenger hunt with Selphie, Shani goes to the beach and Sora tells her his plan: to try and get off his world to search for Kairi, Riku, Donald, Goofy, and the King. He is hoping that if he searches he will find a way to get to Disney castle or Radiant Garden.
As Shani explores some more she sees that the special place has been opened. As she goes up to the door she sees the picture of Sora and Kairi sharing paopu fruit.
She reaches out her hand to touch it when she sees that the door to the darkness has been opened.
She walks into it and finds herself on the same platform that she was on when she was swallowed by darkness. She sees a figure standing with his back turned to her. She approaches him and he turns around. He is immediately recognized as Riku but Shani doesn’t know him.
He tells her his name and she finds out why he was hiding: a strange darkness has been trying to seduce him into giving up his body. He is afraid that if he reveals himself to Sora before he conquers the darkness he might give in and harm his friends.
Shani asks him: “Am I your friend?” Riku seems a little taken aback but then he grins and says: “Do you think you can handle having me for a friend?” He walks past her and says to her over his shoulder: “Because you’ll have to be pretty fast to keep up with me!”
He starts to run and she chases after him.
A figure silently watches them as the Riku theme from KH2 plays and then murmurs: “The light of his heart has begun to fade…” He turns and begins to walk into a dark portal. “He cannot hope to fight the darkness.”
The ground shakes suddenly. Riku and Shani stop and look around them. Shani looks sideways at Riku. “What was that?” she asks. Riku turns and says: “The heart of Destiny Isles is being opened.” Shani stares at him and says: “What does that mean?” Riku looks into the darkness surrounding them. He closes his eyes and says: “It means that Destiny Isle is going to be destroyed by the heartless.” He opens his eyes and shouts: “You’ve got to get out of here now!” Shani starts to protest when the Heartless suddenly begin to appear and they surround Riku. He summons his keyblade and suddenly falls to his knees. He clutches his heart and says: “No, I… will… not… submit!”
A Heartless jumps at him when it suddenly explodes. Sora jumps into a fighting stance in front of his friend. He looks behind him and the two friends nod to each other. Riku looks back at Shani and sees that the heartless are coming after her. He overcomes them and turns to Shani. “You might need this.” He says as he starts to give her a keyblade. The floor shakes again and more heartless appear.
A dark portal appears. Sora hesitates but Riku shouts: “It’s alright! It leads to Radiant Garden!”
Sora runs toward it then stops and shouts: “C’mon! Let’s get out of here!” Riku shouts back: “Go on, I’ll follow you!” Sora hesitates then runs through the portal. Shani is close behind him when the portal closes. She turns back only to see that the heartless have vanished and Riku is once again looking into the darkness with his back turned towards her. She takes a step towards him. He hears her and turns around. He says: “The door… has… opened.” He holds his hand out to Shani then is suddenly blasted off his feet right towards her. She gasps then he crashes into her.
She jumps to her feet and looks wildly around her. Riku lays on the ground and darkness seeps into him. He stands up and glances at her. He says without turning around: “So you’ve come back for him… the Riku you used to know.” Shani says defiantly: “Of coarse I did. He is my friend after all.” Riku turns but he is in the dark Riku’s clothes. He says “The Riku you know is gone. His heart has been destroyed.” Shani gasps when the dark Riku draws the dark keyblade that unlocks peoples hearts. Everything goes black. A light suddenly shines and the words: “The keyblade has chosen you.” go across the screen.
When Shani opens her eyes she sees that she has a keyblade. She goes into a fighting stance and shouts: “No he isn’t! You just took over his body! And when I beat you, I’m going to find his heart no matter what it takes!” The other Riku laughs then shouts: “Destiny Isles is about to be consumed by darkness. I am part of the darkness so I won’t disappear. You, on the other hand…” He smiles, points his keyblade at her then says: “You vanish into the oblivion!”
The ground shakes and throws her of her feet. When she gets up she is on the piece of destiny islands that Sora was on when he fought Darkseid for the second time. Riku stands facing her.
The player gains control of Shani and fights Riku. After the fight Riku steps into a dark portal and vanishes. Shani is sucked into the vortex. The screen fades to black as the kingdom hearts logo appears
Kairi lies on the floor of Merlin’s house. She gets up, shakes her head, and looks around her. She sees Sid working on the computer with Yuffie standing next to him. She moans: “Where am I?” Yuffie whirls around, brandishing her weapons. She sees Kairi and, looking surprised, says: “Where’d you come from?”

To be continued in Part Two: Radiant Garden
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