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Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts Side Story: Project Deku


Lanydx reborn

The Superior Lanydx
Jun 14, 2009
Kingdom Hearts Side Story: Project Deku

1. Clone Blues.

The Castle was cold, hollow, full of fractions and battle damage. On the inside it was one long white on white floor plan with fake flower boxes. The winding staircases leading to memory-based illusions. Small pocket worlds on showing a fraction of the true outside worlds.

One lone teen walked up from the second set of stairs. Out of the jaws of his creation’s placement. The silver gray haired young man heard his own foot steeps across the hallway. His blue eyes, his face, his strange purple and red mixture of a combat suit with a massive heart in the center of his chest had all been another’s He had once thought he had been born on an island paradise called Destiny Islands. He once had thought his name was Riku, he once thought he had two best friends, Sora and Kairi. He thought he had another friend named Namine that he had sworn to protect. He thought he had control over the powers of darkness and was a human being.

Everything he had thought was nothing but a lie. He was at heart a replica, a clone of the actual Riku. His creator Vexen No. 4 of the Organization, and the rest of those black coat wearing monsters in the guise of playing human had made him as a weapon, a pawn, a plaything. He had been made to test the real Riku. Then after getting false memories inplanted by their prisoner Namine, he fought the Keyblade’s chosen one Sora and his two friends Donald Duck and Goofy.

Even after trying to kill them four times, Sora had forgiven him. He had a good heart. He was going to sleep to get all his real memoires back. So Namine was making up for her past mistakes. He was about to commit an even worse mistake.

Axel, the red haired, silver tongued devil, had pulled everyone’s strings. And he thought he could do the same with sweet honey glzed words. “Wouldn’t it be nice to be the real Riku? You can be ya know.” Axel had offered him. Kill the real Riku, take his place, take his life, take his heart. He had already tried to kill Sora, Marxula, the castle’s lord and Namine’s captor. He just finished killing Zexion to steal his power of illusions. In theory he could do it. He could use the power of darkness and his new power t beat him. Finally remove this empty hole in his heart. and have an actual life.

It all sounded too good to be true, and he was so close to taking it. However he had stopped and thought about it. Killing the real Riku and taking over his life would only mean that once again his whole life would be based on a lie…and he couldn’t rob Sora of his best friend, and he felt like the real thing had gotten a lot stronger, he could be going to his or their own deaths. He owned it to Sora and this Kairi, from the memories of the real thing she was quite the cutie. So he tested out his new powers to make a weaker version of himself for the real thing to fight. Axel would walk off satisfied, none the wiser. The clone gave a grin.

He had climbed up the stairs, and walked toward freedom, he watched his creation give off one hell of a fight. Maybe it was too much? Nah, Riku won, he had gotten stronger. He mastered the powers of darkness truly made it is his own. He’d have to get stronger in order to keep up. The clone really should have been paying attention as he walked in face first into the massive door.

“Ow.” The clone said while he held onto his face and nose. Nothing felt broken. His hand shook as he grabbed onto the door’s handle. He took a deep breath, to calm his nerves His mind was made up. The Castle had nothing for him. The Outside World or Worlds, what new, exciting, and wonderous things would be show and felt to him. For the first time his in life, he would start the first chapter of his life.

With some effort, the door to Castle Oblivion were opened. His eyes widened at the sight. The night sky was so vast, massive and wide. The twinkling stars dotted the dark blue colored canvas. It was beautiful , and to think he might have missed this. Below, green hills as far as the warrior of darkness could see, the only exception being the lone, winding dirt road.

He walked out, having his feet touch the ground. The silver haired boy turned around, gazing on the mysterious haphazard looking castle.

“Sora, Namine…and Donald, and Goofy too I guess…for what it’s worth. You were the only good things about this place.” He admitted.

As for you black coat wearing monsters….”The clone muttered before spitting on the ground, making his option of them quite clear. If it were up to him, he’d burn this place to the ground. However as long as Namine still needed the place, it would stay.

The clone walked a head back to the open road. The slight breeze met his body and it felt good.

“You are not Riku.” A deep, commanding voice spoke, making the clone spin around. He summoned his own copy of the Soul Eater. The curved purple and red bat wing themed sword pointed at a lone figure warped in from head to toe in crimson bandages, only showing off a chest piece with a strange symbol and a lone yellow eye.

“No I’m not…who the are you?!”The clone growled.

“An observer in Riku’s acceptance of the Darkness, and a servant of the World. But you may call me Diz.” The wrapped figure known as Diz introduced himself. The clone still had his weapon drawn.

“Tell me Replica, what will you do with your new found freedom? Now that you have abandoned the troublesome witch?”

The clone scowled at the man’s distaste for Namine.

I’m going to go out, see the worlds and learn everything I can, I’m not anybody’s weapon anymore! I’m me! I’m not Riku, I’ll find my own name, and my own life!” He declared.

That got the mummy looking man, a slight laugh, making the clone scowl even harder.

“..Interesting, then perhaps I shall reward your curiosity and ambition with the means of traveling to another world. A peaceful city bathed in the glow of twilight.

The Clone was about to ask what he meant when with a snap of his fingers a swirling black and purple vortex appeared a foot away from him. The wrapped enigma of a man also handed the teenager a dusty hard covered book.

“Take this, as well. This tome should enlighten you on how to properly handle the darkness. Corridor of Darkness, will be on page twenty four. “ Diz instructed.

“Thanks, but why are you giving me this? What’s in it for you?” The clone asked before slowly taking the book.

“Your existence and will for your own self have peaked my curiosity, and I wish to see, how this experiment plays out. To see if a weapon of darkness can become human. Diz stated.

The clone turned his head and walked away.

“Which road will you take I wonder? The Road to Light, or the Road to Darkness or…somewhere in the middle?” The enigma asked as the boy walked into the portal and vanished.

“I wonder what road you shall take as well…Riku.” Diz asked as he vanished from the grounds to meet with the original, and an old friend.