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Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts:the Cloudisawesum1 version

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Sep 13, 2005
it IS getting good!.......just thinken but hows riku gonna stupidly get possessed by ansem while trying to save kairi??? shes alive.


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Aug 8, 2005
look behind you
Chapter 10: Sora & Company vs. Cerberus

Phil:This isn't just some fight,this is for real!

Sora:Yeah well you can judge if we're real heroes or not after this.*runs to the arena*

Donald&Goofy:*follow Sora*

Kairi:........Don't leave me again.........

Out in the arena.........

Cerberus:*closing in on Hercules*

Hercules:*backing up with Cloud on his shoulder*

Sora:*steps on Cerberus's foot*

Cerberus:*roars and looks at Sora and Co.*

Hercules:*runs to the lobby*

Phil:Kid,I've got two words for you.......ATTACK!!!

Cerberus:*starts walking torwards Sora*

Sora:*runs at Cerberus,Keyblade in hand*

Donald:*casts fire*

Goofy:*charges at Cerberus*

Cerberus:*spits a fire ball out*

Sora:*deflects it with Guard*

Donald:*runs to Sora's side*

Sora:Cast more fire!

Donald:Got it!*casts more fire*

Goofy:*uses Tornado on the left head*

Sora:*attacks the right head*

Cerberus:*bites Goofy*

Goofy:Ah!*bonks the middle head*

Cerberus:*rears up on it's hind legs*

Sora:..........RUN!!*runs as fast as he can*

Donald&Goofy:*do the same*

Cerberus:*slams the ground*

Sora&Donald:*jump up*

Goofy:*falls down and gets knocked out*

Donald:*runs to Goofy*

Sora:Donald,just leave him!Cerberus will just knock him out again.

Cerberus:*starts biting around the ground*

Sora:*looks into the middle head's eyes* I think it's blind.Just look at it's eyes!

Donald:*casts fire*

Cerberus:*heads start shaking around slowly*

Sora:*runs at Cerberus*

Cerberus:*raises it's heads*

Donald:*whacks Cerberus's foot*

Cerberus:*spits out a kind of black liquid*

Sora:I don't want to know what that stuff is.*jumps up and hits the right head*

A bunch of black stuff starts popping out of the ground and disappearing.

Donald:What is that stuff?*gets hit by some*OW it burns!

Sora:*runs around dodging the black stuff*

Goofy:*wakes up*What'd I miss?*runs at Cerberus*

Donald:*hits the middle head's nose*

Right&Left head:*looks at the Middle head*

Sora:*jumps up on Cerberus's back*

Goofy:*gets hit by black stuff*Youch!

Cerberus:*starts biting Donald and Goofy*

Sora:Yah!*hits left head hard*

Left head:*gets knocked out*

Sora:Haha!*hits right head hard*

Right head:*gets knocked out also*

Middle head:*shakes off Sora*

Sora:Whoa!*falls on to the ground on his back*

Donald:*casts fire*huh?I can't use magic any more!

Middle Head:*stomps Donald*

Donald:*gets knocked out*

Sora:Donald!*gets up*

Middle head:*bites Goofy*

Goofy:Oh boy.........*knocked out*

Sora:Oh no!

Aerith's voice:It completely heals some one's health and allows them to cast more magic.........

Sora:Oh the elixir!*feeds Donald an Elixir*

Donald:*wakes up*Mmmmmm that's good!Goofy!*runs to Goofy*

Middle Head:*lunges at Sora*

Sora:*sticks Keyblade in Middle head's mouth*

Middle Head:*can't close it's mouth*

Sora:Hurry up Donald!I don't think this'll last forever!

Donald:Hang on!*gets out potion*


Donald:Hang ON!*feeds Goofy the potion*

Goofy:*wakes up*C'mon!*uses Charge on Cerberus*

Cerberus:*starts walking all over the place dizzingly*

Sora:*takes the Keyblade out of Cerberus's mouth*Take this!*throws the Keyblade*

Cerberus:*watches the Keyblade slowly get closer*

Keyblade:(DIE DIE DIE)*hits Cerberus's head*(MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA.......oh your just knocked out........dang I wish I could move!)

Sora:*picks the Keyblade back up and looks at Cerberus's knocked out body*Whoo that was hard!

Goofy:Yeah!Pretty hard!

Donald:Ah you guys are wimps!

Back in the lobby..........

Kairi:Sora!Your still alive!*hugs Sora*

Sora:I told you I wouldn't leave you again!*hugs her back*

Kairi:*laughs*I know,I was just.......so worried about you!

Goofy:Well now that Cerberus isn't messing up the place any more,it's time for the games!

Phil:Afraid there aren't gonna be any games for a while.

Sora:Why not?I battled Cerberus so I could enter the games!

Phil:Gotta clean up the mess from that last battle first.

Sora:Okay.We'll be back.
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Sep 13, 2005
nice 1! but will there be a relation ship between sora and kairi? TEL THE TRUTH


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Sep 13, 2005
wat i ment wasi saw the way she hugged him and she did wisper something so im just sayin.............


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Aug 8, 2005
look behind you
SOOOOOOOOOOOO SORRY!!!!!!!! i forgot to post chapters on this fan fic.well anyway im back.

Chapter 11: Wonderland

It's been a few hours since Sora and company have left The Coliseum.They start seeing a new world getting closer and closer as Donald steers the Gummi Ship torwards it.

Donald:I wonder what we'll find here?

Sora:Only one way to find out.

Kairi:And hurry!Full speed to the new world!

Goofy:Buckle up then!

The four sit down in their seats and buckle up.Donald presses a red button and the Gummi Ship starts going way faster.In a few seconds,they reach the new world and land hard.Donald presses a blue button and the cockpit opens up.The four jump out and explore their surroundings.They seem to be in a forest of some sort.Kairi sees a white rabbit in a red coat and carrying a pocket watch.It was running torwards a tree and raving about being late and having it's head chopped off.

Sora:Is something wrong Kairi?

Kairi:Huh?Oh,I just saw a wierd rabbit jump down a hole in that tree over there.

Donald:How was it wierd?

Kairi:Well it was wearing a red coat,carrying a pocket watch,and screaming about having it's head chopped off and being late.

Goofy:Yep.That's what I call grade A wierdness.

Kairi takes them to the hole in the tree the rabbit jumped down.Sora crouches down and goes in the hole to investigate it.He keeps crawling but falls down a pit.Kairi screams and trys to grab him but she falls down too.Donald and Goofy go down the hole to try and save them.

Goofy:Sora!Kairi!Where are you!

Sora:Your standing on top of me!

Goofy:Oh,sorry about that.

He steps off of him and Sora gets up and brushes some dust off his pants.

Kairi:Now where's that rabbit?

Donald:And how do we get back up to the surface?

Sora:I don't know.Maybe if we get that rabbit,it can tell us how.

Kairi:The only way we can go is this way.

She points down a hallway of some sort and runs down it.Sora,Donald,and Goofy follow and come to door.Goofy opens it,but theres another door.He opens that one,and the next one,and the next one,and the next one,and the next one until there finally aren't any more doors and they find a room.They catch a glance of a white foot disappearing behind a door and closing it.

Sora:How did it get so small?

Doorknob:He's not too small,YOUR just too big!

Goofy:Couldja tell us how to get smaller?

Doorknob:Try the bottle,over there.

A snow-white table and chair appear out of the ground,and on the table are a red bottle and a blue bottle.

Sora:Which bottle makes us smaller?

Doorknob:I think the blue one.Now I'm going back to sleep.Good night.

The doorknob falls asleep and Sora takes the blue bottle in his hands and opens it.

Sora:Well.........bottoms up.

He drinks it and hands it to Kairi,she drinks it and hands it to Donald who drinks it and hands it to Goofy.He drinks it too and sets the bottle down on the table.Nothing happens for a while until Sora's stomache growls and all 4 grow smaller and smaller and smaller until they're the size of a mouse.

Donald:Well now where do we go?

Kairi:I think I saw a door behind that bed.

Goofy:Well let's push the bed outta the way.

Sora,Donald,and Goofy start pushing the bed until it falls into the wall instead of the way they were pushing.

Kairi:This place is so wierd.

Donald:The sooner we find a way out the better,and it looks like Kairi was right,there is a door there.

The 4 walk through the door and they find themselves outside in a sort of hedge maze,but in front of them is what appears to be an outside court.Kairi notices the white rabbit running up some stairs and points it out to every one else.They watch it climb the stairs until they it gets to the top and pulls out a trumpet.It blows it and it starts speaking.

Rabbit:Court is now in session!Her majesty the Queen of Hearts presiding!

A small voice speaks and Donald sees that it's coming from a blonde-haired girl in a blue dress.

Queen of Hearts:This girl's the culprit!There's no doubt about it!

Alice:I'm on trial?But why?

Queen of Hearts:And the reason is......Because I say so that's why!

After the Queen says this,there is a long silence,until the Queen speaks again.

Queen of Hearts:Well don't you have anything to say in your defense?

Alice:Of course!I've done absolutely nothing wrong!You may be Queen,but that doesnt give you the right to be so.......so mean!

Queen of Hearts:SILENCE!You dare defy me?The REAL crime is......the attempted theft of my heart!

As soon as the Queen says this,Sora and company have to step in,knowing that this girl is definitely NOT the culprit.

Queen of Hearts:OFF WITH HER HEAD!


The card soldiers face Alice and block all the exits to prevent her from escaping.They start walking torward her,but Sora stops them in their tracks and they step aside to let the him and every one through.

Sora:Hold it right there!

Queen of Hearts:Who are you?!

Kairi:That girl isn't the one who tried stealing your heart!

Goofy:Yeah!It was the Heartle....

Before Goofy could finish saying "Heartless",Goofy put his hands over his mouth so he couldn't finish it.

Sora:As we were saying,she's not the culprit!

Queen of Hearts:Oh really?Have you any proof?

Donald:Uhhhhhhhh............no........we don't.

Queen of Hearts:Then Alice shall be caged until you find any evidence that she isn't the culprit.

The spade card soldiers step torwards Alice and drag her to a cage.They throw her in it and close the door.

Queen of Hearts:Find some proof of Alice's innocinse and she will be spared,and be quick about it!

Sora and company run to another door and go through it almost right when the Queen finished speaking.They find themselves in a sort of over-sized garden,unaware that they are being watched by a cat.

Well there's the chapter I haven't posted for a while.Maybe I'll post the next one today also.


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Sep 16, 2005
In my own little world with cheese and video games
KH14: *claps hands*I've just read through the whole fanfic and it was really good. The one thing that was missing was when Sora & co meet Cloud I was kinda wanting to see what Kairi does when they met. besides that you have a new fan.

Takuya: *mumbles* I wanted to see Cloud.

Karen: Cheer up TY *Cuddles Cloud plushie*

Takuya: *Snags Cloud plushie from her*
Karen: Hey...
Takuya: *snuggles plushie* my turn to huggles plushie.

Karen: Meep...*hides behide KH14*

KH14: *grabs baseball bat and swings it over right shoulder* be nice to Kat.

Takuya:...Meep...*covers head*
KH14: I'm the ego in charge here not you.*cleans bat off*

Takuya:*walks away dizzy*

Karen: YAY! I got my Cloudy back*cuddles plushie*

Cloud plushie: (I NEED AIR!)

KH14: Ok I'm done now.


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Aug 26, 2005
Nowhere Texas its a literal nowhere zone
Atnihs:This place need another chapter.
Shinta:Of course it does but its the school year and all...
Atnihs:And yet we somehow manage that.
Shinta:Be quiet homeschool boy!
Shinta:Aw dang it.
You know what happens next.

I hope you are able to get a new chapter soon.
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