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Fanfiction ► Kingdom hearts: The Next Keyblade Heroes

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Apr 15, 2006
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This is a fanfic based of Angelic Symphony old role play, Kingdom heats: The next keybaldes heroes and it‘s set before the new role play Kingdom hearts II: Battle for destiny. The setting of this story is a AU from the KH series storyline, there are many changes to the organization, from members to leaders and even there origins,, but there will at least be some familer faces but they have also different personalities than there originals. So enjoy, if ya like it post, if you hate it Visitor message me or pm me, lol I’m not big on flames but what the hell I’m wearing burn proof boxers!

Chapter 1: First day of School

Twilight Town high school

The summer break was over in Twilight Town finely, all the kids where going back to school and all the parents where getting hammered now that the kids where going back to school. Twilight Town had been showing lots of strange events lately, over the summer there had been sightings of men in black coats and strange creatures roaming the forest or the haunted mansion, most though chalked it up to drunken teenagers seeing things and it was always shrugged off.

As the Twilight Town high school opened up kids from all over town started to enter it, all of them dressed in a the school’s uniform twilight town, the uniforms for boys where black dress pants, a white-collar short sleeve shirt, with black tips at the end of the sleeves, a black tie and a orange vest, black socks and shoes. For girls it was a black skirt, white short sleeve shirt dress shirt only there shirt had a black string instead of a tie, white socks and shoes and a orange vest. Most of the kids didn’t mind the uniforms but you always found the few who hated.

As all the kids where begging to go inside there where some kids just hanging around outside, one of them just stood there sighing, his name was Ryuzaki Kenyuka, he was a freshmen and he really didn’t feel like going to school, he still missed the summer so much. Standing close to him was Lerane Sakiyo a childhood friend of his, like him she didn’t enjoy school but unlike him she went to her class while Ryu spent his ditching.

A ways back of them a girl named Rio Kiribani was walking besides a man with red spiky hair named Axel. Rio walked besides Axel while they were entering the high school. Axel was in his last year while Rio was in her first. "You know, being in this Organization XIII thingy could've been so much easier if we had a home scholar!" She said to the older nobody. He didn't even bother to look at her. "All members that attend this school are undercover, Ri. You should know that." He said. Axel grabbed her schedule. "alight. You're going left-your first class is in 5 minutes.

“Have fun in Science." He began to walk away. "No! Axy!!" She yelled, she grabbed him by the waist. "I'm scared!" She yelled. Axel grinned and ruffed up her red hair. "You're a nobody-you're NOT scared. Remember? Besides, you'll do fine!" He said. "Now, let me go. I need to get out of here." Rio stared at him. "When do I get to add an X to my name?" Axel stopped again. "Soon enough, Rio. Or should I say... Roxi?"

Rio and Axel had been one of the many new students who had showed up in the high school, though they where the only ones that acutely stayed in the school, awhile back a back haired person named Zexion and a blonde kid with a mullet named Demyx was also in the school last year but they had left without a word to anyone.

Back with Ryu and Lerane, Ryu was being lectured by Lerane on how he should go to class before he ends up on the street selling his body to hobo’s or something worse.

“What’s worse than being a hobo on the streets?” Ryu asked as he raised a eyebrow confused while Lerane just sighed and bonked him over the head.

“Forget about it you idiot, just go to class, I’ll see you at lunch” with that she left and Ryu just shrugged and made his way to the roof where he would spend the next hours sleeping till he heard the beautiful sound of the bell ringing.
Across from the school, building roof top with Unknown man

Looking down at the large school, a tall figure kept a watchful eye on everything that was going on in the building.

Most notable, the keybladers that were there. “I finely found them” he whispered to himself as he looked watching the kids go into the school.

Suddenly from behind, a large swirl of darkness, erupted from the ground, forming a dark portal before another figure walked out of it.

"Is the game ready to be started? " the tall figure, asked the new arrival. "It is superior Everything is ready, give the order and we can begin it all" said the new figure.

"Good then! Let us begin, throw the dice and let‘s see who goes first" said the figure, as he raised his hand out from him, causing many yellow eyes to appear from almost every shadow. "Let's see how good they are and who‘s going to die" the figure said, a large twisted grin on his face, as he continued to have his hand outstretched.
School hallways with Rio and Ryu

Walking around the school Ryu was looking for the entrance to the roof of the school, “it was even harder to find here than it was in the last school” he though to himself, while walking around he ran into Rio who had a scared look on her face. “Ya know if your worried about this place it isn’t that scary” he said to her as he smiled “My names Ryuzaki Kenyuka but everyone calls me Ryu” Ryu said as he introduced himself.

She turned around and gave him a soft chuckle before she spoke “Well it’s my first time here” she said as she grinned “My names Rio” after that she put her hand out to shake and Ryu shook it with a smile “Well good luck Rio, I got to get to the roof before class starts, later beautiful” Ryu said as he waved her goodbye and made his way away from his home room and to the roof.

now Rio was officially confused. "The roof... wait... what?! Beautiful?!" Escaped from her mouth. She shrugged it off and began walking towards her first class. It was art. Something she was good at, thank goodness. She had talents, and after becoming a nobody-they just improved. She sat at her desk and waited for the teachers instructions.
School roof with Ryu

Ryu made his way threw the school and to the roof with no problems like he did in the middle school and did what he always did, Ryu came up to the roof to just look at the sky, it was always more interesting to do than going to class. Though something was off about today, he couldn’t name it but something was off, it was then that he saw black clouds coming towards the school. Looking at those clouds have him chill inside, like something about them wasn’t right.

Since Ryu was a young he could always feel certain things about what was happening or how a person acted and at the moment he had a bad feeling about today, which wasn’t like him. Though he just chalked it up to the first day of school mixed with bad weather coming.

Deciding that it would be better if he went back into the school before it started to rain the teen stood up and cracked before he walked away from the center of the roof, Ryu made his way to the door that led back into the school but when he got there he saw something black and with yellow eyes stand near the edge of the roof, he walked over to it but before he got close he saw the creature walk jump off the edge.

"What the hell?" Ryu said as he ran right to the edge and looked down but when he did he saw nothing. "What just happened?" Ryu said as he contused to look off the edge for any trace of the creature. The teen just looked puzzled at the edge but he decided it would be better just to leave the roof and go to his class wherever it was. So Ryu walked back into the school still thinking about what he just saw.
Music class with Ryu

Lerane had been in music class, since this was the begining of the year they had been able to choose what insturment they wanted to play, knowing what she wanted Lernae picked up a guitar and played for most of the class. She was always good at music, she eat slept and breathed it, she had even taught Ryu once how to play it but he always broke the guitiar in a fit of hyperness.

All day she had been getting a feeling that someone had been watching her, well other than the perverts at school but then again Ryu would probably take care of them soon. She looked to her side and saw Rio the new red head girl ,she gave a wave at her and the Rio waved back. Something about her struck her as weird though, sometime in her eyes looked sad.
History room with Ryu

Ryu walked to his class still thinking about what happened at the roof and not really paying attention to what was going on around him, he got to his class which was Art, he open the door and walked right passed the teacher not even bother to give a reason why he was late. Ryu sat down a empty desk and right then and there he placed his head on the desk and began to sleep while he could faintly hear the teacher complaining about him being late and not even doing anything.

As Ryu slept he didn't even notice that the teacher had gotten a big book and began walking over to the sleeping teen, when she got close enough to Ryu she raised the book high then slammed it to the ground making the Ryu jump right out of his seat and onto the floor. "What happened? were am I, I Swear Lerane it wasn’t me who sold your guitar!" Ryu said forgetting were he was, which happens a lot when he falls asleep in class. "Your are in Art class Ryu and if you go to sleep one more time in my class I'll make sure this year will be hard for you" The teacher said in a strange happy voice then walked back over to take care of the other students. "Guess my summer vacation’s over" Ryu said sadly as he got back into his seat and looked out the window.
Math room class with Lerane

Lerane got into the class room and sat next to Vaan. A boy she had met on the summer vacation. “Hey” Lerane said as she placed out her stationary and books. “You have it all set out don't you Lerane” Jake laughed and leaned back on his chair. “Well you know me. I like math.” :Lerane felt embarrassed but laughed anyway. 'So what do you want to do after school?' Vaan asked. 'I'm not sure. I have to go train with Ryu later.' said Lerane as she smiled thinking of the slacker teen. “Alright class open your text books up to page 165” The teacher had just walked into the room.

Lerane and Vaan continued talked under their breaths so then the teacher wouldn't hear them. Lerane glanced out the window while her teacher was explaining what to do to the class. 'OH MY GOD!' Lerane yelled as she quickly jumped out of her chair and landed on her but. 'What? What happen?' Vaan asked in a worried tone. “Lerane!” the teacher yelled. “What do you think your doing?' she gave Lerane a frown. 'Nothing...Miss.“ Lerane said as she slowly got back into her chair, still looking out the window. 'I trust that wont happen again' the teacher said as she continued what she was doing. 'What happen' Vaan asked once again.

Lerane didn’t answer but she was still looking out the window, though she didn’t see anything at the moment she could of sworn she saw a creature with yellow eyes and shadow like body.
School rooftop with Ryu

Ryu had felt like going back up to the roof, just to relax and wait for school to be over but the young teen was still thinking about that creature he saw earlier. He didn't think it was from the town but for some reason he felt like he knew it but some means, Ryu was starting to get more and more frustrated as he thought about it, maybe he was just seeing things. When Ryu did get to the roof though he looked around trying to find anything that looked like whatever he saw. As he searched for the creature he looked off the edge but saw nothing.

"Man.......maybe I'm just seeing things" Ryu said as he ran a hand threw his hair and sighed, the teen just looked to his side lazily trying to clear his head but what he saw when he turned his head made him jump. It had been one of those creatures and the second the teen saw it he raced right to it but the thing saw Ryu and it ran right to the edge and jumped off just like the one he saw before
but this one landed on a window cell and Ryu could faintly hear someone say "Oh my god". Deciding to do something stupid, Ryu jumped off the roof and landed on the window cell than just as quickly jumped off and landed hard on the ground, though he landed on his back. "so much pain!" Ryu screamed to the sky as he forced him self up and continued to chase the creature. Ryu saw the thing start heading over to the back of the school.

Meanwhile as Ryu unknowing chassed a heartless down, A showed finger watched from were Ryu just stood on the roof, and if you looked closely you would see a small smile on the showed fingers head. As the man stood there many creatures with yellow eyes began to appear from the ground “Have your fun, I know how long you’ve been waiting” the man said in a cold voice. After his command the heartless gave a high pitched roar and jumped off the roof.

Well that's it, ya I know not that good but......well I haev nothing to say so let the flames begin.


The last Soldier
Apr 15, 2006
Walking this earth.
Chapter 2: Ryu Vs Xarge!

Twilight Town High school hallway:

Rio walked out of her classroom in a better mood than before. She walked to her locker and shoved all her books in there, closing it quickly so nothing would fall out. She walked through the halls, not taking a notice to anyone. Rio sighed and quickened her pace, before being stopped. "Ouch!" She said as she bumped into someone and fell on the floor. "Sorry..." She said before going on her way. "Wait... Rio? Oh my god! Rio!" The voice said. Rio turned around and saw number IX of the Organization. "Demyx? Demy!" She ran to the older blonde and hugged him tightly. "I'm so happy to see you!!" Demyx grinned. "As am I. Come on-we got to go out. Someone just fell of the roof!" He said excitedly. As they ran along, they also discovered Axel at his lunch table talking to a girl.

They followed. As they wound up outside Rio saw another little black creature crawl from the side of the building. She shook it off and ran to the sight where the kid fell. Rio knew him, it was Ryu. "Ryu!" She yelled. "You alright?" Axel looked at the young girl and elbowed her in her side. "You know him?"

As the small shadow heartless landed on the ground, and proceeded to let Ryu chase after it, suddenly from wherever there were shadows, more and more yellow eyes began to show, as Ryu ran past them.

Ryu continued chasseing the heartless not even noticing the new ones appearing, Suddenly, a few feet in front of Ryu, a dark portal erupted from the ground, leaving a tall figure dressed in a long dark cloak behind, as it disappeared. Upon it's arrival, the small Shadow instantly stopped running from Ryu, coming to a halt beside the figure, and just simply looked up at it.

"What do you think, you are doing?" the figure said to Ryu, in a calm yet angry voice. When Ryu turned to see the figure he froze for a second, something about this guy was ending horrible things threw his head, almost like looking at the man was hell it self though soon it wore off and he was able to speak again.

Why would I tell you?!" Ryu said to the figure not really in the mood for who this was. Today was getting strange enough and he didn’t need anyone making it any stranger, god where was Lerane when you needed her?

The man had gave a bitter laugh and just eyed Ryu, the kid had guts, though if he didn’t have any skill he wouldn’t have those guts for long. He was going to test the kid, see if his standers where as high as he thought "Because I'll be the one to kill you" was all the figure said before he picked up Ryu and sent a dark beam on energy right threw his arm then threw him to the ground.

Ryu screamed in pain as he held his arm, the pain was incredible, it was like a million knives stabbing into you then putting salt on the wound before you dunked it in rubbing alcohol. It was at that moment he wished he had his sword in his hand, or at least something to fight this guy with, it was clear he wasn’t human but Ryu wasn’t going to lose.

“I don’t care how strong you are your not wining! He yelled at the man as he picked up his arm that wasn’t injured and got ready to fight the man.

Though the man in the black coat could only give a little chuckle “Kid you don’t even know what’s going on right now, hell I bet you never even heard of the word keybaldes, how do you really expect to even hit me?” he said as he delivered a punch of darkness into the teen’s stomach before he threw him to the ground again before he extended his hand and darkness started to devour Ryu “Your week at the moment, but this will make sure your strong enough” The man said under his hood as the darkness started to cover Ryu.

While he was laying on the dirt and getting covered in darkness Ryu’s life had been flashing threw his eyes as he felt the darkness enter his body, this couldn’t be the end for him could it? He couldn’t die this man, not like this! When the darkness finely got to his face Ryu saw some last glimpse of light before it over took him though Ryu heard a voice talking to him.

“There is a way you can be saved” the voice said quietly inside his head.

Hearing it Ryu knew he wanted to know the answer “How I’ll do anything!” he screamed in his head, he didn’t want to die this way.

The voice was quiet for a second before it finely spoke again “Once you take this option to save yourself you can never go back, your life will never be able to be the safe, are you sure you want to take the choice?” It asked.

Thouh Ryu didn’t care he wanted to be free “Yes I chooice whatever the option is!” he yelled back.

The voice gave a sigh before it spoke for the last time “Remember Ryu you choose this” with that the voice fadded and he began to feel the darkness around him breaking apart, there was a new feeling inside him and something bright was beging to appear in Ryu’s hand.

A bright light flashed where the darkness was eating Ryu and when the flash fadded Ryu was left standing with a key shaped weapon in his hand. The blade has a gold and silver hilt till it gets to the edge were it resembles a wing with blues jewels running down from the wing and stopping in the middle of the blade, it's hand is wrapped in bandages and around it is circular twin wings with a long chain and at the end of it is a three pointed keychain.

Ryu looked down at the blade just before he looked up at the sky, the words keyblade kept playing in his head, was this the choice that the voice offerd. Shakeing his head knowing he had bigger problems on his hand Ryu turned to the man with a glare and with some exigent in his voice said “So we where about to keep fighting right?” he said as he got into a battle stance, his arm still stung but for the moment it was hurting less.

As the figure was about to make his move but he felt a presence appear, he tunred his gaze up wards and saw his leader looking back at him, he two shared a gaze for a moment before he knew what he had to do. The hooded figure looked at his leader that had just appeared one last time before he grabbed his hood and lowered it to reveal a young face with a scar running across his face. "My name is Xarge, I’ll be the person to test you today” Xarge said as his ice yellow eyes where looking at Ryu’s blue ones that where filled with confuseion.

Without even saying a word Xarge ran at Ryu with lightning speed and opened a portal at the same time, he grabed Ryu and the two where transported threw it to a sandy beach. Xarge had thrown Ryu when they landed and the teen got a mouth full of sand as he landed on the ground, standing up quickly Ryu spit out the sand and glared at Xarge who only gave him a blank face.

The two just stood faceing each other before Xarge placed his hand in the air and a dark looking keyblade appeared in his hand. On Ryu’s side that he was all confused, there where more of these weapons out there?” Though he didn’t have time to think about it because Xarge had already made the first move and race at him.

Even though Ryu had know idea what a keyblade was he still had knowledge on how to use a sword so he handled it as such, Ryu was the first to strike sending a up cut slash at Xarge only to have the man jump over him it and send his own counter attack at Ryu's back giving three slashes to the teen making the back of his shirt rip slightly and blood stain the parts of his shirt that wasn’t torn.

Ryu ignored the pain of the cuts on his back and ran at Xarge letting the key side of the keyblade drag across the sand before he sent a the keyblade in the air making sand go right into Xarge eyes and while the his opponent was blinded Ryu sent a side kick to the man's chest and a punch right into his face just before he cached his keyblade that came down from the sky then sent a swipe at Xarge but the other man cached the blade and even though Ryu kept pushing down on it making Xarge’s hand drip blood the man still would not let go of the keyblade. "I got to admit you are pretty strong but you still don't even know how to use this weapon right" Xarge said as he flipped over Ryu and let go of the teens keyblade, landing behind him Xarge dug his keyblade into the ground and twisted it.

"Darkness of the sands!" was all that Xarge said as the sands of the island began to turn dark then a dozen Neo heartless appear before Ryu. "I'....not..sure I can...win this fight!" Ryu thought in his head as the heatless began to attack him all at once.

The first neo shadow lunged at Ryu and sent a long combo on attacks at the teen, cutting him up in many place but Ryu managed to stop it before it got to bad, the teen slammed it's keyblade onto the creature and then turning around just in time to stop another one of the heartless from attacking him. Throw him keyblade around like a boomerang Ryu watched it hit and destroy every heartless it hit before coming back to Ryu in a flash of light. The teen tried to take a breath of relive but before he could he saw Xarge stand only a foot away from him not even moving, only smiling a cold smile. "So the kid can fight" Xarge began sounding strangely proud of Ryu "But your still not ready" Xarge said as he sent a strong wave of darkness right at Ryu.

Ryu held his keyblade in front of him as the wave of darkness came towards him and to his surprise the keyblade managed to take allot of it's attack even though Ryu could feel that the wave of darkness was still causing cuts and other injures to him. Ryu felt something inside him swelling up as he held his keyblade in front of the ongoing wave of darkness, The thing swelling inside him started to make his keyblade glow a gold looking aura. Ryu's keyblade started to glow stronger and with that Ryu felt strong to, the darkness wave started to hurt less, Ryu took his keyblade and sent a powerful slash at Kage making all of the power he could managed and Xarge’s own attack right back at Kage sending him flying into the shack of island and destroying it comply.

looking back at were he sent Xarge into the shack Ryu smiled not seeing Xarge get back up from the blast. But before Ryu could get to happy he saw Xarge stand back up and start dusting himself off as he walked back to Ryu. Xarge had only had some minor cuts on his face and his coat was only slightly damaged.

Ryu looked at Xarge with tired eyes "I Guess you beat me, damn" was the only words that escaped Ryu's mouth before he let his keyblade drop from his hands and collapsed on the ground, he used all of his energy in his last attack he had nothing left to fight with. walking over to Ryu Xarge looked down at him, the teen had many cuts and bruising from the fight and he could see blood stains on his back were he had slashed the kid at but for some odd reason Ryu still had a smile on his face which made Xarge give a cold smile at the kid.

"You didn't disappoint kid" Xarge said before he opened a portal and picked up the now knocked out Ryu. "lets get you back school" the man said before he walked threw the portal and ended up back at the school standing right behind his leader. Turning to his leader who still had his hood up Xarge spoke about the battle “He’s ok, not barley as strong as even are lowest members but he’ll do, but not now” Xarge said as he threw Ryu’s knocked out body away from him. If there was one thing he knew it was that the two would have battle again soon.

End of Chapter 2

Well Ryu and Xarges got to meet, Ryu got the crap beet out of him, Demyx made his first apperance and the first keyblader was found.

The next chapter Rio's will get her own side, while what was going on with Lerane at the moment. Next chapter's name, Chapter 3: Undercover friends & Keychains of frineds.


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The first battle! I love you so much right now, Sol. : D
It's like my baby's coming to life all over again XD


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Dat was Pure Awesomeness =D....I Just Loooooooooooove yer style XD...now I can't wait for the next chapter =D *thumbs up*
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