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Jul 14, 2018
Just a collection of short stories that are still "canon" to my main fic, but either can't fit in it for pacing issues or were thought up after the fact to flesh ideas out. Hope you enjoy them.


The First Night

The cabin was compact, but clearly designed for comfort just as much as efficiency, with a medium sized bed in the right hand corner. There was a small desk and terminal next to it and several compartments that no doubt were meant to hold either clothes or other objects.

It was a very nice cabin… one that made Stitch wonder just how Omega’s small group could have gotten a ship with. However, he had a feeling Omega wouldn’t tell him and it was no time to dwell on it too much.

“You’re to stay in here at all times unless it’s for dinner or you need to use the head.” Omega explained as Stitch walked into the room to examine it. Omega’s tone made it clear that while Stitch was going to be allowed on his ship, he was to follow Omega’s orders and rules. Stitch looked back up at him and nodded in agreement, but only very reluctantly. In truth, he very much hated the idea of being so restricted, especially after having been mostly free to do what he wanted for years in Traverse Town. However, it was in his best interest at this time to follow these rules. For now, anyway. “My cabin is right next door. I’ll be checking in on you every hour to make sure you are in here. If you are not, then we have a problem and I don’t want any problems with you. I will take you out one missions as well, though if I do you’re to follow my orders even then. Am I clear?”

Stitch nodded again, though he really didn’t like this. He had had some agency in Traverse Town and had been used to it, so having no freedom to explore now was not something he happy about. However, Stitch was willing to at least try to put up with it, for no other reason than because it was his only real option. So, at least for now, he’d bide his time until he was allowed more freedom on the ship… or better options showed themselves.

Stitch walked over and sat on the bed that had now become his. While not nearly as comfortable as the bed he had back when he lived in Hawaii, it was still much better than the bed that he had been sleeping on in that cramped little Traverse Town apartment. Stitch at least felt like he’d have a good night’s sleep when it finally came around to it. Stitch settled in a bit to get a real feel of it, all the while he knew Omega was still watching him from the doorway. His arms were folded and his face unreadable, but Stitch had a feeling he might be really irritable right now. That was quite the argument him and his friends had on the bridge just minutes ago, after all.

Still, Stitch felt a little uncomfortable by the gaze, even if it was entirely understandable. The same with Omega’s conditions. He wanted to keep an eye on Stitch and Stitch knew he had every reason to feel like he had to. And even more so, Stitch knew that Lulu and Zell would also be keeping an eye on him, even if they weren’t being as forthcoming about it as Omega was. Even ten years after encountering his friends and ohana, Stitch still sometimes couldn’t help his destructive and naughty instincts. He might have let Stitch onboard and agreed to help him, but Omega had no reason to actually trust him. Especially after Stitch had technically already stowed away on the ship.

And Stitch begrudgingly knew he had to make an effort to get that trust. It would make everything so much easier.

“Something wrong?” Stitch asked to break the ice a bit and immediately realized how stupid that sounded and cringing. ‘Something wrong’ was an understatement at this point.

Omega’s face didn’t change as he gave his answer. “I’m thinking.”

Stitch tilted his head. “About?”

“A few things.” Omega said bluntly. “Like how you managed to throw around those huge things and sneak around without us realizing.”

Stitch was thankful that that was all Omega was asking about. “Stitch super strong.” Stitch jumped up on his feet and flexed his muscles a bit as he did, happy for some chance to show off a bit. “Can lift 3000 times my size!”

“Impressive.” Omega said, though he didn’t sound impressed. Stitch deflated a bit from the lack of a reaction. “How about the sneaking around? How did you manage that?”

“Stitch can climb on walls.” Stitch said.

“Do you use your claws to do so?”

Stitch shook his head showed him the palms of his hands and lifting. “Don’t use claws, just my hands and feet.”

“Hmm.” Omega still didn’t sound very impressed. Stitch was slightly annoyed by this. Any other person would have had a much better reaction to this. “Got any magic?”

“Magic?” Stitch thought about his answer for a moment. It was true he’d picked up some magic skills during his exile, but it wasn’t exactly that powerful as he still needed to develop it. “A little.”

“I see.”

Stitch fell silent again. This wasn’t going anywhere. It seemed Omega thought so as well.

“I’m going to get started on dinner. And you’re going to eat with us when I’m done.”

Stitch’s ears perked up in surprised. “But Stitch would prefer-“

“We’re all going to need to get used to each other. And that’s not gonna happen if you spend the first dinner by yourself in this room.” Omega interjected.

Stitch sighed in defeat. He really didn’t want to spend time with Lulu and Zell, had a feeling he was not gonna get out of this.

“Before anything else, you’re going to take a shower.” Omega said, his face still completely straight. “You smell like a dumpster that has been left to rot in the sun for weeks.”

Stitch stared at him for a moment and laughed. “No!” Stitch said as he shook his head. “Stitch hate showers and baths.”

“I wasn’t giving you an option to say no.” Omega said, his face or tone still not changing in the slightest. “I am, however, giving you an option to either take a shower willingly or I can force you to do it.”

“Hehehehehehe ahahahahaha! Omega is funny! But Stitch confident that Omega isn’t strong enough to force me.” Stitch said through his chuckles. He then saw Omega lift his fingers to his mouth and let out a loud whistle. Stitch was confused at what Omega had thought that would achieve. However, a moment later he realized exactly why as, to his utter surprise, two large lion like creatures suddenly appeared in the doorway. Their mane stood up like fire and their paws were huge. Even though he had spent time on the ship, he hadn’t once seen these creatures! “W-what!?” was all he could say.

“These are Moombas.” Omega said simply. “And they’re very strong, too.” Omega looked down at them and addressed them in a much friendlier tone. “I’m sorry, but would you mind helping me deal with this stubborn fellow?”

The Moombas made a loud squeaking sound that Stitch hadn’t expected and suddenly turned their gaze on him. Their eyes were big and expressive and Stitch could tell immediately what they were thinking. And that was that they were more than happy to help out. Stitch gulped as they approached him.

Stitch learned two things. One, was that it was a very bad idea to mock Omega. The other was that those Moombas as they were called were indeed more than strong enough to force him in the shower. And they seemed to take some sadistic pleasure in doing, probably to punish Stitch for sneaking aboard their ship. At least, that’s what it had seemed to Stitch as they scrubbed every inch of his body. And they were not gentle about it, though in fairness that might have been because Stitch had attempted to fight back with little success.

So, needless to say, Stitch was in a bad mood as he sat at the table in what he was told was a mess hall. Like the cabin, it was much bigger than he expected for a ship of only five individuals and designed in a way that was cozy, yet functional and efficient. This SeeD organization seemed well off enough, but Stitch still wasn’t sure why these three had such a ship.

Stitch sat at the table in awkward silence with Lulu and Zell. He had wanted avoid being alone with them as much as possible, particularly Lulu. If it weren’t for Omega insisting that Stitch wait here instead of in his cabin, he might have succeeded in that. It hadn’t taken him long to figure out that she didn’t like or trust him. He was also accurately aware that she was trying her best to keep an eye on him, but he had kept a good distance and she had no real understanding of what his plans were.

She stared at him with a cold expression on her face. Stitch just narrowed his eyes right back at her. He just knew she was gonna be his biggest problem. Why he agreed to Omega’s request, he didn’t know and was very annoyed with himself for it.

Zell, on the other hand, seemed nice enough. He certainly didn’t look at him like Lulu was, he was just trying to fix some kind of device he’d brought with him to the table. It seemed he did this often, as Lulu stopped glaring at him to look over at Zell.

“Seriously Zell, can’t you tinker with that when we’re not about to eat?” Lulu asked.

“Sorry about that, Lu.” Zell said as he looked up at her and smiled broadly. “But got to get this fixed up. Never know if it might be needed.”

Stitch watched them closely as they proceeded to bicker about this useless little gadget. But he was noticing something about it as he did. They weren’t yelling at each other even though they said things that could be considered insults. In fact, there was a tone of playfulness to them that he wasn’t used to. All the times he had been following them they had been either serious or weren’t talking all that much. They had also argued heavily when Stitch had forced himself on board. It was almost as if this was a ritual or game that he was only just seeing for the first time. And for a moment, he just watched them, tilting his head to each side a bit as he did. It kind of reminded him of Nani arguing with Jumba and Pleakley and especially Lilo… the thought of whom had a suddenly cause his heart to sink a bit further than it already was.

He looked away and thought about running back to his cabin, hoping he’d manage to avoid the Moombas to do so, when a wonderful aroma suddenly caught his attention. He sniffed a bit in the direction of where it was coming from and saw Omega come in with a big pot that he set in the middle of the small table.

“Aw, I kind of hoped you were making a good steak and lots of hot dogs.” Zell said in that same mock whining tone he had taken in the “argument” with Lulu.

“You always want hot dogs.” Omega said dryly as walked back out of the room and returned with a large plate of hot dogs that he placed in reach of Zell. “But we did have a difficult day, so I did indeed make some. Just try not to go through them all at once.”

Zell looked extremely happy about this turn of events, “Sweet! Though I promise nothing!” He said as he took one and took a large bite.

“Zell, could you at least wait until all of us have our food?” Lulu said in exasperation as she got up to help Omega out.

Zell said something almost incomprehensible because of all the food in his mouth, but Stitch thought the gist of it was “Sorry about that, Lu.” Either way, Stitch chuckled a bit despite and was hoping he could snag some of those hot dogs. Especially since Zell had just gotten up to also help out.

“I hate cooking on the ship, the kitchen unit isn’t nearly good enough for it.” Omega said loudly and the way he did it suggested that this was another ritual that Stitch was seeing for the first time.

“Oh quit complaining, it’s not that bad.” Zell said as he picked up his tools and device.

“Yeah, especially since we went all out so you could have your precious tools and ingredients.” Lulu said as she returned, that playful tone even more apparent, perhaps because Stitch wasn’t expecting it. She had brought out some bowls and spoons. Omega didn’t reply for a moment as Lulu handed him the bowls and he began to fill them up with some chicken and dumplings, but Stitch could see him smirk for a second as he did. Zell also came back with some cans and put them around the table before he went to get his food. As Lulu and Zell took theirs and sat down, Omega filled up another bowl and placed it in front of Stitch and went back to the other side of the table.

Stitch looked at the contents of the bowl and to Omega, who just watched him with that unreadable expression of his that Stitch had come to be familiar with over the last several hours. Though the way he looked at him it seemed that he might just be waiting to see Stitch take his first bite. Stitch looked back at the soup and took another sniff before he grabbed his spoon and scooped up some broth, chicken and a bit of the dumplings and took a bite. The taste was so rich and wonderful, the texture of the dumpling and the potatoes baked to perfection, that he immediately went to scoop up some more, this time picking up some potatoes and chicken as well to see how they tasted as well. He wasn’t disappointed in the slightest and had to really stop himself from just pouring the whole thing into his mouth. Omega had clearly put so much care into it that it felt like it would be an insult to do so. Plus… there was always a chance Omega would throw him back in the shower if he made a mess and Stitch absolutely did not want that.

As they sat there and ate, Stitch couldn’t help but feel less like an outsider than he had just moments later. Sure, once this was done, he was no doubt going to have to spend most of his time in his cabin. He would live under close watch from now on, even when not on the ship. And for now that was fine. This was a means to an end, after all and for the most part, Stitch was likely to at least be treated decently. Lulu, Zell and the Moombas may not trust him, and even Omega might not either, and Stitch would just have to deal with it. This was what he had chosen when he sunk onto the ship to begin with and it could have ended up a lot worse.

Even if this arrangement didn’t work out, Stitch still felt that, at least for now, he was right where he wanted to be.