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Kingdom Hearts: The Road to Oblivion [Sign Up & OOC Thread]

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Apr 15, 2011
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Kingdom Hearts: The Road to Oblivion



Fifteen hundred years have now passed since Xehanort's final defeat and passing; it seemed to be the beginning of a new golden age, the Modern Era in the Imperial calendar. Many worlds have been discovered within the past seventy-five years, all by cartographers hired and contracted by the Senate during the previous reigns of the late Emperors Lucius the Elder and Servius Tullius. Many more worlds await to be discovered. With a first glance, one may seem to believe that things were turning out for the better....

Despite the defeat of Xehanort a millennia and a half ago, evil is still afoot in the worlds of the Realm of Light. It comes not in the form of darkness or shadow but in the radiance of a pure, stinging light. The Imperium of Light, founded in the aftermath of the Shadow War against Seuche and the Shadow Hand, had transformed into an authoritarian, militaristic regime by the reign of Emperor Servius Tullius.

Things had not improved but had gotten worse with Servius Tullius' assassination and the ascension of his nephew Lucius as Emperor. His first act as Emperor was granting himself a new title: that of Rex Mundi, King of the Worlds. With the assistance of his many allies in the Imperial government, he pushed Jundo, an ideology that advocated for the political and social transformation of the Imperium to what he and his supporters considered a perfect society: one of the most popular statutes formally advocated for the marginalization of the Nobodies and Heartless, both groups despised by most of society for eons, to the status of second-class citizens. In the fifth year of his rule over the Imperium, young Emperor Lucius began expanding the Imperium of Light's discriminatory policies towards these groups of people, forcing them to move out of their homes and live in several designated ghettos.

There was some protest amongst the Empire by all echelons of society, while not opposed to sending them off to live in the ghettos, they were against forcing them to wear special emblems on their clothing among the other things. Said protest was especially prominent amongst the Legion of Light, founded by Sora, Riku and King Mickey after Xehanort's defeat. Emperor Lucius II, unlike his predecessors, wanted the Blades gone: he saw them as a possible obstacle to his plans of total domination. He ordered the group to be forcibly disbanded, Legate Cnut and a select few were brought before the Emperor and publicly executed for defying against his will.

With the public execution, resistance to the new discriminatory had quieted down, except for the Heartless and Nobodies themselves. After all, why defy the Emperor when he was doing what seemed to be getting rid of the two most hated groups of creatures in society?

Civil disobedience towards these discriminatory laws continued, particularly amongst the residents of Twilight Town, a quiet, hilly neighborhood populated by an assortment of different races, including Nobodies and Heartless. Rumors were spread amongst the Twilight Town residents that Emperor Lucius, accompanied by his Immortals and a select few members of the Twilight Disciplinary Committee, was coming to the area to make sure that the Nobodies and Heartless, as well as any other trouble-makers, are to be deported into the designated ghettos in the Imperial home-world Erde, also known as the former Radiant Garden, where they would serve as a free source of slave labor for him.

Resistance by the locals is heavy. The locals have already stormed the local armory in Sunset Hill, stealing as many weapons, armor and magic for themselves. The local Imperial garrison, numbering one thousand men in total, stationed in the old Central Station, commanded by Emperor Lucius's younger brother, Prince Julius Vindex, was massacred by the mob of anti-Imperials. Surviving members of the recently disbanded Legion of Light are rumored to have traveled afar to lead the local civilians in forming an organized, armed resistance force to the arriving Imperials. Imperial intelligence agents have also managed to detect the significant presence of Aegyls, likely mercenaries from beyond the Imperium's borders out in the Frontier Regions. The leader of the local resistance is commanded by a young man named Rutilus.

In the unknown reaches of space, a great darkness looms. The surviving remnants of the Shadow Hand remains in hiding, watching the events as they unfold, hoping that one day that the chaos would result in their return. Their desires remained the same they were many centuries ago: to re-establish the tight grip that the Shadow Hand had over the worlds under the leadership of Mage Seuche. In the meantime, a new generation of Princesses of Hearts, seven maiden whose hearts are of pure light, devoid of darkness, are out there. It is said that if brought together, their hearts will summon the Final Keyhole, which leads to Kingdom Hearts.


Imperium of Light:

The most military powerful polity at the moment as well as the oldest faction; they are currently led by the twenty-five year old Emperor Lucius II, the sole surviving grand-son of the cunning, intelligent Imperial tactician Demaratus. The de jure capital of the Imperium is in Erde, once known as the Radiant Garden though beginning with Lucius II's predecessor Servius Tullius, the Emperor and his personal entourage has spending a lot of time in distant Iys, a world full of virgin woodlands, plains and mountains. Cross the Imperium and it is likely that you will face the all-powerful army of mages and foot soldiers and if you're considered a credible enough threat, be wary of the Immortals.

Galactic Alliance:

They are a peaceful confederal union of various worlds, home to various alien species that coexist in peaceful harmony with one another. They have cordial diplomatic relations with the Imperium of Light due to the latter's assistance of them and Star Command in their long war against the powerful strongman Emperor Zurg. They are defended by Star Command pretty much all of the time. They are based in Capital Planet and their leader is known as Madame President, though her real name is unknown.

The Revolutionaries:

Currently the weakest faction so far but with the most potential to grow in strength and numbers, given the anti-Imperial sentiment amongst the Nobodies and Heartless and how numerous they are. Their leader is Rutilus, the Nobody of Caelum, a former member of the Legion prior to circumstances beyond his control. The Revolutionaries had seized control of much of Twilight Town, inviting the attention of the Imperium of Light and its leader Emperor Lucius. Several Aegyls and former members of the disbanded Legion had arrived to assist in the cause.

Legion of Light:
Founded by Sora, Riku and King Mickey in the aftermath of Xehanort's death one thousand five hundred years ago, they were meant to serve as protectors of the peace and for a time they did indeed fulfill this function. Their finest hour was when the Legion, under the command of famous Legate Rorik Key-Swinger, also founder of the Imperium, led the quick evaucation of Agrabah's citizenry before the world was destroyed by Mage Seuche's monstrous creation: Sincorazon Prime. Yet it was Rorik Key-Swinger who ended up being the cause for the Legion of Light's fall into decadence. In the coming centuries, the Legion became seen more than a glorified, corrupt band of marauders and thugs, extorting money from the Imperial government and citizenry. When Lucius the Elder seized the Imperial throne from Emperor Olaf Mog-Smasher, he allowed the Legion to continue existing under the tight management of Olaf's youngest brother Cnut. Yet their days were numbered as soon as Servius Tullius was assassinated and overthrown by Lucius II. He had no love for the Legion, due to many his political enemies being Legionaires themselves or related to them. He had forcibly disbanded and Cnut and a few others executed before the public for resisting against his laws. Many of the surviving members had joined Rutilus in Twilight Town to make their stand against the Imperium.

Star Command:

A peacekeeping organization whose goals are to defend the Galactic Alliance and maintain the peace. They are well known for the Space Rangers, an elite group of men and women commanded by Commander Nebula who are sent out to investigate specific and dangerous threats to the Alliance, usually Emperor Zurg and other ilk like him. Buzz Lightyear is their most famous member. While they are sworn to their loyalty to the Alliance, Star Command and the Space Rangers are not in approval of the Alliance's relationship with the Imperium.

Zurg's Empire:

It is not much of an actual empire than an over glorified crime syndicate, run by Zurg, seen as a non-threat by the much more powerful Imperium of Light who sends in token assistance whenever Star Command and the Galactic Alliance plead for it. Zurg rules over Planet Z and his subjects are the Grubs, who serve him as scientists and researchers. Their only advantage is the use of millions of Hornets, robotic foot soldiers used for battle, in their campaigns. Their headquarters is in Planet Z.

Shadow Hand:

A group of highly experienced mages and exiled Keyblade wielders that have a natural symbiotic relationship fused with the darkness. They fed on it and empowered it, developed and perfected techniques of darkness that the likes of Xehanort dreamed he wished were possible - among them the special ability to build entirely new bodies, new hearts, to sustain life for a body that under normal circumstances would had perished by then - even to predict the events of the future with surprising accuracy. Shadow Hand members usually wear black robes though now under the rule of the recently crowned Lord of the Shadow Hand, Shadow Hands wear normal clothing to blend into the crowds.

Principality of the Aegyls:

A small yet militarily powerful kingdom ruled by the Aegyls, a reclusive, reserved race that look like Humes save for the large wings on their back which allows them to soar through the skies. They were originally from a place known only in Imperial historical records as Ivalice, one of the many Lost Worlds yet they and their leader Foelthanos refused to worship the Occuria, the self-styled Gods of Ivalice. Feolthanos used this opportunity to lead his people in an exodus to the skies, settling in a number of floating islands and naming their new home Lemures. Not much is known but something happened that led to the destruction of Lemures, causing the Aegyls, now under the leadership of Llyud, to seek a new homeland. Whatever the case, they managed to settle down in the Frontier Regions, the worlds beyond Imperial world, and created a powerful kingdom whose economy is based around mercenary work and ironically piracy. Their leader and capital is unknown.


A peaceful, civilized kingdom that has amicable relations with the Imperium of Light due to their closeness with nature and natural ability to control the light with a lack of difficulty, a trait that Lucius is rather curious about. They have problems with the barbaric, sinister Dark Elves, led by their own King, whom they share the planet, also known as Elfheim with. The Dark Elves plot to bring ruin and devastation onto Elfheim though with the recent arrival of Imperial troops, they have left the Elves alone. The royals are based in Elven Castle, protected by several hundred of Emperor Lucius' best troops, as a way of expressing friendship between the two polities.


- No power-playing unless you are granted permission by the person whose character you're power-playing.

- No god-modding.

- While I'm not in favor of restricting how your characters speak, this is a Kingdom Heartsrole-play and thus it's preferable if you keep swearing down to a minimum.

- Do not kill anyone's characters unless you get permission.







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