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KL is back?!

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Oct 13, 2004
I'm not back v-v I'm too addicted to Pokemon, Digimon, Zoo Tycoon, and editting wiki to come back. But anywayz, it has come to my attention that KS was banned. So sad v-v but thats her. I don't agree with what she did even though it was funny (ex dee) but still wrong.

But omg who do you think you are, NEVERMORE.

Nevermore said:
Oh my lord.........................this is just wrong.

Was all those ......... necessary? No. And I believe "that is just wrong." is MORE proper than "this is just wrong." But of course, YOU were wrong so I guess you were right.

You don't like me? DEAL WITH IT.

Who in the buhjeebers do you think you are? Have you not heard of me? Have you not seen me? KAY EL IS IN DUH {insert proper language here} HOUSE! I'll deal with you in a flash. I've never seen someone as fake as you. And btw, the color of the words in your sig don't match. I find that really sad.

But omg who do you think you are, SANCTUARY.

Sanctuary said:
That's just EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!

All those !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! were not necessary. May 2006? I see...don't jump in {insert proper language here} that you don't know about.

Sanctuary said:
98% of the teenage population does or has tried smoking pot. If you're one of the 2% who hasn't, copy & paste this in your signature.

That's an effing lie. If you aren't apart of the 98% then I must be the Easter Bunny...because this:

Sanctuary's Location said:
I live in the depest, darkest dephs of you're heart. I am you're alterego. I will take control.

is some messed up trippy pot induced stuff.

Nevermore said:
Couldn't have said it better myself.

Why? Because you were to stupid enough to not think of it while you were posting all those periods?

Nevermore said:
Who's making these????????????????

Completely not needed.

Nevermore said:
Shame on you! SHAME!!!!

OK I'm done.

This is the point where you should have shut up and left. You are like the retarded girl from House of Wax...you get the opportunity to leave but no you be the retard and come right back.

Dogenzaka said:
Ok that's it. I may not have been here long, but this is retarded.

Yes it is retarded. I haven't even been gone a month and I'm completely disgusted by the retarded stuff I find. Harassing and humiliating another member? And don't jump into stuff that you aren't apart...thats retarded right there.

same person said:
She hasn't broken any rules from what I've seen so far, she hasn't spammed, flamed, or anything.

I haven't seen you in the chat with her. So your opinion means nothing.

same person said:
You guys, just have nothing better to do, then waste your time on the internet by harassing some girl who just tends to bug you. Leave her alone, she is not your concern, nor your business.

yeah...but the things she did...that was just sad. And as far as my concern goes the thread had nothing to do with you.

Ryu said to stop making these kikyo threads, so STOP MAKING THEM.

I'm sure he said that since I wasn't here and all and that was more than likely going to happen anyway BUT he said that...not you. Ryu will deal with the problems. He has the powers and stuff. You don't. Ryu is a strong [black] [wo]man with super mod powers. It's his job...yes we can help make his job easier but its what he does.

same person said:
It's completely ridiculous that you spam the Forum Insanity with this reckless stupidity I'm sorry, but whether she did something to you or not, it does not give you the right to insult her, or waste my time by me opening this thread up to see this crap. I'm done with my rant, and I'm contacting a mod. Thank you, goodbye.

Well this was just stupid.

1. It's more retarded than ridiculous.
2. The topic wasn't wasting your time...you wasted your own time by posting in it.
3. You should have contacted a mod in the first place. That was the smartest thing to do, just like in this situation.

There is a forest fire and there are homes near by. What do you do? Try to put it out yourself with a bucket and dirt -or- contact the fire department?

Well by posting you would have tried to put it out yourself with the bucket and the dirt and then 5 minutes later when houses are on fire and people are dying you would have called the fire department. Sad ain't it?

Nevermore needs to NEVER post again said:
She flames because people are harassing her 24/7. What would you do if that was happening to you?

1. In a twisted way she kinda brought it on herself.
2. I would tell a mod instead of trying to take on 25+ people...well I probably wouldn't but thats just me...I'm a strong black [actually mixed] man [actually teen] xD. She wasn't going to win on her own obviously...so she really had no choice but whatever

{insert person above person above}

meh I ish bored now.

so yeah...Lesson of the Day(?): Don't be retarded! Don't take drugs! Just give them hugs! Don't argue back! Or else you'll hear my crap! I don't care if this don't rhyme cuz you don;t pay me a dime.

P.S. Don't post where you have no business posting. That's all...good bye lovely people of the forum you are all totally cool. Watch Flavor of Love at 10 pm Sunday Eastern timezone to see Bootz being a disgusting female. Time to get buckwild out of here. Stay cool. Don't be like Paris Hilton. If you're running from someone with a gun don't look back. If you have a baseball bat make sure you finish the job. Say no to drugs. Wash behind your ears. There is no KH3. Roxas sucks along with Axel who sucks big time. House of Wax has the dumbest people ever. Don't stay out past dark. Beanie Babies are sexy. Dalmatians are hawt. Scary Movie 4 is teh bomb. This is some crap up with which I will not put. Embrace your childhood while you can. Get off of the internet and be active or you'll be a fat 40 year old person living in your parents basement. Stay away from bad things on the internet especially illegal interesting things like Photoshop or you might get a virus. Seeing is believing. Bigfoot is real. Nessie is in my heart. I love Champ. I hope my turtle is a boy. Jelly on the Telly. NATALIA!

Disclaimer: If you are the people above don't post in this topic because it was not made for you to moan about me wasting your time so go have a life. kthxbai

EDIT: Why in the world is there a trophy next to my name?


Feb 18, 2006
spitting everywhere
By teh way, nevermore is the embodiment of fail, ignore him.

He/She/It wouldn't be such a failure if he/she/it stopped closing his/her/its threads whenever he/she/it was losing the argument or getting flamed.

Aucune Raison

Apr 18, 2006
600 A.D.
0_o, Kay-El is back and Kay-Ess is banned? Wow, freaky.
Nevermore is just a bit south of insanity, he seriously needs to cool off. Just ignore him and he'll go away... hopefully.

The Conquerer

The Bloody Warrior
Mar 6, 2006
Well I don't know KL that much, but I've seen alot of posts from him in the past. Anyway I don't even know if this is a post stating that he is returning or is this just one big flyer? Either way, some people would be happy to see him post again.

Nevermore, well I have not been around this person. So I was not aware of what he posted in the past.


who's your nii-ni
Jan 1, 2005
0_o, Kay-El is back and Kay-Ess is banned? Wow, freaky.
Nevermore is just a bit south of insanity, he seriously needs to cool off. Just ignore him and he'll go away... hopefully.

Nevermore is a dude? Guess you learn something everyday. :D

.:KL:. said:
Stay away from bad things on the internet especially illegal interesting things like Photoshop or you might get a virus.
Haha you're funny KL.


serious at least all of the time
Apr 12, 2005
I remember you! XD.

welcome back, even though its only for 5 minutes


Nov 4, 2004
MegaFleer Inc.
I came to this thread to welcome you back, but soft!

Surprise, rawr!

Ryu will deal with the problems. He has the powers and stuff. You don't. Ryu is a strong [black] [wo]man with super mod powers.

Ryu is a very strong [black] courageous [wo]man with super manly man powers. You bet he can take care of it. ;p

Confession, I agree with that previous statement, KL. No moar topics means [no moar]. It's not hard to comprehend. Good luck on Wiki and have a safe trip back to Pokemonland.

.. still <3 thee, KL.
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