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Fanfiction ► Larxene and 14

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Feb 14, 2008
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IT's in my sig, and I put an add in my thread. It's easier to promote HCTB in my HM clubs on here, but it would be a bit harder to put in Larxene and 14.

It and Timefixer could use some more readers.


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Feb 14, 2008
Phantom Manor
New Chapter!!

The two female nobodyies hurried to their seats, glaring at the smirking Marluxia who had beaten them. Quaxa pulled her hood off, her blue eyes taking in the oddly accusing air. Larxene brushes one of her blond tendrils out of her face.

“Marluxia is ready to begin his plan to control Sora through Castle Oblivion. But to do that, the castle must be enchanted. The first order of today is for Quaxa to prepare the castle. After she returns, we will work on what else is needed. Quaxa, Zexion and Vexen will be your escorts. “ Xemnas commanded, just staring Quaxa down. She shifted in her seat, but assented. She had started to enjoy her memories… She wanted to see Walt again. She missed him so much. After hearing the darkness, she dispearsed too, so she could pull herself together before her mission.
Larxene repaired back to her room. She needed to do something. She wasn’t psychic, but her sense of dread was growing. She needed something, a backup. She didn’t trust Xemnas or Marluxia now. Well, she never did. He kept on trying to kill her. Larxene rustled through her drawers. How could she tell Quaxa? A letter? She gave a small smile to herself, it was a happy memory. She would wait by the mailbox as a little girl and take the letters from the mail man. Her brother was a few years older then her, but he was in college, so he would send her letters. When she was young, nothing was as special or personal as a written letter. But what would she write?

“Dear Quaxa, my doom is approaching, so here is a letter to say…” She didn’t know how to finish it, and it ALREADY sounded stupid. With a huff she sat down at her desk and pulled out a sheet of paper and an old fashioned ink pen. She put the pen down and began to run her hands through her hair and massage her temples. She NEEDED to know what to write… She had a strong feeling this would be her last chance to communicate with Quaxa.
Quaxa stood behind Zexion . She held the book she had borrowed (she made a mental reminder to have someone return the book and Madam Leota to the mansion. Someone who wouldn’t mind having an axe aimed at them) with the raven on the cover as Zexion and Vexen held his ice shield in front. And they walked into a white room. Quaxa tugged at her spikes as Zexion pulled to the side revealing a door.

“In there is the cornerstone of Castle Obivion. We need you to enchant it so it connects to Kingdom Hearts and Cards will rule the rooms here”

“That is a very odd spell.” She murmured. Zexion just gave a slight chuckle, but it wasn’t friendly, it was quite cold.

“Yes, but we have every faith in you and your book…” Quaxa pulled the book closer. With tentative steps, she inched towards the door. As she walked through into a room that didn’t even seem to have any walls, she glanced back to see the two nobodies watching here carefully.
She opened her book and started to flip through. She NEEDED conjure a spell. This was going to be ungainly.
This Castle exists on a separate plane
Let it tie into Kingdom Hearts
These white walls need color to b loom again
Let cards rule these parts

These rooms shall appear when the cards call
White shall only remain in the halls
The walls will obey the memories in the cards
But the method by which shall not be hard

This world is separate but will be connected
Kingdom Hearts is the world with the corridor
Castle Oblivion will be drawn to the Universes Core
And let this door be perfected

As she finished the rhyme, she fell back onto the floor, never feeling her head hit the marble.
Quaxa was older now, dressed in a pair of black leggings, a semi skirt, and a black shirt with pink straps across her breast in an X pattern. Walt was having a friendly argument with her father. Yensid wanted Walt to know how to carry firearms (since he couldn’t carry a keyblade) but Walt was arguing that since he was an engineer (specifically for trains) no one would really want to hurt him. Besides, his family connections would go unnoticed since he wasn’t a mage. Ven was in the kitchen, helping her mother bake.

It had been a while since Xehanort left, Quaxa thought as she tugged at her Somewhat Opera gloves (for lack of a better term) but all in all, things were good. Her birthday had been a few days ago. Terra had gotten her a cookbook and a pan (she had thrown the book back at him.) her mother had gotten her the gloves she know wore. Her father had given her a day off from training and a new spell (her mom said that she had tried to take him shopping, but he spent the entire time at the alchemy store) and Ven had gotten her a mystery novel. Lady hopped up onto Quaxa’s lap as Ven came out holding a hot tray of chocolate chip cookies. Still Petting Lady with one hand, she summoned one of the cookies from Ven’s plate. He noticed and made a face at her while he walked down to Terra, Walt, and her father. Terra was just listening as he carved something. Growing up together found out each had some odd hobbies. Terra was whittling, Ven had turned out to be a great cook and baker, while Quaxa... well she couldn’t be sure. She was herself after all!

“Yensid!” her mother leaned out of the doorway to the courtyard, wiping flour off of her face with her apron. The wisps of her dark hair escaped her bun as two short figures and one tall one appeared in the shadows behind her. Quaxa pushed off Lady before running towards her mother.

“MICKEY! DONALD! GOOFY!” The Prince of the castle appeared, holding a gift. His court magician and gentle giant of a captain behind him. Quaxa ran over to hug them. Goofy accepted the hug gracefully, but Donald was stand off ish. She turned to Mickey, and she knelt down for her hug. After She let go, Mickey handed her a package.

“Happy Birthday. Sorry I missed it. How was the cake?”

“Good! My mom is wonderful, you know.” Her mother gave a smile, then disappeared again. Mickey’s face was serious though as he walked towards her father.

“Master Yensid, I bring bad news.” He knelt before Yensid, who stopped arguing with Walt and turned to Mickey. Ven put his plate down on a wall, and Terra put aside his whittling. Quaxa stopped opening her present and hurried over to listen too. “Your previous student, Xehanort, has joined his father, Master Xehanort, and have started to attack the worlds with creatures known as Unversed.” Quaxa didn’t notice her present (a piece of armor) at the bad news.

“Dad… what do we do?” Yensid looked down.

“All of you, start looking around. Don’t fight unless you have too.” Yensid turned to go to his lab. “He’s after the Princesses of the Heart.”

Everyone turned to leave, but her mother was standing in front of the door, leaning against the frame.
“Have some dinner first. I’m not letting you fight on an empty stomach. Walt, you’re not going either. I need company. I know your father is married to his work, but I wish he could at least have some of my meatloaf first.” Walt bent over to kiss Quaxa on the cheek.
“Good Luck, …” The memory cut out. Quaxa groaned as she lifted herself up off the floor. She hated thi… two forms were laying out infront of her. And she knew one of them.

“Mickey! Mickey!” Quaxa flew over and began to shake the mouse’s body. He groaned, and turned around. A link… a link to her past… Mickey shook his head as he pulled himself up.

“Do… do I know you?” he squeaked. He then saw the silver boy at her side. “Riku!” Earth… Mickey pushed the boy called Riku over, and Quaxa took him in. Mickey now wore red pants, and this Riku wore a yellow and black shirt.

“Mickey… please say you know me…” Mickey looked at her.
“Can’t say that I do.”

“But… I know you!” She fell onto her knees. Someone… please… The boy named Riku started to stand.

“Who are you?” He asked. Quaxa looked up at his blue eyes.
“Quaxa… I’m a nobody.”
“You HAVE to be somebody. And why do you say I know you?” Mickey asked, sitting down crosslegged.
“When I cast spells, I get memories… and I’ve had several with you. You came to my house and learned under my father. He taught you how to heal after Xehanort caused an accident that left my mom with a cut face. You gave me some armor as a present…” Mickey ‘s face lit up.
“I DO know you! You’re” Zexion burst in, and pulled his book out, then waved his hand. Instantly the two were distracted.

“I’ll get someone to put them to sleep.” Vexen muttered as he entered the room. Riku looked terrified of something, while Mickey muttered “Minnie” “Time to go, Quaxa.” Quaxa left.
Larxene warped into Quaxa’s room. Only Leota was there, and she looked like she was resting. Larxene walked up to the crystal ball and knocked on it.

“What.” Leota groaned. She peered at Larxene’s tired face. “Are you alright?”

“For right now, yes. I need you to do something though.”

“Everyone needs me to do something. What is it?”

“I have a letter. If anything happens to me, let Quaxa know I put it in my room and I want her to read it, okay?” Leota’s face drew together for a second, then she nodded. “Alright, I’ll leave now. See you, Madame Leota.”

Larxene went out the front door, and sighed as she leaned up against it. As she turned to go, she heard something behind her. She whirled around… Marluxia?

“What do you want?” She spat out. Marluxia just gave a soft grin.

“How do you feel about how our superior runs things?”
“I don’t really, care, okay?”

“He was right about something then, you have gone soft.” Larxene started to leave, but was distracted as something tugged on her robe. She looked down to see a vine growing from the ground. Before she could move, the vine multiplied and sprang up so it covered her and imprisoned her. Two ends of the vines tied itself tightly around her neck, then fell like second drawstrings for her cloak. She could still breathe, but unfortunately could only focus on that. Marluxia gave a soft grin. “If you had just agreed with me, I wouldn’t have to do this but…” He raised his fingers and gave a “come” motion with his pointer and middle finger. The two vines tightened around her neck as they tried to go to Marluxia. He motioned again and it tighted some more. She couldn’t breathe, she lost her peripheral vision and was quickly losing the rest, there was a rushing sound in her ears, then it went black.

Marluxia looked down at the wrapped body and hauled it over his shoulder. He warped to the room where Namine had been set up.
“Erase her memory” he demanded, throwing the unconscious body on the floor.

“You… didn’t kill her, did you?” NAmine looked up with fearful eyes. “and what do you want me to erase?”

“ANYTHING dealing with Quaxa. She can’t remember her at all.” Marluxia’s voice was flat, as he turned to leave. “She makes Larxene soft, and Larxene can’t have that at all…” Namine set to work, rewriting the memories. Why? This was all just too confusing…

In the end, Namine found out she was Jealous of Larxene. Tears smeared her pictures as she wished frantically for a friendship like one Larxene had with Quaxa.


Quaxa slid into her seat at the meeting the next day. Where had Larxene been? She was sitting in her chair now, looking very uninterested… and kind of mean… Marluxia warped to the center to explain his plan for Castle Oblivion, but Quaxa was not listening. When the meeting ended, Quaxa followed Larxene out.

“Larxene!” She called out. Larxene turned, and gave this odd glance.

“Yes… and you are?” Quaxa took a step back. How…

“Quaxa, I’m Quaxa. We… we’re close. You took me through London and I dragged you through the Haunted Mansion. You catch me when I pass out.” Larxene summoned a Kunai and used it to file her nails.
“Listen, I have no idea who you are, and I’m leaving soon for Castle Oblivion. Just leave me alone and try to con someone like that chump Roxas.” She left and sauntered off to Marluxia, who was waiting at the end of the hall with a smile. What had he done?

REALLY not my best. I HATE that poem. The strangulation scene wasn't anywhere near as dramatic as I wanted.

And, Quaxa knows Marluxia did something because how he used to always try to kill Larxene.

So, what you liked, didn't like, and how I can improve?


I didn't like the spelling errors in the beginning but it's a minor mistake. And Zexion finally figuring out that Quaxa was the nobody of Aqua was shocker, not really since it's really obvious not like her canon counterpart Xion but overall just space it out more and be a bit more descriptive.


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Feb 14, 2008
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That's a mistake (I forgot to explain it DANG IT!)

He just heard 3 voices and realized something had happened. But yeah, the timing is a bit suspicious... I may end up working it in.
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