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Fanfiction ► Let's go to school! (Sora/Kairi,Namine/Riku,Squall/Yuffie,Cloud/Aerith)

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Apr 20, 2006
F'ing Naxxramas, yall/

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Nov 17, 2005
Hahahahaha!! Sorry! Here's chapter 11!!

Chapter 11

“Now, this is going to be a humorous play, with romance. Everyone understand? So I don’t want any “yuck” or mumbles and grumbles. Understand?” The drama teacher asked, looking at everyone.

“Yes ma’am.” Everyone said.

Sora scratched his head. Sure, it was kinda exciting to have a play and all, but then….he shuddered. He was standing with Kairi, Namine, Riku and Leon & the gang.

But…the other side of the drama hall was a group of girls. They seemed like they already knew their roles. They were smiling evilly. Evilly!

Sora shook his head. He must have been imagining stuff.

The drama teacher turned to look at the bunch of girls standing in a corner. “You know what to do right? Practice your roles.” The teacher said, and went over to Sora and his gang.

“Now, I have chosen the main star of this play, but that doesn’t mean that it’s only centered about him. Everyone will have their roles.” She said, looking at her notepad, she continued, “Sora is the main character. I will give a list of your roles, just wait.” She said, going to her bag and started digging in it to look for her papers.

Meanwhile, Sora and the gang were talking.

“Congrats Sora!” Kairi said, happy.

“Yeah man, didn’t know you had it in you.” Riku said, smiling.

Namine giggled. “Yup, well done Sora!” She said.

Leon smirked. “Yeah, congrats.”

Yuffie laughed. “That’s great Sora!”

Aerith smiled and nodded. Cloud grinned.

The teacher came back with the papers.

The following was written:


Sora - Sket

Kairi - Kira

Namine - Nela

Riku - Rex

Leon - Luke

Yuffie - Yunette

Aerith - Adelle

Cloud - Cain

The play starts in the land of Terade, a peaceful land. There, a group of strong teenagers will fight many obstacles that will prevent then from love, happiness and friendship.

Sket: He is the optimistic, friendly and trust worthy person in this play. He has a small “thing” for a certain red headed girl, and hopes that one day, he would have the courage to tell her that. He likes to be carefree and laidback, and sometimes he ends up snoozing somewhere he likes or somewhere calm and leaves him at peace. His best friends are the girl herself, called Kira, and a guy, Rex, also a girl named Nela. They have been friends since childhood.

Kira: The cheerful girl of Terade, she never really had fears of her own, as her only fears are of her friends and family, and the peace of the world. She always thought that Sket was “cute” but she doesn’t know if she should go for it. Though her best friends, Rex and Nela, encourages her to.

Nela: She’s the supportive friend of Kira, Sket, Rex and many others. She loves to draw, and that is her greatest ability. She used to be alone in a place where it was hard to live, but she ran away from that place to come to where she’s living now, Terade. Here she met many friends, including Kira, Sket and Rex. She is staying with Kira.

Rex: The competitive youth in Terade, also best friends with Sket, Kira and Nela. He always teases Nela, and it seems Kira and Sket has a feeling that he likes her. Even if he denies it. He’s independent most of the time, but he knows that he will need help from time to time. He would never forget about his friends, and would always care about them.

Luke: The silent but warm hearted friend that helps Sket, Kira, Rex and Nela. Most wouldn’t know what he would be thinking about, except for his companion, Yunette. He always seems to know what he is doing, and will do it when he needs to. He won’t say much, he doesn’t really smile much, but he does have his smirks. He doesn’t mind a bit of mushiness, but he wouldn’t wanna take it too far. There’s always a something to a person, and to him, his special someone is actually his companion, Yunette. They’ve been together for…a year.

Yunette: The ever hyper but strong girl, a companion of Luke, and also his special someone. She may act like a little kid, but don’t underestimate her. She’s strong. She learned the skills of the ninja, and she’s way good at it. No one knows where she gets her hyper-ness from, but whatever it is, it must be good. If she sees anyone get hurt, she will immediately help them. Sometimes she might be a bit reckless and careless, and that is why Luke is always by her side, but we all know he’s also there because he loves her.

Adelle: The most kind and beautiful lady in this play, though she is already taken. She loves to help others in need, she loves her friends, her family. She is mostly like a mother figure in this play, especially to Yunette. She knows that even if she can’t fight, she can heal. Her specialty is healing others, with her magical powers. She knows a few attack spells, but since she hates fighting, she never uses them much. But don’t look down on her, if she can’t fight with her bare hands, she can fight with her words. That’s a strong woman’s words. She is seen to be hanging out with Cain most of the time.

Cain: The guy who likes action. The guy who likes to fight for what he believes. The guy who wouldn’t stop for anything. He believes in himself, never lets people down and likes to help people, just like Adelle. Though most people would wonder why he would always hang out with Adelle. Does he have a crush on Adelle? Most people asked him that and he denied. But what is the real truth…? Anyways, a lot of girls seem to fawn over him because he is “hott” as they would say. But he may have already set his eyes on a certain woman already, right?

The gang just looked at the paper. All of them had grins tugged on their faces. Except for Leon who was just…blank. Yuffie felt giddy because she was going to act as a woman who is in “love” with Leon!

Sora was grinning, so was Riku, and Kairi, and Namine. Namine and Riku were happy that they have a part where it’s actually true. So was Aerith and Cloud.

“Is it just me, or most of this character analysis seems so true?” Leon asked, nonchalantly.

The teacher just looked innocent. “Whatever do you mean?” She asked.

Sora whispered to Riku. “I’m putting a bet that she’s spying on us.” He said.

“So true…so true.” Riku whispered back.

“Yes, well, anyways, I’ll be giving you your scripts in a few seconds, why don’t you read your characters first and see if you can portray them well?” The teacher asked. “Oh, and my name is Juno.” She said, smiling.

Sora looked at it again. He laughed. “Haha! Leon and Yuffie’s gonna be a “couple”!” Sora said, emphasizing on ‘couple’.

Kairi giggled. “Yeah! But isn’t it sweet? Riku and Namine are having their part together, and so is Cloud and Aerith!” She said.

Namine nodded. “It’s meant to be!” She said happily.

Riku laughed. “So true…so true.” He said.

Yuffie blushed deep after what Sora said. “So what? It’s just a play, right Squall?” She asked.

“It’s Leon, and yes.” He said.

“Well, Yunette, you’re blushing!” Aerith said, giggling.

“Aerith! You’re teasing me too?” Yuffie said, shocked.

“Why not?” She asked, innocent.

“Ah yes…young love.” Cloud said, looking like he was reminiscing good times.

“Uh…Cloud, you’re still young.” Sora said.

“No! I’m…I’m…..well I’m older than you!” He said.

“Whatever.” Sora said, grinning.

Cloud pouted. “There, there.” Aerith said, comforting him.

Cloud’s expression changed into a smile. He hugged Aerith.

“Aw, that’s so cute!” Namine and Kairi said at the same time, and then they laughed.

Yuffie sweat dropped. “Cra-zy.” She said, shrugging.

Anyway, Leon was thinking. He was actually kind of happy that he was getting paired up with Yuffie. He didn’t like it if she was paired up with Riku or Sora or Cloud. After all, neither of them would like that too. That drama teacher seriously did spy on them…wait, how did she know he likes Yuffie? No, wait! He doesn’t like Yuffie!

Leon frowned slightly, and wasn’t aware that Yuffie was waving her arms in front of him. “Helloooooooo?” Yuffie said.

Leon blinked a few times and looked at the girl. Inside, he was smiling. Outside, well, you know.

“We’re going to go get our scripts, you coming? That teacher sure is lazy to come over here again.” She said, walking ahead.

Leon sweat dropped. “You seem much lazier to go over there to get the script.” He muttered.

“What was that?” Yuffie asked.

Leon just shook his head. “Nothing.” And walked over there with her.


“Alright now, here are your scripts, and I want you to at least remember the first few lines. After that, I want you to come up here, and do a small act of that part.” Ms. Juno said, and pointed to the part where they all have a part, and will be saying a few lines. The part seems to be a dramatic.

“Yes miss.” They said, and hurried to memorize their lines.

Sora looked around. He wondered if there were any other people acting with them. He saw some, but they seemed to have small, itty, bitty lines.

Then, he saw the bunch of girls again. The bunch of girls looked at him too, and was smiling evilly. He shuddered and went back to memorizing.

Kairi smiled. “I finished!” She said.

“Already? How many lines do you have?” Namine asked.

“Around…4 to 5.” She said.

“Oh. And I can’t even remember 3!” Namine said, sighing.

“Well, I’m sure you’re gonna memorize it in no time!” Kairi said.

“Yup, that’s for sure.” Namine said, bored.

“Now, now, keep memorizing!” Ms. Juno said.

Everyone sighed, but soon, they finished memorizing.

There was something written on that script that made Sora curious. He wanted to know what it was, but since they were gonna appear in the same scene, he just shook it off, knowing that he’ll soon know.

“Everyone acting Scene 2, please come up.” Ms. Juno said.

Sora, Kairi, Namine, Riku, Yuffie, Leon, Cloud, and Aerith came up. When Sora looked around to see if anyone else was coming, he saw the bunch of girls. He didn’t want to keep thinking them as ‘the bunch of girls’, so he’s gonna call them TBOG (The Bunch Of Girls.).

He gasped. “TBOG!” He shuddered.

“Huh?” Kairi asked.

“Nope, nothing.” Sora said. He’d be embarrassed if Kairi knew that he was scared of that bunch of girls.

“Ok! Scene 2, Act 1!” Ms. Juno said.


Sora stood in front of Kairi. “Kira, I cannot let you get hurt! You must stay at home!” He said, with feeling. Pretty good, yeah?

“Oh no, Sket! Please, you can’t do this! I won’t let you go!” Kairi said.

Sora hugged Kairi. I cherish this moment. He thought, and said, “Kira, come on! Go back home! The people are coming! You’re not safe here!” He begged. “Rex and Nela will be there!” He said.

Kairi looked sad. “Sket, I don’t want to leave you. No one, not even you, will stop me!” She said, fake crying.

I wouldn’t like to see Kairi cry in reality. Sora thought.

Then, Rex (Riku), and Nela (Namine), came to the scene. “Kira! We have to go!” Namine said.

“It’s not safe here! Nela, you and Kira will go back home, now!” Riku said, taking out his fake sword.

Namine smiled. “You will come back, right?” She asked.

Riku smiled at her. “Of course!” He said.

Namine smiled, and took Kairi’s hand. “Come on, Kira! We must go!” She said.

“No! I want to stay!” Kira cried.

Yuffie (Yunette) and Leon (Luke) appeared with Cloud (Cain) and Aerith (Adelle). “We’ll help!” Yuffie said.

Leon nodded, and took out his huge sword.

Cloud hugged Aerith. “I want you to stay back, Adelle. It’s dangerous.” He said.

“Ok. I’ll be backup, and I will heal everyone.” She said, taking out her staff.

“Right! Everyone! Let’s go!” Sket said, ready to attack.

“No!” Kairi cried, and Namine dragged Kairi off stage.

….End of act 1…..

“Cut! That was wonderful!” Ms. Juno said.

Sora grinned, and so did Riku. Yuffie jumped happily and Kairi and Namine appeared from the stage. They high-fived, and Cloud and Aerith hugged each other and laughed.

“Now, it’s not the end…yet. There’s still Act 2!” Ms. Juno said cheerfully.

Everyone sighed, and got ready for it. After memorizing their lines, they went back to the stage. Sora’s question which was stuck in his mind has still not been answered yet.

Sora came up to the centre with Kairi, Namine, Riku, Leon, Yuffie, Cloud and Aerith. Sora held Kairi on her shoulders. “Kira, I know that even if we can’t see each other, it’s not the end. I still love you, and always will.” Sora said, and he had some difficulty saying those three words.

Kairi blushed. If only that was real… She thought. “Nela has taught me that…that…if things don’t go the way I want it to, I will still hope.” Kairi said, looking at Namine and smiling. Namine smiled back.

Sora smiled. “Don’t worry, I will come back.” He said. “I, Sket, your best friend, and your love, will not leave you, for I am always with you.” He said, and hugged her. Actually, this part was supposed to be a kissing scene, but it was just rehearsal, so Ms. Juno let it go.

Two hearts pounded in their chests. Sora and Kairi could not believe that they were actually doing this. Namine, Riku and the others tried to keep them from laughing.

They let go and looked at each other. It was obvious that they were both blushing madly. “Go, Kira. I will come back.” He said, looking away.

She nodded, but hesitantly. “I will wait for you…” She said, and ran away, with Namine, Riku, Cloud, Yuffie and Aerith. Only Leon and Sora stayed behind.

“Ready, Luke?” Sora asked.

Leon nodded. “Anything to keep the people most important to me safe.” He said.

Behind, the people changed the background. TBOG came out and surprised Sora. He almost forgot his lines.

He shouted. “Luke! We gotta go, the Mama Squad are too much!” Sora yelled.

Leon nodded. “Let’s get out of here!” He followed Sora off stage.

…….END Scene…..

“Bravo! Woot!” Ms. Juno clapped her hands.

“Uh…miss? The…Mama Squad?” Sora asked.

“Oh yes! It’s a squad of mothers that go against Sket and Kira’s relationship, because they know a secret that those two don’t.” Ms. Juno said, then she squealed. “It’s so perfect!” She said.

“Uh…not really…” Cloud said, eyebrow raised.

“Cloud! Respect!” Aerith said, slapping his arm.

Cloud grinned sheepishly.

Leon sighed. Yuffie nudged him and grinned at him. Leon just smirked back at her. This made Yuffie smile even more.

Riku tried to hold back his laughter, while Namine giggled.

Seeing Kairi and Sora in an awkward situation was funny.

Kairi was blushing. She decided she should change the subject…kinda. “Uh…um…so,” she laughed nervously. “Why don’t we just….finish this thing, huh?” She suggested.

Sora nodded quickly. “Ye-Yeah! Let’s finish right?” He asked.

Everybody just nodded, smiling. It was freaky.

“Right….now, I’ll give you guys a break. We have to get things going!” Ms. Juno said enthusiastically.

As everyone left, Sora and the gang were walking to the canteen. “Hey…don’t you think that those bunch of girls who are the ‘Mama Squad’ creepy?” Sora asked.

Everyone laughed. “I guess so.” Riku said, shrugging.

They got their food and sat down to eat. After they finished, they just took a short rest and went back to the drama hall.


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