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Fanfiction ► Life In Tokyo

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Jul 27, 2006
Naomi Towers. An apartment building situated on the bustling streets of Tokyo. A place of peace and happiness. Except on the fifth floor…

Kairi, Namine and Riku were at Sora’s apartment. He was sound asleep on his bed and they were gathered around him.

Kairi: Sora wake up!
Sora: *half asleep* I don’t want to go to school mommy.
Riku & Namine exchange glances whereas Kairi folded her arms and looked cross.
Riku: *looking at kiari uncertainly* She means it man.
Namine: Maybe we should take Roxas instead.
Kairi: Not a chance. Sora will come or else…
Riku shuddered and remembered the last time she said that. She was running behind sora with a butcher’s knife acting like a maniac.
Namine: Come on Kairi let him be.
Kairi: Nevaaa!
Riku gave her a puzzled look.
Riku: You better get up man; she looks ready to take out her knife.
Sora suddenly sat upright on his bed and yawned.
Sora: *Fully awake* Fine I’ll get up.
Riku, Namine and Kairi gave a sigh of relief. Kairi than turned to Namine.
Kairi: Now we have to get Reno and Kadaj.
Namine: Lets go than.
Namine grabbed Kairi’s arm and pulled her towards the door. They both left the room and shut the door behind them.
Riku: Come on dude get up. We don’t want what happened last time.
Sora: What time are talking about. The one when she chased me with a truck or the bulldozer?
Riku: *sigh* you’re helpless.

Kairi and Namine went down the hall and knocked on door 103. A nervous voice came from the other side.

Kadaj: Whose there?
Namine: It’s us, open up.
Kadaj: Wait a minute.
After a few seconds the door opened and Kadaj stood there wearing a plastic bag on his head.
Kairi and Namine both jumped.
Namine: WH…What is that?
Kadaj: I’m rubbing mother’s feet.
Kadaj showed them his hands, on which he wore gloves.
Kairi: So why the plastic bag.
Kadaj: They smell a lot!
Namine: Way too much info…
Kadaj: Sorry… What can I do for you?
Kairi looked around and than faced Kadaj.
Kairi: Remember the place we were supposed to go to?
Kadaj looked puzzled
Kadaj: What place?
Namine: The place with the thing.
Kadaj: That place? Are you serious? We can’t go there!
Kadaj looked around and turned to face Namine.
Kadaj: People say a ninja lives there.
Namine: You mean Yuffie?
Kadaj shuddered.
Kadaj: Don’t say her name!
Kairi: Are you coming or not?
Kadaj: Sorry guys, my mother needs me.
Mother: Kadaj! Bring a pickle sandwich!
Kadaj: I’m coming mother!
Kadaj quickly closed the door leaving Namine and Kairi outside.
Namine: Momma’s Boy.
Kairi: Let’s go to Reno’s place.
Namine: I’m coming.

I know its not much but if you guys like it than I'll be happy to post more.



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Jul 27, 2006
Thanks for reading. Here is more. Hope you enjoy.

Kiari and Namine went down the hall and knocked on door 106. The door opened and Sephiroth stood in front of them wearing a pair of black jeans and a blue sweater.

Sephiroth: What brings you here?
Kairi: We are looking for Reno.
Namine: Is he there?
Sephiroth: Sure. He’s playing a game of poker with me.
Sephiroth stepped aside and let them inside. Kairi and Namine entered the one room apartment. She looked around the dimly lit room. A bed was crammed in the corner next to a small table around which Reno and Rude sat. They both held cards up to there face and were muttering something to themselves.
Kairi: *Covering her nose* what’s that smell
Namine: It smells like fish… and maybe some onions?
Rude and Reno suddenly snap out of their thoughts and look towards Namine and Kairi.
Reno: What’s up?
Kairi: What’s that smell?
Reno: Sephiroth brought some of his mother’s special salmon pie.
Namine: *Turns to look at Sephiroth* what’s Salmon pie?
Sephiroth: Mothers specialty.
Rude got up and showed them a plate. It had a fishes head popping out and several flies circling it.
Rude: Try some.
Kairi & Namine: No thanks.
Rude: *With a hungry smile*More for me!
He goes to a corner and starts to eat it.
Kairi: *Stares at him uncertainly and whispers to Reno* is he okay?
Reno: He’s Fine. So what brings you here?
Namine: Don’t you remember the place we had to go to?
Reno: *Smacks his forehead* I forgot!
Kairi: come on let’s go!
Reno: Sorry guys. I can’t.
Namine: *crosses her arms* Why not!
Reno: I promised Sephiroth I’d take his mother to the hospital.
Kairi: Why?
Sephiroth: She’s getting an appendix operation.
Namine and Kairi exchanged glances.
Kairi: Can’t you drive?
Sephiroth: I don’t have a license.
Namine: *looks at his sword* No one would dare stop you.
Sephiroth: I won’t break the law!
Kairi: Fine! What about Kadaj?
Sephiroth: Too scared.
Namine looks crossed and turns to Reno.
Namine: *whispers* come on lets just ditch him.
Reno: We can’t. Look at him.
They turn to Sephiroth who looks at them in a sad way.
Kairi: *Pulls Namine towards the door* fine.

Riku and Sora were outside Naomi towers near the entrance waiting for Namine and Kairi. The sun was shining brightly. Opposite Naomi towers were other apartment buildings standing tall. Between them was a road on which a few cares were parked.

Riku: I wonder what’s taking them so long.
Sora: *Yawning* I don’t know.

Suddenly, Hayner stepped out of one of the other apartment buildings and observed Riku and Sora from across the street.

Sora: *noticing Hayner* what’s wrong with him?
Riku: He is weird. The other day he called us gay. And the day after that he said we should get married. And then on the day after that….
Sora: *cutting in* okay! I get the point.
Riku: Sorry.

Hayner crossed the streets and came up to Sora and Riku who were throwing him dirty looks.
Hayner: What’s up Mr. and Mrs. Smith?
Sora: Nothing *thinks* poopo face!
Hayner: *looks at riku* is he okay?
Riku: *glares* he was until you came in.
Sora: Why are you here?
Hayner: I was glancing out the window, when I saw you two love birds making out. So I decided to drop by.
Riku: We are not in love.
Sora: Yeah! We are just good friends!
Hayner: Chill out. I was going to Reno’s place to play some poker.
Riku: In that case leave!
Kairi and Namine come out of Naomi towers and go to where Sora, Riku and Hayner are standing.
Kairi: *facing Hayner* why are you here?
Hayner: Just paying a visit to my favorite couple.
Sora jumps towards him but is quickly pulled back by Riku.
Riku: He’s not worth it.
Namine: You might wanna leave Hayner.
Hayner: And why is that?
Namine: Or else I’ll tell them how you tried to make out with Tifa.
Hayner: *face reddens* I’ll see you later.
Hayner quickly runs into Naomi towers.
Kairi: *turns to Namine* He did what!
Namine: Long story. Come on lets go.
Without saying another word she started walking down the street.


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Jul 27, 2006
Well basicaly there in tokyo and they live in an aprtment building called "Naomi towers". So far, Kairi & Namine are gathering people so they can go somewhere. Which i will tell you as the stor continues.

hope to post more soon.


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Jul 27, 2006
Okay guys here is more. Hope you enjoy.

Sora, Kairi, Riku and Namine walked down Redford Street on which Naomi towers was located. Tall apartment buildings towered on both side of them.

Sora: So where are we going?
Kairi: *Sigh* you forget so easily. We are going to najimi mansion.
Riku: *Shudders* I have heard bad rumors about that place.
Kairi: It’s all a lie! And I want to prove it. That why we have to go. So I can prove to the people that there is nothing scary there.
Sora: Why did we have to come on along?
Kairi: *Glares*
Sora: I’m walking.
They had just crossed the empty street and had reached Nami Street. They kept on walking down the street. Further down, the street ended and gave way to a large and old mansion. It was abandoned and the houses around it were unoccupied. Kairi, Namine, Sora and Riku reached the mansion and halted.
Sora: So here we are…
Riku: *nervously* are you sure it’s safe?
Namine: Come on guys. Let’s go solve the mystery.
Sora: I think I’ll stay and guard the building.
Riku: *raising his hand* I’ll help.
Kairi: protect it from what?
Sora: banana eating turtles.
Riku: I heard their found in Tokyo and like to attack large haunted mansions
Kairi and Namine: *sternly* lets go.
Riku & Sora: You can’t make us.
Namine: *taking out a box and showing it to them* will you do it for a Scooby snack?
Sora: Make it two and you have yourself a deal.
Riku: *glares at sora* I’ll pass. But I’ll still come.
Namine throws two Scooby snacks at sora, who grabs them and shoves it into his mouth.
Kairi: That’s disgusting.
Namine: come on!
They all walked inside the mansion and stepped into a pitch black room.
Kairi: eew! It smells like rotten banana in here.
Sora: The banana eating turtle will be here any second.
Namine: Shut up.
Riku: Its pitch black, I can see anything.
Kairi: *sarcastically* thank you Mr. obvious.
Namine: so what do we do now?
Kairi: *yells* is anybody there?
Riku: *nervously* nobodies home, lets go.
From the darkness a voice comes.
???: Who dare enters my layer.
Sora: *jumps and yells* It’s the banana eating turtle! Run for your lives!
Namine: *slaps sora* come to your senses.
Sora: Sorry.
???: return from where you came. Or feel my wrath.
Kairi: *holding up a hand* we come in peace.
Sora: Yeah Mr. Turtle, don’t hurt us.
???: Sora is that you?
Sora: *scared* he knows my name!
???: It’s me, Yuffie
Yuffie emerges from the darkness and stands in front of them.
Sora: *gasp* you were the banana eating turtle!
Yuffie: *raises eyebrows* what are you talking about?
Kairi: ignore him.
Riku: So you’re the supposed ghost?
Yuffie: There is no ghost here.
Namine: Than why does everybody say so?
Yuffie: *fiddling with her fingers* okay… so I may like to scare people a little.
Kairi: *crosses her hand* a little.
Namine: Yuffie look around! No one lives near this house!
Yuffie: So I got carried away a bit…
Namine: a bit?
Riku: carried?
Sora: away?
Kairi: *impatiently* Okay! That gotta stop!
Namine, Sora and Riku: Sorry.
Yuffie: Fine I won’t do it anymore. Sorry!
Kairi: Aww! That okay. *opens her arms* group hug!
Namine: *leaves the mansion* I need to use the bathroom.
Yuffie: *leaves the mansion* I need some coffee.
Sora: *leaves the mansion* I think I see a banana eating turtle.
Riku: * leaves the mansion* I can’t think of anything.
Kairi stood their looking very crossed


The next day, Kairi was at Sora’s apartment looking through his window whereas sora was asleep.

Kairi: *turning to sora* Sora get up right now!
Sora: Zzzzz
Kairi: I think I see pretzels!
Sora: *Fully awake* Where is it? Its mines!
Kairi: That worked.
Sora: *shocked* you tricked me didn’t you!
Kairi: no duh!
Sora: you hurt my feelings. Anyways what do you want?
Kairi: nothing. Riku and Namine are out somewhere.
Sora: why didn’t you tag along?
Kairi: *crossed* they didn’t tell me. *mutters to herself* after all I’ve done for them.
Sora: why don’t you ruin somebody else’s morning?
Kairi: I can’t. Kadaj and Sephiroth are out with their mother and Roxas won’t open the door…
Sora: *sarcastically* I wonder why…
Kairi: *ignores him*…. And Reno and Rude are out to work.
Sora: *suspiciously* how did you get into my room?
Kairi: *takes out a key and shows it to him* I have a spare key incase you might try to fly out the window again.
Sora: *glares* I could have done it…
Kairi ignored him and sat down on his bed.
Kairi: so what should we do?
Sora: What date is it today?
Kairi: *suspiciously* why?
Sora: *impatiently* just tell me!
Kairi: Fine. It’s the 17th of December.
Sora: *giggles* weee! Christmas is almost here!
Kairi: *sigh* and yet no sign of snow.
Sora: I better finish my list for Santa.
Kairi: *hopelessly* sora?
Sora: what?
Kairi: there is something I need to tell you.
Kairi: You know about Santa right?
Sora: *dreamily* Yeah… He is the best. He goes around giving us presents and all we give him is some milk and cookies. Sucker!
Kairi: well he isn’t…
Riku and Namine enter the room.
Riku: hi guys, we are back from the super market.
Sora: Did you get some pretzels?
Riku: *sigh* they were all out.
Sora: *breaks into tears* nooooo! How could they do this to me?
Namine: We will get you some first thing tomorrow.
Sora: *puppy face* promise?
Namine: *bluntly* yes.
Sora: okay * turns to Kairi* what were you saying about Santa?
Kairi: about that…
Namine: *turns and whispers to kairi* now is your chance to tell him.
Riku: go on!
Kairi: *turns to sora* Santa is… a really nice guy!
Sora: * giggles* I know.
Namine: What!?
Riku: *sigh* well he will eventually find out.
Sora: *suspiciously* find out what?
Riku: nothing.
Kairi: *changing the subject* so what do you want for Christmas?
Sora: *thinks* I want some pretzels, a remote control car, some more pretzels, an astronaut’s helmet…
Riku: *cuts in* you better only write a few things, I have… I mean Santa has a low budget.
Sora: *chuckling* you’re funny Riku! His magical elves magical elves make the presents.
Riku: Silly me.
Namine and Riku sit down on the sofa next to Sora’s bed.
Riku: Anybody seen Roxas lately?
Namine: I heard he’s sick.
Kairi: *gasp* we should go see if he is okay.
Riku: No use. He won’t open the door.
Namine: *grin* oh he will.

well how was this??

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Feb 25, 2006
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Nice! Sora is a little too dumb to be the protragonist though, so who is it? *wishes I had a beard so I could stroke it in a cliched thinking manner* Riku's too emo (or at least he will be, it's only a matter of time). Which only leaves Namine and Kairi. Which one?


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Jul 27, 2006
Well i didnt plan an actual hero. This fan fic just shows all the ff and kh characters going about their daily lives like normal people. They will go to work and stuff. But i'll reveal more as i write more.


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Jul 27, 2006
sorry i havent been able to update. My stupid exams kept me busy. Anyways here is a really really small update.

Kairi, Namine, Sora and Riku stood in front of room 108.

Namine: *in a sweet voice* Oh Roxas! Could you open up please?
Riku: I’ve tried everything.
Moments later the door opens and Roxas appears.
Riku: *crossed* I give up!
Roxas: So what brings you here my sweet Namine and her other friends?
Namine: *uncomfortably* we heard you were sick.
Roxas: You mean love sick.
Sora: You’re weird.
Roxas: *ignoring him* so why don’t you come in and I’ll make you a steaming hot cup of coffee mixed with love.
Kairi: *shows him a fist* Can it lover boy! We were here to see if you were okay and you seem okay, so now I think we will leave.
Roxas: *without looking at her* than leave, but Namine can come in.
Kairi: *glare* come on guys. *pulls riku and sora away*
Roxas: Are you coming in pumpkin?
Namine: *anxiously* sure.
Namine stepped inside and Roxas closed the door.

I promise to update as soon as possible with a more bigger update.
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Jul 27, 2006
Here is an update ^^

Roxas comes out of his kitchen with two mugs of coffee. He gives one to Namine and sits down next to her on the sofa.

Roxas: *smoothens his hair and shows her his million dollar smile* so how is it going?
Namine: *changing the subject* could you turn on the TV?
Roxas: *disappointed* sure.
Roxas turns on the TV and a movie about Romeo and Juliet was on.
Romeo: Juliet! My sweet Juliet! You are the east and the sun is the west!
Juliet: Romeo! Art thou Romeo! You know we can never be!
Roxas: I love this movie.
Namine: *thinking to herself* just my luck.
They both watched the movie for a long time as Roxas got closer and closer.
Roxas: *turns to Namine* there is something I have to tell you.
Namine: *watches the movie*
Roxas: You know how we are good friends. But I think its time to take it one step further. What I’m trying to say is that… will you go out with me this Saturday?
Namine: *facing the TV* Beautiful.
Roxas: Is that a yes?
Namine: *turns to Roxas* I’m sorry. I was busy watching the movie. Did you say anything?
Roxas: *depressed* no.


Back in Sora’s room, Kairi stood near the window gazing outside whereas Riku and Sora were playing chess.

Sora: I win!
Riku: *sigh* Sora for the last time! We are not playing checkers! This is chess!
Kairi: *muttering to herself* I can’t let this happen.
Riku: *looking at her suspiciously* can’t let what happen?
Kairi: I can’t let Roxas and Namine go out with each other.
Riku: Why?
Kairi: *turns to riku* isn’t it obvious?
Riku & Sora: No.
Kairi: *annoyed* if Roxas and Namine start to go out with each other than they will soon start to love each other.
Sora: So?
Riku: *glare* you can’t see anybody happy but yourself.
Kairi: *hopelessly* It’s not that! Soon they will get married and move to San Francisco. Namine will have to leave us and she is the only sensible person besides me.
Sora: I got dibs on her room and pretzels!
Kairi: Sora we have to stop her!
Riku: How?
Kairi: *evil smile* I have a plan.


Outside Roxas’s room stood Riku. He was wearing a dress and had makeup put on. Sora and Kairi were hidden behind a pot of plants in the hallway.

Riku: *muttering to himself* I can’t believe I agreed to this.
Kairi: *from behind the pot* sora stop pushing!
Sora: *from behind the pot* sorry.
Kairi: Ring the bell riku.
Riku: *cold glare* fine.
He rang the bell and after a few minutes Roxas appeared on the doorway.
Roxas: *puzzled* do I know you?
Riku: *in his best girly voice* don’t you remember me?
Roxas: No. who are you?
Riku: I’m Samantha.
Roxas: Who the hell is Samantha?
Riku: Your girlfriend.
Roxas: *shocked* what!?
Riku: *looks at some words written on his hand and reads them* I think its time we should get back together because… *mutters to himself* I can’t believe I’m going to say this.
Roxas: *suspiciously* what?
Riku: I love you!
Roxas: What the…
Kairi: *from behind the pot* Sora stop laughing!
Sora: I can’t help it.
Roxas: *turns to the pot* Kairi is that you?
Sora: I think our cover is blown.
Kairi: *glare* thanks a lot.
Roxas goes up to the pot and discovers Kairi and Sora crouched behind it.
Roxas: *surprised* what are you doing?
Sora: Smelling the dirt.
Roxas: What!?
Namine comes out of Roxas’s turns to Roxas.
Namine: What’s going on?
Roxas: Nothing.
Namine goes to where Roxas is standing and discovers Kiari and Sora.
Namine: *sternly* what are you guys doing here?
Sora: smelling the dirt.
Namine: *turns to riku* Riku is that you?
Riku: Holy cr*p! *runs down the hall and out of sight*
Namine: *turning to sora and Kairi* get up guys.
Kairi and sora got up.
Namine: let’s go. *takes Kairi and Sora’s hand and drags them away*
Kairi: I’m innocent!
Namine: *turns back to Roxas* Thanks for the coffee Roxas!
Sora: Coffee! Can I have some?
Namine: *crossed* keep on walking*


Namine dragged them both to Sora’s apartment and told them both to sit.

Namine: Now what was this about?
Sora: Kairi said you were moving to San Francisco.
Namine: *turning to kairi* you said what?!?
Kairi: *glare* thanks for keeping it a secret.
Sora: *smiles* your welcome. *turns to Namine* she also said that you were gonna marry Roxas.
Kairi: *jumps at sora with a clenched fist* you little brat!
Namine: *holds back Kairi* Sora gets out!
Sora: *walks out of the room* when you marry Roxas, I get your room.

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Feb 25, 2006
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*falls over laughing* To damn funny! Thanks for the rep by the way, I needed it.

Heh, 'smelling the dirt'... Sora really needs to smarten up, why does eveyone portray him as a dumbarse?
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