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Screw that action
May 8, 2006
In a movie theater no where near you
Chapter 8: This is a longer chapter, I guess this reveiews somethings you already know about Kingdom Hearts, but has the first stand of the new Organization 13, enjoy.


“You shouldn’t of brought him here.”

“What else was I suppose to do?”

“Leave him there to die.”

“I couldn’t just do that.”

“Why not!? You-“The man stopped abruptly as he saw Roas start to stir and wake up.

“Where am I?” Roas asked, his body feeling slightly sore, and his mind feeling with questions.

“Get him out of my face.” The silver haired man commanded.

“He’s no where near your face.” Johnny said with a smirk on his face. The silver haired man started to speak, but left it alone. Roas started to stand; so suddenly Johnny grabbed his wrist leading him out of the room.

Roas began to become more aware, he was in a nearly destroyed house, that barely able to support life. The floors creaked with every step, and fraction of a step. The walls had distorted painted walls, looking as if a fiend had been grinding its nails against it and the wall. “Where am I, why am I here?” Roas mumbled to himself. The man dragging him by his wrist seemed to hear him some how.

“Shatol…I’ll explain in a minute” I said asked he pulled Roas along; Roas felt as distorted as the paint on the walls, not knowing what feel, or trust.

Johnny took Roas to a bright area, obviously it was dawn, and the suns light shins green as it fused with the trees full of dead leaves. Roas sat down at the table, as if he was instructed to. If he was in trouble he wouldn’t be able to do anything anyway. He was lucky enough to be alive. Johnny sat in front of him, putting down a bowl of cereal in front of Roas, then to the side, then to himself, as he sat down, Lia walked in and took a seat in front of the cereal that was pre-placed for her. Johnny started to speak.

“What’s your name?” He said as he looked up, and then looked back down to get a spoon full of cereal without spilling it.

“Huh, me?” Roas asked

“Who else?” Lia intruded, sounding annoyed, the logic of the question seemed to annoy her.
“Roas…” Roas said, meaning to say more.

“Why do you sound so paranoid? Were not going to hurt you.” Lia asked softly

“Huh, I’m just a little lost…”

“Don’t worry, we’ll take you back as soon as your healed fully, I’d heal you now with magic…but I’m not good at it.”

“It’s okay, thanks. But, where are we”

Johnny intruded “Shatol”

“Shatol?” Roas asked

“Yea…A behavioral planet made to house people in a prison like area”


“Why? Because of their behavior.”

“Saving a life isn’t bad” Roas tried to end

“But being framed can be!”


“I prefer not getting into detail, but we just want payback.”

“Revenge isn’t right, besides can’t you just leave? You left before…”

“They’ll just find out real soon, we need to leave knowing no one will snitch.” Johnny said, as he got up, almost making his bowl spill, he stomped off, his steps as heavy as bricks.

Lia started to speak as Johnny left “Sorry, he’s kind of sensitive about the subject…Oh! He never told you his name did he? I’m Lia, he’s Johnny, the man behind you is Shawn.”

“Shawn?” Roas said as he turned around to see a man sitting Indian style on a counter, wearing, black khaki pants, and a white dress shirt and wore square glasses that aligned with his short blue hair. Roas jumped up nearly hitting the table. Shawn simply looked up at Roas, and then looked back down at the light black laptop in his arms; he seemed intent on what he was doing.

“Hi, Shawn.”

“Hello, Lia.” Shawn responded, still looking at his laptop.
“What are you doing now?”


“Aww…you’re not going to tell me?”

“No, it’s not interesting.”

“What if it is?”

“No its not, don’t you think you should finish explaining this world?”

“Oh…okay…you mind talking about it? I don’t too ether, just can’t stand it.” Lia said as she finished her cereal and left out, quickly walking out.

Shawn started to sigh. Then he mumbled to himself. “Why…Okay…This is the 16th of 16 worlds that are designated for behavioral disciple. Were the only people to make it to the 16th?” Shawn said quickly trying to get it out the way.

“You’re the only ones here? Why?”

“Just being at wrong place, at the wrong time, and being in a bad way with worse people.”


“The Organization…”

“Who are they?”

“A group of advanced nobodies”


“What left of a person after a heartless steals a heart. For every heart stolen, there’s a nobody. The Org got the best of it.”

“What happens if you destroy a heartless, does it go back to normal, a regular person?”

“No it goes to Kingdom Hearts. A collection of lost hearts.”

“Can’t hearts be extracted?”

“The force of Kingdom Hearts is too strong; it is compounds energy of evil inside it, unfortunately, there a lot more evil than good. A lot more.”

“What would happen if it was ever destroyed?”

“Then the hearts of the all people lost to the heartless would return…regardless there nobody form was lost, but that’s to a point of destruction…”

“Then what will happen if it’s completely destroyed?”

“It would mean the complete launch of evil in the universe” Shawn ended. Roas stopped, as if he was frozen in time, he would have asked more, but he was to far in awe to continue. In the front of the house, they conversed as they always did. But they were playing cards to pass the time more quickly; they were just trying to see who would get lowest hand, in three turns. They played as if the world was fair and safe.

“So…” The man in the hood started, holding four cards in his glove covered hands. “I don’t think any body could beat this hand”

“Really?” Johnny implied knowing he needed four cards and he only had one. He dropped all his other cards, but knew he could draw as many times as he wanted to in one turn, and this was the final turn. “Hit me Lia.” Johnny told her since she was the card holder. See placed a card face up in front of him, it was an ace. She hit him again and it was an ace.

“What the!?” The hood man exclaimed. Johnny was hit the last time and it was an ace as well. “But how-“

Johnny dropped he had all ace’s; ace’s are counted as one. Then he jokingly said “Gimmie my munny!”

“It ain’t fair.” The man said as he handed over the peanut he owed. As they began to start again Shawn walked in with no expression, as usual.

“It seems normal, but today’s the day, Huh, Lyle?” Shawn said referring to the silver haired man, his name was Lyke.

“Of course, today’s the day we get back what we deserve, to escape…” Lyle said while lying on the couch, looking down to where, Johnny and Rian played their game. Rian was the hooded man. Shawn stepped back down the hall, and back into the kitchen.

“You ready to go? Roas?” Shawn asked, looking oddly at Roas, as he was trying to get over what he found out.

Roas mumbled to himself “Find your center, Find your center” Shawn only sat and wondered, what the-, was going on.

The as the group started outside, the area had already been put in disarray. The area seemed to be cooling down, but not much. Guards running away, and around the area. Frightened faces filled the area. The group didn’t have a clue what could have happened, they started off, as Johnny carelessly shut the door behind them.

They walked down the baron streets of Shatol, which was in mass confusion. They were utterly ignored. Honestly, there were way too many guards, for only five people, but this seemed like an emergency. The streets were baron, aged. The sidewalk was the same. As they walked down the broken streets, Roas looked off to the right, away from the destroyed, but already baron buildings to see that there wasn’t even grass on the field, just dried dirt. This place really was just like a prison.

It wasn’t long in their slow journey; they met with the real cause of the disturbance. “Well…where are they?” A hooded man asked, violently.

“I don’t know, I was just suppose to make sure they didn’t get out! I swear!” A man responded in mass fear as the figure held the man by his collar.

“Hmph! Worthless…” The figure stated as he tossed to man to the side, his body crashing against a wall. As soon as he land, he got up, tried to run but stumbled back on the ground, he then started to creep away, in total fear.

He figure looked up and asked violently “Hey! What are you lookin’ at!?” as he slid off his black hood. He had pale white skin, golden rod, with short spiky hair that was wide spread across his head, sticking in every direction. “Well!?” The group didn’t answer; they simply looked as if he was a miniature threat. His face altered, he began to show that he didn’t appreciate how they ignored him, how they blew him off, like a termite. He threw his arm out, electric sparks streaming down it. “Ignore me, Huh? Take this!” He yelled as Johnny had just realized who he was.

“Hey! That’s-“Johnny tried say as he was cut off by the electric shock wave the man shot from his extended arm. “That Ixias. Tenth member of the org…” Johnny said as he shook off the shock, it didn’t really affect him; Ixias was just trying to get attention.

“You know the name-“Ixias exclaimed but was harshly cut off.

“I know your name; I just didn’t care to remember it. We don’t have time for games…” Johnny ended coldly. Ixias hastily lunged at Johnny; he almost smashed his fist against Johnny’s face, but he already spun to the side, out of the way. “See? You’re no match…” Johnny mockingly said as he pushed Ixias to the side.

“Letting them get the best of you? Honestly, you need to stop playing around, Ixias.” A girl said as she floated up to him from seemingly nowhere, her eyes shining a bright pink, and her pink hair hanging to the side. “Hello all…I’m member number eleven of Organization thirteen, Axasi.”

“Play times over!” Ixias exclaimed

“You always say that.” Johnny replied to his statement as he started towards him; but Ixias had no patience, he lunged at Johnny with a strait out punch aimed at his face, this time, lighting streaming down his arm like a over coat,; it shined at bright white, with blue edging. He began to back up as Johnny separated him self from his friends, bracing himself.

“Strike raid!” Ixias called out as he sent out the lighting quick punch. Johnny still easily dodging the attack. The lighting on his arm flew off, unstably. It seemed to separate and fly off in all different directions as it came close to hitting Lia. She stumbled to the ground in fear, her face gaining bright tone.

“Couldn’t you make a more original name…If that had of hit her-” Johnny stated as he was cut off

“There’s a reason why I call it that…” Ixias interrupted. The lighting seemed to run back around and strike Johnny from behind, his brownish face turned pale white. He was caught off guard, his body arched forward. Ixias punched Johnny his jaw making him fall in a spiral motion to the ground. Lia tried crawl over to him but was held back by Lyle. “Now…” Ixias began as he was about to beat his rival, but suddenly, Johnny’s right leg raised up, swiftly, and smashed against Ixias’s whole face, as he looked down. Johnny rose up, boldly.

“Not that easy.” Johnny mocked, as he felt blood stream down his back, it didn’t faze him. Johnny leaped out and sent a high jump kick towards Ixias; it missed as Ixias ducked down. He raised his arms as if he was summoning some sort of fiend, but instead, a gigantic blast of lighting came down from the sky, Johnny, still airborne, spun upwards and yelled fira, as he struck out his arm, a broad fire stung out and made harsh contact with the lighting streaming down at him. The collision caused a gigantic explosion, filling the area with smoke. Roas and the other watched from the sidelines. Roas didn’t know what he should do, but he did know he had to get back to his friends, Range and Lilla. He thought of asking Shawn more questions but knew this wasn’t the time to do that, and he hoped he could later.

As the smoke cleared, Axasi looked on impatiently, she seemed irritated, as she stood, floating in the air. But then her face cringed as she saw something that really seemed to infuriate her. She saw a smirk on Ixias face. She used telekinesis to throw Johnny, leaving everyone in shock, besides Lyle. Roas looked up at Lyle; Lyle’s look seemed to make Roas suspicious of him. He looked down at Lia on the ground, he felt sorry for her, watching her friend in battle, and she obviously hated violence.

Axasi held Ixias in her telekinetic control, suspended above her. “You act like I didn’t see that smirk! This isn’t time for fun or games! You know what were here for!” Axasi yelled as she tossed him back behind her. “I’ll take care of this.”
“That isn’t much needed.” Lyle said

“Who is it then?”

“This boy…”

“Good.” Axasi finished, leaving every one in pure shock.

“You!” Johnny yelled as he rose from the ground

“That’s right….me…” Lyle said, as Roas back away from him, expecting this to happen. Trusting his senses he summoned his keyblade to the field.

“The kingdom key…”Axasi mumbled. Lyle threw a kick with his long, lanky, leg. Roas jumped up and, out the way, but that didn’t stop Lyle from launching a punch that Roas, in mid-air couldn’t dodge. Roas winced in the air in an effort to obstruct the attack.

Just then a light golden blade formed in front of the fist, making Lyle flinch in reaction and jump back, Roas quickly landed and looked up, it was the hooded man, Rian.

“Stop trying too molest the child, Lyle.”

“Molest!? I don’t-“Lyle tried to say, shocked by Rian.

“Don’t let get to you, stay focused. We have a job to do!” Axasi exclaimed to Lyle, to make sure he didn’t lose focus and give Roas a better chance to escape. “Now…” She started. “Just come with us…” She started at Roas, as Lyle began to calm down.

Roas gave her a cold look, knowing what she was looking for he summoned his keyblade. “You’re lookin’ for this?”

“Maybe…” Axasi responded softly, showing him a nice look in responds to his cold one.

“I know what you’re trying to do.” Roas started, using the things he learned before, he still wasn’t quite sure. “You’re trying to take over Kingdom Hearts.” He said, trying to make it seem as if he fit in, and knew what was going on.

“Well that’s the basics, but good…”Axasi kept on softly, she isn’t worried at all, how could she? “Well...C’mon.” She pressed on

“No, how old do you think I am? Six?” Roas mocked, trying to get her attention.

“Well yeah, considering your height…”Axasi still mocked, knowing what he trying to do. She rushed in at Roas; Roas sent a horizontal slash, but she disappeared before his eyes. Before he could even move, she swiftly reappeared above him, smashing him into the ground with two crossed hands, right one top of his head. Roas smashed right into the ground. He saw why she took him so unseriously. Since he landed on his back up looked strait up at her, she held a devious smirk.

“So adorable…” She said as landed on her feet for the first time since they met.

“Adorable?” Roas exclaimed, after a moment of thinking about what she said. Roas jumped up, she shifted out of the way, and he sent a vertical slash, still missing her. Awe started to run through his body like a disease. She easily dodged every one of his moves, giggle the entire time.

“You’re too easy.” She joked as she shifted out of the way of another hard pressed attack, ending up behind him.

“How am supposed to hit you?” Roas accidentally blurted out.

“Your not…unless you have a technique I haven’t seen yet.” He stood there unmoving, she also stayed still, listening to the others fighting in the background, but he noticed something she didn’t, Roas didn’t see Johnny nor Ixias fighting, and doubted they where behind him. “Well are you coming with us…make things easy, your not getting away.” She stated, Roas thought she was right, but something broke that feeling, as he saw a key chain land in front of him. It was a shining light blue; it looked simple like a star like shape, not much to it, but it had a bright aura.

Roas held his keyblade close to the ground, he saw it but he didn’t know what was and didn’t want to take any chances. Axasi was getting annoyed. “Are you coming or not!? I’m trying to let you off easy kid…” Axasi said, making Roas realize that she was completely oblivious of the situation.

“With thunder left lighting…” Ixias blurted out from behind her.

“What are you babbling about? Ixias?”

“That.” As Ixias said that the chain fiercely attracted to the keyblade. Roas was freighted from the sudden movement, he tried to get away from it but Axasi grabbed the coiler of his shirt.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Axasi said while stopping him, allowing the chain to get the key. He felt a sudden serge of energy flow through his body. He stopped moving, to look down and see his key changing; it looked as if a another key was over lapping the normal one, it was a white key, but it had a bright blue aura. It had a star like arch at the end; the rest was thin and long, slightly longer than the normal one. The end part where Roas hand was firmly holding it was unexplainable. It looked like the Oathkeeper, but the Oathkeeper didn’t have a aura.

“Hm? A new key? That still won’t help you.” Axasi stated. Roas leaped away with his new found energy, and then, turned back to look at her. “Aww…you still want to fight me?” Without responding, Roas leaped back at Axasi, moving faster than normal. She bagged back, but Roas sent a strong follow up slash, regardless she was out of range, but this time he sent a vertical slash that hit the ground, and at that moment a lighting wave erupted from the ground in a zigzag motion. It hit her hard, like a brick. In shock she fainted from the impact.

“Guess you were too cocky.” Roas said leaving her there, finally gaining the upper hand, and just knowing she would be back to cause him more trouble in the future. He looked on to see Lyle and Rian fighting. Shawn was holding Lia off to the side. Trying to find out what was wrong with her. He decided not to go over; Rian seemed to have the upper hand.

“You should quit.” Rian declared as he deflected one of Lyle’s attacks, forcing Lyle away.

“Good idea…” Lyle mumbled as he looked away at his fainted partner, he leaped over to her and opened at black and white, plan portal, picked Axasi up and lunged away into it. Mumbling his last words: “Well be back…”

Just hearing this make Roas shiver, he knew things just got harder.
Hope you enjoyed, please comment.
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Mar 27, 2007
Great! That one was so awesome I really liked the ending part I wanted to know what happened to Lyle and Axasi!


Mar 27, 2007
For the rest of those who have read your stories they should really come and read this one they would be blown away!
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Jun 3, 2005
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I've read it, I'm sorry, but I don't really like it, I just couldn't get into your world, but I did read it like you requested.
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