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Fanfiction ► Magna - Retro Revolution

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Nov 25, 2004
I know that this isn't a fanfic at all, but there's no literature section on this forum.
So here it is, a new sci-fi story I'm working on:

Chapter One - Anticipated Arrival

Everyone had heard about it and still they couldn’t believe it that the fact was indeed actually true as the media had claimed it to be. Not even the cyber police patrol that frequently traverse the metallic polished streets, not even the city’s sanitation squad expert division that’s in charge of cleaning the city, the virtual world technicians that maintain and fixes the virtual computer network system, and especially not even the normal everyday citizens of Crater City could believe it. It was all over the news, on holovisions and in newsgrams. It was just everywhere where you might see or read from. The reports and rumors had been spreading like a wild brushfire throughout the entire city for the past few weeks regarding about it.

But why, why would he come here anyway? It just doesn’t make any sense. I mean, this was just your plain old average city of the future in its current year of 3043 C.E. compared to all those others much more advanced in their own civilization that was in Techrophile. It had the same towering glass buildings that was used for business purposes and luxurious living, a mid-air public transportation system rail which is located a hundred few off of the ground in which the trains travels on routes that stretches countless of miles throughout the city and beyond its outskirts, and the technology here to run practically the entire place powered by machine, electricity, and solar energy. Although there was one thing different here in Crater City than in all other cities out there. But surely enough, couldn’t he have gone to somewhere else?

Devon Certz, the president of Necron Corporations and also the richest man in the universe, was coming hundreds of miles away from Meteorite Metropolis, where his gigantic company headquarters is located at in midst of the bustling conurbation to make a proposition right here in this very city today. He is well known for his company, which he own and that it had done so much to help the citizens throughout the nation. Without his precious company, cities throughout Techrophile wouldn’t have turned out to be so energy sufficient and that living in these cities wouldn’t be so comfortable and so easy as today. It was as if almost that Necron Corp. was actually the nation’s government itself rather than a corporation in cooperation with the government.

The man had just arrived in his gleaming black limo in front of the magnificent two-hundred-feet tall building hotel suite in which he was going to stay at and held his conferences for the remaining time of his stay here in Crater City. It was a famous and deluxe stay for all those who are rich enough to spend their money here and that for the man who owned such a enormous company was no exception. Nothing was finer than this, but the man’s own home back in the very town he was raised in. But let’s not get to that now as we focus more on the important of this man’s arrival here.

In the car, he was sitting in the back next to a lovely young lady whose black hair was bejeweled with several diamond berets. Such pressurized forms of carbon are not hard to find these days except the diamonds that this young women was wearing were actual diamonds that are extremely hard to find and that these have been made with other elements, creating striking iridescent colored gems. Mr. Certz was holding her hand tightly in his lap throughout the entire ride after arriving into the city in his privately own first class private jet at the city’s airport and then departing to the suite. Such action would point out a romantic relationship between the two, but clearly as you can see, Mr. Certz was thirty years older than this aeries he was sitting next to, thus it would point out another obvious relationship. Sitting across not far from the two were two well-built middle-age male bodyguards wearing devices that would allow them to communicate with each other from far away aside from wearing their cool shades that almost made them look completely enigmatic.

“Father, so how long are we staying here in this city?” the youthful lady asked as she looked toward the wealthy man and smiled. The guards always seem to jolt a little as they hear the “miss‘s” sweet voice. Certs turned to smiled at his brilliant skin daughter as several wrinkles appeared when he did. Clearly you could see that this was a hard-working man who have dedicated and devoted much of his life to his business and yet to his loved ones at the same time.

“Well daddy has some tough business issues to discuss and do around here so we’ll have to stay as long as we need to until I get them done, honey,” Certz answered. Suddenly, the shutter in front of the small opening of the wall that separated the driving front and the passenger area lifted up by itself. Now the chauffer, who was also wearing a fine suit was visible from the driver’s suit as he looked behind him. After looking outside to the left of his daughter, the president reached into his pocket and took out a wad of bill before handing it over to the bodyguard whom he sat directly across. He watched as his bodyguard then gave the money to the driver.

“Thank you, sir,” the driver said as he took the money and turned back towards the front as the shutter closed. The woman looked outside of the black tinted window that was on the left of her after the driver has disappeared from sight once more and saw that an arm was reaching for the handle of the limo’s door. Then the door was slowly opened as a white gloved hand reached out toward the female‘s. Taking the man’s hand with her right hand, in which had gripped hers firmly, she was helped out of the car as she used her other hand to aid her father out as well from the leather seat.

“Good afternoon Ms. Katherine Certz,” a voice greeted. When the young lady finally helped her father get out of the limo completely, she turned toward the direction in which familiar voice in which had greeted her. Immediately she recognized who it was, but the question was, what was he doing here? As the blonde hair man in the red usher suit continued to held her hands tightly, he smiled a bright smile.

“Um…..hey…..thank you,” Ms. Certz said with a confused look on her face. As she looked into the young gentleman’s azure eyes, she could see that this man was deeply troubled, despite of the smile that was on his face. Suddenly, several flashes of light blasted into the faces of the young women and at her dad. Already, several presses from the media were already there for the big event. Some in which she could recognized that have followed them here all the way from the airport. Standing beside his daughter, Devon Certz posed for the several pictures that are to be taken of him of his arrival and so did Katherine Certz who wanted to show off her new dazzling sapphire dress which draped on her perfect body and her new shimmering black sexy boots.

Of course, taking pictures was a very easy thing to do for her now that she was a great celebrity and that for as long as she could remember, she has been taking photos alongside with her dad. Well, actually, it has been only for a couple of years she have been doing this since there was a major issue in the beginning in regards to how Mr. Certz was reunited with his daughter after years of separation brought about by his divorce with his first wife who now is deceased. Many believe that this young lady isn’t really Certz’s daughter at all, but a person who just claiming that in order to get a share of this man’s money after he dies. Though after going through several blood tests and DNA samples, they were proven wrong, all twenty billion of them.

As they walked down on a long exquisite red carpet toward the suite’s entrance, which several employees and even the manager stood poised at, ready to greet their new guest, a barrage of questions and more digital camera flashes were made by the press and media standing on either sides of them behind a thickly red long rope which was suspended on the top of several high golden poles. If that wasn’t enough to stop them from coming any closer, security guards were all over the place making sure that this arrival would be a safe one for their president and his daughter. Though even though that some of the questions was aiming toward Katherine, she just ignored them like she always did and just smiled and focused on getting some nice photo shots of her brand new wardrobe that she have gotten from a famous designer in Laviae just for this occasion, unless her father tells her to answer them. But at this currently moment as she strolled toward the entrance with her arm tucked underneath her father‘s and occasionally turning her head sideway towards the cameras, she wasn’t totally ignoring them on purpose as a thought arose in her mind and clouded her other thoughts and awareness of what’s going on. Looking behind her, see saw that the man who have opened the door for them was gone and yet the limo was still parked there, leaving only their two bodyguards following her and her father closely behind stiffly with emotionless expressions.

Finally, after what have seemed to be for several hours because of their slow walking, the two had finally arrived at the entrance. There, two suite employees who were standing in front of the two tinted transparent glass doors reached for the golden handles and pulled opened the door, bowing a little with their white-gloved hands over their stomach as they did so. Even though the door could have been set to open automatically for incoming the guests, the manager had insisted to do this to show respect to the great Devon Certz. The CEO nodded at the two gentlemen as he paused a little before walking onward with his daughter. After the two bodyguards have finally entered all the way into the building along with their manager, the two men stood back straight up and leaned forward to close the door before standing at attention again. Then, if it wasn’t for the security guards’ barricade at that moment, the dozens of personals from the press would have trampled over each other and the spectators just to get a pictures close up of the two as they tried to rush in.

Taking a deep breathe after the tensions of looking good for the presses were over, Katherine could smell the entire building’s clean spring scent as she and her father stood in the grand lobby hall. The president scanned around the place and was obviously impressed and marveled at what he had saw in his surroundings. As he could see, the cobalt tiled floor was polished with great effort, allowing the beautifully-designed ceiling with the emblem of the suite’s logo on it, which was a hundred feet above their heads, to be reflected clearly upon the ground. In the middle of the hall, just before heading towards the brilliantly-designed transparent glass elevators, was a giant hexagonal fountain in which several little sculptured boy angels were posing in different stances on top of a granite rock platform that arose several feet from the waters with water coming out from their mouths. But one thing that the business man couldn’t help noticing were the bunch of suite staffs that had gathered right in front of him in a organized and respectful manner in their signature red and white uniforms to greet him and his daughter with big wide smiles on their faces. And yes, evening the cleaning maids were in high spirits despite how grouchy they normally were.

“Father, the water fountain pool there is quite lovely, isn‘t it?” Katherine commented who was still holding her father as she awed at the structure. Her father just turned her head towards her and simply smiled after a nod. Walking up quickly to his guests from the entrance, the manager appeared at the front of her group of staffs and bowed. Suddenly, the row of employees behind him bowed and stood up again, then the following bunch, and so on like a coming torrent of waves until all seven rows with ten workers in each row have formally greeted their guests.

“Ah Richard, I love what you have done to the place,” Devon Certz acknowledge the manager when he finally got up, “you father would be so happy if he was still here today to see what a magnificent job that you have done to his old deteriorating motel.”

“It was all thanks to you Devon my dear friend for lending me that money so I could remodeled the place,” the manager, who appears to be called Richard replied as he leaned forward to shake the president of Necron Corp.’s hand. Mr. Certz properly accepted and shook his old friend’s hand after his daughter had let go of his right arm.

“I’m just surprised that you would named this suite after my company and allow me to share a cut of your profits.”

“I had to repay you somehow and this picturesque young woman here must be your daughter whom I have been hearing about.” Katherine blushed as she caught the man’s eyes looking at her with a warm smile. Then letting go of the supervisor’s hand, Mr. Certz introduced his child.

“Yes, this is my daughter, Katherine.” Extending her arm to Richard’s already stretched out arm from shaking her father’s, Katherine shook the employer’s arm and smiled.

“It’s very nice to meet you Mr. Wellington,” Katherine spoke, feeling the man’s firm grasp.

“It’s my pleasure Ms. Certz,” Richard replied.

A moment later, an employee was seen strolling in around the corner carrying the luggage of those of the president and his daughter. He stopped for a bit and waved toward the two with a resolute expression. But whom really that the same blonde hair gentleman who had opened the CEO’s car door earlier was actually waving at was Katherine. Mr. Wellington sensed that one of his staff was about and turned around to signaled the young man to go upstairs to unload the baggage into suite room of the owners’.

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