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Fanfiction ► Master Icy's KH fan fic

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Master Icy

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Aug 17, 2005
Where the old Toonami went.
ive decided to continue

"after disco dancing all night again riku goes missing"

kairi: I thought riku just went outside

sora: that was a couple of hours ago

Master Icy: well what do we do now?

Link: lets go to my home. outset island

sora: ok

Master Icy: how do we get there?

Link: "takes out his cunductors baton" ok lets get moving

"a cyclone picks them up and takes them to outset island"

Link: its good to be home

Link: lets go to grandmas house

"the go to grandmas house"

grandma: well hello my son. its so good to see you again. and who are your friends?

"they say who they are"

grandma: well thats great that you have friends.

link: heheh yeah. can we have some soup grandma?

grandma: of course my child "gives everyone super soup"

"everyone has some and they all become super powered"

Sora: so why is everything so strange? there are so many things that shouldnt be here

Master Icy: well its because the universe and everything has come together.

link: well how do we split it up again?

Master Icy: ... hmm i dont know

Link: we must get the triforce. and to do that we must first collect the 3 orbs.

sora: ok where is the nearest one?

Link: well the nearest one is the forest haven.

sora: well lets get going

Link: we can take my boat

"the all finaly get to the forest have and to the great deku tree"

deku tree: you may have the orb when you save the kokiri from the giant monster in that dark forest.

link: ok.

sora: lets get started then

"they go to the dark forest and end up infront a giant plant"

link: haaaa "link jumps in the air and tries to smack the vines hanging from the plant"

Master Icy: this is taking too long ICE HARVEST "freezes the plant from the inside causing it to wilt"

link: wow your strong

"oathkeepermaster comes flying through the wall"

oath: thanks alot guys for letting me fly at light speed through the world.

Master Icy: sorry oath

oath: sorry isnt good enough im going to kick your ass

"knocks icy into the ocean"

Master Icy: hey man that wasnt cool

link: oh well. now that we have defeated the plant. where are the kokiris?

key bearer: you mean those little dudes over there?

link: thats them

"they take them back to the deku tree"

Deku tree: here is the orb. thank you for saving them.

Master Icy: your welcome. now where to?

Link: the next closest place is... dragon roost island... lets get going

"they arive to find dragon roost island to be on fire"

Link: what happened?

"a rubble comes down and kills link"

Link: aahhh ive died

Master Icy: ok this is what we do. pour some of that soup inside link. "pours it in his mouth"

link: ive been revived!!

Master Icy: "freezes the island"

its time for bed for me. ill finish tomoro.

Master Icy

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Aug 17, 2005
Where the old Toonami went.
leaving off from the last

"Master Icy freezes the island"

Master Icy: problem solved

link: but how do we get the orb?

Master Icy: DEFROST "unfreezes the island making it drenched in water"

sora: ok now what do we do?

link: we gotta get the orb here... from the dragon

Master Icy: oh right... so where is this dragon?

sora: im all wet. can i dry off some where?

link: no time "takes out his fire arrows" this will be fast

sora: no no NO.. i can stay wet its ok

link: alright. lets get going to the top of the mountain

sora: ok but how do we get there?

Master Icy: lodan aha would know. wait i thought he was right next to us.. oh well. we gotta find someone else...

link: I know who would know... "takes out his baton and calls the wind god"

wind god: so you need to get to the top? well ill give you a lift "throws them into the volcano"

*sora's pants catch on fire*


Master Icy: "shoots him with ice water"

Sora: aaahh COLD WARM ME UP

link: "takes out his fire arrows and shoots sora"

"sora dies"

Master Icy: good going link. you killed him

link: i didnt think that would happen

Master Icy: "glares at link"

link: well we gotta get him back some how. lets go central

Master Icy: the elric brothers would know what to do

"they arrive at central to find that the elric brothers have found the philosophers stone"

edward elric: we did it al. now we can turn back to full humans

"Master Icy swoops down and steals the stone"

Alphonse elric: aah that kid took our stone!!!

"Master Icy and friends left"

edward elric: life just keeps hitting us.... as soon as we get it. someone steals it. oh well lets go drinking

alphonse: i cant im metal

edward: oh sorry heheheh

"scar comes and with out warning blows eds brain up"

alphonse: NOOOOOO "puts hands up in air" what do i do now? my brother is dead and i dont have the philosphers stone!!!

"mean while back at dragon roost island link and Master Icy bring sora back to life using the philosphers stone"

sora: am i in heaven?

Master Icy: no

sora: oh no your here i must be in hell!!!!

Master Icy: if i was in hell it would be cold. now lets get that orb

link: ok now to get back up on that volcano... hmm... i know lets take the elevator

Master Icy: wow this place gets better in every visit

"they take the elevator to the dragon to find out that it was gone. but the orb was there"

link: finaly a stroke of luck

Master Icy: lets get to the last orb....

link: yeah on to... it doesnt make sense. the orb is very very far away. we gotta take a well to get there..

sora: well what are we waiting for?

Master Icy: a well? let me see that map "looks at it"
well its definitly a well. and its in... japan?

link: well ok lets go. my cyclone will take us there

"they get to japan"

Master Icy: now where to?

link: it looks like we need some jewel shards or something...

Master Icy: maybe that dude over there has some shards

yuusuke: hey who are these bozos

link: who are you calling a bozo. you thug

yuusuke: whoa the midgit talks!


Master Icy: hes just a kid man. cool down

sora: have you seen any jewel shards around?

yuusuke: you mean these "takes out a sacred jewel shard"

link: thats it. can we have it?

yuusuke: wait... why do you need it? you arent demons are you?

Master Icy: no.. well.. hey are you guys demons?

Link: NO

sora: no no no

Master Icy: well we arent demons

yuusuke: well ok. what do you need it for?

sora: we gotta go down some well

yuusuke: i gotta come with you to make sure your not up to no good
let me call my friend "takes out cell phone" hey yevon!.. yeah come to the well

sora: ok lets go

"they get to the well and meet yevon"

yevon: so why do you need to go down this well?

sora: we have to get the orb of water

yevon: ok so we just fall down the well? ok "jumps down the well and breaks his leg"

yevon: aaaahh my leg

sora: uhh why didnt it work?

Master Icy: i bet you have to have the jewel shard with you to get through

link: hes right you do.

yevon: what about my leg?

"they take out the philosophers stone and heals yevons leg"

link: ok lets go!!

"they go down the well and end up in a forest"

yuusuke: well this is nice.

link: yeah it is. now for that orb "goes to a near by village"

Master Icy: look at the dog boy over there

inuyasha: whoa another bunch of weird dressed people
are they related to you kagome?

kagome: no ive never seen them before.

yuusuke: a demon!!! spirit gun!! "shoots inuyasha"

inuyasha: aaah what was that for? your looking for a fight? you got one!!

kagome: SIT BOY

"inuyasha is pounded to the ground"

kagome: now why are you here?

Master Icy: we have to get the orb

sora: yeah the orb of water. have you seen it?

miroku: ive heard of that before...

songo: yeah it was in some ancient scrolls

shippou: you guys are so confusing. ive never heard of an orb of water

Master Icy: ok where did you see it?

inuyasha: hmm my brother sesshoumaru had it..

Master Icy: where would he be located?

sora: yeah

kagome: dont mess with sesshoumaru he isnt easy to defeat.

Link: ive fought monsters before. i could take him

yevon: or me.

sora: so where is he?

inuyasha: hes some where in the ox tiger

sora: uhhhh where is that?

Master Icy: yeah ive never heard of that place

kagome: no no. its east. go east

sora: oh east ok

"the go east and find sesshoumaru fighting some demon"

yuusuke: I can take care of that demon "shoot spirit shot gun at the demon fighting sesshoumaru"

sesshoumaru: who are you and why did you help me?

yevon: were here for the orb of water.

sesshoumaru: you cant have it. i need it to become stronger to defreat naraku

yevon: then we will have to take it from you

sora: yeah give it to us now

sesshoumaru: fine then "becomes a giant demon dog"

yevon: i can still take him "jumps up and cuts his sesshoumarus eye"

sora: that wont help

Master Icy: let me take care of this "freezes sesshoumaru"

"sesshoumaru turns back to normal"

sesshoumaru: you are very powerful. ill give it to you if you can destroy naraku for me

Master Icy: ok what does he look like

sesshoumaru: hes in the sky behind you shrouded in miasma

Master Icy: this will be too easy "ICE HARVEST"

"Freezes naraku from the inside causing him to fall to hte ground in pain"

sesshoumaru: that is all. i will finish him. take the orb "hands it over to them"

"naraku gets up and kills sesshoumaru"

Master Icy: well lets get back to that well

yevon: yeah ok

"they get back to the well and go down it"

link: now that we have all three orbs we need to go to the islands 3 islands

"they go place all 3 orbs on the three islands and find that it opened up a portal to another dimension"

link: that wasnt soppposed to happen. where is the tower of the gods?

gods: you have not proven your self. go here and fight the monsters inside and we will give you the triforce

link: ok

Master Icy: too easy "shoots an ice beam inside the dimension and freezes everything and then makes everything shatter into a million pieces"

gods: what. your sopposed to go through the place and... oh it doesnt matter now. here take it.

"the gods hand over the triforce"

"Sora gets the triforce of wisdom"

"Master Icy gets the triforce of power"

"Link gets the triforce of curage"

Link: now we must put our triforce together and split everything up

"they do it and wish that the worlds are split up"

sora: ill miss you guys. goodbye

"they return to their homes on their worlds"

Master Icy: well that was that. right pipee?

pipee: yeah thats right. so what do we do now?


"and they all dance until a meteor shower appears and destroyes traverse town"


oathkeepermaster: great what do we do now?

keybearer: find a new hang out I guess

Master Icy: we will find another hang out... but where?

lodan aha: why dont we make a new one somewhere that there is no meteors.

Master Icy: yeah ok

oathkeepermaster: but where?

Master Icy: the worlds are now split up. i dont know how we are going to get around

"yevon falls from the sky"

Master Icy: wow a meteor that looks like yevon...

pipee: these arent meteors these are people!!!

oath: but how did they get here?

lodan aha: the worlds must have come together again. or they must have been destroyed.

Master Icy: but then how did they destroy the disco ring?

lodan: uhh... well lets see

yevon: help me!! "still on the ground"

key bearer: "helps yevon up" who are you again?

yevon: im yevon...

key bearer: oh right. well lets get going

"about an hour ago back on destiny islands"

sora: well riku what do we do now?

riku: well we just finished the raft

kairi: then lets get started!

sora: well... ok

"they set out on the raft and end up flying off the world"

sora: aaaahh
kairi: weeee
riku: whaaat is gooing on!!!?

" mean while Riku_KH-2 was planning to take over the entire world by stealing all of the worlds"

Riku_KH-2: ahahahahah my plan will soon be complete and i will capture the worlds and harvest their hearts to power my genious weapon. The Ultima cannon!!!

"back in the ruins of traverse town"

Master Icy: oh great a large body heartless landed on the disco ring

sora: hey Master Icy

Master Icy: sora?
pipee: sora?
oath: sora?

Master Icy: what are you doing here? i thought we split up the worlds!

"mario comes flying and lands on sora"

mario: mumumia Icy! something strange is going on

sora: this is the last straw mario "throws mario at a wall"

mario: thats it "takes out a feather and turns it into a cape"

sora: you think that can beat me? "takes out his keyblade"

mario: no its to do this "mario flys away"

sora: coward!!

"as mario flys away he poops on soras head like a pidgeon"

sora: eewww i have such bad luck

Master Icy: yeah well we gotta find out why all this is happening

Riku_KH2: "apears infront of Master Icy" so we meet again icy

Master Icy: yeah.. who are you again?

Riku_KH2: im Riku_KH2!!! come on i recked your car one time?

Lodan aha: THAT WAS MY CAR

Riku_KH2: oh sorry. well icy it seems that we must depart again. im going to create a ray that can make the world one again.

"link falls on top of Riku_KH2"

Link: what!!? what happened one minuet im on outset and the next im flying at light speed and landing on some

Riku_KH2: damn it this is going to screw up my back. UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN ICY MWUAHAHAH.

"Riku_KH2 disapears"

Master Icy: bye. well hey link

Link: oh hey guys. fancy landing by you here. what do we do now?

Master Icy: well some evil dude is planning to destroy the world.
I guess we have to go save the universe.

Link: again?

oathkeepermaster: yeah.. well ill come this time.


To be continued.


dick to a lot of people
Dec 15, 2004
I've only read the first chapter so far, but it's very..different. =o Not in a bad way though, it's more entertaining then the other KH Fan Fics out there. =P


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Mar 31, 2005
hey Master Icy, can i be able to summon in the next chapter cause well im YEVON the summoner. if thats alright with u.

Master Icy

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Aug 17, 2005
Where the old Toonami went.
after Riku_KH-2 left, link told the group that Riku_KH-2 was in cahoots with Ganondorf and that if they wanted to get to Riku_KH-2 they would have to go through gannons tower. sora and friends left for hyrule, but the only way to get there was to prove themselves in the tower of the gods.

link: well my boat wont carry all of you! weve got to get another way of transportation!

sora: hmm...

Yevon: lets take my Chimera!

Master Icy: wtf is a chimera?

Yevon: a mixture of animals.

sora: so do you have any dragon chimeras?

yevon: yea! I know just the one!

"yevon raises his staff and a bright light shoots from it, in seconds a loud roar shoots through the wind and a large lion/snake/dragon/eagle swoops down and lands near the group"

link faints.

sora: omfg!!!

oathkeepermaster: hell yea!!

lodan aha: <.< yeah... are you sure its safe?

yevon: of course its safe! here let me show you! Chimera! SIT!!

"tom from "tom goes to the mayor" apears from a car"


tom: hello my name is tom peters, and i was hoping that you would help me with something Icy

Master Icy: hello tom.

tom: yes well, you see jeferton is in termoil because the mayor made war with the rest of the world

pipee: uhh... how did he do that?

tom: well im not really sure myself...

Master Icy: I know just what to do...

"Yevons chimera starts raging and then eats tom"

Tom: aaaaaahhhhhh

Lodan aha: >.> safe huh?

Yevon: uhh... meteors did it!!

Master Icy: oh well...

Master Icy: we gotta go to california, I know a couple of detectives that would help us get a boat.

"the group goes to california"

Master Icy: here they are, the best detectvies I know!


stroker: yep.. you came to the right place!

hoop: so what do ya need?

Master Icy: we need a boat

Stroker: thats going to cost ya a little.

sora: we can pay!

"sora takes out his keyblade and hits oathkeepermaster with it, millions of dollars fall out of his pockets"

sora: here you go! "sora gives stroker and hoop 100000 dollars"

hoop: that sure is generous of you.

"stroker and hoop get them a boat"

Master Icy: thanks guys!

stroker: no, thank you!

"everyone left for the tower of the gods"

link: ok this is what I can do! "link took out a baton and music played" "a tremendous wind swept around them and a cyclone appeared and took them to the tower of the gods"

sora: yevon, I trust your chimera, can it get us up there?

yevon: sure "yevon called the chimera and it flew the crew up"

"link rang the bell at the top and a light appeared infront of the tower"

"everyone jumped back in the boat and the ship went under water to Hyrule Castle"

"they all ran through the castle and fought off guards until they went through the back" "the portal was gone and they went to the top of gannons tower"

Master Icy

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Aug 17, 2005
Where the old Toonami went.
gannon, who was up there looked pretty pissed that they didnt go through all of the traps he had set inside.

sora: too bad, your traps wont work for use!!

"sora sat down on a pedistal and made a farting noise, sora got up and found a whoopie cusion where he was sitting"

sora: >.> damn... he tricked me!

link: your tricks wont work on me!! "link jumped up infront of gannon and did the matrix, he then shot his master sword into gannons head and gannon turned to stone"

Master Icy: but where is Riku_KH-2?

link: I guess we gotta go inside...

sora: lets go!!!

"sora ran down into the stairs and triped on his giant shoes"

sora: aaahhhh!!!

lodan aha: there he goes again...

pipee: yeah... hey I know!! lets take the elevator!!

oathkeepermaster: yeah! "pulls out a small cube, presses a button, and it unfolds into a giant elevator"

"when the elevator comes up, sonic the echidna appears inside"

STE: so you think you can just get down there huh? your going to have to face me if you want to proceed.

Master Icy: bring it on fuzz ball!

"STE and Master Icy clash in battle with tremendous power while the others sneak inside the elevator and leave"

"STE knocks Master Icy out and leaves down to face the others"

"the others arrive to find Riku_KH-2 eating jello"

Riku_KH-2: WTF? how the hell did you get here?

sora: we took the elevator, its time you got your just deserts Riku_KH-2!!

Lodan aha: your time has come ass face!!!

"STE crashes down and stomps on Lodan aha"

STE: dont call my master an ass face butt muncher!!

Master Icy: dont call my friend a butt muncher stupid ass!!

"Master Icy appears from the cold blue shadows and turns STE into an STE sicle"

Master Icy: free popsicle guys!! "pours blue berry flavour on STE"

"everyone eats the STE sicle"

Riku_KH-2: mm that was good..

sora: yes it was, but now its time for business, your time has come!!


Master Icy

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Aug 17, 2005
Where the old Toonami went.
alright its time to continue

"the group was about to fight Riku_KH-2 when the pizza man came to the lair"

pizza man: did someone order an olive pizza?

Riku_KH-2: oh yeah I did!

"Riku_KH-2 grabs the pizza"

Riku_KH-2: you guys want some?

sora: sounds good

Master Icy: yeah I love olive pizza

"everyone eats the pizza"

Riku_KH-2: now its time to business!!! dark fire!!!!

"Riku_KH-2 shoots a giant fire ball at Icy"

Master Icy: Crap!!!

"Icy shoots a giant ball of ice of equal size to the fire ball, and they both cancel eachother out"

Riku_KH-2: oh yeah well... uhh.... "Riku_KH-2 runs like hell away"

Sora: come back here you coward!!

lodan aha: yeah ya big chicken you got no game!!

Master Icy: yeah you suck!

"Riku_KH-2 leaves the building"

oathkeepermaster: now of course he will be back... with his big gun of course....

sora: I have an Idea!!

"the group goes and eats some pie"

Master Icy: any other plans?

sora: I have another idea!

lodan aha: does it have to do with pie?

sora: yes!

lodan aha: then no! I have an Idea now, why dont we go find him using.... a metal dog, and I know just who to get!

"the group flies over on yevons chimera and arrives on a little house in japan"

sora: strange looking house...

"super milk chan comes out of the house"

milk chan:

Milk chan: who are you? I have a job from the president to stop a kid named Riku_KH-2 because he is going to do something very bad!

"tetsco comes out:

tetsco: who is it milk?

milk chan: its just some kids

sora: were here to stop Riku_KH-2 from running his diabolical scheme also

Master Icy: yeah

milk chan: hmm

tetsco: then maybe they can help us milk

sora: but we dont know where he is

tetsco: I know what we should do, lets go see doctor eye patch, he can get us a metal dog that can help us pick up the scent of Riku_KH-2

"so they all left to the factory in milk chans helecopter"

"when they arrive, doctor eye patch is on the screen"

doctor eye patch: well hello milk chan, and who are your friends?

milk chan: YOU DUMB ASS!! they are helping us catch Riku_KH-2!

doctor eye patch: here milk chan, ill send you the new robo poochie, hes better than that other metal dog.

milk chan: thank you!

"milk chan and the rest take the robo poochie and go to find Riku_KH-2"

robo poochie: woof woof! hes in that cave!!

sora: oh yeah? but its so dark, how do we see?

milk chan: YOU DUMB ASS!! tetsco can light the way with her eyes

"and tetsco lights the way"

Riku_KH-2: WTF?? you have found me again?

sora: now your toast for good

Master Icy: "freezes Riku_KH-2" now your plan is done for, and good has prevailed!!


and thats the end of the fan fic, I hope you guys liked it!
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