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mendal composition, the fight for the world starts here

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Jul 15, 2005
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The Nakura's, most commonly reffered to as spirits, are the souls and thoughts of being's that have perished in wars, murders, or have just disappered off the face of the planet. they have been known to cuase chaos, bring hope to the hopeless. . .and even cure incurable disieses. there actions are based on two things, the way they die, or there last wishes. for example if they died in a murder and there last wish was to help someone or they died in a war and they were fighting to save their loved one, home, or country, then they would have actions based on hope or based on saving someones life...or anything along those lines. but if they died in a war and died while trying to take over or destroy a country or died while going to kill someone then their actions will be based on destructivness and death and along those lines.

lately there have been reports in the ,highly populated and money grubing, city of Molise about spirits and such appearing in the middle of gang wars and in hospitals. this wasn't such a big deal until the sector five incident happened. the city is devided up into sectors sectors 1-4 are for normal citizen housing. sectors 5-7 are for industry and sectors 8-10 are for the rich people who act as if they are better than everyone else. the sector five incident was three years ago today. the police were going to break up a gang war in the sector and were taking heavy casualties. there men were roping like flies against the great Apocalypse gang. when they finaly broke through the gang lines they breached the first warehouse and found dead bodies everywhere. they cleared the building quickly and moved into the next one where they found the same thing. in the last warehouse in the area they brokedown the doors to find a signla young 15 year old boy cowering in the corner.

as the police approached him to arrested him a wind blew gently through the halls. suddenly there was sharp gust of wind whiping through the area and a bright light. when it finaly came down the policemen were all dead save one. he stayed long enough to see the spirit that had protected the boy and then ran off with the spirits words in his mind... this boy will be the one to destroy your greedish cities and thus save the world from the plague you bring to it... the boy sat alone in a corner and stayed there for a while not knowing what to do. he didnt know what had happened, or what the spirit had meant by what it said. but he knew that the spirit had been a good spirit by the look in her eyes. from that day forward he forward no one ever entered sector 5. it still remains dormant as the day the police left it. and as for the spirit, the boy has not seen her since that day. the young boy from that day later formed a group which was based on the destruction of the L.I.T.E. corp., the corperation that is destroying the world by building cities and destroying the land everywhere. the Organization was called he appocalypse Movement and they run out of sector 5. they are the only people to ever go in or out of the sector along with their families who now live there along with them


Age: ( at least 17)
Weapon: ( its a final fantasy type era so he weapons can pretty much be anything you can dream up)
L.I.T.E. or Appocalypse: ( no nuetral either be one or the other)
Reason for joing that organization:



Name: Relic Nero

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Weapon: Moonlight Switch ( a Blade with a Black handle and made out of a hard Blue metal. basicly its indestructible)

L.I.T.E. or Appocalypse: Appocalypse

Reason for joing that organization: he was the founder of appocalpyse. he started it to stop the L.I.T.E. corperation.

Appearance: ( ill get this up soon)

Bio: Three years ago he was surounded by the police, being the only survivor of the gang war he was going to be arrested. until a spirit spared his life, and showed him the true evils of the L.I.TE. Corperation. ever since that night he has been working to destroy them and bring them down once and for all. he is now 18and lives a very exciting life of destroying Buildings, Weapons, and whatever else is owned by the Corperation. he was almost cuaght once when they inflitraited his Group. it had been a long Operation and his team was tired. they were about to bring down one of the biggest and most productive building owned by L.I.T.E. and it would have put out a message to the world. but the sabotuer stopped them and most of his team was arrested that night. It took him days to get over what happened and to think up a plan. 3 days later they staged an Operation and broke into the prison.

after killing many guards and almost being captured they found their teamates and headed for the exit. only one thing stood in their way now and it was buging Relic. the top offical in the military had locked down all the main doors forcing them to head down side passages. he had been waiting for them at the only exit.
if relic had only knew what was waiting with the official he might have been able to save Rolin. a high ranking member and good friend of Relic. there was a rocket squad along with a regular firing squad awaiting them all to come around the corner. Rolin was the first to go, and the first to push everyone else out of the way. there was no way to save him. the team blew a hole in the wall at the back of the prison and quickly made their escape. Relic hasnt forgiven himself since.

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Nov 28, 2005
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Name: Taran Wanderer
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Weapon: Blink (a spear with the blade made of pure crystal giving it the sharpest edge)
L.I.T.E. or Appocalypse: Apocalypse
Reason for joing that organization: Hates what the world is turning into and wants to kill everyone that is poisoning the earth and vengence for his father's death.
Appearance: Long black hair and red eyes. Wears a sleevless black robe that reaches his knees, black baggy pants and combat boots.
Bio: Ever since he was 7 he would look out his window and watch the earth slowly rot away. It made him sad when he was young, but all that sadness turned to pure anger when he got older. He trained himself to use weapons like swords and spears and in a few years got really good at it. His father took him to the apocalypse corperation and encouraged him to fight along side with him to stop the L.I.T.E. His father gave him his spear called Blink one day and went to fight. Taran waited for him to come back, but he never did. Later he was told his father was dead and he forever seeks vengence on the L.I.T.E corperation for killing him and he promises to smite their throats with his fathers spear.
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