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Mildly new news. Legit this time

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Mar 29, 2005
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Soras domain is back online and with many layouts to choose from as well as some notes from the Dengeki scans that will confirm some supicions you may have had in the past about some things. For those that don't know or haven't seen this yet then here you go.

Dengeki Scans

Twilight Town Scan:

If Seifer is talking (unlikely): I'm Seifer, chief of the self-proclaimed unofficial police, and a regular finalist (in the tournament).

If someone else is talking: That's self-proclaimed chief of the unofficial police Seifer, a regular in the Finals.

Seifer: I'll teach you the proper manners for this town.

Seifer to Vivi: Don't make a fool out of me.

Vivi's screen, apparently he's up on a stage: What am I doing? (He seems to have lost track of what he's doing)

Seifer is, as stated before, the chief of an unofficial policing group, this is a purely Japanese institution common in schools, where a group of unofficial law-keepers enforce codes, laws, etc, especially dealing with attire and manners.

something people seem confused on, though is pretty common knowledge, KH2 takes place after CoM not KH1.

Brief info on Vivi; he admires Seifer, and wants to be of use to him, but quite shy and unsure of himself but comes in handy in a pinch

Judging from this tournament, looks like the events in Twilight Town work kinda like on DI in KH1 where you face a series of challenges, in this case fighting through the tournament, and at the end something monumentally important happens (meeting with the Order for example) and it switches to Sora [this is purely my speculation based on what i've seen]

Hollow Bastion Scan:

This is not entirely new, but the gist of HB is that this is, as I said before, the Traverse Town of KH2, where you start off, and the plot returns to at every major point.

You'll be helping Leon and Yuffie rebuild the town as you go.

The Moogles run the shops, and you get a personalized card (to get in the stores with the magazine speculates)

Image of Yuffie pointing her finger at Sora, Yuffie says: Find anything?

Yuffie cupping her hands around her mouth, saying: I thought I'd run into you guys again! (the use of pronouns was intentional, since in Japanese, you can say the name of the person you're talking to in certain contexts without it sounding weird, but in English, it always does)

Master Form/Stitch Scan:

To add to the information already apparent about the Master Form: the floating Keyblade essentially does a bunch of spins and moves that constantly change, plus, an example of the magic, casting Fire has him strike the enemies as he casts the magic.

The scan of Sora talking at the bottom: That Pete guy seems to be using the Heartless in some kind of plan of his.

The only thing to add about Stitch is that he might be somewhat insolent in the storyline when he appears, because he apparently appears in a cutscene, the one we saw in the trailer, helping in a battle, but doesn't really listen well.

Xighar/Xigbal Scan:

Maleficent is back for sure. Pete is saying: Maleficent!! (he seems to be afraid of her)

About Xighar, the magazine is making a big point that he has a very indistinct and unpredictable persona, that it's hard to get what he's like just by looking at his face.

That hooded character isn't Xighar, it's the feminine member.

Thanks to Andrel...

[Minor] New information on the Kingdom Hearts 2 Ultimania Alpha Series:

キングダムハーツ シリーズ アルティマニアα
キングダム ハーツ シリーズ アルティマニアαが早売りされているようです。

According to ROUGH translations:

- It mentions that the Ultimania is selling well/fast?

- The Blonde Kids name is NOT written in the Ultimania. (Wow, it must really be important to Nomura to keep it a secret. About the Blonde Kid's name, see the news update below this one to find out about it.)

- An Introduction of the Keyblade?"
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Well... good find i guess
There wasn't much new news there, it just explained the FF characters roles

Wait, didn't we already know Malifecent was coming back?


No malgnifcent was a rumor^^^...................Good find N.E.O!


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Nov 13, 2005
Lets keep fingers crossed for new FEMALE member and not another feminine male.

If thats a new member that makes 13 and the Organization is complete.
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