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MoM's true affiliation



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Dec 14, 2018
Being that the master of master's is clearly not siding with the light or darkness (if his discussions with Luxu can be believed) I've been thinking maybe his true affiliation is actually to the "nothingness" or "emptiness" that has been referenced in a couple of Vanitas's bio's. It would fit together with the quote that he's trying to stop the war between light and darkness, to "take a break" for a while and it would also make him the "true" antagonist in future games. And it would also somewhat explain his crazy characterization - someone who's seemingly disconnected from everyone and everything while at the same time hyper eccentric and willing to manipulate the light and the darkness to achieve his goals.

I think it would be an interesting idea to explore in the last game or two in the series and the concept is clearly being foreshadowed in Vanitas's character bios.


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Nov 28, 2020
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The theme of emptiness would certainly be interesting to explore and I think it could definitely tie into the Master of Masters character.

I came across a interesting definition of emptiness which was:

“Emptiness does not have it’s own existence independently it has it’s meaning or existence only when all the elements comes into play.”

I could see this possibly relating to the Master of Masters. Considering the Master of Masters personality and the stuff about the Book of Prophecies,the Gazing eye Keyblade and telling Luxu he can only watch events play out and he is not meant to interfere.

Also speaking of nothingness if you think about it the closest thing we had to emptiness in the series at this point was with the Nobodies after all Xemnas power was nothingness which could be linked to emptiness and the original concept with nobodies before the whole plot about them actually having hearts was confirmed so if emptiness becomes it own thing it would be interesting to see what separates the two concepts.

If we do consider emptiness it own concept in the KH series the stuff from Vanitas’s character files become Interesting especially this quote:

“what is emptiness? It’s neither darkness nor light - it’s something in an even deeper abyss”.

Since we have the Realm of Light, Realm of Darkness and The World That Never Was perhaps Quadratum is an realm or world that has some connection to emptiness? Hopefully the concept is explored further as there is so much Nomura could do with it.
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Mar 16, 2013
From my current understanding of the Master of Masters, I believe that he has no "side in the KH primordial trifecta.
Light, Dark, In-Between, all of it is contingent on an axiom that the Master is opposed to.

My working theory as of now is that Light and Dark exist in perpetual conflict by design. For what purpose, I dunno. Maybe there is none. But that designer is Kingdom Hearts itself, from which all hearts are born (wherein light and darkness can be found innately). And I believe the Master has reached the same conclusion.
As we know now the Keyblade War is not a singular event but a seemingly cyclical pattern of conflict. Battles of varying scale, destruction and rebirth.
Hell, as per the recent update, Darkness appears to only exist to instigate and facilitate these conflicts, with no particular agency or desire of its own, only bouncing off the actions of the Light.
This pattern could be seen as the inevitable "fate" of light and dark (and the in-between caught in the crossfire). And that fate ultimately stems from the existence of Kingdom Hearts.

Now that we have fictional worlds existing on "the other side of light and darkness," or an existence independent of Kingdom Hearts's influence, I feel pretty confident in saying that this is the Master's goal.
Rather than capturing the power of Kingdom Hearts to remake the World like Xehanort, the Master intends to break Kingdom Hearts's hold on the World entirely.

Maybe that could be defined as "emptiness"--a World void of Light, Darkness, and even the Nothing in-between.