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Mortal Kombat: Armageddon

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Feb 20, 2006
Burnin In Hell
Long ago, the Gods foresaw that the fury of Mortal Kombat would lead to the destruction of the realms. Every warrior has been summoned to face this final challenge. Their survival will depend on there ability to... fight.

Armageddon will pit every warrior against each other to determine the greatest Champion. The final tournament begins now

1. No god moding
2. No kill other people charters in 1 hit
3. Swearing is up to you just dont get urself banned
4. If you haven't read Zetsumi's guide to Proper Grammar, I suggest reading that before you join. It is a must! (stickied at the top of Role Playing Forums)
5. Violence is a part of Mortal Kombat
6. Follow the Rules and Regulations set by Morpheaus.
7. You can have more that 1 Character

Template For Made-Up Characters
Fighting Style(s):

Mortal Kombat Characters: Played By
Ashrah -
Baraka -
Blaze -
Bo' Rai Cho -
Chameleon (Male) -
Cyrax -
Dairou -
Darrius -
Drahmin -
Ermac -
Frost -
Fujin -
Goro -
Havik -
Hotaru -
Hsu Hao -
Jade -
Jarek -
Jax -
Johnny Cage -
Kabal -
Kai -
Kano -
Kenshi -
Khameleon (Female) -
Kintaro -
Kira -
Kitana -
Kobra -
Kung Lao -
Li Mei -
Liu Kang -
Mavado -
Meat -
Mileena -
Mokap -
Moloch -
Motaro -
Nightwolf -
Nitara -
Noob Saibot -
Onaga -
Quan Chi -
Raiden - Akuma
Rain -
Reiko -
Reptile -
Sareena -
Scorpion - Jet_Fire
Sektor -
Shang Tsung -
Shao Kahn -
Sheeva -
Shinnok -
Shujinko -
Sindel -
Smoke -
Sonya -
Stryker -
Sub-Zero - Jet_Fire
Tanya -

good site for info is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mortal_Kombat:_Armageddon
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Name: Virus

Race: Cyber lords


Alignment: good

Appearance: Tall and short, wimpy or built, Virus can manipulate his features to what every he wants. Virus like to look like a 17 year old human male but often changes. At the moment he wears a vest with circuts and wires incorperated in the picture and make him look more fasionable. he wears street jeans and has short green hair and red eyes which change colour with his mood.

Personality: Strong and smart, He has hacked every computer in the world and has obtain all the infamation he could

Power(s): Morph, electric control and cyber blast

Fighting Style(s): speedy and quick contact. he mainly uses tae kwon do and ti chi.
Weapon(s): Fists and cables which extend from his hands
Biography: Born when his 'parents' fused an artifical life form with a computer. unfortunately it had a virus creating a mutant, Virus. But when he learned he could alter his appearance and genetic make up he made himself hansome and strong. He has been surfing the web looking or his purpose and a wearthy adversery ever since.
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I'll play as three characters if you don't mind. I've always wanted to try this out.

Name: Scorpion (real name - Hanzo Hasashi)
Race: Undead
Age: 32 (at death)
Alignment: Neutral (pending change to Good)
Appearance: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Scorpionkjpg.jpg
Personality: Cold towards others. A 'look out for yourself' guy.

Bloody Spear – Sending out a rope with a tipped spear at the end it impales itself in its victims allowing Scorpion to pull them closer to him for a free hit, as well as causing a small bit of damage. Often following are the words, "GET OVER HERE!" or "COME HERE!".
Back Teleport Punch – Vanishing behind his opponent he connects with a punch to the face.
Aerial Back Teleport Punch - Scorpion could perform his move in the air too.
Front Teleport Punch – Scorpion would leap forward punching his opponent in the face.
Aeiral Front Teleport Punch – Scorpion could also perform this move in the air.
Scissors Kick Trip – Scorpion would trip his opponent over with sort of a trip kick takedown to the opponent.
Air Throw – Scorpion could throw his opponent's while in the air.
Fire Spew – Removing his mask revealing his true self, he would spit fire on his opponent.
Hellfire – Scorpion would summon the fires of Hell to burn his opponent.
Teleport Kick – Similar to his Teleport Punch only Scorpion disappears into a ball of fire and hits his opponent with a kick instead of a punch.
Flash Fire Kick – Scorpion performs a back flip kick followed by a trail of fire.
Winged Harpoon – Scorpion uses his Roped Spear to fling it all around the arena.

Fighting Style(s):
Moi Fah
Pi Gua

Weapon(s): Mugai Ryu
Biography: "Scorpion" was the code name of one of the Shirai Ryu's finest - a ninja assassin named Hanzo Hasashi. It is known that his father, a former member of the Shirai Ryu forbide his son from joining the Shirai Ryu, because he did not want his son to live his life as an assassin. But Hanzo was forced to join in order to provide his family with a comfortable life. During the events of Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero, Hanzo was hired by Quan Chi to find a map hidden in the Himalayas. However, Quan Chi had also requested for the services of Sub-Zero, who belonged to the rival Lin Kuei clan. The theory of hiring two ninja was simple - in case one of them failed, the other would succeed and Quan Chi would be closer to unlocking unknown and ultimate power.

Interestingly enough, both Hanzo and Sub-Zero succeeded in getting to their destination, but the two met each other reaching for the same map they were sent out to acquire. Because the Shirai Ryu and the Lin Kuei are natural and fierce enemies, Sub-Zero and Hanzo fought, with Sub-Zero gaining the upper advantage. As Hanzo lay on the ground, defeated, he begged and pleaded with Sub-Zero to spare his life, but Sub-Zero decapitated him and left his body where it fell. Hanzo would fall into the pits of the Netherealm itself, where it was believed either Quan Chi or Shinnok turned him into a ninja spectre. Quan Chi then told him that the Lin Kuei had massacred his entire clan and family. Fueled by an undying rage and thirst for retribution, vowed to not only murder Sub-Zero himself, but also the entire Lin Kuei Clan.

Scorpion, as depicted in John Tobias' comic.Scorpion would not meet Sub-Zero again until a brief encounter in the Netherealm, where Sub-Zero had been sent by Raiden to regain the amulet from Shinnok and Quan Chi. The two fought, but Sub-Zero defeated Scorpion again and escaped from the undead assassin's wrath. Sub-Zero was later invited to participate in Shang Tsung's tournament of Mortal Kombat - unknown to the Lin Kuei warrior, Scorpion had been invited as well, and the two met on Shang Tsung's boat, at which point Scorpion grabbed Sub-Zero by the throat and said "You killed me in cold blood exactly two years ago, to this day, but my demons have allowed me to avenge my death. I could kill you at this moment, but I am not a murderer. We will meet at the tournament, and then, Lin Kuei, you will pay with your life."

While Scorpion and Sub-Zero did not meet at the tournament itself, they did meet in the aftermath of Mortal Kombat. With Goro's defeat at the hands of Liu Kang, Shang Tsung became furious. He challenged Liu Kang himself. Raiden led Scorpion and Sub-Zero to battle Shang Tsung's army, and once they were defeated, Scorpion and Sub-Zero turned on each other. Though Sub-Zero was a difficult opponent, Scorpion eventually won the battle and slew his long-time nemesis. With his mission accomplished, Scorpion turned to ash.

A year later, Scorpion learned of Sub-Zero's plans to compete in the second tournament. Enraged at the idea that his murderer had "survived" and his vengeance was incomplete, Scorpion followed Sub-Zero into the realm of Outworld, where Shao Kahn hosted the second tournament. It is unknown whether or not Sub-Zero and Scorpion met, but Scorpion was a witness to one of Sub-Zero's battles, in which he saw Sub-Zero sparing the life of an opponent. Scorpion did not understand why the Lin Kuei warrior had grown so merciful. He later on came to the realization that this Sub-Zero was the younger brother of his murderer, who was sent to complete his brother's failed mission. Scorpion then vowed not to harm this new Sub-Zero. No longer bearing a grudge against this Sub-Zero, Scorpion was summoned back to the damnation the Netherealm.

When Shao Kahn invaded Earthrealm and unsuccessfully tried to conquer the Netherealm as well, Scorpion was inadvertently set free, and began walking the grounds of Earth once more. He pledged allegiance to no one, taking neither friends nor enemies. Shao Khan, however, recognized Scorpion's superior warrior skills, and enlisted the ninja in his forces under the promise of being granted life, for as long as the Outworld portal was open, Scorpion could not be pulled back into the Netherealm. Scorpion's allegiance with Shao Khan quickly dissolved when he discovered that Sub-Zero (whom he had vowed not to harm) was one of Earth's warriors whom Shao Khan wanted to kill. He turned on Shao Khan, and sided with the Earthrealm warriors in their final showdown with the evil emperor. With Shao Khan and his minions defeated, Earth reverted back to normal, causing Scorpion to return to hell, only to one day rise up once more.

During the events of Mortal Kombat Gold, Scorpion was deceived by Quan Chi into believing that the younger Sub-Zero was involved with the murders of his family and clan, and also offered him life in exchange for the spectre's assistance in the war with the Elder Gods, which Scorpion eagerly accepted. Scorpion eventually caught up with Sub-Zero, and the two began their final battle; after a long, epic battle, Scorpion emerged the victor. As Scorpion stood triumphantly over Sub-Zero, the defeated warrior proclaiming innocence, Quan Chi appeared and revealed that he had arranged for the killing of the Shirai Ryu and Scorpion's family. Before Scorpion could speak, Quan Chi attempted to send him back to the Netherealm. Scorpion grabbed Quan Chi before the sorceror could complete his spell, sending them both into the dreaded realm.

During the years that Quan Chi spent in the Netherealm, he would be chased, brutalized, and tortured by Scorpion. Quan Chi had little chance of escape, as his powers were weakened while he was in the Netherealm, and Scorpion's power and strength conversely increased (note: Quan Chi, as Shinnok's second-in-command, had previously resided in the Netherealm. However, this was explained as a new region of the Netherealm where sorcerors retain their power). Quan Chi eventually struck a deal with the Oni Drahmin and Moloch, who fought off Scorpion for him. When Quan Chi escaped the Netherealm through a portal, Scorpion followed him, but the volatile portal did not send him to the same place. He continued to hound Quan Chi in a game of cat-and-mouse until he found himself ambushed by Drahmin and Moloch, who had also escaped the Netherealm. They threw him into the soulnado, believing that it would kill the ninja spectre once and for all (as recounted in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance).

Scorpion's apparent appearance for Mortal Kombat: Armageddon.Scorpion, however, managed to escape into the Void before the purity of the soulnado tore him apart. While in the Void, he met the Elder Gods, in whom he had never believed, and forever became changed from what he saw. He also witnessed Raiden's sacrifice and Onaga's dominance beginning to unfold. The Elder Gods were aware of his presence and enhanced his mortal and supernatural abilities, making him the Champion of the Elder Gods. The Elder Gods gave him a new mission, to seek and destroy Onaga before he unmade the realms. For the first time in his life, Scorpion descended from the heavens and back into Outworld, where his mission began. And this time, the realms' survival may depend on his success.

Name: Sub Zero
Race: Cryomancer
Age: 29
Alignment: Good
Appearance: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Sub-Zero_Armageddon_(Roster_Render).PNG
Personality: May love the cold, but is quite a warm person. Helping out in anyway he can, Sub Zero is often a mistaken guy, and was once thought to be evil.

Freeze: Just like his older brother, Sub-Zero can send a blast of ice towards the opponent to freeze them in place for a free hit.
Power Slide: Yet another move borrowed from his older brother where he slides across the floor knocking the opponent off their feet.
Floor Ice: Being the first to use this move within a video game, he freezes the floor and whomever steps on the ice will slip all over the place.
Ice Clone: Sub-Zero can create a clone of himself anywhere he wants to, and anyone who touches it will freeze.
Ice Showers: Sub-Zero would throw his ice into the air at various points around the arena. He could throw it close, mid way, or far and it would freeze the opponent.
Ice Shudder: After capturing the Dragon Medallion, his powers increased, and Sub-Zero would shake and anyone who touches him would freeze.
Cold Shoulder: Sub-Zero would rush the opponent with his shoulder.

Fighting Style(s):

Weapon(s): Ice Scepter, Kori Blade
Biography: It is known that the father of both brothers (the fourth man to be known as Sub-Zero in his lineage) was a secret operative for the clan in the United States. He married an American woman and together they had two sons and a daughter. Against the will of their mother, the father took the sons with him to move back to China at a certain time, and as such both brothers became warriors of the Lin Kuei. The mother and the daughter remained in the U.S.

Following the death of his older brother and failure to kill Shang Tsung, the young Lin Kuei warrior was sent to Outworld along with his close friend Smoke to complete the assignment after Shao Kahn's Mortal Kombat tournament was announced. While traveling to Outworld with Smoke, Sub-Zero discovered Scorpion's foul vendetta against his brother; Scorpion had risen from the Netherealm once more upon learning of Sub-Zero's "survival" and continued to hold a grudge against the new Sub-Zero, believing him to be the same man that killed him years ago. However, Scorpion received a rude awakening when he witnessed Sub-Zero spare the life of a defeated opponent whom he battled during the tournament, which left him confused for he did not understand why this Lin Kuei warrior showed mercy. Scorpion then came to the realization that this new Sub-Zero was the younger brother of the man who murdered him so long ago, and thus swore not to harm him. Sub-Zero never learned why the specter spared his life. Despite their efforts, neither accomplished the mission that they were tasked to do for the Lin Kuei, although they did assist Liu Kang, Raiden and their allies in Liu Kang's battle with Shao Kahn. Smoke and Sub-Zero returned home empty handed.

In the events leading up to Mortal Kombat Trilogy, the Lin Kuei obtained technology that could vastly improve the effectiveness of their warriors, and they chose four of their number to undergo the procedure that would turn them into cyborg assassins: Sub-Zero, Smoke, Cyrax, and Sektor. Sub-Zero and Smoke refused to participate, and fled the clan, who declared them anathema. While Sub-Zero successfully managed to escape, Smoke was captured and subsequently turned into a cyborg. In leaving the clan, Sub-Zero had broken the Lin Kuei codes of honor. After Smoke's automation, the Lin Kuei programmed the three cyborg ninja to hunt and terminate Sub-Zero, who by this time had received a vision from Raiden and agreed to join the rebellion against a new threat.

The armies of Shao Kahn attacked Earthrealm, and Sub-Zero was among the few mortals whose souls were spared so they could fight Kahn and his extermination squads. These events also signalled the beginning of Sub-Zero's transition to a greater moral consciousness. Unluckily for Sub-Zero, his cybernetic assassins, lacking souls, also survived. Sub-Zero eventually encountered Smoke and convinced him that he still had a soul, which then overrode Smoke's Lin Kuei programming. With his new ally, Sub-Zero battled and defeated both Sektor and Cyrax. However, instead of destroying Cyrax's CPU, he reprogrammed the cyborg to hunt and terminate Shao Khan (at which Cyrax failed - he would wander in Jade's Desert and become trapped there). Smoke was less fortunate: he was captured by Shao Kahn's troops and transported to Outworld as a curiosium. Eventually, the Earthrealm warriors were victorious and Earth was restored to its normal state.

When the banished Elder God Shinnok threatened the Earthrealm, Raiden once again summoned Sub-Zero to assist in the defense of Earth. In homage to his older brother, Sub-Zero donned his sibling's uniform, and brought to the battle information passed to him which could prove essential to Raiden in his mission to stop Shinnok. In the meantime, Quan Chi had convinced Scorpion that Sub-Zero still retained some culpability for the destruction of the Shirai Ryu, turning the spectre's hostile attentions to him once more. Sub-Zero met Scorpion in Goro's Lair and the two fought, with Scorpion gaining the upper hand. When it seemed that Scorpion was going to kill Sub-Zero, the Lin Kuei revealed that he had no role in the murder of Scorpion's clan. Quan Chi, convinced that Sub-Zero was about to die nonetheless, readily admitted to his guilt to Scorpion, who then turned on Quan Chi and transported the sorcerer into the Netherrealm, where Scorpion hunted Quan Chi unceasingly. This was to be the last time Scorpion and Sub-Zero were to actively oppose each other.

Some time afterwards, the defeated cyborg Sektor assassinated the Grandmaster of the Lin Kuei and challenged Sub-Zero to a fight for the leadership of the Lin Kuei Clan. Realizing how great an opportunity this was, as well as recognizing Sektor as a threat, Sub-Zero accepted the cyborg's challenge and defeated him, gaining the position. Sub-Zero also came into possession of the Dragon Medallion, which enhanced his freezing powers to levels he had never thought possible. Great changes were made to the Lin Kuei after Sub-Zero's victory. He moved the Lin Kuei to a remote area in the Arctic where they would not be disrupted and began training them as a force for good, teaching his students not only formidable fighting skills, but the value of life as well, turning them into wisened warriors rather than mindless assassins.

Sub-Zero's appearance in DeceptionWhile in Outworld, the Demon known as Sareena encountered him. Since she had freed his brother from his confines of the Netherrealm so many years ago, Sub-Zero offered her asylum within the Lin Kuei.

Sub-Zero held a tournament at the Lin Kuei headquarters in order to recruit strong warriors, and a female who surprisingly harnessed the same freezing powers as Sub-Zero emerged as the winner. Impressed by her exceptional skill, Sub-Zero made Frost his apprentice, breaking Lin Kuei tradition. While she was a superb fighter, Frost did not agree with Sub-Zero's philosophies and appeared arrogant and aloof, which would generate some friction between her and Sub-Zero's allies, specifically Sonya.

After Liu Kang's murder at the hands of the newly formed Deadly Alliance, Raiden asked Sub-Zero to join him to fight for Earthrealm's survival. Surprised at the tragic news, Sub-Zero agreed, but mainly for personal reasons - he wanted to gain the respect of his fellow Lin Kuei and prove his worth once again to his clan and to most importantly, himself.

When Sub-Zero and Frost were separated from the other Earthrealm warriors on Outworld, Frost attempted to steal the Dragon Medallion. Unable to control the medallion's powerful energies, she was consumed by her own freezing abilities and died. Sub-Zero placed the blame squarely on his own shoulders for her death, feeling he had failed to dampen her pride and teach her the same philosophies of life he had.

Sub-Zero's apparent appearance for Mortal Kombat: Armageddon (tentative).As he searched for a place to bury Frost, he encountered the ruins of an Outworld civilization capable of manipulating cold. After careful study and examination of this race, the cryomancers, he came to the realization that he and Frost were descendants of this race. Burying her and forgiving her for her rashness, Sub-Zero donned an ancient suit of armor found in the ruins and headed for the Earthrealm portal, to rendezvous with Raiden and the Earthrealm forces, a band of Tarkatan warriors attacked him. Believing he would die, Sub-Zero gave the fight everything he had. Strangely, he heard his armor speak to him, and it helped him win the battle against the seemingly endless horde. He was then assaulted by the zealot Hotaru, but emerged victorious. Discovering Kenshi, who was severly injured after an attack by Mavado, he brought the wounded samurai back to health, and together they set out for the Portal, becoming friends and travelling companions, They were being pursued, however, by Hotaru once more.

Name: Jet Ritsuzen
Race: Shapeshifter/Pyromancer
Age: 21
Alignment: Evil
Appearance: Jet reaches a height of about 6'4, and is on the musculine side of builds. He has long, black hair that comes down to his mid-back, with silver streaks that run from the root to about 3 inches off the tip. He has deep blue eyes, and a clean shaven, solid face.

Jet wears a simple black shirt with gold trimmings, with zippers on the arms and torso, and tribal flames up the back. He has bandages up both arms, the left ones reaching up to his elbow, and the right ones going all the way up. These bandages have a brown/black tinge over the white, most likely from never being changed. He also has a pair of long, black baggy jeans, with a hole in the left knee, and the bottom of the legs being torn and worn out. He has a pair of black leather boots that come up to his shin, but are never really seen because of his jeans.

Personality: Jet is a very cold person. He doesn't talk to anyone, and the only things to come out of his mouth are death threats and victory screams. He is very smart for his size, which comes in handy for fooling his opponents. He often likes to burn things, for no apparent reason at all.

Fireball - Jet forms a ball of fire into his hands and throws it towards the enemy.
Death from Above - Jet disappears in a ball of flames, and reappears above the enemy, hitting them dead centre.
Firewall - Jet creates a barrier of fire, and if the enemy walks into it, they burn, giving Jet a free shot.
Transformation - Jet changes to his speed form, and is surrounded by fire. Drains health slowly.
1000 Punches - Jet punches the enemy 1000 times in one move. Must be in speed form.
1000 Kicks - Jet kicks the enemy 1000 times in one move. Must be in speed form.
1000 Combo - Jet punches and kicks the enemy 1000 times in one move. Must be in speed form.
3D Combo - Jet moves around the environment and hits the enemy at random occassions. Must be in speed form.
2nd Transformation - Transforms into power form. Fire around him extinguishes. Life stops draining. Must be in speed form.

Fighting Style(s):
Power Form
Speed Form

Weapon(s): Longsword, Staff of Odin
Biography: Jet found out about himself at an early age, and has used his fighting skills to keep himself a well respected man. He began to learn about fire control at the age of 11, and then once that was mastered at the age of 17, he began to enter Mortal Kombat. He soon learnt that it was going to take more than a little fire to win, so he began to read the Dark Arts books of transformation. There were demons, angels, minions and a whole lot of others, but most of them required rare and powerful items to do, so he read on.

After almost a month of reading He finally found a transformation he could use. Power/Speed forms. He began to read it, and then relised he was perfect for that. He chose to be in power form first, and have speed as a back-up.

Extra(s): Theme Song - Other World; Final Fantasy X


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ooc: ill join, can i play as Shinnok, fallen gods are kool

Name: Shinnok
Race: Elder God
Age: Eternal
Personality: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Shinnok_Armageddon_(Roster_Render).PNG
Power(s): Skeletal Hand (a.k.a. The Hand From Hell): Shinnok disappears in a puff of flame, then a portal opens on the ground near the victim. A giant skeletal hand emerges from the portal and grabs the victim, slowly squeezing until their head pops off from the pressure. As the portal closes, the hand pulls back into the portal, taking the headless body with it, but leaving the head. Shinnok reappears.
Two Hand Clap: Shinnok levitates his victim high in the air, then disappears. A giant portal appears under the victim, and two skeletal hands emerge on either side of him/her. The victim wails briefly before the two hands brutally clap on the victim. They then retreat into the portal, revealing bloody messes of flesh and bone on the inside of the palms as they do so. Shinnok reappears over the still-open portal.
Weapon(s): Spear
Biography: Shinnok's fall from grace was caused by his lust for power and more specifically, his desire to take Earthrealm for himself.

At the dawn of time, when the realms were created, Shinnok desired to rule Earthrealm, and thus acquire for himself immense power. However, Shinnok couldn't enter Earthrealm without sacrificing his status as elder god. To resolve this issue without directly defying the sacred rules, Shinnok created a powerful amulet, weakened the dimensional barriers, and entered Earthrealm. During the war against his fellow gods, he came into direct conflict with the thunder god Raiden.

During the final stages of this war, Raiden was forced to choose between sacrificing Earth's indigenous races, or ceding the rule of Earthrealm to Shinnok. The angered Elder gods intervened, and assisted Raiden in his struggle. Raiden defeated Shinnok, and stripped him of his amulet. Shinnok was then banished to the deepest regions of the Netherealm. However, at the expense of Shinnok's defeat, the dimensional fibers of the worlds were severely weakened, and the Saurians, Earth's indigenous life form at the time, were nearly exterminated.

In the Netherealm, Shinnok endured constant torture from the Netherealm's overlord, Lucifer. Shinnok was at his mercy until he encountered a sorcerer, Quan Chi, who could travel through the realms at will. Quan Chi would aid Shinnok in overthrowing Lucifer and taking his throne, becoming ruler of the Netherealm. As payment for Quan Chi's efforts, Shinnok endowed him with incredible powers, making him arch-sorcerer of the Netherealm.

Shinnok began building his second army of darkness, and plotted to escape the Netherealm once more. In order to do so however, he would need his lost sacred amulet. After centuries of searching, Quan Chi eventually discovered the amulet's whereabouts for him. It had been in the possession of the Lin Kuei. Using the Lin Kuei warrior Sub-Zero (the elder), Quan Chi recovered it, but unbeknownst to Shinnok, he created a flawed replica in its place which he delivered, keeping the original for himself.

His time in the Netherealm was well spent, having built a massive army, as well as a fanatical cult of demons called the Brotherhood of the Shadow, dedicated to worshipping him. Also loyal to him was Tanya. He changed the Netherealm's appearance as well, to make it look closer in appearance to Earthrealm.

During Shao Kahn's failed invasion of Earthrealm, Shinnok ordered Noob Saibot to spy on these events and eventually side with the Earthrealm warriors (Shao Kahn had also unsuccessfully attempted to invade the Netherealm, which Shinnok had seen as a sign that the Emperor was becoming too powerful).

Shinnok's first target was Edenia. After successfully posing as a group of refugees, Shinnok and his highest generals, using Tanya's Edenian connections, were allowed entrance to the peaceful realm. Immediately, he seized this opportunity to bring in a full-scale invasion force, and captured Queen Sindel and Princess Kitana.

Unfortunately for Shinnok, his newfound empire was short-lived. Despite invading the Heavens themselves and killing many of the Elder Gods, Raiden and his warriors managed to penetrate Shinnok's defenses in order to stop him. He eventually faced Liu Kang, and in the final showdown, he was defeated by the Shaolin monk and was sent back to the Netherealm for all eternity.
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Apr 30, 2005
Ultra-Tech Facilities
Name: Ermac
Race: Human
Age: Unknown
Alignment: Good
Appearance: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/8/82/Ermac_Bio_Model_Deception.PNG
Power(s): Telekenisis and the following:
- Fireball: Ermac sends out a green fireball or hado energy much like Shao Kahn's.
- Teleport Punch: Just like Scorpion, Ermac would vanish in a cloud of fire and reappear behind his opponent punching them.
- Air Teleport Punch: Ermac could do his move in the air.
- Telekinetic Slam: Using his telekinetic powers, Ermac would lift up and slam the opponent hard on the ground alowing for a combo.
- Telekinetic Throw: Using his powers yet again, Ermac would throw his opponent on the ground behind him.
- Hado-Energy: Ermac sticks one hand out and send a green fireball slithering through the air.
- Mystic Float: Ermac uses his telekenetic powers to take flight.
- Mystic Bomb (when using mystic float): Ermac hits the ground with extreme force causing a shockwave.great move for lock blocking oponents.
- Dive Kick (when using mystic float): Ermac does a diving kick.
Fighting Style(s): Hua Chuan/Choy Lee Fut
Weapon: Axe
Biography: Ermac is an entity composed of legions of dead souls, dispatched in meaningless wars; the manner in which the souls fused into Ermac is unknown. Shao Kahn, after learning of his existence, brought Ermac under his control, finding his vast skill and telekinetic powers of use. On one mission for Shao Kahn in the Netherealm, Ermac became acquainted with Shujinko, and was assaulted by Ashrah, who believed him to be a demon. Ermac served as one of Shao Kahn's greatest warriors, participating in the invasion of Earthrealm (as recounted in Mortal Kombat 3). However, after Shao Kahn's defeat and subsequent loss of power, Ermac remained under Kahn's control, and wandered Outworld without instructions. During the events of Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance, the wandering Ermac was found by the blind swordsman, Kenshi, and freed from Kahn's control. To show his gratitude, Ermac taught Kenshi the art of telekinesis.

Ermac's newfound freedom meant he was also free to choose his own destiny. He decided to repent his earlier ways and became a force for good. After making this decision, he met a warrior soul who, like Kenshi, understood his suffering. This warrior soul was that of Liu Kang, and was in need not only of another ally, but assistance in freeing his enslaved comrades. Ermac was eager to help Liu Kang, as this was an opportunity to help him atone for the evil he had committed in Shao Kahn's name.
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