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My Idea for a Slasher/ Thriller Film

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Aug 12, 2009
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check out my idea for a Slasher/Thriller film, if your idea is used, your name will be credited in the film

The Cabins

This Film about a group of friends going out to some old cabins that one of the friends (the main character) has discovered in a small town not to far away. The Villagers have warned the friend (the main charicter) about the cabins, but the friend didnt baleive them and got his/her friends anyway. The storie of of the cabins is that 30 years ago, there was an old lumber Jack, who made the cabins. all of them. One day he decited to bring his 7 year old son into the woods to help him move the wood that was left over from clearing out a spot to make another cabin. While the lumber jack was cutting up a log to make it fire wood, the lumber jacks son ran over in atempt to grab the log and bring it over. the lumber jack swung as the boy reached his hand out. or at least where his hand was. The father kept hacking away at the log while the boy wailed in pain. No one knows why the Lumber Jack did nothing about his son, but the son recovers, with a stub where his hand was. The Lumber Jack kept his son in the cabins, ashamed of him. Leaving his son to fend for himself. The Lumber Jack returns to his Cabins to finish the last one he started. By this time the boy was now 16. The son reconizes his father and looks at his stub, and pretends to go about helping the lumber jack. The lumber Jack seen his son hacking away at the log with one hand, looking at him like he's a freak. That night the lumber Jack drank himself to sleep. The boy stared at him. he was angry. he was deranged. After a while the boy went out into the back shed and opened a up a hole in under the shed and pulled out an axe, with blood stans on it. The boy went back into the cabin the axe in his hand. raised it over his head. Took a deep breath, and swung. blood splated on the boys face. After that the boy has no where to go. This it the only place he knows The boy, stays there, at the cabins, killing any how comes near it, with the same axe that took his hand. And the Lumber JAck's life. . But one things for sure, who ever goes in, doesnt come out

and that seems about it, there some thing id like to change, but wha ever. I'm just barly started writing the script for it.
(Spoiler) I also plan to make the father a raging alcoholic which i made some indacation with my writen back story
Now im just looking for ideas, i f i use your idea for the film ill put your name in the credits and i have a facebook event made for it, more details on there. I got a list of charicters to:
Lumber Jack-
The One Handed Lumber Jack- Jordan
Villager 1
Guy- Brandon

Ya... so thax for any ideas and what not
Facebook- Brandon Rulez | Facebook
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Feb 19, 2006
First off: I hope that you're better with a camera and microphone than with a keyboard, because your spelling is atrocious.

Secondly: While this might be the right section for this, it would be far more appropriate to post a script in order to get good critique.
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