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My new character (Mad in this style)

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Call me Candyman
Apr 6, 2005
Hello everyone, just wanted to know if my templete really is as good as I think it is. Also to let people know my appearance and bio are graphic so for the feint of heart stray away.

So I was trying to do a mix of the Mad Hatter and a fighter, inspired by a certain book, and this psyco is what I came up with. Please know that any critisism is okay, I just want feedback on if tis good or not. Finally I know it's long but if you read it all well then I will comend you.


Name: The Mad Hatter

Original name: Remy Twist

Age: He is the age of insanity and madness in a world torn apart.

Gender: Male

Appearance: This is a disturbing facial expression for Remy. Other then the face he has a crimson red suit as well as a matching top hat, black gloves, and thousands of decks of cards on three vertically placed Velcro straps on his upper torso and in other pockets around his body and suit.

Weapons: The main weapon of Remy’s’ arsenal is the Dreamer, a fencing saber which he had mastered at a younger time and uses as not only a means of attack but to completely nullify the sword attacks of others by parrying their swords with the intense speeds that the dreamer is capable of. In fact if he is doing a full swing then it seems as if the sword had disappeared.

His Secondary weapons are the “playing” cards which are equipped everywhere around the youth’s body, as described in the appearance. He can throw them with amassing accuracy thanks to their durable structure. Don’t worry if you slice at the right ones they will get cut and destroyed. Now all of these card have their own special little abilities like so.

They are as sharp as blades and their special edges can help them to practically cut through most anything except metal and materials such as that. They are also tempered to be able too survive through the harshest of conditions, such as being burned and such.
These cards are Remy’s personal favorite because of their sadistic nature. You see whenever these cards touch/come in contact with anything they will instantaneously explode and the power of the explosion depends on the number. Example; If it is a two the explosion will be fairly weak, but if it is anything ranging from a 10 to a king then the explosion will be catastrophic.
These cards are quite a rarity and could play to be a major part of strategy. These cards will be harder to explain but I will try it. In simple terms when Remy throws these cards it is basically a two way tunnel so he won’t be throwing just one. What I mean by this is, if he throws one near an opponent, another to his side, and he sticks his sword in the one to his side it will not cut the card but instead it will come out on the other end of the tunnel and stab the enemy. Whew that was tough.
The last suit of cards very unique indeed but thankfully, easier to explain. When Remy throws these cards dodging will not be enough for the special thing about these ones is that they are heat seekers, yeah you heard me heat seekers. That’s not all, even though only the front of the card is sharp, for piercing into the body, if it does happen to hit its mark then it will change form, to anything from spades to diamonds and even clubs.

These are the cards that Remy will unleash hell with. They are a step above the rest in power and speed and if nothing else, flashy.

Ace of Spades- This card is merely is an advanced form of a spade. The only difference is that it can cut any substance known to man and it is faster. In fact it goes so fast that it may seem like 6 or 7 cards are coming at you when in reality tis only one.
Ace of Diamonds- This card is far superior to the others for one reason, simplicity. After this card is thrown at an enemy it will start to spin, in effect releasing thousands of diamond cards.
Ace of Clubs- This is the most versatile card of the set and I will point out its abilities. When Remy throws this card it goes quite slowly but right before it gets within a ten foot radius it turns vertically to reveal a vortex as to suck the opponent, or any unearthly attacks, in. The second effect is that all Remy has to do is hold up this card and click his fingers, which will then make the card unleash a barrage of spades.
Ace of Hearts- The ace of spades is simply a faster, more accurate version of a regular heart.

Glove Styles
No I’m not Michael Jackson.
Simply putting it this isn’t exactly a weapon, merely an extent of the cards. Well basically on all of Remy’s Aces there are elaborate golden emblems of the suit the card represents. Now when Remy puts his black gloves, described in appearance, on the emblem, then any card that he throws with the hand from there on in will have the ability of that suite. A good example is if Remy burns the emblem of the spades unto his right hand, and he throws a heart card with the right hand, then the heart will not only be a heat seeker but it will have the cutting ability that spades do as well. Now yes he indeed does burn the emblem into his glove and every suit has a different color of smoke that comes off of his hand. The reason for this, I will not directly be telling you that I burned the spade emblem in; you have to pay attention to my post to figure it out. But so it is not GMing, so I will make a list.

(Jet Black Smoke)= Spades
(Blue Smoke)= Diamonds
(Purple Smoke)= Clubs
(Red Smoke)= Hearts

Thus that ends my weapons area of my template. Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!

Personality: His personality is ruled by the thoughts of childish behavior and the purest madness that the omni verse can obtain. Certainly he is a madman but in his own way he also has the mind of a genius, a tactical strategist is what the child abandoned by time could be explained as. He is quite an enigma in this way; in some times he is but a child with extraordinary power, but in others he is a wise and mature man, a personality split in two.

Abilities: Simply Remy is an excellent swordsman, even when he was young he was good with a blade. Other then his obvious sword abilities Remy has an unnatural control of water and his lucky deck of playing cards.

Biography: Remy was born into a extremely high class family in the very heart of London during the cities prime. The child was taught proper educate and how to speak and act around adults, for with Remy it truly was an act. He smiled through his teeth and greeted the two-faced people that came to his father’s illustrious mansion, some came to say hello and others came for parties and special events. To tell you the truth Remy was sickened by the lot of them; moochers, liars, two-faced rats, and naturally unkind people is all Remy could see these people that came to the estate. But he did it; he played his part well in the charade of a nice, kind, and sociable little boy. People brought him gifts and offering of money and goodies, only pleasing the future leader of the corporation his father had built. Truly he did hate being lied to in such a manner but he did relies that he could much worse off, and he was grateful. But whenever he got these offering of money he did not invest it or keep it, he in fact gave it to his friends who just so happened to be poor, they deserved it more then him he thought, he was a good boy.

He had the privilege of being home schooled, to be taught fencing techniques and all others things that come entailed with the lifestyles of the rich, the world at the boys fingertips. Everything was going swell, nothing amiss, and the boy was excellent in his studies of both books and blade, but ever so suddenly it indeed happened. It was the child’s 18th birthday, a grand fanfare echoed through the streets of London that night. It could be heard all the way from the Buckingham palace to the heavens, it was truly a glorious knight indeed. But as all things it was tainted with evil, laced with impurity. You see a part of Remy truly enjoyed the party, but another part of him hated the banquet with an intense passion he thirsted for something that Remy not, but what is known is that the party was ended early that night for unexplainable reasons.

Whilst the partiers were enjoying a masquerade party in the ball room of the mansion and streets of London, above the sound of instrument, the laughs of children and adults alike, a blood curdled scream could be definitively heard. When the constables found the body they were terrified by the sight of it, a beautiful girl wearing a pure white dress, her blood spread over the walls and all over her tranquil dress. The constables covered the scene up as quickly as they could, cleared the location for any evidence, all they could find was a Joker card embedded in the girls throat. Emily was her name, orphan friend of Remy, she had gotten the dress from the family that had adopted her, so young. The attack was still clear in the peoples mind a month or so after, fear had been instilled in there hearts, as well as sorrow of loss of a beauty by the hand of a beast. A killer had shown his face to the streets of London and he would not leave until he had bloodshed.

Picture it a beautiful evening, children in school waiting anxiously for the great bell in the courtyard f lush grass to ring so to enjoy there weekend of splendors, not to last. Remy, whom was done his home schooling, came with a friend up to the ancient bell tower to, as remy said; see the full glorious picture of London from atop the bell tower with his orphan friend Oliver. So they went up the old spiral staircase, going into the sanctuary that held the bell, now abandoned. They were up there for some time, whenever Oliver looked to him he told him to look away in an angry tone, almost as if it was not Remy that had been saying it. No one knows exactly what happened after that, but what is known is that the bell rang, a few minutes earlier then usual, the children ran out happy as could be and the small group had smiling faces all, until a little girl saw something that was burned into her memory that day, no, into her very soul. The small girl let out a horrific scream as she pointed and fell unto the ground, a picture of death burning into her mind for all the eternity she lived. There was Oliver, hanging with a noose around his neck, his body cut up completely, his pure blood falling unto the courtyard stone tainting the world that saw him now. An order had been issued for all citizens; Travel in groups, travel fast, be home with locked doors and windows by 9:00. The constable’s were determined to find the monster that had brought hell to London, the hunt began.

Remy was tragically shaken by both murders, two of the most important people in his life taken away by this murderous killer, the boy went by the river to think about the events that had taken place over the last few weeks, death on his mind. Maybe he was too idiotic or proud to see the simple truth, well no bother, the story is almost over. The story of this child came full circle when the mother came to comfort her son in his time of need, run is what she should have done. The child was crying when she came to him in the dead of this night away from civilization, but twas not of sadness, anger, or fear, was of laughter.

The father, concerned for wife and child, eventually went down to the river with the constables, twas in the best intentions of the family. When the father came to the scene it was not a warm moment between mother and son, no, not in the least. What he did see was his wife on the cold ground, her fur coat drenched in blood, and his son playing with his lucky deck of playing cards, bloody as the ground beneath him, a crescent smile on the boys face. Instantly the chief of police saw the scene and stationed for his men to fire at will. The boy ran at them with a knife laughing manically as they shot for his chest and legs, few shots got threw because of the inaccuracy of the artillery and the boy gets to slaughter four constables before he is punched down buy his own father. While on the ground the constables shoot him mercilessly until he lay on the ground soaking in his own blood. Some of the remaining constables went on to carry the wife back to town whereas the others decided to dump Remy’s body in the river. The insanity had left London for the time, still tainted by Remy’s bloody touch.

Several days had passed and Remy opened his eyes once more on the shore of a new land, squinting almost immediately from the pain of the light on his eyes, as if the first time he had ever truly used them. He tried to stand up on the dry land that he had washed ashore upon but his legs too weak to support his body and he fell backwards toward the water. As he fell he did not fall back into the unforgiving rive but more like the river had caught him. The water had cushioned his fall as if in a fairy tale but he was not surprised, he was mad after all. He clasped his chest in pain as he looked down, blood from a bullet wound, the blood from the musket bullet forcing itself out of his body as the would healed. It was true as he felt a renewed energy in his body he saw many musket bullets in the pure river water. Then on the Shore he saw his lucky deck perfectly preserved, as well as his favorite top hat and the dreamer blade.

Remy picked up all of these gifts of the miracle of his survival and twisted his hat unto his head as he said these words; “This will be fun!”

Theme Song: Looking Glass


Mar 27, 2007
so uhh The Dreamer is the name of Ukiah Oregon's sword D:

A change is in order, otherwise, it looks like a nice character.


New member
May 28, 2007
That's quite an interesting character. I'm guessing you've been reading The Looking Glass Wars. A pretty cool idea.

Tyler Durden

so uhh The Dreamer is the name of Ukiah Oregon's sword D:

A change is in order, otherwise, it looks like a nice character.

Seriously, who cares?

That's like saying because my name is _____ no one else can be named ______


Call me Candyman
Apr 6, 2005
That's quite an interesting character. I'm guessing you've been reading The Looking Glass Wars. A pretty cool idea.
Thank you very much, and actually I am on the second book in the trilogy "Seeing Redd". I find the books quite interesting.

Dawning Kensei, thank you for your feedback.
Sir Meta knight you just have to accept that it effects nothing but if you truly wish, I will change it.

I will keep this open but as of the moment I am making an open challenge with this templete.

Good day to you all.


hay spdude. how are you doing today would u like a peech of kake?
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