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my unbirth idea.

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o'k let's start off with the fact that there are light and dark keyblades. now let me get right into the theory.
There are Light Realm Keyblades, and there are Dark Realm Keyblades, but they are light/dark neutral and aren't affected by dark or light, meaning anyone can use it. I should make that clear.

We know that riku's soul eater was created from the darkness in riku's heart
Proof of said statement?
I hear a lot of people saying that, but I haven't found where it is actually said. So proof would be nice =]

and we know that it was also an intermediate for riku's keyblade the way to dawn.
I think someone is trying to sound a lot like PMF...

Now let's say someone uses the light in their heart and forms it into a weapon, would it not create a similar weapon as soul eater? The only difference would be one is made with light while the other is made with darkness.
As I said, proof that is how the SE was made? Because if you can't prove that, it easily puts this entire theory into question.

Now i bealeve that a keyblade is created when someone takes some light or darkness from their heart and form it into a keyblade
*Buzzer noise* Uh, no. Keyblades are not affected by light or dark. Since it isn't affected by light or dark, that means it cannot be created by light or dark. You get how that works? Here, since I know you will ask.
Nomura said:
Keyblades have 2 different constitutions, either from the Light side or the Dark side. This is merely the exterior key. The inner key can act from either side and its abilities won’t change. There is no clear division between Good and Evil.

therefore a keyblade is basically part of it's weilder's heart and is connected to it's weilder's heart. Terra's keyblade was created from Terra's light and thus is a light keyblade. in this video:YouTube - Kingdom hearts Birth by sleep *HQ*
Except for the fact we know Terra isn't that light? Terra walks a line in-between two sides (Light and Dark) if we are to believe MX. Despite the fact that I highly doubt this is how Keyblades are made, I'll play along hypothetically:
-Whose heart made up the Kingdom Key?
-Whose heart made up the Inverse Kingdom Key?

we see master xehanort turning his keyblade into a dark orb. i bealeve that orb is basically the darkness in master xehanort's heart that was used to create his keyblade.
Uh-huh... you have no real proof of that. Plus, as I said, Keyblades aren't affected by light or dark.

Soul eater and tav's keyblades are basically keyblades without keychains and these keyblades are what all apprentinces use until they are worthy of a keychain.
Except the Soul Eater is not a Keyblade.

If you look closely you can see riku's soul eater has a hole where a keychain can be attached and so does terra's keyblade
Um, a Keychain is attatched by a loop, not a hole.
And I guess I might as well ask.

Tell me where to slap the Keychain on this baby.

Now once an aprenttince has proven themselves worthy and they have mastered their keyblade they will receive a keychain
Then how come Mickey uses a Keychained Keyblade when he is still technically being trained by his Master?

the keychain will draw out the true form of the keyblade and thus the keyblade becomes a representation of it's weilder's heart.
This makes even less sense. Sora collects Keychains. These keychans change the appearance of the Keyblade. So if it was a representation of the wielder, then explain how Mickey and Sora both use the Star Seeker keychain. The Keyblade when keychained with the Star Seeker can't be a representation of the wielder because Mickey and Sora aren't the same person, yet they are using the same keychain. Therefore, that theory is easily flawed.

A keyblade with a keychain is proof that someone is a master of the keyblade, however i wont apply this apprentince to master via keychain to sora and riku as there was no master to give them a keychain.
Yeah.. you don't want to apply it to Sora and Riku simply because it completely backfires on your own theory. But the thing is that you can't simply ignore them at all.

]If part of the weilder's heart gives birth to a keyblade, then what happens when the keyblade loses the peice of it's weilder's heart that gave it birth. If the peice of the weilder's heart that created the keyblade is stolen from the keyblade then that part of the weilder's heart will create an unbirth. Why are they called unbirths? Because due to the keyblade losing the peice of it's weilder's heart that gave it birth, then losing that peice of it's weilders heart will take reverse the effect and the keyblade will no longer exist. thus the name unbirth.
Let's say, hypothetically speaking, that the Soul Eater is made from Riku's heart. That does not mean a piece of his heart is stuffed inside the sword at all. Likewise, it isnt like a chunk of heart was thrown inside Keyblades. Plus even as you said, it would be the DARKNESS or the LIGHT in their hearts that made it, not their hearts themselves. So basically you just contradicted your own theory.
Not like it matters, because you still need proof that is even how the Soul Eater was made.

We know that the unbirths mysteriously dissapeared shortly after birth by sleep, so how did they dissapear? We know there are as many keyblades as there are quilified hearts to weild them. so the keyblades are limted by the number of people quailified to weild them, example: if there are 500 qualified people to weild a keyblade then there are only 500 keyblades. As such the unbirths are limited to the number of keyblades, eventually the limited number of unbirths were wiped out and thus they dissapeared.
Nomura said that there are as many Keyblades as there are people with qualified hearts. But, that doesn't mean there are keyblades floating around because SOMEWHERE there is a person with a good heart. It doesn't work like that.
And it still doesn't explain why they still couldnt exist. So far we know of 4 Keyblades that survived BBS time:
-Mickey's Star Seeker Keyblade
-Inverse Kingdom Key
-Kingdom Key
-Way to Dawn

But that's the thing, Mickey has had two Keyblades at one point. But one of them has disappeared. Why is that?
Going by your theory that could suggest that Mickey's first keyblade went Unbirth on him, but ah, see that would have happened after BBS. Which brings up a problem.

Anyways problems with the theory:
-You need proof that is how the Soul Eater was made. Hard proof.
-Keyblades aren't affected by Light or Dark
-Keychains are attached to loops not through holes in the actual Keyblade.
-Keychain issues (read above)
-The Unbirths could easily still exist after BBS if this is the case, which presents a problem.
-It doesn't explain how the Unbirths are the starting points of Heartless. It puts them on a separate ground from Heartless completely, which means they cant be the starting grounds, especially since they could easily exist now.
-Other issues I brought up in my reply.

Hope you looooved my reply <3


That's not what that is.
That's a spiked point. You can see it better in the Secret Ending.

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So that hole i say on the tip of the handle isnt what it think it is?

Dude the bottom of the handle is implied.


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Wikia is different.
Wiki any one can edit not wikia >__>
Also even if that were the case everything on wikia is true i checked it myself


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That doesn't count. It lists no sources. I could go in there and say it wasn't from his heart, i guess that would make it correct than?

Yes it does matter, for Keychains are hooked onto loops, not holes.


Prove it can. Show me a Keyblade that has the Keychain attached through the hole than the loop.
And you still need to show proof on the Soul Eater thing.
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