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Fanfiction ► Not So Heartless Anymore: Codenamed Danger Penguin XD

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Darkrooms and safelights
Mar 19, 2005
Sitting inside the viewfinder of a camera, watchin
And I'm not even in school....

ANYway ... still on my dad's computer. *glares* But I can't go on AIM because my buddy list is, supposedly, a pop-up, which keeps getting blocked. I can't turn it off. -_-; Stupid thing. *kicks* It sucks penguin. XD The good news is that I re-wrote an entire chapter to have a totally different plot from what I originally imagined and include your requested cameos. Writing Piku and Myra is so much fun, but, unfortunately, you guys aren't showing up for a few more chapters yet.

Working on posting chapter three now....


Aug 13, 2005
The other end of the leash.
awesome update pickle. like, awesome. and it was great knowing all of you. really. but i have no hope left, because AT THIS VERY MOMENT my mother's at a conference at my skool. and i know i failed some class. so it was nice knowing you guys, but i'm totally dead. awesome chap, yo. :D


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Jun 23, 2005
Don't bump this, K_K! It's a punishment to myself.
Ketso brought his blade down, the familiar 'swish' sound sweeping through the air. In a split second, his blow would land, killing the figure sitting with his back towards Ketso. Suddenly, Ketso saw the blonde hair. He quickly averted his keyblade's path, the blade whistling an inch away from Kaze's ear.

"HEY! Are you trying to kill me?!" Kaze yelled, spinning around.

"Well, I was before. But not now. Why the heck are you here? I'm trying to kill Sean!"

"You know Sean?" Kaze asked, bewildered (A/N: FUN WORD! Be Wil Dered!). Ketso looked at the floor, sheepishly.

"Not personally. I mean, I thought I'd just find him. Like I find you guys!"

Kaze looked doubtful. He snapped his fingers, brightening. "I'll lead you to him!"

"How will you do that? This place is MY heart, not yours." Ketso noticed that the space around them was white, not dark like in that fake room.

"Well, how do you find us every time?" Kaze asked, as if he were explaining it to a two year old.

Ketso glared. "I just say your name and I get here with you guys."

Kaze looked around. "Oh. So... This is your heart? Kinda empty..."

"You wanna start something pretty boy?!" Ketso said, brandishing his two blades.

"Do you EVER wanna get to Sean?" Kaze asked, with a hint of exasperation in his otherwise nonchalant face. Ketso scowled, but he nodded.

"So... I just say... Sean?" Kaze asked, confused. Then, a flash of even paler white appeared in front of the two, and they were facing Sean. The boy smirked.

"So, is this Ketso?" The boy nodded towards Ketso. "The little twerp who thinks Myra likes him?"

"STUFF MUFFINS!" Ketso said, his blades appearing in his hands. He threw them, using "Double Strike Raide". He was surprised as the flew through Sean, clanging onto the floor and sliding away. They hadn't done any damage. Ketso ran, charging at Sean. He smashed his fist into the rivaling boy's face, but it slid right through. Sean's smirk widened to a grin. Ketso stood back, angrily. Kaze sneered at Sean.

"This is hardly your fight, boy!" Sean said, pushing Ketso away. Ketso stepped back. Sean could hit him, but he couldn't hit Sean?

"You're not even a factor in this fight, Ketso. You forfeited her to Kaze, and HE must beat me if he wants to keep her." Sean said, hands behind his head. Kaze smirked, always cool.

"You act like she's an object. But objects can be stolen. Our love can never be crushed!" Kaze said, suddenly leaping at Sean. Their blades locked, blood splashed, but Ketso wasn't concentrating on that.

He was staring at his mildly transperant hands. He was watching the blood fly through them as if it never touched him. He was thinking about what Sean had said. Ketso looked up at the two. Kaze was easily overpowering Sean, but that wasn't the point.

Ketso was being lost. Forgotten. He couldn't stand it. Everything he loved was ripped away from him. Was it even worth it to continue fighting?

"Ketso, go!" Kaze said, suddenly as Sean locked blades with him. Kaze shuddered a bit, but he turned his neck a bit to smile at Ketso. "The sooner you get back to the afterlife, the sooner you can get back to your real one!"

Ketso stood there for a minute, shocked. He blinked and nodded. He couldn't shake the feeling that he should give up, but Kaze believed in him. He hoped everyone else did. With that strength, he could go on. He suddenly appeared back by Amme.

"How did it go?" She asked, frowning.

"What's it to you?" He said coldly. "Some guardian you are. I've gone through so much pain. I don't need you. You've never helped me." He started to walk away. Suddenly, a hand clapped onto his shoulder. The hand tightened it's grip.

"Yes," Amme said, angrily. "You have gone through a lot of pain. But I can put you through a lot more if you'd like."

White hot pain seared through Ketso's body, starting at his shoulder. He doubled over and nodded. Amme released her grip, stepping back.

"Good. Now, onto the next room. I'll be watching," Amme said, as she took a few more steps backwards and disappeared. Ketso squinted to see her, but she was gone.

"Curse that girl and her wonderful denim-trench coat!" He said, jokingly to himself. He shook his head and was suddenly in the mansion. Van appeared, looking healthy.

"You okay, Buddy?" Ketso rolled his eyes. "That little girl hurt you pretty bad, huh?"

Van glared, the air around him boiling.

"Aw, take off that angry face! It could curdle milk!" Ketso said, trying not to laugh. Van punched Ketso in the head, flinging him into the next room.

"Prepare to meet your doomed. Beware the room of Time!" Van said, dramatically.

"Beware, prepare, my hair, I care," Ketso muttered. He looked around.

And then he saw the obstacle course. "Toto, I don't think we're in Gym Class anymore!" He said, eyes wide.


I don't like bugs!
Jun 23, 2005
Ketso looked around, surprised. It was... empty. He stared at Van.

"Is this supposed to be funny? What do I have to do?"

"Get through this. Alive," Van said simply. Ketso looked around.

"But I don't see anything..." Ketso looked around, trying to understand. Van laughed.

"That's the point," he said, darkness flashing over his face. Suddenly, Ketso was slashed in the stomach by Van's blade. He flew through the empty space, surprised when his head slammed against a hard wall. He looked behind him, standing up. He felt for the wall. It was there, but there was nothing. He tried to take a step back, but his foot fell behind him. He tried to scabble back up the wall, but there was no place for him to grab.

Ketso fell, landing on some invisible bed of spikes protruding from the floor. He looked over at his arm, feeling a searing pain in it and his neck. His right arm was impaled, and getting it off of the spike was going to be worse than getting it stuck on there in the first place.

Van appeared, laughing. He snapped his fingers, and every spike was gone except for the one that flew through his arm. He screamed in pain as his body fell, his arm with it. The spike grew wider towards the bottom, and Ketso's arm was ripped from it, hanging on one inch of skin near the side.

The boy stood, his arm hanging so precariously. It was of no use to him, and it put such a strain on his shoulder. He gasped for breath before he gritted his teeth. With one swift movement, he pulled the rest of the skin off of the arm, seperating him from his necessary limb. Van appeared again, as the arm disappeared.

"Oh, dear," Van said with mock concern. "You were right handed, weren't you, Ketso?"

Ketso's eyes flashed with fury. He tore up the wall, finding it easy now that he was pumped with adrenaline. He had to get through. Blood gushed through his arm, but all he could think about was destroying Van.

"Time to die, Ketso! You're never going to make it through the race in time!" Van yelled.

"SUCK PENGUIN!" Ketso said. The phrase reminded him of his friends, and it gave him strength. He was almost to the top, he could see a light at the end of the tunnel.

"I'm so close to the end!" Ketso laughed. Van would fail.

"You really think so?" Van hissed. Pain surged through Ketso's veins, more blood pouring from his stub of a shoulder. The wall had burned him. He felt as if he was dying. He fell all the way down, waiting for the spikes. It was such a long fall. He had time to decide to quit. The tears fell freely. He had fallen. He would remain In Between forever. He waited for the spikes to cushion his fall, to end his life.

"It wasn't worth it anyway," Ketso murmered, closing his eyes, not even trying to brace for the fall. Suddenly, he felt the swooping sensation of going up when you've been going down for so long. He opened his eyes.

Amme was glaring down at him. "It's always worth it." She punched him in the face, hard. "That's for calling me a little girl. I was watching."

Ketso looked around. Amme was carrying him up. Van was looking livid.

"Don't interfere, Guardian! He should be dead!" Van sputtered, throwing balls of brilliant light at the two as they left. Darkness crept at Ketso's vision, and he felt nothing as he fell into a deep sleep.

When he woke up, Ketso was back at the beautiful field. He instinctively put out his right arm to lift himself up and fell back down. He realized what happened and rolled to a sitting position. Amme was there, looking sullen.

"I couldn't save the arm. I apologize." Ketso looked out to the field.

"I think," he said, "Now more then ever, I have to see a friend."

Amme looked out, too. She nodded. She didn't ask who this time. She probably knew.

Ketso barely whispered it. Amme grabbed his shoulder as the light overtook him, and he turned around. A tear slid down her face.

"Tell her I say hi. And... expect the worst." Before Ketso could ask what was about to happen, he was gone.
Prepare for heart break.


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Dec 24, 2004
I don't think you get what impaling is.

To impale someone, you fave to pierce them VERTICALLY. That means to stick straight up. Like starting from the foot and ending at the thigh. Straight up.

But nice chappie anyway.


I don't like bugs!
Jun 23, 2005
Silence, C_U! Give me a good word to switch it then!

And technically, it was vertical. IF YOU WANT AN EXPLANATION, ASK!
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