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Fanfiction ► Not So Heartless Anymore: Codenamed Danger Penguin XD

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Jun 23, 2005
Kay. I'll update, because I had to run the mile yesterday, so I know your pain. Except it really WAS warm for us, so yeah. I cry inside for you, GoH. ;-; My lungs are soaking wet.
Ketso woke up, groaning. He was lying in the forest again, but it was quite different. Everything was dark and had an unhealthy blue tinge. He seemed to be in a spotlight, though. He rolled over onto his hands and knees.


Ketso looked down and saw a silvery arm where there had been nothing. His stubby shoulder now had a massive amount of power, though it throbbed with pain. In fact, it buckled underneath him and he fell.

He rolled over onto his back, examining the new arm. He stretched it, fingers bending and everything. Myra flopped down by him suddenly. She half-glomped him. Amme appeared, too.

"Auto-mail. Kaze will teach you about it when you get back to Spira."

When. Not if. When. Ketso smiled, despite the pain. He stood up suddenly.

"Hey! You guys knocked me out!" He said, rubbing his head with his new, shiny hand. Shiiiiiiiiiny.

"We had no anesthetic, bishie!" Myra protested. Amme shrugged.

"Would you rather have been awake for the pain?"

Ketso mumbled a no. Then he looked around. "This place has changed."

"Fits my mood. I'm tired of the happy exterior. Piku's being an idiot. It puts me in a bad mood."

"This place doesn't see sun shiny days much, then, eh?" Ketso joked. Myra looked around nervously, as if Piku could hear them. Ketso elbowed her ((NICELY)), telling her to lighten up.

Myra didn't look convinced, but she laughed a little. Then she started ranting about how stupid Sora was. Amme rolled her eyes. Eventually, she stopped Myra.

"And he's always picking his no-"

"-We need to get going. Van is probably healed now. It'll be a fair fight."

Ketso didn't want things fair. He wanted Van dead, and he didn't care HOW it happened. But he agreed.

Myra suddenly went into Ultra-Killing-Bishie-Avenge/Revenger-Mode. Or, Ukbarm. "Take me to this Van. And he shall be... BURNINATED!"

Amme rolled her eyes, but she smiled, too. "Mansion."

Ketso wanted to ask how saying "mansion" would help them, but he didn't have time. Suddenly, he was teleported with Myra and Amme to the Mansion. They wandered through the halls, and Ukbarm-mode subsided into Let's-make-fun-of-Sora-Mode.

"And he's, like, ugly, and-"

"Well, well, well. How's my favourite cripple-"

Suddenly, Van was blasted by a jetstream of fire. Ketso looked in the direction of where it came from, and he saw Myra in a fighting stance.

"Remind me to stay on your good side," Amme said, impressed. Myra beamed. Then she glared at a smoking Van.

"DIE, BISHIE-HURTER!" She said, charging. Two keyblades appeared in her hands. Ketso was shocked; he'd never seen Myra fight before. Van stood, still blackened by flames. Ketso charged at him, and apparently great minds think alike; Amme and Myra had dashed at Van, too. Ketso was reminded briefly of "Trinity" power.

It was extremely satisfying to see Van impaled by five blades. It was even more great when the blades were ripped out of him by the three key-weilders. The tore away from him, turning their backs on him only briefly as they turned around.

Ketso barely had time to blink as a blast of fire whistled by his head. He was incredibly glad to know that the flame had missed him. He grinned over at the girls, but he was shocked to see Myra looking livid.

"Oh no you didn't." She said in a low voice. She turned to Van. "You did NOT just do that."

Ketso opened his mouth to ask what had happened, but there was no time. Suddenly, Amme threw her trench coat over his head, beating him with her fists for a moment. She took off the cloak, and Ketso saw Myra stabbing Van in a flurry of blows. He was only blocking every fifth one, on average. Blood poured out of wounds on his arms, legs, face, and chest. His blood was a sickly purple; Ketso was liking Angels less and less by the second.

Ketso tore his vision from Myra and Van and glared at Amme. "What did you just do?!"

"Your hair.. It... Ketso... There was a fire." Amme was trying to keep a straight face, though Ketso knew she was sympathetic. He put a hand to his head, unknowingly. He felt the same, blonde, soft hair, and he ran his hand down the back of his head. Hair, hair, hair, no hair. No hair. The spikes! They were gone!

"MIRROR! I NEED A MIRROR!" Ketso yelled, horrified. Amme conjured up a mirror from nowhere. Ketso stared into it. His hair was possibly five to six inches shorter. His long spikes were gone, and his hair lacked volume. He turned to Van, fire in his eyes.

"You will pay." The words were slow and full of white hot anger. Suddenly, before he even knew what he was doing, Ketso was slashing into Van. Amme was there by the side, amused.

"Take a break!" She said. "You're bleeding! I'll handle him; heal yourself and come back!"

Ketso withdrew reluctantly. Myra jumped at the chance to heal him, and she hugged his back for a moment. "It was beautiful hair."

Ketso turned and saw tears running down her cheecks. He nodded and slammed back over to Van. He was slashing, dodging, and blocking so quickly. Suddenly, Van was on the ground. Ketso stared at him, pointing his blade at the Angel's throat.

"You made her cry. You have to pay."

Van snorted. "I can't die. Did you forget that, fool?"

Ketso grinned. "I don't plan on killing you. BE GONE! BACK TO THE MORTAL WORLD!"

Van opened his mouth in surprise, and Ketso plunged his blade through Van's throat. Then, he pulled it out. Blood splattered everywhere.

Ketso and the others plunged their blades through Van's stomach. Amme's seemed to be sending white-silvery acids through his body as Myra's sent flames. Ketso couldn't tell what was coming out of his, but it seemed to be furry and have fangs.

Then, the body was gone. A silvery ring with tiny white wings clattered to the ground. Amme picked it up, examining it.

"His immortality ring. He's been sent back to the mortal world."

"LET'S GO SEE MY BISHIES!" Myra said, suddenly. Ketso saw a flash of white, and before he could protest, they were all gone.


May 1, 2005
Wonderland. We're all mad here! :D





I don't like bugs!
Jun 23, 2005
Here's a pic of Ketso...



I don't like bugs!
Jun 23, 2005
Told you it had bad porportions...


And thank you, GoH. I'll remember to insult anything you come up with in the future. >_>


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Dec 24, 2004
Sometimes I like to make fun of my not as cool, not as smart, not as strong little brother, Ketso.


Nice chappies. Just got caught up.


I don't like bugs!
Jun 23, 2005
Ketso wasn't particularly excited about being in a room with all of the people Myra loved, but he was grinning anyway. That is, he was grinning until he heard that familiar voice.

"Sorry to ruin your plans," Van sneered, "But I think we have to consult the rule book."

Ketso winced as shackles locked around his wrists, and he saw that Myra and Amme were bound similarly. He stared as Van appeared out of nowhere. The angel was just as sickening, only he lacked wings. He drew a sword and slid it across Ketso's throat. Ketso glared, his eyes as red as the crimson blood that spilled down his neck.

"You brought a mortal into the afterlife." Van grinned, and Ketso's heart sank.

"What's the problem?" Ketso asked, he asked, turning his head slowly. He saw that Amme looked deathly pale. Van's sneer grew wider.

"That's breaking one of the big rules," Van said, shaking his index finger at Ketso. Myra shook a different finger at Van.

"What does that mean?!" Amme spat. "You're making up these rules as you go!"

Van glared up at the girl, suspended in mid-air and bound by black shackles. Ketso looked at her, bewildered.

"HE makes these rules?!" Ketso shouted, angrily.

Van started laughing. Ketso turned to him.

"Surely," Van said, raising his head, "Surely, you remember my voice? Perhaps this will be a clue."
He waved his hand ((HA, AMME!)), and a cloak flew over him. He bowed his head, and Ketso's eyes widened.

"YOU! MY HEART! YOU MADE IT!" He said, angrily. "You killed me!"

Van smirked. "Yeah. I did. And you killed me. Now, I'll be taking your keyblades"- Ketso's blades suddenly appeared in Van's hand -"wiping your friends' memories"- Myra and Amme's heads fell limp -"And sending you back to the mortal world, to live in agony."

Van flew at Ketso, driving the boy's own blades into his stomach. A bubble of blood popped and dribbled down Ketso's chin. His head fell down, and Van laughed triumphantly.

"And I can keep killing you, Ketso. You're a puppet, and I'm the puppet master." The angel kept laughing maniacally.

Then, the laughter stopped as Ketso grinned. Van shook with pain.

A huge shield with long, sharp spines was stabbing through Van. Blood oozed out onto the shield, which seemed to glow faintly. Ketso's grin widened. Van stepped back, and the huge shield bounced into Ketso's hands.

"That couldn't kill me, human!" Van spat, his wound already healing.

"Yeah," Ketso said, as he realized that he was fading away, "But it was worth it."

And he was gone.
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