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'Nother KHII Review

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Oct 13, 2004
I present you a review from "PSM" (not Playstation Magazine; It's an Independent playstation magazine lawl). It's in their June issue (which is out 2 months early)


Game of the Month: Kingdom Hearts II
PS2: Kingdom Hearts II

The Disney RPG isn't just for kids

Heroic Trio (Positive)

As for the gameplay itself, this is vinatge Kingdom Hearts-style Action RPG bashery, but with some important tweaks. Using magic seems important than before, and Sora's glide ability is gone. Instead, you've got a ton of enemy-specific attacks (Reaction Command). For instance, you can dash in a semi-circle around the basic Nobody (Reversal), which will leave it disoritented against and vulnerable. Of course, that's one of the basic examples; other times, you'll be able to ride Pegasus against the Hydra, climb onto the back of a flying enemy, or even cut a building in half and heave it at a boss character's deserving cranium.

You can merge with Donald and Goofy to take on more powerful forms specializing in magic or physical attacks. If you'd like to stay in your own skinm there are also several more optional characters who can join your party if you're in their world: Tron, Jack Skellington, Simba from The Lion King, Mulan, Captain Jack Sparrow, and more. There are some new summers, like Stitch, the one-alien wrecking crew, and Chicken Little. You have team-up attacks with most of these characters, and they almost kick serious ass. Our favorite? When you're in the Space Paranoids level, Tron gives you the ability to collect a swarm of enemy projectile attacks and reprogram then, turning them back upon their maker. It's just plain awesome.

Speaking of the various levels you'll visit, there are two big things you should know. First traveling between them isn't sheer hell anymore, because blasting your way through space in your customizable Gummi ship is actually pretty fun now. Secondly, there are cool new locations that we hadn't seen before: Pirates of the Caribbean's Port Royal, Tron's world inside a computer network, and the oddly awesome Timeless River, where everything is in black & white, just like the very first Mickey Mouse cartoons.

Chopping List (Negative)

So, just to name off those shortcoming that you will find yourself overlooking because the game is just so cool otherwise: there's often so much going on during a fight that you lose track of Sora (the erratic camera doesn't help), but it's okay because the combat actually seems too easy now, anyway. The plot can be too tough to follow and its pacing is erratic. Finally some of the voice casting - Vivi (Girlish sounding) and Aerith (You know why), in particular - just doesn't seem right.

Ultimately though, Kingdom Hearts II is one of those games with the rare power make you forget about all of these things. It's literally not about the gameplay; it's about the overall experience. It just washes you away in the magic that is two of the world's greatest storytellers - Disney and Square-Enix - coming together to make something timeless, wonderful, and unforgettable.

Will Pixar characters be in the next game?

Disney has purchased Pixar, the animation house behind hits such as Toy Story and The Incredibles, so Square Enix should have access to an amazing lineup of characters and worlds for the next Kingdom Hearts. (You know it has to be coming.)

Score: 8.5/10
Verdict: Few games can be described as magical, but this is definitely one of them. In combining characters and worlds from both Disney and Square-Enix, then tossing in some solid, if simple, combat and heartful moment, they've created a game that will go down in history as the ultimate love letter to all their friends.


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May 18, 2005
That's cool. It's good to see KH2 getting positive reviews even over a month after it's been released. Even though we all know it's like the best game ever.
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