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Fanfiction ► :... Of Angels, Demons and Everything In Between...: (A Modern KH Fic)

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Jan 1, 2005
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Oiyo! Welcome to the fic! First off this fic is SoKai centered so if you dont like that pairing you might not wanna read this. It is a modern KH fic, meaning no keyblades, no Organization, no giant ducks.

But there is a fantasy twist!

Summary: Kairi is the typical middle schooler, she has weird friends, crappy grades, perverted classmates, and senile old teachers. However there is one thing different about Kairi...shes an angel sent to Earth by the big cheese. While on the 'Surface World' Kairi meets a certain mysterious young man named Sora. Angels are supposed to leave humans alone, humans and angels are not meant to be together.


What about Demons? Its strictly forbidden for an Angel and Demon to be together...When and Angel and Demon become involed with each other it causes tension, pain, ruin, and often death...Demons cant fall in love right? Demons cant love right? The balance of the universe is about to be tested.


“And so when you divide 3x by 7x you end up with 32x! Everybody understand?”

There was a dull mumble throughout the classroom in response…The teacher’s lips pursed and she said, “Well then, we’ll just have to do another problem then…” The sound of chalk tapping the board alerted the students that another oh-so-entertaining math problem was on their doorsteps.

A loud series of groans emitted from the students as the math once again reared its ugly, complicated, useless, annoying and downright STU-PID head.

Hello my name is Kairi Hikari; I am a fifteen year old student here at Destiny High. Why am I telling you this you ask? Well, because you were foolish enough to click the thread oh-so-brilliant one…

You’ll have to forgive my PMS like attitude, its just something that I have grown with…People say I come off bitter and easily aggravated, but you would too if you lived on this sack of crap we call a planet. You see I am not actually from Earth, on the contrary I am from-


I sighed and quickly folded up my English homework which I had been doing during this particularly boring lesson. However since the lumbering mass we know as Wakka was beginning to get up, I couldn’t complete my work or else Ms. Hamu would spot my Shakespeare paper.

I slung my bag over my shoulder and sighed in exhaustion. I had stayed up all night writing that blasted paper, and just so I could learn that Shakespeare was a bed-hopping, partying scoundrel. Great way to spend my Thursday night huh?

I was about to march straight out that doorway when somebody tapped me on the shoulder, “Hey, Cheri-chan!” I mentally twitched at the repulsive nickname I was given by my ‘friends’.

I slowly turned around, “Hello Tidus-kun. What’s up?” I faced a blonde boy with bright blue eyes, the blue that you see when you use blue Oxy-Clean in the toilet…Tidus-kun smirked at me, oh gods I hate that smirk…The blonde athletic boy was considered ‘a child prodigy’ by our gym teacher Mr. Jecht.

And let me tell you, that boy is no Edward Elric. The idiot talks to his shower curtain, the one with little yellow ducks on it when he’s depressed…”The ceiling.” He replied and began laughing as if that was the funniest joke in the world.

Tee hee. >_>

I rolled my eyes in frustration; Tidus-kun could be such a baka when he felt like it, and even when he didn’t feel like it. He finally stopped laughing at his dry as the Savanna joke and asked, “Where are you headed?”

I yawned back, “Science class.” Tidus-kun then patted my shoulder sympathetically, “Man, I feel for you girl.” I eyed his hand with pure hatred. Who did he think he was? I wanted to bite his hand…Who gave him permission to touch me?

It wasn’t like he was Riku-kun, if Riku-kun was the one with the hand on my shoulder I’d probably get down on my knees and yell at him, “BEAR MY CHILDREN!”


Tidus-kun then grinned and began heading down the hall, but turned around to point at me with a wink, “Anyways I’ll catch you on the flip-flop, later!”

Flip flop?

I mentally noted to hit that boy every time he said that…Oh well, I was off to my science class where my senile old teacher would go on about “micro-orgasms”. Then the boys would laugh, some girls would laugh, and I’d die a little inside.

Now I know Reader, you’re probably saying to yourself, “OMIGODWTF IS HER PROBLEM!?!!!1111” Allow me to explain…

You’d be in such a pissed off mood all the time if you lived on the dump of a planet, and not where you truly belong. And I can imagine now you are cocking an eyebrow and asking, “Wtf?”

You see I’m an angel…

Now I imagine you just resorted to laughter or disbelief. Or if you are one of our brighter minds you are probably staring at the screen going, “…What…?”

So let me explain a few things about myself.

1. I do not wear a toga and run around half-naked wherever I go! It’s called clothes, Cupid might have been the oddball running around in a diaper but that’s not how it works bub!
2. I don’t prance around with a harp like some choir kid! I play the trumpet in a marching band!
3. No I don’t have wings sprouting from my back. If I did it would land me a front row seat at ‘Ripley’s Believe It Or Not’ Bird-girl! Spawn of Bird-Man and Hawk-girl!
4. Now you are probably wondering what the hell an angel is doing marching to a science class. Well normally I’d be sitting on a comfy cloud upstairs with the big cheese himself, but Ill get in to that later.

I had just entered the musty old science room, to be tackled by someone yelling, “KAIRI-CHAN!”

Oh God it was her. And by her I meant it.

“Hello Selphie.” I drawled out as my windpipe was being crushed due to Selphie’s overzealous hug. She did this every day, and every day the class would stare at her and mumble things to themselves…

“What’s crackin’ girl!?” She squealed as she glomped the pancakes right outta me.

What is this? The day of retarded phrases!?

“My spine…” I grumbled as she hugged me tighter and tighter. “Oh Kairi-chan! I’m sorry! Is your spine okay!? Do you need to go to the hospital!? I hate hospitals! What about Death, what about blood what about those nighties that don’t close up in the back!?” Selphie cried as she thought of all the terrible things hospitals presented.

“If you two don’t mind, I want to start class now…” Yammameyer-sensei sternly asked the two girls. Selphie smiled obliviously and replied, “Oh go ahead!” She then resumed hugging me as if I was her long lost teddy bear Mr. Fluffems.

“SIT DOWN MS. TIMLITT!” Sensei roared at the hyperactive brunette, with a vein popping from his wrinkly, sweaty forehead. “Somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed today!” Selphie pouted before marching back to her seat with a frown.

I sighed and asked myself, “God…what did I do to deserve this? Okay I cheated at Bingo…and Scrabble…and Monopoly…but is that any reason to stick me with the baka parade!?”

“Hikari-san, Hikari-san!” My sensei called to me, as I was mumbling to myself like some drunk thinking about booze. I snapped out of my hypnotized state and asked, “Hai?” The aged old fossil merely pushed his glasses up his sweaty tomato nose and replied, “Take your seat now please.”

I blushed fiercely before hurrying over to my seat and mentally slapping myself like there was no tomorrow. I sat down in between Seifer Almasy and Reno Turk…and I did not like the way they were eye-balling me at all…freakin’ perverts…

Oh sure! Murderers are free! Rapists are free! Perverts are free! Paris Hilton is free! Yet some woman who ran away from her marriage and left the state has to go to jail! Screwed world this is…

I’m not going to deny it, I was beautiful, but I wasn’t conceited or snobbish about it. Then again I didn’t deny it and say, “Oh my gosh! I am SO not!” like some stupid Mary-Sue! I was just okay and dandy with the way I looked.

It was a tradition for a newborn angel to have stardust sprinkled in their hair, giving it the sheen and shine that we have, and we were wrapped in a blanket of clouds to give us our soft and smooth skin. We have a variety of traditions for newborns and babies but I won’t go in to that.

You see, The head honcho (God) assigns us angels to due what is best for the mortals. You know, help them out, and cause miracles and all that jazz. Now you are most likely wondering, “Who is God anyway?”

Well we don’t call our leader ‘God’, on the contrary we call him Cloud. He is the most gorgeous being I have ever seen, except for Riku-kun of course! He’s got this spiky blonde hair that looks like it was made of the sunshine, striking blue eyes like they were taken straight from the ocean, and a body that could make a nun faint!

Well he is my boss, so nothing can become of us sadly…And his wife-Yes he has a wife- Is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my entire life! Her name is Aerith, and she has eyes the exact color of emeralds, brown hair that glistened like cinnamon, and curves that men drool over.

So anyhow, I was assigned by the Head Angel, AKA Riku that I had to do my work as an undercover angel on Earth. They thought it would be better if I worked with the mortals on the ‘surface world’ instead of in heaven. So here I am, taking these stupid classes, going to this stupid school, having stupid friends.

Now don’t get confused here! I don’t have any crazy powers to make people win the lottery or anything! I can do simple things like fly when I really need to, create flowers, summon animals and all that stuff. The big magic is highly restricted amongst the humans, and I can only use it if I absolutely must.

Pretty cheap-ass deal huh?

After this last horrid class I would go off to Spring Break where I could be with the people I adore…Namely my angel brethren! Selphie-chan, Wakka-kun, and Tidus-kun are most likely expecting me to spend Spring Break with them, but I cant just go up to them and say, “Hey guys, I can’t join you at the beach today, because I’m going to heaven to go rejoice with my angelic brethren!”

That would land me in the loony bin with a straight jacket around my arms….
Before I knew it, that disruptive bell had rang loudly in my ear once more and everybody was hightailing it for the door screaming out of joy and excitement. No sooner had I put my books in to my bag then something latched around my neck…


I bit bat the urge to throw the girl in to the piranha tank before replying, “What?” She then screamed in my ear, “ITS SPRING BREAK!” I sighed in defeat, letting my bag slide to the floor with a ‘thunk’.

“Thank you Captain Obvious…” I muttered to the brunette who was squeezing me so tightly I was surprised my ribs didn’t crack. I swear to Cloud, if she didn’t have a crush on Irvine I would be very afraid of this child…

“Kairi-chan? You wanna come to the Paopu Café with us?” Selphie questioned as she released Kairi and stared down at her with those bright green eyes. “Sumimasen Selphie-chan, but I have to get ready to go back ho-to see my relatives!”

The bouncy brunette pouted, “I can’t believe your parents are making you go to see your relatives on Spring Break!” I just nodded and replied, “Mmmhm, yeah.” every so often. “Spring Break is about relaxation! It’s about beaches! It’s about boys for God’s sake!”

I nodded and thought about my own secret crush, Riku. Just thinking about him made my knees shake and my muscles turn to mush. “Allrighty then! See you when you get back Kairi-chan!” Selphie squealed with one last hug before leaving me to massage my air-deprived throat.

When I made sure she was gone I smirked and sneakily made my way to the back of the school building, where nobody could spot me. I looked up at the clouds and sky with a radiant smile before I felt something sprout from my back. Two velvety white angel wings unfolded from my shoulder blades and brushed against my back and torso.

With a final look around I flapped once, scattering snow white feathers on the grass and was up in to the crystal clear skies, heading skyward, and homeward bound…


Vampire Fish
Jan 1, 2005
Fleet Street
Thanks for the reviews K_K, GoH, and Mr. ^_^

Heres Chapter Two.

Chapter Two: We're In Heaven...Literally.

Geez, you wouldn’t believe how far you have to go to get to heaven!

Here I was flapping my wings, flying high in the clouds, looking for the gate to heaven. “I should get something for Riku…” I thought to myself as I flew straight through a cloud.

My crimson tresses flew behind my head, and my sapphire blue eyes scanned around for any sign of intelligent life. You couldn’t count the ducks, stupid birds…always flying straight in to windshields…

Finally catching sight of the enormous golden gate, a smile crossed my face as I touched down on a white cloud gracefully. I folded my wings on my back and hurried up to the gate and called upward, “Konnchiwa!”

A voice echoed downward and requested, “Password?”

Caput Draconi-GAH! Damn mortal books…

“It’s out of the darkness that we learn to see, and out of the silence that songs come to be.” I politely called upward in to the vapors. A head poked out from the bottom of the cushiony white cloud, “Oh Kairi-san! Welcome home!”

I smiled cheerfully and waved merrily upward, “Konnichiwa Vivi-san!” The gate keeper waved once more before retreating upward, soon the gates began to open, and a golden light began to stream forth.

My face lit up as the polished golden gates spread wide, I couldn’t help but feel a certain pride. As the topaz light cleared I caught a glimpse of my home, it was more beautiful than I remembered!

The beautiful open blue skies, the castle of marble and cirrus clouds, the golden gates, the limestone columns that stretched to infinity and beyond….-

I’ve been watching too many mortal Disney movies…

I dashed through the gates and ran up to the chariot with exuberance.

Yes we still use those things…

I climbed aboard and smiled at the driver, “Hey Rude!” I smiled at the driver who nodded in acknowledgement. Rude was the silent and stern type after all, I’m lucky to even get a nod! I sat down on the pillowed seat and placed my hands in my lap elegantly. Rude then tossed the reins, causing the Pegasus style horses to bray and head off towards the palace.

I skimmed through the food tray that was supplied on the chariot slowly. I took a water goblet and drank from it. Except we didn’t drink water up here, we drank nectar…no we’re not giant bees.

I noticed a pack of Twinkies and my heart soared….I grabbed the pack of Twinkies and hugged them against my chest…

What? I’m not crazy!

“He loves Twinkies!” I squealed joyfully like a fat kid who just acquireed a ticket to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. As the horses drew up to the palace I felt a bitter dislike for those bloody mongrels…I have right to! I have to clean them! And let me tell you Pegasus is a pain in the ass! You wouldn’t believe how constipated and dirty those damn horses get! One golden apple and I need to walk halfway across the palace to get the laxatives!

I nimbly climbed out of the chariot and waved, “Aigatou Rude!” He nodded silently and flipped the reins once more. I hurried up to the golden doors with a smile so big I resembled a fourteen year old boy who just found a Swimsuit Edition of Sports Illustrated!

“Well well if it isn’t the strawberry head…” I spun around with a pout across my creamy face to see someone leaning against one of the marble columns with a cool and casual disposition that came easily to him. “Kaze-kun!” I squealed and ran up to the boy like a little girl who just saw Barney.

This was Kaze, Cloud’s son. Kaze had his father’s deep blue eyes that did not look anything like Tidus’s nasty toilet eyes. Kaze also inherited Cloud’s sunlight blonde hair, except Kaze’s hair was spikier and more swept upward than Cloud’s. It was true; Kaze did have Cloud’s amazing godly…looks.

This was probably why all the girls fawned over Kaze as if he were God…then again he was pretty close…I hugged the boy, amazingly I wasn’t crushing on him, he was like a brother to me. “It’s so good to see you Kaze-kun!” I laughed before releasing the poor victim of my glomp.

“Likewise.” He shortly replied with a small smile. I grinned at the boy who was not surprisingly taller than me. I was among the shortest angels here, and last year some old crone mistook me for an 11 year old…let me tell you I went PMS up and down her ass.

“How’s it been up here?” I asked him as we walked through the doors together. “Same old same old, Dad held a meeting a week ago. Something about easier traveling to the surface world.” I nodded feeling so much better to be around people I didn’t have to hide things from.

“Kairi-chan! Kaze-kun!” A voice from behind us called sweetly. We turned around simultaneously to spot a blonde girl with ice blue eyes running up to us waving.

Why is everyone blonde? Why does the grinning bobcat grin? Why am I asking you this?

“Konnichiwa Namine-chan!” I grinned and hugged my childhood friend. Kaze watched us reunite and kept quiet; he was like that, most likely hereditary. “So how’s life on Miracle Detail?” I asked Namine as we entered the grand hall. She smiled and replied, “Oh its great! I helped bring a healthy baby to a mother today.”

We talked for a while about how our ‘jobs’ were going before I remembered the Twinkies I took for Riku-kun. “Guys I’ll be right back- I need to go see someone!” I began to walk away and Kaze looked at Namine and asked, “Riku?” She nodded in agreement, “Riku.”

I hurried down the halls, waving at my friends and people I had no idea who they were. I hugged the package of Twinkies to my chest again. When Riku sees these he is going to fall in love with me, and we’ll get married, and I’ll bear Riku’s children! I then noticed who I was looking for and a blush crept across my pale cheeks as I quickly walked up to him, “Riku-kun…?” I tentatively asked him.

The boy turned around with a curious expression on his face, until he realized who I was, “Kairi-san! I almost didn’t recognize you!” I blinked and smiled perfectly at him, “Oh really?” He smiled that fabulous smile of his and replied, “Yeah, it seems every time I see you, you get more and more beautiful.”

Oh Sweet Jesus.

I think I died and went to hea-…already there.

“Oh Riku-san, you’re making me blush.” I giggled and fiddled with a strand of my crimson hair. Riku chuckled and replied, “Still calling me Riku-san? It makes me feel old….”

I then smirked and replied, “Okay, Riku-kun. And please call me Kairi, Kairi-san makes me feel like an old lady too- Not that you said it made you feel like an old lady! Because you didn’t! And you are a man!” Kairi corrected herself, and making quite a fool of herself by doing it. “Yes you are a man!”

A man who could run for Sex God of the Millenium…

The boy smiled, “Deal.” I stared at him for a moment taking that time to appreciate just how handsome he was.

He had the most gorgeous platinum hair that caught the light perfectly, deep, sparkling aquamarine eyes, and the figure that could make General Louis Armstrong cry in defeat! I think I might have started to drool over the impossible hotness before me…

“Well I’ll see you at dinner Kairi!” Riku smiled and patted my shoulder before striding past me. I spun around and grabbed his arm, “Riku wait!” He stopped in his tracks and turned around with a smile, “Yeah?” I struggled to find the right words and attempted not to look him in the eyes. I could feel the red blush cross my face, making me look like a strawberry.

Damn that blush! Totally useless change in skin tone! Burn in hell blush, BURN IN HELL!

“I uh...erm…I got this for you…” I hesitantly said in embarrassment. I held out the package of Twinkies to him, trying to keep my eyes on the ground and not on his beautiful eyes, or his muscular arms…

Riku blinked once before laughing out loud. “Thanks Kairi, that was really sweet of you!” He smiled and patted my head affectionately. He then turned around and strode down the halls with grace nobody could compete with.


You are probably thinking, “She cursed! She’s an angel, she shouldn’t curse at all!” Actually I am not a full fledged angel yet so I can curse all I want…


“Congratulations everyone! Due to our hard work the Sin Rate is lower than it has been in three years!” Cloud’s voice rang out across the hall. There was a series of hoots, cheers, and whistles in response from all of the angels around the room. Everyone was a little tipsy…okay really tipsy. Including me…

Even Cloud, who was usually quiet and serious, was swaying as he stood and his eyes were glazed over as he held his bottle of sake in his hand. Namine was sitting on Kaze’s left sketching something; she normally did this rather than drinking.

Kaze however was chugging a bottle of sake and soon shouted to one of the waiters, “MORE SAKE! KEEP IT COMIN’!” Kaze’s eyes were a little out of focus, and then again so was everyone else…

Aerith, Riku and Namine seemed to be the only sober ones in the whole room! There were at least 200 angels in this room, and all of us with a few exceptions were drunk. After all this was a celebration!

Cloud then rocked from side to side as he stood and said over the roar of the teenagers, “Okay, quiet down everybody…Quiet.” Nobody seemed to be hearing the godly figure, and were too busy partying like there was no tomorrow. Suddenly a thunderbolt crackled across the sky, “SHUT UP!”

Everyone fell silent and stared fearfully at the enraged blonde god. His face was set in a stern expression as he glanced around the room, “Thank you,” I stared at the handsome figure across the room…Wait.

Why were there six Rikus?

If I was a human I would have passed out, probably went off with some random Hobo named Jim, got raped, and keeled over in someone’s yard….THAT was how much I have been drinking…

Cloud twitched once and started to fall to the side, Aerith jumped up to catch her drunk husband with a startled expression. Cloud held on to the table and looked around once he was stable. “Aerith, what are all of them doing in our bedroom?”

Aerith sighed in exhaustion before whispering something to Cloud, who swayed to the right, “Cloud dear, maybe we should go upstairs…” She suggested. Cloud shook his head, “Thanks but I don’t want to sleep with you…”

Almost all of the elves around the room snorted in laughter, and a few of the older ones shouted, “I DO!” Aerith ran a hand through her hair anxiously before saying, “Cloud darling, you’re drunk…”

The resident God shook his head and went, “I am not.” I almost laughed out loud. I was drunk, Kaze-kun was drunk, heck even Jesus was drunk! Aerith frowned at her spouse before saying, “Cloud say ‘Transubstantiate’…”

God licked his lips before bellowing, “Transsexual!” Kaze-kun looked around and shouted, “WHERE!?” The hall erupted in laughter, and the sound of goblets falling told me that we would need some more sake.

Aerith blushed before gently guiding Cloud to his throne, until someone burst through the Grand Hall’s doors and shouted, “CLOUD-SAMA, SOMETHING HORRIBLE HAS HAPPENED!” Every head in the hall turned to see one of the messengers from the border of the city dashing in to the hall, looking quiet horrified indeed. His black curls were frizzed up, his brown eyes were wide and uneasy, and not to mention he only had one shoe on.

Cloud somehow managed to straighten up and look down at the messenger, without falling over or getting his eyes out of focus. The messenger ran up to the throne, panting and red in the face before hurriedly handing Cloud a very crumpled letter. God’s cerulean blue eyes flew across the paper right to left to our view.

His eyes then widened to their full extent, before they filled with icy blue flames and a gaunt expression graced his godly face. “Everyone, report to your assigned areas.” He spoke very seriously in a monotone, which showed he was even more solemn than he sounded. Everybody was too curious and stunned to even move, let alone pay attention.

A thunderbolt crashed above the hall as Cloud yelled, “NOW!” Pandemonium followed as each angel tried to get back to their areas. Wait.


I stumbled out of my seat, and fell miserably to the ground with a ‘thump’. Kaze somehow grabbed me and threw me to my feet, before taking off towards his parents with a stubborn expression, knowing he would find out what happened.

Damn his connections.

Through the throng of people I drunkenly staggered until someone grabbed my hand, “This way Kairi-chan!” A deep voice instructed me. I didn’t know who it was, but I was drunk enough to believe it was David Bowie. “Aye aye Captain!”

I was tugged out of the horde of bodies and towards a door at the back of the hall. Only the elite angels were allowed in there! “C’mon Kairi-chan!” The voice commanded again. Hold up! I knew who this was! I’d know that voice anywhere! I gazed upward to catch sight of platinum hair and green eyes.

“Why hello Riku-kun!” I drunkenly giggled. Riku tried to keep me stable and told me, “Kairi its okay, I’m going to help you get back to Earth.” I giggled before collapsing on top of him and saying with inane laughter, “That’s nice...Let’s have sex.”

Oh boy, if I wasn’t drunk, I would have died.

Riku didn’t seem too taken aback and seriously told me, “Kairi-chan, you are drunk.” I then wobbled before lightly hitting his shoulder, “Why thank you for noticing!” Riku sighed before leading me through the door, “This way…”

I then seriously said, “They’re watching us, Riku-kun….” Riku looked down at me as he steered me along, “Who?” I then clutched Riku’s collar and pulled him closer, “…The potatoes…they have eyes…” Riku shook his head in sympathy, until he was halted as Kairi fell to her knees, “Kairi-chan come on, we’ve got to get out of here.”

I then shouted at him, “I JUST CANT DO IT CAPTAIN! I DON’T HAVE THE POWER!” Riku sighed before scooping me up in to his strong muscular arms. Oh lord, if I wasn’t red in the face from drinking I would have blushed as red as a fire engine. At least I was drunk, so he wasn’t taking me too seriously.

Riku then shoved a door open, and the night sky came in to view. The beautiful twinkling stars that stretched on for miles winked down at us as Riku stomped towards the edge of a cloud. He then looked down on me with concern, “Kairi will you be able to make it back down?”

I huggled the platinum headed male before nodding, “Roger dodger that!” He smiled and patted my head, “Be careful Kairi-chan, see you.” I then giggled before looking down at the ground that was so far I couldn’t even see it…So mainly all I saw was cloud vapor…

“G’bye Riku-kun!” I waved before falling limply off the edge, and falling down, down, down. I had passed out, right there. My wings were at my back, folded up and just about as useful as wet paper. “KAIRI-CHAN!” Riku shouted from above as I unconsciously fell through the clouds.

Let’s review the situation, shall we?

1. I am unconscious, due to the amount of sake I drank
2. My wings aren’t working
3. I just fell off the only unwavering cloud in the sky
4. I am now falling at high speed, back down to Earth, and I can’t stop.

In conclusion…-

I’m screwed…


I can’t really remember what happened, all I knew was that it was raining because the drops kept hitting my face. I was vaguely awake, and realized I was on the ground, actually on a sidewalk. Rain kept pelting my body, chilling me to the bone and making my mind waterlogged. “Damn…w-where am I?”

I felt the cold tendrils of sleep wrap around me, and my mind ready and willing to give in to them. I knew that when I woke up again I would not be in a very good situation…I was lying across the sidewalk, with an alcohol level that could be classified as ‘inhuman’. I couldn’t stay awake, I was cold and tired…not to mention so drunk that it would make Jack Sparrow seem sober.

I started to close my eyes until they caught someone in the corner of my eye, “Riku…kun?” I uttered in exhaustion as the person looked down on me. There was no response, and all I could make out of the figure’s face were the deepest ocean blue eyes I ever saw, with even more depth than Kaze-kun or Cloud-sama…

I was hypnotized by those eyes, so deep and inviting until I lost consciousness and fell in to a unfathomable slumber….

The figure above her peered downwards at her until their eyes narrowed as he spotted her white wings, soaked and strewn over the concrete beneath her. His eyes flashed with deadly intention until he looked down at her face, and his eyes softened. He kneeled down and stroked her face with his hand and turned his head from left to right. He was dressed from head to toe in black garments, a black leather collar, black jeans, black shoes, and a black shirt which showed the structure his muscular chest. Two fingerless black gloves were on his hands.

He blinked once down upon her until he smirked slightly and flapped the monstrous dragon wings that rested upon his back…



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Heh, EVERYONE'S drunk Amme.

But what Kairi said to Riku was what every drunken fangirl would say to him: "That's nice ... let's have sex." xD

He ish teh shmexiful pwningness. Second only to Rath. <3

Sora shouldn't have dragon wings. <.< *flaps insulted dragon wings sullenly* Sora should have bunny ears.

*catches feather as it falls from Rhea's wings and pokes a Sora plushie with it* Come on, you know you've always wanted to see Sora fly. ^-^

HE CAN FLY! HE CAN FLY! o.- Stupid Peter Pan. That boy was eternally drunk.

I wish AOL wasn't so stupid so that I could talk to you on AIM, SA. *glares at AOL* We have some interesting things to tell you. =D


May 1, 2005
Wonderland. We're all mad here! :D
That was friggin' awesome. Even if everyone was drunk. o.o; Reminds me of pirates... *shudders*

Hi, Rhea! *waves* Yer wings totally PWN Sora's wings. XD; Though, my opinion's probably considered biased. o.o;


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Jan 1, 2005
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Heres the next chapter! Oh and K_K gets her own cameo in this ^_^

Chapter Three: Just a Day, Just An Ordinary Day? {The Boy in the Doorway}



I slowly opened my eyelids, to be greeted by a beam of bright sunlight, which conveniently shone right in to my newly open eyes. My hand flew up to my face, in an attempt to shield my poor eyes form those linear rays.

Mental note: Get curtains.

I blinked once, before sitting up in my bed, with my head flying to the left and right. I now was utterly confused…Wasn’t I lying on a sidewalk, drunk, and unconscious?

My eyes bulged wide, before a scream emitted from my lips. “HOLY CRAAAAAAP!” I then began shaking like a leaf and looking fearfully around the room for any sign of another human. How could I have gotten back here!?

Only one thing was running through my mind…Rapists! I then sprang out of the bed and began to yank my bedroom door open and involuntarily shrieked, “THE HOBO TOOK MY VIRIGNITY!” I then ran straight in to someone…

After falling to the floor I instinctively rolled ot the side and began an assault, “DIE HOBO SCUM!” I jumped at the figure like a pissed off wolverine with a crouton lodged up its nostrils. “Holy shiznap!!” A familiar voice yelped in surprise.

The figure and I crashed to the carpet with a loud ‘thud’. “Who are you!?” I demanded of the figure as I seized them by the shoulders, “I’m Joe- No its me Megan!” The voice roared back at me with fiery annoyance.

I took a slow collective blink, “Megan?” I quietly asked of the figure. They responded by whacking me across the head, “YOU MARY-SUE WHO LAUGHS LIKE A RETARD AND RUNS LIKE ONE TOO, GET OFF OF ME!”

Oh…it was Megan…

I hastily pulled away from her, and released her shoulders, “Sorry about that Megan-chan…” I apologized with a nervous laugh. She then pointed at me, “STOP LAUGHING! EVERY TIME YOU LAUGH GOD KILLS A SKUNK!”

Cloud kills skunks?

I then fell quiet and looked up at her, it was hard not to…Megan had dark chestnut brown hair with matching eyes that at this moment were clouded with bloodlust, she was wearing our school uniform; a dark blue skirt with a white shirt, dark blue stockings, and a blue and white tie.

Sumimasen, Megan-chan…” I apologized before getting to my feet and dusting off my pajama pants…wait…PAJAMA PANTS!? I then yelled, “DAMN THE RAPISTS! DAMN THEM STRAIGHT TO THE CENTER OF HELL!”

Megan-chan inquired an eyebrow and poked my shoulder, “Shall I call the asylum now?” I then rapidly shook my head and seized her, “WHY AM I HERE!?” Megan-chan looked truly annoyed, yet slightly frightened, “You live here, dammit Kairi stop sniffing!”

I then let her go once more, trying to remember what happened…All I could remember was a pair of the deepest ocean blue eyes I had ever seen…My memory was so foggy, most likely due to the amount of sake I drank…

I then rubbed my head, feeling lousy and exhausted. True, we angels could drink and not succumb to alcohol poisoning, but we did get hangovers…Megan then lightly shook my shoulder, “Hurry up! We’re gonna be late baka!” I sleepily nodded before trudging in to my room with no energy.

Megan followed me, and not surprisingly noticed my uncomfortable state. She perched her hands on her hips and asked, “Have you been drinking?” I instantly stopped rummaging through my dresser to turn and look at her, “Is it that obvious?” The brunette nodded, “Yeah. You look like a truck hit you.”

Thanks Megan, thanks so much…

I sighed in frustration before running a hand through my hair and seizing my stockings from my top drawer. I plopped down on my bed and began to pull the blue stockings on, until I felt a sharp pain at my shoulder!

My hand involuntarily flew to my shoulder blade, and I winced through the sharp twinge. Megan strode over and questioned, “You okay?” I nodded in response and told her, “I’ll be right back okay?”

She then sighed, “Okay but hurry it up, Tidus, Wakka and Selphie are waiting in the car.” I nodded in reply and grabbed my white shirt and blue skirt, and mad emy way to the bathroom. As soon as I securely locked the door I tugged down my pajama shirt to take a look at my shoulder, what I saw made me gasp. A black heart intertwined with thorns was tattooed on my shoulder!

“Holy monkey! What did I do last night!?” I asked my reflection as if it could hear me.

“How should I know?” I responded to my own question, first sign of insanity, talking to your reflection and making it talk back…

“You’re me! If you didn’t know who else would!?” I retaliated at my mirror image angrily.

“Kairi-chan! Stop talking to yourself and get your butt down here!” Megan shouted from behind the door. I jumped at the sudden sound and tripped over the rug and banged my head on the edge of the bathtub!

“Cloud Dammit!” I yelled as I cursed my uncoordinated move. Now my poor head was throbbing even more! First a hangover and now this! Could today get any worse!?

Yep it could…I sighed in defeat before snatching a handful of tampons form under the sink and storming out of the bathroom and down the stairs. I stomped past Megan and said to her, “Come on Namine-chan…”

Megan looked scandalized and said, “My name’s Megan…” I then shouted as I stormed, “SIMPLE MISTAKE MEANS NOTHING!”

Megan followed me with a pout on her face and her arms crossed stubbornly. My friends got used to my PMS attitude though sometimes they forgot just how agitated I can get…
I swung the car door open, to see Selphie-chan, Wakka-kun and Tidus-kun looking annoyed, “Its about time!” Tidus pouted childishly as he scooted over to allow me a seat. I didn’t say anything, I was too pissed off…

Megan sat next to Selphie and turned around to face us. Wakka then pointed at my head, “Hey Kairi what happened to your head ya?” I then boiled with anger and roared at him, “CAN IT COCONUT BOY!” Wakka hopped back in to his seat looking frightened, Tidus chuckled, “Well someone seems to be going through their feminine stage.”

Selphie looked around the car, and then back at the blonde youth, “Who?” Everyone mentally slapped the brunette and sighed at her stupidity, I tell you on was on the verge of smacking a frying pan upside Selphie’s head…

It’s not a sin…What? There is no ‘Thou Shalt Not Smack Stupid People With Frying Pans’ commandment!

I rubbed my sore shoulder where the strange tattoo rested, but Tidus then looked at Selphie with a smirk, “So I hear your like Irvine…” Selphie’s face flushed and she said, “No I don’t…”

Tidus then began chanting, “Do too!” And Selphie fired back, “Do not!” The constant yelling, was not making my hangover any better. Kairi angry. Kairi smash.

“Do too!” “Do not!” “DO TOO!” “DO NOT!” They argued for about 2 minutes, saying the same thing over and over until I snapped, “SELPHIE WE ALL KNOW YOU DO! YOU MIGHT AS WELL USE EMBROIDERED UNDERWEAR THAT SAYS ‘I LOVE IRVINE!”

The car fell silent until Megan and Wakka began to laugh, and Tidus joined in the chorus. Selphie’s bottom lip trembled and her eyes grew big and sad.

Oh Cloud…it’s the look.

Selphie gave me the ‘Kicked the puppy’ look and her bottom lip kept trembling, “Selph…I’m sorry…I-I’m just in a bad mood, its my time- Megan then cut me off by yelling, “Oh my God you’re dying!? I didn’t even know you were sick, how long have you known!?”

Cloud…? Why did you decide to hate me, and curse me with these idiots?

“I’m not dying!” I yelped back at her, she clamed down and twitched a few times before pulling her Miroku plushy from her backpack and hugging it against her chest for comfort.

Selphie sniffled and hiccupped once and looked up at me with those bright emerald eyes. I sighed and rummaged through my backpack and pulled out something, “You want a cookie Selphie?”

The girl then full on glomped me, tackled me right there in the car, my spine will never survive a friendship with this nutcase…”I forgive you Kairi-chan!” She squealed and wrapped her arms around my neck and just about squeezed the sake out of me!

After much coaxing Selphie got off of my and retreated to the back of the car and ate the cookie in such a manner that she resembled a squirrel…then again Selphie did resemble a moose, what with her stranger hair…

Stop spacing out Kairi!

Megan then turned to us and said, “Did you hear? Mr. Hakuboku left school, hes going to teach at Twilight High now.” I widened my eyes at her statement, “That’s the third teacher who has left in two years!”

Megan then turned serious, “Well don’t count Mr. Chikan…he was forced to go.” I then nodded, “Oh yeah I remember him…” Wakka then joined in the conversation, “Yeah, he was weird man; he used to flirt with all of the girls in his fourth period class ya?”

Tidus then nodded, “That man was a pedophile if I ever did see one…” Selphie then huggled Tidus like a teddy bear, “And how many have you seen Tidus-kun?” Tidus blushed and said, “None. Get off Selphieeee!”

I remembered Mr. Chikan well, I was one of the ones he flirted with, so was Megan, but not Selphie…Selphie was too hyper for someone like him…All of the girls told the principal and he was forced to resign…

“He hit on ALL of the girls!?” I asked my friends curiously. Wakka nodded, “And boys.” Tidus whimpered in the corner. I couldn’t help but laugh. If Cloud and Kaze were here Cloud would yell, “TRANSSEXUAL!” And Kaze would yell, “WHERE!?”

I laughed for a few seconds and realized just how much I missed them all…”Kaze, Namine, Rude, Vivi, Riku…They got to work upstairs, and I was stuck down here with,” I glanced at Selphie, Wakka, Tidus and Megan… “Them…”

As we pulled up to the school we all climbed out of the van and headed up the concrete steps of the school. All of a sudden my arm was jerked as Megan grabbed me, “What?” I inquired as she hid behind me. “Its him!” She squealed in delight but also embarrassment.

I blinked. Once. Twice. Three times. “Who?” I finally asked as she hid farther behind me. The looked up at me, looking love struck, “Shyuuuuiiin-san!” I turned my head to the left to spot Shyuin Zaigou, Tidus’s older and much more attractive in my opinion, cousin.

He looked exactly like Tidus, except he was more matured in the muscles and growth. Sweet Jesus, to think when Tidus grows up he’s going to look THAT good!? I nodded to Megan, “Yes that Shyuin-san…Now if you’ll excuse me…”

I must escape the fangirls that tend to follow me around like a lapdog! I hurried down the hall towards my homeroom and entered to see a horde of people at the window. I, being too hungover to go look at what they were ogling sat down at my seat. Reno noticed that I had come in to the room, and took this time to try and flirt with me.

“Hey Kairi-chan…” He smirked as he leaned on my desk, to get a good look at me.
Who the hell gave him permission to call me ‘chan’!?

“Ohayo Reno-san…” I mumbled to him as I felt my head throb. On the inside I was a raging bitch, but here at school I tried to keep a good profile… The redhead smirked, “So are you doing anything tonight?”

Oh boy, he thought he was gonna get lucky…all he is gonna get is a roundhouse kick across his-never mind…

“Sorry Reno-san, but I’m busy tonight…” I told him with a polite smile. I knew that wouldn’t get him to go away, but when he opened his mouth to say something sensei came in. “All right everyone, take your seats please…” Ms. Kosumo asked as she strode in to the room with a smile.

Selphie and Megan took their seats at the side and back of me, and Wakka and Tidus went back two rows to chat. Ms. Kosumo sat on the table in front of the room with a smile and announced, “I’m sure you are all aware that Mr. Chikan left yesterday afternoon, but with the loss of Mr. Chikan we now have a new student joining us.”

The sliding door to the classroom opened, and everyone’s heads, except mine turned. I was too hungover to care if a new student came…it wasn’t like there would be anything out of the ordinary about him. I heard many ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ from the girls across the room and decided, “Another pretty boy huh?”

“This is Sora Yami, please make him feel welcome class.” Ms. Kosumo told us all with a pleased tone of voice. I sighed and figured I should at least know what the kid looks like. So I turned my head towards the doorway, only to have my jaw drop and my eyes bulge.

There in the doorway was a teenage boy, and not just any teenage boy! A gorgeous teenage boy! He smirked at the class with his hands in his pockets and a cool casual smile. His spiky chestnut colored hair caught the light perfectly and was sprouted wildly from his head in all directions, giving him an untamed look.

He was also wearing a black sleeveless shirt with white bordering on the color and arms that showed the well developed muscles of his chest and arms, black jeans with silver chains at the pockets, black shoes, a black leather collar and a spiked wristband on his right wrist.

However, what I noticed most about him was the dark depths of his deep ocean eyes, that threatened to pull me under their gaze and render me helpless. “All right Sora, why don’t you take a seat next to…Kairi.”

Of course it had to be me…If I came any closer Sex God-sama I think I would faint!

Ms. Kosumo then addressed me, “Kairi can you raise your hand so Sora knows who you are?” I nodded involuntarily and slowly raised my right hand to show myself. Sora smirked at me and coolly made his way over towards me with a gleam in his striking eyes.

As he got closer I suddenly felt a sharp pain at my right shoulder blade. I winced through the pain and clutched my shoulder again. “What’s going on…?” I thought to myself. Sora took a seat beside me and smiled, “I’m Sora…” He introduced himself in a tone only I could hear.

I nodded at him, completely stunned by how attractive he was, “I’m Kairi, Hikari Kairi…” I managed to whisper out. Sora smirked at me with a flash in his eyes, “Nice to meet you Kairi, I think you and I will have a lot of fun together…”
(Random Character List and Info because I was bored)
Kairi: An angel undercover from heaven, she has a bitter and often easily angered attitude, but on the inside she just wants to be with the 'people' she loves.
Sora: A mysterious new student in Kairi's class, hes the most gorgeous thing to come in to the school for a long while, he seems to have his dark blue eyes on Kairi...
Cloud: Aerith's husband, Kaze's dad, Kairi's boss. Did I forget to mention hes God?
Aerith: Cloud's wife, Kaze's mom
Kaze: Kairi's childhood friend with godly looks, son of Cloud and Aerith
Namine: Kairi's friend, draws a lot.
Riku: Head of the Angels and Kairi's crush. Accordint to Kairi, he could run for Sex God of the Millenium.
Tidus: Kairi's mortal friend who is childish and loves sports, cousin of Shyuin
Selphie: Kairi's hyperactive mortal friend, has a crush on Irvine.
Megan: Kairi's mortal also hyperactive, bishie, sugar, and anime obsesseed friend, has an obsession over Jurassic Park and Titanic (catch phrase: Shiznap!)
Wakka: Kairi's mortal friend, has an annoying accent, Referred to by Kairi as Coconut Man.


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Wonderland. We're all mad here! :D
Kairi's mortal also hyperactive, bishie, sugar, and anime obsesseed friend, has an obsession over Jurassic Park and Titanic (catch phrase: Shiznap!) <-- :D


Omg, that was friggin' awesome. I said shiznap. xD; So much pwnage. *huggles Shuyin and Miroku plushies* My plushies are teh total pwningness. 8)


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excuse me while i laugh my ass off xD

You are probably thinking, “She cursed! She’s an angel, she shouldn’t curse at all!” Actually I am not a full fledged angel yet so I can curse all I want…


I believe my movie-senses sense a Van Helsing reference =O

very good story though xD.


this is totally awsome! is there gonna be any heartless? that is the point of kingdom hearts


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Teh. Awesome. .__.
Make Sephiroth the devil, and make him pwn Cloud to hell. XDDDDD
Sephiroth: Oh, yeah. Fallen Angel Satan time.

This would also make a wonderful roleplay.
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I decided to be a good soul and updart today despite my tiredism!
Yeah I ouldnt resist the Van Helsing quote, it is my all time fav movie after all ^^
Also yes, the Heartless will have a role in the story but they wont be 'The Heartless'

Chapter Four: Shouts, Accusations, and Demmands.

Holy Cloud…

Was this strange and enigmatic, yet oddly gorgeous brunette flirting with me? I nervously smiled back at him, knowing that a blasted red tint was crossing my face. Why do we blush? Its so embarrassing…

Yelling from the rooftops, “I HAVE PURPLE POLKA DOTTED UNDERWEAR!” would be less embarrassing! Now Kairi, stop looking like you are having a fit or Sex God-Sama here will think you are crazy…I then looked down at my notebook and tried to ignore Sora’s cobalt gaze.

Just what the hell was he looking at!? Do I even want to know!? What is it with men and their obsession with chests anyway!? First thing they look at, you all know it…It could start out in a simple introduction…:

Hello I’m Richard.

Hello Richard, I’m Martha.

Richard’s eyes instantly drop….

It’s not like most of us women go around saying, “I’m Martha! Look at my oversized boobs!”

“So Kairi, how old are you…?” Sora inquired as he leaned over towards me as if I was the most interesting person in the world. I then gulped once in an attempt to calm my nerves. “I’m fifteen…” I replied slowly before Sora smirked at me. “Really? I’m sixteen…”

I looked in to his eyes and almost forgot to breathe, so deep…so beautiful…so SHINY! I then got a feeling; I think I knew what he was hinting…Oh boy, so he was like the other perverts…

What, am I wearing a sign on my back that said, “I’m a teenage girl with raging hormones! Lets have sex!?...Knowing who was behind me I would not be surprised if that was exactly what was on my back...

Sora then interrupted my mental tangent by saying, “So Kairi, have you lived here your whole life?” I then smiled my best smile at Sora as I pretended that I had an itch, as an excuse to poke my back for any signs of that paper…

I realized what Sora was asking me. No Sora, I have not lived here my whole life, originally I am from heaven, where the angels get drunk over sake, and God is somebody named Cloud. Why are you staring at me Sora? Why are you inching your desk away?

Hopefully that never leaks out in to conversation…
“Nope! Kairi-chan came here last year!” A loud squeaky voice from my right announced. Thank you Selphie, I didn’t realize I was so stupid that I could answer that question…Sora blinked once before looking at who answered the question which was directed at ME!...

Selphie was almost drooling; She was amazed, I could see it in those bishie stealing eyes of hers… Sora then asked HER, HER! Not ME! “Hello, what’s your name?”
Selphie then stood up on her desk…Yes that’s right…And shouted, “I AM SELPHIE TIMLITT!” Tidus then shouted back at her, “How about, Mrs. Kinneas?” Selphie’s face flushed bright red and she shrieked back at the blonde, “How about Mr. Wet His Bed until Fourth Grade!”

Tidus’s face flushed redder than Selphie’s and he began, “How abou-,” “HOW ABOUT SHUT THE HELL UP!?” I roared at the top of my lungs. The classroom fell silent, as all eyes fell on me.

Until I heard a certain someone mutter, “Shiznap…” I edged downward in to my seat feeling so low it could make Tidus look like the Pope…Bad mental image…I heard a chuckle from my left, and my head slowly turned to face the chuckler…


Sora was over there chuckling at my expense, he then faced me and tugged at one of my longer strands of hair, “Somebody here has a temper it seems.” My jaw dropped at his obvious statement. Of course I had a temper Cloud Dammit! I’ve had a temper since the day I was born!

When I was born in the nursery back up in heaven, the nurse kept making noises at me and leaning over my crib, and I bit the bitch on the nose! She never tried to ask me, “Whooz a kyuute wittle babeh!?” again I’ll tell you that much.

I stuttered, trying to find the words to tell him, half of me wanted him to let the hell go, the other half was more than ready to shout, “BEAR MY CHILDREN!” I was about to open my mouth, perhaps to say those three reputation ruining words, but Ms. Kosumo interrupted us as she walked back in to the room.

“All right class, the bell is about to ring. Now, we need someone to show Sora around, and teach him the ropes.”

Ropes? Why would Sora need to know about ropes? Is he an undercover pirate escapee who now is trying to strike back against a city of people and tie them to a wooden mast!?

…Kairi stop inhaling the Sharpies…

Mr. Kosumo then smiled at us all, and looked down at her attendance sheet, “Now who should be Sora’s guide…?” All at once every girl in the room screamed, “I WILL!” except me of course. I was devoted to Riku-kun after all…

Ms. Kosumo then poked some random name with her blue felt tip pen and told Sora, “Sora-san your guide will be…Kairi-san.” I then suppressed a moan which would have been highly inappropriate at this moment. Sora then smirked in delight, before Ms. Kosumo turned around to take out her lesson plan. I glared at her back with the utmost loathing. “I’ll get you my sensei…”

And your little dog too….


I collected my books and turned to head for the doorway when I was luckily not tackled like I usually was, but grabbed by the arm. “What is it Megan-chan?!” I whined at her with a pout. She then seriously told me, “You like Sora-san…!”

…Can you repeat that? I think I had something crazy in my ear…?

My cerulean eyes widened to the size of hubcaps as I stared at my friend with a look of utter disbelief upon my face. “N-Nani!?” I stuttered as she crossed her arms smugly, “I can see it in your eyes…” She told me with a smirk.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about- sometimes a sheep just needs to be shoved through the fence!” Megan blinked once, twice, three times, “What?” I then twitched multiple times trying to think of an escape. I then came upon an idea and spoke in a high British accent, “You know I quite fancy some chips, Cheerio mate!” I then sped out the door like a rhinoceros with indigestion.

Megan stood there for a few seconds until she smiled, “Hah! And by chips she means French fries!”


She then added, “And by French fries we mean freedom fries!”

Even bigger baka…

I then turned to head off to my next class until I ran smack in to a certain someone, “Sora!? Where did you come from!?” I yelped as I backed away slightly nad clutched my racing heart.

Sora thought for a few seconds and then began stating, “Well one day my mommy got frisky and then my daddy-.” “THAT’S FAR TOO MUCH INFORTMATION THANK YOU!” I shrieked as I shook my head vigorously with a blush across my creamy cheeks. “-And then he-,” I then slunk backwards to collide with the wall and began moaning in terror, “My virgin ears! My virgin ears!”

Suddenly it fell silent, all through the hou-school…I opened one eye to find Sora right in front of me…This was an invasion of my personal space it was! “S-Sora-san…what are y-you doing?” I managed to mumble out at him, though it proved quite difficult.

The older boy then smirked that evil smirk of his before running his hand through my silky crimson tresses. “Getting a better look at your pretty face.” He simply said in an undertone. I felt a gulp run down my throat as I stared at his handsome face and-wait!

He was getting closer! Oh my Cloud he was moving closer to me! Any closer and we would practically be on top of me, oh Kairi you stepped in it this time. I then put on a polite face and spoke directly to him, “Sora, I know men have natural desires, but pinning me to this wall like a rapist is not going to make your little predicament any better…”

Sora’s eyes widened slightly before returning to normal, still deep and dark as ever, “It’s nothing you couldn’t resolve kanojo…” He uttered as e drew ever closer towards me, his arms were now at either sides of my head while he stood right in front of me staring at me with a gleam in his eyes.

“Kairi…,” He murmured as his warm breath brushed against my neck, “Kiss me.”


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ONIGWADDLE. =O Sora's gonna go all desire-pleasure-voice on her! KAIRI, DON'T FALL FOR IT!
Sephiroth: YOU BAKA! *attacks SoraKairi savagely* YOU DIDN'T PUT ME AS THE KING OF DEMONS!
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