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Fanfiction ► One Piece again:Rush to the new world

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Feb 16, 2008
Chapter one:Captain and Marksmen meet the First Mate


The year is 20XX.The world hasen't changed much from the days of pirates.Although humans do have acess to technology now most of it is used along side nature as well.People still use boats to get around on sea and caars are only used on islands where there's a big city.But besides that, there are many legends about pirates that sailed through the Grand Line but none are more famous the the one of Monkey D. Luffy and the Straw hat Pirates.

Luffy was the man who found the famous treasure called One Piece and became king of the pirates.Nobody really knows what one piece is besides the crew but it was something that was of great value.Aside from Luffy becoming the Pirate King. His first mate Roronoa Zoro became the best swordsman in the world saying that he was able to cut through steel, diamond, and some one's aura.

The Marksman Usopp became a brave man of the sea with legendary Marksmanship skills.

The Cook "Black Leg" Sanji found All Blue and created thousands of recipes and dishes from the fish there.He eventually passed down his cooking skills and the teachings of the Red Leg style to another generation

The navigator Nami created her map of the world.

The Doctor Chopper created medicine that could cure any illness, his skills are legendary and are only passed down to a select few.

The Archaeologist Nico Robin found the Rio Poneglyph but it's contents were never released to those outside the crew


The shipwright Franky had accomplished his dream by creating a ship that sailed all the way to the end of the grand line, this ship is known as the Thousand Sunny.His skills were also passed down to a new generation.

Now that the era of pirates still goes on today at a even greater pace.People have set out to the sea for different reasons.To have a higher bounty, to learn new things, or to find One Piece.


(Rough Town)

The town was a full of civilians, merchants, and other business.Still holding its town-like appearance few cars ran through the streets and most people still walked just to enjoy the town when people filled the sidewalks.

If you went far enough you would find a small bar called "Mist".People always ate here when they had something important to do afterwards or just to have a good time.If you looked to the corner you could see a boy.His tan skin matched the color of the chair.His spikey black hair made his look a bit like Ban Mido.His clothes consisted of a brown zip up hoodie with the words "End" on it along with brown pants that sagged towards the bottom.

He sat across from a girl with blond hair tied into a pony tail wearing a white shirt and black pants that made her figure well-known.She looked at the boy as her blue pupils looked into his electric blue ones


"So? We set out in an hour right?" she asked

The boy gave a sigh and smiled "Yep.Two kids that aren't going to the Marines." he said as he stood up.It was a new tradition that when kids reached the age of 17 they set out to become pirates, joined the Marines, or stay on the island and work.This had a positive side since some parents wanted one of the three.

But the down side was that kids that were best friends usually became bitter enemies when one became a marine and the other became a pirate.He knew this because he had friends that ended up like this from the past and now.

His thoughts floated back to a girl that he knew who joined the marines six months ago.When news of that reached Louge Town everyone she knew threw her a party that even he went to.He still remembered what a friend of his told him,

"Since your a pirate and she's a marine soldier, next time you tow meet she'll be out for your head."

He knew that it would happen but he pushed it to the back of his mind for now as they reached the docks.

"This is the best I could get." said the girl as she pointed to a medium sized ship with a small room inside.

"It'll do Nani, right now we just need something to get us on our way." he said as he loaded a bag of food and three barrels of water onto it and jumped into the boat.Nani followed him and cut the rope that held them to the docks.As the they moved away from Louge Town he thought of what his friend said and sighed as thoughts of him and her fighting occurred in his mind.


(Marine Ship)

A girl walked onto the deck of the ship wearing a pink buisness suit.Her brown hair was let down and straightened out as she looked at the various soliders cleaning and working on the ship."So boring." she said as she pulled ot a chair and sat down.

"Ah Ensign Yuria, enjoying the sun I see?" asked a man wearing a black jacket and a sword on his back.His skin was normal for a caucasian male but his hair was a white as the snow itself.

"Lieutenant Giado." she replied looking out onto the ocean.

"How's the boy?"

"He won't talk, when I tried to get some info outta him he just looked at me with those cold eyes, like he was planning to kill me the moment he got his chance."

"Then it looks like it's time for me to get rough." he said leaving the deck and heading to a room downstairs.



A man sat in one of the cells with a cold look on his face.If you had a light you could see that he had black hair that matched the hair style of Domon Kasshu's.His clothes consisted of a blue jacket that was zipped up, a dark blue bandanna that was tied around his arm, and black pants and shoes.He'd been down here for a full week now with nothing to do but look at the wall and think.His swords had been taken away from him so he was un able to get out.

"Damn marines....I didn't do shit to them and i'm stuck in here along with the fact that my swords are gone.This isn't how the successor of Santoryu does things." he said as he saw Giado appeared before him.

"So are you gonna talk now?" he asked.The man just sent a cold glare at him which didn't phase him in the least."Don't make me have to do this the hard way." he unsheathed his sword and pointed it at the man.

"Oh wow. What are you gonna do, poke me to death?" taunted the man.

"Che, Freeze lancer." a spike of pure energy shot fourth from Giado's sword and hit the wall leaving little space between it and the man's neck." If you wanna live to see tomorrow then you'd better listen to what we say got it? Now what's your name?"

"Zean." he said scowling and Giada.

"Zean.It looks like your getting the picture, that's all for today?"

"Hey..what do you plan to do with me?"

"Simple, throw you overboard once we reach the grand line." he said as he walked away, leaving a shocked Zean.



"Is that a ship?" asked Nani as she looked up and saw the Marine ship infront of them.As it approached them she came to the conclusion that they were going to be rammed by the ship."Hey..Ban! Do something!" she yelled.

"Damn...." replied Ban as the ship began to break the boat apart.



"What was that?" asked Yuria as she heard the sound of wood breaking in half.


"That was close." Ban and Nani were hanging onto the side of the Marinship.As they crawled up towards a window on the side they noticed that all of their food and supplies were gone."F***" sand Ban as the crawled into the window and found themselves in the brig.

"Hey, where in the brig....don't tell me this is a marine ship." said Nani as Ban looked around and noticed that some of the food was stored down here as well.

"Hey...who are you two?" asked Zean.

"A DEMON!?!?!" yelled Nani terrified by Zean's cold look.

"I'm not a demon!" he replied back.

"Names Ton D. Ban. Who are you?"



"She's Nani." said Ban as he pointed to the slightly terrified girl next to him."So why are you here?"

"Because i'm a pirate, nuff said."

Ban felt that there was more to the story than that be he decided to leave it for another time."So....do you have any special abilities?"

"I'm the successor to Santoryu and the creator of Shin Santoryu, why?"

"Join my crew." he said bluntly.


"What!?" yelled Nani

"Heh...so you want me to join eh? I might......if you do something for me."

"And that is?"

"Tomorrow morning i'll be thrown overboard and left to die once this ship reaches the Grand Line. If you can help me bust outta here and get my swords back while fighting the Marines then maybe i'll join."

'What happens if we don't?" asked Nani.

"You'll be caught along with me and suffer the same fate."

"Sure, why not." said Ban earning a smack to the head from Nani as she dragged him over to the side.

"You moron! Are you trying to get us killed!?"

"No, i'm getting a new crew member."

"But is it really worth it!?"


"You dumb ass!? Are you mentally stable in your head?"

"No, people say it's a part of my family." he said before he was smacked upside the head again

"I swear your as dumb as you ancestor!" she said.

"You two need to hide until night comes.Then when everybody's sleeping go get my swords."

"Fine, where are they?"

"In the Ensign's room."

"Fine." Ban once again received a smack to the head.

"Stupid! How are you going to sneak into the Ensign's room at night!?"

"Hmmm....you've got a point, i'll do it now." and blow landed on the back of his head.

"How will you do that!?"

"Simple...." he spotted a marine cap on the ground and put it on his head.

"That's your plan?" asked Zean and Nani.

"Yep, stay here." he said as he walked upstairs.

"So he's your captain?" asked Zean.


"Don't look like much."

"Yeah, but he special."

"How so?"

"He has two Akuma no mi abilities."


"One's been passed down from generation to generation, it's called the Gomu Gomu no Mi.and the other one was called the Soshi Soshi no Mi."

"Soshi no mi? How does that work?"

"It's a Akuma no Mi that was created by some of the scientist a few years back.It let's him use natures elements from his body.So far he can only use fire, don't know why though."

"If the marines made it then how does he have it?"

"Simple, Ban's mother is a retired marine vice admiral.She took it as a self-givin going away present."

"Wait, if she a marine then how come he's a pirate?"

"She allowed him to choose which one he wanted to be, he chose the be a pirate after reading all those stories about the Straw hat Pirates."

"You seem to know a lot about him."

"I've known him for eleven years."

"Is that so?"

"Yep.Met him right before he ate the Akuma no Mi."

Flashback to ten years ago.


Ban, age six, walked down the street in a good mood.Word was that his mother had come home to stay this time since she left the Marines to take care of her son.He really didn't know why she thought of that just now since she only saw him for once a month and sent him money to buy food and clothes.

As he turned the knob a woman that looked to be in her mid twenties with long black hair and brown skin reached down to hug him.

"Ah, here's my little boy!" she said as she picked him up.

"Mom! You're staying for good this time!?"

"Yep! And I even brought you a little present too!" she pulled out a fruit that was shapped like a disk.'Eat up!" she said stuffing the fruit down his throat.

As he let the taste sink in he began to cough and hack.

"Damn that tasted nasty!" he felt a hand hit him in the head.He looked back and saw Nani frowning at him.

"Oh what's this? Does Ban have a girlfriend already?" she teased.

"Eww no! This is Nani.I met her last year at the park."

"Nice to mee you Mrs.Ton."

"Ah no need for the formalities, just call me Jean." she said.

"We're going upstairs to play." he said as he walked to his room with Nani following him.

Jean was happy that her son had found a friend that accecpted him for his "family gift" as she liked to put it.He looked towards teh right and gazed at a picture of her, Ban, and a man with spikey red hair."Looks like he's starting to take after you dear."

"WAAAHHHHHHH!!!" she heard as Ban came running down the stairs with one arm covered in fire.

"What's wrong?"


"Oh dear thats just a side effect of the fruit, it was a Akuma no Mi."

"A WHAT!?!?!?"

"You've got another set of powers and guess what? You can make the elements come from your body now."


End Flashback

"Sounds estranged." said Zean.

"It is."


(Ship hallways)

'Ban stood outside of the ensign's room.As he looked inside he noticed that she was sleeping."Damn..guess i'll have to be real quiet about this.' he said as he opened the door an tip-toed into the room. He looked over and saw two things.One thing he saw was Zean's swords and the other thing he saw was the ensign herself.

"Now way." he said as he walked over to her and stuck his hand out."Double D's!" he said as he poked her chest.He scaned the room and saw some thing he might need, a log pose.He snatched it and left the room.

Unknown to him the ensign was infact awake and noticed everything that happened in her room."So a pirate thinks he can do all that and get away safe? Like hell we will." she said standing up



"Leuteniant, we're about to cross over to the grand line." said one soldier.

"Finally. Looks like it's time to throw the samurai into the sea." said Giada.

Ban heard this and raced towards the brig with the swords in hand..



"Got'em." said Ban as he threw Zean his swords.He sw a devil like smile appear on his face.

"Now all we have to do is get him outta here and wait until night." said Nani.

"Yeah about that.....see I overheard them talking and it looks like we're hitting the grand line right now.But that's not important right now."

"How is that not important!?" yelled Nani and Zean.Ban put his hands on the bars.Ath they began to heat up Zean saw that the tops were beginning to melt slowly.As the melted down half way he jumped out of the cell.

"Now that that's done, we should try and get outta here."

"Yep. Ma marksman and first mate.Not a bad start." said Ban as they left the brig.



"Yuria, what are you doing?" asked Giada.He saw Yuria putting on a pair of red and blue gloves.

"Zean's making a break for it and he's got friends too."

"So you're going to let them come up?"

"Of course, it's not everyday we get to fight pirates." she said as the back of her gloves lit up with a flower in the middle.


As Ban, Zean, and Nani reached the deck they noticed that over fifteen marine soliders surrounded them, guns fully loaded."****." said Nani as she reached inside her jacket and pulled out two silver pistols, Zean pulled out his swords placing two in his hands and one in his mouth.Ban simply tightened the do-rag around his head.

"So we've got three pirates trying to escape from a Marine ship on the Grand Line.You with the do-rag." asked Yuri

"What?" answered Ban

"Did you sneak into my room and take the swords?"


"Thought so.Leave him to me,the rest of you take out the girl and the swordsman."

"Yes ma'am!" replied the soliders as the began to fire.

"Oni...GIRI!!!" yelled Zean as he cut through a few of the soliders.The look of a devil appeared on his face once more as he began to feel the rush of battle.

While Zean and Nani shot and sliced through the soliders Ban fought against Yuria in what seemed like a losing battle.

"You're just a thrid rate pirate, you know that? Still the same just like back at the island."

"I've changed...and so have you.You used to be alot nicer to people.Now you've become a real member of the Marines."

"Sure have.Been a Ensign for two months and not a single thing has gone wrong."

"Well good for you.But I can't get caught here." he stretched his arm back and let it fly towards her.

"Oh? You can strech now? You never did this before." she grabbed his arm and swung him to the side.

"Damn..what's with this strength?" he sad as he landed on his feet and let himself fly back towards her."Gomu Gomu no...rocket!" his body slammed into her's as she skidd back a few feet.

Yuri regained her footing and put her hands out."Kimuri no Mi.......Shi no Ken.." The area around both of them was covered in fog.Ban stood in the middle as her heard her laugh."This is an evolved ability of my ancestor, Smoker's ability.I can use fog, smoke, and haze from my body.Let's see you try and track me down."

Ban looked around through the fog as a fist hit him dead in the side.


"What? Fog?" Nani looked over in the opposite direction and saw that the area where Ban was fighting covered in it.

"Yuria's used her Akuma no Mi.That kid won't stand a chance." said Giada.

Zean put the bandanna around his head and smirked.As he lifted both blades up he dashed at Giada."Oni Giri!"

"Poon Oodorii!(Flying Bird)" a wave of ki in the form of a bird shot from Giada's sword and met Zean's Oni Giri, pushing him back.

"What!? Was that pure presure?"

"Yes actually.You may use Santoryu, but I use Chuushin-ryu(Center Style).


"Yes.It's a style that allowes me to use pure force and pressure as a weapon.You don't stand a chance."

Zean looked at Giada with a devil-ish smirk.Giada did have power but one thing that he didn't have was speed.He kicked off the ground and began to spin around in mid air."Tatsumaki Oni Giri!!" he said spinning into Giada like a drill.

Giada slid bak a few feet before he knocked Zean off of him."Not bad kid.Didn't expect speed like that from you."

"Don't underestimate your opponent."

"True.But what about...her!" Giada let another Flying Bird shoot out at Nani.As she raised her guns to block the attack the pressure itself shattered them like glass and had cut up her shirt giving both of them a good view of her chest.

"Wow...." said Zean as he struggeled to keep the third sword in his mouth.


Inside the fog Ban had wounds all over his body he still haden't been able to figure out how to get rid of this fog and her at the same time."If only I had something to blow away all this fog. Like a fan or something." although it looked like he'd just been standing there the whole time.He'd actually been thinking about how to finish this up in one good blow.

"...Got it!" he held out one hand as a small tornadow began to form in it."Soshi Soshi no....." he stretched his arm back and twisted it. "Kaze Gomu Drill!" he yelled letting the fist fly at high speed.The attack landed right into

Yuria's stomach.

She began to spin along with Ban's fist and sent her back into one of the extre life boats.

"Che, that was a bit obvious...but since when could I do wind?"


(AN:Now for those of you that are wondering, "how does he have two Akuma abilities?" well it's like this.Those with DF's that had kids gained the abilities as well since they fused with the offspring's DNA. over time and after each generation the genes adjusted so much that they could be counted as DNA strands of a normal human.Therefor if one of the new generation people did eat another DF and already had DF abilities from their ancestor then they would have two.

This is only a bit different for Yuria since like she said, her ancestor was Smoker so during the time from his generation to her's the ability actually evolved.)


Zean geared up for another slash at Giada before he saw that the fog cleared up on Ban's side."Look's like the fog's cleared up.Ban won."

"No way!? Then where's Yuria!?"

"She must have fallen overboard." taunted Zean with a smirk.

"Damn! Lion's Roar!" Giada slammed his sword onto the ground and sent a wave of pressure that cut through the deck of hte ship and cut Zean as well.

"Shit!" he felt a deep cut across his shoulder and chest.



"Leave! I will give you a chance to leave now!"

"Che. Fine." said Nani as she took one of the extra boats and dropped into


Above the ship one solider managed to take a picture of the three of them.

"C'mon Zean." Ban hopped into the boat with Nani.

"Tch.next time we meet we'll finish this." said Zean, putting his swords away.

"Yes.But I will get revenge!"

"Whatever." he said jumping into the boat as well.The life boat looked like the one they used before they arived on teh ship, only it was big enough for a least seven people with extra room.

As the crew rode off Giada picked up a soldier.

"Y-yes sir?"

"Contact HQ and tell them to put a bounty on Ton D. Ban and Zean for causing the death of Ensign Yuria now!" said a furious Giada." Next time we meet..you will die by my hand white rag."



"That was one hell of a first day." Nani looked up and saw both Ban ande Zean giving her a thumbs up.


"You've come a long way since i've met you."

She looked down and notice that she was bare chested."PERVERTS!!!"


She slipped Ban's hoodie over her head and onto her body and next to her were ther bodies of Zean and Ban after she slammed their heads together."Well we've escaped but now we dont have a pose."

"You mean this?" he said as he pulled out a Log Pose.

"That's exactally what we need! Where'd you get this?"

"Stole it from that girl."


"You mean her?" asked Zean as he pointed to a out cold Yuria.


"Isn't that the girl you fought back on the ship?" asked Nani


"And now she's on our ship after we get miles away from the Marines?"

"Yep." he felt the back of a shoe plant itself in his jaw.

"You dumbass! We're kidnappers now!"

"Not really.....to that guy back there, we killed her." Zean recieved teh same punishment.


"Ugh......what's with all the noise?' asked Yuria as she woke up and saw herself infront of the crew."What the!? You three again!?"

"Yep. and your on our ship right now so don't try anything dumb." said Zean as he reached for his blade.

"Zean, calm down.Hey Yuria...could you work this thing for us?" asked Ban as he handed her the Log Pose leaving a face faulted Nani and Zean in the background.

"Why should I!?"

"Because if you don't we'll leave you to drown in the ocean where you'll die a slow and lonle death as the water fills your lungs making you unable to breath.Or if you get eaten by a sea monster as it's teeth crunches into your body ripping at your flesh-"


"No more! It's too gruesome!" said Nani as she once again kicked Zean.

"Che, empty threats wont work."

"Who said it was an empty threat?" replied Ban with a dark and evil look on his face.The look on his face was one that could make kids cry if they looked at it for more than two seconds.

"Y-Y-You wouldn't?"

"We're pirates, we could do that.....or keep you here and we could give you to some other guys as a slave and let htem do what they want with you?"

"I say we do the last one." said Zean with a devil-ish grin.

"H-Hold on now!"

"Heh.Do you now comprehend you situation?"


"Will you help us?"


"Damn that's evil." thought Nani and Zean

"Can I touch you boobs again?"

"Ye-I mean NO!!"

"So close.But work this for us okay." he handed Yuria the Log Pose.The first idea that crossed her mind was to get rid of it but that would put her in danger as well since she'd be stranded along with them.The only choice she had was to help them out.Who knows, maybe the others will find her.


End chapter one

Not bad for a first try eh? Expect to see better chapters along the way


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Feb 16, 2008
Chapter 2: Smith Island



"Hey, Ban?" asked Zean

"What?" replied the rubber elemental as he stopped looking down at the water.

"What positions do you need filled for the crew?"

Ban beamed, he actually had this planned out one year ago."Well i've got my marksman and first mate, we still need a navigator, at least two cooks, someone to play music, a shipwright, translator, blacksmith, artist, tailor, dancer, about ten girls, and a doctor"

"Wait, why ten girls?"

"Girls are always fun to dance with."

"Why do you need ten girls when you have me?" asked Nani, obviously patting herself on the back.

"Because you scare people sometimes." Nani took his head and slammed it on the floor.

"What do you mean I scare people!?!?!?"

"That's what he's talking about..." thought Zean.He looked over an saw Yuria make an angry face at Ban."Hey whats your problem?"

"That fact...that I got beat by that!"

"Huh? Are you still mad because I touched your chest?"


"You felt her up!?"

"Yep, double D's." the rubber boy was constantly beaten into the ground by both women." Help me!"

"No, you deserve it this time...." replied the swordsman as he watched his captain get stomped into the ground.

Ten minutes latter Zean looked to the left and saw what an island from a distance."Hey, land." he told the girls and beat up pulp of flesh know as the captain.Honstly he began to wonder why he decided to join.Sure they saved his ass from death but still.He looked down to his swords and noticed something.All three swords were either cracked or dull.He assumed that the damage was from when he fought Giada."Now I need new swords, and Nani needs new guns so we're practically unable to fight."

"Maybe....owww....we can find a blacksmith and a new ship here." said the captain as he struggled to stand up.

"Maybe I can contact HQ?" said the Marine Ensign


"No point in trying that.You're dead remember?" replied the marks woman, hoping to get new weapons.

Yuria felt that any chance of getting to the Marines was just destroyed as the began to pull into the island.


(Smith Island)

Smith Town, a place where you could easily find a blacksmith to help you. In the back you can see a large spiraling tower that shoots towards the sky.Infront of the building were small rows of houses and shops.Most of the people wore normal clothes but some people, men and women, were carrying around huge pieces of metal or other materials.

Zean smirked at anyone who carried metal.Now he knew that he'd be able to get new swords to use.Nani did the same thing as she thought about the new guns she'd be able to use.

"Hey Ban i'm gonna go look in the shops for some new weapons." Zean walked off into the town.

"Me too.I need guns you know." Nani walked off in the opposite direction.This just left Ban and Yuria alone.

"So you wanna-"

"No." Yuria walked away into the town.

"That's so cold....."


On the other side of the town three people walked through the streets.Two women and one boy with each girl holding a piece of what seemed to be metal and the boy held a bag of raw meat and vegetables.

"Hey, Eric?' asked the girl with red hair next to him



"Are you going to make us a special meal tonight?" she asked with delight


Eric gave a small smile, "Of course.Anything for Natsu and Hinata." he said as he stopped in front of a small brick building.As he opened the door he noticed that a man with a baled head sat at a table.

Eric frowned and asked, "What are you doing here?"

"Just wanted to see my favorite cook and blacksmiths come home." he stood up and walked towards the door.As he reached Eric he stopped and said, "The month is almost up, you'd better have the money." before leaving.

"Eric?" asked the girl with blue hair known as Hinata.She saw his face as a look of disappointment spread across it.

"Damn it......" his mood quickly changed from one of anger to happiness."I'm fine, now let's get to work." he said as he walked back into the kitchen.

Eric had brown hair and stood at 5'9.His hairstyle was that of Ryoma Nagare's.He wore a blue button up shirt and black pants to match.

Natsu had red hair and stood at 5'6.For a 16 year old most would say that she was very well...matured for her age.She wore a pink tank top and slim orange pants.

Hinata who had blue hair and stood at 5'5 was also the same as her twin sister body-wise only she wore a dark blue tank top and tight red pants


The three siblings ran a blacksmith shop where you'd be able to eat while you waited for

your order to be completed or if you were just hungry.



Zean and Nani looked at the wall of raw materials that consisted of metals like, steel, titanium, iron, and orichalum.

"Hey old man, what's with all these materials but no weapons?" asked Nani.

"Well since we have so many blacksmiths around most people just shop for materials to get their weapons and items made from."

"Really? So how much for this set right here?"

"About 50 beli each." said the old man as Nani pulled out 100 beli and handed it to him.

"Hey old man, you know a good place to get new weapons made?" asked Zean.

"Go to Baram Garden, you can have your weapons made and eat while you wait." said the old man.

"Thanks." before he left the old man tossed him a sword broken from the middle down to the hilt." What's this?"

"Take it kid, they say it's the sword of the famous pirate Roronoa Zoro, it's

called Wado Ichimonji."

"Why give it to me?"

"Because you look like your able to handle it." said the shopkeep as Zean and Nani left.



Ban came across a huge ship.The body itself look like it was made with rare wood.The mast were huge and made the ship very maneuverable he got a look at the deck he noticed that it was in fact like a grass medow.On the upper level he saw empty space.

"Nice ship ain't it?" asked a middle aged man as he walked towards Ban.Next to him was a girl with a chain around her neck.Her hair was straighten out and dark purple.She looked about the age of fifteen and well endowed.

"Yeah," replied Ban, "How much for it?"

"200 beli."

"That's so cheap!"

"Well I could make it 20,000?"

"No! 200 is good! Here!" he said as he handed him the bag of money."Hey why do you have that girl with you anyway?"

"Who her? She's going to Fin's tower."

"Fin's tower?"

"You see that huge spiral tower? That's where Master Finivus lives, he's one of the greatest smiths in the town.But alotta people don't like him very much due to the fact that anyone that works for him gets free quirks to anything in the town, food, water, materials, and even women for a good time.If you catch my drift."

"Hn, so she's going there for that eh....hey old man, ever seen the bottom of the ocean?" he said stretching his arm back.


"Pistol!" he said as his fist crashed into the man's face and sent him flying into the air."What's your name?" he asked the girl.

"Tsukasa.....are you my new master?"

"Tsukasa can you dance?"

"Yes. I'm a very good dancer."

"Then i'm your captain, welcome to my crew."

"Are you a pirate?"


"Then you can kill Finivus right?"

"Well from what the old man told me, he sounds pretty bad.....sure i'll kick his ass."

"He's in that tower.But he's got four guards ahead of him, you've got to get through them first."

"Fine. I'll just go find my crew." he said as he jumped off the ship and walked into town."


(Baram Garden)

"Hey, anyone in here?"Zean and Nani walked through the door.

"Can I help you?" asked Hinata.

"Yeah, can you make me three new swords from this." he said as he handed her the Orichalum and the Wado Ichimonji.

"And two guns from this." she handed her the orichalum and iron.

"Yes. i'll see what we can do." she took the materials in the back and as soon as she reached the back room she beamed."JACKPOT!!!!"

"Hey! Where'd you get all that!?"

"Two people want us to make weapons for them with these!" she said showing the raw materials.

"Jackpot! Now let's see what we can make!" she said Hinata pulled out a huge hammer.


At the front of the building, the same balled man wearing a large white coat, from before walked in."Hey Eric! Time to pay up!"

"Sorry," said Eric as he came from the kitchen, "we don't' have enough right now."

"Is that so? Then you know what that means right?" he said as he popped his knuckles.

Eric sighed and replied,"Let's take this outside."


To Be continued.....


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Feb 16, 2008
Chapter 3:Red Leg vs Iron fist!


Eric and the man stood outside Baram Gardan," Hey Eric, you know after I beat you down, i'm gonna take those tow girls and put'em in my harem right?" he taunted with a smirk.

"Che, after i'm done with you, not even the ugliest woman in the world will want you Banza." replied Eric.

Banza rushed at him with his fist pulled back."Time to pay what you owe Eric!"Punching forward he attack Eric up close giving him little time to dodge.

Luckly Eric used the fist as a small springboard to get into the air.

"Viso Sparo!(Face shot in Italian)" he said, slamming his left foot into Banza's face.Using the momentum from the attack he landed another strike at his chest, "Torace!(chest)" and landed back onto the ground.

By now the fight had attracted a crowd of people from the streets, including Yuria and Ban. Ban to say the least, was impressed with the way Eric fought.It was like seeing a kung-fu movie, big guy vs the little guy, and so far the little guy was kicking ass.

Banza touched his face and felt blood running from his nose.Enraged he stood up and slammed is fist into the ground. "Rock Fist!" he pulled out a massive chunk around his fist from the ground and ran at Eric.

"Tch, so straight foward.But then again he never did have any brains." said the Red Leg user.Jumping into the air he put his feet together and spun towards the ground, "Forare!(drill)" as he spun in the air Banza caught him by the legs and slammed him into the ground.

"Nice try, but no more lucky shots!" as Eric bounced up from the ground he slammed the rock covered fist right into his torso, sending the cook flying into the nearest building.

Yuria observed the fight with a watchful eye." The big guy thinks he's won. But he hiding the fact that the other guy's kick did more than they appear. its' probabally hard for him to breath right now after that kick to the chest" thought Yuria as she held a bag of clothes in her hand.

Eric stood up from the rubble and jumped into the air, doing a complete 180 in the air and throwing three fast kicks with his left leg, which Banzan blocked with the rock before throwing it at him. Erick landed on the rock and dashed in the air.He began to spin sideways like a disk, Banzan thinking the attack would come from above put his arms above his head.This proved to be futile since it left his neck open and Erick landed a powerful sideways kick on his neck,

"Tritare(Crush)," Eric bounced of his neck and landed another kick at Banzan's ribcage, "Nervatura,(Ribs)" landing on the ground he began to spin on both hands, "Ventricolo(stomach)," Eric landed a blow with his left stomach and another with his right, "Anca(Hip)," jumping up he did a 180 in the air and pulled his leg back.

"Vomico......Shot!" he sent his leg into Banzan's torso with enough force to send him flying back into the next street.

"Whoa!" said Ban.


"Tch.Bald-****er, been wanting to do that for a long time." said the cook as he walked back into the store with both Yuria and Ban following him.


"Hey kicking guy!"

Eric looked back at Ban, "What?"

"Join my crew?"


"C'mon, why not?"

"Because i've gotta stay here now."

"Hey cook, who was that guy back there?" asked Zean.

"Banzan, one of Finivus's men."


"A blacksmith who runs the town.Nobody likes him and people used to go against him but after the incident a few years back....well nobody even tries to do anything."

"What incident?"

"Three years ago...a group of people made up of civilians and blacksmiths tried to go up against him...the result was not pretty..."

"How bad was it?" asked Nani.

"They tried but...as soon as Finivus appeared they were all whipped out.You see that field right there?"

"Yeah, why are metal flowers around it?"

"Because he did that. Finivus is not human anymore....he's like a metal human.If you want to beat him you've gotta rust him first."

"Seems simple."

"Not, because nobodies got passed his guards."

"Then we'll just kick the guards asses too."

"Wait, you're going to attack Finivus?"

"Of course, Tsukasa asked me to so I said okay."

"!, She asked you to? Then I guess i'd better help.Besides there's something in that tower that I want."

"Your weapons are done." Natsu came from the back carrying two silver guns with a black handle, and three swords with diamond-colored blades.

"*Wistle* Not bad...Wado Ichimonji II" Zean sheathed his swords and Nani put away her guns.

"Those guns of yours can also be used in close combat if you press a button on the side."

"Now we're all ready to go.But after this you'll join my crew right? " said Ban as he walked outside towards Finvus's tower.

"Who said anything about that?" replied Eric as he walked outside behind him.

"Time to get to work." Zean left as well.

"*Sigh* Here we go again." Nani left.

"Finally I get to fight." Yuria left.

"So..you think he'll find it?" asked Natsu

"Maybe." replied Hinata.


(To be continued....)

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Apr 5, 2006
on the case
so, im onyl half way through the first chapter and thought id put my thoughts here

i think its pretty good.i love how u talked about the straw hat crew and what they've done.but i think u could put more detail

i love how they passed the techniques down haha

but i think u should try not to put so many spaces between every other sentence.gets a bit annoying

but i think its really good so far.i gotta go but i'll read the rest later


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Chapter 4:Ban's Crew vs Finivus.
(Finivus's Tower)

"So this is it?" they stood inside of Finivus's tower.Oddly enough it looked like they were inside a clock tower since the walls were covered in gears that turned in syncronization.Their task was a simple one, defeat Finivus and get the hell off the island. It would take a lot of work and determination but they believed they could do it and still come out alive, damaged, but alive non the less.

"Let's get moving." said Zean as they walked towards a flight of stairs.

(Finivus's Room)

"Master Finivus," said a tall woman with blond hair and two metal rods across her back, " Five kids have entered the building, should we take care of them?"

A man siting on a throne with short gray hair, wearing a huge trench coat, replied."Of course, especially if that cook is with them."

Three other men appeared behind her.One who looked like a samurai with a sliver spear in his hands. Another with a huge black axe who looked like a army solider, and one wearing red gauntlets.

"Sir, may we?" asked the one holding the ax.

"Yes, and make sure you get all of them."

"Yes sir."

(First Room)

The man with the sliver spear stood in wait as he saw Ban's crew stop at the entrance to his room.The room had four pillars in each corner and the wall were painted in sliver with a clear floor underneath their feet."Welcome to stage one of the tower, my name is Dion and i'll be your host."

"Are you the first guard?" asked Ban.

"Yes, do you want to pass?"


"Then you may, but one of you has to stay behind." he said tapping the spear against the floor.

"I'll stay." said Zean as he rapped the bandanna around his head.The others went on ahead and Zean pulled out his blades, placing Wado Ichimonji in his mouth.

"Hm, three swords against one spear eh? I like that, don't disappoint boy." he said as he stood up. Looking down on Zean he leaped into the air and landed on one of the pillars.

"Hn, what are you doing?" asked Zean as he jumped into the air preparing for a spinning Oni Giri before he felt a small metal knife shoot into his left arm. "What the!?"

"Welcome to my room, you see jumping into the air is useless unless you want to be impaled by thousands of knives."

"Then how did you get into the air?"

"It's simple really.All you have to do is land onto one of the pillars and you'll be able to figure out the rest from there."

"Fine." Zean jumped back onto one of the pillars, "Okay, now what?"

"Take a step forward."

Zean stepped forward and found out that he was standing on air."What is this?"

"It's an air floor, this is what we'll be fighting on, hope you enjoy it." said Dion as he took a step forward and put himself in a attacking stance.

"Tch, more fun for me." replied Zean as he took a step forward with his swords drawn and ready to attack. They looked each other down before Zean charged at Dion and swing at his left arm. Dion blocked it at stabbed forward with his spear which missed Zean by an inch. Jumping back Zean got ready to attack before he found another knife impaled into his lower leg.

"What the!? I didn't jump!" he said

"I guess I forgot to tell you, but the knives will still come, but you'll just have to dodge them and fight at the same time.

"Great..." he said sarcastically.

Dion charged forward before jumping to the side to dodge knife, stabbing at Zean he forced him into a corner. Zean kicked the wall and swung two of his swords into Dions side and brought the third one down onto hi arm, only to have it blocked by the spear.

"New Two Swords Style: Wolf's Claw!" Zean brought two swords from the side and swung them into Dion's spear, "One Sword Style: Rain blade!" he brought the sword down into Dion's left shoulder.

"Impressive....but not good enough." Dion snapped his fingers and a stream of knives rained down from the ceiling. Zean attempted to block them all but still suffered cuts and gashes across his arms and torso. "You see kid, with a simple snap of my fingers I can have thousands of knives impale you on impact. You should have known better then to go against me."

Zean fell onto his knee breathing heavily. He began to think about events that occurred before he met Ban, what drove him to be a swords man and what drove him too keep on fighting. Gathering the strength to stand up he took Wado Ichimonji in his hand a sheathed the other two blades.

"This is what it's like...to be near death.........close to dying of blood loss.....no....I won't just beat him...I'LL KILL HIM!!!" Zean place two blades into the sheath and put Wado Ichimonji in his hand, "New One Sword Style Technique," blue energy began to form around Wado Icimonji as he took a dash of blood from his arm and whipped it across the blade.

"An elemental attack? GOD'S JAB!" Dion charged forward with the intent to kill Zean in one blow.

Zean dashed forward and thrust his blade through Dion's torso before ripping it out and slashing him across the waist and his stomach before appearing on the other side of him.

"Raining Blood Blade." Dion's body sprayed blood into the air making it seem as if it was raining blood. Sheathing Wado he walked out of the room befor looking back, "Nice try....but a spear against a sword wasn't a good match up."


End chapter 4

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on the case
sorry, been busy lately.i am gonna finish readin em though.

looks like u took my advice with the closer together sentecnes.very nice haha

i look forward to reading em


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Chapter 5:Breaker

Eric stood in what seemed to be a inside backyard looking at a man wearing a pair of red gauntlets.The other's went on ahead and he hoped that Zean took care of his enemy.Now all he had to do was beat this guy and be on his way.

"So we've got the cook from Baram Garden fighting eh? Heard about what you did to Banzan, wasn't a good thing to do kid."

"So what?"

"Looks like I have to get you back for that.Anyway my name is Sean, i'll be your opponent today."

"Eric," he said as he jumped into the air and tilted to the right. "Forare!" he spun at Sean. Sean held an open palm out and let Eric hit it, decreasing the rotation with time before he came to a stop.

"Not bad kid, but there's no way you're hitting me with just your feet as long as I have these on."

"Damn, he's wearing titanium gloves, cant really break through those." he said to himself as he threw a kick at his mid section, which was blocked but using that as a distraction he swung around and slammed his foot into the side of Sean's jaw.

Although it seemed that the attack worked it didn't since Sean grinned while Eric's foot was still pressed into his jaw.He lifted his fist up and slammed it into Eric's chest, sending him back and causing him to skid across the floor on his back.

"Gack," Eric spit blood out of his mouth. "My kick had no effect?"

"You kick had some power. But my punches are better. You've improved since the last time you tried to fight us."

"No, this time it's different." Eric clenched his fists and began to preform a half circle with each arm at the same time, bringing them together in the middle with one facing up against the other one, which faced down.

"Hm...what's this?" asked Sean before he felt a pressure in his stomach.He looked down and saw Eric's fist logged into his abdomen.

"Breaker style:Sosia..Vomico( Double Break)."

Sean flew back into the wall behind him.As he stood up and regained his balance a sneer appeared on his face."Damn cook.....what was that!?"

"The Breaker Style."

"The same style used by Regal Blue!?"

"Of course, after all....he was my adopted brother." replied Eric, getting into a stance and charging forward. He threw a punch at Sean, followed by a fast kick to the chest that was blocked.

Sean took Eric's leg and swung him around, throwing him towards the wall.Eric used his feet to bounce off the wall and shoot towards Sean. "Vomico Smash!" he yelled as he swung his left leg into Sean's ribcage. Landing on his hands he spun and slammed each foot into his face and torso.

Sean recovered from the attack and slammed his fist down into Eric's jaw.Eric slid across the floor as Sean jumped into the air and slammed his body into Eric, imprinting him into the ground.

As he coughed up blood, Eric stood up"Son of a bitch...."

"Did ya like that kid? That was a special metal assault...and now comes the metal armageddon. Get ready!"

"Sosia...." Eric and Sean dashed towards each other.



Eric's attack met first as his fist impaled themselves into Sean's chest and stomach," Finish!" Sean's body flew towards the wall and knocked him out cold. "Che. Ban better get Finivus, don't feel like having someone die by his hands again." he said as he took out apiece of gum and began to chew on it.


Nani and Yuria looked on at the man and women in front of them.Inside the large room a double team fight was going on and so far the girls were losing.

"So...this is all you have?' asked the woman with the spears.

"There team work is pretty bad." said the man with the Axe as he frowned.

"Che, you're in the way!" said Nani.

"Me!? What about you Ms. Mist bitch!?" replied the marks woman. The battle between them was not going as it should have, and all because of a small argument.

To be continued....


Mar 27, 2007
So far I think that its a good story you've continued to improve your writing aspects with each new chapter.

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Jan 15, 2005
This Fan Fic is going great. Finally a OP fic. Soooooo...Nani hasn't gotten the power of Sogeking yet??? And...if that raw material shopkeeper had Wado Ichimonji...Wheres Shuusui and Sandai Kitetsu? Oh and nice replacement for Sanji's French attacks with Italian.

Other things...I was going to flip out since you had Ban with two Devil Fruits on him, but reading your afterword made things clear. Can't wait for the next chapter.


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Chapter 6: Mist and Guns

Nani and Yuria looked on at the man and women in front of them.Inside the large room a double team fight was going on and so far the girls were losing.

"So...this is all you have?' asked the woman with the spears.

"There team work is pretty bad." said the man with the Axe as he frowned.

"Che, you're in the way!" said Nani.

"Me!? What about you Ms. Mist bitch!?" replied the marks woman. The battle between them was not going as it should have, and all because of a small argument.


"Hey, i'm going on ahead!" said Ban as he ran towards the final flight of steps

"Don't die!" yelled Nani

Yuria gave her an almost disgusted look."You care for a pirate like him?"

"Yes. He's my friend."

"Tch, someone like him will never make it out on the grand line."

"What is you're problem!? You different from the way you sued to be! You were always so nice and helped others even when it wasn't your problem, now your so cold!"

"I'm not cold, I just don't work with pirates."

"But back on the island-"

"Look, what happened in Rouge town doesn't matter now. Not friends, not crushes, not anything."

"But Ban really wanted to see you, he thought-"

"It doesn't matter what he thought, but now he knows that he's a pirate and i'm a marine. We'll never work together."

"Then why are you here now? Why didn't you go back and confirm that you weren't dead?"


"Tch, you Mist bitch, let's just get this over with." said Nani as she pulled out her guns.Not believing how the sea could change a person like that.

End Flashback

Now both of them, covered in cuts and bruises, look at the man and woman, known as Axel and Zerma, in front of them.Nani pointed one of her guns forward and shot at Zerma and Yuria shot a small knife of smoke at Axel.

Both of them blocked the attacks and frowned. They hoped for a better challenge from the two women but instead got a sorry excuse for a fight.

"I guess i'll finish it." said Axel as he swung his axe forward at Yuria.As it hit her abdomen, it turned into mist. Yuria recomposed and attempted to strike him in the face, he blocked it and swung down onto her.

On the other side of the room Nani fired her guns at Zerma. Zerma dodges the bullets but she had to admit, that they were getting faster with each shot. She took one of her spears and thrust it towards Nani's chest. Nani took the gun on her right and pressed the button on the side, releasing the blade and blocking the spear at it's tip. She swung the second gun up and fired a small round bullet that collided with Zerma's second spear.

"Not bad little girl," said Zerma as she stabbed at Nani. "For one with a gun, you're pretty good."

"Well," Nani dodged the stab. "I've had practice." she replied as she fired another bullet.

With Yuria, she smashed her heel into Axel's chin and landed onto the side of her axe.Axel shook it off and threw a punch at her, she dodged it and shot another knife at Axel that dug into his arm.

"Not bad little girl. I would expect as much from someone of your family status."

"What are you talking about?"

"It may not be any of my business, but what's the name of that boy you were with?"

"Ton. D Ban."

"If he's related to Monkey D. Luffy, them i'm surprised you're with him to begin with."

"What are you getting at?"

"You do know the story of what happened to your ancestor Smoker and the New World right?"

"Not much of it."

"He fought with Monkey D. Luffy, and lost...I thought you'd have something against that boy for that."

"I know, i'm no friend of his, i'm only with him until I get where I need to be.After that i'll cut off all ties with him and his crew."

"Hm, that's what your mind is saying..but what does your heart say?"

"It's saying the same thing!" she attack Axel once more.He blocked it and grabbed her around her waist.

"No it isn't, you've created a barrier around yourself due to the fact that he became a pirate. But let me ask you something, what would you do if he became a marine?"

"What...if he...became a marine?" as much as she tried to say something back she couldn't. What if he became a marine? Would she help him instead of hate him? Maybe she'd treat him the same way she did back home.

"What? No answer?" said Axel with a small smirk on his face.

"I don't know....."

"Hm, it's too bad that you'll never find out that answer." he said as he tightened up the grip around her waist attempting to crush her.He felt her body turn into smoke and reform atop of his fist, still radiating smoke.

"You're right....I won't find out the answer," a thick line of mist rapped around his giant-like body. "But not because you'll kill me. But because I don't want to." the mist then cut deep into Axel's skin, cutting him from all sides. "Mist....grip..."

Axel's body fell with a thud, appearing to be lifeless.

"Hmmm.I wonder how he knew all of that stuff about my family?"

With Nani, her fight was not going as planed. Two gashes on her arm's and legs and one stab wound on her shoulder. Zerma had somehow increased her speed and accuracy.One of her guns was across the room, leaving her with only one gun.

"Hm...it looks like you're not as special as I thought. A shame too, since I thought that you'd have a power like that girl over there with a Devil Fruit power."

"Shut up...i'm gonna show you that I don't need a D. Fruit just to beat you." she stood up an cocked the gun sideways. Sticking her arm out she closed her eyes and slowly zig-zaged towards Zerma.

"Focus..fell the path that you want the weapon to take...and when you feel it..Snipe!" were the words that went through her head as she picked up the second gun and turned it into a blade. Time seemed to slow down as she stuck the blade into Zerma's abdomen and held teh gun to her chest.

"But...how!?" mumbled Zerma as she coughed up blood.

"Because....you made me mad." replied Nani as she pulled the trigger and unleashed five bullets into her torso."Dual Snipe."

Zerma's body hit the floor with a thud and Nani sighed. She managed to survive the fight but still felt uneasy.

"Looks like you're not a useless as I thought.' said Yuria before she felt a gun against her head. She looked forward and saw Nani with a angry face looking at her.

"I heard what you said. I don't trust you and if you ever try anything on Ban or any of us for that matter, i'll kill you on spot." she said as she walked away leaving an slightly confused Yuria.


Ban stood infront of a man wearing a black cloat and sitting on a throne." So you're Finivus old man?"

"You should have respect for your elders brat." said Finivus as he stepped off of his throne.

"No way that's happening." said Ban as flame began to radiate from his hands. He was ready for a hard battle ahead of him and he did not plan on losing.

To be continued....

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Jan 15, 2005
Say....when you mean Rouge Town, do you mean Louge Town, the Town of Beginnings and Ends? If so, that means they're near Reverse Mountain...Great Chapter by the way.


Mar 27, 2007
I'm late as usual to noticing when the updates are out, but otherwise another well thought out and planned update good job.


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Chapter 7:Fire vs Metal

Ban stood in front of a man wearing a black coat and sitting on a throne." So you're Finivus old man?"

"You should have respect for your elders brat." said Finivus as he stepped off of his throne.

"No way that's happening." said Ban as flame began to radiate from his hands. He was ready for a hard battle ahead of him and he did not plan on losing.

Finivus looked at Ban and cracked his knuckles, "So a little kid thinks he can beat me? What gave you the courage to even come up to my tower and try and fight me?"

"The fact that your hurting these people, and using women as slaves.Can't forgive ya man, not a good look. Why even do something like this?"

"It's simple really.I want an empire that will bow down to me and is able to build me great weapons so that I may destroy all who are in my way. So what better way then to build my empire in a blacksmith town? It's the perfect plan, i'll have loyal slaves and weapons!" Before Finivus could laugh Ban had punched him in the face and sent him to the ground.

"You piece of shit!" said Ban as he gathered a ball of fire in his hand.

"Hm, so you can use and D. Fruit too? This should prove to be a challenge then." Finivus's body was covered in metal as his skin went from white to pure metal. He stepped foward and opened his mouth, a small cannon appeared and fired a laser at Ban.

"A laser!? Wow......wait! That's not good, how'd he do that!?" said the confused boy as he jumped to the side.

"I've turned my body into that of a machine. A very good advantage."


"A scientist from the world government. But that's not important now. Metal Darts!" he said as he slammed his hand into the ground. From Ban's point of view it seems like his hand melted into the floor.He felt a metal dart stab into his shoulder. From the look of it, it seemed like the dart came from the metal walls of the room. Finivus once again formed a cannon, but this time from his mouth, and fired at Ban, blowing him into the wall.

"Hn..dumb brat, thought he could defeat me-what the?" he looked down and saw a red line on his chest.

"Fire Line!" said Ban as fire ignited from the line and began to burn finivus. e stepped out the the rubble with his clothes slightly torn and his shoulder and arms bleeding. "It's not that easy to beat me." he let fire spiral around his left arm and stretched hit back. He ran towards Finivus and jumped into the air when he reached him. "Fire....Bullet!" he let his arm retract and his fist slammed into his face. He let a storm of flaming punches hit Finivus."Fire Gatling!"

"Metal Hammer!" yelled Finivus as an hammer hit ban from the side wall of the room, both of them hit the ground and instantly stood back up going on the attack again. Ban threw a punch at Finivus, he blocked it and slammed his foot into his chest.Ban took the kick and gave him a head but followed by a back hand.Finivus recovered and slammed his fist into the side of Bans neck and during that moment Ban shot a sphere of wind into Finivus's stomach.

"Damn, if it wasn't for my rubber body he could'a broke my neck. At least I got that hit in though." said Ban as he stood up rubbing his neck in pain. He saw Finivus stand up and gathered a ball of wind into his hands.

"Brat...you thank that you've got a chance eh? It's not gonna happen!" he slammed his hands into the ground and cannons and spears formed around the room. "Metal...."

"Shit!" Ban dashed forward and formed a small cyclone in his hands.

"DEATH!!!" the weapons fired at him and created a large explosion that rocked the whole tower.

(1st floor)
"What the hell!?" Zean nearly lost his balance as he felt the tower shake. As much as he was hit in that battle he was still able to move freely. He ran towards the top ready to help out any of the others.

"Um..hey mister?" said a woman's voice.

Zean looked over and saw a huge cell full of women wearing white robes."What?"

"Could you get us out of here?"

"Hm....sorry but I can't. But I know someone that can and he fighting Finivus right now."

"Could you bring him here!?"

"...Sure." Zean ran forward towards the top once more.
(Top floor)

The smoke cleared out and Finivus smirked."Take taht you dumb bastard....I told you that there was no chan.....WHAT!?!?!?" his face was one off shock as he saw Ban standing there, bloody, but still alive and smirking at him.

"I bet you're wondering how right?"


"Well, take a look at the weapons on the ground."

Finivus looked onto the ground and his jaw dropped further."They're...."

"Rusted...I an use the elements but i've only been able to use Fire and Wind....but thanks to that little beating we exchanged earlier it triggered something...the ability to use water....so before all that stuff hit me, I rusted it. Not bad huh?"

"You little...SHIT!" he formed a cannon on his arms and fired at him.

Band dodged it and stretched his arm, latching onto the cannon.He shot towards him and slammed his skull into Finivus's and then raised his foot into the air, fire spiraling around it. "Fire....Axe!" his foot slammed onto Finivus's head and shot him into the floor, creating a small crater.He looked down and saw his body staying still. "You should be done now...see ya." he felt a hand grab onto his leg and saw Finivus's body sink into the ground." Oh...shit...."

"IT'S NOT OVER YET! I AM NOW THE WHOLE TOWER! IT IS ME!!!" echoed Finivius's voice.

"Son of a bitch." said Ban as various weapons shot from all directions punching, firing, and stabbing him. As he felt something hit him an idea popped into his head." If this is how you wanna do it then fine....LET'S GO!" fire circulated around his body as he planned to take him in one hit."Grand Fire....EXPLOSION!!!" he yelled as the fire erupted from his body and enveloped the whole room.

Outside of the tower an explosion shot up from the top, alerting all of the towns people. Natsu and Hina ran outside and joined the crowd as they saw the tower erupt and hoped for Eric and the other's safety.


The smoke cleared and Ban hit the ground with a thud and smoke coming from his body.He looked to the right and saw Finivus's body hit the ground with a huge thud.His body was now glowing red hot and began to melt into a puddle of red metal.

"It's done...told ya....I'm the man that's gonna become king...old man..." he said before he passed out.


(Ten minutes latter)

"Ban! Are you up...oh..my...god." said Yuria as she reached the room and saw something that would surprise her for a while.

"Is he oka....oh no....not again...." mumbled Nani as she saw him, or rather what was in place of him

To be continued.... what happened to Ban?


Mar 27, 2007
Tardy once again to notice that a update has been made but overall I thought you did a good job on the finished update.
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