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Jul 28, 2004
in my mind
This is something that i have been working on for quite sometime. A crossover series featuring the Straw Hat Pirates from One Piece. And while progress has been slow, i have managed to get a couple of tales done. This project has been my brainchild for three years now, with loads of concepts in development. and now on with the show...

Straw Hats Adventures Series or One Piece: Infinite Adventures

Hoist the anchors, swab the decks, and set sail for adventure as Monkey D. Luffy and his friends, using the Infinity's Eye Book, travels to new worlds beyond the world of One Piece where they will meet new friends, battle bitter enemies, and save the world while searching for treasure at the same time.


Our adventures with the Straw Hats began like most adventures for them, abroad the Thousand Sunny on the high seas filled with adventure, riches and excitement…

Luffy: Ugh….I’m bored!!!

The groan came from the ship’s captain, Monkey D. Luffy, who seems to be less than enthusiastic than normal. Beside him were two other of his crewmates; Usopp, the crew’s marksman and Tony Tony Chopper (Chopper for short) the ship’s doctor, both of which were in the same dulled state as their captain.

Usopp: We’ve been at sea for weeks and there’s no land in sight.

Chopper: There’s nothing to do!!!

The trio gives out a depressing sigh in union, as they lean over the side to the ship. On the other side of the deck, two women were relaxing on the coffee table. The two women were Nami, the ship’s navigator and Nico Robin, the crew’s archeologist, looked on at the depressed trio.

Nami: Honestly, could does three have anything better to do than mope?

Robin: Well it’s better for them to do something rather than nothing.

Nami: Well…I suppose….

????: Nami-san!!!! Robin-chwan!!!!

The two look up to see Sanji, the crew’s chef, slide down from the stair’s railing with two plates in his hands.

Sanji: I brought you both something for lunch. For Nami: a Salmon and Clam Meniere with Coconut Milk. And for Robin: Fruit Tart Sandwiches with Coffee.

Nami/Robin: Thank you, Sanji!

The scent of the food reaches our lethargic trio, snapped out of their trance; they race over the source of the scent to find food.

Luffy/Usopp/Chopper: AHHH FOOD!!!!

Just as they are about to help themselves to the food, Sanji slams the serving tray on their hands.

Luffy/Usopp/Chopper: OOOOOWWWWWW!!!!!!!

Sanji: Nice try! If you want food, they’re should be some leftovers in the kitchen.

Usopp: No fair! Why do the girls have first-class meals every now and then while all we get table scraps?!

Sanji: Because I say so!

???: And what gives you the right to deny someone food?

Sanji looks up to see who address him; it was Zoro, the crew’s swordsman. With him was Franky, the crew’s cyborg shipwright and Brook, the skeleton musician.

Zoro: …I thought that cooks are supposed to feed their crew no matter how bad their manners are.

Franky: Yeah! I can’t be SUPER cool if I’m running on empty.

Brook: I’d wither away to just bones without food…but I’m already just bones. YOHOHOHO!!!!

Sanji: All right! All right! I’ll whip up something for you guys…in the meantime; you’ll just have to keep busy till it’s ready.

Luffy: That takes too long! I’m too bored to wait!

Nami: Well, isn’t there anything on this ship that won’t keep you bored?

Robin: There’s the library...you can find something to read there.

Luffy: Awww….But that’s boring too.


Nami begins tossing random objects at Luffy, causing him to run up deck to avoid the oncoming fire from Nami.

Luffy heads to the library to find something to spare him from his boredom. Inside, he sees an array of books lined throughout the room. Since, Luffy never once owned a book in his life, finding one that would entertain him was a bit of a challenge. Needless to say, our captain rummaged through every shelf until he decided to call quits (after about 5 minutes). Just as Luffy was about to leave, something catches his eye. On the seat, just inches away from him, was a small brown book with a gold rectangle on the cover. Also on the cover looked what appears to be a gold outline of a horizontal eye with a circular crystal in the center. Peeked with curiosity, which isn’t common with a book, Luffy picks up the book and decides to read it.

Sometime later, the rest of the crew busy with whatever they were doing, until they hear the opening of a door. To their amazement, they see Luffy coming down to the deck, reading a book; a feat they fought was never possible with their captain.

Zoro: Uhh…Luffy. What are doing?

Luffy: Hmm…reading.

Usopp/Chopper/Brook: HE’S READING A BOOK!!!!! AHHHHH!!!!

Sanji: Let me guess, a book about treasure or perhaps of meat?

Luffy: Nope, its looks like a storybook.

Robin: A storybook? Let me see.

Luffy hands the book to Robin, who examines the book with a puzzled look.

Robin: Luffy, where get you get this book?

Luffy: From the library, why?

Robin: Impossible. I don’t remember seeing this book there. Nami, is this yours?

Nami: Not me, I never saw that book before.

Brook: I never saw it. And I doubt anyone here owns it too.

Luffy: I see, so it’s a mystery book.

Nami: Why would you call it that!?!

Robin: For once, Luffy is right. We don’t know where this book came from or who owns it. So it is, in fact, a “mystery” book.

Luffy: But it’s more than that. Look inside.

Robin opens the book the page where Luffy was reading. While the writing was worn, she was able to read the title…

Robin: Sleeping Beauty?

Nami: You know it?

Robin: Know it? My mother read this me once when I was a child.

Chopper: Can you read it, Robin.

Robin: It’s a bit worn, but I think so.

Robin sits down near the mast as the rest of the crew sit beside her.

Robin “In a faraway land, long ago, lived a king and his fair queen. Many years had they longed for a child and finally their wish was granted. A daughter was born, and they called her Aurora…” Hmm…that’s strange.

Usopp: What is?

Robin: Well, in the version I was told, the princess was never given a name. Not even once.

Nami: Really?

Robin: It’s not uncommon. Most fairy tales that are revised have their content altered depending on the version. Sometimes to expand on certain details or to add new content.

Zoro: So you’re interested in this book because of some fairy tale?

Luffy: It’s not just that. I mean, look at all these stories. Talking animals, enchanted worlds, dragons, wizards, and more!

Nami: And how is that any different from what we’ve seen so far?

Luffy: It’s not that, I know we’re pirates, but don’t you think it would nice to live in a story like this one?

The rest of the crew was shocked by Luffy’s question. True, Luffy set out to become King of the Pirates, but the fact that he would ask such a question was surprising.

Usopp: Luffy, why would ask a question like that?

Luffy: It’s not like I don’t want pirate anymore, I just…well…

As he tries to collect his thoughts, he puts his hand on the book’s cover.

Luffy: I just wish I could visit these worlds and see what they have to offer.

And with that, something starts to glow under Luffy’s hand. He lifts it to see the crystal shining brilliantly like a star in the night sky. As the crew stared at the marvel before them, clouds began to swirl, the seas turn rough, and winds blows violently. The crew is caught off-guard as the ship tosses in the sudden storm.

Chopper: Ugh…Guys…what’s going on?

Robin: What just happened?

Nami: I don’t know.

Franky: Where did this storm come from?

Nami: Impossible! The sky was just clear a moment ago!

Suddenly, the book opens up, its pages flipping continuously from the fierce some wind.

Robin: The book!!

Usopp: You don’t think the book’s doing this?

Just then, a beam of light shoots out of the book, creating a blue swirling vortex that begins to surround the ship.

Zoro: Hey! What the hell is this?!

Sanji: Whatever it is, it’s surrounding the ship!

Nami: This can’t be real…

The Crew: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Straw Hats scream as the blue vortex covers the entire ship. And just as suddenly as it appeared, the blue swirling mass disappears and with it, so does the storm, the Thousand Sunny and the Straw Hats.

What happened to the Straw Hats? Where have they gone? And what was so special about that book?

Find out the answers and more in….One Piece: Infinite Adventures!!!



Jul 28, 2004
in my mind
And so it begins....

One Piece Infinite Adventures

[h=2]Straw Hats Adventures of Sleeping Beauty

The Pirates of the Briar Rose
After acquiring a mysterious book, Luffy and his crew were sent into a new world of magic and adventure. No sooner did our intrepid crew arrives, they become embroiled in helping the Princess Aurora, who has been cursed by the evil witch Maleficent. And they soon learn that one of their old enemies, Eneru, is here as well. Questions arise from theses chain of events: How did Eneru come back? Why is he teaming up with Maleficent? And where the heck are they?

Can the Straw Hats break the curse and defeat both the God of Skypiea and the Mistress of all Evil?

Chapter 1: The Uninvited Guests! A New Adventure on that Joyful Day!

“In a faraway land, long ago, lived a king and his fair queen. Many years had they longed for a child and finally their wish was granted. A daughter was born, and they called her Aurora. Yes, they named her after the dawn for she filled their lives with sunshine. Then a great holiday was proclaimed throughout the kingdom, so that all of high or low estate might pay homage to the infant princess. And our story begins on that most joyful day.”

Somewhere in a lake, not far from King Stefan's castle, there was a spark of flash before a large blue whirling vortex opens up over the lake. The Thousand Sunny literally drops from the vortex and lands right smack in the lake with a massive ker-splash! As the water settles, the crew of the ship began to regain their balance after a huge trip.

Nami: Oh…my head.

Zoro: Is everyone alright?

Franky: Well, aside from this spinning headache, I’m fine.

Luffy: Hey guys, look out there! Check it out!

The crew looks over to the side to see what Luffy was looking at. To their amazement, the Straw Hats see that they were no longer in the ocean, but instead on a lake of a majestic kingdom.

Sanji: What in the world?

Luffy: It’s a giant lake!

Chopper: So cool!

Nami: But how?! How did we get here?

Luffy: Does it matter how? We’re here aren’t we?

Zoro/Sanji/Chopper: Yes it does!

Just then, Chopper notices Usopp passed out on the deck, probably overwhelmed by sudden events that transpired.

Chopper: OH NO! Usopp’s out cold!

Luffy: He’s what!? Quick somebody splash him with water! Wake him up!

Sanji: Right! I’ll splash water on Nami!

Zoro: Moron.

Chopper grabs a bucket of water and splashes it on Usopp, who wakes up in shock from the cold water.

Chopper/Luffy: He’s okay!

Usopp: I am? *notices where they are* DAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!! Then where are we?! That’s with this lake?!! What happened?!

Nami: Basically…we’re in another kingdom.

Usopp: No way! Seriously?!

Nami: But how can this be? We were just in the ocean a minute ago.

Robin: Wait a minute!

Sanji: *to Zoro* Did I hear you call me a moron?

Zoro: *to Sanji* I don’t know…did you?

Robin runs down to the deck where the mystery book still laid open, untouched amid the previous commotion. She picks up the book and begins flipping through the pages when Usopp notices what she was doing.

Usopp: Robin!! Don’t touch that book! It’s cursed!!!

Ignoring Usopp’s ranting, Robin continued looking through the book until she found the page she was looking for.

Robin: I knew it!

Nami: Knew what?

Robin: Look at this…

The others gather around Robin as she shows them what she found. It was the page that pretty much started all this.

Brook: What’s so special about that page?

Robin: Take a look at the picture. It matches exactly to where we are now.

The others looked at the picture and then to the scenery. It was there that they made the connection.

The Other Straw Hats: Woah!!!

Franky: Now that’s super trippy!

Nami: How is that even possible?

???: Excuse me! Hello up there!

The crew looks over the side and sees a young man draped in a large brown cloak on a small boat near the ship.

Luffy: Hey! Hi!!

Nami: Who are you? What are you doing here?

Young Man: Just a local bystander. I saw your ship in the lake and I thought I checked to make sure anyone was alright.

Robin: Could you tell us where we are?

Young Man: You’re in the Enchanted Dominion, Milady. You are all glad to be here today.

Nami: Why today?

Young Man: Today is a day of great joy for us all. King Stefan has proclaimed a great holiday in the kingdom for the celebration of the birth of Princess Aurora.

Luffy: A celebration! Really?! Will there be food?

Young Man: But of course! A celebration such as this deserves a feast feat for royalty.

Usopp: What kind of food will be there?

Young Man: There will be roast turkey, mash potatoes, mincemeat pie, and…

Luffy: Will there be meat there?

Young Man: But of course! Meats of all shape and forms and all so mouth-watery delicious you think you’re in Heaven above!

Luffy’s mouth begins to water uncontrollably at the young man’s commentary.

Luffy: That’s settles it, let’s go!!

Nami: Hold up, Luffy! We can’t just waltz into the castle and expect to join the party. They’ll kick us out the minute we walk in.

Young Man: That won't be necessary. The King has declared that all people of high or low estate in the kingdom are invited to pay homage to the infant princess.

Franky: Does that include us?

Young Man: In a sense, yes.

Luffy: Then let’s go!!!

Chopper: Hurray!!

Usopp/Franky: Party Time!!

Nami: You guys… *sigh* Never mind…like they’ll listen to me anyhow.

Robin: So how do we get the castle?

Young Man: Easy. You just follow THEM...

The Young Man points to what he is talking about. The crew looks to the shore and they see what looks like a parade, heading towards the castle.

Chopper: Wow! A parade!

Brook: And there are a lot of them.

Robin: This celebration must be very special for that many people to join.

Young Man: It is. Now if you excuse me, I must join them. Hope to see you there.

And with that, the young man rows back to shore as the crew is overjoyed to their new venture.

Zoro: A celebration huh? Wouldn’t mind going myself.

Robin: This should be an interesting endeavor.

Luffy: Come on, crew. Let's move out!

The Straw Hats soon anchored the Thousand Sunny and went ashore on the Mini-Merry II. Then, as they joined up with the parade, the parade goers started to sing...

Joyfully now to our princess we come,
Bringing gifts and all good wishes too
We pledge our loyalty anew
Hail to the princess Aurora!
All of her subjects adore her!
Hail to the King!
Hail to the Queen!
Hail to the princess Aurora!
Health to the princess,
Wealth to the princess,
Long live the princess Aurora!
Hail Aurora!
Hail Aurora!
Health to the princess,
Wealth to the princess,
Long live the princess Aurora!
Hail to the King!
Hail to the Queen!
Hail to the princess Aurora!

“Thus on this great and joyous day did all the kingdom celebrate the long awaited royal birth. And good King Stefan and his Queen made welcome their lifelong friend.”

As the crew made their way into the Throne Room of the castle, they were amazed by how many people were here, including the decorations of banners and flags. The Throne Room itself was as enormous as anything they had ever seen.

Franky: Wow...this place is so SUPER packed…

Sanji: I agree with you.

Usopp: It is the royal birth of the princess.... I bet this doesn't happen a lot.

Robin: That's right. They’re saying this is the first royal birth in this kingdom.

Luffy: I wonder here the buffet table is?

Nami: Wait a sec, Luffy? We can’t just walk in there causal like.

Luffy: That guy said we could…

Nami: I meant that we can’t walk in dressed as we are. If they see us like this, they’ll know we’re not from around here.

Usopp: Well can’t we just find some clothes to wear?

Nami: Oh sure…like some clothes are just gonna magically appear and…

Suddenly a flash of light envelopes the entire crew, blinding them. The light subsides, the crew notices that their garments have been changed to match the attire fitting of this century. The group takes a moment to examine one another, admiring the costume designs each were given. The more noticeable changes were of Franky and Brook. Franky is decked from head to toe with a suit of armor, so is to not reveal his cyborg appearance. Brook, on the other hand, had a major change. Rather than being a walking skeleton, Brook has been restored to his fleshy human self prior to his death many years ago.

Usopp/Chopper/Luffy: Wow, Brook! You look good!

Robin: So that’s how you looked before you died.

Brook: OHH!!! I’m so happy that I have my old body back that heart’s about to burst…but I have no heart at all. YOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO!!!!!! SKULL JO—

Chopper: But Brook, you’re human again, so technically you still have a heart.

Brook: Ohh! You’re right….never mind!

Franky: You look awesome? Check me out! This armor makes me look super cool!

Usopp: You were saying, Nami?

Nami: Okay, so somehow our clothes changed…mysteriously. But at least we can move around without drawing attention to…

Luffy: FOOD!!!!!!

Nami looks to see that Luffy has already found the buffet table and in half a second makes a beeline for it. Luffy begins to chow down on the buffet as the others, sans Nami, joins him.

Nami: LUFFY!!! I’m gonna….

Before she could deal any physical punishment onto Luffy’s skull as she pulls out her Clima-Takt, Nami feels a tap on her shoulder. She turns around to see one of the castle guards.

Castle Guard: Excuse me miss. But King Stefan has asked an audience with you.

Nami: The king…an audience…with me?

Castle Guard: Don’t be so nervous, madam. A witch such as yourself should be used to such things.

Nami: Well I wouldn’t say…wait…WHAT DID YOU JUST CALL ME?!

The castle guard winces, expecting some sort of punishment from Nami. Nami had believed the guard was insulting her, which turned out to be a misunderstanding as her surprisingly modest attire resembles that of an actual witch.

Castle Guard: Uhhh…I-I mean no disrespect…Please right this way.

The guard escorts Nami to the other side of the throne room. As she approached the King and Queen, Nami was a tad nervous as to why she was singled out.

Nami: You asked for me, your highness?

King Stefan: Yes, you see my wife noticed you and your associates come in and she wanted to ask you something.

Nami: Really? What’s that?

Queen: Are you a good witch or a bad witch?

Nami: Well…I wouldn’t say if I was good or not but…wha…WHY’D YOU CALLED ME A WITCH?!

King Stefan and the Queen jump back a bit from Nami’s response, back at the buffet table; the other Straw Hats were busy chowing down in their own fashion when Zoro notices Nami with the king and queen.

Zoro: Don’t look now, I but think Nami’s about to give us away.

The others look to see Nami blowing her stack at the royal couple, who were looking a tad frightened right now.

Franky: So much for not drawing any attention.

Robin: There’s a good chance she’ll get us all in trouble if she keeps it up.

Sanji: Yeah, but who’d be crazy enough to…*notices Usopp missing* Hey, where’s Usopp?

Of course, Usopp rushed over the stop Nami’s rant before she got into more trouble for herself and the crew.


Usopp gets there in time and claps Nami’s mouth shut with his hand.

Usopp: Excuse us your majesties, but I need a minute with her to calm her down.

Usopp pulls Nami away, who was kicking and flailing her arms about. King Stefan and the Queen both gave a sigh of relief.

King Stefan: I wonder if all witches behave like her…

Usopp manages to pull her out of ear shot of the royal couple, just as Nami takes his hand off her mouth.

Nami: What did you do that for?!

Usopp: Hey, it was either that or you getting tossed in the dungeon! So why were you yelling anyway?

Nami: These people are calling me a witch! Do I look like a witch to you?!

Usopp: Well, the clothes don’t help in your defense. Besides, they must’ve figured you were one because they think your Clima-Takt is some kind of magic staff.

Nami: But I’m not a witch and it’s not magic…it’s just basic science.

Usopp: Look…you know that. I know that. But they don’t know that because of your attire. Just let me do the talking.

Now reluctant, Nami nods in agreement and they walk back to King Stefan and the Queen.

Usopp: Please forgive Nami’s temperament, your majesties. She gets little irritated when she’s called a witch even though she isn’t.

Nami: HEY!!

King Stefan: Well if she is not a witch, then what is she?

Usopp: Good question, my king… and such a question deserves and good answer. She is Nami; the great Weather Charmer of the East!

King Stefan: A Weather Charmer?

The Queen: A Weather Charmer?

Nami: A Weather Charmer?

Usopp: Yep…A Weather Charmer.

King Stefan: If I may ask…just what is a Weather Charmer?

Usopp: Well my king…Weather Charmer is a person who has power over the weather. She can call upon clouds…she can summon forth the rain…she can even command the very wind itself. My master can cause joy or disaster, with her elemental powers!!!!

Nami: *muttering* don’t oversell it, Usopp.

King Stefan: My, my! That is quite a claim. I don’t suppose she knows any dark magic?

Usopp: Dark Magic? Nah! She’s not into that. She only uses her powers to help people and for entertainment purposes.

Nami: Entertainment?!

Usopp: *to Nami* Shhh!

King Stefan: Well, if she is good as you say…she may present her gift.

Usopp: Gift?

Nami: Gift?

Usopp: Uhh….What gift?

King Stefan: Her gift. She is here to grant a gift to the princess, isn’t she?

Usopp: Ugh…Hold that thought!

Usopp runs back to Nami and whispers something into her ear, cause her to shout…

Nami: WHAT!?!?!

Usopp shushes her and the two began to argue, but quietly enough that no one could hear what they were saying. A few minutes later, the two nods to each other as they both walked back to the king and queen.

Usopp: Your Majesties; I’m afraid Nami does not have any gifts to present. But, with your permission, she would like to perform a show to demonstrate her powers in honor of the princess.

The Queen: Why, that would be wonderful idea. Wouldn’t it, Stefan?

King Stefan: Well, I think so too. At least we can see what a Weather Charmer can do.

Usopp: Excellent choice! *to the audience* Ladies and Gentlemen! Prepare to be amazed! For Nami, the great Weather Charmer of the East will perform feats of her amazing abilities in honor of the princess!

Several of the guests lightly clamped for Usopp’s introduction, though some had no clue who Nami was or what a Weather Charmer was. Nami was just standing there, complete with stage fright, trying to think of what “trick” to use first.

Usopp: *whispers* psst...Nami! Start with “Mirage Tempo”.

Nami: Ohh yeah! *clears throat* For my first trick…I will make myself disappear and reappear in a random part of this very room.

Some of the guest murmured to themselves as to what Nami was about to do.

Nami: And now…. *pauses for effect whilst raising her Clima-Takt* Mirage…Tempo!

And with a wave of her Clima-Takt, Nami disappears from sight. The other guests were shocked at the fact that Nami was able to vanish without the aid of any effects to cover the illusion.

Random Guest 1: My stars!

Random Guest 2: She’s vanished!

Random Guest 3: And without any smoke!

King Stefan: Oh my! Where did she go?

Nami: Pretty impressive, huh?

King Stefan and the Queen jumped when they saw Nami standing between them.

Nami: Well, technically all I did was change the air density to create the illusion. It was still good, wasn’t it?

The Queen: It mostly certainly was.

King Stefan: Yes, it was.

It was then that Nami soon noticed the crib and becomes curious to see the young princess.

Nami: *points at the crib* Is it alright if I…

King Stefan: …could see our daughter? But of course.

With that, Nami went over to look at the infant princess. She looked down at the cradle, seeing the young baby, sleeping peacefully and quietly. Although it was hard for her to admit it, Nami was starting to admire the little princess.

Nami: She’s so cute.

King Stefan: Uhh…Miss Nami? Will you continue the performance?

Nami: Ohh…of course, your majesty. *to the audience* Okay folks, the show has just begun!

For the next few minutes or so, Nami wowed the room with her “tricks”. These included some of her old techniques such as, Cloudy Tempo, Rain Tempo, the Cool, Heat and Thunder Balls and a small Thunder Tempo (which she used on Usopp). The crowd was eating it up with applaud after applaud.

Nami: And now for the finale! Weather Egg!

Nami swings her Clima-Takt up and a large egg shoots out into the air.

Random Guest: Look! An egg shot out of the witch’s staff!


Usopp: Nami!

Nami: Ohh...right! Hatch…Snow-kun!

And on command, the egg hatches, releasing a large storm cloud. Many of the onlookers were amazed yet nervously concerned that what will come out the cloud rather than seeing one indoors.

King Stefan: As I live and breathe…a cloud…inside the castle.

Nami: You haven’t seen anything yet. Watch this!

Nami raises her Clima-Takt up to the cloud.

Nami: Here we go! Snow Breed Tempo!

And on command, the cloud bursts open and snow begins to fall all over the room, much to the amazement of the crowd. Even King Stefan and his queen were greatly impressed by Nami’s “trick”.

King Stefan: Bless my soul! Snow…indoors!

Usopp: You see, this is the power of a Weather Charmer at work! The wonder of weather, all at her fingertips!

King Stefan: As fun as this is, we really must be getting on.

Usopp: Oh, of course! *to Nami* Nami, if you would?

Nami: Okay!

Nami points her Clima-Takt at the cloud, a small bubble forms at the tip.

Nami: Gust Sword!

The bubble burst, shooting a gust of pressurized air at the cloud, causing it to disperse. The remaining snow began to melt until it was all gone. Soon the audience began to clap for Nami, who bows back to the audience. After they were done, they moved out of the way to the others at the buffet table. The Announcer reads aloud for the next people as the trumpets were sounded.

Announcer: Their royal highnesses, King Hubert and Prince Phillip.

Then a jolly old king named Hubert appeared with a young lad of six named Phillip. They approached the throne and King Stefan stood up. They embrace each other before prince Phillip walks up and King Stefan pats him on the head.

“Fondly had these monarchs dreamed one day their kingdoms to unite. Thus today would they announce that Phillip, Hubert’s son and heir to Stefan's child would be betrothed”

Then the Queen brought Phillip over to the princess, carrying a gift for her.

“And so to her his gift he brought, and looked, unknowing, on his future bride”

Then the trumpets were sounded again. And this time, a beam of light shines from the ceiling and touches the Throne Room’s floor. Then three lights started coming down the beam of light. Each one is in different colors. One is pink, second is green, and the third is blue. Then the lights start to take form, turning into what appears to be three fairies.

Announcer: Their most honored and exalted excellences’, the three good fairies: Mistress Flora, Mistress Fauna, and Mistress Merryweather.

Chopper/Luffy/Usopp: Ooh! Fairies!

Sanji: I wonder what they’re here for.

Robin: I heard about this. They must be here to grant the princess three gifts.

Luffy: Gifts?! Really?!

Franky: Uh, do you mind explaining, Robin?

Robin: It’s only in fairy tale, but it’s customary for fairies to grant gifts on special occasions such as a royal birth. These gifts are given to any princesses that are born on a special day. They could be anything from Beauty, Kindness, anything that would benefit a princess.

Luffy: Oh, now I get it…I wonder if they can give the gift of meat?

Nami, upon hearing Luffy’s comment, whacks him upside the head with her Sorcery Clima-Takt.


The three good fairies then went over to the cradle and looked down at the baby.

Merryweather: Oh, the little darling!

Then they went over to the king and queen and bowed to them.

The Three Good Fairies: Your majesties.

Flora: Each of us the child may bless with a single gift. No more, no less.

Then she went back to the cradle.

Flora: Little princess, my gift shall be the gift of beauty.

Then, with a twirl of her wand, Flora grants her gift to the princess.

CHOIR: One gift, beauty rare
Full of sunshine in her hair
Lips that shame the red red rose
She'll walk with springtime
Wherever she goes

Then it was Mistress Fauna’s turn and she went over to the infant princess.

Fauna: Tiny princess, my gift shall be the gift of song.

Fauna then twirled her wand and grants her gift.

CHOIR: One gift, the gift of song
Melody her whole life long
The nightingale’s her troubadour
Bringing her sweet serenade
To her door

Then finally, it was Merryweather’s turn. She approaches the cradle and looks down at the little princess.

Merryweather: Sweet princess, my gift shall be…

But before she can grant her gift, she was interrupted by a loud gust of wind. The doors of the castle swung open suddenly as more gusts of wind entered. Everyone did not know what is going on. Neither does the King and Queen, or the Straw Hats. Luffy, Zoro and Sanji were ready to face whatever comes at them while the others ducked behind the buffet table. Then lightning crashes and a thunderbolt struck the floor. At first, all went dark. But then green fire and a pillar of lightning then burst from the floor. Slowly, the flames take shape into a woman with black flowing robes, a headdress of dragon horns, pale skin, and carries a staff with a green orb on it. Then a black raven appears out of nowhere and perches on the woman’s staff. The pillar of lightning begins to materialize into a tall, muscular man with loose, orange pants with a black pattern on them, and around his waist there is a blue, flowing sash, holding up a light-blue veil and has strange, long earlobes that stretch all the way to his chest.

Fauna: Why, it's Maleficent!

Merryweather: What does she want here?

Flora: Shhh!

The other Straw Hats, who were hiding behind the buffet table, were observing the situation with nervous looks.

Brook: Who is that woman?

Usopp: Not sure. But I don’t like the looks of her.

Robin: Maleficent… So that’s the evil witch.

Chopper: Evil witch? What are you taking about, Robin?

Robin: In the story of “Sleeping Beauty”, there was an evil witch that placed a curse on the princess. But in all versions I’ve read, not once did they ever mention her name.

Nami: Who cares about that?! *points at Eneru* What I what to know is what he’s doing here?!

Brook: Excuse me, Nami but who is that man?

Franky: Yeah that guy’s got some super freaky earlobes.

Usopp: Oh that’s right. You guys weren’t with us back then. Well…

Nami shushes Usopp by covering his mouth as to not make any more noise.

Maleficent: Well, quite a glittering assemblage, King Stefan. Royalty, nobility, the gentry, and…

Maleficent then notices the three good fairies and chuckles.

Maleficent: Oh, how quaint, even the rabble.

Merryweather angrily starts to fly towards Maleficent but is held back by Flora.

King Stefan: *addressing Eneru* And who are you good sir?

Eneru: Who I am I you ask? I am he who commands the thunder! I see and hear all that is before me. My divine will is absolute! To my followers I am known as Lord Eneru, but you…may call me God!

Some of the guests were aghast by Eneru’s introduction and some were quite frightened.

Usopp: Great… I see he’s still thinks he’s god.

Nami: Okay, we’ll be fine as long as they don’t notice…

Nami stops half-way after seeing Zoro, Sanji and Luffy (especially Luffy)…not where they should be and shrieks at where they were heading. As Eneru starts towards the throne, Luffy jumps out and stands right in front of him, blocking his way.

Luffy: Hold it right there, earlobes! You’re not going anywhere near them!

Eneru, upon seeing Luffy, the pirate who defeated him long ago, lets out a frightened scream and stumbles backwards to Maleficent’s side as chills ran down his spine. Zoro and Sanji took their positions in front of the king and queen, protecting them from the dark woman and Eneru.

Eneru: Tsk…it’s you!!!

Maleficent: And who might you be, boy?

Luffy: Monkey D. Luffy and I don’t care who you are! *points at Eneru* I’m more interest with him.

Maleficent looks at Eneru, still in shock at seeing Luffy, but one glance back at her and he regains his composure as he get back up.

Eneru: I’m surprise to see you here of all places, Straw Hat. You appear to get around nowadays.

Luffy: Can’t say the same for you.

Eneru: And I see you’ve brought your friends with you…including the ones behind that table over there.

Eneru lift his right arm and snaps his fingers, creating a small lightning bolt that zaps the Straw Hats hiding behind the table, causing them to jump out of their hiding place.

Luffy: HEY!! Cut that out!!

Eneru: As you can see, my powers are still at peak form.

Luffy: Alright, enough! Start talking! Why are you here?

Maleficent: To answer your question; I really felt quite distressed of not receiving an invitation.

Merryweather: You weren't wanted!

Maleficent: *looking surprised* Not wa...? *chuckles* Oh dear, what an awkward situation. I had hoped it was merely due to some oversight.

Luffy: Her I understand, but that still doesn’t explain what you’re doing here, Eneru.

Eneru: Isn’t it obvious? As a god, I can attend any festivity I wish. I am not bound by mortal restraints to be uninvited just because of some unsent invitation. But seeing how we are not wanted, as you say, we best be on our way.

The duo turns to walk away, with Luffy, Zoro and Sanji still on their guard.

The Queen: And you're not offended, your excellences?

Maleficent: Why no, your majesty.

Eneru: It would take more than some exclusion to this revelry to be considered an insult to us.

Maleficent: And to show we bear no ill will, I, too, shall bestow a gift on the child.

Luffy: Like heck you will!

Zoro and Sanji took their battle stances next to Luffy, ready for a fight.

Sanji: You are not getting anywhere near the baby!

Zoro: You want her! You have to go through us!

Maleficent: What makes you think I will deal with the likes of you?

Eneru: As must I would love to settle an old score with you, but we have more important matters to attend to.

Eneru nods to Maleficent and then she spoke loudly for the crowd to hear.

Maleficent: Listen well, all of you! The princess shall indeed grow in grace and beauty, beloved by all who know her. But, before the sun sets on her sixteenth birthday, she shall prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and DIE!

Luffy: What?!

Zoro: Eh?!

Sanji: WHAT?!!?

Nami: WHAAT?!

Usopp/Chopper: DAAHHH!!!

Franky: WHAT!

Brook: EHH!!!

Robin: No!

The Queen: Oh no!

The Queen, in horror, takes the child in her arm from the cradle. Maleficent and Eneru then laughs evilly.

King Stefan: Seize those creatures!

Luffy: Get ‘em!!

Maleficent: Stand back you fools!

Just as the guards and the trio moves in on them, Eneru produces a small black sphere from his hand and tosses it into the air.

Eneru: 10,000 Volt…MANDALA

A thunderbolt shoots out of Eneru’s hand and into the sphere, causing hundreds of lightning bolts to shoot out and strike all over the room. The guests, the guards, the Straw Hats, practically everyone was ducking and dodging the lightning bolts trying not to get zapped.

Zoro and Sanji managed to block some of the bolts aimed at the royal couple, while Luffy leapt into the air to avoid one aimed at him.

Luffy: GUM GUM….

Luffy stretches out his right arm as far back as it could and aims it at Eneru, who motions the black sphere into his direction.

Luffy: …PISTOL!!!!!!!

Luffy lets loose his arm, zooming at high speed, slamming into the black sphere, causing it to crack and release more thunderbolts. The sphere finally breaks into pieces as Luffy’s fist headed straight to its intended target. Unfortunately, the sphere’s shattering created a blinding light, blinding the guards and the Straw Hats. Then Maleficent and Eneru disappears amidst the confusion as they laughed wickedly and her raven flew off, obviously heading back to her lair. When the crew looked again, they were already gone.

Chopper: She’s gone!

Sanji: They disappeared!

Luffy retracts his hand from the ground after it created a small crater where Eneru was standing.

Luffy: I almost had them! Cowards! Come back and fight!

King Stefan: Calm down, young man. I beg of you.

Luffy: But those jerks can’t get away with this…

King Stefan: I understand how you feel about this, my boy. But I ask of you not to do this.

Luffy: But…

Zoro: The king’s right, Luffy. We don’t know how dangerous this Maleficent could be. Far as I know, if we attack her now, it could only make things worse.

Luffy was growling angrily, but he eases his anger after listening to Zoro.

Luffy: You’re right…

Flora: Don't despair, your majesties. Merryweather still has her gift to give.

King Stefan: Then can she undo this fearful curse?

Merryweather: Oh no, sire.

Flora: Maleficent’s powers are far too great.

Fauna: But she can help!

But apparently, Merryweather doesn’t know what to do.

Merryweather: But…

Fauna: Just do your best, dear

Flora: Yes, go on.

Then with a determined look, she takes her wand and grants her gift to the princess.

Merryweather: Sweet princess, if through this wicked witches trick a spindle should your finger prick, a ray of hope there still may be in this, the gift I give at thee. Not in death but just in sleep the fateful prophecy you'll keep, and from this slumber you shall wake when true love's kiss the spell shall break.

For true love conquers all...

Chapter 2: Introductions in Order. A Plan to lift the Curse begins!

“But King Stefan, still fearful of his daughter's life, did then and there decree that every spinning wheel in the kingdom should on that very day be burnt. So it was done.”

Throughout the whole day, King Stefan has ordered his soldiers to gather up every spindle in all the villages. By the time night falls, all the spindles were placed into a pile and are now burning into flames. The massive smoke column reaches high into the night sky as the spindles were burned into nothingness. Looking out the window, Flora and Luffy watches the whole thing happen. But they shook their heads in disappointment. How can this help save King Stefan’s daughter. Maleficent will just find another way, and will not rest until his precious daughter is dead. Luffy was having some deep thoughts of his own right now. He wonders why Eneru was here, what were his motives, and why was he teaming up with Maleficent. Without thinking anything else, they went back to the others.

Flora: Silly fiddle faddle!

Fauna: Now, come have a nice cup of tea, dear. I'm sure it'll work out somehow.

Fauna and Merryweather were drinking a cup of warm tea. With a whirl of her wand, a cup appears levitating in mid-air, and Flora takes it.

Merryweather: Well, a bonfire won't stop Maleficent.

Flora: Of course not. But what will?

Luffy: Hey, fairy lady. Maybe we can help.

Flora: Hhm, maybe. But who are you? You and your friends were there at the celebration earlier today.

Luffy: That’s right. I’m Monkey D. Luffy, and this is my crew, the Straw Hat Pirates.

Zoro: The name’s Roronoa Zoro, Swordsman.

Nami: Call me Nami.

Usopp: Usopp’s the name, marksman's my game!

Sanji: Name’s Sanji.

Chopper: My name’s Tony Tony Chopper! But you can just call me Chopper.

Robin: Nico Robin…but my friends call me Robin.

Franky: They call me…Franky, the super cool shipwright!! Oww!

Brook: And you can call me Brook.

Luffy: And if you’re looking to find a way to help end this curse, count us in.

Flora: Alright then. But we need to think of something and soon.

Robin: But we need to know something. Who is this “Maleficent”?

Flora: Maleficent is the Mistress of all Evil. She is a dark sorceress, capable of using dark magic in her very twisted will. No one has ever dared to try to challenge her, or they shall perish. She is filled with hatred, desire, and malice. She now lives in solitude at her fortress in the Forbidden Mountains, surrounded by her army of viscous minions.

Sanji: But what kind of evil sorceress are we dealing with here?

Flora: The one that will quickly send you to your doom.

Nami, Usopp, Brook and Chopper gulped in unison.

Nami: I don’t think I like that sound of that.

Usopp: Me neither.

Fauna: But what about this “Eneru” follow, just who is he anyway?

Sanji: Eneru, to a sense, is a deranged psychopath.

Merryweather: Psychopath?

Usopp: It means he’s nuts in the head.

Robin: Eneru thinks of himself as an invincible god - quite literally, because he has the ability to control and become lighting itself. And because if this, he believes that he is a divine and immortal being, with the authority to do, take or destroy whatever he pleases and is capable of doing anything. He holds no regard for other lives except his own, and has no moral qualms about killing thousands.

Flora: Good gracious! How dreadful!

Merryweather: And how he compared to Maleficent?

Zoro: On a scale from one to ten, Eneru is a twenty.

Flora: But we have no time to talk about this. We need to think about the princess.

Sanji: Right. Aurora’s life is now at stake here. There has to be a way to remove this curse.

Fauna: Well, perhaps if we reason with them…

Everyone: Reason?!?!

Merryweather: With Maleficent and Eneru?

Usopp: Are you nuts?! We’re trying to stop both Maleficent and Eneru, and you want us to reason with them?!

Fauna: Well, she can't be all bad.

Flora: Oh, yes, she can.

Franky: Yeah, it’s obvious. Why do you think she was nicknamed “Mistress of all Evil”?

Nami: And trust me; Eneru isn’t exactly the type to listen to reason.

Merryweather: Ohhh…I'd like to turn her into a fat ole hoptoad!

Fauna: Now, dear, that isn't a very nice thing to say.

Flora: Besides, we can't. You know our magic doesn't work that way.

Fauna: It can only do good, dear, to bring joy and happiness.

Merryweather: Well, THAT would make me happy.

Flora: But there must be some way…

The crew begins to think of something. That’s when Flora gets an idea.

Flora: There is!

Merryweather: There is?

Fauna: What is it, Flora?

Flora: I'm going to…shh, shh, shh!

Flora suddenly starts shushing them, just when they were about to say something. Then she whispers to them.

Flora: Even walls have ears.

Then she took a moment to look around, making sure no one’s around or eavesdropping. Then she turns back to the others.

Flora: Follow me!

With a wave of her wand, she minimizes herself. The other two fairies did the same and they went into some odd box on the table. The Straw Hats were also minimized and teleported inside the box. Then Flora starts talking to them about her idea.

Flora: I'll turn her into a flower!

Chopper: Maleficent??

Flora: Oh no, dear, the princess!

Fauna: Oh, she'd make a lovely flower.

Franky: We’re going to turn the princess into a flower? What good will that do?

Flora: Don't you see, a flower can't prick its finger.

Merryweather: It hasn't any.

Sanji: I see what you’re getting at. A flower doesn’t have any fingers to prick with, only leaves.

Fauna: That's right.

Flora: She'll be perfectly safe.

Robin: Yeah, but until Maleficent sends a frost.

Flora: Yes, a—

Flora realizes what Robin meant. If she turns Aurora into a flower, it would just leave her as an easy target, and Maleficent would easily disposed her.

Flora: Oh dear.

Fauna: She always ruins your nicest flowers.

Sanji: Yeah, and we all know what happens when ice and flowers mix together.

Flora: You're right. And she'll be expecting us to do something like that.

Merryweather: But what won't she expect? She knows everything.

Fauna: Oh but she doesn't dear. Maleficent doesn't know anything about love, or kindness, or the joy of helping earnest. You know, sometimes I don't think she's really very happy.

Usopp: I don’t think she’s ever that happy at all!

That’s when Flora gets another idea and this time she is really getting excited.

Flora: That's it, of course! It's the only thing she can't understand, and won't expect.

Then she starts pacing around, talking to herself much to the confusion of the Straw Hats and the fairies.

Flora: Oh, oh, now, now ... We have to plan it carefully, let's see, woodcutters cottage, yes, yes, the abandoned one, of course the King and Queen will object, but when we explain it's the only way...

Merryweather: Explain what?

Then Flora turns back to the Straw Hats and the fairies.

Flora: About the family of peasants, raising a foundling child deep in the forest.

Fauna: Oh, that's very nice of them.

Merryweather: Who are they?

Flora: Turn around!

While Merryweather, Fauna and the Straw Hats turn around to face a mirror, Flora changes their outfits to peasant clothes, including herself.

Fauna: Why, it's...us!

Flora: Uh-huh.

Merryweather: You mean, we, us?

Flora: Uh-huh

Fauna: Take care of the baby?

Flora: Why not?

Fauna: Oh, I'd like that!

When Merryweather looks at herself in the mirror, she notices that her clothes are pink. So she changes them to her original color: Blue.

Merryweather: Well, yes, yes, but will we have to feed it?

Fauna: And wash it and dress it and rock it to sleep. Oh I'd love it.

Merryweather: You really think we can?

Flora: If humans can do it, so can we.

Robin: Well actually, nobody said it’ll be that easy, but it’s not hard though to raise a baby together.

Merryweather: And we have our magic to help us.

Fauna: That's right.

Flora: Oh, no, no, no, no, no magic! I'll take those wands right now. Oh, better get rid of those wings, too.

Flora then takes Fauna’s wand and removes her wings.

Merryweather: You mean, live like mortals? For sixteen years?

Merryweather, concerned about the idea she tries to fly away, but Flora shot a spell at her wings, removing them, and Merryweather falls down.

Merryweather: Now, we don't know how. We've never done anything without magic.

Flora: And that's why Maleficent will never suspect.

Flora chases Merryweather around, trying to get her wand.

Merryweather: But who'll wash, and cook?

Flora: Oh, we'll all pitch in.

Fauna: I'll take care of the baby!

Flora: Let me have it, dear.

Flora was still trying to get Merryweather’s wand. Merryweather takes it out and removes Flora’s wings, and Flora grabs the wand.

Luffy: If you’re going to take care of the baby, we’re in.

Nami: Whoa, whoa! Hold on a sec!

Nami pulls Luffy aside away from the group.

Nami: Luffy, you know the princess’s a baby, right?

Luffy: Yeah. So?

Nami: So what I’m saying is… that we have to help them and protect the baby for sixteen years?!

Luffy: And your point?

Nami: My point is that between now until the princess comes of age, we will age 16 years!! I don’t want to wind up an old maid before we find our way back home!

Luffy: Relax…this is just a story. It’s not like we’re gonna stay old forever?

Nami: But, Luffy I…ugh! Never mind…no sense in talking you out of it anyway.

Nami and Luffy return to the group with the former with defeated look on her face.

Luffy: We’re in!

Straw Hats: All right!

Nami: (unenthusiastic) Whoopee…

Flora: Come along now, we must tell their majesties at once.

Then they all exited the box and Flora changes back to her normal size. But she has forgotten about the others who are still small.

Fauna: Flora!

Usopp: You’re forgetting about us!

Noticing that they’re still small, Flora brings them back to their normal size and they leave the room. After a long talk with King Stefan and the Queen, King Stefan agreed to hide their daughter with the fairies and the Straw Hats. An hour later, the plan is now in progress as the Straw Hats and the three good fairies leave the castle with the infant princess.

“So the king and his queen watched with heavy hearts as their most precious possession, their only child, disappeared into the night.”

In the courtyard, the others open the door, leading out of the castle and out into the forest. Zoro, Sanji, and Luffy went up ahead to make sure the coast is clear. Thanks to their Observation Haki, the trio made sure that there was no one around to see they were being watched. They quickly came back soon enough.

Sanji: Alright, it’s clear!

Zoro: Not a soul is around for miles.

Luffy: Alright, let’s go.

Then with the infant baby, now in safe hands, they left the castle and vanished into the wilderness.

“Many sad and lonely years passed by for King Stefan and his people. But as the time for the princesses sixteenth birthday drew near, the entire kingdom began to rejoice. For everyone knew that as long as Maleficent's domain, the Forbidden Mountains, thundered with her wrath and frustration, her evil prophecy had not yet been fulfilled.”

Inside Maleficent’s castle, it has been sixteen years since the Straw Hats and the fairies left with the baby and hid themselves in the wilderness. Knowing that the child has vanished, she sent her minions to scour the countryside for any sign of the princess. But throughout the years, no luck has been made for her minions. Even Eneru’s Enforcers, led by Commander Yama, have made no progress in finding the princess. After sixteen years of fruitless searching, Maleficent then became furious. She summons all of the search patrols to her throne room and she was beyond upset…she was downright furious.

Maleficent: It's incredible! Sixteen years and NOT a trace of her! She couldn't have vanished into thin air! Are you sure you searched everywhere?

Yama: Of course we have, Madam. Isn’t that right men?

First Minion: Yeah, yeah, anywhere, we all did...

Second Minion: Yeah, yeah!

Maleficent: But what about the town, the forests, the mountains?

Yama: Well, let’s see. We searched every mountain range surrounding the kingdom, combed every square inch of the forests, looked in every single house in town, and let me see, oh yeah, and checked in all the cradles too.

Maleficent: Cradle?

First Minion: Yeah, yeah, every cradle.

Yama: As per your instructions, madam.

Maleficent: CRADLE?!?

She now realizes what her minions has been looking for in sixteen years, and she was shocked. But she smiles as she turns to her pet raven and lightly pets his beak.

Maleficent: Did you hear that my pet? All these years, they've been looking for a baby.

Then she starts laughing. The minions and enforcers then start laughing along with her. But then, Maleficent abruptly stops laughing and shows her most furious look.

Maleficent: FOOLS!

Yama: Uh oh!

The minions and enforcers then realizes what they have done and then cowered in fear at what she was about to do to them.


Then she releases her full fury onto the search patrols. She starts striking at them by shooting thunderbolts from her staff. Neither the minions nor the enforcers were spared as the thunderbolts zapped them with intense pain, a fitting punishment for their incompetence. Quickly as it happened, her minions and the enforcers ran out of the chamber in all directions, leaving Maleficent and her raven alone. Disappointed, she sits down in her throne.

Maleficent: Oh, they're hopeless. A disgrace to the forces of evil.

Eneru, who was up in the rafters the whole time, witnessing the whole debacle, drops down beside Maleficent’s throne with a somewhat amuse look on his face.

Eneru: To think, all this time your so-called minions have been tracking down a mere child. Must be quite the disappointment for someone of your reputation.

Maleficent: Don’t you criticize me, Eneru! Your so-called enforcers were of no help to me as well!

Eneru: I merely lent their services to you. It’s not my fault they misinterpreted your orders. Besides, you saved me the trouble of punishing them for their incompetence.

Maleficent: Don’t you have this Mantra ability to sense the presence of others? Why have you not used it to locate the princess?

Eneru: I would have done so if I so wished it. But for some reason the magic of this world has diminished the range of my Mantra, limiting it only as far as your domain. Besides, even if I could use it, it’d be a waste of my time as a god and thus, is beneath me.

Maleficent: Ugh…incompetent!

Just then her raven flew over and perches on her hand.

Maleficent: My pet, you are my last hope.

Eneru: Not to sound skeptical, but I highly think that bird of yours can find her.

Maleficent: Ohh? And I don’t suppose you have something better than my pet?

Eneru: As a matter of fact I do…

Eneru raises his hands to the sky and shouts in a loud voice.

Eneru: Appear my priest! Your God commands it!

And as on cue, four figures emerge from the shadows and kneeled before Eneru. The first has long red hair, and large yellow glasses that completely cover his eyes and wears an orange hat that is similar to a capello romano. His whole body is shaped like a giant sphere, which has a line of golden rings on the front. He also carries a large cane striped like a candy cane and he wears a full-body white jumpsuit, with orange gloves and shoes. This is Satori, Priest of the Ordeal of Orbs.

The second is a tall, dark-skinned man. He has a particular hairstyle, with rasta-styled tufts pointing upwards. On his back, there are small white wings and wears a purple jacket with matching pants, gloves and shoes. Under his jacket, he wears a pink shirt, and has a blue tie-like scarf around his neck. He sports a large, white tissue belt around his waist, with a red circle in his center. This is Gedatsu, Priest of the Ordeal of Swamp.

The third resembles a stereotypical aviator from the early 1900s: he has a thin, pointed mustache that splits into two parts; on his head there is an aviator hat decorated with wings, and a pair of goggles on the front. His attire is composed of an orange fur-lined jacket, with brown swollen sleeves decorated by beige spots; loose matching orange pants held up by a belt, fur-lined gloves and boots, and a purple scarf around his neck. He is wielding what appears to be a jousting lance and behind him is a giant bird named Fuza. This is Shura, Priest of the Ordeal of String.

The fourth is a tall, bald, muscular, and bearded man. Like the other priest, he has a pair of small wings sprouting from his back. He's always seen wearing a pair of sunglasses with point-like extensions on both sides. His right arm is covered with tattoos; the one on his wrist, in particular, resembles a bracelet. His attire consists of a dark-green A-shirt, loose grey pants with many pockets and what look like zips under his knees, a long and flowing white sash around his waist, similar to the one worn by his master, and dark leather boots with bandages around the soles. In his left hand is a massive sword with an extra-large hilt. Beside him is a giant dog called Holy. This is Ohm, Priest of the Ordeal of Iron.

Ohm: You summoned us, Lord Eneru?

Eneru: Yes, I have summoned you all because we have an assignment for you. You are to traverse across the winds and throughout the kingdom. Seek out a maiden of sixteen years age, with hair that shines like sunlight and lips that challenge the reddest of roses.

Maleficent: Can we trust you four to fulfill such a task?

Shura: You don’t have to worry about that…

Satori: Our orders are the will of Lord Eneru…

Ohm: Where all others have failed, we shall succeed…

Gedatsu: For even in darkness, we will find her.

The other three looked at Gedatsu and noticed that he has his eyes rolled back into his head…again.

Shura: Gedatsu! You got your eyes rolled back into your head again!

Gedatsu, upon realizing his error, rolls his eyes forward in shock.

Gedatsu: So careless!

Ohm/Satori/Shura: Are you that dense?!

Shura: Honestly Gedatsu, with you dumb habits, it’s no wonder you’re still a priest!

Gedatsu: Nonsense, I never have any habits.

Ohm: Oh really?

Gedatsu: Name one.

Satori: We could name more than 10 habits that you do.

Gedatsu: Like?

Shura: Well the eye thing for starters. Then there’s trying to speak with your lower lip stuck in your mouth…Temporarily forgetting to breathe…

Satori: …Incorrectly crossing your arms…Forgetting to speak when explaining things…Entering a house through the window instead of the door…

Ohm: …and then there’s accidentally aiming your attack at one of our followers…just like last week!

Gedatsu: I said I was sorry!

Satori: After you hit him 15 times...during training too!

Gedatsu: He got in the way!


Eneru: SILENCE!!!!!!!

Eneru, having grown impatient from the priests’ bickering, slams his staff into the ground causing a massive thunderbolt to strike inches from them. The priest then snapped to attention, as not to incur their master’s wrath any further.

Eneru: You have your orders…now go!

Ohm/Satori/Shura/Gedatsu: Yes, Sir!

And with that, the quartet of priest left the chamber in each’s own fashion. Satori on one of his surprise balls, Shura climbs onto Fuza and flies out of the throne room, Ohm hops on Holy and rides out to the exit, Gedatsu activates the Milky Dials in his shoes and whooshes up into the air.

Maleficent: Are you sure those “priests” can find her?

Eneru: They are my most loyal of followers. They shall not fail.

Suddenly they hear a loud bang and look up. They see it was Gedatsu, who wasn’t looking at where he was going and hit his head on a rafter.

Gedatsu: So careless!

After recovering, Gedatsu limps out the nearby window to join with Satori and Shura. Eneru rubs his forehead in embarrassment at the sight.

Eneru: On second thought…maybe you should send out your bird…as a precaution.

Maleficent: You heard him, my pet…Circle far and wide, search for a maid of sixteen with hair of sunshine gold and lips red as the rose. Go, and do not fail me.

And with that, her raven flies out the castle window and off into the wild to join with the four priests, now searching for the princess.



Sep 25, 2010
I absolutely adore the idea of the Straw Hats looking after the princess. <3 It's incredibly well done of you to write them in character. And I got in a good laugh or two because of Zoro and Sanji's bickering. Poor Nami, worrying about turning into an old maid. I'd be surprised if they don't age because, they presume to be inside of a fairy tale book. Although, I love how Usopp had to be the one to keep Nami from blowing their cover before the Queen and King. I hope there's more chapters to come! I quite enjoyed this story. :D


Jul 28, 2004
in my mind
Chapter 3: 16 Years Later… Getting ready for the Party!

“And so for sixteen long years the whereabouts of the princess remained a mystery, while deep in the forest, in a woodcutter's cottage, the good fairies carried out their well-laid plan. Living like mortals, and with the help of the Straw Hats, they had reared the child as their own and called her Briar Rose.”

As we go deep into the forest, we see a lonely cottage, sitting in the open area with trees all around. Then the window upstairs opens, and we see the beautiful Briar Rose, who happens to be Princess Aurora, humming some tune. She cleans around the window before heading back into the room.

“On this her sixteenth birthday, the Good Fairies and the Straw Hats had planned a party and something extra special for a surprise.”

Back downstairs, the fairies and the crew were in the living room, looking over a book of dresses. It has been sixteen years since they raised Aurora together, and gave her the name “Briar Rose” to keep her identity a secret. This is the last day before she can finally be safe from her curse that Maleficent bestowed upon. So they decided to make this day very special for her. But of course, they will have to tell her who she really was after the whole day was over. Flora turned a page in the book, and they see a dress that they really like.

Merryweather: How about this one?

Flora: This is the one I picked.

Robin: She'll look beautiful in it.

Flora: Now I thought a few changes here...

Fauna: Don't forget a pretty bow...

Flora: Yes, and raise the shoulder line.

Merryweather: We'll make it blue.

Flora: Oh no, dear, pink.

Merryweather: But…

Flora: Of course, we'll need a few pleats.

Chopper: Yeah, but how are we going to get her out of the house?

Nami: Simple; you, Luffy and Usopp will get her out for a while until we get things settled.

Usopp: Yeah, but what kind of excuse do we use to do it?

Nami: Don’t worry Usopp, you’ll think of something.

Unbeknownst to the crew and the fairies, they are unaware that Briar Rose is coming downstairs and heard them talking about something.

Briar Rose: Well, and what are all of you dears up to?

All of them were completely surprised and caught-off guard. They all face her, while trying to hide the open book of dresses from her.

Merryweather: Up to?

Fauna: Up to?

Each of the Straw Hats: Up to?

Flora: Up to? Eh, eh, eh, we, we, well, we, we…

Flora was completely tongue-tied, trying to come up with an answer. Briar Rose continues to stare at them until Usopp spoke for Flora, grabbing a nearby basket and hands it to Briar Rose.

Usopp: We actually want you to pick some berries with me, Luffy and Chopper.

Flora: That's it, berries!

Briar Rose: Berries?

Fauna: Lots of berries.

Briar Rose: But I picked berries yesterday.

Flora: Oh, we need more, dear.

Usopp: You see; Sanji wants more berries for some new recipes he’s trying out and Chopper needs ‘em for some experimental medicine he’s working on. So that’s why we need more.

Nami: Lots, lots more!

Flora: Yes!

Then they gently pushed Briar Rose out the door with Chopper, Luffy and Usopp outside. Briar Rose looks back at them with a suspicious look. Something’s not quite right with them is what she’s thinking.

Flora: Now don't hurry back, dear.

Merryweather: And don't go too far.

Robin: Don’t get lost!

Sanji: And don't speak to strangers.

Fauna: Goodbye, dear!

Brook: Goodbye!

Franky: Goodbye!

Briar Rose: Goodbye!

Then she went off into the forest with the trio. After watching her walk away, Robin chuckles with a smile.

Nami: What are you so happy about?

Robin: Heh, look at her. She is becoming a beautiful woman.

Sanji: True. The Gift of Beauty really worked its magic. *sigh* Beauty is truly a remarkable thing.

Brook: Indeed.

Everyone else then nodded, agreeing with Sanji. Then Zoro became concerned about Briar Rose’s suspicious look at them, as if she’s starting to become aware of the surprise party.

Zoro: Hmm…I wonder if she suspects…

Flora: Of course not, come on.

Nami: Will she be surprised!

Merryweather: A real birthday party.

Fauna: With a real birthday cake.

Franky: With birthday decorations, balloons, confetti…

Brook: …music…

Flora: Yes and a dress a princess can be proud of.

Merryweather: I'll get the wands.

Merryweather heads up the stairs to get them. But Flora freezes when she heard what she thought she heard.

Flora: Yes, you can, uh-- the wands?

Fauna: *realizing that this could be trouble* Oh no!

Nami: Hold it, Merryweather! You know the rules!

Flora: No magic!

Merryweather: *coming back down the stairs* But the sixteen years are almost over.

Flora: We're taking no chances.

Robin: Sorry, Merryweather. But Flora’s right. Besides, that’s what Maleficent and Eneru are expecting, remember?

Merryweather: But, I never baked a fancy cake.

Flora: Oh, you won't have to, dear.

Fauna: *getting the ingredients* I'm going to bake the cake.

Merryweather: You?

Flora: She's always wanted to, dear, and this is her last chance.

Sanji: And I’ll pinch in and help Fauna…just in case.

Merryweather: *concerned about the idea* Well…

Fauna: I'm going to make it fifteen layers with pink and blue, forget-me-nots…

Sanji: Whoa, let’s not get ahead of ourselves, okay?

Flora: And I'm making the dress.

Robin: I’ll help you with that, Flora.

Merryweather: But you can't sew, and she's never cooked!

Flora: Oh, it's simple.

Robin: Yeah, Merryweather. It’s not that hard.

Fauna: All you do is follow the book.

Then Flora pulls up a tiny stool and directs Merryweather to stand on it.

Flora: Up here dear, you can be the dummy.

Merryweather: Well, I still say we ought to use magic.

Flora then throws a sheet of pink cloth above Merryweather and she and Robin begins cutting with a pair of scissors. Fauna and Sanji laid all the ingredients for the cake before them.

Sanji: Okay, what’s the first thing on the list?

Fauna: *reading from the book* Flour, three cups.

Fauna then looks around for the cups.

Fauna: Cups, cups, cups, cups, cups…

Then she finds three cups of different sizes and uses them to pour flour into the bowl.

Fauna: One, two, three.

Sanji: *noticing the mistake* Uh, Fauna? I believe it meant “one cup; three scoops”.

Back to the girls making the dress, Flora has cut a circular hole into the sheet.

Merryweather: What's that for?

Flora: Well, it's got to have a hole in the bottom.

Robin: That's for the feet to go through.

Then the girls placed the sheet on top of Merryweather and placed her head through the hole on it. Merryweather then notices the color of the fabric sheet.

Merryweather: It's pink!

Flora: Oh, lovely shade, isn't it?

Merryweather: But I wanted it blue.

Flora: Now, dear, we decided pink was her color.

Merryweather: YOU decided!

Then before Merryweather knows it, she was completely hulled into the pink cloth. She mutters angrily under the cloth, probably commenting about Flora’s choice in fabric color. Flora then ties a knot around Merryweather’s feet to keep the cloth together. Back in the kitchen, Fauna continues to read from the book.

Fauna: Two eggs, fold in gently…Fold? Oh well.

She grabs two eggs and puts them into the bowl and starts to fold them into the dough.

Sanji: Wait Fauna, it meant—

But Fauna already presses down and they heard the shells crack.

Back to the others making the dress, Merryweather is now suffocating while being hulled in the cloth.

Merryweather: *muffled* I can't breathe! Let me out of here!

Flora cuts the cloth open at the top, and Merryweather pops her head out. Merryweather then takes a look at the dress.

Merryweather: It looks awful.

Flora: That's because it's on you, dear.

Back in the kitchen, Fauna reads the next instruction in the cookbook.

Sanji: Alright, what next?

Fauna: Now yeast, one tsp. Tsp?

Zoro: *correcting for her* One teaspoon.

Fauna: One teaspoon, of course.

Back to making the dress, Flora measures some size of the dress.

Flora: Oh gracious how the child has grown.

Merryweather: Oh, it seems only yesterday we brought her here.

Fauna: Just a tiny baby.

Sanji: And we fed her, bathed her, and even played with her.

Brook: I remember it as if it were yesterday.

Then all the sudden, Merryweather loses a tear, and everyone notices.

Flora: Why Merryweather…

Fauna: Whatever's the matter, dear?

Merryweather: *her voice breaks into crying* After today she'll be a princess, and we won't have any Briar Rose.

Fauna: Oh Flora!

Soon the others began to shed some tears, mostly Franky who was bawling his eyes out.

Franky: WAAHHH!!! We're gonna lose our Briar Rose!

Flora: Now, now, now, now let’s get ahold of ourselves. Well, we all knew this day had to come.

Fauna: But why did it have to come so soon?

Flora: After all, we've had her for sixteen years.

Merryweather: Sixteen wonderful years.

There was a moment of pause as they sadly remember the old days where they raised Aurora together. But Flora immediately shakes it off.

Flora: Good gracious, we're acting like a lot of ninnies! Come on, she'll be back before we get started.

Nami: Yeah, and I don’t think Usopp and the others can keep her away for long.

Chapter 4: The Outing in the Forest. Once upon a Dream…

Meanwhile, deep in the forest, Briar Rose was walking through the forest with Usopp, Luffy and Chopper as temporary bodyguards. Momentarily, she starts to sing. But she sang a beautiful and remarkable tone. Truly, it was proof that the Gift of Song had worked its magic. A bird was perching on a tree when it heard her sing. The bird starts to sing as it flies towards where it heard her. It perches upon a branch as Briar Rose approaches and sings to it. More birds answer her singing, and they went off to wake other animals. Two birds went to a hollowed-out log and they pulled out two rabbits by the ears. One bird went to a squirrel, and that squirrel went into a hole of one tree, and pushed an owl out of the other side and off the tree. The owl opens its wings and lands softly into Briar Rose’s basket. The owl and Briar Rose both sang and they continued on. She walks across a log over a ravine as the animals and the trio.

Meanwhile, in another part of the forest, we see a young man riding on his horse named Samson. Apparently, this is actually Prince Phillip, all grown up since the last sixteen years. While was just taking a nice stroll through the forest, when he hears the faint and beautiful singing of Briar Rose. He stops his horse and listens.

Phillip: Hear that, Samson? Beautiful.

They continued, but when the singing was heard again, Phillip stops and listens again. This gets him even more curious.

Phillip: What is it? Come on, let's find out.

He turns it around, but Samson, uninterested with the mystery singer, struggles back and continues walking forward.

Phillip: Oh, come on! *He leans forward to Samson* For an extra bucket of oats?

Samson immediately starts listening.

Phillip: And a few carrots?

Samson smiles and starts nodding.

Phillip: Hop boy!

And with that they ride off towards the singing. They stopped at a small clearing, to listen to the singing. When it was heard again, Phillip tries to figure out where it is. When he figures it out, they ride off again. They make a turn, but when Samson jumps over a log, Phillip gets caught in a tree and falls off. Samson quickly realizes that his rider is not on him and holds when he heard Phillip’s yell. He looks back to hear him splash into a creek. Samson went back and approaches Phillip, who is now soaking wet. The horse takes his wet hat off him and Phillip glares at him. He splashes water at Samson, and with another glare.

Phillip: No carrots!

Back to where we left Briar Rose and the others, Briar Rose is now picking berries off the bushes while Luffy, Usopp and Chopper helped. They picked all sorts of berries like raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries. Usopp was busy picking berries when he notices a shiny, ripe apple hanging in the tree.

Usopp: Sweet! An apple!

Seeing as an opportunity to grab an apple without Luffy noticing, he puts the berries in Rose's basket, immediately went over and starts climbing the tree. When he got there, the apple is within reach. Licking his lips in hunger, he reaches for the apple. But suddenly, a squirrel rushed over and took the apple from him.

Usopp: Hey! I saw it first!

The squirrel only sticks its tongue at him.

Usopp: Why you little…. Come here!

Usopp and tries to grab it and chases the squirrel across the branch. The squirrel, with an apple, scurried into a hollow hole in the tree.

Usopp: You can't hide from me!

He reaches his arm into the hollow hole. With his hands digging around, the squirrel thinks of a plan. Apparently, in there with it was a woodpecker nest. The squirrel grabs the egg and puts it within Usopp's reach. Usopp then felt something inside and grins. He grabs the object immediately.

Usopp: Aha! Now I got ya!

Usopp pulls his arm out, but was surprised to find out that he grabbed an egg instead.

Usopp: Huh?

Then he hears angry squawking and turns to see an angry woodpecker mother, glaring at him. Usopp immediately realizes what he just grabbed.

Usopp: *grinning sheepishly* Oh, uh, this is yours? Uh, sorry. I'll just put it back.

He slowly puts the egg back into the tree. But even though he did, the woodpecker angrily starts pecking at his nose.

Usopp: Owowowowow!! Stop it! Ow! That’s my nose! OW! OW! I'm sorry! OW!

Usopp tries to cover his nose from the woodpecker's angry pecking. He tries to shoo it away, but as he does, he loses his balance and falls off from the branch. On the way down, he crashes onto every branch, but the last branch, however, he lands on his crotch. Usopp yells in pain.


Then he fell off, holding his crotch in pain. He lands on the ground with a THUD! Chopper and Luffy, after hearing him scream, ran over as they saw him land.

Luffy: Usopp!

Chopper: Usopp, are you okay?

Usopp: *groggily* If anyone asks, I fall down.

Then he passes out, unconscious.

Minutes later, after Usopp regained conscious, they finished gathering all the berries. Then Briar Rose starts singing again, but this time in a song.

Briar Rose: I wonder,
I wonder,
I wonder why each little bird
Has a someone to sing to
Sweet things to
A gay little love melody

As Luffy and the others, including the forest animals, followed Briar Rose, they reached a place where they can see a breathtaking view of King Stefan’s castle and all the countryside.

Briar Rose: I wonder,
I wonder,
If my heart keeps singing
Will my song going in
To someone
Will find me
And bring back a love song
To me!

Then they all looked in awe over the countryside and the castle in the distance.

Chopper: Wow…it’s so beautiful from here.

Usopp: I know. No matter how many times I see it, I could never get tired of looking at it.

Briar Rose: Oh dear, why do they still treat me like a child?

As she walks away, the trio seemed confused and they follow her, along with the other animals.

Luffy: Who?

Briar Rose: Why, Aunt Flora and Fauna and Merryweather. They never want me to meet anyone.

Luffy: Well, what about us?

Chopper: Yeah, what about us?

Briar Rose: Oh, you are perfectly just fine. You and the others are really sweet. But I don’t understand why they won’t let me see anyone.

Usopp: Well, it’s just for your own protection. You’ll never know who might jump out and get ya!

Briar Rose: Like who!

Luffy: Well like—OWWW!!!

Usopp steps on Luffy’s foot to keep him from opening his big mouth. They know they’ll have to tell her she was a princess, but they should NEVER ever, even mentioning to her about Maleficent, Eneru or the curse. They swore an oath not to; plus the fact that Nami threatened to bust their heads open if they did. So it was a smart idea not to mention anything about it.

Usopp: Uh…Like I said, you’ll never know.

But then, Briar Rose giggles about something.

Briar Rose: But you know something? I fooled 'em. I HAVE met someone!

The animals got excited and the trio gasped.

Luffy/Usopp/Chopper: You HAVE?!

Usopp: You’ve met someone and we didn’t even know about it?!

Chopper: So who is “someone” anyway?

Briar Rose: Oh, a prince.

Luffy/Usopp/Chopper: A PRINCE?!

By now the trio was getting excited, so much that they forgot to ask her how she met him.

Luffy: That’s so cool! So what does he look like?

Briar Rose: Well, he's tall and handsome and….and so romantic.

Usopp: So what did you two do together? Nothing funny I hope.

Briar Rose: Oh, we walked together and talked together, and just before we say goodbye, he takes me in his arms....

Luffy/Usopp/Chopper: *excited* Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah?

Briar Rose: And then....

Luffy/Usopp/Chopper: *even MORE excited* and then, and then, and then, and then, and then, and then, and then, and then!!!!

Briar Rose: *sadly* I wake up.

Luffy/Usopp/Chopper: *sadly* Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

They sank their heads in disappointment; she builds up the excitement for them, only for a major letdown.

Luffy: Wait, you mean that you only met this prince guy in a dream?

Briar Rose: Yes, it's only in my dreams. But they say if you dream the same thing more than once, it’s sure to come true. And I've seen him so many times!

Usopp: That is true, but don’t worry. If it’s like you said, it’s bound to happen soon.

While up in a tree, a squirrel spots something in the distance. It looks closely and it can clearly make out some wet clothes being hung on the tree, which are actually Prince Phillip’s. An idea hits it and it plucks an acorn from a branch and tosses it at the birds. It hits and bounces off the head of the owl and hits two other small birds. They fly up to the squirrel and they see Phillip’s clothes. Then the owl and the other animals put their heads together and made a plan. The squirrel climbs down and motions Chopper to join them.

Chopper: Huh? What’s going on?

Out of curiosity, Chopper quietly sneaks off while the others weren't looking. Along with two rabbits, they went on over to the tree. When Chopper saw Phillip’s clothes, he realized what they were planning.

Chopper: *quietly* Ohh...I get it!

He tiptoes over to the clothes and was about to grab them when he hears Phillip talking to his horse.

Phillip: You know, Samson. There's something strange about that voice. Too beautiful to be real. Maybe it was a mysterious being, a wood sprite or....

Then Samson sees Chopper and the animals running off with the clothes and neighs. This made Chopper jump and he starts running as fast as his feet could carry him. Phillip looks and sees them running off with his hat and cape.

Phillip: Hey, stop!

Seconds later, when he got away from them, Chopper calls over Usopp and explains the situation to him. Realizing this would help Briar Rose, Usopp starts putting the hat and cape on. Preparing himself, he takes on an impersonation of a prince and starts walking towards Briar Rose, smiling. He whistles to Rose, and she looks over to him. She immediately smiles when she sees Usopp dressed like a prince, even Luffy was surprised.

Briar Rose: Oh, why, it's my dream prince!

Usopp: Good afternoon, m’lady.

Usopp bows like a prince to her. Briar Rose laughs.

Briar Rose: Your highness!

Briar Rose bows to him as well. She hums a tune as she approaches him. She takes his arms and wraps them around her. Usopp, enjoying the role, continues to play along as a prince.

Usopp: Tell me, what is your name?

Briar Rose: No, I'm not really supposed to talk to strangers. But we've met before!

Usopp: Have we now?

Then she starts singing while dancing with her “dream prince”.

Briar Rose: I know you
I walked with you
Once upon a dream
I know you
The gleam in your eyes
Is so familiar a gleam

While Rose and Usopp danced together, Phillip and Samson peeked out from behind the bushes. And both were amazed by this. Phillip has finally found who was singing a beautiful song. He has never met someone this beautiful before. He and Samson looked at each other before looking back at Rose and Usopp.

Briar Rose: And I know it's true
That visions are seldom all they seem
But if I know you I know what you do
You'll love me at once
The way you did
Once upon a dream

She and Usopp continued to dance, as Usopp tries to dance without stepping on her feet.

Briar Rose: But if I know you I know what you'll do

Then Usopp was suddenly yanked from behind by Prince Phillip and he took Usopp's place. But Rose does not see Phillip. But the others did.

Chopper: Uh, Rose?

But Briar Rose did not hear him.

Briar Rose: You'll love me at once

Then Phillip sang with her.

Both: The way you did

Rose stops immediately when she recognizes that it wasn't Usopp's voice, but Phillip continues.

Phillip: Once upon a dream

Briar Rose looks to see Usopp hanging on a tree by his cape. He shrugs his shoulders, and he chuckles sheepishly at her. Rose turns and gasps to see Phillip behind her.

Luffy: Hey! Hands off! GUM GUM….

Luffy was just about to go ape on Phillip when Chopper goes Heavy Point and grabs Luffy before he did something rash.

Luffy: Chopper, let go!

Chopper: Sorry, Luffy, but let's see how this goes first.

Briar Rose tries halfheartedly to run away, but is held by Phillip.

Phillip: I'm awfully sorry. I didn't mean to frighten you

Briar Rose: Oh it wasn't that. It's just that you're a…a…

Phillip: A stranger?

Briar Rose: Hmm-hmm

Phillip: But don't you remember? We've met before!

Briar Rose: *puzzled* We...we have?

Phillip: Of course. You said so yourself: Once upon a dream!

Then he starts singing.

Phillip: I know you
I walked with you
Once upon a dream
I know you
The gleam in your eyes
Is so familiar a gleam

The trio then noticed a sudden change in Briar Rose. They can clearly tell she is starting to dreamily fall in love with him. And amazingly, they were right! They smile as they decided to watch when romance starts to take a turn. Briar Rose and Phillip then started waltzing by a lake as we hear the choir sing.

CHOIR: And I know it's true
That visions are seldom all they seem
But if I know you
I know what you'll do
You'll love me at once
The way you did
Once upon a dream

Then they stopped dancing and they walked over the same cliffside where they can see King Stefan’s castle and the whole countryside. Phillip lays his arm around Briar Rose as she rests her head on him.

Phillip: *to Rose* Who are you? What's your name?

Briar Rose: Hmm? Oh, my name. Why, it's, it's…. Oh no, I can't, I….goodbye!

Briar Rose suddenly runs off with Luffy, Usopp and Chopper running off after her.

Usopp: Rose!

Chopper: Wait for us!

Phillip: *running after Rose* But when will I see you again?

Briar Rose: Oh never, never!

Phillip: Never?

Briar Rose: Well, maybe someday.

Phillip: When, Tomorrow?

Briar Rose: Oh no, this evening.

Phillip: Where?

Briar Rose: At the cottage, in the glen.

Luffy: Rose, wait up!

Usopp: Sorry to run off! But we gotta be going.

Chopper: Nice meeting you though.

Phillip then watches her run off; unaware that she was actually Princess Aurora.

Phillip: You know, Samson, there’s something familiar about her companions. Like I’ve seen them somewhere before.

Little did the prince know that he did in fact meet them, sixteen years ago…



Jul 28, 2004
in my mind
Chapter 5: A Shocking Revelation! Getting ready for the Party…With Magic!

Back at the cottage, everyone was almost done getting everything ready. The cake and dress are almost complete. Fauna and Sanji are lighting candles on the cake. However, the cake is a complete mess. The cake is out of proportion, sloppy, and is dripping. And it's already starting to melt. When the top starts to tip over, Fauna grabs a broom and tries to hold it up.

Fauna: Well, what do you think of it?

Flora looked at the cake, and is startled by the looks of it. Even Nami and Robin were startled as well.

Nami: Uh….

Robin: No comment.

Flora: Why, it's a very unusual cake, isn't it?

Sanji: Yeah…

He was concerned on how the cake looks, let alone how it would taste. Fauna notices the lit candles sliding down the broomstick on the melted icing. She puts the candles back on the cake as they slide down.

Fauna: Yes. Of course it'll be much stiffer after it’s baked.

Flora: Of course, dear. What do you think of the dress?

Fauna and Sanji came over to look at the dress. But unfortunately, like the cake, the dress was just as bad. The sleeves were too long, there are too many bows and ribbons and ruffles, and it is badly stitched. Merryweather, who still standing as a dolly in the dress, has her arms folded and doesn’t seem very happy. And like them, the others were speechless, completely concerned about the look of the dress.

Sanji: Ugh….

Brook: Words fail me.

Franky: I'm not sure how to describe it.

Zoro: It’s weird.

Franky: *snaps finger* That’s the word!

Fauna: Well, it's not exactly the way it is in the book, is it?

Flora: Well, I improved it.

Robin: I think we define “improved” differently in our dictionary than in yours, Flora.

Flora: But perhaps if I added few more ruffles? What do you think?

Fauna: I think so. What do you think, Merryweather?

Merryweather, finally had enough, lets out her frustration on the others.

Merryweather: I think we've had enough of this nonsense! I think we ought to think of Rose, and what she'll think of this mess!

She struggles out of the dress, which falls to pieces, and starts heading upstairs.

Merryweather: I still think what I thunk before! I’m going to get those wands!

Back at the cake, it has finally melted into a pile of mush. Now that they heard what Merryweather said, they all began to have second thoughts.

Fauna: You know, I think she's right.

Franky: I have to admit: The cake and the dress are super terrible!

Sanji: Yeah, not even Luffy would want to eat that cake.

Nami: And could you imagine the look on the king and queen’s faces when they see their daughter dressed in something like THAT?

Robin: It’s quite obvious at this point; we may have to use magic for this one.

Merryweather then came back down, with the fairies' wands in her hands.

Merryweather: Here they are! Good as new!

Flora: *grabs the wands*Ah-ah-ah-ah, c-c-careful, Merryweather!

Nami: Remember, we’re only using them for the cake and dress only. Nothing else.

Flora: Quick, lock the doors! Fauna, you close the windows. Plug up every cranny. We can't take any chances!

Everyone then locked and closed every window, door and cranny. They even plug up every hole with some clothing.

Flora: *to Fauna* And now, you take care of the cake.

Merryweather: While I…

Flora: Clean the room, dear. And I'll make the dress. Now, hurry!

Merryweather gets frustrated, mainly because she wanted to make the dress, but shrugs it off quickly. She turns to a bucket, mop, and broom, and uses her magic to bring them to life.

Merryweather: Come on, bucket, mob, broom, Flora says, clean up the room!

Then the bucket, mop, and broom immediately start to sweep and mop everything clean.

Zoro: So what are we supposed to do?

Franky: I guess we should sit back and enjoy the show.

Robin: We may as well supervise the process as well. Brook, can you give us some music for them?

Brook: Of course.

Brook starts playing music on his violin for the fairies to work to, while the others sat back and supervised.

Flora: And now to make a lovely dress, fit the grace of fair princess.

Flora works another sheet of pink cloth with her wand. She magically turns the sheet into a wonderful dress. In the kitchen, Fauna has gathered all the ingredients, which happens to be alive.

Fauna: Eggs, flour, mi—*voice breaks*

Sanji: Just do like it says here in the book.

Fauna: I'll put on the candles.

The ingredients looked at each other quizzically for a few moments before finally getting to work. The bag of flour opened itself up, letting the cups levitate in and out and pour the contents into a mixing bowl, followed by the eggs and milk. A spoon dipped into the bowl and started mixing everything together.

As the broom continued its job, Merryweather cast a levitating spell on the rug, the stool and then the chair she was on; the broom swept a small pile of dust underneath the three, and just as the broom was done, Merryweather zapped the pile away.

Meanwhile, the ingredients finally finished mixing themselves together, forming a tall, beautiful cake that looked too delicious to look away from. A few minutes had passed and the dress was almost completed and the cake was ready to have candles on it.

Everything was proceeding smoothly and quickly, but then Merryweather notices the pink color of the dress-in-progress.

Merryweather: Oh no, not pink. Make it blue.

She uses her wand to change the dress into a blue color. But Flora is not happy about it.

Flora: Merryweather! Make it pink.

Merryweather shimmied and shook devilishly as she turned on her heel and fires another spell.

Merryweather: *whispers* Make it blue.

The spell hits the sash and travels down it till it reaches the dress, turning blue again.

Flora: Pink!

Flora was now getting annoyed as she changes it back. However, Merryweather had only begun to fight, as she noticed the dress’ reflection on a nearby frying pan.

Merryweather: Blue!

Merryweather bounces a spell off the frying pan, at the dress. But this time, Flora stands before the dress and Merryweather's spell hits her and changes her clothes to blue. Merryweather giggles, but not before Flora changes her clothes to pink. Then, as they kept going at it, the two fairies get into a color fight.

Sanji: Come on, ladies. Don’t fight.

Sanji gasps when he sees a spell coming right at him, and he immediately ducks.

Sanji: Hey! Watch where you—

Sanji gets hit and his clothes color changes to pink. He becomes alarmed when he looks at himself as it brought back painful memories from that “island”.

Sanji: GAH! I'm pink!

The others couldn’t help but laugh, especially Zoro.

Zoro: Gahahahahaha!!!

But he abruptly stops laughing when he sees a blue spell heading straight at him and he ducks, allowing Nami to get hit, turning her hair from orange to blue.

Nami: HEY!

Then the group notices that the spell fight is now getting worse and is quickly getting out of hand.

Franky: Everyone, hit the deck!

Everyone then immediately began getting into cover. Nami and Zoro ducked under a table, but not before Nami grabbed Zoro by the head and pulls him up into a path of a pink spell as payback. It hits him and changes his hair to pink. Sanji leaps into a barrel as Franky and Brook runs around the room, trying not to get hit, as they were too big and tall to fit anywhere. Robin, on the other hand, was busy reading a book while using her Hana-Hana fruit powers to create hands around her body, blocking every spell that came at her with frying pans. As everyone else tries to avoid getting hit, Fauna kept on making the cake, as nothing is even happening right now. Most of the spells were bouncing and exiting through the fireplace, all the way out of the chimney like fireworks.

Unfortunately, this had to happen at a worst possible moment, because Diablo, Maleficent's raven, was flying nearby over the forest. And flying with him was Shura riding on Fuza, Gedatsu and Satori, along with Ohm and Holy on top of Satori’s Surprise Balls.

Shura: Ugh…it’s been hours. How can it be this hard to find just one girl?

Ohm: Have some patience, Shura. We must be diligent in our search. Ever searching, never resting.

Satori: You’re one to talk! You’re the one resting on one of my Surprise Balls. *points to Holy* And while we’re on the subject; why is your dog up here too?

Ohm: He had a sore foot.

Holy lifts up his paw to reveal his sore, Shura and Satori only smacked their foreheads in disbelief. Just then, Diablo sees colorful flashes in the distance. Cawing, he flew over to source of the flashes, calling the priests to follow.

Ohm: Hey! What’s with the bird?

Shura: It must’ve found something, follow the raven!

The priests soon followed Diablo, with the exception of Gedatsu, who flew in the opposite direction. Shura was the first to notice Gedatsu’s mistake and calls out to him.

Shura: Gedatsu, you idiot! It’s this way!

Gedatsu, realizing his error, swings around and flies back to the group.

Gedatsu: So careless!

The group flies down into the forest till they discovered a cottage where the spells are coming out from the chimney. They flew over and when Diablo peeks down into the chimney, he gets hit by a couple of spells.

Inside the house, the “war” continues for Flora and Merryweather, until both spells hits the dress at the same time. Now it is hideous, as if two paint cans were splashed together on it.

Flora: Ohh, now look what you've done!

Robin: You can come out everyone. The ‘war’s’ over.

The others came out of their hiding spots and looked at themselves and their colors.

Nami: Gald that’s over.

Sanji: *looking at his shirt* This…is humiliating.

Zoro: I don’t know, I think pink is a good look for you.

Sanji: Well, for you, it looks even more ridiculous, Cherry Blossom Head!

Zoro: Cherry blossom?

Zoro looks at a nearby mirror and freaks out at the sight of his hair’s new color.

Nami: Well, it serves you right, Zoro.

Then Fauna hears something coming from outside the house.

Fauna: Shh, listen!

Everyone listens and they heard faint singing in the distance. They immediately know who it is.

Merryweather: It's Rose!

Flora: She's back, enough of this foolishness.

Everyone then quickly cleans up as Flora turns to the dress, changing it back to pink.

Flora: Make it pink.

She quickly grabs Fauna, who is lighting candles on the finished cake.

Flora: Now hide, quick!

Fauna quickly uses her magic to light up all the candles. Merryweather was about to hide, but sees the pink on the dress.

Merryweather: *whispers* Blue.

Merryweather changes the dress back to blue and went to join the others. Outside, Briar Rose was hurrying towards the cottage with Luffy, Usopp and Chopper.

Briar Rose: Aunt Flora!

Everyone inside starts hiding on the stairway, but Flora notices something that makes her gasp in shock.

Flora: Good gracious!

Brook: EH?! What!

Flora: Who left the mop running?

Merryweather: Stop, mop!

She shoots a spell at the mop and it went dead and limp.

Nami: Ahem! Aren't you ladies FORGETTING something?

Nami points to her hair and the others, who have their colors changed to either pink or blue. Flora and the other fairies were startled to see them in pink and blue and they quickly changed them back into their real colors.

Nami: We never speak of this to Luffy or the others, EVER!

Zoro: Agreed. Cause if those three found out, we’ll never hear the end of it.

Sanji: No argument there.

They all hid just in time before Briar Rose and the others get in. Briar Rose opens the door and enters, while Luffy, Usopp and Chopper stayed near the doorway, waiting to surprise her. Unknown to them, Diablo and the four priests were hiding behind the door looking in, while their backs are turned to it.

Briar Rose: Aunt Flora, Fauna, Merryweather, Nami, Sanji, Brook! Where is everybody?

Then she gasps when she saw the dress and the cake. Then everyone came out to surprise her.

Everyone: Surprise! Surprise!

Fauna: Happy Birthday!

Luffy/Chopper/Usopp: Happy Birthday, Rose!

Briar Rose: Oh you darlings, this is the happiest day of my life. Everything's so wonderful. Just wait till you meet him.

Everyone: HIM?!?!?

Luffy: Eh!

Chopper: Uh oh…

Usopp: *to himself* Oh no! We forgot all about him!

Of course, if you remembered, our trio and Rose had an encounter with a certain prince. But with the commotion of the birthday, they had completely forgotten until Briar Rose mentioned it. Usopp, quickly notices Nami giving him an “I’m so gonna bash your head in” look to all three of them.

Merryweather: Rose!

Flora: You've met some stranger?

Briar Rose: Oh, he's not a stranger. We've met before.

Franky/Brook: You have?

Sanji: Where?

Briar Rose: Once upon a dream.

Then she starts humming “Once upon a dream” while dancing dreamily. Everyone looked at each in confusion. Rose takes Fauna and dances with her. Fauna already sees what is really going on with her.

Fauna: She’s in love!

Merryweather: Oh no!

Flora: This is terrible!

Zoro: This could be a problem.

Briar Rose then stops singing and dancing when she heard them. And she seems bothered.

Briar Rose: Why? After all, I am sixteen

Flora: It isn't that, dear.

Nami: You see…it’s that…*sigh* it’s time you knew the truth.

Briar Rose: The truth? What truth?

Robin: The truth is…you’re already betrothed.

Briar Rose: Betrothed?

Merryweather: Since the day you were born.

Fauna: To Prince Phillip, dear.

Briar Rose: But that's impossible! How could I marry a prince, I'd have to be…

Merryweather: A princess.

Fauna: And you ARE, dear!

Flora: Princess Aurora.

Diablo and the priests became surprised when they hear this and smiles evilly. They have finally found her.

Shura: *whispers* So this is where they have been hiding her.

Satori: *whispers* Seems our patience finally paid off.

Ohm: *whispers* Told you so…

Gedatsu: *shouts* WE…

Shura, Ohm and Satori manage to clamp Gedatsu’s mouth shut before he’d give them away.

Robin: Tonight, we're taking you back to your father, King Stefan.

Briar Rose: But, but I can't! He's coming here tonight, I promised to meet him.

The five “spies” flew off back to Maleficent and Eneru to tell them their discovery.

Flora: I'm sorry, child. But you must never see that young man again.

Briar Rose: Oh, no, no! I can't believe it. No, no!

Shocked by what’s she has heard, Rose starts to break down crying. Chopper tries to comfort her. But she ran upstairs to her room, crying.

Usopp: Rose, wait!

Usopp tries to follow her, but is stopped by Franky, who blocks his way with his arm.

Usopp: Franky, why’d you stop me.

Franky: It's best to leave her be for a short while. With news this super heavy, she’ll need some time alone.

Merryweather: And we thought she'd be so happy.

Of course, everyone agrees with her.

Usopp: *sigh* I can’t imagine how this can get any worst.

Nami: I know…

In a split second, Nami grabs Luffy, Usopp and Chopper and pins all three to the wall with her Clima-Takt.


Luffy: It wasn’t our fault!

Usopp: We’re just victims of circumstance!

Chopper: Please don’t bash our heads in!

Nami: Then explain how she met this guy without us knowing?!!

Usopp: He was just a dream prince, up until Chopper brought him there.

Chopper: Hey! It wasn’t my fault he followed me! Usopp was the one dancing with Aurora.

Usopp: ME! You’re the one who stole his cape and hat!

Chopper: But it wasn’t my idea to take them to begin with!

Luffy: What about me?!


Nami: I don’t care who started it, I’m gonna bust all three of your heads wide open right now!

Nami lifts up her Clima-Takt, ready to crack Luffy, Usopp and Chopper’s skulls as the trio covered their heads. But just before Nami could take a swing at them…

Brook: ENOUGH!

Brook slams his fists into the table, causing everyone to jump in shock. He then goes over and picks up the blue dress on the chair, carrying it in one arm and grabs his violin in the other before turning to the fairies.

Brook: You guys mind if I take this up to her?

Flora: Of course, but why?

Brook: I want to speak with Aurora…personally.

Merryweather: Go ahead, dear.

The other crew members were concern by Brook’s decision, mainly Sanji, who blocks the way up the stairs.

Sanji: Brook! If you’re planning you do what I think you’re doing than I’m gonna…

Brook: SANJI!! I know that some my manners are not that of a gentleman, but I am doing this for her sake, regardless of what you think. Now as a gentleman and for the Aurora, I ask you to step aside.

Sanji, though reluctant at first, allows Brook to pass upstairs. Once Brook reached the doorway, he peeked in to see the girl in question lying across her bed, her face buried in her arms as she sobbed. It broke his heart, if he had one physically, to see her in pain and sorrow like this. Taking a deep breath, Brook knocked on the doorframe three times as if he were knocking on a door, gaining Aurora's attention as he spoke up.

Brook: Umm... Rose er... Aurora? Can I talk to you for a sec?

Aurora didn't say a word to him, yet she looked up and stared at Brook with her eyes red from crying. He walked over to the bed and sat himself on the edge of it, looking down to the golden-haired girl.

Brook: Is it okay if a played a song for you?

Aurora said nothing as she was too saddened by the recent events to even respond. Despite a lack of an answer, Brook puts the dress aside, takes his violin and starts playing. As Brook begins to play “Bink’s Sake” on his violin, Aurora notices something different about it. The melody was right, but it felt slower, sadder and yet soothing.

Aurora: This song…I remember this…

Brook: Hmm…that’s right. I played this for you that one night when you were little, remember.

Aurora: Of course! That night, there was a huge thunderstorm, I was scared, crying, but you came into my room and played this to me till I fell asleep.

Brook: …

Aurora: But why are you playing it like that? It sounds so sad.

Brook: True…when I play it like this, it reminds me of what I lost.

Aurora: What you lost?

Brook: Aurora…you’re not the only one who had lost something.

Aurora: Lost? I don’t understand…

Brook: …My friends and I may be different in some ways, but of all things we do have in common is this…we all lost someone important to us.

Aurora: Someone important? Like who?

Brook: For Luffy; he lost his brother…Robin; her mother…Chopper; a doctor who treated him as if he was his own son.

Aurora: …and for you?

Brook stops playing his violin and, after putting it down, lets out a heavy sigh.

Brook: Aurora, promise me you won’t scream.

Aurora: Hmm?

As Aurora ponders on what Brook was asking, he begins to pull a small silver ring off his left hand.

Brook: Let’s just say as for me, I lost so much more…

Brook finally pulls the ring off and seconds later, a short scream was heard from downstairs.

Sanji I KNEW IT!

Before the others could react, Sanji races upstairs to give Brook a good thrashing.


Sanji stops mid-sentence, completely shocked in he was seeing. Brook, who had been a human for the last 16 years, was back to his true skeleton form. Aurora, who was just as shocked as Sanji, could not believe her eyes the person sitting next to him has turned into a skeleton.

Sanji: Brook! You…you changed back! But how?

Aurora: Changed back?

Brook: Remember when our attires changed 16 years ago…*holds up the ring to Sanji*…my transformation was because of this.

Sanji: That little ring? How long did you know?

Brook: A few years ago I took it off in the woods and I was startled that I changed back…

Several years ago, Brook is resting under a tree near a pond after a nightly stroll. He notices his ring and, just for the heck of it, decides to take off. Upon taking the ring off, he sees a little rabbit frightened out of his mind. As Brook nears the rabbit, it lets out a shriek and runs off as fast as it could. Confused, Brook looks into the nearby pond to see his reflection, only to discover that his return to his original bony self. After a few minutes of panicking, he comes to the realization that it was the ring that changed his form. So, Brook puts the ring back on and decides to keep this a secret from the others…for now.

Sanji: So…that explains it.

Brook only nods while Aurora, still a little stunned by Brook's transformation, still trying to grasp of the current situation. First she finds out she's a princess, then she can’t see the man she fell in love with in the forest, and now the man she considers her grandfather has turned into a skeleton before her eyes.

Aurora: I…I…I don’t understand.

Sanji: That's right, you didn’t know. This might be hard to believe, but this is Brook’s true form.

Aurora: Grandpa Brook, is this true?

Brook: It’s true. *points to his chest* If you’re not fully convinced, stick your hand in here.

Reluctantly, Aurora sticks her hand into Brook’s chest and, to her amazement, it went right through. She pulls her hand back, still if not less confused about the whole situation.

Aurora: Sanji, how did he…?

Sanji: Become a walking skeleton? That's a long story, but I'll shorten it for you. Many years ago, Brook was a member of a pirate crew that sailed the high seas. One day, his crew was attacked by a group of pirates. They barely survived the attack, but were poisoned in the process. One by one they all died out, until Brooke was the only one left.

Aurora: Wait, if Brook died, then how…

Sanji: Well, he ate a special fruit which allows him to be revived after death.

Aurora: Then how is he…

Sanji: His body was on a ship when he died and it took him a year to track it down. By the time he found it, *points to Brook* what you see is all that’s left.

Brook: For 55 years, I sail alone on my ship, a fate far worse than death itself.

Sanji: Until one day we ran into his ship, Brook’s been a member of our crew ever since.

Aurora: But Sanji...What if I never see him again?

Brook and Sanji exchanged looks to see which one could give the right answer. Brook went first.

Brook: Look, I know what you're going through, but sometimes things don't go as planned and nothing can be done to change it. But the best advice I…we can offer is to keep your chin up and things will make a turn for the better.

Sanji: Brook’s right. I mean, I'm no psychic, but who knows: maybe that Prince Phillip guy that we mentioned could be the same guy you met in the woods earlier today.

Despite what they had said, Aurora still looked concerned.

Aurora: I see, but what should I do?

Sanji: Well...the best we can suggest is doing what you think is the best choice.

Aurora: ...Thank you, both of you.

Just then, Brook had remembered something as he looked to the dress he put on the side of the bed.

Brook: Oh, by the way, Merryweather allowed me to bring this up to you.

Aurora: That's the dress you made for me.

Sanji: Well technically, Flora and Merryweather made this. *under his breath* Although there was a creative dispute about the color…

Aurora: Hmm?

Sanji: Uhh…unimportant.

Aurora: Thank you, both of you, but could you turn away with your eyes closed while I change into it please?

Sanji: Oh, uh, right. We won’t look. *to Brook* Right, Brook?

Brook: Huh? Ohh, yes, yes! We’ll even keep our eyes covered, except I have no eyes to cover up. Yohohohohoho!

Sanji turns around and pulls Brook to his side facing away from Aurora, realizing what Aurora meant by what she just asked him. A few minutes passed as they kept their eyes closed and covered until Aurora spoke up.

Aurora: Okay, guys. How do I look?

At hearing her voice, Sanji and Brook turned back to her as they uncovered their eyes. Their eyes widened in astonishment when they saw the girl with the golden hair in the royal blue dress for the first time. Words couldn't describe what they thought of it.

Sanji: Wow, Aurora...you look stunning.

Brook: Ohh! My eyes have never seen such beauty! Oh wait, I don’t have eyes! Yohohohohoho!

Sanji: You already used that joke!

Aurora: Thank you, both of you, for that. And thank you for cheering me up.

Before they could do or say anything else, Aurora hugs both Sanji and Brook, causing them to blush slightly.

Sanji: Uhh, C'mon, Aurora. We better get going; the others are waiting for us.

Aurora: Coming, Sanji.

Awhile later, they met up with Flora, Fauna and Merryweather. At first, Aurora was surprised to learn that they themselves were fairies, but she managed to roll with it in no time at all. The other Straw Hats were surprised at Brook changing back to his true form, until Sanji explained everything. Before they knew it, the group was walking off to the castle, in hopes that things would get better before they could get worse.

Little did they know...

...their problems were just beginning.

Chapter 6: Back at the Castle. A Toast to the Wedding!

Back at King Stefan’s castle, everyone was patiently waiting for the arrival of Princess Aurora. King Stefan was standing at the window, looking out to the countryside while Hubert was with him. It has been sixteen years since the fairies and the Straw Hats took his daughter away for her own safety. And he has forgotten what Aurora was like now. But she has not shown up yet and he was getting a little worried.

Stefan: No sign of her yet, Hubert.

Hubert: Course not. Good half hour 'till sunset.

King Hubert, who was busy sampling the buffet table before the ceremony, takes a bite of the turkey leg.

Hubert: Ah, excellent bird!

Hubert tosses the leg away and takes a bite of another. He looks over at Stefan and saw the way he looked.

Hubert: Oh now, come man. Buck up! Battle’s over, the girl's as good as here.

Stefan: I'm sorry, Hubert, but after sixteen years of worrying, never knowing…

Hubert: The past, all in the past.

Hubert claps his hands and the Lackey arrives with a bottle of wine and three glasses.

Hubert: Tonight, we toast to future with something I've been saving for sixteen years.

Hubert fills two glasses and gives one of them to Stefan.

Hubert: Here, to the future!

Stefan then finally manages a smile.

Stefan: Right, Hubert. To the future!

Hubert: Skumps!

Stefan: Skumps

Hubert: A toast to this night

Stefan: The outlook is rosy

Hubert: The future is bright

Both: Our children will marry
Our kingdoms unite
Skumps, Skumps, Skumps!

The two kings take their drinks, while the Lackey manages to steal a small sip from the wine bottle into the third glass unnoticed.

Hubert: Ah, excellent vintage. And now, to the new home, eh?

Stefan then seems surprised when he heard it.

Stefan: New home?

Hubert: Children need a nest of their own, what? Place to raise their little brood, hey?

Stefan: Well, I suppose in time…

Hubert: Of course. To the home!

Of course, while they were distracted, the Lackey manages to sneak himself some more wine into his glass.

Hubert: Skumps!

Stefan: Skumps!

Hubert: A toast to the home

Stefan: One grander by far than a palace in Rome

Hubert: *speaking* Uh, let me fill up your glass, that glass was all foam.

Both: Skumps, Skumps, Skumps!

Then the now drunk Lackey plays a tune on his lute, but in a very drunk way. Then Hubert claps his hands.

Hubert: The plans!

The Lackey runs up to Stefan and holds the castle’s plan in front of his face, and let out a hiccup.

Hubert: Well, what do you think? Nothing elaborate, of course. Forty bedrooms, Dining hall, Honeymoon cottage, really.

Then Stefan seems startled when he meant something by “honeymoon”.

Stefan: You mean… you're building it already?

Hubert: Built man! Finished. The love-birds can move in tomorrow.

Stefan: Tomorrow? But Hubert, they're not even married yet!

Hubert: Take care of that tonight. To the wedding!

Hubert pours another glass of wine, but Stefan moves it away. While it was still pouring, the now drunk Lackey lets it pour into his lute.

Stefan: Now hold on, Hubert. I haven't even seen my daughter yet, and you're taking her away from me.

Hubert: Getting my Phillip, aren't you?

Stefan: Yes, but…

Hubert: Want to see our grandchildren, don't we?

Stefan: Of course, but…

Hubert: There's no time to lose! Getting on in years. To the wedding!

Stefan: Now be reasonable, Hubert. After all, Aurora knows nothing about all this.

Hubert: Well?

Stefan: Well, it may come as quite a shock…

Hubert immediately spits out his wine in shock and angrily faces Stefan.

Hubert: Shock? My Phillip, a shock? What's wrong with my Phillip?

Hubert angrily as he advances on him.

Stefan: Nothing, Hubert. I only meant…

Hubert: Why, doesn't your daughter like my son?

Stefan: Now, now…

Hubert: Well I'm not so sure my son likes your daughter!

Then Stefan became angry after what he said about his daughter and it was his turn to advance on him.

Stefan: Now, see here…

Hubert: I'm not so sure my grandchildren want YOU for a grandfather!

Stefan: Why, you unreasonable, pompous, blustering, old windbag!

Hubert: Unreasonable, pompous…

He grabs a fish off the table and holds it up like a sword.

Hubert: En garde, sir!

Stefan: I warn you, Hubert, this means war!

Stefan grabs a plate and uses it as a shield. Then the two kings start to fight, fish against plate. As Hubert continues to strike at Stefan with the fish, it suddenly lost its straightness and went limp. Then both of them realized what was going on and they abruptly break into laughter.

Hubert: What's this all about anyway?

Stefan: Nothing Hubert, absolutely nothing.

Hubert: The children are bound to fall in love with each other.

Stefan: Precisely. And as for grandchildren, I'll have the royal woodcarvers start work on the cradle tomorrow.

Hubert: Splendid! King size, of course.

Stefan: Certainly. To the woodcarver’s guild!

Then they were about to sing another “scumps” song until they heard some strange and ominous sound. They looked around for the source of the sound until they realized it was coming from underneath the table. They lift the tablecloth up and they see the drunken Lackey now finally passed out, with his head inside the lute. Then they heard an announcement outside.

Announcer: His royal highness, Prince Phillip!

Hubert: Phillip?

Hubert runs downward to meet him. Before the castle, Phillip arrives on his horse through the cheering crowd. Hubert just got outside when Phillip rode by.

Hubert: Phillip! Phillip! Phillip, hold, Phillip!

Phillip holds, and gets off his horse as Hubert runs over to him.

Hubert: Hurry, boy, hurry, change in something suitable. Can't meet your future bride looking like that.

Phillip: Well, I have met her, father.

Hubert: You have? Where?

Phillip: Once upon a dream.

Then he starts to sing, and he lifts his father and starts to dance with him.

Hubert: Oh Phillip, stop it, stop that, why, Phillip, put me down!

Phillip stops and puts him down.

Hubert: Now, what's all this dream nonsense?

Phillip: It wasn't a dream, father. I really did meet her!

Hubert: Princess Aurora? Good heavens, we must tell Stefan! Why this is the most…

Phillip: I didn't say it was Aurora.

Hubert: You most certainly did, you said…

Phillip: I said I met the girl I was going to marry. I don't know who she was, a peasant girl I suppose...

Then Hubert seems shocked.

Hubert: A peasant g-g-girl? You're going to marry a… Why Phillip, you're joking!

Hubert was hoping that Phillip was joking, but Phillip shook his head no.

Hubert: Isn't he?

Hubert asked to Phillip’s horse, Samson. But Samson shakes his head no.

Hubert: No! You can't do this to me! Give up the throne, the kingdom, for some…some nobody? By Harry, I won't have it! You're a prince, and you're going to marry a princess!

Phillip: Now father, you're living in the past. This is the fourteenth century. Nowadays…

Hubert: Nowadays I'm still the king, and I command you to come to your senses…

Phillip: …And marry the girl I love!

Hubert: Exactly!

Phillip: Goodbye, father!

Phillip gets on Samson and rides off.

Hubert: Goodbye, father! Marry the girl you ... No, no, Phillip, stop, come back, hold Phillip! Phillip!

But Phillip is already gone, on his way to visit the peasant girl at the cottage. Hubert was in trouble; his son left to marry a peasant girl and 16 years of planning and waiting had gone up in smoke. As Hubert sighs and sadly sits on the stairs with his hand on his chin, only one question was on his poor mind.

Hubert: Oh, how will I ever tell Stefan?



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Oh my! I wasn't expecting Luffy, Usopp, and Chopper to allow her to be seen by Prince Phillip! Or Usopp dressing up to make Rose feel better. xD Aw, this is so tremendously good. I got a kick out of Fauna messing up the ingredients in front of Sanji and Zoro. Heck, Zoro knowing what a Tsp is makes me laugh! Shouldn't be long before they take out the wands after realizing they need to get a move on with the cake and dress! Otherwise, I greatly enjoyed this chapter. Looking forward to the next one! <3


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Oh my! I wasn't expecting Luffy, Usopp, and Chopper to allow her to be seen by Prince Phillip! Or Usopp dressing up to make Rose feel better. xD Aw, this is so tremendously good. I got a kick out of Fauna messing up the ingredients in front of Sanji and Zoro. Heck, Zoro knowing what a Tsp is makes me laugh! Shouldn't be long before they take out the wands after realizing they need to get a move on with the cake and dress! Otherwise, I greatly enjoyed this chapter. Looking forward to the next one! <3

well wait no longer cause i already posted to next two above your post.


Jul 28, 2004
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Chapter 7: Sunset Hour! The Temptation of the Spinning Wheel!

A few hours later, on the outskirts of the wilderness, the Straw Hat Pirates (now back in their original clothing) and the three fairies were now taking Briar Rose back to King Stefan's castle. Even though the day is almost over, Rose still hasn't gotten over her feelings for the peasant boy, who is actually Prince Phillip. As they were close in leaving the woods, Zoro had a cautious and suspicious look on his face.

Usopp: What wrong, Zoro? You got that look on your face since we left the cottage.

Zoro: I got this weird feeling and for once it isn’t Sanji’s or Fauna’s cooking.

Sanji: I heard that, mosshead!

Zoro: I’m just saying; maybe we should wait until after sunset to go to the castle.

Nami: But Flora was the one who said we can’t take any chances.

Usopp: Don't worry, Zoro. All we have to do is to bring her back to her parents, then celebrate, and then we can all go home. What can go wrong?

Zoro: Plenty! And that's what I'm afraid of…

In no time at all, they crossed the border of the forest and arrived close to the castle. Minutes later, they arrived on castle grounds and entered through the back door. They walked up a spiraling staircase and entered a hallway. Then they get inside unnoticed into one of the rooms.

Flora: *to Aurora* All right, in here, dear.

Flora leads Aurora into the room. Merryweather then closes the door behind the others and let out a big sigh.

Flora: Lock the door, Merryweather! Fauna, pull the drapes!

Fauna and Merryweather did as they were told. Then Flora brings Aurora over to a chair to the dresser.

Flora: And now, dear, if you'll just sit here. This one last gift, dear child for thee, the symbol of thy royalty.

Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather used their magic to form a beautiful golden crown. Flora gently puts it on Aurora's head.

Flora: A crown to wear in grace and beauty, as is thy right, and royal duty.

But then, Aurora once again breaks down into tears as she lies her head down on the table.

Fauna: Now dear...

Fauna was about to comfort her, but Flora stops her.

Flora: Come, let her have a few moments alone.

They start to leave the room, all except for Luffy who stayed behind.

Zoro: Luffy, you coming?

Luffy: You guys go ahead. I’ll be out there in a minute.

After they leave and close the door, Luffy turns to the crying princess and approaches her. This was probably the first time Luffy was in a situation such as this. So, being a man who says what he thinks, Luffy tries to say something to comfort her.

Luffy: Rose?

But she said nothing. She just continues crying. Luffy sighs deeply.

Luffy: Sorry your birthday wasn’t as great as we thought it would. I know you’re still sore at us about not seeing that guy you met…and for lying about you being a princess. Can’t say I blame ya. But it’s not like we did it to be mean, we all swore not to tell you about it until today? We never meant to hurt you. You know that, right?

He pauses for moment for Aurora to answer back. But she continues to cry.

Luffy: Listen…the truth is…we CARED about you a lot. For the last sixteen years, we raise you since the day you were born. You were like a part of our crew…a part of our family. And if anything were to happen to you, I…we would go the ends of the earth to set things right. Not many people would do that for anyone. Because Aurora…you’re my friend! And that’s the best present I could give to anyone.

But Aurora continued crying, but he can tell she heard him. It was then that Luffy remembered something.

Luffy: Oh yeah! I almost forgot.

Luffy takes off the backpack he was wearing and starts rummaging through it, looking for something.

Luffy: I was gonna give these to you back at the cottage. But with what has happened, I didn’t get a chance to.

Luffy pulls out nine small dolls, each in the chibi likeness of the Straw Hat Pirates.

Luffy: It’s my crew and me, in doll form. We spent weeks working on these. They’re our present to you. I know you’re a little old for dolls now, but you can keep them as something to remember us by.

Luffy gently puts the dolls on the table next to Aurora. Then he turns and starts to walk away. But he stops and slowly looks back at Aurora, still crying, and he saddens more.

Luffy: I’ll see you around. And …the next time we come back and visit…if we can visit, I hope you'll forgive us one day...

Without a second thought, he exits and closes the door behind him. Then he turns to the others.

Sanji: Any luck?

Luffy said nothing, only shook his head “no” sadly.

Merryweather: It's that boy she met.

Franky: This is SUPER terrible.

Brook: My heart would be breaking, if I still had one.

Fauna: Whatever are we going to do?

As the others pondered on their predicament, Usopp notices Robin walking away toward one of the halls.

Usopp: Hey Robin, where ya going?

Robin: To the castle library, there’s something I need to check on first.

Usopp: Okay. *to himself* What’s in the library that’s so important for her to check out?

Usopp quickly dismissed his thought after Robin left from sight. What he didn’t know was that in her hands was the very book that brought them to this world. She knew that the book was the key to all this and she was gonna find out what.

Moments later, Robin had arrived in the castle library. She finds a nearby table and places the book on top of it.

Robin: Okay, book. I know you’re responsible of us being here. Somewhere within your pages is the answer. But where? Where?!

????: Getting a little upset, aren't we Miss Robin?

Robin turns around to see who was addressing her. To her amazement, she sees the same cloaked man she met 16 years ago. She wasn’t able to see his face but she did recognize his voice.

Robin: You!

Cloaked Man: I’m surprised you still remember me. It has been 16 years, I believe. And I see you found the Infinity’s Eye…so that’s where it went.

Robin: The Infinity’s Eye? You mean this book?

Cloaked Man: Yep. It’s a marvelous book, actually. Sort of a compendium if one should think of it.

Robin: A compendium? For what?

Cloaked Man: You may not realize it but, that book has more power than you could imagine. For within its pages contains the knowledge and tales of countless worlds like this one and beyond.

Robin: Countless worlds?! How could something that small contain that much knowledge?

Cloaked Man: Would it help if I said it was magic?

Robin: M-Magic?

Cloaked Man: Yep. How else you could explain how you got here? Or the fact that you or your crewmates haven’t aged one bit in the sixteen years you’ve been here?

It was on his comment that it finally dawned on Robin; their being here, how they haven’t aged in sixteen years. It now all makes sense to her.

Cloaked Man: In fact, one might say that this book serves as a gateway to other worlds like this one.

Robin: You mean, the book just inserts us into these worlds if we wanted to?

Young Man: It does more than just “inserts” you into the story’s world; it weaves you, binds you, it makes you apart of the story as if you were written into it from the start.

Robin: But if we become a part of the world’s story; that means we can change what happens!

Cloaked Man: Ehh…Not quite.

Robin: ???

Cloaked Man: You see while the Infinity’s Eye has the power to bring you into the story, its users have certain limits. You cannot manipulate its contents to your liking or alter their ending, what happens is how it is written.

Robin: So we can’t change the story to how we want it…

Cloaked Man: True, certain events cannot be stopped or changed without consequence. But it is possible to see it to a happy ending.

Robin: But if the story plays out how it was written then that means…

Robin flips through the Infinite’s Eye until she finds a page that causes her face to turn pale white.

Robin: Oh no!

Robin rushes out of the library and back to warn the others. But in her rush she left the Infinite’s Eye behind.

Cloaked Man: Best hurry, Robin. You don’t want to miss what happens next.

The Cloaked man looks at the picture of the page Robin had just read, which depicts Aurora lying face-down on the floor…

Back inside the room, Aurora continues to cry on the desk. But as she does, we hear a creepy ominous music start as the fire suddenly goes out. Then out from the shadow in the fireplace, Maleficent shortly appears in a dark form, until there’s only an ominous green ball of light. It glows brightly with each odd pulse as it floats around like a ghost. Then, Aurora stops crying all the sudden and she looks at the ghost-like ball. Then her eyes start to have a trance-like look and she slowly rises from her chair. Her coat falls off, revealing the dress she's wearing that her friends made her. Then she walks towards the ball of light while under Maleficent’s spell.

Outside the room, unaware what was going on in the room, everyone was discussing Aurora’s feelings of the peasant boy she met and the choices of her royal parents.

Merryweather: Ooh, I don't see why she has to marry any old…prince!

Fauna: Now, that's not for us to decide, dear.

Luffy: Well, it’s unfair! She should marry who she WANTS to marry.

Nami: I don’t like it as much as you do Luffy, but we don’t have a choice in this.

Luffy: *pouting* But I still think it’s unfair.

Back in the room, Aurora continues to approach the ghostly ball. The light then moves towards the fireplace, where a wall mysteriously opens. The ball went in and the princess follows it.

Back outside the room, everyone then came to a decision that the princess should choose who to wed.

Fauna: Maybe we should tell King Stefan about the boy.

Merryweather: Well, why don't we?

Robin: Everyone!

Just then Robin appears, almost completely of breath and with a worried look on her face.

Usopp: Robin? What happened to you?

Robin: No time! Aurora’s in trouble! She’s…

Flora: Listen…MALEFICENT!!!

Usopp: WHAT?!

Chopper: Rose!

Now with everyone shocked, they quickly went into the room to check on the princess, only to find her walking through the fireplace where the wall should be, following the ghostly ball.

Fauna: Oh, why did we leave her alone?!

Franky: Quick! Stop her!

Brook: Rose!

Nami: Rose!

They ran towards her, but they were halted when the wall reappears in front of them. On the other side of the wall, there was a hidden area and a staircase there. Aurora, still in a trance, slowly walks up the staircase, following the light. Back to the others, they are trying to push the wall open, but there was no such luck.

Luffy: Come on, dang it! OPEN!!

Sanji: It won’t budge!

Usopp: I don’t think this wall is gonna open!

Zoro: We have to get it open...NOW!!

Franky: Stand back, I’ll blast it open!

Flora: Wait! Here!

Flora backs everyone up as she pulls out her wand. She shoots a spell at the wall and it magically opens. Everyone immediately rushes in, but they see Aurora nowhere in sight.

Flora: Rose! Rose!

Brook: Rose!

Merryweather: Rose!

Robin: Where are you?!

Unfortunately, there are multiple pathways in the hidden area, and they went off in different directions, without knowing that Aurora actually went up the stairs. Fortunately, Chopper sniffs the air, trying to see if he can pick up Aurora’s scent, which proved difficult with musky air of the chambers.

Chopper: I got her scent! This way!

As Aurora continues to follow the light in a trance, everyone finally went the right way and went up the stairs following Chopper. But as they ran through many paths, they still cannot find her.

Sanji: Rose-chan!

Nami: Rose!

Everyone: ROSE!!

Far ahead, Aurora has finally followed the light into a room in the tower. As she enters, the light went to a far corner and turns into a black spinning wheel with the spindle. She slowly reaches towards it with her left hand to touch the spindle. But the fairies and the Straw Hats are now not far from her.


At first, Aurora seems to have come out of the trance and pulls her hand back. But a hand made entirely of electricity appears from the spinning wheel and grabs Aurora’s hand by the wrist pulling her towards the spindle, followed by Maleficent's voice commanding her to do it.

Maleficent: Touch the spindle. Touch it I say!

In a flash of light, Aurora touches the spindle with the middle finger. Just this moment, the fairies and the Straw Hats appear in the door. They gasped when they saw Maleficent and Eneru standing there in place of the spinning wheel, with the princess nowhere to be found.

Maleficent: You poor simple fools. Thinking you can defeat me. ME! The Mistress of all Evil!

Eneru: As much as it pains me to admit, we must congratulate you all. Keeping the princess hidden from us for 16 years was no easy feat. And for this you should all be commended…but sadly, for efforts here have proven futile.

Luffy: Where’s Princess Aurora, you lighting-spewing long-earlobed jerk?!

Sanji: If you harm so such as one hair on her head, so help me I’ll wrap those earlobes around your neck till you turn blue!

Eneru: I’d mind your tongue if I were you. But if you’re so eager to find her, *to Maleficent* then let us reward them, shall we?

Maleficent: Well, here's your precious princess!

Maleficent moved her robes aside to reveal Aurora lying face-down on the floor. Everyone gasped in shock as Maleficent and Eneru disappears, laughing evilly.

Brook: Rose!

Brook takes her body and held her in his arms.

Nami: Oh no!

Fauna: Oh Rose!

Flora: I'll never forgive myself.

Fauna: We're all to blame.

Then they all start crying over Aurora's motionless body, just the last rays of the setting sun shine in deep red. They were so close in succeeding, yet they have failed.

Chapter 8: So Close! Sleeping Beauty Sleep On…

An hour later, inside the castle’s throne room, King Stefan and the Queen were sitting on their throne, waiting to see their daughter for the first time in sixteen years.

Hubert: Stefan, there's something important I have to tell you.

Stefan: Not now, Hubert.

Hubert: But it's about Phillip.

Stefan: Phillip? Oh yes, of course, Phillip. Why, where is the boy?

Hubert: That's what I'm trying to tell you.

Stefan: Well, send for him immediately!

Hubert: But…

But Stefan immediately shushes him when he heard the trumpets sounded. Everyone immediately went quiet as they listen to the herald.

Herald: The sun has set! Make ready to welcome your princess!

The crowd then cheers wildly as fireworks explode in the night sky. The long sixteen years of waiting for their princess has finally ended.

Unfortunately, it will come to a sad end for the people. Because, up in the highest tower in the castle, only sorrow and sadness filled it. Inside, everyone gathered around the bed where Princess Aurora lies, under a spell of eternal sleep. Everyone was in full tears. Chopper was crying rivers of tears. Franky, Sanji and Brook cried together. Zoro was strong enough not to cry, but he too was affected as well, and he hung his head sadly. But the ones affected the most are the fairies and Luffy. Luffy began placing the mini Straw Hat dolls beside Aurora, holding back tears as he did. Tears fell from the fairies’ eyes as they put a red rose in her hands. Unable to contain his tears, Luffy heads to the balcony as the crowd cheers below. Everyone else then joined him as they watch the crowd below. There was a long moment of pause until one of them finally spoke.

Fauna: Poor King Stefan and the Queen.

Merryweather: They'll be heartbroken when they find out.

Usopp: Not to mention they’ll probably toss us in the dungeon for life for letting it happen.

Then no one said a word, until Flora spoke as she wipes her tears from her eyes.

Flora: They're not going to.

Merryweather: They aren't?

Nami: But how..?

Flora: We'll put them all to sleep, until Rose awakens.

Then they took of what could be their last look of Princess Aurora and they slowly close the curtains. Then everyone was quiet only for a moment.

Flora: Come.

The fairies then flew off, leaving the Straw Hats up in the tower as they put everyone to sleep. They put the sleeping spell on the guards, the crowd, even the people living in the castle. And as they did, we hear a heavenly chorus singing as if they were singing to the sleeping princess.

Chorus: Sleeping Beauty fair,
Gold of sunshine in your hair
Lips that shame the red, red rose
Dreaming of true love in slumber repose…

One day, he will come
Riding out of the dawn
And you’ll awaken to love’s first kiss
’Til then, Sleeping Beauty, sleep on…

One day you’ll awaken to love’s first kiss
’Til then, Sleeping Beauty, sleep on…

Pretty soon the entire castle and everyone in it, except the Straw Hats, were falling asleep. But the drunken Lackey from earlier, who has passed out drunk was now starting to wake up. Merriweather sees him and immediately puts him back to sleep.

Minutes later…the Straw Hats left the tower, still reeling from their defeat. Robin decided to walk around the castle alone. As she sees the castle residents sleeping from the fairies spell, a lot of questions still addled her mind, and yet she had no answered to them. In one of the corridors of the castle, Robin was still trying to figure out things, till she drops dead in her tracks. She sensed that someone else was with her, someone who was still awake.

Robin: I know you’re there. Show yourself!

A robed figure, the same one she encountered at the castle library earlier, appears from the shadows behind Robin. She turns around to confront him and noticed in his hands was the Infinity’s Eye book.

Cloaked Man: I take it you didn’t get to her in time?

Robin: No…we didn’t. It happened as it was written.

Cloaked Man: Can’t say I blame ya. But I’ll give you an ‘A’ for trying though.

Robin: But why? Why would we go through all this if we know we can’t stop it!

Cloaked Man: Hey, you know this story as well as I do; “A princess, cursed by a wicked fairy, forced to sleep forever until awakened by true love’s kiss.” You can’t mess with the story, just because you don’t like how it goes.

Robin: Then why us? Why are we even here?

Cloaked Man: *sigh* Let me ask you this; have you even wondered why this book brought you to this world? Or why someone like Eneru would team up with Maleficent in the first place? And more importantly…why you just happened to find the Infinity’s Eye in the first place?

Robin attempted to answer back, but she couldn’t. She began to contemplate on everything that had transpired since the Straw Hats arrived here sixteen year ago. And so far it made no sense to her. It wasn’t chance that the Infinity’s Eye book came into their possession. Nor the fact that Eneru’s hedonistic personally would never let him team up with a witch like Maleficent. Before Robin could ask again, the Cloaked Man spoke once more.

Cloaked Man: Look, I can’t explain everything now, but this goes beyond what you and your crewmates know. There’s a force at work here, one that, if they succeed, could spell disaster not just for this world, but for other worlds including your own. Somehow that book chose your crew for a reason and I have gut feeling that you’ll all play a bigger part in the future.

Robin: But what about now? What can we do to help Aurora?

Cloak Man: We both know how this story ends…*walks up to Robin and hands her the Infinity’s Eye*…but the trick is how to get there.

The Cloaked Man then walks away as Robin holds the Infinity’s Eye in her hands.

Cloaked Man: I look forward to see how you’ll get to the ending. I hope it plays out better than the original.

Robin: The original? What do you mean…

Robin turns around but the Cloaked Man has vanished from sight. Suddenly, Robin begins to hear fighting coming from outside. She follows the sound to a courtyard, which happens to be a garden. She sees Luffy, Sanji and Zoro caught in a big ball of violence, with Nami and Usopp as spectators.

Robin: Did I miss something?

Nami: *points to the fighting trio* No sooner then you left, those three got into a heated argument. Next thing we know, Zoro said something stupid, Sanji kicks him for it, Zoro punches him but hits Luffy instead. A few seconds later, is snowballed into that.

Robin: I see…and where are the others?

Usopp: They’re over there, weeping for Rose.

Usopp points to the corner where Brook, Chopper and Franky were balling their eyes out.

Robin: Enough of this! Sesenta Fleur…Slap!

Robin sprouts sixty arms, ten of each grabbing the six crewmates and starts slapping them silly across the face. This lasted for a few minutes until the hands finally stopped.

Luffy: Oww! *rubs his face* Robin! Why’d you hit us like that?!

Robin: To snap you all out of it! I’m disgust at you all, acting like this! How can you all be like this with Aurora under a spell!

Chopper: But what can we do? *sniff* We couldn’t stop the curse.

Robin: So we’re just going to give up, just like that! Did you all forget the times we didn’t give up? *points to Usopp* Usopp; when we were forced to abandon the Going Merry when it was beyond repair, you were the only one who refuse to give her up, even going so far as to fight Luffy for it!

Usopp lowered his head, not at what she said was true, but the fact that she was right.

Robin: *points to Sanji* Sanji; When Nami was captured by Absalom, didn’t you charge in bent on getting her back?

Sanji lowers his head; his blood boils from remembering that incident at Thriller Bark.

Robin: *points to Luffy* Luffy; you were willing to save Vivi’s country from Crocodile and Barouqe Works, even at the cost of you own life.

Luffy clutched his hands, remembering all too well about the events that occurred at Alabasta.

Usopp: So you made a point, Robin. But how do you propose to wake Aurora up?

Robin: In case you all forgot; Merryweather’s gift gave us a loophole to break the curse.

Usopp: What loophole?

Robin: Don’t you remember? “…and from this slumber you shall wake when true love's kiss the spell shall break.”

Sanji: So all we got to do is find Aurora’s true love and get him to kiss her, right?

Robin: Right.

Chopper: But what about Eneru and that witch? *sniffs* How can we beat them?

Zoro: And who says we can’t? We defeated Eneru and his followers once before and we’ve beaten guys tougher than he was.

Sanji: For once, Zoro has a point. We fought CP9, the Marines, Warlords. We even took down the entire Donquixote Family. Defeating that witch will be a cakewalk.

Robin: And we spend the last two years training, so we won’t be at a disadvantage like before.

Franky: Yeah! I’m been super itching to pay them back for what they did!

Robin: Luffy, you said you wanted to see the worlds and what they had to offer. Are you ready to see this through?

Nami: Luffy…

Chopper: Luffy…

Franky: Straw Hat!

Brook: Luffy…

Zoro: Come on, Captain. We’re all waiting for our orders.

It didn’t take long for Luffy to respond. His crew was just as determined as he was to see this to end. So he took a deep breath and yelled to the sky in an act of declaration.


Chopper: Yeah!

Zoro: That’s our captain.

Usopp/Sanji/Brook: For Rose!

Franky: SUPER!


Robin: So what’s our plan of action, Luffy?

Luffy: Let’s just go to the fairies, maybe they might help us find this guy. But all I know is, I’m not leaving until Aurora awakens from her spell…and that’s a promise I intend to keep!

In the throne room, the fairies are almost done putting everyone into an eternal slumber when the Straw Hats walks in, discussing about the peasant boy the princess met hours ago.

Sanji: So she met this person in the woods, right?

Usopp: Yeah, all handsome, yet kind-hearted.

Robin: But did he ever say his name?

Luffy: Uh…No, he never did.

Nami: Great! Then how are we gonna find him? Finding one peasant boy is like trying to find a needle in a haystack!

Usopp: We don’t need to know his name. But, we were with her when she met him, and if we find him, we’ll recognize him!

Robin: Usopp actually has an excellent point.

Brook: Right, so the real question is: Where can we find him? He could be anywhere. Perhaps even far away from here by now.

While the fairies continue their work, Flora has just placed a sleeping spell on King Hubert, who starts talking himself to sleep.

Hubert: Well, just been talking to Phillip… Seems he's fallen in love with some…peasant girl.

Robin/Flora: Peasant girl?!

Sanji: You don’t think he’s talking about…?

Robin: Only one way to find out.

Robin and Flora immediately went over to Hubert and they try to keep him awake so they can hear more.

Robin: The peasant girl! Who is she?! Where did he meet her?!

Hubert: Just some…peasant girl he met…

Flora: Where? Where?!

Hubert: Once upon…a dream.

And with that, King Hubert finally falls asleep.

Flora: Once upon a dream?

Nami: Doesn't that phrase sound familiar?

Robin: Wait a minute! Usopp, what exactly did this peasant boy look like?

Usopp: Well, now that you mentioned it…he didn’t look like any peasant I’ve seen. In fact, he almost looked regal.

Chopper: Yeah, and he had a hat and cape too!

Nami: What are you getting at Robin?

Robin: Back at the cottage, Aurora said that she met the peasant boy…Once upon a dream. And King Hubert just mentioned that Phillip met a girl “Once upon a dream” too.

Sanji: You don’t think two are connected?

Robin: Yes, if Aurora met the boy “Once upon a dream”…

Brook: And if Phillip met a girl there too…

Franky: Then that would mean…

It only took a few seconds for them to finally put the clues together and they all exclaimed in shock.

Straw Hats: AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!

Luffy: That means the peasant guy that Aurora met was actually Prince Phillip!

Chopper: And the peasant girl Phillip fell in love with was really Aurora!

Nami: Which means those two already met each other and fallen in love without even realizing it!

Sanji: Oh man, we really loused up big time!

Brook: But if they’re in love, then that means Phillip’s our only chance to wake Aurora.

Franky: But there’s one problem: Where is Phillip?

Nami: Wait…didn’t Aurora say she was meeting him at the cottage tonight?

Usopp: AH! You’re right! He’s probably on his way there now!

Zoro: Don’t forget, we have another problem to worry about.

Luffy: What other problem, Zoro?

Zoro: If we know there’s a way to break the curse, there’s no doubt that Maleficent and Eneru know about it too. So we have to get to him before they do.

Luffy: Right, there’s no time to waste! Let’s go!

Luffy leads the crew out of the throne room as Flora flew up to Fauna and Merryweather, who were putting out some candles on the chandelier.

Flora: Come on, we've got to get back to the cottage!

The fairies soon flew off, but not before Merryweather puts out the last of the candles. Everyone then quickly left the castle and made their way back to the cottage as fast they could.

Meanwhile, in the forest, Phillip is riding through the forest, whistling “Once upon a dream”, en route to the cottage. By the time he arrived, he gets off and approaches the door. He looks back at Samson and gives himself good luck. Then he knocks on the door.

????: Come in.

The door opens and Phillip walks in. But when he does, he finds the place in darkness. It's like no one is even living there. This leaves Phillip rather confused. He heard a woman, so where is she. As he looks around, the door suddenly slams shut behind.

Ohm: NOW!

Then Maleficent's minions and the Four Priest leaped out from the darkness, ambushing him. Phillip tries to fight them, but they outnumbered him as they try to tie him up. Maleficent watches in the shadows, smiling with deep satisfaction. Her raven Diablo caws nonstop. By the time it was over, Phillip was tied up and gagged. Maleficent lights a candle, approaches and looks closer at his face. She became surprised.

Maleficent: Well, this is a pleasant surprise. I set my trap for a peasant, and lo, I catch a PRINCE!

She starts laughing for a short time. Then she turns to her minions and the priests.

Maleficent: Away with him!

Shura: You heard her, you goons, take him back to the castle!

The minions start taking Phillip out of the door.

Maleficent: But gently, my pets, gently. I have plans for our royal guest.

Minutes later, the Straw Hats and the fairies were still on their way to the cottage. By the time they arrived, they don't see Phillip anywhere. They quickly ran into the cottage and began looking around. But then, they were shocked to find the place ransacked and they see Phillip's hat on the floor and picked it up. They looked at each other, realizing who was responsible.

Everyone: Maleficent!

Merryweather: She's got Prince Phillip!

Franky: Oh man! We were SO close!

Nami: Oh well that’s just perfect! Just when we got our ace in the hole to break the curse, that witch swipes the only person who can break it!

Sanji: But what I want to know is how did she know Phillip would be here?

Robin: The same way she found out about Rose…look.

Robin picks up a bunch of black feathers she found on the floor and shows it to the group.

Robin: Do these feathers remind you of something?

Usopp: Hmm…didn’t Maleficent have a pet raven with her when we first saw her?

Sanji: Yeah and I’ll bet he’s the one who found the cottage and ratted to her about us.

Chopper: What are we gonna do?! How are we going to find him?

Zoro: There's only one place where she cloud take him. And I think we all know where.

Flora: At the Forbidden Mountain.

Fauna: *gasp* But we can't—we can't go there!

Luffy already gets a determined look on his face.

Luffy: We CAN and we MUST!



Jul 28, 2004
in my mind
Chapter 9: Battle with the Forces of Evil! The Epic Showdown Begins!

After a while of climbing the treacherous and deadly path up the Forbidden Mountain, they have finally arrived at Maleficent’s fortress. It was a dark, gloomy and foreboding place where no one will dare enter. Looking upon the castle, its spooky tone sent shivers down some members’ spines. They quietly made their way to the drawbridge, and luckily for them it was down and the gate is open.

Luffy: The gate’s open and the drawbridge is down. We can get across!

Usopp: SHHH!! Not so loud! You want somebody to hear us?

Chopper: Somebody who? I don’t see any guards.

Zoro: Just because you don't see them, doesn't mean they're not around.

Flora: Come on.

Then they made their way across the drawbridge cautiously. This is a pretty dangerous mission. If Maleficent or Eneru knew they’re here, the team and the fairies might go into a situation that they might have little chance to escape from. Fortunately, Franky thought ahead and brought three of the Soldier Dock vehicles, in the advent of a quick get-a-way. As they continue to make their way towards the castle, they suddenly spot a guard up ahead coming towards them. But luckily, the guard has not seen them yet.

Usopp: EEH! Back to the other end!

Nami: No time! Mirage Tempo!

Nami pulls out her Clima-Takt and swings it, causing her and the others to become invisible. The guard approaches them and soon stops dead in front of them, very close. The crew can feel the guard’s breath in front of them as he looks around. The crew was nervous about what will happen if the guard continues forward, just bumping into some invisible figures. But the guard turns and walks back the other way. They wait for him to be gone before Nami swung her Clima-Takt again, making them visible again.

Sanji: So now what?

Robin: We need to think of another way to get inside.

Flora: I could shrink us so that way, we might pass the guards unnoticed.

Usopp: Yeah, and do think you can make us fly, that way we can move around quicker.

Flora: Of course, dear. But it will only be temporary.

With a whirl of her wand, Flora shrinks everyone down to size and gave them the ability to fly, temporary of course.

Then they entered through the crack on the wall. Once they made it inside, they start moving. But they ran into a guard sharpening his weapon. They gasped and immediately backed away. But when they turned the other way, they ran into another guard, who was snoring loudly. Then they took off in the air, only to run into a scary-looking gargoyle. They took off and ran into another gargoyle, then another, and another, and another again until finally, they found a spot to rest.

Usopp: Sheesh! There are so many gargoyles here!

Nami: What’s Maleficent trying to scare away? Ghosts?

Franky: I’ll say this much, she really has some super weird taste in architecture.

Chopper: Hey, I see something over there.

They flew over to a nearby large window where Chopper saw the mysterious light. They land and they take a look. From what they are seeing, Maleficent’s minions and Eneru’s Enforcers are dancing around a burning bonfire in some sort of celebration. They are dancing wildly and madly as they laugh continuously. The sight of it made Luffy’s blood boil in fury.

Brook: I think they're celebrating.

Zoro/Sanji: You think?

Luffy: Those jerks, I’ll give something to celebrate!

Luffy was about to charge in and bash a few heads, but is stopped by Robin, placing her hand on his shoulder.

Robin: Don’t worry Luffy; they won’t be celebrating for long after we’re done.

Nami: Yeah, but where’s Eneru and Maleficent?

Zoro: Right there.

They looked where Zoro was pointing and they definitely see Maleficent in her throne with her pet raven and Eneru leaning on the throne.

Eneru: I must congratulate you on our success. The only reason I would condone such pagan festivities is the fact that we have fulfilled your curse, that and our recent string of victories has put me in a good mood.

Maleficent: What a pity prince Phillip can't be here to enjoy the celebration.

Eneru: Yes…shame he can’t though, given his new “quarters” *laughs*

Maleficent: Come, we must go to the dungeon and cheer him up.

Then she gets up from her throne and they start heading downstairs to the dungeon.

Flora: Let's follow them. They’ll lead us to Phillip.

Usopp: Uh, is that a good idea? Eneru has that Mantra ability, he could sense our presence and we’ll lose the element of surprise.

Sanji/Brook: Yes, it IS!

Robin: But let’s stay at a distance. Eneru hasn’t sensed us yet for some reason, we’ll be fine as long as we don’t get too close to him.

Luffy: Come on! We’re going to lose them!

Then they quietly followed Eneru, Maleficent and her raven down into the dungeon. When they got deeper, it got gloomy and darker than outside the castle before. Soon, Maleficent approaches one door in the dungeon. She takes out a key, unlocks it, and enters with Diablo and Eneru. Phillip was sitting while his wrists and ankles were chained into the wall. He looks up at Eneru and Maleficent with a glare.

Maleficent: Oh, come now, Prince Phillip. Why so melancholy?

Eneru: You should be delighted, for a wondrous new future lies before you. You, the destined hero of a charming little fairy tale come true.

The others peeked through the iron bars on the door window, watching what is going on. Maleficent uses her magic staff to depict the following.

Maleficent: Behold, King Stefan's castle…

Eneru: …And atop its highest tower, dreaming of her true love, is the princess Aurora. But see here the gracious whim of the fates. Why, it is the very same peasant girl, who had won the heart of our noble prince only yesterday.

And we see what she was depicting through images of the tower and the sleeping princess Aurora.

Maleficent: She is indeed most wondrous fair. Gold of sunshine in her hair, lips that shame the red, red rose. In ageless sleep she finds repose.

Eneru: The years roll by, but they say a hundred years to a steadfast heart are about a day.

Maleficent: And now, the gates of the dungeon part and our prince is free to go his way. Off he rides on his noble steed...

In her imagery, the prince is shown to be old, anything but what she's telling. Her voice drips with sarcasm.

Maleficent: ...A valiant figure, straight and tall, to wake his love with love's first kiss…

Eneru: …and prove that old fool’s tale of how true love conquers all.

Phillip then angrily tries to get at them, but is held back by the chains. Maleficent and Eneru laughs evilly.

Luffy: THAT’S IT! Let me at ‘em…

Luffy, having all he could take, rushes out towards them in anger, but the others manage to pull him back and clamp his mouth shut. Diablo and Eneru hears something and turn around to look. But they do not see the fairies or the Straw Hats.

Maleficent: Come, gentlemen. Let us leave our noble prince with these happy thoughts.

Diablo perches on her shoulder and they head to the door.

Eneru: Of course, it’s all he’ll have for the next hundred years.

Maleficent: A most gratifying day.

Then they exit and Maleficent locks the door behind her. She notices a look of concern on Eneru’s face.

Maleficent: What’s wrong?

Eneru: It is nothing…but for a minute, I thought I heard Straw Hat’s voice just now.

Maleficent: The boy…here?!

Eneru: I thought I did…hmm. It seems this world has affected my mantra worse off than I thought. Regardless, those fools wouldn’t try to enter this castle without my knowing.

Nami: Boy, does he know how wrong he is.

Maleficent: Well there’s no point in worrying about it, we’ll deal with them when the time comes. For the first time in sixteen years, I shall sleep well.

Eneru: And while you get your rest, I will report to Her Radiance on our victory.

Then the two parted ways, but Diablo looks back with a suspicious look. Then the fairies and the Straw Hats peek out from a crack on the wall and they see Maleficent heading towards her tower.

Usopp: Hmph…and they say “no rest for the wicked”.

Sanji: I hope she gets plenty of shut-eye, because she’ll be in for a big surprise in the morning.

Franky notices a look of unease on Robin’s face as she sees Eneru walking to a corner and out of sight.

Franky: Hey Robin, what’s wrong?

Robin: It’s something that Eneru just said. Who’s “Her Radiance”?

Chopper: What does that mean?

Robin: It means if Eneru isn’t working for Maleficent, then who is or in this case, who are they working for?

Luffy: Who cares! Now’s our chance to get the prince out of here. Let’s go!

They entered though the bars on the window and into the cell. Flora then grows them back their real size. The fairies then approached Phillip, and before Phillip can speak, Flora spoke first.

Flora: Shh, no time to explain.

Flora and Fauna uses their magic to cut Phillip's chains as Merryweather works the lock on the door. Quick enough, Phillip is unchained and the door is unlocked. Phillip gets up but Flora halts him for a moment.

Flora: Wait, Prince Phillip. The road to true love may be barred by still many more dangers, which you and the Straw Hats will have to face. So arm thyself with this enchanted Shield of Virtue and this mighty Sword of Truth.

Using her magic, she grants him the magical shield and sword.

Flora: For these weapons of righteousness will triumph over evil.

Zoro: Okay, listen up! We got lucky so far, but it’s not over yet. The minute they spot us, they’ll throw everything they have to keep us from breaking the curse. So there’s no need to hold back, give them everything you got!

Flora: Now come, we must hurry.

Everyone, now completely armed, made their way out of the cell with Prince Phillip. But just after they exited the cell, Diablo appears before them, squawking at them before flying up the stairs.

Franky: Hey, that’s the stoolpigeon raven!

Luffy: Get him!

Zoro: Forget him, Luffy. We need to get out of here before he alerts the whole castle.

Luffy: But…

Nami: No time to argue! Let’s get out of here!

They all ran up the opposite stairs to an exit.

Usopp: Well, at least it couldn’t get worse…

But when they got further up the stairs, they only find Diablo coming at them…with Maleficent’s minions and Eneru’s Enforcers charging downstairs at them. Everyone then immediately went the other way as the minions chased them.

Usopp: It got worse! IT GOT WORSE!!

Nami: You just had to open your big mouth?!

Sanji: Everyone, back the other way!

The fairies, Phillip, and the Straw Hats ran the other way and into the other room. They ran to the window when they turned and start fighting back the minions.



Franky and Luffy get loose their attacks, knocking back as many minions and enforcers as they can. But the more minions they take out, twice as many took their place.

Nami: There’s too many of them! We have to move!

Zoro: Everyone! Out the window!

Then the team starts getting out through the window as Zoro and Phillip held the minions back. Zoro pulls out all three of his swords, holding his two swords horizontally above the shoulder and the other in his mouth in the same direction.

Zoro: Santoryu….108 CAILBER PHOENIX!!

Zoro then performs a circular swing that launches three air compressed projectiles spiraling towards the horde, sending them flying.

Zoro: Come on, Phillip! Let’s go!

Then he and Phillip went out the window. They see Samson, Phillip's horse, chained up and it neighs. After they slide down on a pile of rubble, Maleficent’s raven alerts the minions and then they drops boulders upon them.

Sanji: Heads up!!

Everyone looked up and saw the boulders falling down on them. But Flora intervenes and, using her magic wand, turns the rocks into bubbles.

Brook: Whew! That was close!

Franky: Too close!

As they ran, another group of minions fires a volley of arrows at them. Flora intervenes again and turns the arrows into flowers. Merryweather uses her wand and breaks the chains off Samson's leg. Phillip then gets on him and the group makes a break for the exit. Up ahead, the minions poured hot oil, but Flora intervenes again and creates a rainbow to block the oil.

Usopp: Boy, it’s a good thing these fairies are on our side!

Just then, the four priest and the remaining Enforcers formed a five line barricade to the exit. With Satori and his brothers Hotori and Kotori guarding the first, Ohm and Holy on second, Shura and Fuza on third, Gedatsu on fourth and Yama and the surviving Enforcers forming the fifth and final line.

Luffy: Ugh! These guys again?!

Satori: Ha, Ha haha! Did you think you’d leave here so easy?

Ohm: We have orders to ensure the prince doesn’t leave this place…alive or otherwise.

Shura: That goes the same for you all!

Gedatsu: There will be no mistakes this time!

Yama: None shall pass us!

The Straw Hats: Wanna bet?

While this was happening, elsewhere deep in an unknown part of the castle, Eneru was speaking to what appears to be a transparent image of a tall foreboding woman in a white cloak.

????: …and the prince?

Eneru: In a dungeon cell for the next hundred years. By then, this world will already be ours.

????: Excellent! Then everything is going according to plan. But about these interlopers you mentioned…these Straw Hats. Will they give you any trouble?

Eneru: I assure you, Your Radiance. The Straw Hats would not dare come here. Even if they did, my loyal followers would…

????: LORD ENERU!!!

Eneru turns to see one of his Enforcers, blooded, bruise and otherwise beaten beyond recognition. He only took a few steps before he stumbled into Eneru. Eneru grabs the enforcer by his horns and lifts him to eye level.

Eneru: You fool! What is the meaning of you dragging your carcass upon me?

Wounded Enforcer: S—sir….the…the prince….he…he…the Straw Hats…

Eneru’s eyes widened upon hearing “the Straw Hats”, after he had just said that they wouldn’t try to infiltrate the castle. He then grabs the enforcer by the shoulders and begins the throttle him for more info.

Eneru: What! Answer me! What about the Straw Hats?!

Wounded Enforcer: They…….They………

The enforcer whispered something into Eneru’s ear, causing his entire face to turn red with rage.

Eneru: THEY WHAT?!?!?!?!?!

Back outside, the Straw Hats continued to charge at the barricade, with no intention of slowing down.

Zoro: No time to deal with these goons, just plow through them.

Nami: With pleasure.

Hotori: *notices Nami* AH! You again!

Kotori: Did you really think we forget what you did to us?!

Kotori/Hotori: THIS TIME YOU DIE!

Nami: Not today!

Kotori and Hotori lunge at Nami, but not before she creates three dark clouds, in a triangular formation.

Kotori: What’s this…another one of your tricks?

Hotori: Ha, Ha haha! You think a bunch of small clouds could stop us?!

Nami Nope…but this will! Thunder Trap!

Hotori and Kotori pass between the three clouds and before they could react, lightning passes from the clouds, zapping the duo into a blacken crisp.

Satori: Kotori! Hotori! You’ll pay for…

But before Satori can even finish his sentence, Sanji and Luffy leaped behind him and, with two well-placed kicks, sends Satori flying towards one of the castle towers. The impact KO’s Satori as his limp lower half protrudes from the tower.

Luffy: Sorry we can’t fight some more…

Sanji: But we have pressing matters at Stefan’s castle.

Ohm: You’re not going anywhere! Eisen Back!

Ohm forms a large solid wall of iron cloud, blocking the path to the main gate.

Ohm: Heh! I like to see you try and get through-

Zoro: Ittoryu… 360- CAILBER PHOENIX!

Zoro delivers a stronger version of his 36 Cailber Phoenix, blowing away not only the iron cloud, but knocking out Ohm in the process.

Zoro: Just as a thought, he wasn’t even trying!

Zoro notices Holy, blocking the way, about to swing his fist at the group.

Zoro: Holy, knock yourself out!

And with that command, Holy KO’s himself with just one punch and falls to the side, much to the shock of the group.

Usopp: Wow! That’s one obedient dog!

Gedatsu: You may have beaten Ohm, but let’s see you cut through this.

Gedatsu raises his hands and begins to produce a large purple-like cloud.

Chopper: Oh-no…that’s!

Gedatsu: Take this! Swamp Cloud Burger!

Gedatsu throws the big cloud at the group, but Nami jumps ahead and points her Clima-Takt at the cloud.

Nami: Sorry, but your forecast is changed due to high winds. Gust Sword!

Nami fires a gust of wind from her Clima-Takt, blasting away the swamp cloud.

Nami: He’s all yours, Chopper!

Chopper: Right! Walk Point!

Chopper changes into his true form and charges head-on at Gedatsu.

Gedatsu: Wha!? Who are you?!

Chopper: Remember me, jerk! Heavy Point!

Chopper instantly switches to Heavy Point and notices that Gedatsu has his eyes rolled up again.

Gedatsu: I heard that raccoon-dog! Where is he?!

Chopper: Hey! You got your eyes rolled back again!

Gedatsu: HUH?! So care-

Chopper: Too late! HEAVY GONG!

Chopper delivers a well-placed punch to Gedatsu’s face before he had a chance to finish his exclamation. The impact knocks out Gedatsu and off his feet as the group rushes pass him.

Yama: Stand your ground men! Though our priests have fallen, we remain to carry out God Eneru’s will! They will be cut down by our blades and their deaths will be offered to Eneru as tribute.

Brook: Did you say “cut”? I’m sorry but I already did that.

Yama: Huh…who?

Yama turns around to see Brook walking past him the Enforcers.

Yama: There’s one of them now! Get him!

The Enforcers charge at Brook in a frenzy, unaware that he was resheathng his sword.

Brook: Three-Verse Humming: ARROW NOTCH SLASH!

Brook sheathes his sword and a split-second later, the Enforcers fall flat to the floor. Yama notices multiple cuts on the incapacitated Enforcers.

Brook: Can’t stay to fight…there’s a princess waiting for us.

Yama: Stop right there, skeleton!

Robin: You shouldn’t turn your back on an enemy.

Yama: Wait! That voice…!

Robin: Especially me! Mil Fleur: Gigantesco Mano!

Robin creates a giant limb, sprouting from the ground a few feet from Yama, who could only stare in shock at the large arm in front of him.

Yama: Wha…What the?

Robin: Swat!

The arm performs a wide sweeping motion, swatting Yama into the air and into a nearby wall. Yama pops out the other side, ko’d and bruised all over his head.

Zoro: So much for Eneru’s goons, now the way is clear.

Luffy: Let’s go!

Straw Hats: Aye, Aye!

Diablo, seeing Eneru’s forces beaten, caws and flies towards Maleficent’s tower, to wake her. But Merryweather sees this and flies after him. She shoots a magic spell at him, but he kept dodging each one. When they got to Maleficent’s tower, Merryweather chases him around and around the tower a few times before she waits in one spot for a surprise attack. When Diablo came around the bend, she popped out and shot her magic at him, turning him to stone. She gives the now petrified raven a “serves you right” hmmph and went back to the others just as Maleficent appears from her chambers, not happy about the noise.

Maleficent: SILENCE!!!! *to Diablo* You! Tell those fools to--

But she gasps when she notices Diablo is now a stone statue. She looks to see the Straw Hats escaping with Prince Phillip.

Maleficent: No! *gasps* No!

Eneru warps over the castle, scanning the ground for the Straw Hats, until he finds them heading for the main gate.


Everyone then got out just in time before the front gate closes on them. But when they looked up ahead, they see the drawbridge being raised.

Fauna: Watch out, Phillip!

Luffy: Hang on, guys!

Luffy wraps his left arm around the crew and throws his right arm at the archway on the other side.


Then Phillip’s horse leaps over the massive gap as Luffy and the crew zings across just barely, but made it. Wasting no time; the Straw Hats removed the camouflage and got into each vehicle. Franky on the Kurosai FR-U 4, Nami on the Shiro Mokuba I with Luffy in tow, Chopper transforms into Walk Point with Robin riding on top and everyone else piled into the Brachio-Tank 5. They then moved as fast as they could to catch up with Prince Phillip.

Eneru: Two Hundred…Million Volt…AMARU!

Eneru transforms into a gigantic Raijin looking thunder god made of pure electricity and begins gathering thunderclouds around him. Maleficent heads to the very top of her tower and looks down at them from above. Phillip and the others tried to make their down the mountain. But Maleficent and Eneru has them in their sights.

Flora: Hurry, hurry Phillip!

Eneru starts to channel lightning from the storm and Maleficent then shoots a thunderbolt down at them.

Franky: Incoming!

The thunderbolt struck the rock arch above the group, resulting in an explosion of rocks. But Phillip blocks them with his shield.

Luffy: What the heck was that!?

Nami: It’s those two! Eneru is using his Devil Fruit power to amplify the thunderstorm and Maleficent is directing the bolts at us!

Robin: Well, now we know they’re pulling out every trick in the book to stop us!

Maleficent then throws another thunderbolt at the group, and destroys a road in front of them. Samson neighs as they slid down, but they leaped across the gap except for the Brachio-Tank.

Usopp: EHHH! We’re gonna fall!

Robin: Mille Fleur…Bridge!

Robin sprouts a thousand arms along the cliffside, forming a bridge for the Brachio-Tank to ride across. They have now left the mountain and are now in King Stefan's kingdom. But neither Eneru nor Maleficent were through yet. Eneru began forming a swirling black cloud above Maleficent as she channels magic from her scepter into the cloud.

Maleficent: A forest of thorns shall be their tomb.

Eneru: Borne through the skies on a fog of doom!

Eneru/Maleficent: Now go with the curse and serve us well. ‘Round Stefan’s castle, cast our spell!

They cast the cloud over to Stefan’s castle. It surrounds the castle and bolts of lightning struck everywhere, causing a growth of thick thorny bushes to grow and spread rapidly.

Nami: Guys! Stop!

Nami points ahead as the others looked up ahead and saw a wall of thorns before them, and they had to stop.

Chopper: Woah!

Sanji: Usopp! Hit the brakes!

Usopp pulls on the brakes as hard as he could, as the others managed to stop but inches from the wall. Maleficent and Eneru then laughs, thinking they have succeeded.

Franky: Man! Those two ain’t giving up without a fight!

Luffy: And neither are we! This dumb wall of thorns won’t stop us here!

Chopper: What are gonna do?!

Nami: Brook, Zoro, help Prince Phillip cut a across the thorns! Usopp, use the Brachio-Tank and blast the denser parts away! Everyone else, clear a path to the castle!

Luffy: Now let’s go!!!

Zoro and Brook then took out their swords and they immediately start cutting through the thorns. Usopp begin piloting the Brachio-Tank and started blasting away the thicker parts ahead. Most of the crew was cut up by the thorns, but they continued to cut through. Phillip then gets his cape caught in the thorns, but the fairies freed his cape and they continued. They kept cutting through the thorns until they see the castle in sight.

Chopper: Hey, we’re almost there!

Sanji: We're not far from the castle now!

Usopp: Stand back guys!

Usopp fires one more shot from the Brachio-Tank, blowing away the last of the thorns in their path.

Zoro: We’re through! Come on!

The Straw Hats and Phillip quickly made it out and made their way to the castle entrance. Maleficent and Eneru became furious, seeing their plan has failed.

Maleficent: No! It cannot be!

She turns into a swirling comet and heads for the castle followed by Eneru who traveled through the clouds as a lightning bolt. Before anyone can cross the bridge to the castle, Maleficent and Eneru then explodes and appears in front of the group, making them come to a halt.

Eneru: I’m impressed; you all just went from minor annoyance to major threat in no less than a day. Regardless, we have come too far to let you ruin our plans.

Robin: It's all over! You both lost!

Maleficent: I shall never lose to the likes of you, mortal fools! I am all-powerful!!!

Luffy: All-powerful? More like all-lame! We defeated your army, evaded your attacks and got through this weed wall of yours. Face it! You two are out of tricks!

Eneru: Not quite! We still have one more “trick” to play!

Maleficent: For now shall you deal with us, Straw Hat!

Eneru: And all the powers of Heaven…

Maleficent: …and Hell!!!

Maleficent explodes into a tower of green fire as her body began taking shape. She laughs evilly as he grew a longer neck, wings, a tail, and claws. Her head became longer and sharp teeth appeared. Now with black scales, purple wings, and green eyes, Maleficent has transformed herself into a fire-breathing dragon.

Eneru: One Hundred……Billion Volt……..SEIRYU!!!!

Eneru erupts into a pillar of lighting as his own body began to merge with the lighting and take shape. He laughed alongside Maleficent as his body changed into a long serpentine body. His head became dragon-like, with the horns of a stag, sharp teeth, light blue scaly skin, yellow eyes, long flowing whiskers, a long snout, crescent shaped nostrils, and flowing light blue hair on his cheeks. His arms and legs turns into claws with four toes on each foot. With his transformation complete, Eneru is now a colossal eastern dragon made of pure electricity towering over Maleficent, gazing menacingly at our heroes, leaving everyone shocked. Without any hesitation, Phillip courageously charges towards the two dragons.

Nami: Phillip, don’t!

Merryweather angrily starts towards Maleficent, but is again held back by Flora. Maleficent breathes a shot of green fire at Phillip as he got closer. He blocked it with his shield, but the force of the blast knocks him off Samson. Eneru unleashes a stream of lighting, destroying the bridge. Then Maleficent lunges at him, but Luffy got in front of her. Luffy pulls back his left arm as far as he could and snaps it back, aiming it at her head when she struck.


The attack collides, and the impact knocks her head back. She growls and bites at him. Luffy counters again by stretches his leg out and…


…hits Maleficent right in the face, knocking her on her back. Eneru, seizing the opportunity, charges at Luffy at full speed.

Luffy: Watch out!

Luffy manages to knock Phillip out of the way, only to get struck by Eneru. Luffy was able to grab onto Eneru’s nose as he flew up into the clouds and out of sight.

Chopper: Luffy!!!

Zoro: Don’t worry, Luffy’s tough. He’s not gonna let that oversized lizard beat him.

Sanji: Yeah, but I think we shouldn’t worry about him and worry about the other oversized lizard in front of us.

Sanji points at Maleficent, who has just recovered from Luffy’s attack, now lunges at the group.

Usopp/Nami/Chopper: AHHHHHH!!!!!


Sanji jumps high into the air and lands a powerful kick to the Maleficent's neck, sending her flying into the thorns.

Chopper/Usopp: Yay Sanji!

Franky: Hang on! I thought you don’t fight women.

Sanji: I don’t…but for Aurora’s sake, I’m willing to make an exception. Besides, she doesn’t look very lady-like anyway.

Maleficent emerges from the thorns, enraged by Sanji’s attack and blasts a fireball at him.

Sanji: Hold that thought… ÉPAULE SHOOT!

Sanji jumps into the air, dodging the attack, and then brings his heel down on the Maleficent's shoulder.

Sanji: Hope that one hurt, you hag lizard! COTELETTE…SELLE!

Dropping down into a one-handed handstand position, Sanji kicks Maleficent hard in the ribs. Then spins around in the opposite direction and delivers a fast kick to her lower back.

Sanji: Because I’m gonna make you pay for what you did to Rose! POITRINE SHOOT!

Sanji delivers a stabbing kick straight into Maleficent’s chest, causing her to roar out in pain.

Sanji: GIGOT!

Sanji delivers a sweeping kick to the knee caps, slamming Maleficent to the ground as a result.

Sanji: And now for the final dish! Diable Jamble!

Sanji’s left leg ignites with extreme heat and flame as he leaps into the air to deliver his final blow.


Sanji deliver a kick to the Maleficent's midsection, sending her flying. Sanji begins to float back down, when Maleficent quickly recovers and, using her tail, swats Sanji into the thorns.

Chopper/Nami: SANJI!

Robin: Mille Fleur!

Robin creates a large hand and manages to catch Sanji before he hit the thorns.

Nami: Nice catch, Robin.

Nami turns around upon hearing a loud roar and sees Maleficent charging at the group, only to be stopped by Zoro who stands in her path.

Zoro: So swirly-brow wasn’t enough for you huh? Then let’s see if you can handle my swords instead.

Meanwhile, in the sky, Luffy was still battling Eneru amidst a powerful thunderstorm, created from the excess lighting discharged from Eneru’s body. Thunderbolts struck and crackled all around him, high winds blew from all directions, Luffy was in one tough pickle; for the only solid ground to fight on was Eneru’s body itself. Only way to beat Eneru was to attack his head and force him down. This was also difficult as Eneru did everything in his power to knock Luffy off; from whipping his body around to channeling lighting to strike Luffy. Luffy was halfway to the head when Eneru swung around and tried to bite at him, each chomp sounded like a thunderclap at close range. With precise timing, Luffy leaps into air, dodging another of Eneru’s chomps at the last second and grabs onto one of the horns.

Luffy: Got ya!

Luffy then flings his right arm and grabs the other horn, putting him in perfect position over Eneru’s head.

Luffy: Armament; Hardening!

Both of Luffy’s legs become dark and shiny due to the Armament Haki.


Luffy unleashes multiple strikes with his feet, giving Eneru the biggest headache in life. Eneru swung his head violently back and forth, trying to shake Luffy off. Luffy held on as best he could until his right hand loses its grip.

Luffy: Woah!

Eneru flings his head, sending Luffy flying up into the air. He swings around and opens his mouth to devour Luffy, but Luffy manages to grab on to his teeth, desperately trying to keep him from closing down on him.

Back down below, Zoro was still in combat with Maleficent; his swords countering her claws with each blow. Zoro manages to block one of her swipes, but was struggling to hold it back.

Zoro: You guys can jump in whenever you’re ready!

Brook: Come, Prince Phillip, let’s go!

Brook and Phillip rush to help Zoro and starts cutting at her legs. Brook leaps and stabs her in the shoulder. Maleficent roars in pain and knocks him and Phillip away.

Zoro: Ul-Tora Gari!

Zoro puts his hand swords over his mouth blade and swing them forth a forward descending slash with them. The attack slices at Maleficent as she roars in pain. She recoils from the attack and lunges at Zoro, only to be greeted by a barrage of rocks and thorns at her head. She looks around to see where the shots came from and sees a smug Usopp with his Black Kabuto.

Usopp: HAHAHAHA! How’d you like a taste of my Charging Meteor Shower attack, you oversized gecko! No lizard is a match for the mighty King of Snipers, Captain Usopp!

Enraged by his insult, Maleficent dives straight at Usopp with the intent to grind him into dust with her claws.


Chopper: Usopp, look out!

Chopper jumps in the way and gets grabbed by Maleficent, who snickers as she squeezes her new victim.

Chopper: I wouldn’t be laughing…ugh…if I were you…

Chopper struggles to get free from her deathgrip and manages to put out one his hoofs, which was holding a small yellow jawbreaker-like ball.

Chopper: Now you’ll get to face a real monster…RUMBLE!

Chopper puts the ball in his mouth and eats it, just as Maleficent crushes Chopper with both hands. Suddenly, she feels something moving inside her hands as she tries to keep whatever is coming out contained. Finally something busts out; it was Chopper in his massive Monster Point form. This sudden transformation left Maleficent stunned long enough for Chopper to throw a punch at her. As the two gigantic creatures began fighting at hand-to-hand combat, Franky gets an idea and runs off into the thorns.

Nami: Franky, where are you going?!

Franky: If this fight is gonna be this super, then it’s time to go all-out!

Back at the fight, Chopper swings his left arm and slugs Maleficent across the head, stunning her. Zoro, taking advantage of the situation, leaps onto her head and starts stabbing her. Maleficent roars as she tries to shake him off. Chopper grabs her by the neck and tries to keep her from moving. But Maleficent strikes him back and shakes Zoro off. Maleficent then pins Chopper down to the ground, but he prevents her from biting at his vital spots.

Franky: Hang on, Chopper! The cavalry is here! GENERAL LEFT!

Suddenly, a barrage of bullets hits Maleficent, knocking her off of Chopper. The others turn to see where the shots came from; it was Franky and his large metallic robot, the Iron Pirate: Franky Shogun.

Franky: Sorry if I was late. Chopper let’s finish with our combo move!

Chopper: Ok, Franky!

Chopper and Franky stand together and rush head-on at Maleficent at full speed.

Franky: SUPER…

Chopper: …GIGA…

Franky/Chopper: …FRAPPER GONG!

The Franky Shogun and Chopper combine both of their attacks and deliver a hard punch to Maleficent's face so powerful; it knocked her onto her back, completely stunning her afterwards. Zoro sees this as an opportunity to kill her.

Zoro: Come on, guys, now's our chance!

Zoro, Brook, and Phillip get on Maleficent's chest to stab her, but she roars and swats them away. Maleficent breathes fire at Chopper and Franky, blasting them into the thorns. Chopper changes back into his Brain Point form just as Maleficent prepares to finish him off.

Franky: Oh no you don’t!

The Franky Shogun socks Maleficent in the jaw, allowing Sanji to grab Chopper and leap out of the way.

Zoro: Everyone, fall back!

The group ran back into a forest of thorns just as Maleficent lunges at them. She began looking for them when Phillip came out from hiding and cuts down on her head. She growls in pain and bites at him as he swings his sword at her. Maleficent rears up and breathes a stream of green fire, setting the whole forest of thorns on fire.

Usopp: Funny us going out like this; roasted alive by an oversized fire-breathing lizard.

Nami: Well, this is just great. How the heck are we ever going to kill her?

Sanji: Yeah, we practically threw everything we had at her, not even the Franky Shogun or Chopper’s Monster Point was enough.

Zoro: He’s right. My swords must’ve cut her at least a hundred times and she’s still standing.

Chopper: What if we used magic?

Franky: Huh?

Chopper: Well…if she’s using magic, can’t we use magic to beat her?

Sanji: Chopper, no offense, but that idea sounds real dumb right now.

Robin: Actually, Chopper has got the right idea!

Sanji: Huh? How!

Robin: I mean, think about it in our logic; imagine if Maleficent was a Devil Fruit user. What’s the one substance besides the sea that can weaken a Devil Fruit user?

Usopp: Sea-Prism Stone?

Robin: Exactly! So if we had a weapon that has equal properties as Sea-Prism Stone, in this case, magic…

Nami: …It’ll be enough to take her down for good! Robin, its genius!

Robin: And I think I know how to do it. Flora! Fauna! Merryweather!

The fairies heard Robin call out to them and then flew over to her.

Flora: What is it, Robin?

Robin: Can you enchant Phillip’s sword with your magic? I think it’s the only way to defeat Maleficent!

Flora: Oh my, you’re right! It might just work!

Merryweather: But we’ll some time to do it. But, how will you keep Maleficent distracted long enough for us to do it?

Usopp: Leave that part to me; just make sure you’re ready with that spell.

Fauna: Alright, dear.

The fairies then went over to escort Phillip, who was backed up to a rock wall.

Flora: Up! Up this way!

Phillip then starts climbing and Maleficent spots him. Maleficent advances on Prince Phillip, and Phillip swings at her with his sword. But she has him backing up to the edge of the cliff, leaving him trapped. The fairies can only do but watch in horror. Then, she shot a blast of fire at Phillip, He blocks it with his shield, but the force knocks it off his hand and it falls off the cliff. Maleficent then laughs evilly.

Back in the air, Luffy was right where we last left him, inches from being turned to dragon chow by Eneru. Luffy couldn’t hold on forever and he knew it as Eneru continued to apply pressure with his jaws. Suddenly, Luffy gets an idea, a first for him in this kind of situation. With split-second timing, Luffy springs upwards, using the force of the dragon’s jaws as momentum.

Luffy: Second Gear!

Luffy triggers Second Gear, then falls down towards Eneru, as the dragon unleashes a torrent of lighting from his gaping maw.

Luffy: Armament Hardening: Gum-Gum Jet Gatling!

Luffy gets loose his attack and it connects with the stream of lighting. His fists make contact with the lighting, causing it to arc and scatter across the sky. As Luffy got closer to Eneru, he began to spin around like drill, blasting his way through the lighting until the dragon closes its mouth on him, trapping Luffy inside. This proved to be a fatal mistake on Eneru’s part as Luffy blasts all the way down the dragon’s body, damaging it. This kept on until Luffy finally reaches Eneru’s real body and forces him out of the dragon. The dragon “corpse”, now without Eneru as its core, becomes unstable and explodes, clearing the sky of all the clouds that were generated by Eneru.

Now Luffy and Eneru were falling thousands of feet in the air to the ground below and as Luffy grabs onto Eneru by his earlobes, the latter chuckles lightly with amusement.

Eneru: Congratulations, Straw Hat. This would be the second time that you’ve beaten me.

Luffy: …

Eneru: But don’t think that this is over!

Luffy: Huh?

Eneru: Did you really you can beat us without worrying about the consequences?!

Luffy: What are you babbling out?

Eneru: Yaaa ha ha ha ha ha! You really don’t know, do you?! Maleficent and I belong to a high order… an order whose goals extend beyond this wretched little world and when they learn that you defeated us, they will hunt you down to the end of the universe.

Luffy: …

Eneru: It doesn’t matter how strong you and your crew are, they’re no match for the individuals whom I represent. And when to encounter our leader, you’ll be pleading for death when she…


Eneru: What?!

Luffy: Did you really think I care about that?! You underestimate the true strength of my crew. It doesn’t matter how strong these guys are, my crew will beat ‘em. And if we don’t the first time, we’ll just get stronger till we do!

Eneru: Eh?!?!

Luffy: I didn’t get this far just to die from the likes of you or anyone else! And if I die fighting, then I die…BUT AT LEAST I’LL HAVE THE SATISFACTION…OF KICKING YOUR ASS ONE MORE TIME!!!!!

Eneru: EHHHH?!!?!

Seizing his chance, Luffy wraps his legs around Eneru’s waist, preventing him from escaping.

Eneru: What?! How did…Let go of me!!!

Luffy then stretches both arms as far as he can, getting ready for a gum gum bazooka…but…

Luffy: Second Gear; Hardening!

With that Luffy’s arms are now hardened and began to emit steam.

Eneru: What the?! Since when did you learn to do that?!

Luffy: Like I said earlobes, I’ve grown a lot stronger since our last fight! And this fight…might just be your last!!

Eneru: EHHH?!?!?!

Back down to earth, Maleficent was about to finish off Philip when…

Usopp: Special Attack…Sky Dragon Star!

Usopp lets loose a large burst of lightning that takes the form of a dragon, hitting Maleficent’s head, stunning her briefly.


Then the fairies finally combine all of their magic to Phillip's sword, causing the blade to shine with a radiant light.

Flora: Now sword of truth, fly swift and sure, that evil die and good endure!

Maleficent, recovering from the shock, lunges at Phillip to finish him off. Back in the air, Luffy cocks back his arms, causing them to ignite with a torrent of fire.


Eneru: Wait, Straw Hat! You wouldn’t dare!


Luffy simultaneity lets go of Eneru and hurls his arms forward at high speed, smashing into Eneru’s chest with all his might. The impact of the blow KO’s Eneru and causes an explosion through his back. The recoil of the attack sends him flying back down to earth with a stream of fire and lighting trailing him. At the same time, Phillip threw his sword at Maleficent’s chest, piercing her dark heart. She screams in agony and pain as blood seeps from her mortal wound. Then, she takes one final lunge at the prince, but Phillip jumps out of the way just in time. She slams to the ground and the cliff starts collapses, and she falls into the fiery abyss. By that time, Eneru’s body arrives and crashes into Maleficent, the discharged electricity channels between the two, triggering a massive explosion. The blast’s shockwave manages to soften Luffy’s descent as he lands a few feet away from Phillip. When the smoke and fire cleared, Luffy and Philip looked to see what was left of Maleficent at the bottom and Phillip's sword where her chest should be, before the sword turned all black. There wasn’t any sign of Eneru’s body; most likely it was incinerated in the explosion, with the exception for his Nonosama Bo, which snapped in half and partially melted.

It was over…Eneru, the ex-Sky God of Skypiea and Maleficent, the Mistress of all Evil, were now finally dead.



Jul 28, 2004
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Chapter 10: A Happy Ending! True Love Conquers All!

The other Straw Hats rushed over on the scene.

Chopper: Luffy, saw the huge explosion! Are you okay?

Zoro: Where’s Eneru and Maleficent?

Luffy only smiled and points to the abyss below.

Luffy: Gone for good. The blast destroyed them both. Take a look.

They looked down into the abyss, and see what they wanted to see. Samson approaches Phillip and Phillip pets his head.

Robin: And that’s the end of Maleficent and Eneru.

Nami: I can’t believe it…they’re gone.

Franky: WOO…we did it! *does his trademark pose* We actually got ‘em both!

Brook: It’s finally over now.

Zoro: Not yet. Aurora still needs to be awakened.

Usopp: Hey, look! The thorns are disappearing!

Everyone looks and Usopp was indeed right. The forest of thorns is now starting to vanish, leaving the trail to the castle clear.

Sanji: It’s like that whole fight never happened.

Nami: With Maleficent gone, her powers are fading away.

Robin: And her work becomes undone.

Luffy: Our path is clear! Come on, guys!

And with that, they immediately ran towards the castle. Meanwhile the Cloaked Man, who had been observing the previous fight from afar, walks out from the shadows as he watches the group enter the castle.

Cloaked Man: So…They actually defeated Maleficent. This just got very interesting…

When they got inside the courtyard, everyone was still asleep under the fairies’ spell. But they all looked like they’ve been asleep for eternity. They all looked up at the tower were Aurora sleeps as the rising run starts to brighten it. The fairies and the Straw Hats then led Phillip up to the tower, and into the room where Aurora sleeps.

Then everyone was silent as Phillip slowly approaches the sleeping princess. He got to her bed and kneels down. Then after a pause, he slowly leans down and kisses Aurora faintly on the lips. And then….Aurora’s eyes opens! She looks up at Phillip, and immediately recognizes as the same peasant boy she met yesterday. She smiles up at her true love. Everyone then smiled with happiness with some tears of happiness. Zoro and Sanji cheered together like brothers (a rare sight if any). Nami and Robin hugged each other joyfully. Chopper, Usopp and Luffy jumped for joy and cheered, and Brook and Franky shed some tears of happiness. Outside the tower, and throughout the castle, everyone was now starting to wake up. All the guards, the people living in the castle, and the crowd were all awake now that the spell has been broken.

Inside the throne room, everyone else was awakening too. King Stefan yawned as he and the Queen woke up. He looks over at King Hubert and he was sleeping next to him, and Hubert wakes up too.

Stefan: Oh, ah, forgive me, Hubert, the wine...Now, you were saying?

Hubert: I was? Oh yes, well, after all, Stefan, this is the fourteenth century.

Stefan: Yes, you said that a moment ago.

Hubert: Well, to come right to the point, my son Phillip says he's going to marry…

Hubert was interrupted by a fanfare of the trumpets, or to be more precise, by the first notes from the “Sleeping Beauty Waltz”. The fairies and the Straw Hats, garbed in dresses and suits, showed up on the balcony, watching the whole thing from there.

Chopper: Come on, we're gonna miss it!

Luffy, Sanji, Brook and Usopp were not with the crew, but all was explained when Usopp, in a jester outfit, appeared at the bottom of the stairs as Aurora and Phillip appear arm in arm, walking down the stairs from above.

Usopp: Announcing Their Royal Highnesses, Prince Philip and Princess Aurora.

And Luffy was there with them, in a suit of armor, following behind them with Sanji and Brook, escorting the royal couple.

Stefan: It's Aurora, she's here!

Hubert seems surprised when he saw his son with Aurora. The reason why is because Phillip told him that he met the girl of his dreams, but the girl happens to be Princess Aurora all along. He was completely baffled and confused.

Hubert: And...and…and Phillip!

Aurora, Phillip, Luffy, Sanji, and Brook approach the king and queen, before kneeling down before the throne. Aurora then fondly rushes over and embraces her mother for the first time in sixteen years. The crew could not be any happier. A daughter has finally reunited with her parents after being separated for sixteen years. Then Aurora approaches the trio.

Brook: Aurora, we couldn’t be any happier after sixteen years of protecting you all that time.

Sanji: For what it was worth, it was an honor.

Luffy: Yeah! And it was fun too!

But Aurora didn’t say a word. She only smiles and immediately hugs Luffy, shocking Sanji and Brook.

Aurora: *softly* Thank you…for everything, and I forgive you.

Then Aurora gives him a kiss on the cheek. Luffy was slightly stung by her kiss in the cheek, but he smiled. Sanji was about to open his mouth in protest when Aurora goes up to him.

Aurora: *softly* Thank you, Sanji. You always looked out for me, my guardian angel.

Aurora gives Sanji a kiss on the cheek, causing his entire body to blush. She then turns to Brook, who kneels down so that he’s at her eye level.

Brook: Well, no matter what anybody says…you’ll always be a princess to me.

Aurora: *softly* And you will always be a grandfather to me. Thank you for everything.

Then Aurora gives him a kiss on the cheekbone, causing Brook to blush slightly. As the trio leaves to join Usopp, Hubert then approaches Phillip, still confused from earlier.

Hubert: What does this mean, boy? I-I don't…

Before Hubert got his answer, he was interrupted when Aurora kisses him on the cheek and then went over to Phillip.

Hubert: But, but…

Then Aurora and Phillip starts dancing as the music “Once Upon a Dream” starts playing. Hubert then looks over at King Stefan and the Queen.

Hubert: I-I don't understand.

But they only smile and they hum along with the music. Hubert then looks up at the balcony where the fairies and the other Straw Hats are, and they are humming to the music as well. Hubert then just shrugs it off and hums to the music.

Chopper: Um, should we tell King Hubert about the whole peasant/prince thing?

Nami: Nah, I’m sure he’ll figure it out.

Zoro: So where to now?

Flora: You’re not going to stay around for the party?

Robin: Wish we could, but we are pirates and we’re not known for staying around one place for too long. But don’t worry, we’ll back one day.

Nami: But how? The Log Pose doesn’t work here and how are going to travel around?

Robin: That won’t be a problem…*pulls out the Infinity’s Eye book* I was reading this and found out that we use it to travel to other worlds much like this one.

Chopper: Ohh! So we can come back here if we want!

Robin: Of course, but for now, let’s enjoy the show.

As they watch Aurora and Phillip dance, Fauna loses a tear.

Flora: Why, Fauna, what's the matter, dear?

Fauna: *wipes a tear* Oh, I just love happy endings.

Zoro looks over and sees Franky bawling his eyes out.

Zoro: Franky! Why are you crying?

Franky: I always cry at happy and beautiful moments like this! But I’m still a man, even though I cry!

Zoro: Ugh…

Flora: Yes, I do, too…

But then she gasps when she notices Aurora’s dress was blue. Apparently, if anyone should’ve remembered by now, Merryweather changed the color of the dress earlier and Flora didn’t even realize it till now.

Flora: Pink!

Flora turns the dress pink, just before we hear the choir starts singing.

I know you,
I walked with you
Once upon a dream

Merryweather then sees the dress pink and turns it blue again.

Nami: Oh no!

Robin: Here we go again!

Zoro: Oh, brother!

Seeing that Flora and Merryweather are fighting over the color again, Luffy and the rest of the Straw Hats only laugh.

Chopper: I guess some things just never change…

I know you,
The gleam in your eyes
Is so familiar a gleam

The castle then disappears around Aurora and Phillip, and they keep on dancing in the clouds. All the time, the dress keeps changing its color from blue to pink and back.

And I know it's true
That visions are seldom all they seem
But if I know you I know what you'll do

Aurora and Phillip then kiss each other. The storybook fades in, showing the exact same scene. And at the bottom, it says “And they lived happily ever after” below the picture. Then it was slowly closed.

You'll love me at once
The way you did
Once upon a dream

Epilogue: A Mysterious Meeting! A New Enemy within the Shadows!

Elsewhere…amidst a sea of stars, a massive, spiral-like fortress hangs like a foreboding icicle in the cold emptiness of space. The fortress itself, at first glance, looks like it was constructed from a towering upside-down city. At the top of this immense structure, is an elegant but equally elaborate castle that serves as the heart of this massive stronghold. Within the castle, atop its highest tower, is a large and spacious room, save for thirteen thrones and a large table in the center. The thrones themselves were of unique design and shape, each of the headrests was modeled after one of the animals of the Chinese zodiac.

Sitting in the “snake” throne was a tall man with extremely translucent-looking pale skin and straight waist-length black hair with the front strands falling to his shoulders. He had a long face with pronounced cheekbones, golden eyes with slits in his pupils, purple markings around his eyes and fang-like teeth. His clothes consist of plain grey garbs with black pants and a thick purple rope belt tied in a large knot behind his back and blue tomoe-shaped earrings and a black polo neck under it. This was one of the three Sannin; Orochimaru. Orochimaru was watching, quite infuriatedly, at a hologram of the Straw Hats saying goodbye to Aurora.

Orochimaru: I cannot believe this! Those little brats took down Maleficent and Eneru! Who would've thought it?!

Orochimaru slams his fist into the throne’s arm. From behind his chair appeared a tall, imposing man, garbed in an Arabian-style attire and a cobra-head staff. This was the vizier Jafar.

Jafar: The fact that two of our strongest members were defeated by them; one must wonder just how strong these pirates are. And by the way, Orochimaru, you’re in my seat.

Orochimaru: *sarcastically* Oh…of course, Jafar. How silly of me.

Orochimaru gets up from the throne, allowing Jafar to sit down upon it.

????: Why bother, those pirates actually did us a favor…well for me at least.

On the “dragon” throne is a woman with a fairly average physical build, and a large, black, dotted snake tattoo winding down either arm. Her facial features consist of eyes containing yellow irises with black pupils, and blonde hair arranged in a spiked style, with two long strands extending downwards framing either side of her face, that entwine each other like a caduceus' snake to rest upon her chest. She is wearing a black body-length suit with hood, which extends downwards to her knees. The hood itself is adorned with an eye-like marking upon either side which, interestingly, when worn in addition to the shape of her hair, gives it the appearance of a snake's mouth, with teeth and fangs. This was the Snake Witch, Medusa Gorgon.

Medusa: If it hadn’t been for them, I’d still be playing second fiddle to her. But in all seriousness, her defeat poses a big problem. I’d say we rid of them now and be done with it before they could do more damage.

????: …And waste valuable resources when we should focus on the plan? That, my dear seems a bit extreme don’t you think?

A breath of smoke puffs out from a shadowy corner, briefly showing a pair of eyes lurking in the shadows. It moves towards the “rat” throne revealing a slender yet muscular rat with black combed hair, human-like fingers, black top hat, white opera gloves, and a golden cane. In its other hand, he carried a fancy looking cigarette holder. This was the criminal genius, Professor Rattigan.

Ratigan: Besides, they hardly seem much of a threat anyhow.

Medusa: I’d be more cautious if I were you, rat-boy. I know from experience that even the smallest of snakes have the deadliest bite.

Ratigan: What did you call me?!

????: Oh, what’s the matter…did the little mouse lose his cool to the snake lady? Hahahahahaha!

Ratigan: Who said that?!

Jafar: *sigh* come on out, Pitch. We know it’s you.

Suddenly, the room darkens till there was practically little light. Just then, black sand bursts in from the windows and begins to swirl around the room in a twister-like fashion. The sand and the darkness start to converge at the “horse” throne until they began merging into a humanoid entity. The figure in question was draped in long flowing black robe, pale white skin and black mangy hair. This was Pitch Black, otherwise known as the Boogeyman.

Pitch: Hmm…so how was that? Scared you all, didn’t I?

Medusa: Save your little trickeries for the kiddies, Pitch. This is a serious matter; Maleficent was just defeated by a bunch of pirates.

Pitch: So ol’ dragon breath kicked the bucket, eh? About time, I never really did like her…never had a sense of humor. *to Medusa* It must be a relief to be freed from her shadow, eh Medusa?

Medusa: And what is that supposed to mean?

Pitch: I mean: you’ve been her inheritor candidate much longer than even Orochimaru was to Jafar. I doubt you would have earned that seat had Arachne been with us.

Medusa: Are you comparing Maleficent to my sister?!

Pitch: You said it, not I. I was merely saying that would’ve been a far better member for the council than Maleficent…or you.

Ratigan, Jafar and Orochimaru all looked at Medusa to gauge her reaction to Pitch’s comment. While her face has a blank stare, it hides a seething anger from within. The only clue that gives this away was her fist, clenched in fury.

Pitch: I mean Arachne was so manipulating…so cunning. Her desire for power surpassed even Her Radiance. Why, had she’d been Maleficent’s partner in this sordid affair, then perhaps she might still be…

Before Pitch could finish his sentence, Medusa snaps her fingers and a flurry of arrow like 'snakes' emerge her back and all aimed within a hairs-breath at Pitch with malice intent.

Pitch: Hmm. It seems I have upset the little witch…

Medusa: One more word out of you, and I’ll pierce you like a pincushion!

Pitch: You do and I’ll give you nightmares so horrific that you’ll never sleep again!

Pitch begins to conjure some black sand in his hand, ready for a counterattack. The other members began to duck for cover for the impending battle until…

????: ENOUGH!

A loud voice booms across the chamber, causing it the shake ever slightly. The source of the voice came from opened door leading to the innermost sanctum. Walking out of the door was a female with thick white hair as well as greenish eyes. She has purple colored hands and a blackish-grey body with blue scars all over it. She wears a white cape with a spacial background in its inner side. Her face is covered by a pale white mask, with openings for both the eyes and her mouth. This was the same woman that Eneru was conversing with not too long ago. The Cosmic Witch, Her Radiance, Morganna.

As she entered the chamber, Medusa and Pitch both dismiss their attacks, for to quarrel in Morganna’s presence would surely incur her wrath upon them both. The other members returned to their places, as Morganna sits upon her throne. Unlike the other thrones, Morganna’s had a more intricate, cosmic motif to match her title.

Morganna: Maleficent’s death was indeed a loss, but a replaceable one. Medusa has more than proven her right of succession to replace Maleficent. Of course there are other, more suitable candidates would replace anyone among the council, including you Pitch Black. I expect you to remember that!

Pitch Black gulps nervously as Morganna singled him out.

Morganna: Now then, about these interlopers…these Straw Hats.

Jafar: Your Radiance if I may. Maleficent and Eneru’s defeat at their hands was merely a stroke of luck. But they, in time, could pose a threat if left unchecked. I propose that we should deal with them now before they become problematic…With your permission, of course.

Morganna: …No.

Jafar: Eh…beg pardon.

Morganna: Like you said, it was fortune that allowed them to succeed…nothing is to be gained by attacking them. They know nothing of us or of our goals.

Orochimaru: So we’re just gonna stand by until they decide to meddle in our affairs again?

Morganna: On the contrary, I propose we kept a close eye on them. If they decide to appear, and if they indeed pose a threat, we will act accordingly. This is that clear?

Council Members: Yes, your Radiance.

Morganna: Good, now inform the others and spread the word. Should they see these “Straw Hats”, they are to notify me first. Now go!

And with that; Jafar, Orochimaru, Medusa, Ratigan and Pitch Black depart from the chamber to carry out Morganna’s orders, leaving her alone in the chamber. Just then, a well-dress parrot appears from one of the windows and perches near Morganna’s throne. This is Morganna’s faithful companion, Alpus.

Morganna: Ah, Alpus. What news do you bring?

Alpus: Your Radiance, I bring great news; our operations are proceeding as planned. And we believe our followers have located one the items we were searching for.

Morganna: Excellent! Soon, Alpus, they will be in my grasp and with them I shall finally take what is rightfully mine!

Alpus: The power of the cosmos will be yours to command, Your Radiance!

Morganna: Yes…all that power…will be mine. And no one will be able to stop me…not even the Straw Hat Pirates…

Morganna flicks her hand and the hologram of the Straws Hats vanishes into nothingness, an ill omen of things to come...

To Be Continued...


Jul 28, 2004
in my mind
Next time on One Piece Infinite Adventures

As the Straw Hats try to figure out how the Infinity’s Eye Book works, they’re once again sent into another world. This time, our friends end up meeting a young girl named Alice, who is looking for a white rabbit in Wonderland, a strange and mysterious place where everything is nonsense. Can the Straw Hats help Alice and find their way home or will they lose their heads both mentally and physically?

find out in the exciting tale of

Straw Hats Adventures of Alice in Wonderland


Straw Hats Down the Rabbit Hole



Sep 25, 2010
I've finally read it from start to finish. Brook captured my heart the most when he performed a song for Aurora. <3 I'm happy the Straw Hats could see to it that Aurora has a happy ending. I like how there's a bigger picture with the Straw Hats falling into this world. I'm dying to know what'll happen next. I don't know who Morganna is exactly, but she seems like a powerful foe. Or who the cloaked man was that was cluing Robin in on how to use the Infinity Eye. And can I just say I'm super hype for Orochimaru being apart of the group of villains?! I cannot wait to see where this goes next! Please update more soon! <3 Absolutely loved this story. <3


Jul 28, 2004
in my mind
Prologue: A Brief Respite. Here we go again!

We now return to the open sea aboard the Thousand Sunny, although it felt like sixteen years went by for our pirate friends, hardly a day had passed since that fateful afternoon. Zoro was on the deck, enjoying the sea air and sunshine that they had missed for so long.

Zoro: Ahh. Glad to be back on the open sea. I almost forgot how nice it feels.

Zoro began to hear a collection of groans of disappointment coming from the upper level of the deck. The noises came from the other Straw Hats, sans Robin, in an emotional slump. Zoro felt a bit annoyed by their mood.

Zoro: Oh, come on. What’s with the pathetic groans?

The answer to that question is quite simple. The one thing that they all had in common for “sixteen years”…

Straw Hats minus Robin: I miss Rose!

Zoro: That’s enough whining, already! If you really miss her that bad, then you should’ve brought her with us.

Chopper: Ahh. You savage!

Nami: Blockhead!

Sanji: Idiot!

Franky: Nimrod!

Brook: Ingrate!

Luffy: Three-Sword Style.

Usopp: Luffy, we’ve been over this. Saying Three-Sword Style isn’t an insult.

Luffy: Hmm…how about Dumb-Sword Style?

Usopp: Now that’s better.

Zoro ignores the insults from the peanut gallery and walks off back to the crows-nest. Back on the deck of moaners, Robin was busy reading the Infinity’s Eye, more specifically, their latest adventure. Although it was hard to believe, she still couldn’t get over the fact that they became part of the story. She had just finished reading the final page of the story; she lets out a heavy sigh.

Robin: *to herself* He was right. This ending was much better.

Robin then turned a blank page of the book, which flashes before her eyes. In its place, the title of another story appears called…

Robin: Alice in Wonderland?

The others overhear Robin and rush over the see what happened.

Chopper: Hey another story!

Sanji: What’s that one called?

Robin: It’s called Alice in Wonderland.

Luffy: Alice in Wonderland? What’s that?

Usopp: I know that story; it’s about a girl who travels to this crazy world while following this rabbit guy. And the further she went, the crazier it got.

Luffy: Woah…

Robin: In fact, I remember an old song I heard about that place.

Chopper: Really, a song?!

Usopp: Could you sing it for us, Robin?

Robin: Oh no I couldn’t, it’s a little embarrassing.

Luffy: Oh come on! Please!

Chopper: Please sing it!

Nami: You might as well, Robin. Otherwise you’ll never hear the end of it all day.

Robin: Alright, if I must.

Chopper/Luffy: Hooray!

The others gather around Robin as she prepares to sing the old song about Wonderland.

Robin: Wonderland…Wonderland
How do you get to Wonderland?
Over the hill or over there or just behind the tree

When clouds go rolling by
They roll away and leave the sky
Where is the land beyond the eye that people cannot see?

Where can it be?

Where do stars go?
Where is the crescent moon?
They must be somewhere in the sunny afternoon

Where is the path to Wonderland?
Over the hill or here or there
I wonder where…

Chopper: That was wonderful, Robin.

Robin: Thank you.

Franky: You got to admit, that song makes this wonderland sound super cool!

Luffy: Then let’s go!

Chopper: Go? Where?

Luffy: Wonderland! If it’s all that amazing, we should go.

Nami: Hold on, Luffy. You can’t just go somewhere that exists in a book just because you want to…

Robin: But Nami, did you forget that we traveled to a world within the book before?

Nami drooped her head because she did remember, but did not want to encourage Luffy. But before she could respond, Luffy grabs the book from Robin’s hands and raises it to the sky.

Luffy: Come on, Book! Take us to Wonderland!

Just then, as if responding to Luffy’s command, a bolt of lightning shoots out from the book and hits the grass deck of the Thousand Sunny. The impact begins to turn into a large hole and out of it came a massive whirlwind, sucking in practically anything that wasn’t nailed to the floor, including the Straw Hats. Zoro just happened to come out of the crows-nest, wondering what the commotion was and ends up getting caught by immense vacuum. He does manage to grab on the edges of the hole, preventing himself from falling in. He sees the others, hanging on for dear life on the railings as well.


Nami: Luffy did it again!!!

Sanji: I just wonder how long we’re gonna stay this time?!

Robin: Well, considering its “Alice in Wonderland”, it may not take long in terms of time. Provided we manage to get through it alive.

Usopp/Chopper: WHAAAAT?!?!?!

Luffy: Shishishi! Who cares! Let’s go! Gum-Gum…

Nami: No wait!

Sanji: Luffy…don’t you dare!!!

Luffy: ROCKET!

Luffy slings forward, knocking everyone off the railing and onto Zoro with a thud. The combined weight of the crew, plus the fact that he was practically hanging by the tip of his fingers, Zoro gives way and the whole crew falls down into the hole.


And so, as the portal closes up behind them, the Straw Hats are pulled into another adventure. What new and startling things will they see? Stay tuned to find out!



Sep 25, 2010
The ending for the first chapter to Wonderland was hilarious. You really capture the Straw Hats personalities quite well. Atop of that, I like how all of them suddenly miss their time with Rose after being aboard the Sunny again. I am curious as to how long they'll be staying in Wonderland compared to their time in the Enchanted Dominion. And I had no idea Wonderland had a song to go with it. I learned something new today. :) Can't wait to see how their new adventure goes in the following chapters to come. Otherwise, I'm on board and eager for more!


Jul 28, 2004
in my mind
Chapter 1: In a World of My Own. Down the Rabbit Hole we go!

We now find ourselves amidst a park in the middle of Victorian London. It was a sunny, summer day as butterflies flew happily through the meadow and a couple of swans were together in a lake. Atop a branch of a big tree was a young girl by the name of Alice. Alice was lazing around as her older sister, Lorina, was sitting beneath the tree and reading a history book, not noticing that Alice was not paying attention to her.

Lorina: ..'Leaders, and had been of late, much accustomed to usurpation and conquest. Edwin and Morcar, the Earls of Mercia and Northumbria, declared for him: and even Stigand-'...

Lorina found herself pausing as her younger sister's foot came down from the tree branch it was over top of. With a mild annoyance, she pushes the leg back up.

Lorina: Alice!

Alice: Hmm. Oh, I’m listening.

Alice was busy making a daisy flower necklace in the tree with her pet cat, Dinah. Lorina cleared her throat and went to continue reading the book.

Lorina: 'And even Stigand, the archbishop of Canterbury, agreed to meet with William and offer him the crown. William's conduct was at first moderate'—

Alice finishes her necklace and places it over Dinah like a crown. Dinah shakes the “crown” off her head and it falls onto Lorina. Alice couldn’t help but giggle, but Lorina didn’t find it so funny.

Lorina: Alice, will you kindly pay attention to your history lesson?

Alice: I'm sorry. But how can anyone possibly pay attention to a good book with no pictures in it?

Lorina: My dear child, there are many good books in this world without pictures.

Alice: In this world perhaps, but in my world, the books would be nothing, but pictures.

Lorina: Your world? *laughs* What nonsense.

Alice: Nonsense?

Alice glanced at her and then looked to her cat as Lorina sat back down to read.

Alice: That’s it, Dinah! If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn't. And contrariwise, what it is, it wouldn't be, and what it wouldn't be, it would, you see?

Dinah mewed in confusion.

Alice: In my world, you wouldn't say 'meow'. You would say ‘yes, miss Alice’.

Alice takes her cat down from the tree as Lorina was lost in her own world of the book she was reading. Dinah mewed again.

Alice: Oh, but you would. You'd be just like people, Dinah, and all the other animals too.

Alice put Dinah down in the flower bed. She then lies down in the field, looking at the daisies.

Alice: Why, in my world...
Cats and rabbits
Would reside in fancy little houses
And be dressed in shoes and hats and trousers

In a world of my own
All the flowers
Would have very extra, special powers

They would sit and talk to me for hours
When I'm lonely in a world of my own

Just then, a blue bird chirped and sat in a tree, coming in their view.

Alice: There'd be new birds
Lots of nice and friendly howdy-do birds
Everyone would have a dozen blue birds

Within that world of my own
I could listen to a babbling brook
And hear a song that I could understand

I keep wishing it could be that way
Because my world would be a wonderland

Envisioning this fantasy world of her own, Alice closed her eyes near the river as the water rippled and a new reflection came. There was a white rabbit in a red waist coat with gray pants, a black umbrella, and tiny glasses on its face. Dinah saw it and started to mew loudly to alert Alice.

Alice: Oh, Dinah... It's just a white rabbit in a... Waistcoat! And a watch!

The white rabbit had a look of shock on his face as he looked at his watch and started to run away.

White Rabbit: Oh, my fur and whiskers! I'm late! I'm late! I'm late!

Alice: Now this is curious. What could a rabbit possibly be late for? Excuse me! Sir?

Alice then rushed after the white rabbit with Dinah chasing after her.

White Rabbit: I'm late, I'm late
For a very important date
No time to say hello
I'm late, I'm late, I'm late!

Alice: This must be awfully important. Like a party or something. Mr. White Rabbit! Wait!

White Rabbit: No, no, no, no, no
I'm overdue
I'm really in a stew

No time to say goodbye
I'm late, I'm late, I'm late!

The rabbit made it into a hill to avoid Alice and get to wherever he's supposed to be on time. Alice stopped and looked to see the hole as the white rabbit disappeared.

Alice: My, what a peculiar place to have a party.

Dinah mewed in agreement. Alice gets on her hands and knees and begins to crawl into the rabbit hole. Alice and Dinah kept looking and coming in through the hole to find the White Rabbit.

Alice: You know, Dinah, we really shouldn't be.... d-d-doing this... After all, we haven't been invited... and curiosity often leads to TROUBLE!!!

Alice soon found herself falling down in the hole. Dinah nearly went down with them, but she grabbed onto a twig and pulled herself up. She then looked down to see Alice going down the hole and looked very worried for her.

Alice: Goodbye, Dinah! Goodbye!

Dinah looked down at Alice, waving her paw to say goodbye to her.

Alice continued to fall down the hole, with her dress acting as a makeshift parachute. It looked all downhill from here, no pun intended.

Alice: Goodness, after this I should think nothing of falling down stairs.

Suddenly, Alice started to hear screaming coming directly above her. It was the Straw Hats, falling from their own “rabbit hole”, screaming bloody murder, except for Luffy who is only laugh in the whole sordid affair.

Luffy: HAHAHAHAHA! This is fun, right guys?

Nami: Luffy, if we survive this, I am so gonna kill you!

Usopp: Yeah! Providing the fall doesn’t do it first.

Zoro: Neither of that would matter unless we find a way to slow down our fall.

Robin: I got an idea! Everyone; form a human chain!

At Robin’s command, the gang forms a human chain by grabbing to each other’s feet. With Nami grabbing unto Robin, Sanji latches onto Nami, Zoro holding Sanji by the leg, Franky gripping onto Zoro’s leg, followed by Brook, Chopper, Usopp and finally Luffy at the end. With the chain formed…

Robin: Cien Fleur! Wing!

…Robin sprouts two large wings from her back, acting as a parachute to slow their descent.

Nami: Good thinking, Robin! Now we don’t have to worry about falling too fast.

Robin: No problem. Just don’t let go.

Usopp: Let go! Who’s letting go!?

Sanji: I’m not letting go…of Nami’s lovely leg.

Sanji begins snuggling Nami’s leg like a lovesick puppy, much to her annoyance. She kicks Sanji on the head, giving him a small lump on his noggin.

Nami: Cut that out!

By this time, the Straw Hats have floated down to Alice’s level. She became quite curious at the group for she had not seen such people like them before. So, with common curtesy, she addresses our pirate group.

Alice: Um...Pardon me. But are you following a white rabbit?

Nami: No, we fell down here thanks to rubber brain down there!

Alice: I beg your pardon, but rubber brain?

Usopp: I think she means our captain here. *points to Luffy*

Luffy: Hi!

Robin: And you must be Alice, it’s great to actually meet you.

Alice: How did you know my…

Robin: We can explain later, but right now I think we may need a light or something.

The Straw Hats Alice looked around them to see if there was anything to shed some light on their situation. Alice notices a lamp and turns it on; its green light illuminates the hole, which looks more of a vertical house then a dirt hole. They looked around them to see some other things slowly falling with them, somehow.

Luffy/Chopper: Woah!

Sanji: You don’t see the inside a rabbit hole like this every day.

Nami: I wouldn’t know. I’ve never seen the inside of a rabbit hole at all.

Usopp: I was down a mole’s hole once, not as well decorated as this though.

Alice finds a book on a nearby table and flips through it, surprisingly there were no words in it, only pictures. A loud chiming from a grandfather clock heard as it floated down with them. Suddenly, Alice finds herself in a rocking chair and started to relax, only to fall out upon rocking forward.

Alice: Goodness, what if we should fall right through the center of the EARTH!?

Alice and the others fell straight into a narrow part of the hole, causing their descent to speed up, only for a few seconds. They end up on the other side and began to turn upside down.

Alice: And come out the other side where people walk upside down?

Luffy: Woah! Walk upside down. That sounds cool!

Usopp: Luffy, that’s just silly. No one walks upside do—oomph!

Usopp was interrupted as they all landed on the ground in a pile with a thud. They looked upside down to see the white rabbit running down a hallway.

Luffy: There’s the Rabbit! After him!

Luffy pulls himself out from the pile and starts chasing after the rabbit. The others and Alice manage to turn themselves right-side up followed after Luffy to catch the rabbit.

Alice: Oh, Mr. Rabbit, wait, please!

Franky: After that rabbit!

Sanji: After that Luffy!

And the chase into Wonderland was on…

Chapter 2: Curiouser and Curiouser! Growing Up and Down for the Door!

The group runs into a room to see Luffy frantically searching for the rabbit, who has disappeared from sight.

Luffy: AHHH! Where’d ya go rabbit! Hey!

Sanji: Luffy, what happened!

Luffy: That rabbit guy got away.

Nami: What do ya mean “he got away”?

Luffy: I don’t know. I was turning the corner and he was gone.

Suddenly, the group hears a door shutting nearby. They see a large door on the other side of the room. Alice opens the large door, only to find a medium sized door, following by a small door. After getting through the small door, the group finds themselves in a very big and spacious room.

Alice: Curiouser and curiouser.

Zoro: Now where did he go?

Chopper: Look!

The group notices a pair of curtains and opened them to see a tiny door, a door that looked too small for a person or rabbit to enter. Alice tried to squeeze the door open but the doorknob lets out a yelp of pain.

Usopp/Chopper/Brook: EEEH! The doorknob spoke!!

Sanji: Now, that’s something you don’t see every day.

Alice: Oh, I beg your pardon.

Doorknob: Oh, oh, it's quite alright. But you did give me quite a turn!

Nami: You see, we were following—

Doorknob: Rather good, what? Doorknob? Turn?

Luffy: Hehehehehe! That’s funny.

Zoro/Sanji: WHO ASKED YOU?!

Alice: Please, sir.

Doorknob: Well, one good turn deserves another! What can I do for you?

Robin: Well, we're looking for a white rabbit, so, if you don't mind...open wide and say ah.

The doorknob opened its mouth. Alice takes a peek and sees the white rabbit wandering off.

Alice: There he is! We must simply get through!

Doorknob: Sorry, you're much too big, simply impassable!

Franky: You mean impossible?

Doorknob: No, impassable, nothing's impossible!

Robin: Well, he is right in that regard.

Doorknob: Why don't you try the bottle on the table?

Alice: Table?

The group turns to see a table magically appear with a bottle on it.

Alice: Oh.

Usopp: Hey, that table wasn’t there before!

Doorknob: Read the directions, and directly, you'll be directed in the right direction.

Alice: *reading label* “Drink me” Hm, better look first... For if one drinks much from a bottle marked 'poison', it's almost certain to disagree with one, sooner or later.

Luffy: Eh?

Doorknob: Beg your pardon?

Alice: I was just giving myself some good advice. But…

Just as Alice was about to take a sip, Nami swipes it out of hand.

Nami: Hold up, Alice. You can’t just drink some bottle without knowing what’s in it. For all we know it could be poison.

Usopp: Poison!

Chopper: So how do we know if it’s poison?

Nami: I know…Luffy.

Luffy: Huh?

Nami: Drink this!

Nami shoves the bottle into Luffy’s mouth, shocking the group.


Nami: Easy, if Luffy dies, then it’s poisoned.

Usopp/Chopper/Brook: HOW IS THAT EASY?!

Luffy's eyes widened and he gulped as the bottle was taken out of his mouth. He coughed a bit, probably because some of the contents went down the wrong pipe, but other than that Luffy was fine.

Zoro: Well he’s not dead, that’s a good sign. Luffy, how was it?

Luffy: Hmm…it tastes like meat.

All: Meat?

Zoro: Let me see that!

Zoro take the bottle takes a gulp. He then smacked his lips, feeling a strange taste.

Zoro: You’re crazy, Luffy. It tastes like sake to me.

Sanji then takes the bottle and has a sip, testing to see if the flavor was the same.

Sanji: You’re both nuts, I got filet minion.

Alice takes back the bottle and takes a sip. The others then did so and had different flavors each.

Alice: Hmm...tastes like cherry tart...

Robin: …custard...

Chopper: …cotton candy…

Franky: …pineapple...

Brook: …roast turkey...

Alice: Goodness!

Little did they realized that during the little taste test, the group had shrunk to a smaller size.

Sanji: Uh…what just happened?

Doorknob: Well, you all almost went out like a bunch of candles!

Alice: But look, we're just the right size!

Doorknob: Oh, no use, I forgot to tell you, I'm locked!

The Straw Hats: WHAT?!?!

Alice: Oh, no!

Nami: WHY did you tell us this NOW!?

Doorknob: But of course, you both got the key, so—

All: What key?

Doorknob: Now, don't tell me you left it up there.

The group looked up and suddenly a key appeared at the table.

Usopp: That key wasn’t on the table before!

Alice: Oh, dear!

Alice begins the climb up the table leg. She tried her best to climb up the table, but it was too slippery for her. She found herself slipping from the leg and sliding across the table, unable to reach the key.

Luffy: Hang on. I’ll get it. GUM GUM…PISTOL!

Luffy swings his arm forward, stretching it up to reach the key. But Luffy misses, causing the arm to hit the table’s underside and ricochets back at the group.

Franky: DUCK!

Everyone ducks to avoid getting hit; except for Zoro, who wasn’t paying attention and gets hit right in the face by Luffy’s attack. The impact knocks Zoro right off his feet and a few meters backward.

Luffy: Uh…sorry, Zoro.

Sanji: Ok, my turn. SKY WALK!

Sanji leaps into the air and heads for the table. Suddenly, the table head begins to rise up higher, surprising Sanji as he tries to keep up with it. But the higher he went, the faster the table went up as well.

Sanji: Will you quit moving already?!

Without warning, the table head falls back down fast and hits Sanji square on the noggin. The KO’d Sanji falls down the floor with thud. Sanji was fine, by the way, dazed but fine.

Franky: Well that didn’t work.

Alice: Whatever will we do?

Doorknob: Try the box, naturally.

The group looked down and saw a box randomly appear before them.

Usopp: I’m not even gonna say it.

Alice opened the box and found a bunch of cookies inside. She took one that read 'EAT ME'.

Alice: All right. But goodness knows what this will do.

Alice shrugged and ate the cookie; suddenly she began growing in size, a lot faster and bigger than she was before! The Straw Hats jumped out of the way to avoid Alice’s foot as it hits the doorknob, covering it. Alice eventually stopped growing, hitting her head on the ceiling.


The doorknob muffled something to them, prompting Alice to remove her foot from his mouth.

Alice: What did you say?

Doorknob: I said 'A little of that went a long way'! *laughs*

Alice: Well, I don't think it's so funny. *sniff* N-Now, we'll never get home!

Alice started to cry and a giant tear falls down, creating a large puddle.

Doorknob: Oh, come now, crying won't help!

Alice: I know *sobs*, but I can't stop!

Alice was still releasing giant tears and the puddle began to grow bigger till it started to flood the room.

Doorknob: Say, this won't do! *sputtering* This won’t do at all!

Robin: Alice, please stop crying!

Zoro: You’re gonna drown us in tears!

Franky: Everyone, get to higher ground.

The Straw Hats began to climb up Alice’s dress to avoid from drowning in her tears. Unfortunately for the Doorknob, having no body from which to move was at the mercy of Alice’s tears as they continued to fill the room, quickly reaching up to his level.

Doorknob: Y-You you up there, stop! Stop, I say!

Just then in the midst of the raging waters, the Doorknob notices the bottle that made the group smaller.

Doorknob: Oh, look, the bottle! The Bottle!

Alice took the bottle and drank the last bits of it she could. Suddenly she shrunk in size again and the whole group fell right into the bottle. It was a tight fit, but at least they were dry.

Alice: Oh, dear, I do wish I hadn't cried so much.

Nami: Well, at least we’re not drowning in tear water! *notices something* And whoever is grabbing my leg…GET OFF!

Brook: Ohh…sorry!

Nami moves her leg in an attempt to hit Brook, but hits Usopp in the gut by mistake.

Usopp: OWW!

Nami: Sorry, I was aiming for Brook.

Sanji, who was closest to Brook, elbows him hard in the ribcage.

Brook: YEOW!

Sanji: *To Nami* Better?

Nami: Better.

The doorknob gurgled under the water and the bottle floated them inside the knob, making it to the other side of the door. The group was safe in the bottle, but they kind of wished they could be out of it.

Chapter 3: All Washed Up! A Jolly Caucas Race!

Well, we last left our travelers adrift in a bottle among balmy waters. After what seemed like a long time, a sun was rising into view and the group began to hear what appeared to be singing. They turn to see a large Dodo bird, drabbed in colonial-ese attire, floating on a black toucan and being pushed by a green parrot.

Dodo: Oh, a sailor's life is the life for me
How I love to sail on the bounding sea
And I never, never ever do a thing about the weather
For the weather never ever does a thing for me

Oh, a sailor's life is the life for me
Diddly um *Honk Honk* deedle dum dum dee.
And I never, nev…Ahoy and other nautical expressions! Land ho, by Jove!

Green Parrot: Where away, Dodo?

Alice: Dodo?

Luffy: What’s a Dodo?

Robin: It’s a bird that’s been extinct for a very long time.

Sanji: Well I guess someone forgot to tell him that.

Luffy: Can we eat it?

Nami/Usopp/Zoro/Sanji: NO!

Dodo: Three points to starboard! Full away, me hearties! Have you in port in no time at all!

He sang again as he floated away with the parrot and toucan. The group attempts to flag him down for help.

Alice: Dodo! Mr. Dodo! Please, please help us!

Luffy: Hey! Dodo guy! Hey!

Just then, the group spots a pelican, an owl and another green parrot rowing by on a log.

Brook: Um…Pardon me, would you mind helping us?

The birds either chose to ignore them or didn't hear them and kept rowing away in the same direction as the Dodo. Then some lobsters swam by via backstroke with some other seas creatures.

Alice: Yoo hoo! Help us! Please, help us!

Suddenly, a wave hits the bottle, capsizing it and filling it with water. The group struggles to get out, mainly because four of their members were unable to swim should they fall out of the bottle. As they attempted to climb out, they notice something happening on the nearby shore. It was the Dodo, standing atop of a rock with a nice campfire, while the other creatures were running around the rock the Dodo was standing on. As they neared the shore, the group could hear some singing.

Dodo: Forward, backward, inward, outward
Come and join the chase!

Chorus: Nothing could be drier than a jolly caucus race
Backward, inward, outward, inward
Bottom to the top
Never a beginning, there can never be a stop

The water started to rise again as the Dodo tried to keep his campfire from being soaked and put out from the water.

Dodo: To skipping, hopping, tripping
Fancy free and gay
I started it tomorrow and will finish it yesterday

Chorus: Round and round and round we go
And dance forever more
Once we were behind
But now we find we are in

Alice stands on top of the bottle to call for help, but another wave hits the bottle, making both the Straw Hats and Alice fall out and wash up on shore with everyone else. The group attempts to dry themselves off and spit out any water they inhaled, amid getting trampled by the caucus racers.

Dodo: Forward, backward, inward, upward
Come and join the chase
Nothing could be drier than a jolly, caucus race!
Backward…*notices the washed up group* I say! You'll never get dry that way!

Alice: Get dry?

Zoro: What are you *cough* talking about?

Dodo: Have to run with the others, first rule of a caucus race, you know!

Nami: But, how can we--?

Another wave hits them, washing them into the racers, forced to run with the animals to “get dry”.

Dodo: That's better! Have you all dried in no time now!

Usopp: No one can get dry this way!

Dodo: Nonsense! I'm as dry as a bone already!

Alice: Yes, but--

Sanji: That’s because you’re up there with the fi—

The group found themselves drowned in the water again like the others.

Dodo: Alright, chaps! Let's head now, look lively!

This would’ve gone on forever, until Alice looked to see the white rabbit riding on an umbrella as a makeshift boat.

Alice: The white rabbit!

Usopp: Where?

Sanji: He’s over there!

Alice: Mr. Rabbit! Mr. Rabbit!!

The white rabbit looked at his watch and leaped out of the umbrella to get his 'very important date'.

White Rabbit: Oh, my goodness, I'm late, I'm late!

Alice: Oh, don't go away, we'll be right back!

The Straw Hats manage to get themselves and Alice out of the caucus race before they got waterlogged.

Zoro: Hey, where’s Luffy?

Usopp: There!

They notice Luffy, severely weakened by the water, getting pulled away by the tide.

Usopp/Chopper: LUFFY!!!!

Nami: Quick grab him!!

Zoro and Sanji raced back and grabbed Luffy before he went out with the tide. As the group resumed their chase of the white rabbit, the dodo continued to order the sea animals around him as they continued their estranged race. The group soon followed the rabbit into a dense forest far from the shore.

Alice: Mr. Rabbit! Mr. Rabbit! Strange, I’m sure he came this way. Do you suppose he could be hiding?

While Alice was still eager to continue the chase, the Straw Hats were too fatigued from their harrowing experience back at the shore.

Usopp: *Pant* Guys…..*pants*…can we stop…for a time out…*pant*

Zoro: Usopp right, let’s take five and rest.

Alice: Rest? But what about the White Rabbit?

Sanji: We can worry about the rabbit later, right now we need to stop and catch our breath. Besides, we need to take care of our bloated captain.

Alice: Bloated?

Sanji points to Luffy, whose belly was bloated from all the salt water he apparently swallowed during the caucus race. The others gather round him to figure out how to cure Luffy of his dilemma.

Nami: Any ideas on how to de-bloat Luffy?

Zoro: We can just cut him open.

Chopper/Usopp: WHAT?!

Nami clocks Zoro on the head for suggesting such a thing.

Franky: Hold up, guys. I got a SUPER better idea!

Franky walks up to Luffy, gauges his aim on Luffy’s stomach and…

Franky: Strong Hammer!

…Slams his right hand down on Luffy’s gut, causing all the sea water to travel up his throat and into his mouth, which he spits out in a geyser-like fashion. Luffy coughed up the remaining water, while Alice looked on in surprise.

Alice: My goodness, is he alright?

Zoro: Don’t worry it’ll take more than that to hurt him.

Alice: Really…*ponders a bit* I say, I don’t believe we were properly introduced.

Usopp: She’s right, with everything that has happened I guess we forgot.

Alice: Well, you seem to know my name but…

Luffy: I’m Monkey D. Luffy, you can just call me Luffy and this is my crew.

Zoro: The name’s Roronoa Zoro, Swordsman.

Nami: Call me Nami.

Usopp: Usopp’s the name, marksman my game!

Sanji: Name’s Sanji.

Chopper: My name’s Tony Tony Chopper! But you can just call me Chopper.

Robin: Nico Robin…but my friends call me Robin.

Franky: They call me…Franky, the super cool shipwright!! Oww!

Brook: And you can call me Brook.

Alice: Well, how do you do.

Robin: Now that the introductions are now of the way, shall we resume the chase?

Luffy: Yeah! Let’s get that rabbit!

And so our intrepid group resumes their search for the White Rabbit. What they didn't know was that they were being watched by two pairs of eyes...



Jul 28, 2004
in my mind
Chapter 4: The Tweedle Twins. The Story of the Walrus and the Carpenter.

Alice and the Straw Hats began looking high and low for the White Rabbit, unware that two strange figures were observing them from a distance. Our group was completely unaware of the duo as they continued their search.

Brook: Where could that rabbit be?

Usopp: There’s no way he could get far?

Nami: Well, keep looking!

Alice: Hmm….not here. I wonder.

As Alice decides to check inside a hollow log while the Straw Hats looked around it, the two figures decided to make themselves own by appearing in plain sight. The group finally turned around and stepped back as the two strange boys came before them.

Chopper/Usopp/Brook: EHHHHHHHH?!?!?! WHAT’S THAT?!

Alice: Why, what peculiar little figures.

The two boys were identical in every way, from their shirts, to their pants and even their little beanie hats. It wasn’t until Robin noticed one slight detail that distinguished the two.

Robin: Check this out; there’s something written on their collars. “Tweedle-Dee”

Alice: …and Tweedle-Dum!

Alice pokes Tweedle-Dum, causing him to honk, startling the group.

Dum: If you think we're wax works, you ought to pay, ya know!

Dum nudges his brother, causing him to honk as well.

Dee: Contrariwise, if you think we're alive, you oughta speak to us!

Both boys honked and hopped into a quick dance before the group.

Dee & Dum: That's logic!

Luffy: Those guys are weird.

Alice: Well, it's been a pleasure meeting you, goodbye!

Alice gave them a curtsy and the group walked away….until Dee and Dum blocked their path.

Dee: You're beginning backwards!

Dum: Aye, the first thing in visit is to say…

Dee grabbed Alice while Dum had a firm grip over top of Luffy to introduce proper manners to them.

Dee & Dum: "How do you do?"
And shake hands
Shake hands
Shake hands
"How do you do?"
And shake hands
state your name and business

The twins spun Alice and Luffy around and dropped them to the ground.

Dee & Dum: That’s manners!

Alice: Really?

Sanji picks up Luffy, who a bit dazed from the “manners lesson”.

Sanji: Hmph, some manners.

Alice: Well, my name is Alice, and these are my friends, and we're following a white rabbit, so...

Dee: You can't go yet!

Dum: No, the visit has just started.

Robin: We're very sorry...

Dee and Dum suddenly went zing and began to appear in different places in the forest at once.

Dee & Dum: Would you like to play hide and seek?

The twins then collided into each other, forming a two-headed Tweedle.

Dee & Dum: Or Button, Button, Who's Got the Button?

Alice: No, thank you I…

The twins split back into two and block their path again.

Dee: If you stay long enough, we might have a battle!

Dee and Dum began bopping each other, honking with each bop.

Robin: That's very kind of you, but we must be going.

The twins appeared in front of them yet again, blocking their path.

Dee & Dum: Why?

Alice: Because we're following a white rabbit!

Dee & Dum: Why?

Alice: Well, we're curious to know where he's going.

Nami: But I’m not and we’re done playing “20 questions” so bye!

Nami gathers everyone including Alice and starts pushing them away from the twins, much to the group’s displeasure.

Luffy: Oi! Nami!

Zoro: Cut it out!

Usopp: Stop pushing!

Chopper: Quit shoving!

Nami: Tough! That sooner we find that rabbit, the better!

Alice: Well, I am curious, Nami.

Nami: Not caring!

Dee & Dum: Oh, she's curious. Tsk tsk tsk tsk.

Dee: The oysters were curious too, weren't they?

Dum: Aye, and you remember what happened to them...

Dee & Dum: Poor things!

Alice stepped forward with even more curiosity, unaware she has being baited by the twins.

Alice: Why? What did happen to the oysters?

Dee: Oh, you wouldn't be interested.

Alice: But we are!

Nami: I just said I wasn’t!

Dee & Dum: Oh, no, you're in much, too much of a hurry.

Alice: Well, perhaps, we could spare a little time...

Dee & Dum: YOU COULD!?

Nami: WHAT?!

Alice: Oh, come on, Nami, one story couldn't hurt.

Nami: *sigh* fine. But one story and that’s it!

Alice and the Straw Hats sit down on a nearby log to see the twins' performance.

Dee: The Walrus and the Carpenter!

Dum: Or, The Story of the Curious Oysters!

Sanji: Oh boy…something tells me this should be interesting.

Dee: The sun was shining on the sea
Shining with all its might

Dum: He did his very best to make
The billows smooth and bright

Dee: And this was odd because it was…

Dee & Dum: The middle of the night!

The Straw Hats couldn’t believe their eyes. They could’ve sworn that Dee and Dum turned into a sun and a moon as they told their story. Suddenly, a beach replaced the forest while a walrus and a carpenter walked across it. One side of the beach was night and the other was day as a literal metaphor for the middle of the night.

Dee: The Walrus and the Carpenter
Were walking close at hand
The beach was wide
From side to side
But much too full of sand.

The Carpenter pulled his foot out of the sand to take off his shoe. He taps the shoe with his hammer and a bunch of sand poured out, nearly in a giant ant hill like pile over his body. Among the sand, a used cigar that happened to roll next to Walrus, which he immediately picks up and starts smoking.

Carpenter: Mr. Walrus!

Dee: Said the carpenter.

Carpenter: My brain begins to burke. We'll sweep this clear in half a year, if you don't mind the work.

Walrus: Work?!

The Walrus sputtered and scoffed at the thought of actually working.

Walrus: Uh, the time has come…

Dum: The walrus said…

The Walrus winks at the “audience”, then turned back to his human friend.

Walrus: To talk of other things.
Of shoes and ships and sealing wax,
and cabbages and kings.
And why the sea is boiling hot,
and whether the pigs have wings.
Calloo, callay, no work today!
We're cabbages and kings!

The Walrus pulls the Carpenter out of the sand by his hammer and flings him into the water. The Carpenter had landed in the water head-first and saw several oysters together on the ocean floor. The Carpenter popped his head out and whistled to alert his friend and pointed to the water, rubbing his stomach as a sign of food found.

Delighted in the discovery of a seafood buffet, the Walrus rushes over, only to stop and gasp in shock. For the Carpenter was about to rush into the water with his hammer, but was stopped by the Walrus, pulling him back with his cane. The Walrus points to himself to show the Carpenter how it’s done and went under the water. The oysters hid in their shells at the sight of the walrus, but he came and tapped on their shells anyway. The Walrus tried to sound friendly and convincing, as not to give his true intentions away.

Walrus: Oh, uhh... Oysters, come and walk with us, the day is warm and bright! A pleasant walk, a pleasant talk would be sheer delight.

Carpenter: Yes, and should we get hungry on the way; we'll stop and uhh… have a bite!

The Walrus smacks the Carpenter several times on the head with his cane to shut him up.

Dee: But Mother Oyster winked her eye
And shook her heavy head
She knew too well
This was no time to leave her sea bed.

The mother oyster looked at them cautiously and back at her calendar at the month of March, one of the 8 months with the letter "R" in which oysters are eaten.

Mother Oyster: The Sea is nice, take my advice and stay right here.

Dee: Mum said.

The Walrus looked very annoyed with her, while still able to smoke his cigar underwater; a feat that to took the form of smoke-filled bubbles.

Walrus: Yes, yes, of course, of course! But—ah ha!

The Walrus gets in front of the Mother Oyster and, with his cane, clams her shell shut.

Walrus: The time has come, my little friends
To talk of other things
Of shoes, and ships, and sealing wax
cabbages and kings.

And why, the sea is boiling hot
And uh, whether pigs have wings.

The Walrus went to a little girl oyster, pinching her cheek, causing her to giggle a bit.

Walrus: Caloo, callay
Come run away
With cabbages and kings!

The walrus then began pretend play on his cane like a flute and, ala the Pied Piper, led the little oysters across the ocean floor to the beach. The Walrus then came out of the water, with the ra—I mean the oysters dancing along. While this was happening, the Carpenter was taking parts of a shipwrecked boat on the beach and, in six seconds flat, made a little fish cafe to lead in inside the oysters and the Walrus.

They were all now at a table together. The Walrus looked at the oysters while the oysters waited for their orders to be taken.

Walrus: Well, now. Let me see.

The Carpenter went to sit across from them, waiting for a meal of his own. The Walrus pondered over which oyster he was gonna eat first, and then looked at his eager human friend.

Walrus: Ah, a loaf of bread is what we cheerful need.

The Carpenter nodded and then dashed away to the kitchen. The Walrus grinned once he was alone with the oysters. He picked up a handful, ready to dig in…until the Carpenter pops his head out the kitchen door.

Carpenter: How about some pepper and salt and vinegar, eh?

The Walrus sets the oysters back and picks up a menu to hide his face.

Walrus: Oh, yes, yes, splendid idea! Very good, indeed!

The Walrus said it innocently with a hint of annoyance that he was interrupted. The Carpenter smiled and dashed back in the kitchen to cook up the meal for them. The Walrus grinned, looking closer to the Devil himself and placed the menu in front of the oysters.

Walrus: Now, if you're ready, oysters, dear, *laughs* we can begin the feed.

To the oysters shock and horror, they were labeled on the menu to be eaten as today’s special.

Oysters: Feed?!

Walrus: Oh, yes!

The Walrus picked them all up with victory, looking hungry and evil.

Walrus: The time has come, my little friends
To talk of food and things

The Carpenter was preparing the bread, unaware of what was happening at the table he left.

Carpenter: Of pepper corns
And mustard seeds
And other seasonings

We'll mix 'em all together
In a sauce that's fit for kings
Caloo, calley
We'll eat today
Like cabbages and kings!

The Carpenter and went to carry the appetizers in the dining table. The Carpenter didn't notice anything weird and the Walrus looked very full and shameless, wiping his mouth.

Walrus: I, uh... I weep for you...I *Hic* Oh, excuse me, I deeply sympathize. For I enjoyed your company, oho, much more than you realized.

Carpenter: Little oysters? Little oysters!

He then looked in surprise that the table was empty, with not an oyster to be found.

Dum: But answer, there came none

Dee: And this was scarcely odd because

Both: They’ve been eaten, everyone!

The Carpenter looks over the menu and saw several empty oyster shells around the Walrus along with a shaker of salt and some bent utensils.

The Walrus looked nervous as he got his cane while the Carpenter looked angry and disgusted that not only did the Walrus would eat so many oysters who were cute and innocent. But, the fact the Walrus ate them all without leaving a single one for him. Infuriated at being double-crossed; the Carpenter, his face turning red with anger, grabs his hammer, about ready to add a few lumps into his former partner’s head.

Walrus: Uhh... Uhh...Well I…ahem…uh… THE TIME HAS COME!

Yes, the time has come…to run…which the Walrus did, bolting right through the front door, leaving a hole shaped just like him behind. The Carpenter gives chase, swinging his hammer at the Walrus the first chance he got. The two ran all across the beach until they were out of sight, while the sun and moon looked on happily.

Dee & Dum: With cabbages and kings! The End!

Dee and Dum turned back to normal and some of Straw Hats rubbed their eyes, wondering if they imagined all of that or what.

Alice: That was a very sad story.

Luffy: Was it? It made me hungry.

Sanji: Anything can make you hungry, Luffy.

Dee & Dum: Aye, and there's a moral to it.

Alice: Oh, yes, a very good moral, if you happen to be an oyster. Well, it's been a very nice visit...

The twins jumped in front of the group to keep them from leaving again.

Dee: Another recitation.

Nami: Now, wait just a min--

Dum: Entitled 'Father William'!

Robin: But, really, we need to--

Dee: First verse!

Dum acted like an old man while Dee sang over him.

Dee: 'You are old, Father William', the young man said
'And your hair has become very white
And yet, you incessantly stand on your head'
Do you think, at your age, it is right? Is right?
Do you think, at your age, it is right?"

Nami: And on that note, we're out of here.

Alice and the others in agreement and followed her away from the twins as they kept their singing and story-telling until they were out of sight and earshot.

Usopp: Okay, for the record, you all saw that show, right? That wasn't just me, right?

The others didn’t say much, but they knew what Usopp meant as they kept walking to track down the White Rabbit.

Chapter 5: Smoke the Monster out! Alice grows up...again!

The group kept wandering about, finally out of the forest and away from those Tweedle twins. They then turned to see a strange house. Well, not strange, it was a lovely little pink home with hay as a roof, but it was a strange sight after all they had seen so far.

Alice: Now, I wonder who lives here?

Usopp: Wait, doesn’t this count as intruding and trespassing!

Zoro: Well, that hasn’t stopped us before, so why now?

Usopp: Well…that’s true.

Robin: As long as we are in and out before whoever lives there come back…

????: Mary Anne!

Robin: …or not.

A voice called from inside the house. The windows on the top floor opened to reveal none other than the White Rabbit.

White Rabbit: Mary Anne!

Luffy: Oi! It’s the rabbit guy!

White Rabbit: Drat that girl! Where could she have put them? Mary Anne!

Alice: The White Rabbit.

Sanji: Well, it least now we know where he lives.

Alice: Come on, everyone.

The group went to the white rabbit as he was frantically running all around. He still seemed to be very late to his date and needed some things to get ready. He rushes out the front door without even noticing Alice or the others.

Alice: Excuse me, sir, b-but we've been trying to—

The rabbit clears pass the stone fence before Alice could finish her sentence, but not before he pops his head back and notices Alice. He walks up to her with a scolding look, not noticing the Straw Hats next to her.

White Rabbit: Why, Mary Anne, what are you doing out here?

Alice: Mary Anne?

White Rabbit: Don't just do something, stand there! Uh, no, no! G-G-Go get my gloves! I'm late!

Alice: But late for what? That's just what we want...

White Rabbit: My gloves!

The rabbit blew his trumpet, startling the group inside the house to look for his things.

White Rabbit: At once! Do you hear?

Alice: Goodness, I suppose we'll be taking orders from Dinah next.

Brook: My, My, what was that all about?

Robin: I believe that was a case of mistaken identity.

The group made it upstairs and into the White Rabbit's bedroom. They looked all around room the best they could to look for the gloves for the rabbit.

Zoro: This is pointless, we searched all over and still no gloves.

Luffy: I’m hungry.

Usopp: You’re hungry already?!

Sanji: It was that oyster story that did it!

Alice notices a bowl full of small cookies and hands one to Luffy and takes one for herself.

Alice: Want one? I know its bad manners, but they look too good to turn away.

Luffy: Hey, thanks Alice.

Luffy takes the cookie and was about to put the whole thing in his mouth, until Nami notices the design on the cookie.

Nami: *reading the cookie* Eat me? *gasp* LUFFY, DON’T EAT THAT!!!!

Nami smacks the cookie right out of Luffy’s hand just before he could eat it.

Luffy: OW! What was that for?

Nami: Luffy, those are the same cookies that make grow big. The same ones we saw with the doorknob.

Sanji: The same cookies? Wait a minute…ALICE STOP!

Sanji tries to warn Alice about the cookie, but it was too late. Alice had already taken a bite of her cookie and in no time she began to grow again in size. It wasn’t until she hit her head on the rafters that she finally realized what was happening.

Alice: Oh no, not again!

Meanwhile, back outside, the White Rabbit was tapping his foot impatiently for Alice and the others to retrieve his gloves. He when looked at his watch, realizing that he was really late and rushes back into the house.

White Rabbit: Oh, Mary Anne!

Back inside, Alice was still growing. The Straw Hats tried to get out of the room as fast as they could, but were pinned to the floors and walls by Alice’s immense size. Pretty soon she was so big that her leg began to knock over some of the furniture and towards the door, which the White Rabbit was about to open on the other side.

White Rabbit: Now you see here, Mary Anne…

And the minute he opens the door, he was greeted with Alice’s massive shoe!

White Rabbit: HEEEEEEELPP!

The White Rabbit tried to run but got pushed by the shoe all the way downstairs. He does manage to get the front door open before the shoe shoves him outside, knocking over some gardening equipment in the process. The rabbit pops out from the pile of wreckage, slightly dazed but fine, only to see a giant Alice occupying his house, with her arms and legs popping out of the doors and windows.


The White Rabbit runs down the road, looking for help to his dilemma, leaving Alice and the Straw Hats in a literally tight situation of their own.

Usopp: I can’t feel my legs!

Sanji: That’s because those are my legs, Usopp!

Zoro: You just had to take a bite didn’t you, Alice!

Franky: So how exactly are we gonna get out?

Luffy: Through the door?

Nami/Sanji/Zoro: NOT NOW, LUFFY!!!!

Alice herself was attempting to pull herself out from the house, but the foundation was too well built and wouldn’t budge.

White Rabbit: A monster! A monster, Dodo! In my house, Dodo!

Alice: Dodo?

Chopper: Is it the same dodo we saw at the beach?

Sanji: At this point, it might as well be.

And Sanji was right, because coming back from the road with the White Rabbit was a very same Dodo they saw before. The Dodo was trying to calm the White Rabbit down amid his frantic panicking.

White Rabbit: Oh, my poor, little, bitty house.

Dodo: Steady, steady old chap. Can't be as bad as all that, you know.

White Rabbit: Oh my poor roof and rafters…oh my walls and… There it is!

The rabbit pointed to his house with Alice inside. The dodo saw the house and looked as surprised as the rabbit did.

Dodo: By Jove! Jolly, well it is, isn't it?

Alice opened the shutters to show her eyes.

White Rabbit: Well, do something, Dodo!

The Dodo looks over the scene, pondering on what to do.

Dodo: Yes, indeed, most extraordinary situation, but--

White Rabbit: B-B-B-B-B-But what!?

The Dodo blows his nose, producing a honk sound.

Dodo: But, I have a very simple solution!

Alice: Thank goodness.

White Rabbit: W-W-What is it?

Dodo: *Honk* Simply, pull it out the chimney!

Nami: Really? Out the chimney!?

Robin: I think I can see why the dodo became extinct in the first place.

Zoro: With ideas like that, it’s no wonder none are even left at all.

White Rabbit: Yes, go ahead, pull it out!

The Dodo looked surprised at that request, even if he was the one who suggested it.

Dodo: Who? Me? Don't be ridiculous! What we need is...uhh...

The Dodo started thinking for a solution to his solution. Suddenly, there was whistling heard. The Dodo turned to see a lizard, dressed as a chimneysweep with a ladder and chimney broom walking by, mindlessly and innocently. It was Bill the lizard, a local chimneysweep.

Dodo: A lizard with a ladder!

White Rabbit: Hmm? Oh, Bill! Bill!

Bill hears the White Rabbit call out to him and waves back to them.

White Rabbit: We need a lezzard with a lizard, a lizard with a... uhh... Can you help us?

Bill: At your service, governor!

The Dodo took Bill, swiftly wrapping his arm around him and walking him to the house.

Dodo: Bill, my lad, have you ever been down a chimney?

Bill: Why, governor! I've been down more chimneys—

Dodo: Excellent, excellent! You just pop down the chimney and pull that monster out there!

Bill: Right-o, governor!

The lizard sounded calm, going up the ladder, but then turns pale as the M word was brought up.

Bill: Monster?!

Bill manages to get a look at Alice, screams and runs back down the ladder. The Dodo and Rabbit grabbed onto his tail to keep him from getting away and turned him back to the ladder. Bill was forced back up the ladder and was terrified of Alice; he races back down only to be caught in the Dodo's arms, shivering. The Dodo then carried him up the ladder anyway.

Dodo: That's better! Bill, lad, you're passing up a golden opportunity!

Bill: I am?

Dodo: You can be famous!

Bill: I can?

Dodo: Of course! There's a brave lad! In you go, now. Nothing to it, old boy. Simply tie your tail around the monster's neck and drag it out!

And as the Dodo was talking, he was shoving Bill into the chimney, sticking him in much to his reluctance.

Bill: B-B-But, governor!

Dodo: Good luck, Bill!

And with that, the Dodo pushes Bill down the chimney; the result causes a cloud of soot to blast out of the fireplace and covers the room. The Straw Hats began to sneeze like crazy from the soot, but the soot made Alice’s nose to twitch and sniffle and begins to gear up for a big sneeze. The Dodo, noticing the house starting to move, abandons the roof via the ladder while the White Rabbit ducks for cover behind Alice’s shoe. Alice then lets out a great big sneeze, making the whole house shake and Bill shot right out of the chimney like a shell through a cannon. Bill went up higher and higher, leaving a trail of soot behind him until he was completely out of sight.

Dodo: Well, there goes Bill...

Alice: Poor Bill.

Luffy: I liked him.


The Dodo took out a match to smoke is pipe.

Dodo: Well…Perhaps we should try a more energetic remedy.

White Rabbit: Yes, anything, anything, but hurry!

Dodo: Now, I propose that we....uhh...

White: Rabbit: Yes, go on, go on, yes, yes!

The Dodo was so into thought that he completely forgot about the lit match in his hand until…

Dodo: I propose that we--OWW!

He then saw that the match burnt and stung his fingers with burning blisters, which gave him an idea.

Dodo: By Jove, that's it! We’ll burn the house down!

White Rabbit: Yes! Burn the house-WHAT!?

Alice: Oh, no!

Usopp: Did I hear that dodo say what I think he just said?!

Nami: You heard right! Everyone, start thinking of a way out of here!

Sanji: Yeah, cause if we don’t think of something soon, we’ll all gonna be barbecued in a minute.

Back outside, the Dodo started to throw furniture and other wreckage around the house, much to the White Rabbit’s dismay.

Dodo: Oh, we'll smoke the blighter out
We'll put the beast to rout
Some kindling, just a stick or two
All this bit of rubbish ought to do

The Dodo grabs one end a grandfather clock while the White Rabbit grabbed the other end to save it. Only until the Dodo flings the clock at the house, causing it to bust into a pile of junk.

White Rabbit: Oh dear.

Dodo: We'll smoke the blighter out
We'll smoke the monster out

White Rabbit: N-No! Not my beautiful bird house!

The White Rabbit tries to stop the Dodo from taking his birdhouse but he misses and hits his head on the front gate.

Dodo: Oh, we'll roast the blighter's toes
We'll toast the bounder's nose
Just fetch that gate,
we'll make it clear
that monsters aren't welcome here

The White Rabbit reluctantly brings over the gate as instructed, looking nervous and unfortunate that the Dodo took almost everything to burn the house with.

Dodo: Got a match?

The White Rabbit scrounges around and pulls a match from his pants.

Dodo: Thank you.
Without a single doubt
We’ll smoke the monster out!

White Rabbit: We’ll smoke the monster ou—Oh no, no! My poor house and furniture!

Well, this was a fine how-do-you-do. Here we are with the Dodo, about to burn out a monster, only to make a roast out of Alice and the Straw Hats. At this point, despite their best efforts, they were running out of time and ideas on how to get out of this predicament. That is, until Alice notices a garden on the other side of the house.

Alice: A garden! Perhaps if I ate something, it would make me smaller.

Nami: Eat! That’s what got us into this mess in the first place!

Robin: At this point Nami, it’s better than anything else we could think of right now.

With that, Alice reaches out into the garden and manages to pluck a large carrot from it. The White Rabbit noticed that she was trying to eat from his garden and held down the carrots to keep her from eating anything.

White Rabbit: Oh, let go! HELP!

Alice: I’m sorry but I must eat something.

White Rabbit: Well not me, you-you-you-you-you barbarian!

Despite the rabbit’s protest, Alice takes a huge bite out of the carrot, causing him to drop the carrot and pull his arm into his sleeve. Thinking that Alice had bit his hand off, the White Rabbit screams in panic as Alice began to rapidly shrink back down again, releasing the Straw Hats from their pinned spots. The rabbit fell from her grasp and rushed away, tripping over Alice’s foot as he ran down the stairs. By the time the rabbit hit the ground floor, Alice has shrunken down to doll sized. The rabbit manages to catch his watch, only to look at its face and realize the time.

White Rabbit: AHH! I’M LATE!!!!

Back in the bedroom, the Straw Hats were stretching their limbs, which are a bit stiff from being pinned.

Usopp: Ahh, it’s great to have some leg room again.

Zoro: No body move!

Usopp: WHA! What?

Zoro: Where Alice?

Sanji: She must’ve shrunk too much when she ate that carrot.

Nami: So now what?

Robin: I got an idea….*picks up the carrot and takes a piece* everyone, take a piece of the carrot and eat.

At her command, each of the Straw Hats took a piece of the carrot the White Rabbit dropped, and swallowed it, causing them to shrink down to Alice’s new size. The crew then chased after Alice as she ran after the rabbit. Back outside, the White Rabbit races out of the house in a rush, while the Dodo was still trying to light the fire, to no avail in getting it lit.

White Rabbit: Oh dear, I’m here….I should be there.

Dodo: I say, do you have a match?

White Rabbit: Must go, goodbye, hello, I'm late, I'm late, I'm late!

Alice: Wait, please!

Nami: Alice, wait a sec!

Dodo: Ah, young fellows, do you have a match?

Robin: No, but we need to go.

Alice: Mister Rabbit!

The others soon left to chase after the White Rabbit, which seemed a lot more difficult to run in smaller size. This, of course left the Dodo somewhat annoyed.

Dodo: No cooperation. No cooperation at all. Well, can’t have monsters about. Jolly well have to carry on alone.

And so the Dodo continued with his effort the start a fire, unaware that the “monster” he was trying to smoke out has already left the building.

Chapter 6: Among the Flowers. All in a Golden Afternoon.

The group was still chasing the White Rabbit, but it was impossible at their current size. The rabbit hops over a small patch of flowers and disappeared from sight,

Alice: Wait, please! Just a minute!

Sanji: Alice, hold on a sec!

The Straw Hats and Alice soon entered flower patch, which to them at their size looked like a large forest.

Usopp: I think we lost him.

Alice: Oh dear, we never catch him while we’re this small.

Just then, a swarm of butterflies flew over them. Alice and Luffy were curious and went after them, with the others in tow. Luffy managed to get a good look at the butterflies; their bodies were alright, but the wings surprisingly looked like slices of bread with butter on them. The butterflies stopped in a leaf and sat together, looking like a fresh loaf of bread. The sight of it made Luffy a little hungry if not curious.

Luffy: Hey, those are some weird looking butterflies.

????: You mean BREAD and butterflies.

Luffy: Oh yeah, cause the wings look like…eh? Who said that?

Robin: It wasn’t me.

Nami: Or me.

Usopp: Y-you don’t think someone else is here you do?

Franky: Doesn’t look like it, but ya never know.

Brook: I’ll keep my eyes out for anything suspicious…at least I would if I had eyes!

The group looks around the small clearing they were in and notices the beautiful flowers towering over them. They soon noticed whether their minds their playing tricks or something that the flowers seemed to look like they had faces like people. Before they could contemplate on this, the group then saw a fly that looked like a rocking horse, stopped and rocked back and forth like a rocking chair.

Alice: A horsefly, oh, I mean, a rocking horsefly!

????: Naturally!

Nami: Okay, who is that?

Alice stopped herself and saw a red, blossoming rose right by them.

Sanji: Pretty much a shot in the dark, but you don’t think that rose was the one who was talking?

Alice: That's nonsense, Sanji. Flowers can't talk.

The rose then revealed herself to the group, surprising them, mostly Usopp and Chopper. Soon the other flowers came “alive” before them.

Rose: But of course we can talk, my dears.

Snapdragon: If there's anyone worth talking to.

Daisy: Or about! *giggles flirtatiously*

Posies: And we sing too!

Alice: You do?

Chopper: *star eyed* Really?

Robin: What do you know?

Tulip: Would you like to hear 'Tell it to the Tulips'?

Larkspur: No, let's sing about us!

Violet: We know the one about the shy little violets...

Calla Lily: Oh, no, not that old thing!

Lily: Let's do 'Lovely Lily at the Valley'!

Daisies: How about a daisy duet--

Lilac: Oh, they wouldn't like that!

All of the flowers bickered with each other, but the rose stopped them and patted a baton. The flowers stopped and focused their attention on the commanding rose.

Rose: Girls, girls, we shall sing ‘Golden Afternoon’. *to Alice and the Straw Hats* That's about all of us!

Seeing that just was a chance to relax, the group bent a few weed leaves and sat comfortably in them like chairs as if they were attending a concert.

Rose: Sound your A, Lily.

Lily: Laaaaa....

Posies: Memememememe....

Daisy: Lalalalaala....

Snap-Dragon: Hahahahaha

Marigold: Boom, boom, boom, boom

The rose then conducted for them and the flowers all sang their melodies together in harmony.

Flowers: Little bread and butterflies kiss the tulips
And the sun is like a toy balloon
There are get up in the morning glories
In the golden afternoon

There are dizzy daffodils in the hillside
Strings of violets are all in tune
Tiger lilies love the dandelions in the golden afternoon
The golden afternoon

There are dog and caterpillars, and the copper centipede
Where the lazy daisies love the very peaceful life they leeeaaaad....

The last verse causes some the Straw Hats including Alice to give out a big yawn. The rose yawns as well but resumes conducting the performance.

Flowers: You can learn a lot of things from the flowers
For especially in the month of June

White Rose: There's a wealth of happiness and romance
All in a golden afternoon

The Straw Hats and Alice bobbed their heads to the peaceful tunes as they watched the flowers played some non-living flowers like instruments. The Rose whispers something to the bread and butterflies and they go Alice, pulling her from the group to the posies to join in the song.

Flowers: All in the golden afternoon
The golden afternoon

The rose conductor gestured for Alice to begin singing.

Alice: You can learn a lot of things from the flowers
for especially in the month of June
There's a wealth of happiness and romance

Alice hits a shrill high note, causing the Straw Hats to wince slightly and Alice looked very embarrassed by it. The posies were surprised, but the rose smiled at her for trying.

Flowers: The golden afternoon

The flowers finished their song in harmonic fashion, complete with drum roll beats and the daisy crashed flower cymbals together to make her petals flutter. Alice and the Straw Hats applauded to the flowers for the wonderful performance.

Alice: That was lovely.

Rose: Thank you, my dears.

Daisy: What kind of garden do you come from?

Alice: Well, we don't come from any garden...

Daisy: *to Snapdragon* Oh, do you suppose they’re wild flowers?

Alice: Oh no. We’re not wild flowers.

Rose: What species, or shall we say genus are you, my dear?

Robin: Well…in terms of Latin; I guess you can say were a group of genus, humanus including Alice and one cervine.

Luffy: Eh? What’s cervine? Do we have one?

Usopp: I think Robin was referring to Chopper, Luffy, cervine is the genus he belongs to.

Luffy: I thought Chopper was a reindeer.

Usopp: But he is!

Daisy: Ever seen an Alice with a blossom like that?

Snapdragon: Come to think of it, did you ever see an Alice?

Daisy: Yes…and did you notice her petals. What a peculiar color…

The snapdragon leans down take a sniff at Alice’s hair to see if it had any scent.

Snapdragon: …and no fragrance.

The daisy lifts Alice’s dress a bit and points at her legs, an action that shocks Sanji, prompting him to shoo the daisy away.

Daisy: And just look at those stems.

Snapdragon: Rather scrawny I’d say.

Rose bud: I think she’s pretty.

Rose: Quiet, Bud.

Daisy: And while we’re at it…what about the rest of them?

Snapdragon: They seem too odd looking to be flowers, that little one and the skinny one in particular.

Of course, the Snapdragon was referring to Chopper and Brook, which the crew took offense to.

Chopper: Wait, did she just insult us?

Brook: I think she did.

Zoro: Hate to break this to ya, but we’re not flowers.

Snapdragon: Aha! Just as I suspected!

The snapdragon went to whisper to the other flowers, looking more like a gossipy hen than a flower.

Snapdragon: They’re nothing but common mobile vulgaris.

The other flowers: Oh, no!

Alice: Common what?

Snapdragon: To put it bluntly: a weed!

Nami: WHAT?!?!


Usopp/Luffy/Chopper: We’re not weeds!

Tulips: Well, you can't expect them to admit it!

Lilac: Can you imagine?!

Daisy: Well, goodness!

Lily: Don’t let them stay here and go to seed!

The other flowers started to protest against the group staying with them. Even the nice posies didn't want them in their bed and were pushing them away from their home. Even a small dog flower barked violently at them as they were on their way out.

Alice: Alright, if that's the way you feel about it, if we were our right sizes, we'd pick every one of you if we wanted to!

Nami: and I would grind you all into munch as well!

Alice: I guess that'll teach you—

Suddenly, the group was washed away by some water, thanks to a couple of daffodils pouring a water filled pitcher plant on them. The group ended up washed to another part of Wonderland, soaked and somewhat insulted.

Alice: ‘You can learn a lot of things from the flowers...’ *huff* Seems to me they could learn a few things about manners!

Robin: They may be talking plants, but they’ll no different from humans in terms of behavior.

Luffy: I wish we are big again so could stomp on them.

Nami: Forget it, Luffy. They’re not even worth the effort.

Alice and the Straw Hats walked away angrily, but what they’ll face next is anyone’s guess.



Jul 28, 2004
in my mind
Chapter 7: Meeting the Caterpillar. Whooo are you?

After the snobby rejection by the flowers, our intrepid group venture to whatever they were going, until Chopper notices something in the sky.

Chopper: Hey, look up there!

They looked up and saw multi-colored smoke in the air, but the strangest part was the smoke was shaped into letters, more specifically ‘A, E, I, O and U’.

Franky: Well…that’s something you don’t see every day.

Out of curiosity, and since they had nothing else to do since they lost the White Rabbit, following the trail of ‘smoke letters’ till the faint of a nasally voice singing. They followed the sound until they would find who was singing and causing the smoke. They saw a blue caterpillar, sitting on a mushroom, smoking a golden hookah. And the smoke he breathed out took the form of the letters he was singing. The group then came closer as the caterpillar sang to himself, completely unaware of the ‘audience’ sitting right next to him.

Caterpillar: A….E I O U
A E I O U…
O…U E I O A…
U E I A…
A E I O U……

The caterpillar was about to smoke again, and then he glanced to see the Straw Hats and Alice.

Caterpillar: Whooo are you?

As he talked, the Caterpillar smokes an ‘O’, an ‘R’ and ‘U’, which combine to form a monocle made of smoke.

Alice: W-W-We hardly know, sir! We changed so many times since this morning. You see—

Caterpillar: I do not see. *smokes out a ‘C’* Explain yourselves.

Robin: Well, I’m afraid we can't explain ourselves, sir, because we're not ourselves, you know--

Caterpillar: I do not know.

A wisp of smoke escapes the Caterpillar’s mouth, tying itself into a knot.

Nami: Well, we can't put it anymore clearly for it isn't clear to us!

Caterpillar: You? Who are you!?

The Caterpillar smokes out a ‘U’ followed by an ‘R’ and another ‘U’. The ‘U’ hits Alice, causing her to cough a bit.

Sanji: Well, don't you think you oughta tell us who you are first?

Caterpillar: Why? *smokes out a ‘Y’*

Alice: Oh, dear... Everything is so confusing...

Caterpillar: It is not.

Another wisp of smoke escapes the Caterpillar’s mouth, tying itself into a bow knot.

Luffy: Well, it is to us.

Caterpillar: Why? *smokes out a ‘Y’*

Alice: Well, we can't remember thing as we used to and...

Caterpillar: Recite.

Alice: Hmm…ohh. Yes, sir. Um.... 'How doth the little busy bee, improve each’--

Caterpillar: Stop!

Chopper: Eh…what’s wrong?

Caterpillar: That is not spoken correctically. It goes... 'How'...

The Caterpillar went to smoke, but no smoke was coming out. He saw a couple of his arms were grasped onto the cord and he slapped them to make them let go. Alice found this amusing and giggled a little. She stopped once the Caterpillar gave her a stern glare.

Caterpillar: 'How doth the little crocodile improve his shining tail
And pour the waters on the Nile
On every golden scale?
How cheer'... ‘How cheer’…

The Caterpillar get interrupted halfway, much to his annoyance. He kept trying to repeat himself, and he saw his lower legs were dangling off the leaf. He then grabbed his legs and hoisted them to himself, and then he went to continue.

Caterpillar: 'How cheerfully he seems to grin
How neatly spread his claws
And welcome little fishes in
With gently smiling jaws'.

Franky: Not bad.

Alice: But I must say I never heard it that way before.

Caterpillar: I know, I have improved it.

Robin: Well, if you ask me...

Caterpillar: You? Who are you!?

The Caterpillar blows more smoke at the group, causing them to hack and cough something fierce. Having had enough of the Caterpillar and his smoke, Alice and the Straw Hats walked off in a huff. Seeing this, the Caterpillar calls out to them in hopes of bring them back.

Caterpillar: You there! Fellows! Girl! Wait, come back! I have something important to say!

Alice: Oh, dear... Wonder what he wants now...

Usopp: It's probably not worth our time.

Sanji: We might as well...

Reluctantly, Alice and the Straw Hats walked back to the Caterpillar’s mushroom, seems a bit laxed now than he was just a moment ago.

Alice: Well?

Caterpillar: Keep your temper!

And as he smoked, the puffs form a bullseye with a smoke dart hitting the center at ‘temper’.

Luffy: Is that all, bug?

Caterpillar: No…Exactically, what is your problem?

Alice: Well, it's exacti-exacti....precisely this; we should like to be a little larger, sir.

Caterpillar: Why? *smokes out a question mark*

Nami: Well, after all, three inches is such a lousy height for anyone and—

Caterpillar: I am exactictally three inches high…and it's a very good height, indeed!

The caterpillar growled at them, turning red as his anger and temper rose. He then blew a large puff of smoke to cover himself as he was fiery as himself.

Luffy: Yeah, well we’re not use to it. And you don’t have to…SHOUT!!!

And with that, Luffy lets out a shout powerful enough to blow away the smoke revealing only the caterpillar's skin, gloves and shoes.

Alice: Oh, dear.

Usopp: Nice shout, Luffy.

Luffy picked up a nearby stick starts to poke at the skin with it.

????: By the way, I have a few more helpful hints.

The group looked around to see where the voice came until they looked up, seeing the Caterpillar now a large butterfly.

Caterpillar: One side will make you grow taller...

Luffy: One side of what?

Caterpillar: And the other side will make you grow shorter!

Alice: The other side of what!?


The caterpillar turned red again, making them fall down and he flew off to get far away from them as possible. As the group began to figure what to do next, Alice pondered on what the Caterpillar had said. She takes one piece of the mushroom she was sitting on from her left, and then took a piece from her right.

Alice: Hmm…one side will make us grow taller…but which is which?

Nami: Hold up, Alice. I don’t think we should be eating a mushroom growing in the wild. For all we know it could be poisonous.

Robin: She’s right. And if it is poisonous and given our current size, there’s a chance we could die within seconds upon consuming it.


Sanji: Hey Chopper, don’t you have a book about certain herbs and such in your backpack?

Chopper: Oh yeah, I forgot.

Chopper reaches into his backpack and pulls out a book titled; ‘Encyclopedia of Edible Herbs and Other Natural Medicinal Remedies’. He flipped to the mushroom category and skimmed through it until he found the picture of the mushroom he was looked for.

Chopper: Here it is! Cortinarius caperatus, commonly known as the gypsy mushroom, is a highly regarded edible mushroom with a mild flavor.

Luffy: Well if it means I can eat it, I don’t care.

Luffy and Alice each takes a bite of the mushroom piece in her right hand.

Luffy: I’m sick of being three inches high…igh… igh… igh… igh… igh… igh… igh… igh…!!!

Suddenly, without any warning at all, Alice and Luffy shot up into the sky, growing higher and higher at an alarming rate. Eventually by the time they stopped growing, Alice and Luffy were taller than the trees in the forest with their heads sticking out of the canopy. The rest of the crew had managed to latch onto Luffy’s hat as he went up in size.

Zoro: What the heck just happened?!

Usopp: Luffy and Alice went giant, that’s what happened!!!

Chopper: So that’s what the caterpillar meant when he said, “one side will make you grow taller”.

Sanji: I heard of getting high on mushrooms, but this is taking it little too far!

Of course, the Straw Hats weren’t the only things that got a lift from that. Because an old lady of a bird and her nest were swiftly removed from her original perch and wound up on Alice’s head. As the old bird composes herself, she looks around to see what just happened until she looked down and was shocked at what she saw. To us it was Alice, but from the bird’s perspective it was…

Bird: *gasp* Serpents! HELP! HELP! SERPENTS! SERPENTS!

The bird’s screams soon gain the attention of Alice and Luffy, whose heads the bird begins to fly around frantically.

Luffy: Hey, cut that out!

Bird: Off with you! Shoo! Shoo! Go away! Serpents! SERPENTS!!!!

Alice: But we’re not serpents.

Bird: Not serpents?! Indeed?! *perches on Alice’s nose* Then just what are you?

Alice: I’m a little girl and Luffy’s a—

Bird: Little, Ha! Little?! HAhahahaha!

Alice: Well I am…I mean we were.

Bird: And…I suppose to you both don’t eat eggs either?

Luffy: Yeah, we eat eggs but—

Bird: I knew it! I KNEW it! Serpents! SERPENTS!!!!

Alice: OH, for goodness sake!

Well, at this point Luffy and Alice were nearly at their wits end with the old bird, until an idea hits Luffy.

Luffy: Hey, Alice. If one side of that mushroom made us grow…

Luffy points to the mushroom piece in Alice’s right hand and Alice gets what Luffy was getting at.

Alice: Hmm…and the other side will…

Meanwhile the old bird was evacuating her nest, taking all the eggs that she had in it.

Bird: The very idea. Spend all my time, laying eggs for serpents like them.

Alice and Luffy each took a bite from the mushroom piece from her left hand and within a split second, dropped back down to their previous size. The other Straw Hats held on for dear life as they went back down as quickly as they went up. The old bird was caught off guard by this as her nest falls onto a tree branch; she frantically tries to catch each of her eggs before they fell, and manages to catch them all.

Alice: Goodness, I wonder if I’ll ever get the knack of it.

Sanji: At least now we know we should be careful of what we eat in this world. Right, Luffy?

Sanji addresses Luffy, whose head was covered in bruise lumps, thanks to Nami, Sanji and Zoro.

Luffy: *lisping* Ok…I’m sorry….

Zoro: Well, now that we know it works, how do we get back to our right size again?

Robin: I got an idea, everyone grab a piece of mushroom just like how Alice did.

At her instructions, the group takes two pieces of mushroom in their hands just like how Alice did at first. So now they now which piece did what; the right handed piece to make them big and the left handed piece to shrink them.

Franky: Okay, we got the pieces, now what?

Robin: Simple, if a bite can cause us to grow too big, then a small lick might have a lesser effect.

Usopp: It’s worth a shot.

With that, each of them gives a lick on the mushroom piece in their right hand and instantly grew back to their right sizes.

Alice: There, that's much better.

Luffy: Finally, back to our right size about.

Nami: At least we don’t have to go through that again.

Chopper: What do we do with the mushrooms?

Robin: We might as well save them…they may come in handy.

Zoro: Let’s hope we don’t need them anytime soon.

Franky: Come on you lazy lugs, we still got a rabbit to find.

And with that, the group ventured deeper into Wonderland, without a clear heading of where they’re going or where to…

Chapter 8: Every Which Way But Right. Meet the Cheshire Cat.

Sometime had passed since the encounter with the Caterpillar and our group of wayward travelers were nowhere hear finding the White Rabbit they did when they got here. Eventually, they encountered a bunch of trees with a number signs posted on them, but instead of real directions to actual places, all they said were 'This way', 'That way', ‘Down’, ‘Up’, ‘Back’ , ‘Go Back’ and ‘Yonder’.

Nami: Oh, you have got to be kidding me.

Sanji: I think this place is trying to get us lost.

Brook: Now which way do we go?

Just then, an ominous voice began to sing, surprising the group. The voice echoed all over the forest as multicolored lights flash around, complementing the voice’s odd lyrics.

Voice: `Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
Did gyre and gimble in the wabe;
All mimsy were the borogoves,
And the mome raths outgrabe.

Usopp: What the?

Luffy: Who said that?

Alice: Now, where in the world do you suppose that...?

Voice: Uh, lose something?

They then looked up and were surprised at what they saw; a huge, visible grin atop a tree branch before them.

Alice: Oh, no, no, we were just wondering.

Voice: Oh, that's quite alright. One moment please...

Suddenly, two yellow eyes materialize out of nowhere to form a face. The ‘face’ blows a flat note and then a few other notes. It then began to materialize into a cat with purple and pink stripes.

Cat: Second chorus…`Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
Did gyre and gimble in the wabe;

Alice: Why, you're a cat!

Cheshire Cat: A Cheshire Cat… All mimsy were the borogoves…

The Cheshire Cat swirls his tail around and began to disappear right before their very eyes.

Robin: Wait, don't go, we need your help!

Cheshire Cat: Very well…*rematerializes* Third Chorus.

Alice: Oh, no, no, no, no, thank you, b-but we just wanted to ask you which way we ought to go.

Cheshire Cat: Well, that depends on where you want to get to.

Zoro: Well, it doesn’t really matter, as long as we—

Cheshire Cat: Then it really doesn't matter which way you go…

The Cheshire Cat jumped to the ground and disappeared, but his paw-prints appeared all around them as he continued to sing his little song, then jumped into a different tree and became visible again.

Cheshire Cat: Oh, by the way, if you'd really like to know, he went that way.

Alice: Who did?

Cheshire Cat: The white rabbit.

Luffy: He did?

Cheshire Cat: He did what?

Brook: Went that way.

Cheshire Cat: Who did?"

Sanji: The white rabbit!

Cheshire Cat: What white rabbit?

Alice: Didn't you just say...I mean... Oh, dear...

Cheshire Cat: Can you stand on your head?

The Cheshire Cat asked this as he quite literally stood on his head, using it as a circus ball.

Nami: You are not even helping us!

Cheshire Cat: Yes I am.

Nami: No you’re not.

Cheshire Cat: Yes I am.

Nami: No you’re not.

Cheshire Cat: Yes I am.

Nami: No you’re not!!

Cheshire Cat: Yes I am.

Nami: No you’re not!!

Cheshire Cat: Yes I am.

Nami: No you’re NOT!!!!

Cheshire Cat: ….Yes I am.


Nami leaps at the cat in blind fury, only to be stopped by Zoro and Franky, who pin her to the ground.

Cheshire Cat: My, my, what a temper! You’ll never find a white rabbit that way.


His comment sends Nami into another frenzy, as Zoro and Franky desperately tried to hold her down.

Cheshire Cat: However, if I were looking for a white rabbit, I'd ask the Mad Hatter.

Alice: Mad Hatter?

Alice turned to a sign leading to the Mad Hatter and then looked back, nervously.

Brook: Mad as in crazy or mad as in angry?

Usopp: I’m thinking as in crazy.

Cheshire Cat: Or, there's the March Hare in that direction.

Alice: Oh, thank you, I think we shall visit him.

Cheshire Cat: Of course... He's mad too...

Nami: Are you kidding me?!

Robin: I’m sensing a pattern here.

Alice: But, we don't want to go among mad people!

Cheshire Cat: Oh, you can't help that… most everyone is mad here.

The cat started to laugh kookily and suddenly stopped as he began to disappear piece by piece.

Cheshire Cat: You may have noticed that I'm not all there myself…hmm, hmhm.
And the mome raths outgrabe…

Luffy: That was…weird...

Franky: That’s the understatement of the week.

Alice: Goodness, if there are people like that, then we must try not to upset them.

Zoro: No arguments there.

The group then wandered through the woods to look for some kind of help, hoping to be careful along the way.

Chapter 9: The Mad Tea Party. A Very Merry Unbirthday!

Well, our intrepid group continued to wander aimlessly through the forest, unable to find any signs of civilization, if any.

Usopp: I’m just gonna say it; we’re lost.

Sanji: Any more so than we were about fifteen minutes ago?

Usopp: Pretty much.

Alice: There's gotta be someone that can help us.

Brook: What about the Mad Hatter and the March Hare that cat guy mentioned?

Usopp: But didn’t he say they were mad crazy?

Nami: At this point, I’ll take the two nuts over begin lost anyway.

After walking through the woods for a good while, the group discovers a house with a large back garden with lamps and music playing.

Alice: How very curious…

They looked to the garden of the house and saw an elderly human male with gray hair wearing a large green hat in a light-green suit with a brown hare that had a flock of yellow hair while in a red suit. The duo was singing to themselves at a table, surrounded by a number of teapots, teacups and chairs.

March Hare: …if there no objections let it be unanimous!

Mad Hatter: A very, merry unbirthday

March Hare: A very, merry, unbirthday

Both: A very, merry, unbirthday to us!

Alice and the Straw Hats decided to get a closer look and witness a surprising sight, the music was coming from the teapots, which were whistling and bouncing to their own beat. The steam the teapots were emitting was so thick that the group couldn’t see anything. Fortunately they managed looked beneath the steam to see the singing duo.

March Hare: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA very, merry, unbirthday to me

Mad Hatter: To who?

March Hare: To me!

Mad Hatter: Oh, you!

March Hare: A very, merry, unbirthday to you

Mad Hatter: Who, me?

March Hare: Yes, you!

Mad Hatter: Oh, me!

March Hare: Let's all congratulate us
With another cup of tea
A very, merry, unbirthday

The two finished their song and heard distant clapping. The hare and hatter saw that they weren't alone and saw Alice and the Straw Hats successfully sneaking into their party. They rushed at the uninvited guest saying…

Both: "No room, no room, no room, no vacancy, no room, no room, no room, NO ROOM!

Alice: But we thought there was plenty of room!

Sanji: Well, ya got enough chairs for it.

March Hare: Ah, but it's very rude to sit down without being invited!

Mad Hatter: I'll say it's rude; it's very, very rude indeed!

Dormouse: Very, very rude indeed...

The Dormouse added his comment before drearily sinking back into his teapot.

Robin: We are sorry for interrupting, but we did liked your singing and we wanted to know if--

Robin’s comment catches the attention of the March Hare, who zings over to her side, startling her slightly.

March Hare: You enjoyed OUR singing!?

Mad Hatter: Oh, what a delightful young lady!

In his excitement, the Mad Hatter inadvertently sticks his elbow into a teacup, causing it to get stuck.

Mad Hatter: What the—things happen I’m so excited, we never get compliments, you must have a cup of tea!

March Hare: Ah, yes, indeed, the tea, you must have some cups of tea.

The March Hare takes a teapot and starts the pour into his hand. But the liquid begins to materialize into a plate, then a cup, then the tea itself followed by two lumps of sugar.

Robin: Well, I guess we could stay for a little bit.

Alice: We're sorry we interrupted your birthday party *receives tea from March Hare* thank you--

March Hare: Birthday?

March Hare swipes away Alice’s teacup back, laughing.

March Hare: My dear child, this is not a birthday party!

Chopper: It’s not?

Mad Hatter: Of course not. This is an un-birthday party.

And as the Mad Hatter explains, he pours himself a cup of tea. But he pours it into his neck collar, which come out of his sleeve and into his cup.


Brook: What’s that?

Luffy: Is it when you get unborn?

Luffy gets thumped across his head by Sanji and Zoro, causing him to slam his face into the table.


Nami: Jokes aside that still doesn’t explain what it is?

March Hare: It's very simple, now thirty days have Sept—No…Well…

The Hare stepped back, trying to think and scratched his head with his right ear.

March Hare: An un-birthday, if you have a birthday, then you...*chuckles* They don't know what an un-birthday is.

Nami: *sarcastically* Oh and you’re such the expert?

Mad Hatter: How silly! *chuckles* Well…I--

The Mad Hatter ends up gargling up some tea, causing him to clear his throat. He grabs a nearby teapot and sprays some steam into his mouth.

Mad Hatter: I shall elucidate.

The March Hare grabs a spoon and starts conducting the teapots as they start to whistle a song.

Mad Hatter: Now statistics prove, prove that you've one birthday.

March Hare: Imagine, just one birthday every year!

Mad Hatter: Ahhh, but there are 364 unbirthdays!

March Hare: Precisely, why we're gathered here to cheer!

Robin: I think I got it! An unbirthday is a day in which your birthday wouldn’t be celebrated on, because you only have one birthday.

Alice: Why, then today’s my unbirthday too!

March Hare: It is?!

Nami: Come to think of it…*counts a bit on her fingers* today’s our unbirthday too!

Luffy: It is?

Chopper: It is?

Mad Hatter: Oh, what a small world this is.

March Hare: Well, in that case!

The Hare dashed to dance around Alice and the Straw Hats with the assistance of his friend, the Hatter.

March Hare: A very merry unbirthday!

Alice: To us?

Mad Hatter: To you!

The Hatter took off his hat to show a pink cake for the group with several lit candles.

Hare: A very, merry, un-birthday!

Chopper: For us?

March Hare: For you!

Hatter: Now, blow the candles out, my friends
And make your wishes come true.

All of them then blew out the candles and just Luffy was about to take huge bite of the cake, it shoots up into the air like a rocket.

March Hare & Mad Hatter: A very merry unbirthday to you!

The cake then exploded before their eyes and looked like fireworks, and the little mouse from earlier came out with a tiny umbrella, slowly falling through the sky.

Dormouse: Twinkle, twinkle, little bat
How I wonder what you're at!
Up above the world you fly
Like a tea-tray in the sky!

The mouse then peacefully landed into his teapot, as the Hatter puts the lid back on it. The group praised the March Hare and Mad Hatter for their little song number.

Alice: That was lovely.

Mad Hatter: Now, uh, you all were saying you would like to seek…pardon me.

The Hatter dips a cup saucer into the tea like a donut to coffee, and then takes a bite into it. Luffy tries to mimic the Hatter but ends up hurting his teeth on the saucer.

Mad Hatter: You were seeking some information of some kind?

Alice: Oh, yes, you see, we're looking for a—

Mad Hatter: Clean cup, clean cup! Move down!

Alice: But, I haven’t used my cup.

March Hare: Clean cup, clean cup, move down, move down, clean cup, clean cup, move down!

The Hatter and the Hare moves the group a few chairs down the table as the Hare tosses a few cups around. Finally they stopped, leaving Alice and the Straw Hats a bit confused.

Usopp: Uh…What was that all about?

March Hare: It's customary! Whenever Hatter wants a clean cup, we all move down by one place. It’s the rules.

Franky: This place has a lot of strange rules.

Sanji: You got that right.

The Hatter then pours a three spouted teapot into three separate cups at once.

Mad Hatter: Would you like a little more tea?

Alice: Well, we haven’t had any yet, so we can’t very well take more…

Alice tried to pour herself a cup, but nothing came out of the pot she had because for some reason it had no spout.

March Hare: Ahh, you mean you can’t very well take less!

The Hare takes the spoutless teapot and cracks it open like an egg, pouring its contents into Alice’s cup.

Mad Hatter: Yes! You can always take more than nothing!

The Hatter then adds a spoonful of sugar into Alice’s cup, then the whole jar onto it. Robin notices this and switches it out for a normal one, giving the over sugared one to Usopp.

Usopp: It’s not that, we only meant—

Usopp attempts to drink his tea, only to find a mountain of sugar on it.

Mad Hatter: Now, my friends, something seems to be troubling you all.

The Hatter pours some tea into a stack of tea cups and then takes only the bottom most cup, which had the tea in it.

Mad Hatter: Won't you tell us all about it?

March Hare: Start at the beginning.

Mad Hatter: Yes, yes! And when you come to the end, hehehe, stop! See?

Nami: So…who’s gonna go first?

Sanji: I think we should let Alice go first.

Alice: Well, it all started while I was sitting on the riverbank with Dinah.

March Hare: Very interesting.

The Hare took a sip of tea and then slammed it down, dangling his tongue and panting.

March Hare: Who’s Dinah?

Brook: An older sister, perchance?

Alice: Why, Dinah is my cat. You see…

Dormouse: Cat? CAT?!!!

Suddenly, the dormouse pops his head out of his teapot once he heard that dreaded word his species knows all too well. He then leaps out in a panicked frenzy and races across the table. Both Alice and the Straw Hats were surprised that the lethargic dormouse had suddenly become livelier in a heartbeat. The Mad Hatter and the March Hare soon gives chase to their little friend, knocking over virtually everything that was on the table in the process. They finally captured the dormouse, pinning him to the table as they try to put him back into his teapot.

March Hare: Hurry! The jam! Quick! Get the jam! On his nose! Put it on his nose!

Mad Hatter: On his nose, on his nose!

Robin quickly picks up the jar of jam and gives to Alice, who then puts it on the mouse’s nose as instructed.

Dormouse: Where’s the cat…

The dormouse then started to settle down a little and relaxed, as he when back inside his teapot. The Hatter and the Hare composed themselves from the little episode.

Mad Hatter: Oh. Oh, my goodness! Those are the things that upset me!

March Hare: See all the trouble you’ve started?

The March Hare says this as he is pouring tea; he cuts the tea with his ears like a pair of scissors.

Alice: But really, I didn’t think…

March Hare: Ah, but that’s the point! If you don’t think, you shouldn’t talk!

Nami: Now, wait a minute! How was Alice supposed to know that mouse would freak when he hears the word—

Mad Hatter: Clean cup! Clean cup! Move down, move down, move down!

Alice: But I still haven’t used….

March Hare: Move down, move down, move down, move down…

The Hare and the Hatter moves the group down to the end of the table. By this point, it was clear that this was indeed the craziest tea party in history. Some of the Straw Hats were getting really annoyed by these antics.

Mad Hatter: And now my dear, as you were saying?

Alice: Oh, yes. I was sitting on the riverbank with uh… with you know who…

Mad Hatter: I do? *chuckle*

Alice: I mean my C – A – T…

Mad Hatter: Tea?

The Hare slices a cup in half vertically and hands it to the Hatter.

March Hare: Just half a cup if you don't mind.

The Mad Hatter poured him a cup, filling it, despite the cup being split in half now.

Mad Hatter: Come, come, lads, don't you care for tea?

Robin: Personally, I’d prefer coffee…

March Hare: If you don't care for tea, you could at least make polite conversation!

Alice: Well, we’ve been trying to ask you…

The March Hare pulls out a large mallet and bangs it the table, getting everyone’s attention.

March Hare: I have an excellent idea! Let’s change the subject!

The Hare then bonks the Hatter over the head, causing him to talk through his hat.

Mad Hatter: Why is a raven like a writing desk?

Alice: Riddles?

Robin: Let me see now. Why is a raven like a writing desk?

Mad Hatter: I beg your pardon?

Nami: Why is a raven like a writing desk?

Mad Hatter: Why is a what?!

March Hare: Careful! She’s stark raving mad!

Zoro: Now wait just a minute! You’re the one who gave us the riddle!

Luffy: Yeah! You just said…

The Hatter held a chair out like a lion tamer, keeping the now agitated group at bay.

Mad Hatter: Steady now! Don’t get excited!!!

March Hare: How about a nice cup of tea?

Well, that was the last straw for their guest and enough was enough!


Nami slams her fist into the table, causing it to shake as she stormed to the door.

Sanji: For once I agree, “How about a cup of tea”, indeed!

Robin: I'm sorry, sirs, but we don't have the time!

March Hare: The time! The time! Who’s got the time?

White Rabbit: No, no, no, no! No time, no time, no time! Hello, goodbye! I’m late! I’m late!

The familiar voice of the white rabbit returned as he stumbled into the mad tea party, rushing to whatever it was he was going to.

Alice: The white rabbit!

Usopp: Where did he come from?!

Sanji: Who cares! He’s here anyway!

White Rabbit: Oh, I’m so late! I’m so very very late!

The Mad Hatter takes the white rabbit’s clock from his hand, causing the chain to pull on his neck.

Mad Hatter: Well, no wonder you’re late! Why, this clock is exactly two days slow!

White Rabbit: Two days slow?

Franky: Two days slow?

Mad Hatter: Of course you’re late. Hahaha! My goodness.

The Hatter dips the watch into a pot of tea and then slams it onto the table, opening it up.

Mad Hatter: We’ll have to look into this.

He then takes a shaker of salt and puts it over his right eye like a loupe. The salt from the shaker falls into the clock’s inner workings as the Hatter looks it over.

Mad Hatter: A-ha! I see what’s wrong with it! Why, this watch is full of wheels!

The Hatter takes a fork and starts pulling out random parts from the watch, much to the dismay of the white rabbit.

White Rabbit: Oh, my poor watch! Oh, my wheels! My springs! But- but- but- but, but- but- but…

Mad Hatter: Butter! Of course, we need some butter! Butter!

March Hare: *into the white rabbit’s ear* Butter!

White Rabbit: But- but- butter?

The confused rabbit hands a plate of butter to the Hatter, who then takes about half of it and spreads it into the watch.

Mad Hatter: Butter, oh, thank you, butter. Ha ha. Yes, that’s fine.

White Rabbit: Oh no no, no no no you’ll get crumbs in it!

Mad Hatter: Oh, this is the very best butter! What are you talking about?

March Hare: Tea?

Mad Hatter: Tea! Oh, I never thought of tea! Of course! Tea!

The Hatter takes a teapot and starts pouring it into the watch.

White Rabbit: No! Not tea!

March Hare: Sugar?

Mad Hatter: Sugar. Two spoons, yes, ha, two spoons. Thank you, yes.

The Hare hands him two spoons (minus the sugar) and then the Hatter shoves them into the watch.

White Rabbit: Oh, please! Be careful!

March Hare: Jam?

Mad Hatter: Jam! I forgot all about jam! Just shows what a paste will do.

He takes a jar of jam and pours all the jam into the watch.

White Rabbit: No, no! Not jam!

March Hare: Mustard?

The hare hands over a jar of mustard to the Hatter.

Mad Hatter: Mustard? Yes, but…

The Hatter was about to put a spoon’s worth of mustard into the watch, but stops before he add it, realizing what he was about to do.

Mad Hatter: Mustard?! *throws the mustard away* Don’t let’s be silly!

Sanji: Oh and everything else you put in wasn’t?!

Mad Hatter: Of course! The jam would taste terrible with mustard.

Sanji: WHAT?!

Franky: So what would go with that?

Mad Hatter: Lemon, that’s different, that’s… yes!

The Hatter takes a lemon slice and squeezes the juice into the watch. He then slams the watch face down and then, using a knife, cuts away the excess jam that came out.

Mad Hatter: There! That should do it. Hahaha!

Franky: Say, are you sure that watch is better with all that gunk in it?

Sanji: For all we know, you probably made it worse.

Mad Hatter: Oh, nonsense, I'm a professional!

Sanji: Yeah, but a professional what?

March Hare: Well if you don’t believe him, then why don’t you just wind it up yourself?

Sanji: Why, in fact I will!

Sanji picks up the watch and angrily starts winding it up.

Sanji: Just to prove to you two you can’t fix a watch like some--

And before Sanji could finish winding; the watch suddenly springs to life, jumps out of Sanji’s hands and starts going berserk, startling the group.

Mad Hatter: Look at that!

March Hare: It’s going mad!

Alice: Oh, my goodness!

White Rabbit: Oh dear!

Zoro: That’s not good!

Luffy: It’s alive!

Usopp/Chopper: AHHH!!

The group could do nothing as the watch throws a massive fit all over the table, coughing up gears, parts and whatever the Hatter put in it.

March Hare: It is going mad! It’s a mad watch!

Mad Hatter: I don’t understand, it’s the best butter.

March Hare: Mad watch! Mad watch! Mad watch!

Mad Hatter: Oh, look! You think the tea was-- Oh my goodness! I think that was it, the tea was too strong!

Nami: Ya think!?

March Hare: There’s only one way to stop a mad watch!

The March Hare pulls out the mallet he use earlier and, with one big swing, whacks the watch, smashing it into pieces.

Mad Hatter: Two days slow, that’s what it is.

The Hatter shoves what was left of the watch back to the White Rabbit, who was now disheartened at his now busted timepiece.

White Rabbit: Oh, my watch…*sniffs* And it was an unbirthday present too.

Mad Hatter: It was?

March Hare: Well, in that case…

The Hare and Hatter then grabbed the white rabbit by the arms and…

March Hare & Mad Hatter: A very merry unbirthday toOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooo you!

…throws him clear out of the garden and out of sight.

Alice: Mister Rabbit! Oh, mister Rabbit!

Alice and the Straw Hats raced out of the garden to see where the rabbit landed, but they see no trace of him anywhere.

Alice: Oh, now where did he go to?

Zoro: Anywhere but here apparently.

Nami: Well that’s just right! We weren’t even looking for that dumb rabbit and we lost him…again!

Chopper: Uhh…guys?

The group looks back to see the Hare and the Hatter continued to have their unbirthday celebration and mad tea party, despite just happened moments ago.

Usopp: I-I don’t believe it!

Robin: It’s like it didn’t even happened.

Sanji: And were right back where we came in.

Alice: Of all the silly nonsense, this is the stupidest tea party I've ever been to all my life.

Robin: I agree. Let’s leave before those two do an encore.

The group walks back into the forest in a huff, just then, Luffy suddenly thought of something.

Luffy: Hey, I think just understood that riddle!

Nami/Sanji/Zoro/Usopp: NOT NOW, LUFFY!!!



Sep 25, 2010
My head hurts as much as the Straw Hats do. The Mad Hatter and the March Hare have some crazy topsy turvy rules to say the least. I can see why Nami would lose her temper so quickly. I certainly would if they couldn't give any straight answers. On the other hand, the story the twins told was quite sad. This is incredible well done because, it sticks the VHS tape of Wonderland instead of the more modern day movies. I wonder what will be in store for the Straw Hats next. I fear I've forgotten how this story ends for Alice. Can't wait for the next chapter, Cyborg009. :D


Jul 28, 2004
in my mind
Chapter 10: Seldom Followed Good Advice. Lost in the Tulgy Wood.

In the last chapter, Alice and our pirate friends had just got back from the craziest tea party they’ve been to. And at this point, they had all they could take of Wonderland, most of all Alice.

Alice: Well, I for one have had enough nonsense. I’m going home. Straight home.

Nami: Now that I can agree on! I’ve just about had it with this wild rabbit chase!

Luffy: Yeah! Who cares were that dumb bunny was going anyway!

Sanji: And the sooner we leave this insane asylum, the better.

In total agreement, the group trudged along through, until they came upon a sign that said…

Nami: Tulgy Wood…

Alice: Hmm, curious. I don’t remember this.

Usopp: I guess we must’ve missed it on our way in…or out…or whatever.

The others looked around and unbeknownst to them, there were a number of pairs of eyes staring at them in a nearby tree. One of the pair of eyes came out to show a pair of eye-glasses with bird legs and a beak-like nose.

Alice: Now let me see…

The creature, very nimbly, lands on top Alice’s shoulder, put in the glasses on her face. The Straw Hats did not notice this until Brook turns around to see Alice’s new accessory.

Brook: Uh…Miss Alice, you have something over your face.

Alice: Hmm?

The others soon noticed the eye-glass bird on Alice, Luffy, Usopp and Chopper could not help but giggle at Alice’s appearance. Suddenly, a bird that had a reflecting mirror for eyes emerged from another tree. It wasn’t until Alice saw the mirror bird’s reflection that she finally notices the glasses bird over her face. Robin removed the glasses and places them near the mirror bird.

Robin: Sorry, you two, but we have no time for anymore nonsense.

The group kept on walking, leaving the mirror bird and eye-glasses bird aside.

Nami: This isn't good, I think we might be lost.

Chopper: I don't like being lost...

Franky: So, where to now?

Alice: Now, if we came this way, we should go back this way!

Luffy: Hmm…that sounds like a good plan to me.

Nami: Luffy, that’s the dumbest plan I’ve ever—

But before Nami could finish, Luffy stepped on something that honked loudly.

Luffy: Woah!

Luffy fell backwards in surprise as the honk came from a strange purple bird that looked like a bicycle horn. The horn bird herds its babies into a nearby pond and then honked angrily at Luffy before entering the pond. The ripples it created wakes up two odd looking frogs, one looked like a drum and the other was a cymbal. The two made rhythmic sounds as they hopped on by.

Alice: Goodness. When I get home I shall write a book about this place…

Sanji: Yeah…provided that we actually get home that is.

The group walked to a waterfall, where they soon began to hear what appeared to be happy squawking. Beneath the waterfall was what appeared to be umbrella birds, splishing and splashing about with happy abandon.

Alice: Oh, um, excuse me! Um, could one of you tell me…?

The birds noticed them and flew out to a nearby tree branch, glaring menacingly at the group. Their new appearance resembled that of vultures, a sight that causes some of the Straw Hats to gulp nervously.

Nami: Uhh…on second thought...never mind.

The group decided to get as far from the umbrella birds as possible, going deeper into the woods and getting even more lost than they were now.

Alice: Oh, dear, it's getting dreadfully dark...And nothing looks familiar.

Chopper: I’m scared!

Usopp: Me, too.

Brook: Me, three.

Robin: Calm down, we'll find a way out…I hope.

The group then stumbled to a bird with a shovel for a face, digging around in the dirt for no reason.

Zoro: This place just keeps getting crazier by the minute.

Nami: Well, I for one will be certainly glad to get out of...

Just then, Nami bumps into odd looking bird with a bird cage for a stomach. The impact jars open the cage door, allowing two birds inside the cage to escape. The bird-cage bird quickly chases after the escapees until he caught them in his mouth and trapped them again.

Brook: That…was weird.

Sanji: I think I’m gonna be sick!

Suddenly, an owl with an accordion-like neck flies by, making noise as the neck stretches in and out.

Alice: It would be so nice if something would make sense for a change!

Sometime later, the group stumbles on two hammer faced birds tapping a sign in and two other birds with pencil-like beaks writing on the sign.

Luffy: Hey look!

Robin: ‘Don’t…

Usopp: ...step…

Sanji: …on…

Chopper: …the Momeraths’.

Alice: The Momeraths?

Franky: What the heck is a momerath!?

And Franky got his answer as a number of multi-colored creatures with fuzz on their heads emerge from the ground. They then scampered around together, forming into an arrow, pointing into the direction of a nearby red path.

Alice: A path!

Usopp/Luffy/Chopper: Hooray!

Nami: The nightmare is over!

Chopper: *to Momeraths* Thank you!

The group races to the path and along it, hoping that it would lead them to what they hope is the way out of this insane asylum of a world. It didn’t matter to them where the path leads them, because at this point, this was the best thing that could happen to them.

Alice: Why, I knew we'd find one sooner or later. Oh, if I hurry back I might even be home in time for tea! Oh, won’t Dinah be happy to see me!

Chopper: I just want to get back to our ship!

Luffy: I’m gonna eat a whole bunch of meat!

Sanji/Zoro/Usopp: NOT ALL OF IT!

Nami: I’ll just be glad will be done with this—EHHHH?!

The group kept running, but stopped in shock and surprise at what was ahead of them; a dog with a broom for a head and tail was sweeping away the path they were following. The dog came to the group, swept around them, and kept sweeping away, without even acknowledging them or caring for them.

Straw Hats (sans Robin): YOU KIDDING ME!?!?!

Robin: Well, didn’t see that coming.

Alice: Oh, dear, now we shall never get out.

By this point, Nami, who was now angrier than ever, began to pace the ground, fuming and cussing under her breath.

Chopper: What do we do now?

Alice: Well, wh-when one's lost, I-I suppose it's good advice to stay where you are until someone finds you...


Nami snaps at Alice with all her fury, shocking the other Straw Hats.

Nami: Ever since we got here, everything you did only got us into even more of a mess than before. I mean, who'd think to look for us here anyway!? ‘Good advice’…if you had actually used your head and listened to your own advice, we wouldn’t be stuck in the middle of who-knows-where!

Franky: Nami, calm down! You’re getting all mad for nothing.

Nami: Mad? I’m not mad…I’M FURIOUS!!!!!

Zoro: Enough!

Zoro smacks Nami in the back of her head, shocking Sanji and Brook.

Nami: Oww! What was that for?!

Zoro: That was to snap you out of it. Do you think you’re the only one who wants out of here? We all want to find a way out, but that’s no excuse to yell at a little girl, whose curiosity got the better of her. I mean, look at what you did!

Zoro points Nami to Alice, whose was starting to cry after being scolded by Nami. Nami suddenly felt very guilty about what she did. She went up to Alice, pulled out a handkerchief and wiped away the tears from Alice’s eyes

Nami: Hey…Alice, listen…I’m sorry for snapping at you. It’s just…this place was getting to me. It’s not a crime to be curious about things, but you need to have some common sense about these things, or else you might do things that you’ll regret sooner or later.

Usopp: Like how you yelled at Alice a few minutes ago?

Luffy: Yeah...that was mean.

Chopper: Nami’s a meanie!


Luffy, Chopper and Usopp leapt backwards in fear as Nami gave her scary face at them.

Alice: You’re right, Nami.

Nami: Huh? About what?

Alice: About everything. If I had listened earlier, we wouldn't be here! But that's just the trouble with me. I give myself very good advice...

Alice: But I very seldom follow it
That explains the trouble that I'm always in
Be patient is very good advice,

But the waiting makes me curious
And I'd love the change
Should something strange begin

Well, I went along my merry way,
And I never stop to reason...

Her song seemed to catch the attention of all the animals in the woods. The Straw Hats stayed with Alice, sharing and feeling her pain.

Alice: I should have known there'd be a price to pay,
I'd give myself very good advice
But I very seldom follow it

Each of the animals became sad, feeling almost sorry for them. Alice then began to cry and as she did the animals started to cry as well before they began to fade away.

Alice: Will I ever learn to do
The things I should?

The chorus repeated as Alice cried her eyes out. The Straw Hats could do nothing but feel a sense of melancholy of their situation.

It truly looked like they would be stuck in this world…for the rest of their lives…

Chapter 11: Painting the Roses Red. Behold the Queen of Hearts!

Well, this is a fine turn of events. What started as a simple rabbit chase has gone downhill with Alice and the Straw Hats lost with no way or chance of getting home. They were completely alone, save for a crescent moon, giving off a bluish glow for light.

By this point, our wandering group was stumped. Normally, they would’ve figured a way out of this mess by now, but at this point, anyway chances of find a way have resulted in zip.

Franky: Well…so now what do we do?

Sanji: I’m thinking, I’m thinking.

Luffy: Can I think?

Nami/Sanji/Zoro/Usopp: NO!!!

Robin: I think I know the real problem here.

Usopp:You do?

Robin: Of course; the problem is this whole world.

Chopper: Huh?

Robin: Think about it; this entire world makes no sense. Nothing works the way it should, things aren’t what they seem and everyone acts crazy like it’s the norm.

Luffy: Yeah…Robin’s right! It’s all because this world is full of dumb nonsense!

????: And what, may I ask, is wrong with a little nonsense?

The group turns around to see who was talking; walking out from the darkness was a heavily cloaked man, whom the Straw Hats recognized before.

Cloaked Man: They say that little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men. And it seems to me you all had a little overdose.

Nami: A little?!

Luffy: Who are you again?

Cloaked Man: I’m not surprised you don’t remember me. But that it not important right now.

Sanji: Hang on a minute! How did you get here?! And furthermore how did you know how to find us?!

Cloaked Man: Well how I came here was pretty much the same way you did. As to how I found you, it was purely by accident.

Brook: How so?

Cloaked Man: You see I was just walking around, enjoying the vivid scenery. It didn’t matter to me which way I went, so long I was enjoy it.

Alice: Oh, enough of this nonsense! That doesn’t make as much sense as any of this.

Cloaked Man: But, Alice…isn’t this what you wanted?

Alice: What?

Cloaked Man: “If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense.” Isn’t that what you said? A world where nothing is what it seems, because they are what they shouldn’t be…right?

Alice: How…did you..?

Cloaked Man: I mean, think about it; animals that dress like humans, flowers that can talk. This entire world is based on what you wanted it to be, on what you wished the world should be.

Alice: Well I didn’t think it would turn out this way. I only made that stuff up for fun.

Cloaked Man: True…but sometimes even good intentions don’t always go as planned. Reason and Nonsense go hand in hand; you can’t have a world full of nonsense without reasoning to counter it.

Nami: Now he tells us.

Chopper: So could you tell us how to get out of here?

Cloaked Man: Unfortunately, I wouldn’t know that, but I think a certain local might know…

Sanji: Who…

Well soon enough, the crescent moon above them seemed to move around while a familiar voice was singing a familiar song. The others looked around and the half-moon revealed to be a grin. And that grin belonged to none other than the Cheshire Cat, who was sitting on top of a tree that suddenly appeared along with him.

Cheshire Cat: Hmhmhmhmhm… and the momeraths outgrabe.

Luffy: Oy! It’s that Ches-something cat!

Cheshire Cat: That’s Cheshire, my boy…and whom did you expect? The white rabbit, perchance?

Nami: OH NO! Don’t you start with that rabbit! Don’t even talk about him! We just want out of this insane asylum!!!

Cheshire Cat: My, my, still haven’t lost that temper I see.


Robin manages to cover Nami’s mouth with a number of hands to prevent her some saying someone that would get us in trouble with the censors.

Robin: What she means is, we’ve been trying to find our way out of here, but some reason it never even pans out.

Cheshire Cat: Naturally. That’s because you have no way. All ways here you see, are the queen’s ways.

Straw Hats: Queen?

Nami: You mean to tell us that someone actually rules this place!?!

Cloaked Man: I’m afraid our feline friend his right. The queen he refers to is the self-declared, self-righteous and self-imposed ruler of Wonderland; the Queen of Hearts! Her word is law here, no matter how ridiculous it is, and what she says…goes!

Alice: But we haven’t met any queen.

Cheshire Cat: You haven’t? You haven’t? Oh, but you must! She’ll be mad about you, simply mad! Hahaha! And the momeraths outgrabe…

He then laughed as he started to disappear again.

Brook: Wait a sec! Don’t go! Could you at least tell us where to find her?

Cheshire Cat: Well, some go this way *points left*, some go that way *points right*. But as for me, myself, personally, I prefer the shortcut.

The Cheshire Cat pulls on a nearby branch and a drawbridge-like door opens up, revealing the shortcut to the Queen’s castle.

Alice: Oh!

Franky: Nice shortcut!

Cloaked Man: If anyone could find a way for you to get home, it’s her, so long as you stay in her favor.

Luffy: Well, that won’t matter as long as we can get home.

Usopp: Good-bye!

Chopper: Thanks, Cheshire—

But the Cheshire Cat had already disappeared after opening the shortcut, to where was anyone’s guess.

Chopper: Where’d he go?

Zoro: Who cares! Anything’s better than here.

Cloaked Man: Good luck, anyway…oh wait I almost forgot!

Sanji: What?

Cloaked Man: If you really want some very good advice: Whatever you do, don’t make the Queen lose her temper.

Robin: Why?

Cloaked Man: Because she’s quite easy to provoke and if she ends up losing her temper, you’ll end up losing your heads…and that wasn’t a joke…have fun!

And with that, the Cloaked Man disappears into the darkness before the group could ask more questions. Some the Straw Hats were concerned that what he had said about the Queen, but they cross that bridge when they come to it.

Alice the Straw Hats entered through the shortcut and emerged into a large hedge maze. No sooner have they did, the group to hear singing from within the maze. They followed the singing to a nearby hedge when some red substance came flying over the side and landing on the grass in front of them.

Usopp: AHHH! What’s that?!

Robin bent down as Alice cringed at the liquid. Robin spun her finger in it and took a whiff.

Robin: Don’t worry, it’s just paint!

Chopper/Usopp: Phew!

Voices: Da dee dee da da da,
Doodle de do, dee do dee do,
bum bum bum bum,
Painting the roses red!
We're painting the roses red!
We dare not stop or waste a drop,

So let the paint be spread!
Oh, we're painting the roses reeeeeed...
We're painting the roses red!

Luffy attempted to hop over the hedge to see who threw the paint, only to have a face full thrown at him. As he spat out and tried to wipe the paint off his face, the others hopped up and down to see what was going on the other side and found the source of the singing and paint. Three living playing cards; a three, a two and a ace of clubs respectively, were singing a little tune as they were painting white roses on shrubs and bushes red, and quite messily at that.

Cards: Ohhhh! Painting the roses red,
and many a tear we shed,

Three: because we know

Three/Two: they’ll cease to grow,

Ace: in fact they’ll soon be dead.

Three/Two: Noooo!

Card painters: And yet we go ahead,
painting the roses red,
red, red, red, red, red, red, red.
Painting the roses red,
we’re painting the roses red…

The card people went to the next bush to paint and Alice saw this as a good chance to see what was going on.

Alice: Oh, pardon me,
but mister Three,
why must you paint them red?

Card painters: Huh? Oh!

Three: Well, the fact is, miss: we planted the white roses by mistake. And…

Card painters: The Queen, she likes them red
If she saw white instead

Two: She'd raise a fuss

Ace: And each of us

Three: Will quickly lose his head!

Alice: Goodness!

Nami, Usopp, Chopper and Brook gulped in unison over such a dreadful thought.

Card painters: Since this is the thought we dread, we’re painting the roses red!

Luffy: Well, that makes sense.

Alice: Oh, dear, then let us help you.

Zoro: Must we?

Franky: Well, it’s not like we have any else better to do.

Zoro: Good point.

So Alice and the Straw Hats each grabbed a paint brush and helped paint the roses red.

Alice: Painting the roses red…

Alice/Straw Hats/Card painters: We’re painting the roses red.
Don’t tell the queen
what you have seen,
or say that’s what we said
but, we’re painting the roses red…

Alice: Yes, painting the roses red…

Two: Not pink

Ace: Not green

Alice: Not aquamarine

All: We're painting the roses red!

Well it seems our friends were having a good time with their new hobby. That is, until a trumpeting fanfare broke the silence, causing them to stop painting. They looked around till they noticed a whole army of card-like soldiers, marching out of the castle and through the hedge maze to their location. One of the cards started to panic, knowing full well who was coming.

Three: THE QUEEN!!!

Two: The Queen!

Alice: The Queen.

Straw Hats: The Queen?

Cards: THE QUEEN!!!!

The group scrambled into a panic, trying to hide away the paint cans and brushes or any other evidence of tampering with the roses. The three cards dove straight to the ground.

Chopper: Should we?

Robin: Well, when in Wonderland.

Alice and the Straw Hats followed the cards and fell flat to the ground to bow; much to the latter’s chagrin. And not a minute too soon for suddenly and army of card soldiers marched into the clearing and performed some sort of military drill. The drill looked more like a dance than anything else and can’t be described by mere words alone. By the time they were done, they had surrounding the group in a heart formation.

Card: Count off!

Cards: One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, Jack.

Just then, a loud trumpet was heard and the white rabbit came in, sounding the trumpet as he passed the small group.

Chopper: Alice, look!

Alice: The rabbit!

The white rabbit panted from his running, but had to announce the queen right now.

White Rabbit: H-H-Her royal imperial highness, h-her grace, her Excellency, her royal majesty, the Queen of Hearts!

As the rabbit was making his announcement, a large woman in regal apparel walks into view of the crowd. This was the Queen of Hearts. Everyone gave a loud applause for the Queen, who looked pleased with everyone as she waved a red heart fan to the crowd.

Nami: So this is what he running late for; announcing the Queen?

Robin: I guess so.

Just then a very tiny man in royal attire appears from behind the Queen, taps the Rabbit with his fan, asking if he would be announced as well.

White Rabbit: *halfheartedly* And the king…

Only a single shout of hooray was heard as the King took off his crown, smiling politely at all around him.

Franky: That’s the King of Hearts?

Sanji: Well, I guess you can’t have a full deck without a king, even if he’s not that popular.

The Queen looked about the garden, but her expression quickly went from pleasant to angry as she noticed something was off. She saw that one of the bushes had a white rose, but more importantly, it had red paint on it, along with a discard paintbrush and bucket. She stormed over to the bush with a sinister grin on her face, passing by the cards, Alice and the Straw Hats. The Queen put her finger to the rose to see if it was paint, and it was…and the Queen was definitely not happy about it.

Queen: Hum… Who’s been painting my roses red?

She then grabbed the bush by its roots, ripping it clear out of the ground and waving it in anger at the crowd.

Who dares to taint
With vulgar paint
The royal flower bed?

For painting my roses RED...
Someone will lose his head!

The cards quickly defended and seemed to blame each other in an attempt to save their own heads.

Three: Oh, no! Your majesty! Please, it’s all his fault!

Two: Not me, your grace! The Ace, the Ace!

Queen: You?

Ace: No, Two!

Queen: The Deuce you say?

Two: Not me, the Three!


The crowd cheered loudly at the Queen’s order, which she receives with delight. Alice and the Straw Hats watched as the three cards were then carried off by the guards to receive their horrible punishment.

Cards: They’re going to lose their heads,
for painting the roses red,
it serves them right,
they planted white,
when roses should be red.
Oh, they’re going to lose their head…


The Queen roared at the chorus, making the cards fall from the force of her voice.

Luffy: Yeesh! What a loud-mouth!

Usopp: And I thought Nami was loud.

Nami: I heard that!

Alice: Oh, please, please! They were only trying to…

The Queen of Hearts then turned to notice Alice along with the others with her.

Queen: And who are these?

The King went to look at the group to see who and what they are.

King: Uh, well, well, well, now, eh, let me see, my dear... They certainly aren't hearts… Do you suppose they're clubs?

Queen: Why, it's a group of visitors.

Alice: Yes, and- and I was hoping…

Queen: Look up, speak nicely, and don’t twiddle your fingers! Turn out your toes. Curtsey. Open your mouth a little wider, and always say ‘yes, your majesty’!

As much as the Straw Hats hated to do it, even if they didn’t want to, they had no option but to copy what the Queen told them to do.

Alice/Straw Hats: Yes, your majesty!

Queen: Hmhmhmhm. Now, um, where do you come from, and where are you going?

Robin: Well, where we came from is a little hard to explain, but you see, we’re trying to our way home and—

The Queen turns around and roars at Robin, interrupting her mid-sentence.


Luffy: Hey! You ca-

Despite his protest; Zoro, Usopp, Chopper and Nami put each of their hands over Luffy’s mouth, to prevent him from saying something that would get the Queen mad.

Alice: We know, we were just thinking—

Queen: Curtsey while you’re thinking, it saves time.

Alice: Yes, your majesty, but I was only going to ask…

Queen: I’ll ask the questions! Do any of you play croquet?

Alice: Why, yes your Majesty, I do.

Robin: I do, your majesty…but I don’t understand why—


The Queen declared for all to hear, challenging Alice and Robin to croquet, whether they wanted to or not.

Chapter 12: Of Hedgehogs and Flamingos. The Weirdest Croquet Match Ever!

In the last chapter, our travelers met the ruler of Wonderland, the Queen of Hearts and both Alice and Robin ended up getting roped into a croquet match with her. The White Rabbit blows on his trumpet, announcing the start of the croquet match, as the card soldiers scrambled to get ready. The King was giving orders, or at least trying to in a way.

King: To your places, to your places, By order of the king! Hurry, hurry, hurry!

About fifty-two card soldiers stacked themselves into a full deck, awaited further orders.

Card: Shuffle deck!

The deck splits in two and shuffles as instructed.

Card: Cards cut!

The deck cuts into two ala leapfrog.

Card: Deal cards!

The card soldiers then scattered themselves all across the garden in random fashion.

Card: Cards, halt!

The card stopped scattering lifted up to form croquet hoops. The White Rabbit herds four flamingos of different color into a bag and carried it to the Queen, who was going first. She pulls out the green and blue flamingos and swings them a bit to gauge their weight. When she was done, she discards the blue one for the green flamingo and stretches the bird out into a stiff mallet.

The White Rabbit brings in a pillow with three balls on it; one orange, one pink and one green. The rabbit picks up the green ball, which turns out to be a hedgehog, and places it on the ground for the Queen. Just as the Queen was about to start, Alice and Robin were given the flamingo bag, they took out the birds, but they tried to fly out of their hands and it caused a ruckus. The ruckus was so bad that it broke the Queen’s concentration.

Queen: SILENCE!!!!!!

The roar of her voice blow the girls back a bit. Robin manages to grab onto the orange flamingo while Alice got the pink one. Alice clamped the pink flamingo’s beak shut to keep it from laughing like an idiot, disrupting the Queen.

The Queen regains her composure and prepares to swing. She gauges her mallet to the ball, aims carefully, make the windup and swings…missing the hedgehog entirely. As the spun around from the swing, the King went and urged the hedgehog to go anyway and roll before she stopped spinning. The cards leaped into the hedgehog’s path, allowing him to roll under them and allow the Queen to win points. By the time he was done, the hedgehog was worn out, but the queen got perfect score from that run. Everyone cheered for the Queen’s perfect shot, who was relishing the moment. The only people who weren’t cheering were the Straw Hats.

Chopper: Did those guys just cheat for the Queen?

Sanji: That's what it looks like!

Robin: Well what did you expect, she is the queen, and you can’t expect her to lose before her own court, do you?

Usopp: But she missed the ball on the first swing!

Robin: You’d rather she’d lose her temper and start having everyone’s heads chopped off?

Usopp: Hmm…good point.

The Queen was still enjoying the praise from her “perfect” score; her flamingo mallet liked the praise as well. The Queen went for her next turn, this time the hedgehog got a running start as she swung. The card soldiers scrambled to form a straight line of hoops for the hedgehog to pass through. One card was unable to make it to the hedgehog in time and skid on the ground. Everyone looked in suspense and worry as the card missed the rodent, costing the Queen another perfect score. And you know what happens next?


Yep, the unfortunate card was taken away to his fate while the king was barking orders again.

King: Off with his head, off with his head! By order of the king! You heard what she said!

Sanji: And that’s what happens if she loses.

Usopp: Yeesh!

Queen: You’re next!

Alice: Oh, but…

Alice panicked, thinking she meant the Queen wanted to behead her next.

Robin: I believe she means it’s your turn, Alice.

Alice: Ahhh…*to the Queen* Yes, your majesty.

The queen turns her mallet into a makeshift chair and rested on it, much to pain of the flamingo. Alice went up to take her turn, she gauges her shot carefully and just before she could take her shot…the goofy flamingo decides goes limp on her. The Queen chuckled in amusement with this. Luffy giggled a little, but the others were not as impressed.

Alice tried for a more close-up approach for her shot, but he flamingo suddenly stood up, causing her to miss. Alice tried to make it stop and hit again, but the bird kept fooling around with her, even tickling her stomach and making her laugh.

Alice: Hahahahaha! Stop!

Queen: Grrrwl, of all the impossible!

Alice: Do you want us BOTH to lose our heads?

Flamingo: Uh-huh!

Alice: Well, I don't!

Alice kept having troubles with the loopy flamingo and wrestled it all about.

The crowd kept laughing at her misfortune, then settled down and cheered once something else happened. The Queen looked excited and saw that the flamingo was going to use her as a mallet instead. Alice was really not amused with this and gestured for the flamingo to come to her, smiling innocently.

The flamingo looked at her; she grabbed him by his neck and then pulls the hedgehog over. With one big swing, she hits the hedgehog, causing it to roll at full speed. The queen looked with concern, thinking Alice might score some points. But that changed, when the card soldiers acting as hoops moved out of the way, allowing the hedgehog to zoom past them. The poor thing finally hits a bush, making a red rose fall on its head and the crowd laughed again.

The Queen felt very victorious while Alice was very angry. And the Straw Hats weren’t too happy about this too.

Nami: Okay, so it’s fair for them to cheat so the Queen could win but they can cheat to make Alice lose? Cheating or not, it’s unfair!

Franky: Yeah! This is super uncool!

Robin: Hmm…I think I see how this game is really played.

Luffy: What are you getting at, Robin?

Robin: If they’re allowed to cheat at this game, then so can we in turn…Watch this.

Robin went up to take her turn. Being a reasonable and mature woman, she was not the kind to be made fool of. So using her Devil Fruit powers, she straightens out her flamingo into a stiff mallet and made sure it stayed that way. She then grabs an orange hedgehog from the White Rabbit, places it on the ground and after some careful aiming, swung hard sending the poor hedgehog flying across the ground. Then, with precise and quick timing, Robin used her powers again, this time creating a number of hands which grabbed the card soldiers’ hand and feet, pinning them in place as the hedgehog went through them. And as it did, the hands disappeared from the cards so that the trick would not be noticed by the Queen. Thanks to her little trick, Robin now has many points as the Queen; much to the latter’s dismay. Alice and the other Straw Hats cheered for Robin’s victory, the Queen however was not…


The card soldiers were taken away, while another deck full took their place.

Robin: What’s a matter, your majesty, can’t handle a little competition?

The Queen muttered something under her breath, Robin as able to hear some of it and… let’s just say we can’t repeat it for readers. But seeing the Queen was about ready to blow her stack, Robin decided to play nice for now.

Robin: I’ll pass this round. Your turn, your majesty.

Queen: Right...

Robin returns to the group, feeling a bit triumphant about herself.

Zoro: Geez, Robin. Aren’t we cutting it little close?

Franky: Yeah, she was about ready to lose it.

Robin: What can say, turnabout is indeed fair play here, besides I didn’t want to lose.

Usopp: Well let’s hope we don’t lose our heads because of it.

The Queen walked off to take her turn and she seemed to suddenly have a striped tail behind her large skirt. The others soon noticed it was the Cheshire Cat again, thanks to his familiar humming as he materialized before them:

Cheshire Cat: La la la da da dum… la la la hmm…I say, how are you all getting on?

Robin: We're doing just fine.

Cheshire Cat: So great to hear that. *to Alice* And how about you, my dear.

Alice: Not at all.

Cheshire Cat: Beg pardon?

Alice: I said ‘not at all’!

The Queen of Hearts turned to Alice, upon hearing her raise her voice and her flamingo looked angry as well, the cat disappeared.

Queen: Who are you talking to?

Alice: Oh, uh… a cat, your majesty!

Queen: Cat? Where?

The Queen looked around for the mysterious cat, but keeps disappearing from her sight, making our friends look like fools.

Alice: There! Oh…

The Queen bent down and the Cheshire Cat briefly appeared on the queen's behind again.

Luffy: Hey there he is again!


The group nodded with compliance as she then went to take her turn at the game and the cat reappeared again.

Cheshire Cat: You know, we could make her really angry. Shall we try?

Alice: Oh no no!

Nami: Don’t you dare!

Zoro: You do, and I’ll a make a skin rug out of ya!

Cheshire Cat: Oh, but it’s loads of fun!

Alice: No, no, no! Stop!

The Cheshire Cat clung to the flamingo's neck as the Queen lowered it slightly. The cat then placed the flamingo's beak underneath the Queen's skirt. The others protested him to stop, but he wasn't going to. The Queen swung her flamingo and ended up falling flat on the ground with her bloomers showing.

Alice: Oh no!

Zoro: Oh, boy!

Usopp/Chopper/Brook: EHHH!!!!

White Rabbit: Oh my fur and whiskers!

King: Oh dear! Save the queen!

The cards gathered around the Queen with the King, shivering and trying to settle her down.

Queen: Someone’s heads will roll for this!

The Queen fumed, and then came back up, slamming them all down and boy was she mad! It didn’t take her long to guess who made her slip…pointing at Alice and the Straw Hats.


King: But- but consider, my dear. Couldn’t they have a trial… uh… first?

Queen: Trial?

King: Well, just a… uh… little trial? Hmm?

The Queen thought about it for a moment. Nami and Usopp were crossing their fingers and prayed that the Queen would comply with a trail. The Queen then smiled and patted the King on his head.

Queen: Hmm. Very well then. Let the trial begin!

The cards all swarmed together and splashed in front of everyone as they entered the court room. Hopefully, with the trail, Alice and the Straw Hats might be able to out of this mess.

…or will they?


Sep 25, 2010
I find it hilarious that Nami and the Queen were being censored from swearing. Love fourth wall breaking. Atop of that, I wonder who the cloaked man is. Alice wish certainly didn't have the greatest intentions. Poor girl has been through a lot since she fell into Wonderland. Goodness, the Queen has a temper. You can tell who wears the pants in the relationship in Wonderland. xD lol. I almost forgot they had a king in wonderland. Overall, it was a good chapter. I certainly hope they get out of it with their heads intact and move onto another world soon!