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Jul 28, 2004
in my mind
Chapter 7: The Island’s Dark Secret… Escape From the Pranksters’ Paradise!

Sometime later, back on the mainland, we find Honest John and Gideon walking merrily along the empty street as if they owned it. In Honest John’s hand was a large sack of money earned from the Coachman.

Honest John: Well Giddy, today is most certainly our lucky day. This morning we came as paupers but tonight we walk as kings! *pats the bag of money* And they say that crime never pays, hey Giddy?

Gideon said nothing but shook his head in agreement.

Honest John: but you know, I can’t help but almost feel sorry for the wooden boy…

Gideon tilts in head in confusion.

Honest John: …almost! But at least he’ll make some contribution so society…as a beast of burden! Hahaha!

Gideon shakes his head in agreement and then hiccups.

Honest John: Come Giddy, the night awaits us and with it, our fortune!

Just as Honest John was about to go into another rendition of Hi-Diddle-Dee-Dee, he bumps into something, causing him to drop his bag of gold to fall into the ground. Luckily for him the bag didn’t burst open, but he was quite annoying at being bumped.

Honest John: Watch where you’re going you—

Honest John looks to see who he bumped into, it was the robed drunk from the Red Lobster Inn earlier tonight. Of course, Honest John did not see him at the inn before and assumed he was just another wayward street bum. His staggering stance suggested that he had a little too much to drink.

Honest John: Ahh, look Giddy, a fellow vagabond!

Cloaked Man: *drunkenly* Sssay, mmister *hic* watch ere you are go-*burp*

Honest John: Seems our friend is bit tipsy tonight, hey Giddy.

Cloaked Man: *sees the bag* H-hey, whatssh in the b-*hic*-the ba-*hic*-ba-*hic*-what’s in there? *points to the bag*

Honest John: *hides the bag behind his back* Oh this! Well…ugh…this is just some…sweets for my dear old granny. She does enjoy treats and wanted me to make a midnight run for her. Right, Giddy.

Gideon nods in agreement while the Cloaked Man ponders with a stupidly drunken expression on his face.

Cloaked Man: …okay!

Honest John: Well I love to stay and chat the night away, but granny is expecting me so, ta-da! *walks away with Gideon*

Cloaked Man: Toodledy-loodledy…*normal voice* J. Worthington Foulfellow.

Honest John: Yes, yes, toodle—

Suddenly, he stops dead in his tracks when he heard that named called out. For you see, J. Worthington Foulfellow was Honest John’s real name, one he hasn’t went by in a long time.

Honest John: J. Worthington Foulfellow?! Why, no one’s called me by that name in years…in fact the only person to ever call me that was—

His eyes widened with the sudden realization of who the man was.

Honest John: YOU!!!

No sooner did he turn around to face the cloaked man, Honest John found himself staring down the barrel of a trumpet-shaped gun pointed directly at him!

Cloaked Man: Long time no see…I’m glad you still remember me after our last ‘encounter’ and I see you’ve been up to your old tricks again.

Honest John: Who me? Well, I was just a…wha-what I mean is…ugh…eh…goodbye!

Cloaked Man: Hold it!

Honest John tries to make a run for it, but the Cloaked Man manages to grab him by his cape. The sudden tug causes him to drop the bag, but this time it bursts open, spilling its gold coins all over the street. Honest John, seeing the coins scatter across the ground, gets down and frantically grabs as many as he could…until the Cloaked Man pinned his hand with his foot.

Cloaked Man: Sweets for your granny, eh? *picks up a coin* Unless these are chocolate coins, I think your ‘granny’ could chip her dentures on these…

Just then, Gideon crept up behind the Cloak Man, ready to bop him with his mallet. But the Cloaked Man senses this, ducks, grabs Gideon by his mallet and flings him into Honest John.

Cloaked Man: Hehehe...you think I’d fall for that bit, especially after the last time. Now then…about this money…

Honest John: N-n-n-n-n-now listen! If you think that i—

Cloaked Man: Save it! I already know about your deal with the Coachman. And don’t ask me how I know, because I heard everything back at the Red Lobster Inn. All I want from you is where’s Pleasure Island?

Honest John: Pleasure Island?! Why would I know where that horrid place is? Ugh…ask Giddy, he’d know.

Gideon shakes his head yes but then shakes no, after realizing what he was agreeing on.

Cloaked Man: I’d sooner ask a blind man to lead me to King Midas’ Gold. But if you’re not willing to talk, I got other ways of making you.

Honest John: W-w-wait! You’re not gonna hurt me, are you?! I’m a physical coward and I can’t stand intense pain.

Cloaked Man: Who me? Heavens no, Foulfellow. I wouldn’t dream of doing such harm unto you over something like that.

Honest John: Really?

Cloaked Man: Of course not. That’s his job…

Honest John: Who…?

The Cloaked Man points down an alleyway which smoke begins to billow out, creating a foreboding fog around them. Emerging from the smoke was a muscular white-haired man, with two cigars in his mouth. He was also wearing sunglasses and has a scar that extends from his forehead to his right eye and tapers off to the side of his face. He wears military coat over his large thick white and blue specialist marine jacket which he keeps open, with greenish fur lining the neck, wrists and hem. Many cigars are strapped to the jacket, which bears the kanji for "justice" written on the back of it. He carries a jitte as his weapon. He also wears brown leather gloves, blue jeans with a brown belt and large military issue brown leather boots. This was the Vice Admiral of the Marines, Smoker the White Hunter. Honest John and Gideon both gulped as he approached, a fierce snarl was on his face.

Smoker: This is them?

Cloaked Man: Yep, they’re the ones I was telling you about.

Smoker walks right up the two, grabs them by their necks and pulls them up to his eye level.

Smoker: You two got some nerve! Conning some kid is one thing, but selling children out for money…that’s unforgivable! I got half a mind to skin you both alive and toss your hides into worst prison imaginable. And unless we get a confession out of you and where this Pleasure Island is, that’s just what’s gonna happen!

Honest John and Gideon both when pale and began sweating bullets from Smoker’s threat. They got into trouble before, but never like this.

Cloaked Man: Hang on, Vice Admiral, as tempting as that is,I got a better idea…

Moments later, Honest John screaming for his life as he was being hung over a canal bridge by his tail, with Smoker holding on to it. Gideon was busy being pinned the Cloaked Man by his neck.

Honest John: AAAAHHH!!!! Please, don’t drop me!

Cloaked Man: Look at it this way, Foulfellow; at least you can finally clean up your act!

Honest John: I don’t know how to swim!

Smoker: Well, it’s not too late to start learning.

Honest John: Please, I’ll tell you anything! Just let me go!

Cloaked Man: You sure you wanna rephrase that?

Honest John: *looks down to the canal* EEHH!!! Wait! Don’t let me go! Don’t let me go!

Cloaked Man: Tell us what we want to know and we’ll hoist you back up!

Honest John: I-I can’t! He’ll harm me if I do.

Smoker: And you’ll drown if you don’t!

Honest John: Alright! Alright! It was the Coachman! He paid us to collect stupid little boys and he takes them to Pleasure Island!

Smoker: That’s all? It doesn’t make sense!

Cloaked Man: Pleasure Island is an illegal operation; the law prohibits ships from even going near that island.

Smoker: *to Honest John* So what happens to the kids when they come back?

Honest John: But that’s just it! He said they never come back as boys at all!

Smoker: What?!

Smoker lets go, causing Honest John to plummet, only to suddenly stop with his nose just inches from the water. Just then, he gets pulled all the way up until he realizes that he’s flying. But he soon notices that he’s caught in a cloud-like substance, and that substance was Smoker’s Smoke-Smoke Fruit as his arm was holding Honest John up in the air. Smoker then reels Honest John back until his nose was pressed into Smoker’s face.

Smoker: What you mean by that?!

Honest John: T-that’s what he told me…and that’s all I know! I swear!

Smoker: So, where’s the island?

Honest John: It’s 10 miles off the coast, north by northeast, you can’t miss it! Now please let me go!

Smoker’s arm reverts to normal and drops Honest John to the ground. The already spooked fox crawls towards the Cloaked Man, hiding behind his robes.

Cloaked Man: Well…you got your info, so now what will you do?

Smoker: What should’ve been done in the first place. Captain Tashigi!

Just then, a woman appears on command from a corner. She had dark brown eyes and wears her black hair between chin- and shoulder-length pinning back by a clip. She was seen wearing a floral button-down shirt, rectangular glasses with red frames, blue capris, dark pink gloves with a white trim, dark pink boots and a pink version of the standard Marine officers' coat. This is Smoker’s second-in-command; Captain Tashigi.

Tashigi: Sir?

Smoker: Order the men to get the ships ready to launch. We’re make for Pleasure Island tonight!

Tashigi: Sir, but the crew is still recovering from what we just experienced. We still don’t know how we got here let alone why…

Smoker: Does it matter!?

Tashigi: Ehh?

Smoker: Personally, I don’t know what the hell’s going on. One minute we were navigating through some weird fog in the open sea, the next thing we end up in this strange country. But I do know is this; if this Pleasure Island is allowed to operate while the authorities here do nothing to stop it, then I say its high time someone did. And that someone…is gonna be me! Tell the men we set sail now!

Tashigi: Yes sir!

Cloak Man: Nice little speech, all things considered, but what about these two? *points to Honest John and Gideon*

Smoker: Bring them along! Can’t have them skipping town, we’re not finished deciding their punishment.

Cloaked Man: Gladly!

The Cloaked Man grabs Honest John and Gideon by the scruff of their necks and drags them away with Smoker and Tashigi. But little did they know, that someone was observing the conservation in the shadows and then rushes off…to where we don’t know…

Meanwhile, back on Pleasure Island, the once lively amusement park was now in a state of ruin and disrepair. Most likely this caused by the boys’ constant rough-housing and disregard of common safety. As for the boys, there was not a soul to be seen or heard, save for Luffy, Usopp, Nami, Robin and Jiminy Cricket, who were still looking for Pinocchio.

Jiminy Cricket: Pinocchio! Pinocchio? *whistle*

Luffy: Hey Pinocchio! Come on out!

Nami: Man, look at this place. It’s a total dump!

Usopp: Yeah. I can’t believe those boys caused all this damage in such a brief time. And the night’s not even over.

Robin: Speaking of the boys, has anyone noticed that it’s gotten quiet lately?

Luffy: Your right. This place feels like a graveyard. I wonder where they all went?

Usopp: Well, I don’t like the looks of this. Let’s find him and get out of here.

Jiminy Cricket: Pinocchio! Hey, where are you?

As they continued the search for Pinocchio, he and Lampwick were busy playing in poolhall shaped like an 8-ball. Lampwick was having his turn, knocking the pool balls in with trick shots. Pinocchio was busy with a cigar while he was waiting his turn.

Pinocchio: Where do you suppose all the kids went to, Lampwick?

Lampwick: They’re around here, somewhere's. What do you care? You’re havin’ a good time, ain’t ya?

Pinocchio: Uh-huh, I sure am.

Lampwick: Oh boy! This is life, huh, Pinoky?

Pinocchio: Yeah! It sure is! *he puffs on his cigar*

Lampwick: Ah, you smoke like me grandmother! Come on, take a big drag, like this! *inhales deeply on his cigar*

Pinocchio: Okay Lampy!

He takes a really huge drag on his cigar, turning red in the face as he did. But then Pinocchio hics, forcing him to shallow the smoke and starts to turn purple. His eyes waters, his face turns a sickly pale green and he exhales a weak puff of smoke.

Lampwick: Hey, some fun, huh, kid? (Pinocchio nods nauseously) Okay, slats, your shot.

Pinocchio climbs onto the pool table and tries to aim at the 8-ball, the cigar still in his mouth. Because of being sick, everything looks warbly from his view, in fact he almost thought the 8-ball winked at him.

Lampwick: What’s the matter slats? Losing your grip?

Pinocchio tries again and just as he was about make his shot, the others arrive to see Pinocchio on the pool table, and what happened then…

Nami/Jiminy Cricket: PINOCCHIO!!!

The sudden shock of the yell causes Pinocchio to miss, falling face first and ripping the pool table lining.

Nami: So this is where we find ya! You had us worried sick you little blockhead!

Jiminy Cricket: How do you ever expect to be a real boy acting like this?! Look at yourself… smoking, playing pool! (kicks the 8-ball angrily) Oww! You’re comin’ right home with us, this minute!

Lampwick: Hey… who’s the beetle? *picks up Jiminy by his jacket*

Jiminy Cricket: Let go! Put me down! *muffled by his jacket* Uh, let me out!

Pinocchio: He’s my conscience! He tells me what’s right and wrong.

Lampwick: What? You mean to tell me you take orders from a grasshopper?

Jiminy Cricket: Grasshopper? Look here, you impudent young pup! It wouldn’t hurt you to take orders from your grasshop--- your conscience, if you have one. *stands on the 8-ball*

Lampwick: Yeah, yeah, yeah, sure. Screwball in the corner pocket.

Lampwick hits a 9-ball at 8-ball sending Jiminy and the 8-ball into a pocket. Jiminy tumbles into the collection chamber, only to narrowly miss the 8-ball that was coming in. Lampwick was laughing at Jiminy, inciting some ire from the others.

Nami: Hey! What the big idea knocking Jiminy into the corner pocket?

Lampwick: *sees Nami and looks her over* Hey, who’s the broad?

Nami: Excuse me?!

Lampwick: How about you and I play a real game of pool, huh?

Nami: How about I whomp you upside the head instead!

Lampwick: A girl beating me up?! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

Nami loses her temper and was about to throttle Lampwick, until Luffy and Usopp desperately tried to hold her back. Jiminy himself has lost his own temper after climbing back up the pool table.

Jiminy Cricket: Why, why--- ya young hoodlum! I’ll knock your block off! (takes his jacket off and prepares to do battle) I’ll take you apart and put ya back together---

Pinocchio: Oh don’t hurt him, Jiminy. He’s my best friend.

Jiminy Cricket: Why, I’ll---

Jiminy Cricket/Nami: Your best friend?

Jiminy Cricket: And what am I? Just your conscience!

Nami: Okay. That settles it!

Pinocchio: But Jiminy? Nami?

Jiminy Cricket: *squishes his hat and wears his jacket backward, putting his foot down* You buttered your bread, now sleep in it!

He falls into a pool pocket again, and winds up on the floor; Nami picks him up as Lampwick laughs at him*

Nami: Ha ha ha! Go on, laugh. Make a jackass outta yourself. We’re through! This is the end!

Pinocchio: But Nami? Lampwick says a guy only lives once.

Jiminy Cricket: *with his grumpy look* Lampwick…. Hmph!

Lampwick: Come on, come on. Let ‘em go.

Lampwick gets some beer as Robin leaves after Nami and Jiminy, who were still fuming over what Pinocchio had said.

Jiminy Cricket: Lampwick…. Hmph! Lampwick! It’s burns me up. After all I tried to do for him. Who’s his conscience anyway? Me or that hoodlum, Lampwick?

Robin: Don’t you think you two are overacting this a bit.

Nami: ‘A bit’?! That blockhead would rather listen to some punk kid he just met over us!

Robin: But…

Nami: But nothing! If he wants to hang around with some hoodlum then he can stay a puppet for all I care! I, on the other hand, am taking the first boat off this rock.

Robin: What about Luffy and Usopp?

Nami: They can get their own ride, I’m too mad to care!

The trio finally reaches the front gates, Nami bangs on the door angrily for someone to open the door.

Nami: Open up that door! Open up! I wanna go home!

Just as Nami was about to knock on the door again, the sound of braying coming from the other side.

Nami/Robin/Jiminy Cricket: Huh?

Nami and Robin managed to pull open the heavy door open, just enough for them to squeeze through. What they saw on the other side was a puzzler if not a depressing one. Dozens upon dozens of donkeys packed to the brim in wooden crates, braying and crying something fierce. The crates were being loaded onto the same ship that brought our friends to the island by the Coachman’s henchmen as he was giving out orders. The trio hid behind a nearby rock as to not be discovered.

Coachman: Come on, you blokes, keep ‘em moving! Lively there now. We haven’t got all night.

Robin: Now this is interesting.

Nami: What the heck are those things?

Jiminy Cricket: And where’d all the donkeys come from?

Coachman: Come on, come on. Let’s have another. *one of his goons brings out a frightened donkey out toward him* And what's your name?

Donkey 1: Haw-hee!

Coachman: Okay, you’ll do! *rips the clothes of the donkey and boots him into a crate with five other donkeys* In you go! You boys’ll bring a nice price for Her Radiance! *cackles evilly* All right. Next! *another donkey is brought before him* And what might your name be?

Alexander: Alexander.

Coachman: Hmmm, so you can talk!

Alexander: Ye-Yes sir. I wanna go home to my mama!

Coachman: Take him back! He can still talk! *throws Alexander into a pen with six other donkeys*

Alexander: Please, please. I don't wanna be a donkey. Let me out of here!

Donkeys: *all protest in unison*

Coachman: *yelling* Quiet! *cracks whip* You boys have had your fun. Now, pay for it!

Robin/Nami/Jiminy Cricket: Boys?

Nami: You mean those donkeys were the boys from earlier?

Robin: So that’s why the island was so deserted, was because they were all turned into donkeys.

Nami: But that means…Luffy!

Robin: Usopp!

Jiminy Cricket: Pinocchio!

The three rushes back through the door to warn the others, but at that moment in the pool hall…

Lampwick: Huh! To hear that beetle talk…*takes a swig of beer* you’d think somethin’ was gonna happen to us.

Suddenly a pair of ears emerge of Lampwick, although he does not notice it, but Pinocchio, Ussop and Luffy do. Pinocchio, thinking the beer had something to do with it, pushes it away from him.

Usopp: You shouldn’t bad mouth Jiminy! He was only doing his job as a conscience.

Lampwick: Conscience. Nah, phooey!

Then a tail pops out of his pants, prompting Pinocchio to throw away his cigar.

Lampwick: Where’s he get that stuff? ‘How do you ever expect to be a real boy?’ What’s he think I look like? *Now his head turns into a donkey one* A jackass?

Luffy: You sure do now!

Luffy and Pinocchio couldn’t help but laugh at Lampwick’s new face, that is until Pinocchio hee-haws and covers his mouth.

Lampwick: Hey, you laugh like a donkey. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-Hee-haw! Did that come outta me?

Usopp: You bet it did. *points to his face*

Lampwick checks his mouth, he feels a muzzle. Then he checks his face, which has fur on. Then he checks his ears, which he sees are now really long.

Lampwick: What the---? What’s going on?

Lampwick goes over to a nearby mirror and he got his answer; he really does look like a jackass. The very sight of it freaks Lampwick out as he begins to panic.

Lampwick: Yaaaaghhh! I’ve been double-crossed! Help! Help! Somebody, help! I’ve been framed! Help! Please, you gotta help me. Oh, be a pal. Call that beetle. Call those broads! Call anybody!

Sadly, either Pinocchio, Usopp or Luffy could think of or do anything to help as Lampwick begged. But they gasped in horror as Lampwick’s hands suddenly turn into hooves.

Lampwick: Mama?! Maaaaaamaaaaaaaa!

Lampwick’s cries for help faded away to a grunt as he slowly fell on all fours to the ground. And with that the transformation was complete, Lampwick had made a jackass out of himself. The other three could only watch as the former Lampwick started kicking and braying like crazy, trashing the pool hall like a wild animal.

Usopp: Welp, who didn’t see that coming?

Luffy: How can this get any worse?

Just then Pinocchio gains donkey ear and Usopp immediately notices.

Usopp: *points to Pinocchio* Like that!!!

Pinocchio: *sees his ears* Oh! What’s happened?

Back outside, Nami, Robin and Jiminy Cricket were running back to the pool hall as fast as they could.

Jiminy Cricket: I hope we’re not too late.

Pinocchio: What’ll I do?! *He has a tail too, grabs it, and gasps*

Usopp: EEEHHH!!!!!

By that time, the others arrive at the pool hall just in time.

Jiminy Cricket: Pinocchio!

Pinocchio: Jiminy! Oh, guys help!

Jiminy Cricket: Pinoke, the kids, the boys, they’re all donkeys!

Nami: *to Pinocchio* Ah, you too!

Usopp: What do you mean ‘they’re all donkeys’?

Robin: We don’t know how, but all boys from earlier got turned into donkeys!

Luffy: How’d that happen?

Jiminy Cricket: No time, quick! Before he gets any worse…

Before anyone could even move, they hear a loud explosion from outside, rocking the pool hall.

Usopp: What was that?!

Just then the sound of two more explosions could be heard, the second one sounded very close.

Nami: Never mind that, what was that?

The group runs outside the pool hall only to see to source of the explosions, a number if cannonballs falling from the sky and blasting the amusement park into rubble. Already most of the attractions have been blown apart.

Jiminy Cricket: What’s all this?!

Usopp: Either somebody’s messing with the fireworks, or Pleasure Island’s getting bombed!

Nami: Yeah but by who?

Little did they know that the answer that question was coming from just outside the island. Several large ships anchored near the island have been firing cannonballs over into the island via artillery. Smoker, Tashigi and the Cloaked Man were watching as Smoker was overseeing the bombardment.

Cloaked Man: You think we spooked them enough? Any more and there won’t be anyone else left on it.

Tashigi: How are we supposed to get in? the whole island is covered in mountain range.

Cloaked Man: There should be a cavern over on the left side of the island, it’s the only way in or out of the island.

Smoker: hmm…all ships finish up your rounds and cease fire. Tashigi, ready the landing party, time to pay them a visit.

Tashigi: Yes, sir!

As the ships finished off their bombardment, our friends on the island were still busy evading the explosions for their dear lives. One of the explosions got too close and sent Usopp flying into pile of rubbish. As Usopp emerges cover in junk, Luffy couldn’t help but laugh at the sight.

Nami: Seriously, Luffy?

Luffy: Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-Hee-haw! *covers his mouth and a pair of donkey ears replace his own* AHHH!

Nami: See! Serves ya right.

Jiminy Cricket: Now’s not the time, we gotta get out of here.

Usopp: But how? The only way out is blocked.

Jimmy Cricket: Then we just make a swim for it.

Nami: Are you nuts?! Some of us can’t swim.

Robin: Then we’ll find a boat.

Nami: How are we gonna find a boat to floats us off the island in this mess?

Suddenly, an explosion strikes the ferris wheel, blowing off one of the gondolas and sending it crashing just inches in front of them.

Robin: How convenient.

Quick, let’s take it to the mountains, it’s the only way out!

The group picks up the gondola and head up to the mountains, and hopefully a way out. Meanwhile, the bombardment to not go noticed with the Coachman as the explosions rocked the cavern, causing rock to fall from the ceiling.

Coachman: What the blooming ‘ell is that?!

The Coachman got his answer as a large ship loaded with marine soldiers enters the cave, blocking the only way out. The soldiers were armed and ready for a rumble as they prepared to come shore.

Coachman: Where did they come from?!?! *to his henchmen* What are ya blokes waiting for?! Get ’em!

The Henchmen stopped what they were doing and rushed to the docks as the soldiers charged off the ship. Pretty soon the whole dock was crowded with the biggest brawl ya ever seen. While the henchmen were bigger and had more strength, they were outmatched in numbers. It wasn’t long till the henchmen got overwhelmed and the soldiers were winning. By this time, Smoker, Tashigi and the Cloaked Man arrived on the scene to see the fight going their way.

Smoker: Seize everyone in here! If they resist, then knock them out!

Soldiers: Yes sir!!

One of the henchman manages to get past the soldiers and charges directly at Smoker, but he turns into a puff of smoke, evades the Henchman, reforms and then knocks it out with his jitte.

Smoker: Humph…they aren’t even trying.

The Coachman was not too happy with how the fight is going and how his henchmen were losing badly.

Coachman: Ya blooming dolts!! Put backs into it and drive ‘em out!

The Coachman readies his whip to ‘motivate’ his men, only to have shot right out of his hand. The shooter was the Cloaked Man, who was jump over the brawl on the docks and heading straight at him. The Coachman heads for the door in a panic, with the Cloaked Man not far behind him.

Cloaked Man: *to Smoker* You take care of the boys! The Coach Man’s mine!

Smoker: Don’t give me orders!

Sadly, the Cloaked Man was already long gone. Outside, the Coachman could only see his island attractions reduced to smoldering ruins and fire spreading all over. His park had worse damage before, but nothing of this magnitude. It wasn’t long until the Cloaked Man finally caught up with him.

Coachman: Well now…so you’re the bloke that brought ‘em ere…they said you’d be a pain in the arse, but I’d never thought you pull something like this.

Cloaked Man: The raid was their idea, all I did was lead them here. Either way, you’re finished.

Coachman: Fat chance of that! This ain’t the first time I had a bit of bad luck, but I’ll always spring back into business.

Cloaked Man: …not this time.

The Cloaked Man pulls out his gun, ready to fire, until an explosion knocks over some rubble separating the two. By the time the dust cleared, the Coachman had already vanished. As the Cloaked Man cursed under his breath and tried to find him, the Coachman reached the promontory on the other side of the island.

Coachman: Ha! Let ‘em try and find me, I know this island better than anyone else. I’ll be off and back on me feet in no—

Just then the Coachman bumped into something, causing him to fall to the ground.

Coachman: Watch where ya going ya bloomin’—

The Coachman stops as he looks to see what he bumped into, the what turns out to be a who and the who was actually three whos. The first was a tall figure clad in oni-themed armor resembling more of a fox than an actual oni. His armor showed signs of many battles as it had cuts, dents and cracks all over. But surprisingly enough, the figure didn’t seem to care about them. The second figure was a man clad in armor like the Oni-themed firgure, but his armor was styled like a medieval knight and had a somber motif to it. The third was the most human compared to his partners, apart from his long fingernails and sharp teeth; he wears a white half masque, hiding his eyes which appear as black slots, a white and violet bodysuit with a small dark violet cape. His hair is styled into the appearance of a traditional jester’s hat, and is multicolored blue, red, yellow and violet.

Coachman: Oh, it’s you lot. Where the bloody ‘ell were ya?! Them blokes is tearing me business apart like bulls in a china shop and you three ain’t doing nothing about it.

‘The Oni’: Actually…that’s what we’re are here for, Coachman.

‘The Jester’: Oui, we regret to inform you that Her Radiance has decided to terminate our mutual agreement in trade and commerce.

Coachman: Eeh?

‘The Oni’: It means we’re cutting you out.

Coachman: Now wait just a bloomin’ minute! You can’t cut me out! We had a good setup, your boss and me. I collect all them brats, bring them here to be turned to donkeys, then sell them to ya for all that gold. And ya helped me in keeping this place open, heck ya even gave me that potion to turn them all into jackasses in a single night than having to wait five months for the curse to take effect. I gave you lots of business and never once asked questions.

‘The Jester’: We know, but sadly the workforce you’ve been providing us can no longer meet the requirements needed for our more recent projects…

‘The Oni’: …so it was more efficient to cut our losses rather than spend more for so little.

‘The Knight’: The bitterness of a severed contract! Oh, how it stings!

Coachman: Then what’s gonna happen ta me?! If you think ya gonna leave me to be plucked by the law, then ya’ll blimey!

‘The Oni’: We took that to consideration…and she decided that it would be best to leave no witnesses to tell of our operation.

Coachman: Wait just a tick! You ain’t planning on bumping me off, are ya?!

‘The Oni’: If by’ bumping you off’, you mean killing you…then sadly no.

‘The Knight’: Her Radiance wanted a more…subtle approach in settling this matter. I believe the correct term is poetic irony.

The Oni reached behind and pulled out a small bottle from his back. The bottle contained a sickly dark purple substance

Coachman: What’s that?

‘The Oni’: Oh, nothing much…just a concentrated version of the curse potion you’ve been using. Only this time, the transformation is instantaneous upon ingesting it.

Coachman: If you think I’m taking that, you’re out of your minds!

‘The Oni’: Oh, I’m afraid that’s a problem…you don’t have a choice!

The Oni snaps his fingers and the Jester and the Knight jump the Coachman, pinning him to the ground. The Coachman tried desperately to break free, but the they were too strong for him. The Jester forcefully opens the Coachman’s mouth as the Oni walk right up to him and uncorks the bottle.

‘The Oni’: Nothing personal……just business.

He then dumps the potion directly into the Coachman’s mouth, down to the last drop. The Jester made sure that he shallowed the concoction, causing him to choke in the process. The Jester and the Knight releases the Coachman, still in a coughing fit. Just then his head turns into a donkey’s and a tail emerges seconds later. As he looks in horror as his hands changes into hooves, the three figures departed into the shadows, leaving the Coachman to his fate.

Coachman: G-G-G-Get back here, you bastaaaa-Hee-haaaaaaaaaaw!

And in mere moments, the Coachman’s transformation was complete. And by the time the Cloaked Man finally arrived, he was too late; the Coachman was already a jackass, kicking and screaming something fierce.

Cloaked Man: Well, at least you got exactly want you deserved, in an ironic sense.

Cloaked Man walked away from the scene a bit cheated, but satisfied that the Coachman received a more fitting punishment. Back at the docks, the Coachman’s goons were beaten and rounded up, as the marine soldier began loading every donkey-filled crate onto the ship. Two of the marines were having a tough time loading one donkey, who was flailing like crazy, onboard.

Tashigi: Leave no donkey behind, men! Smoker wants them all onboard before we set sail for the mainland, got it!

Soldiers: Yes ma’am!

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to all, a small gondola was seen floating away from the island as its six passengers rowed all the way back to the mainland.


Sep 25, 2010
I think the Cloaked Man stole the show with Smoker and Tashigi in tow this time around. I really enjoyed the interrogation with Honest John and Gideon. I also like how Oni, the Knight, and the Jester turned on the Coachman. I do wonder if they're the ones behind the shadows causing trouble on the worlds the Strawhats visit. Or if they're from Pinocchio's world and I'm unfamiliar with them. It's been a long time since I've seen the movie. Anyways, I greatly enjoyed this chapter. I look forward to seeing what happens next! :D


Jul 28, 2004
in my mind
those three are OCs, they work for Morganna, whom the coachman was under contract with...correction, formerly under contract with. they act as Morganna's personal guard and they carry out missions from her and make sure her operations were making progress. they do have names, but i'm not revealing them until a later installment.


Jul 28, 2004
in my mind
Chapter 8: In Search of Geppetto! Journey at the Bottom of the Sea!

Hours later, back at the mainland, our heroes finally reached the shore in their makeshift boat. In the distance, a cloud of smoke could be seen emerging from the distant Pleasure Island. Exhausted from all the rowing, the group plops onto dry land with a thud.

Pinocchio: Jiminy? Guys? You all right?

Jiminy Cricket: Sure *coughs* I thought we’d never make it. Certainly feels good to be back on dry land.

Usopp: *exhuasted* I never thought…we’d actually get here.

Nami: That was the second worst night of my life.

Robin: Just be glad it’s finally over.

Jiminy Cricket: Come on, let’s get home.

Well it took them a bit, but without any distractions, the six arrived back in town. It was almost dawn when they finally reached Geppetto’s home safe and sound.

Pinocchio: Father, I’m home!

Jiminy Cricket: We’re home, Mr. Geppetto! Home again!

Luffy: Guys, we’re back! Open up!

Pinocchio: It’s me, Pinocchio! I’m home to stay *tries ringing the doorbell*

Jiminy Cricket: Here he is, Mr. Geppetto. Home at last! Hey, maybe they’re asleep.

Pinocchio: Father? Father, it’s me!

Jiminy goes over to the window to get a look inside.

Jiminy Cricket: Guys, come here! *the others come over to the window* Look! They ain’t here!

And he was right, inside the house there was no one around. Cobwebs formed in the corners and even the spot where Cleo’s fishbowl stood was now vacant.

Pinocchio: He--- he’s gone.

Nami: Sanji…Zoro...they’re all gone.

Jiminy Cricket: Yeah, and Figaro.

Pinocchio: And Cleo too.

Well this was quite the predicament, they came back only to find Geppetto and the others gone. While this was happening, back at the harbor, the marine ships have just arrived at the docks just as the sun began to rise. Onboard one of the ships were hundreds of crates filled with the boys turned donkeys. Smoker, Tashigi and the Cloaked Man were discussing on what to do with them.

Tashigi: Sir, are you glad we finally took down Pleasure Island?

Smoker: *blows some smoke* Sort of…at least that place is out of business for good. Shame I couldn’t cuff the guy who ran the joint.

Cloaked Man: I wouldn’t worry too much about that creep. Let’s just say that he got what he deserved and won’t be causing any more trouble for any one.

Tashigi: All said and done, but what are gonna do about the boys. We can’t just leave them as donkeys.

Smoker: Well how do you except us to do that; wave a magic wand and go ‘hocus pocus’?

Cloaked Man: If I may, Vice Admiral, but I know of a more practical remedy.

Smoker: How so?

Cloaked Man: To the west of here is a farmhouse nestled in a small valley near a town called Collodi. Now near said farmhouse are two fields of cabbages; one green and one white. If I remember, eating the green cabbages turns the consumer into a donkey, but the white ones can change you back. Have each of the boys eat the white cabbages and they’ll be back to normal in no time, but only if they promise to behave and be good boys from now on. *turns to the donkeys* How about it boys? If you want to change back, you’ll all have to promise to be good boys. So, you all promise to be good, go to school and obey your mothers?

The donkeys all hee-hawed in agreement, it was definite that they had learned their lessons and wanted to be human again.

Cloaked Man: *to Smoker* It’s about a day’s walk from here, so they can all walk there. The exercise will do them some good. And be sure to pick some green cabbage for in case some decide to go bad again.

Smoker: *to soldiers* You heard them men, unload the crates and have them walk there. And make sure they all behave on the trip, it’s going to be a long walk.

Soldiers: Yes, sir!

The soldiers did as they were told, breaking open the crates and releasing the donkeys. The donkeys did not act wild and calmly walked off the ship, knowing that the key to being human again was but a walk away.

Smoker: Glad that’s settled…now about those two.

Smoker points to Honest John and Gideon, who were clamped in irons, awaiting whatever punishment was in store for them.

Honest John: Please, I beg you! We had nothing to do with the Coachman turning boys into donkeys. We were just doing a job…nothing more. I can’t survive in jail!

Smoker: Any ideas on what to do with them? As much as I want to, they’re too annoying to keep locked up in the brig.

Cloaked Man: Actually, I have a far better idea. Take their cuffs off.

Smoker/Tashigi: What?!

Cloaked Man: Trust me.

Smoker: Hmm…let them go.

The guards release Honest John and Gideon as the Cloaked Man walks up to them.

Honest John: Don’t hurt us! I bruise easily.

Cloaked Man: Oh, lighten up. You’re not gonna get walloped. I have instead a job proposal for you both.

Honest John: A-a proposal?

Cloaked Man: Tell me, you’ve ever heard of truant officers?

Honest John: Truant officers?

Cloaked Man: You know; they go around finding naughty children that still play hooky from school and bring them back to school.

Honest John: And what does that have to do with me?

Cloaked Man: Simple…you and Giddy there are gonna help do some honest work by rounding up all those hooky playing kids and bringing them back to school.

Honest John: HONEST WORK?!?! We can’t do honest work! I’d break out in hives. Ask Giddy, he’ll vouch for me!

Gideon nods in agreement.

Cloaked Man: Doubt that. I wouldn’t think of it as work. Think if it as doing a service.

Honest John: Service?

Cloaked Man: Yeah. You get to contribute to society as an active participant, perform an act of civic duty for the good of all.

Honest John: Huh?

Cloaked Man: You get to keep kids from being hooligans and put them back into school.

Honest John: Hmm…

Cloaked Man: Did I mention you get paid?

Honest John: Paid?!

Cloaked Man: Yeah. Truant officers get paid well nowadays. You might even make more than what the Coachman or Stromboli paid you.

Honest John: Hmm…and what exactly do Gideon and I have to do again.

Cloaked Man: Basically, you go looking for children missing from school and help convince them to go back.

Honest John: Convince them? How?

Cloaked Man: How?! You speak as if you don’t know! You’re Honest John, a thespian among con-artist, a fox like you could charm the robes of the Pope himself.

Honest John: I-I can?

Cloaked Man: Why yes! And with that personality, that profile, that physique… why! The children will be flocking back to school after a few sessions with you. And maybe you and Giddy there can learn a few things from school in the process.

Honest John ponders the offer a bit; the chance to do some good for once plus actually getting paid for it. But on the other hand, he would have to give up his con-artist days and do honest work from now on.

Honest John: …and what if we refused?

Cloaked Man: Ooh, you go to jail for the rest of your lives.

Honest John: ……good enough for me! *To Gideon* Come Giddy! There are little minds thirsty for knowledge, and it is up to us lead them there!

And with that Honest John and Gideon walk off the ship, humming ‘Hi-Diddle-Dee-Dee’ as they departed into the streets to the nearest police station of enlist as truant officers. Smoker and Tashigi stared in awe at how quick they turned a new leaf.

Smoker: Huh? Didn’t see that happen so quick?

Tashigi: *to Cloaked Man* How did you do that?

Cloaked Man: What can I say? I have a way with words. And on that note, I’ll be leaving…*walks off the ship and onto the docks* Hope to see you two again soon.

Smoker and Tashigi just stood there speechless as he left but then resumed to unloading the transformed kids. Sometime later, the Cloaked Man was seen walking along the empty streets until he turned into a nearby alleyway. As he walked along the silent path, a blue light appears from behind him. The Cloaked Man stops, sensing that someone is behind him and gave a slight smile. The being that was behind him was the Blue Fairy herself.

Cloaked Man: Heh…if you’re here to congratulate me on shutting down Pleasure Island, there’s no need. I did that one for free cause since if the law couldn’t do anything, somebody had to.

Blue Fairy: What you have done was a good deed beyond measure. Thanks to you, those boys learned their lesson and have been granted a second chance.

Cloaked Man: Ah well, in the long run those boys will be much wiser in the future. And that’s good enough for me.

Blue Fairy: For someone who has done such virtuous deeds, you deserve to have your wish come true.

Cloaked Man: I appreciate the offer, but I’m afraid I’ll pass on that.

Blue Fairy: You wish for nothing in return? Don’t you have a wish you want to come true?

The Cloaked Man paused for a moment, to think over the Blue Fairy’s offer. Underneath his cloak, he clenches his fists in frustration over what he had to say, but then released them, giving a pausing sigh as he did.

Cloaked Man: I’m sorry. As much as I want to, I’m afraid not even you have the power to grant my wish.

Blue Fairy: Ohh…I see. Then perhaps you can help me with something.

Cloaked Man: Is it about Pinocchio and his friends? I heard they got off the island.

Blue Fairy: They did. I need you deliver a message to them. Since I cannot help them a second time…

Cloaked Man: You need someone act as your messenger…sure. I got nothing else to do here.

Blue Fairy: Thank you. *waves her hand and produces a scroll* Take this to Geppetto’s shop, you will find them there.

Cloaked Man: *takes scroll* You got it! *walks away* See ya around mam.

Blue Fairy: Farewell! And I hope your dreams come true.

The Cloaked Man said nothing but waved back, as the Blue Fairy disappears into starlight. Back at Geppetto’s, Pinocchio, Jiminy and the other were siting on the stoop wondering what became of Geppetto and the others.

Pinocchio: Maybe something awful happened to them.

Jiminy Cricket: Don’t worry son. They probably haven’t gone far.

At that moment, the Cloaked Man arrives from around the corner and approaches them in a causal way.

Cloaked Man: Well, if it isn’t my favorite band of mischief makers. Had a rough night I see?

Luffy: Well if it isn’t Mr. cloak guy! Beat it would ya, we had enough problems tonight already.

Cloaked Man: Well forgive me if I inquired, but judging from your condition *points to Luffy’s ears* it would seem you all got into some trouble.

Nami: It was Pinocchio’s fault! It he had just listened to Jiminy…

Cloaked Man: Now, now, now, that’s no longer important…since the damage wasn’t too severe. *to Pinocchio* So kid, did you enjoy your time at Pleasure Island?

Pinocchio: Yeah, it was fun! Except when all the scary stuff happened.

Cloaked Man: And do you know why it happened?

Pinocchio: Hmm…because we almost turned into donkeys?

Cloaked Man: And why…?

Pinocchio: Umm…

Nami: It’s because to you made a jackass of yourself.

Pinocchio: You mean, just because I had a little fun?

Cloaked Man: If you consider drinking, smoking, picking fights and destroying property fun, then yes. This was the temptation that Jiminy was talking about. It may seem good and fun at first, but sooner or later we all must pay the price for our misdeeds. And it seems you almost did too.

Jiminy Cricket: He’s right, Pinoke. That’s what I was telling ya.

Pinocchio: Well I learned my lesson this time. From now on I’ll listen to my conscience before I get tempted by something.

Cloaked Man: Good to know. *looks around* Seems the rest of your party is gone.

Robin: So is Geppetto, and we don’t even know where they gone.

Cloaked Man: Well, it just so happens, a little birdie gave me this scroll. *pulls out scroll from his robes* and I think it may give you guys a clue.

Luffy: Really?! A clue!

Usopp: Well don’t just stand there! Read it to us!

The Cloaked Man unfurls the scroll and starts to read what was on written on it. The others looked with anticipation.

Cloaked Man: Huh? Well this is interesting.

Luffy/Usopp/Nami: What? What!?

Cloaked Man: It’s about Geppetto and the others.

Pinocchio: Father? Where are they?

Cloaked Man: It says that they heard that you’d might be on Pleasure Island, so they chartered a boat to look for you. But without a decent navigator they got lost and were shallowed by a whale.

Pinocchio: Swallowed by a whale?

Luffy/Usopp: A whale?!

Cloaked Man: Yeah, a-a-whale by the name of Monstro.

Nami: I don’t believe it; those guys come looking for us and they end up get eaten by a whale.
Cloaked Man: But wait! They’re still alive!
Pinocchio: Alive! Where?
Cloaked Man: *reading* They’re inside the whale at the bottom of the sea.
Pinocchio: Bottom of the sea?
Cloaked Man: Yeah and from the sound of it, that whale’s probably far away from here by now.

Jiminy Cricket: Uh-huh. *sees Pinocchio* Hey, where you going?

Pinocchio: I’m going to find him.

Jiminy Cricket: Pinoke, are you crazy?

Nami: Don’t you realize they’re in a whale?

Pinocchio: I’ve gotta go to him. It’s my fault they’re out there.

Usopp: Pinocchio, wait up!

Jiminy Cricket: Hey, Pinoke, wait! Listen, here, son!

The others soon give chase, following Pinocchio all the way out of town. And by the time the sun came up, they reached a cliffside over the sea. Pinocchio picks up a heavy rock and starts tying his tail around it.

Jiminy Cricket: This Monstro I’ve heard of him. He’s a whale of a whale! He swallows whole ships alive. *hold the knot down* Tie it good and tight now. And besides, it’s dangerous, why I…

Pinocchio: Bye, Jiminy. Bye, guys.

Jiminy Cricket: Goodbye?

Nami: Now wait just a ding blasted minute! If you think we went through all that last night just to leave you to go after Monstro on your own, then your wooden head must be hollow!

Pinocchio: But Nami, they never would’ve been eaten by Monstro if I just came home. I’m going to go find them.

Cloaked Man: I admire your bravery kid, but it’s a big ocean and that whale could be anywhere. Plus it is dangerous to go alone.

Luffy: Then we’re going too! Our friends are in that whale!

Robin: Not to put a damper on this, but I should remind you all that Luffy and myself can’t swim.

Usopp: Wait a sec.

Usopp takes out his bag and starts sifting through it, until he finds what like was looking for; a small pink coral.

Usopp: Ta-da!

Nami: Is that?

Usopp: Yep! Bubbly Coral! Now we can travel in the ocean without fear of drowning.

Robin: That’s one way of putting it.

Usopp presses the tip of the coral and produce four large bubble, one for him, Luffy, Nami and Robin.

Robin: So, mister Cricket, do you plan to stay here or are you joining us?

Jiminy Cricket: Stay? I may be live bait down there, but I’m with ya. Come on…*pinches his nose* let’s go. LOOK OUT BELOOOOOOW!

With that, the five grab onto Pinocchio, take a step over the cliff together and fall straight into the sea. The Cloaked Man waves them goodbye as they hit the water, falling downward into the water as the local critters scattered upon their approach.

Jiminy Cricket: Gangway, down there.

The group finally hits the bottom and let me tell you, it was like stepping into a whole new world. The coral looked like trees, anemones and sea plants as far as the eye could see. Pinocchio couldn’t believe how vast the seafloor was.

Pinocchio: Gee... what a big place!

Luffy: Woah! Cool!

As the others were getting their ‘sea legs’, Jiminy was having a tough time staying on the sea floor as he weights lighter than the others.

Robin: Well, Geppetto and the others are not gonna find themselves.

Pinocchio: Come on, Jiminy!

Jiminy Cricket: Alright. Soon as I take on some ballast. *pushes a curious fish away* One side, sister.

Jiminy grabs a small pebble and puts it into his hat as ballast.

Jiminy Cricket: *to fish* Well, so long.

Jiminy didn’t take one step when he got turned upside down. The rock in his hat was the source.

Jiminy Cricket: Put it in the wrong end.

Jiminy turns himself back right side up and prepares to put the rock rack into his pants, but the curious fish, who had no sense of privacy, wanted to look.

Jiminy Cricket: Hmph! No more privacy than a goldfish. *drops the rock into his pants* Ooh, chilly!

So, the gang continued to trek along the sea floor, determined to find Geppetto and the others.

Pinocchio: Father!

Luffy: Franky! Brook!

Usopp: Chopper! Zoro! Sanji!

As they continued, Jiminy was trying to catch up, with the curious fish close behind him.

Jiminy Cricket: Hey, guys, wait for me!

He managed to climb onto Pinocchio’s rock and rode on it.

Pinocchio: Father!

Jiminy Cricket: Father! Wait, he ain't my father. Um… Mr. Geppetto!

Just then, the fish that was tailing Jiminy grabs his umbrella like a dog wanting to play, but Jiminy had no time for games.

Jiminy Cricket: Hey, what the...Let go! Run along you little... squirt.

Of course, the fishes mother appears, and she wasn’t too happy with how Jiminy was talking to her kid.

Jiminy Cricket: What's the matter, can’t a fella… I was only...*falls over* We were only looking for Monstro.

The moment Monstro was mentioned, the momma fish and her baby bolted.

Jiminy Cricket: That got 'em.

Pinocchio: Father!

While they were busy searching, a menagerie of aquatic life was following them, ever curious about them.

Pinocchio: Father!

Robin quickly notices the mobile aquarium behind them and brings it to the group’s attention.

Robin: It would seem we have company.

Pinocchio: Oh. Hello.

Usopp: What do they want?

Robin: My guess is that they’re just curious.

Luffy: Hey, can you tell us where we can find Monstro? Will ya?

Frightened, the sea life darted far away from them in a fright.

Pinocchio: Gee. They're scared.

Nami: They must be if this Monstro is that terrifying.

Jiminy goes over to a clamshell, hoping to find any info about Monstro’s whereabouts.

Jiminy Cricket: Pardon me, Pearl. Are you acquainted with Monstro, the whale?

The clam reacts by shutting its shell up, with Jiminy inside and dug into the ground. It then spits out Jiminy in a bubble, with his hat in a separate bubble.

Jiminy Cricket: Whoa, hold it, there.

Jiminy Cricket grabs the hat with his umbrella, unintentionally popping his own bubble. He swims back to the others.

Pinocchio: Father!

As the group moves onward, Jiminy gets on Pinocchio’s rock, pushing away the sea critters that have latched onto the rock.

Jiminy Cricket: One side there, son. Come on, boys, break it up. Break it up, now.

The group ventures into a forest of kelp, thick as three-month-old pea soup and so tall you couldn’t like the top. As they waded through the kelp, they encounter a herd of seahorses, which latch onto Pinocchio’s tail and crowding around Jiminy.

Jiminy Cricket: Hey, what the...Quit shovin', now. Don't... Take it easy. Take it easy, there.

The group stops to notice the seahorses, as playfully swim around Pinocchio. Jiminy manages to ride one like an actual horse, making sure not to fall off.

Jiminy Cricket: Steady there, Nellie. Go ahead, Pinoke. Ask them.

Pinocchio: Could any of you tell us where to find Monstro?

The seahorse panic and flee, causing the one Jiminy was riding to buck like mad, throwing him off.

Jiminy Cricket: Whoa! Whoa, Boy! Whoa, whoa! Hey! *gets knocked off* Uh, Sakes alive.

The group continues onward once more, eager to find the massive whale, while other sea life looked on as they traverse the ocean floor.

Pinocchio: Father! Father!

Luffy: Sanji! Chopper!

Jiminy Cricket: Mr. Geppetto!


Jul 28, 2004
in my mind
Sorry for the huge delay but here's the next chapter.

Chapter 9: High Sea Escape! The Giant Whale, Monstro!

Well, days had passed since Pinocchio and the others traverse along the seafloor, determined to find the rest of their friends. Elsewhere, in a graveyard of sunken ships, rests a massive sperm whale known as Monstro. Monstro was far bigger than one’s typical whale, about the size of an oil tanker. Inside the behemoth, it’s even bigger on the inside like a large cavern with a ribcage ceiling. Also within the whale’s mouth was a wrecked ship, most likely one of Monstro’s latest victims, half-wrecked on its bow. At the stern was Geppetto, Figaro and Sanji casting lines into the water, hoping to catch something if anything.

Geppetto: Not a bite for days. We can’t hold out much longer.

Sanji: Doesn’t seem like any fish would come up here. Considering where’d they end up. *over to the other side of the boat* Anything on your end?

He was calling out to Zoro, Franky, Brook and Chopper, who were fishing for whatever they can get on their end.

Franky: Nothing over here! It’s as empty as our own stomachs. Man, I could go for a giant tender steak. With mash potatoes, gravy and a big bottle of cola.

Chopper: *groans* Please Franky, don’t mention food.

Brook: I’m so hungry my stomach thinks my throat is cut.

Zoro: Brook, you don’t have either a stomach or a throat. And even if you did, you’re no worse off than the rest of us.

Geppetto: *sneezes* I never thought it would end this way, Sanji…starving to death…in the belly of a whale.

Sanji: If only we hadn’t loss our provisions when he got us, we would’ve lasted a bit longer…even if it delayed the inevitable… *to the others* And for the last time, we’re not eating Cleo!

Zoro, Franky, Brook: We know. We know.

Geppetto: My only regret…was I never found my Pinocchio again. *sigh* He was such a good boy.

Sanji: Yeah, he was…*pulls up his fishing line and sees nothing on the hook* Thought so. Not a single fish left. If this whale doesn’t wake up soon…I think this might be it.

Well it would seem that way for our friends, trapped inside a whale facing starvation. But this is not how it ends, for not too far from Monstro was a huge school of tuna swimming along the sea floor. The whale finally opens its eyes, seeing the tuna, then pretends to fall back to sleep, happily at his soon to be big meal. The tuna carelessly swam next to the whale when Monstro’s eye bursts open, frightening the fish. Realizing who the eye belongs to, the tuna frantically swam as fast as they could away from there. The massive beast lurches to life like a sleeping giant, pursuing the tuna at full speed. As his mouth opens, the helpless tuna was pulled inside his massive gullet. Our captive friends began to feel Monstro move, as he begins to feed.

Brook: What’s going on?

Zoro: Looks like the whale’s finally up.

Sanji: Guys, look!

Sanji points at the whale’s mouth, where a torrent of fish came gushing through.

Geppetto: Here they come! Tuna! Oh, Tuna fish!

Franky: It’s a miracle!

Chopper/Brook: Food! We can eat!

Sanji: Quick guys, grab the rods!

Everyone races to the starboard side and started to cast their lines, grabbing as many fish as they could. Geppetto catches the first one and flings it into a holding bin.

Geppetto: Here’s a big one!

Zoro: Here’s one more! *tosses fish into bin*

Sanji: Chopper! Figaro! Keep the fish in there!

Chopper: Got it!

Chopper and Figaro rushed over to the bin, making sure each of fish stayed inside the bin. Back outside, the school of tuna swam right past Pinocchio’s group in a fright.

Luffy: What’s got into them?

Pinocchio: Hey! Wait a minute! Have you seen...

Suddenly, the group heard a loud roar from ahead; it was Monstro, chasing after the tuna while plowing through everything in his path.

Pinocchio: MONSTRO!!!

Nami/Usopp: THAT’S MONSTRO!?!?!?!

Luffy: HE’S HUGE!!!!

Robin: At risk of sounding out of character, but I suggest we might RUN!!!

And ran they did, bolting along with the fish, until Pinocchio’s ballast gets caught on a jagged coral.

Jiminy Cricket: Oh, we gotta get out of here!

Jiminy unties Pinocchio’s tail from the rock, freeing him just in time as the massive whale was getting closer. The group ran (swam actually) as fast as they could, trying desperately not to become whale chow for Monstro.

Jiminy Cricket: Come on, guys, don’t wait for me.

Back inside Monstro; Geppetto, Sanji and the others were still catching tons of fish amid the tossing of the waves.

Geppetto: Never saw so many!

Zoro: It must be a whole school of them.

Franky: School nothing! It’s a whole blasted college full of them!

The wrecked boat rocked as the whale’s mouth moved about, sending up waves of water and fish as if they were in the amidst of a storm.

Geppetto: Here's another one! Enough for weeks!

Sanji: At this rate, we’ll have enough food for months!

Brook: Here’s a big one! *catches a big fish and throws it into the bin*

Sanji: Make sure the fish stay in there, Chopper!

Chopper: We’re trying! But the bin’s getting too full!

And Chopper was right, the bin was already filled to the top with fish and Chopper and Figaro were having a hard time keeping them in there. One fish smacked Figaro with its tail and Figaro retaliates by smacking it back, only to miss and fall into the bin. Chopper manages to fish out Figaro from the bin.

Chopper: Quit goofing off, Figaro. We got work to do.

Back outside, Pinocchio and the other were still trying to outswim Monstro, who was gaining fast.

Luffy: Wait a sec! If the guys are in Monstro, then why are we running away from Monstro?

Usopp: Do you want to wind up as fish food?

Luffy: Good point!

Using the fish to pull away from Monstro, the group gets ahead of the fish and swims upward to the surface. All six leap out of the water and into the air, only to be caught in the whale’s mighty maw. Having his fill, the whale splashes onto the surface and rest there. However, one person did manage to, by some amazing feat of good luck, evade getting trapped by Monstro; Jiminy Cricket. Using his umbrella as a makeshift parachute, he hovers towards the whale’s jaws, determined to get in.

Jiminy Cricket: Hey, blubber mouth, open up! I gotta get in there!

Back inside, Geppetto and the others were catching the last of the fish.

Geppetto: It looks like the last of them.

Zoro: Better catch them all before they’re gone!

As they continue to restock on fish, Pinocchio and the others, having lost their bubbles to Monstro’s sudden chomp, were now at the mercy of the raging waters and fish. Seeing the guys casting their lines, and with some quick thinking, they grab onto a nearby fish and allowed themselves to be pull up onto the ship.

Franky: Here's a big one! Alley-oop!

Franky pulls on his line as hard as he could, reeling in the fish and Pinocchio’s group, and flings them into the bin.

Geppetto: Only a few left!

Sanji: We gotta work fast!

Pinocchio: Hey!

Brook: Here’s another one!

Pinocchio: Hey Father! *gets hit by a fish* Father!

Luffy: Hey Guys! Sanji!

Geppetto: Don’t bother us now, Pinocchio!

Sanji: Yeah, pipe down, Luffy! We’re trying to fish! *realizes* Wait a sec?! Luffy?

Geppetto: Pinocchio?

Pinocchio: Father!

Geppetto: Pinocchio! My son!

Geppetto rushes to hug his son, but mistakenly grabs a fish instead.

Pinocchio: Hey, Father! Here I am!

Geppetto: Huh? Oh, oh, yes! *throws away fish and hugs Pinocchio* Pinocchio! My boy. I'm so happy to see you!

Pinocchio: Me, too, Father.

Figaro leaps over the fishbin, onto Geppetto and goes to Pinocchio.

Pinocchio: Figaro! Oh, Figaro.

Brook: Luffy!

Chopper: Luffy!

Franky: Luffy!

The three rushes over to hug Luffy, glad that their captain has returned.

Usopp: Hey, what about us?

Chopper: *sees Usopp* Usopp!!! *jump over to hug him* I missed you!

Sanji: *sees Nami and Robin* Nami! Robin!

Sanji leaps over to embrace the girls but they duck out of the way and he falls into the fishbin.

Zoro: Took your sweet time, captain. To think we were trying to find you.

Cleo jump up and down in her bowl, happy to see Pinocchio and the others again.

Pinocchio: Cleo, oh, Cleo! You're here, too.

Geppetto: Yes. We all are together again. *Pinocchio sneezes* Oh, you are soaking wet.

Pinocchio: Yes, Father.

Geppetto: You mustn't catch cold.

Pinocchio: But we came to save you!

Geppetto: You shouldn't have come down here.

Pinocchio: But, Father...

Geppetto: But I'm awfully glad to see you. Let me take your hat.

Geppetto takes off Pinocchio’s hat, exposing the donkey ears. Geppetto and the other jump back from the sight of it.

Geppetto: Oh! Pinocchio!

Pinocchio: wh—wh—What’s the matter?

Geppetto: Those ears!

Luffy: Oh, the ears! That’s nothing. *takes off his hat, revealing his ears* I got ‘em too.

Chopper/Brook: EEHH?!

Pinocchio: Yeah, I got a tail to match too. *laughs but then brays*

Figaro jumps into Cleo’s bowl in a fright and the others nearly fell over in shock.

Geppetto: Pinocchio! What’s happened to you?

Pinocchio: Well, I... I... I...

Robin: I think you owe him the truth Pinocchio.

Pinocchio: The truth, oh uh…

Usopp: Start with school.

Pinocchio: Oh, well…

Geppetto: Yes, Pinocchio?

Pinocchio: I was going to school, when I met somebody.

Geppetto: Met who?

Nami: *to Usopp* If he says two big monsters again, so help me I’ll deck him.

Pinocchio: A Mr. Honest John.

Geppetto: Honest John?

Pinocchio: Yeah! And he told me to go to the theater to be an actor.

Geppetto: An Actor?

Pinocchio: And that’s when I met Stromboli.

Geppetto: Stromboli?

Pinocchio: Uh-huh. But he was real mean. He was gonna use me a wooden gold mine and locked me in a birdcage. And he said when I get too old, he was gonna chop me into firewood!

Geppetto: Gold mine?! Firewood?!

Geppetto looks to Nami and Robin if this was true, they shake their heads yes.

Geppetto: But how did you get out? And where were they *points to Luffy’s group*

Pinocchio: Oh, well, they tried to get me out, till the Blue Fairy came and freed me.

Geppetto: She did?

Pinocchio: So, after that we raced home till I met Honest John again, and he said that I was allergic.

Geppetto: Allergic, to what?

Pinocchio: Hmm…I don’t know. But he told that the only cure was to go to Pleasure Island.

Geppetto: Pleasure Island?!

Pinocchio: Yeah and it was fun at first, till I started to turn into a donkey. But we escaped…

Robin: And the rest was obvious, sir. When we got back and learned about how you were looking for us, we traveled along the sea floor in search of Monstro and well…here we are.

Pinocchio: I’m awful sorry for causing you to worry, and if I just gone school, none of this would have happened to you. I promise not to be tempted again…and I know you have the right to be mad…and…

Geppetto: Mad? *picks up Pinocchio and hugs him* I’m not mad Pinocchio. I’m only glad old Geppetto has his little woodenhead back. Nothing else matters.

Franky: *starts crying* Ahhh! So moving!

While the gang was having a moment, Jiminy Cricket was still trying to get inside Monstro and having no luck in doing so.

Jiminy Cricket: I gotta get in, my pals are in there. Open up, you big moose! Open up, I tell ya—

Just then Jiminy find him self under attack by a flock of seagulls, who were planning to make a snack out of him.

Jiminy Cricket: Hey! Cut it out!

Looking for cover, Jiminy leaps into a conveniently placed bottle in the water, gets inside and blocks the opening with his umbrella, keeping the pesky birds out.

Jiminy Cricket: Hey! Go on! Beat it, ya buzzards!

Back inside, Pinocchio was trying to convince Geppetto to escape from Monstro, a task he thinks cannot be done.

Sanji: Getting out? It’s easier said than done, Pinocchio.

Geppetto: We tried everything we could think of since we got stuck here.

Franky: We even built a getaway boat.

Franky points down the small boat moored to the wreck. It was a makeshift vessel built from spare scrap from the ship and big enough to fit a dozen people and two pets. Mounted on the aft was some form of apparatus that looked like a pedal-powered propeller.

Luffy: Did you try going through that way? *points to the back way into the stomach*

Zoro: Are you nuts?! We were lucky he doesn’t chew.

Pinocchio: A boat? That’s it! We’ll take the boat and when the whale his opens his mouth we’ll—

Sanji: Now just a minute, Pinocchio, it doesn’t work like that. Monstro only opens his mouth when he’s eating. Then everything comes in, but nothing goes out.

Pinocchio: Oh.

Geppetto: It's hopeless, Pinocchio. Come, we'll make a nice fire, and we'll cook some of the fish.

Pinocchio: A fire! That's it!

Geppetto: Yes, and then we'll all eat again.

Pinocchio: A great big fire! Lots of smoke!

Geppetto: Smoke? Oh, yeah, sure. A smoked fish will taste good.

Pinocchio rushes into the cabin, goes to the woodbin and grabs an armful and hands it to Geppetto.

Pinocchio: Quick...get some wood!

Pinocchio grabs a nearby chair and tosses onto a pile on the deck, breaking it into pieces.

Geppetto: Pinocchio, not the chair!

Pinocchio: Hurry, guys! More wood!

Brook: Oh, what will we sit on if we...

Pinocchio: We won't need it! We're getting out! Right now!

Pinocchio goes back inside, grabs a nearby lantern and throws it onto the pile, cause a big bonfire.

Geppetto: Getting out?

Zoro: Now?

Nami: But how?

Pinocchio: We'll make him sneeze!

Brook: Make him sneeze?

Geppetto: Ohh, that will make him mad!

Sanji: After what he did to us, I don’t care. Pass me that plank!

The group gathers more junk for the fire, causing to get bigger and create black smoke. Back outside, the smoke emerges from Monstro’s blowhole, causing the whale to stir from his nap. He sniffs a bit, sensing a burning smell coming from an unknown location. He opens his mouth and, to his surprise, smoke billows out from it. The smoke was so thick that Monstro begins to gear up for a sneeze. Jiminy Cricket sees an opening within the teeth and paddles in with his umbrella.

Jiminy Cricket: Well, it’s about time.

As Monstro prepares to sneeze, our friends are pushing the getaway boat up to the front of Monstro’s mouth, ready to make their escape.

Geppetto: It won’t work!

Pinocchio: Hurry, guys, climb aboard!

Franky: Are you kidding, we’ll never get past those teeth!

Pinocchio: Yes, we will.

Jiminy Cricket: *Looks at the boat* Hey, which way you goin'?! Wait for me!

Luffy: *Sees Jiminy* There you are, Jiminy, get up here. *Grabs Jiminy*

Pinocchio: Hang on! Here we go!

It was at that moment, Monstro lets loose a massive sneeze, blasting the boat clear out of his mouth and out into open water.

Jiminy Cricket: Gesundheit.

Monstro begins build up for another sneeze, pulling back the boat with each gasp.

Geppetto: We are going back!

Pinocchio: No, we'll make it! Faster! Faster!

The group paddle rapidly, but it proved fruitless as Monstro was pulling them as fast as they could paddle.

Geppetto: It's no use! We’re done for!

Just then, Monstro lets out another massive sneeze, sending the boat flying and this time well out of range.

Pinocchio: We made it!

Luffy: Woo-hoo!

Franky: Yeah! We’re finally out!

Monstro gears up for a third sneeze, but this time he starts thrashing bout the water, putting out the fire in his mouth. Usopp is the first to notice this.

Usopp: Guys, look! He’s put out the fire!

Geppetto: Now he is mad!

And he was right, Monstro was as mad as ever and he wasn’t gonna let someone light a fire in mouth and get away with it. He swims after the group in a mad fury.

Geppetto: I told you he’d be furious!

Franky: Well, we ain’t sunk yet. Zoro, Sanji, man the pedals.

Without so much as an argument, the two mount the pedal-like device.

Franky: NOW PEDAL!

Zoro and Sanji pedal at top speed, causing the propeller to start moving and jerks the boat into moving faster than ever.

Geppetto: Woah! *almost falls off*

Jiminy Cricket: Now we’re talking!

Franky: Yup! That’s one of my best works, a dual pedal spiral turbine propeller. I’d like to see that oversized minnow catch us now.

Thanks to the propeller, boat was keeping a large distance from Monstro, much to his annoyance. The chase lasts about 30 mins, as the group was still ahead of Monstro.

Luffy: Man, that whale’s determined!

Gepetto: He’s got to be running out of steam soon.

Nami: I hope so, cause we’re running out of leg power.

She points to Sanji, Zoro and Franky, who were worn out from taking turns powering the propeller. Now only Brook and Chopper are busy pedaling for their lives.

Nami: How you guys holding up?

Brook: *panting* I’d be sweating if I had sweat glands, much less have skin!

Chopper: *panting* We gotta be reaching land soon.

Usopp: *sees land on the horizon* Land ho! Land ho!

Nami: Where away?

Usopp: Straight ahead! About three miles!

Nami: You heard him guys, keep pedaling!

Finally having enough, Monstro submerges into the water, gaining more speed as he heads for the boat.

Geppetto: *sees Monstro missing* Hey, he’s gone!

Usopp: What?!

Pinochhio: Where’d he go?

Nami: He must’ve submerged. Check the water.

They look down into the water, hoping to catch Monstro before he could catch them first. Just then, Monstro bursts upward, knocking everyone off the ship as they rolled over the whale’s back. They managed to hit the water safely, Monstro began to make a sharp U-turn, making a huge wave as he did. He lets out a bellowing roar as he resumes another charge at the boat, just as Pinocchio, Geppetto and the others were getting back in it.

Pinocchio: He’s coming back. Hurry!

Zoro: That whale’s trying to kill us!

Nami: Paddle guys, paddle!

The group sails over a large wave just as Monstro lunges right over them.

Pinocchio: Let’s go back!

Usopp: Full reverse!

The gang moves the boat out of the way just as Monstro came crashing down into the water.

Geppetto: Look out!

Geppetto points to Monstro’s tail, which was about to come down right on top of them.

Franky: Oh no, you don’t! Coup de Vent!

Franky holds his left hand forward and releases a blast of compressed air form the palm of his hand. The sudden burst moves the boat out of the away just in time as the tail slams down.

Franky: That was too close.

Robin: He’s bent on taking us down no matter what.

Luffy: That’s it! I’m done playing! Fourth Gear!

Luffy leaps out of the boat, bites into his forearm and blows hard, transforming into muscular and most powerful form; Fourth Gear. Monstro remerges from the water, ready to crush the boat in one huge belly flop.

Luffy: Gum-Gum Kong Gun!!!

Luffy compresses his hand into him right arm and fires at Monstro, knocking the whale over to the side and away from the boat.

Usopp: Nice shot, Luffy!

Franky: It’s not over yet! Look!

Monstro resurfaces, recovering from the attack as he bellows out in anger.

Luffy: Guys, get to shore! I’ll take care of Monstro!

Sanji: You don’t have to tell us twice!

Monstro charges at the boat, but Luffy cuts the whale off, punching him square in the face. Monstro retaliates by swatting Luffy with his tail and then lunges to devour him. But Luffy quickly recovers and…

Luffy: Gum-Gum Rhino Schneider!!

…delivers a double flying kick, knocking Monstro back into the water.

Luffy: Dang, this whale’s as tough as Laboon, but this guy’s out for blood!

Monstro comes back with murder in his eyes and attacks Luffy. It was titanic battle, a rubbery David against a mighty Goliath, neither one refusing to back down in this epic showdown of strength and endurance. As the two clashed, the sea became rough with waves, making it difficult for the others to row to safety.

Nami: Row! Row!

Usopp: Row your boat!

Zoro/Sanji: Not funny!

Geppetto: Do you think Luffy will be alright?

Franky: Don’t worry. It’ll take a lot more than that tub of blubber to beat Luffy.

Monstro charges at Luffy, dives into the water and then jumps straight up into the air for a massive belly flop.

Luffy: That’s not gonna stop me! Gum-Gum Kong Organ Gun!!!

After compressing both fists into his arms, Luffy moves his arms horizontally in a rapid fashion before releasing a flurry of heavy punches. The attack manages to stall Monstro’s descent but wasn’t enough to keep him from falling. Luffy manages to evade as the whale dive back into the sea.

Usopp: Heads up!

Usopp points to Monstro’s tail as it was about to come crashing down, right on top them.

Brook/Chopper: Nyeh!!!

Brook and Chopper leaped off the pedals as Monstro’s tail slams down, smashing the aft end of the boat. The impact sends the boat upward and falls back down, with its aft end completely torn off. Luffy sees the boat and flies over to see if anyone was alright.

Luffy: Guys! What happened?!

Nami: That oversized minnow almost flatten us, that’s what happened!

Franky: Yeah, but he took out the propeller and whole backend, that lucky son of a-

Sanji: Wait a sec! Where’s Geppetto and Pinocchio?

Robin: You don’t think they fell overboard?

Usopp: Pinocchio! Pinocchio! Where are you?

Pinocchio emerges from the water near the boat, splashing about as he tries to stay afloat.

Pinocchio! You ok?

Pinocchio: I’m ok! But where’s Father?

Chopper: There he is!

Chopper points to Geppetto, who was barely holding on to damaged remains of the propeller.

Geppetto: Pinocchio, swim for shore. Swim for shore.

Just then, Monstro remerges from the water and begins to charge at the boat. Pinocchio swims over to save his father as the Straw Hats try to deal with the now sinking boat.

Nami: Pinocchio, get back here!

Pinocchio: Hang on, Father!

Geppetto: Save... yourself.

Geppetto goes under for the last time, until Pinocchio manages to grab him, keeping his head above water as best he could.

Usopp: Monstro’s heading straight for us!

Zoro: And the ship’s taking on water!

Luffy grabs Pinocchio and Geppetto, placing them back into the boat.

Robin: So, what’s the plan now?

Nami: We head for shore.

Brook: But how, it’s all rocks and reef.

Usopp: Wait, there’s a small opening between that ridge, not even Monstro could fit in there.

And how do we get there? Monstro took out the propeller.

Nami: Then use Luffy. *to Luffy* Grab what’s left of the aft and push us to shore.

Luffy flies over and lifts the aft of the ship from the water, as Monstro lets out another roar.

Sanji: FLOOR IT, LUFFY!!!!

Luffy propels the boat forward towards the opening with Monstro closing in fast. They were about a mile or so to the opening when…

Chopper: We’re almost there!

Franky: Keep it up, Luffy!

Usopp: Nothing can stop us now!

Suddenly, Luffy shrinks back to his normal size and falls into the boat, completely exhausted.

Nami: Oh, come on!

Zoro: *Sees Monstro* No time for filler, grab an oar and start rowing!

The group each takes an oar and starting rowing for their lives, as Monstro gaining on them. They finally managed to reach the opening, but a wave came up, blocking the way. As the wave slowly ebbed away, Monstro leaped out of the water and straight at them. Panicking, the Straw Hats, paddled as fast as they could, desperately fighting the current coming out. Monstro makes one last roar as he dove at the boat, determined to destroy it and its crew. By sheer luck of the fates, the Straw Hats made it into the opening just as Monstro crashed into the rocks with a mighty KAA-BOOM! The impact creates a blast of water, destroying the boat and sending its crew flying in a surge of seawater. Luckily a manage to wind up on a shore without hitting any of the rocks or debris from the boat. The Straw Hat were recovering from the blast, completely drained from the almost becoming fish food.

Usopp: *panting* We…we made it.

Zoro: Is everyone alright?

Sanji: Well, aside that we almost got turned into fish food, escaped death by the skin if our teeth and are still breathing…yeah, we’re alright.

Franky: Where’s Geppetto?

Luffy: There!

They see Geppetto lying on the beach, completely worn out but still alive.

Geppetto: Pinocchio... save yourself. Don't mind me, son. Save yourself... Pinocchio.

Chopper rushes over to check on Geppetto’s health, he puts his hoofs on Geppetto’s wrist to check his pulse.

Chopper: He’s okay, he’s worn out.

Nami: But where Figaro and Cleo?

A large trunk washes up on shore aside them, Usopp opens it up to find Cleo and Figaro, safe and sound but little dazed from being rattled in the trunk.

Usopp: They’re in here!

Brook: I never fought we’d be out of that whale.

Zoro: And I don’t think he’ll causing any more trouble after ramming headfirst into the rocks.

Robin: Smart idea of yours with the fire, Pino- *notices Pinocchio missing* Hey, where’s Pinocchio?

Luffy: Didn’t he land with us.

Franky: I don’t think so.

Nami: He’s gotta be somewhere, let’s start searching.

The Straw Hats searched all over the cove, calling out Pinocchio’s name in the hopes that he would respond. Jiminy Cricket went over to another part of the shore to help in the search.

Jiminy Cricket: Pinocchio? Oh, Pinocchio! Pinocchi--*gasp*

Jiminy stopped in mid word as saw something that sent a chilling shock to his body. The Straw Hats, sensing something was wrong rush over to Jiminy and saw something that shook them to their cores; Pinocchio lying face down in the pool of water……motionless…and dead.



Jul 28, 2004
in my mind
Epilogue: A Wish Comes True! Good Deeds Go Rewarded.

The long walk home felt more like a funeral march, as our heroes made their way back to town. By the time they got to Geppetto’s shop, night has already fallen. Pinocchio’s now lifeless body was placed on Geppetto’s bed as everyone mourns for him.

Geppetto: My boy...My brave little boy...

Nami: Even though *sniff* he caused a lot of trouble *sniff* he was still a good kid.

Franky: He was a good kid alright…*blows nose*…right to the end! *starts sobbing*

As everyone was mourning over Pinocchio, a familiar blue glow surrounds his lifeless body.

Blue Fairy: *voice* Prove yourself brave, truthful, and unselfish, and someday you will be a real boy. Awake, Pinocchio. Awake.

A shining light come over him, changing Pinocchio’s body from his puppet form. Seconds later, he begins to stir and get up from the bed to see everyone crying.

Pinocchio: Father! Whatcha cryin' for?

Geppetto: 'Cause... you're dead, Pinocchio.

Pinocchio: No! No, I'm not! Uhh…What’s dead?

Chopper: It means not being alive, not moving at all.

Pinocchio: Ohh. How did I die?

Usopp: When we are escaping from Monstro…*sniff*…we found you in pool of water and *blows nose* you weren’t moving!

Pinocchio: But I am not dead.

Geppetto: Yes, yes, you are. Now lie down...

Pinocchio: But, Father, I'm alive. See? And... And I'm... I'm...

Pinocchio waves hand to prove he’s alive, but he noticed something was off. His hand wasn’t made of wood nor was his arm. He puts his hands to his chest and for a moment he could feel a heartbeat…his heartbeat. Pinocchio wasn’t just alive…

Pinocchio: I'm real! I'm a real boy!

Geppetto, the Straw Hats and everyone looked up and saw the Pinocchio was alive, but not as the little wooden puppet, but a real live boy.

Robin: Pinocchio!

Chopper/Brook: He’s alive!

Geppetto: And you are a real boy!

Jiminy Cricket: Yea! Whoopie!

Geppetto: A real, live boy!

Figaro jumped for joy and was so happy that he leaped into Cleo’s fishbowl and kissed her on the lips.

Nami: But how is that even possible?!

Luffy: Who cares! He’s alive!

Nami: I think it does matter. If Pinocchio did come back to life, he would’ve come back as a puppet.

Robin: The Blue Fairy!

Chopper: Huh?

Robin: She said that if Pinocchio can prove to be brave, truthful and unselfish, he would become a real boy.

Zoro: But when did that happen?

Nami: Well…for one thing it was a brave thing to traverse the ocean floor to find Monstro.

Robin: And when you told everything that happened to Geppetto, that was very truthful.

Usopp: And you risked you own life to save to Geppetto, even at the cost of your own.

Robin: So, in a way, you proved yourself to be a real boy after all.

Luffy: Then that means Geppetto’s wish finally came true at last!

Geppetto: Haha! This calls for a celebration! Hit the clocks!

Chopper: Which ones?

Geppetto: All of them!

Usopp: Allow me!

Usopp slams his fist into the wall, causing all the clocks to go off.

Geppetto: Professor, lots of music!

Brook and Franky began turning on all the music boxes they could find, creating an atmosphere of joy and merriment. Everyone was dancing happily for Pinocchio’s revival and for becoming a real boy. Jiminy Cricket observe everyone having a wonderful time, what started as a dirge has now ended on a much happier note.

Jiminy Cricket: Well, this is practically where I came in.

As the party continued, Jiminy notices the Blue Fairy’s star in the night sky. Quietly, he slipped out the party via the window to thank her for all she’s done.

Jiminy Cricket: Thank you, milady. He deserved to be a real boy. And it sure was nice of you to--*a beam of light shines on Jiminy* Huh? Wha-- Uh-- Wh-- Wh--

Suddenly, a badge appears on Jiminy’s jacket. And it wasn’t just any badge, it was a 18k gold official conscience badge.

Jiminy Cricket: Well, I'll be! My, My! Solid gold, too. Oh, I think it's swell!

Not far from Geppetto’s, the Cloaked Man was in an alley, watching Jiminy receive his reward. A smile forms on his smile as he walks away, but not before addressing the audience.

Cloak Man: Now the way this story ends: Pinocchio goes being a real boy, going the school and having new adventures. Jiminy Cricket continues on as Pinocchio’s conscience, keeping him out of trouble and also helping him with school work now and then. Of course, while Pinocchio still remembers his lessons as a puppet, he still needs some help from time to time. Geppetto is as happy as ever now that his wish has come true and continues to make wonderful toys and things at his shop. Figaro and Cleo…are still Figaro and Cleo. Honest John and Gideon have turned over a new leaf, being full-fledged truant officers for the town. Of course, some habits are hard to break but thanks to them, truancy has dropped almost overnight and with school attendance at an all-time high. Lampwick, along with the rest of the boys, were back to normal. Although he is still a wise guy, he was much wiser now than he was before. As for the Coachman, he was never seen or heard of again, and Pleasure Island fell into complete obscurity. But they say if you listen closely, you could hear a sound of a donkey braying within the island. And for the Straws Hats…they said their goodbyes and where soon onto their next adventure. As to where the next adventure will take them…is another story for another time. But as we close out on this happy ending, let us remember this…

Jiminy Cricket: When your heart is in your dreams
No request is too extreme...

Backup Singers: When you wish upon a star
Your dreams come true
You'll find your dreams come true


Sep 25, 2010
I finally caught up! This was a really great wrap up of the Straw Hats adventure in Pinocchio's world. I like that they were able to celebrate Pinocchio coming back to life. I got a good out of the jokes during this epilogue. How it took them all awhile to realize Pinocchio wasn't dead any more. Chopper explaining what 'dead' meant got a good laugh out of me. Furthermore, I like that we get more insight about what happens after Pinocchio turns into a real boy. I also don't remember Jiminy being greedy in the movie per se, but it's kind of amusing to see him excited about getting a real gold medal for being Pinocchio's conscience. xD Overall, this was fantastic. <3


Jul 28, 2004
in my mind
i wouldn't call Jiminy greedy, he did ask for a badge after the Blue Fairy made him a conscience. Also, WELCOME BACK, UNDYNE!!!! Things have been really slow since you left.

now with that out of the way...ahem. Last time on One Piece Infinite Adventures, the sinister vizier Jafar and Sir Crocodile have sought out the fabled Cave of Wonders, dwelling place of a mystic lamp of untold power. However their attempts to enter the cave failed when the thief they hired was crushed by the cave's maw. before vanishing the Cave gives a clue that one those who are worthy, 'the diamonds in the rough', can be able to enter the cave. Now Jafar and Crocodile must find these diamonds in the rough if they have any chance to obtain the lamp they seek. But who are these diamonds in the rough? and what plans do these desert rouges have for the lamp? these and more will be answered as we continue with...
Straw Hats Adventures of Aladdin


Tales of an Arabian Straw Hat

Chapter 1: Staying One Jump Ahead! Welcome to Agrabah!

The following day, somewhere among the sand dunes, a whirlwind of blue sand begins to form and swirl around in fantastic fashion. As it grows bigger and bigger; a group of figures can be seen appearing from inside the whirlwind. The whirlwind fades away, the figures emerge onto the desert sands; it was the Straw Hat Pirates. Their captain, Luffy, wasted no time making a declaration of their arrival.

Luffy: WE’RE HERE!!!!!!

But no sooner did Luffy take his first steps; the hot desert sand gets into Luffy’s sandals causing him to hop up and down in pain.

Luffy: YEEOOOOW! Owowowowowow!

Franky: Hahahahaha! Guess Luffy should’ve watched where he was stepping. *smells something burning* Hey! What’s cooking?

Franky looks down to see smoke was coming from the bottom of his feet, as they were being ‘cooked’ by the hot sand.

Franky: OOOOOOWWWWW!!!!!!

Luffy and Franky hopped around trying to keep their feet from getting burned from the hot sand.

Brook: Now that’s a hot foot!

Nami: So where are we now?

Sanji: With all this sand, we might be near Alabasta.

Chopper: Alabasta! We can finally see Vivi again!

Robin: Uhhh...guys, something tells me we’re not in Alabasta.

Zoro: What makes you say that?

Robin: Well, how about that for starters.

Robin points to the direction she’s indicating. Everyone looked to where she’s talking about, and they were suddenly amazed by what they saw. A massive palace lies before them as it looms over the city, spanning for miles.

Usopp/Chopper: Woah! Coooooolll…

Zoro: Yep, this is definitely not Alabasta.

Brook: My, My, that is the biggest palace I’ve ever seen.

Nami: We’ve seen bigger.

Usopp: Come on, let’s get into town before Luffy and Franky burn through the soles of their feet.

Grabbing Luffy and Franky, they proceed onward to the city. After heading into the city, the crew find themselves walking through a large crowd of people in the market place. It was hard to move around, since there’s so many people in one place and the paths are too narrow. And yet, people were starring right at them. It’s either they’re looking at them curiously, or they just don’t like them. This made some of them a bit nervous.

Chopper: I don’t like the way they’re starring right at us.

Zoro: Well we are newcomers, so its not like they’ve seen people like us before.

Robin: Either way, I think its best that we find some new threads, so we can bend in and not draw attention to us.

Sanji: Good idea.

Usopp: Let’s see if we can find someone who sells some clothes.

The crew walks through the marketplace, hoping to find someplace to sells clothing for them. There were a number of vendors and stands featuring all sorts of wares for sale. They wandered through till they came upon shop with textiles and cloth hung around in display. As they approached, a man appears from the doorway and greets the crew.

Merchant: Salaam and greetings, weary travelers. I see you are interested in my wares?

Nami: Yeah. Do you have something that’ll fit us?

Merchant: Of course, effendi. I have some the finest fabrics in the region. Come, see for yourselves.

As the others were checking out some of the wares, Robin’s curiosity was drawn to a nearby alleyway. It was filled with discarded junk and poorly lit, a nice spot to hide in. She only took about ten steps in, when she finds herself jumped by two ragged looking thieves, one of them holds a jagged knife at her throat.

First Thief: You scream, and I’ll cut your throat!

Second Thief: You give us your money!

Now normally a woman, or anyone else for that matter, in such a situation would be in a state of panic. But Robin, having been used to this sort of thing, was completely unfazed by all this.

Robin: And what makes you think I have any money?

First Thief: Don’t be stupid! You’re a foreigner, and if there’s two things we know about foreigners is that they’re either traders or wealthy nobles. And they both have one thing in common.

Robin: What’s that?

First Thief: MONEY! Lots of it!

Second Thief: Yeah, lots of money!

First Thief: *to Second Thief* Shuddup! I got this! *back to Robin* So let’s make this quick; either you give us your money, or I slash your throat!

Robin: Well, in that case, go ahead.

First Thief: Yeah, I-what?!

Robin: To be honest, if I was a wealthy person as you say, you could’ve just knocked me out, take whatever money I had and just leave me sprawling on the ground.

First Thief: Wait…wha!

Robin: On top of that, suppose you decided to hold me for ransom, how’d you know I might belong to a very powerful royal family with an impressive military. You’d be painting a pretty large target on your backs.

Second Thief: Hold on! What if she’s telling the truth?

First Thief: Will you zip it! She’s just bluffing!

Robin: Maybe I am, not I’m not. Either way, it depends on desperate you guys are…which seem to be not.


The First Thief slices his blade across Robin’s neck, but instead of what you might expect, Robin dissipates into a cloud of flowers, surprising the thieves.

Second Thief: She—she’s gone!

Robin: Too late! Dos Fleur.

Just then a pair of arms spout from the thieves’ bodies, grabbing by their necks and bending them backwards. Robin appears behind them, with her arms crossed.

First Thief: How’d did you get over there?! What the heck are you?!

Second Thief: She’s some kind of demon!

Robin: You might say that. Clutch!

Robin clutched her hands and we hear bones cracking followed by two short screams. The thieves fell to ground, limp but not dead.

Robin: Amateurs.

Robin searches the bodies for anything worth taking, she pulls out a small bag of what appeared to be coins. She shakes the bag to confirm this, only to hear the rattling of a few dozen coins.

Robin: *surprised* That’s it? They really were amateurs. Oh, well, I guess this makes up for their little “reception”.

Robin leaves the alley to see Nami arguing with the textile merchant over something.

Merchant: Forty-five!

Nami: Thirty!

Merchant: Forty-five!

Nami: Thrity!

Merchant: Forty-five!

Nami: Thirty! Final offer!

Merchant: The price is forty-five or no deal!

Nami: All this stuff just for forty-five coins?! That’s highway robbery!

Merchant: Look lady, the materials you are requesting aren’t cheap. My normal supplier won’t be around for two months and have some limited textiles to work with let alone to sell. So, unless you scrounge up some more coinage, then you ain’t getting the clothes!

Just as Nami was about to say something at the merchant, Robin arrives and plops the bag of coins onto his table.

Robin: Will this help cover the charge?

The merchant opens the bag to see some coins inside. He looks them over to check if they’re good, he pulls out his abacus and starts crunching some numbers. After he was done, he smiles back at the group.

Merchant: Okay, this will just about make even. Step inside and we’ll get you all set up.


Where’d you get the money, Robin.

Robin: Do you really want to know?

Actually…I don’t.

The merchant brings the Straw Hats into his shop for their fittings. About thirty minutes later, they walk out of the shop wearing attires similar to the ones they had when they traveled to Alabasta, but with some updated looks. Franky, Brook and Robin were wearing custom-made Arabian-style clothing normally used around this time period.

Luffy: Ahh. This is more like it.

Usopp: Kinda give that nostalgia feeling in this.

Robin: Well, at least no one well giving us the look anymore.

????: STOP!!

Usopp: *raises his arms up* I didn’t do it!

Nami: Relax, that wasn’t at you.

Brook: But who said that?

Chopper: *looks up* Huh, look up there.

The crew looks up and saw a boy staring down from the rooftop, who doesn’t appear to have noticed them. They can clearly tell he’s wearing white saggy pants with some patches, a purple vest, and a red fez on his head. This is the local street rat, Aladdin. And today he’s doing one of his daily routines, getting chased across the rooftops by the guards.

Captain: STOP THIEF!! I’ll have your hands for a trophy, street rat!

Aladdin: *Looks back, then down, then at the bread* All this for a loaf of bread?

Back down below…

Nami: He’s not do what I think he’s gonna do, is he?

Usopp: He’s gotta be crazy to do that.

And then, right on cue, the boy jumped right off the roof.

Zoro: And…he jumped.

He jumps off, landing on two ropes strung between buildings, with drying clothes on them. He skies down them, collecting bits and pieces of clothing on him as he goes. Finally, he's nearing the end of the rope, at a window, when a woman reaches out and slams the shutters closed. Aladdin slams into the shutters and falls to the street, his fall being broken by numerous awnings and the pile of clothes around him.

Franky: HEADS UP!

The Straw Hats leap out of the way, except for Usopp, who barely had time to move when… the boy landed right on him, buried in piles of clothes! He pulls his arm out to catch what appears to be a loaf of bread. Then he removes the top layer of clothes and is about to enjoy his bread when …

Guard 1: There he is!

He looks up to see the guards looking down at him from the rooftop he jumped off from.

Guard 2: You won't get away so easy!

Aladdin: You think that was easy?

Franky: Hey, you ok?

Aladdin: Yeah, not one of my better landings.

Sanji: Well, I hope your better landings are better…

Robin: But, we believe you’ve landed on our friend there.

Aladdin: Your friend?

Aladdin starts to feel something underneath the pile of clothes. Now realizing, Aladdin was alarmed and gets up immediately. Usopp emerges from the pile of clothes, pulling off a piece of underwear on his head. And he doesn’t seem very happy.

Aladdin: Whoops! Sorry pal.

As Usopp pulls himself from the pile, they heard voices approaching them. They look and sees the guards looking for him.

Captain: You two, over that way! And you, follow me! We'll find him!

Aladdin pulls a sheet over him and wraps himself as a disguise. Then he rushes over to the crew to ‘blend in’.

Usopp: What’s with the disguise?

Nami: You’re not in trouble or something are you?

Aladdin: Trouble? Ha! No way. You're only in trouble if you get caught—

Captain: GOTCHA!

The captain of the guards yanks him from behind and Aladdin’s disguise falls off.

Aladdin: I'm in trouble!

Captain: ...and this time—

But then, there was a screeching sound. And the captain’s turban is pulled down over his eyes, blinding him. The boy and the crew look to a see a monkey, with a purple vest and red fez, dancing on the captain’s head, laughing. This is Abu, Aladdin’s best friend and partner.

Aladdin: Perfect timing, Abu! As usual.

Abu: Hello!

Just then one of the guards tries to rush Aladdin but is stopped by Luffy.

Luffy: Gum Gum Pistol!

Luffy slugs the guard, knocking him right out of his shoes and on his back.

Aladdin: Thanks, I needed that.

Luffy: No prob.

Then they heard yelling at them, and they looked to see the captain, who has his turban up over his eyes, as the guards rushes towards them.

Captain: GET THEM!

Sanji: Nice going, Luffy!

Zoro: So much for not drawing attention.

Aladdin: Come on, let's get outta here!

Franky: Time to bolt!

The crew starts running from the guard with Aladdin and Abu leading.

Aladdin: Better keep up if you don’t want to get caught.

Nami: Sounds like you have experience in this.

Aladdin: You might say that. Around here, you gotta keep…

As he ran, bumps into a guard and starts going into a song.

Aladdin: One jump ahead of the breadline
One swing ahead of the sword
I steal only what I can't afford
That's everything!

Aladdin battles the guard wielding a sword. He swings at Aladdin, but he misses and instead, destroys a barrel of fishes as they spill out. Abu blows raspberries at the guard, and quickly ducks as the sword was swung at him. Aladdin then pulls the guard’s pants down, revealing a pair of underwear and runs off with Abu. The guard pulls a large fish over his lower body as a pair of pants, and hops after them.

Aladdin: One jump ahead of the lawmen

Luffy: That’s all?

Sanji: Well, that’s no joke.

Nami: These guys don't appreciate you’re broke!

They run into another guard, and he prepares to take a swing at him. But Aladdin dodges it again, and the blade got stuck on a pole. Then they scamper up on a pile of barrels. Taking aim, Nami kicks one down at them, and it was a direct hit. The guards, covered in a sticky syrup, then shook their fists angrily at them.

Guards: *one at a time* Riffraff!
Street rat!
*Throws food at him, which Aladdin avoids*
Take that!

Aladdin: Just a little snack, guys!

He quickly ducks behind a pole on the platform as weapons were thrown at him. The guards then shook the platform back and fro trying to shake them off.

Guards: Rip him open, take it back guys!

Aladdin: I can take a hint, gotta face the facts
You're my only friend, Abu!

Aladdin jumps off the platform to certain death, only to grab Abu's hands like an acrobat. The pair swing through a window and into a room full of harem girls.

Harem Girls: Who?!?
Oh, it's sad Aladdin's hit the bottom
He's become a one-man rise in crime

Abu finds a plate full of fruit and stuffs his mouth full like a chipmunk. One of the girls then swung Aladdin right to a larger woman.

Large Woman: I'd blame parents, except he hasn't got 'em!

She swings a broom at him, but Aladdin dodges it.

Aladdin: Gotta eat to live, gotta steal to eat
Tell you all about it when I got the time!

Then one of the girls pushed Aladdin and Abu out of the window, and the duo landed on an awning and rejoins the Straw Hats. Next, we see Aladdin and Franky hiding behind a muscleman flexing to the crowd, trying to match his moves, just as the guards ran past.

Franky: One jump ahead of the slowpokes

Aladdin: One skip ahead of my doom

Until, they made a mistake and tried to sneak away. But they were already discovered by the Captain.

Franky: But next time we gonna use a nom de plume

Captain: There they are!

The guards skid to a stop and went after them. Next, we see Aladdin, Usopp and Robin jumping over flocks of sheep and got to the other side. They look back to see the guards trying to move past them, as they threw some sheep aside.

Robin: One jump ahead of the hitmen

Usopp: One hit ahead of the flock

Aladdin: I think I'll take a stroll around the block

Then they jumped over a man sleeping on a bed of nails. The guards jumped over him too. But one extremely large guard couldn’t jump far, and he landed on the man, who screamed in pain. Next, we see Abu, disguising himself with jewelry, and admiring himself. But a shopkeeper discovers him.

Man: Stop thief!

Shopkeeper: Vandal!

Aladdin: Abu!

Woman: Scandal!

The guards then surrounded Aladdin and the Straw Hats in front of a door.

Aladdin: Let's not be too hasty

The door opens and a large, ugly lady with a high-pitched voice comes out and yanks Aladdin into her arms. The Straw hat bolted when they see the lady.

Brook/Chopper: Nyeha-na!

Ugly Lady: Still I think he's rather tasty

Disgusted, Aladdin tumbles away from her, then puts his arm around a guard, acting like they're all chums.

Aladdin: Gotta eat to live, gotta steal to eat

Sanji: Otherwise we'd get along?

Guards: WRONG!

They all leaped at him and fought in a cloud of dust. But when the dust clears, Aladdin, the Straw Hats and Abu are gone. But the captain sees them trying to sneak away in urns.

Captain: GET THEM!

The group ran towards a flaming pit where there was a man on it. Aladdin used the man as a springboard while the Straw Hats either leapt over or ran around the pit. But the guards, being rather stupid for not thinking, ran across the pit, which they hop up and down, yelping in pain from the hot coals on their feet. But after they got across, they resumed chasing them. The group runs pass a sword swallower, then Abu goes back, pulls the sword right out of the swallower’s mouth. Abu advances on the guards, who retreat in fear, wielding the sword menacingly.

Guard: He's got a sword!

Captain: Why you idiots-*draws his sword*-we've ALL got swords!!

The other guards, realizing they got the monkey outnumbered, draw their swords as well. ABU sets the sword down gently, then takes off in a zip back to Aladdin. The group get blocked from the front and back by guards with no way out. Then, Luffy grabs everyone, stretches his arm into the air and pulls everyone upward, causing all the guards to crash into each other. After clearing the building, the group runs into more guards.

Robin/Zoro: One jump ahead of the hoofbeats!

Guards: Vandal!

Nami/Sanji: One hop ahead of the hump!

Guards: Street rat!

With all the pathways blocked off, the group went up the staircase. With Abu up ahead, the guards jumped out in front of him, scaring the daylights out of Abu.

Franky/Usopp: One trick ahead of disaster

Guards: Scoundrel!

Brook/Chopper: They're quick—

Aladdin: but I'm much faster!

Guards: Take that!

Aladdin grabs Abu and ducks into a window, just before the guards swung their swords where Abu was at. Aladdin ran towards a window and grabs a carpet.

Aladdin: Here goes…

Nami: better throw our hands in

Sanji: so, wish us happy landin'

Luffy: cause all we gotta do is

Aladdin/Straw Hats: Jump!

Then the group jumped right out of the window, and the guards leaped after them. But the guards fell straight down and landed in a smelly pile of manure, compliments of ‘Crazy Hakim’s Discount Fertilizer’. Aladdin uses the carpet as a makeshift parachute to land safely in an alleyway and out of danger. After landing, Aladdin and Abu high-five each other for a job well done.

Usopp: I think…we lost ‘em.

Nami: Well this is typical, no sooner do we come here, we get in trouble with the local guards.

Sanji: And all thanks to Luffy too.

Luffy: Why not, it was fun!

Nsmi: Define ‘fun’ in your vocab.

Zoro: Sometimes I think Luffy’s a magnet for trouble.

Aladdin: And now, esteemed effendi, we feast! All right!

Aladdin breaks the bread in two and gives half to Abu, who begins to eat. Before Aladdin can take a bite, he notices our heroes and has forgotten about them.

Aladdin: Oh, I forgot about you guys. Thanks for your help back there.

No problem, consider it a gesture from one scoundrel to another.

Wasn’t exactly what we had plan today, but what are ya gonna do.

Aladdin: Who are you guys anyway?

Luffy: I’m Monkey D. Luffy, and this is my crew, the Straw Hat Pirates.

Zoro: The name’s Roronoa Zoro, Swordsman.

Nami: Call me Nami.

Usopp: Usopp’s the name, marksman my game!

Sanji: Name’s Sanji.

Chopper: My name’s Tony Tony Chopper! But you can just call me Chopper.

Robin: Nico Robin…but my friends call me Robin.

Franky: They call me…Franky, the super cool shipwright!! Oww!

Brook: And you can call me Brook.

Aladdin: Nice names. But I take it you guys are not from around here, are you?

Robin: You might say that.

Then before Aladdin can say anything else, he notices two homeless children rummaging through the trash, looking for food to eat. Even the Straw Hats noticed. What they saw, made them feel heartbroken, seeing the children like that. Aladdin sighs as he looks at the bread he’s holding and looks over at Abu. Abu already doesn’t like he’s thinking, and glares at him. Then he takes a bite from the bread and chews, giving him the look. Aladdin then looks back at his bread again. He went through all this trouble to get a simple meal. But these kids seemed hungrier than he is, and they’re orphans from the look of it. They actually reminded him of himself when he was young. So why should he let them starve? Smiling, Aladdin gets up and heads over to them. The girl pulls her brother back to defend him, but Aladdin smiles at her and held his bread out for her.

Aladdin: Here, go on--take it.

Now smiling, the girl takes it and giggles as Aladdin pats her on the head.

Robin: For a thief, this one seems to have a heart of gold.

Luffy: Aww, why’d he gave away that bread. That’s dumb.

Nami: *bops Luffy in the head* Don’t be rude!

Robin: That was a very kind gesture, Aladdin.

Aladdin: Thanks guys. But I did all that work for food, and now I got nothing.

Sanji: Look at the bright side, pal. At least those children won’t starve.

As they walked with Aladdin, Abu tries to swallow his bite, but felt guilty after what he saw from Aladdin. So, doing the right thing, he went over to the children and offers his bread to them. The boy takes it with a smile and they pet him on the head. Abu giggles, but then he sees Aladdin and the others walking into the daylight, where there seems to be a parade going on. But plenty of them are confused.

Usopp: What’s going on here?

Robin: It seems to be a parade of some sort.

Franky: Yeah, but for who?

Then they see a man, riding on a fancy white horse. But from the looks of this person, they already don’t like him at all.

Luffy: Hey, who’s that dorky fella on the horse?

Bystander 1: I think his name’s Prince Achmed. He’s a prince from of one of the neighboring kingdoms.

Usopp: What’s he here for?

Bystander 1: On his way to the palace, I suppose.

Bystander 2: Another suitor for the princess.

Franky: Suitor? Wait. Ain’t that similar to a marriage proposal?

Bystander 2: Sort of. But lately, the princess has rejected every suitor that comes seeking her hand in marriage.

Brook: Really? How come?

Bystander 1: No one really knows. But some of the suitors barely last a day or two before leaving in the palace empty handed.

Sanji: So, how many times has this happened now?

Bystander 1: This is the sixth prince that showed up this month.

Robin: And how many has the princess rejected?

Bystander 2: I stopped caring to count, but I think it was thirty-two.

Straw Hats: Thirty-two!

Franky: Wow! That’s gotta be a super record.

Then all the sudden, they were startled when the same two children from the alleyway ran past them. But they were running out into the street, in front of Prince Achmed. The horse became startled by them, making the prince angry.

Achmed: Out of my way, you filthy brats!

Prince Achmed as he brings up his whip to attack the children. The girl shields her brother, but Sanji jumps in front of them and catches the whip with his leg.

Sanji: Hey! Don’t you know its in bad taste to strike a defenseless child?

Achmed: Hmph! Who are you to give me advice, you lowly peasant!

Sanji: You know something, if I were as rich as you, I’d be able to afford some manners!

Sanji removes the whip from his leg and throws it back at Achmed’s face, infuriating him even more.

Achmed: Oh--I teach you some manners!

Achmed kicks Sanji into a mud puddle. The crowd then began to laugh at Sanji as he picks himself up from the mud.

Usopp/Chopper/Luffy: Sanji!

The Straw Hats rushed over to Sanji to see if he was alright.

Sanji: It’s okay, I’m alright. It’ll take more than a kick to harm me.

Luffy: Ohhh, that jerk’s gonna pay! Let me at him!

Luffy tries to rush at Prince Achmed but is held back by Franky and Chopper in Heavy Form.

Franky: Ease up, captain. That jerk ain’t worth pummeling.

Aladdin looks over at Prince Achmed about to enter the palace, and smirks. Luffy was trying to wiggle out of Franky and Chopper’s grip so he can let Achmed have it.

Aladdin: Look at that, guys. It's not every day you see a horse with two rear ends!

Then the prince stopped all the sudden when he heard that insult and turns to Aladdin.

Achmed: Ha! You are a worthless street rat! You were born a street rat, you'll die a street rat, and only your fleas will mourn you!

After hearing that insult, Aladdin gritted his teeth in anger and rushes at the prince. Luffy manages to wiggle free and rushes at Achmed, just as the castle doors slam shut. Luffy punches the closed door creating a large indent on the right door, surprising Aladdin.


Aladdin looks up, and he sees there’s no way over that wall.

Aladdin: I'm not worthless. And I don't have fleas. *checks for some in his hair*

Aladdin turns to see the Straw Hats pinning Luffy to the ground, who flailing like mad.

Luffy: If I could get my hands on him…Just for one minute, THAT’S all I need!

Franky: Let it go, Luffy. He ain’t worth getting worked up over.

Luffy: Not worth it?! You saw what he did to Sanji!

Sanji: That’s enough! No sense beating him up on my account. He’ll get his soon enough.

Luffy blew air from his nose frustratingly, he eventually calmed down, but was still annoyed.

Aladdin: *sighs* Come on, Abu. Let's go home.

Nami: Mind it we tag along? Consider we got no place to stay in town.

Aladdin: Sure, let’s go.

As they followed Aladdin home, they find themselves climbing to the top of a housing settlement and went inside. Upon entering Aladdin’s home, they find the place a wreck. The fabrics were torn, the carpet is extremely dirty, and the curtain is worn out.

Franky: Man, this place won’t win any awards.

Zoro: But it’s still a home.

Sanji: Well, guys. Let’s get ourselves settled for the night.

Everyone then got their place to lie down, as Aladdin tucks Abu for the night. Just as Sanji was about to go to sleep, he still noticed that Aladdin is still saddened after what the prince said to him earlier. He got up and sat down next to him, just as Aladdin starts to sing.

Aladdin: Riffraff, street rat.
I don't buy that

Then Sanji sang softly.

Sanji: If only they'd look closer

Aladdin looks over at him, but then starts to smile. Being a lonely street rat, the only friend he has was Abu. But since he met them today, they have been so kind to him. And no one has ever been this way to him before.

Sanji: Would they see a poor boy?
No siree

Aladdin: They'd find out, there's so much more to me

Aladdin walks over to the window and pulls back the curtain, revealing the beautiful palace. Then Aladdin sighs, and starts to smile.

Aladdin: Someday, things are gonna change for me and Abu. We'll be rich, live in a palace, and never have any problems at all.

Sanji: Well, as long as you keep believing, one day it will happen.



Sep 25, 2010
Okay, definitely one of my favorite worlds hands down for the Straw Hats to visit. Secondly, I cannot get over how awesome Nico Robin is. Her exchanging with the thugs was amazing. I also like the jokes being made in this chapter with Brook. It's so on point because, he's a living skeleton. xD Anyways, Luffy and the Straw Hats helping out Aladdin was so cool! And I can't help but to admire how much they come to his defense. It's really nice seeing the chemistry of fast friendship happening before my very eyes. Overall, I can't wait to see what happens next. xD

Cyborg009 said:
i wouldn't call Jiminy greedy, he did ask for a badge after the Blue Fairy made him a conscience. Also, WELCOME BACK, UNDYNE!!!! Things have been really slow since you left.

I may of forgotten about that part in particular. lol. Either way, Jiminy did earn his badge in the end. xD And thank you, Cyborg! It's great to be back! Aw, well I hope to help liven things up a bit. ;)


Jul 28, 2004
in my mind
Chapter 2: A Princess’s Dilemma. The Desert Villains Emerge.

The next morning, within the palace, a door bursts open with Prince Achmed angrily walking towards the main door out of the palace. The Sultan, ruler of Agrabah, sees Achmed storming away in a huff.

Achmed: I've never been so insulted!

Sultan: Oh, Prince Achmed. You're not leaving so soon, are you?

Achmed: Yes, I am! I will not stay in this palace and be humiliated any longer!

Sultan: Please, wait! Can’t we talk about this?

Achmed: Absolutely not! So good luck marrying her off!

As Achmed walked towards the main doors, the Sultan notices that the rear end of his pants is missing, revealing his pink undies with red polka dots. The Sultan then becomes frustrated. There’s only one person in mind that would make this prince mad. His own daughter.

Sultan: Ohhh...Jasmine!

Then he went out into the garden, looking for her. But he already sees her sitting at the fountain, picking petals off from a flower. This is Princess Jasmine, the daughter of the Sultan of Agrabah.

Sultan: Jasmine! Jasmine! Jasmine…

Before he could reach her, Rajah, Jasmine’s pet tiger, who is holding a piece of Prince Achmed’s pants in his mouth, blocked him off all the sudden. The Sultan had given Rajah to his daughter since it was a cub, in order to keep her company since she has been lonely all the time in the palace. But since then, Rajah has acted more of a bodyguard for Jasmine and was better at it than the palace guards. Rajah growls at him as he held the cloth in his teeth.

Sultan: Ohh, Confound it, Rajah!

The Sultan tries to pull the cloth from Rajah’s mouth, only to yank a piece of it off. Upon examining the cloth, the Sultan finally put the pieces together.

Sultan: So, this is why Prince Achmed stormed out!

Jasmine: Oh, father. Rajah was just playing with him. Weren't you, Rajah?

Smiling, Rajah comes over and allows Jasmine to pet and hug him.

Jasmine: You were just playing with that overdressed, self-absorbed Prince Achmed, weren't you?

She cuddles with Rajah, enjoying the moment as they chuckle, until she looks up at her angry father. Jasmine clears her throat, quickly changing the subject.

Sultan: Dearest, you've got to stop rejecting every suitor that comes to call.

Ignoring him, Jasmine gets up and walks over to the dove cage. And her father follows, stating his point.

Sultan: The law says…

Jasmine: I know. I know. The law says I must be married to a prince…

Sultan: …By your next birthday.

Jasmine: The law is wrong.

Sultan: But you only got three more days left!

Jasmine: Father, I know that the law demands it, but I hate being forced into this.

She takes out a little white dove from the cage and pets it. Then a soft smile appears on her lips.

Jasmine: If I do marry, I want it to be for love.

Sultan: Jasmine, it's not only this law business. *She hands him the dove, and he puts it back in the cage* The truth is…I'm not going to be around forever, and I just want to make sure you're taken care of. Provided for.

Jasmine: Try to understand. I've never done a thing on my own. *She swirls her finger in the water of the pond, petting the fish* I've never had any real friends. *Rajah looks up at her and growls* Except you, Rajah. *Satisfied, he goes back to sleep* I've never even been outside the palace walls.

Sultan: But Jasmine, you're a princess.

Jasmine: Then maybe I don't want to be a princess anymore!

Sultan: Oooohhh! I-I-Allah forbid you should have any daughters!

Then Rajah looks up and thinks for a second, wondering what the Sultan meant. Jasmine just sits there, pouting about what her father wanted her to do. All her life, she was told what to do and what not to do. She always wanted the right to choose for herself, but her father wouldn’t let her. She ponders this, until she gets a splendid idea. She goes over to the dove cage and yanks open the door. The birds flew out and off into freedom. And Jasmine watches them go…wishing to fly free as well.

Then we go into the Sultan’s chambers, where the Sultan just walked in. He slowly walks over to a large replica of the entire city of Agrabah. He fiddles around with it, with a sadden mind.

Sultan: I don't know where she gets it from. Her mother wasn't nearly so picky.

Then two shadows fall over him. He looks up startled but relaxes when he sees that it was only Jafar, carrying his staff with a cobra head with Iago perched on his shoulder. With him was Sir Crocodile to his right.

Ooh, oh. Ah, Jafar and Sir Crocodile--my most trusted advisors. I am in desperate need of your wisdom, Jafar.

Jafar: *bows* My life is but to serve you, my lord.

Crocodile: *bows* As is mine. So, what seems to be ailing you today, sire.

Sultan: It's this suitor business. Jasmine refuses to choose a husband. I'm at my wit's-end.

Iago: *In the parrot voice* Awk! Wit's-end.

Apparently, the Sultan doesn’t know that Iago can speak in English, and Iago prefers to keep it that way. The Sultan chuckled at Iago’s response as he pulls a cracker out from his pocket. Iago then begins to look terrified.

Sultan: Oh, ha ha. Have a cracker, pretty polly!

Then the Sultan stuffs the whole thing in Iago's mouth. Iago grimaces as he tries to eat it. Jafar, the Sultan, and Crocodile began to laugh at Iago’s misfortune.

Crocodile: *laughs* Your majesty certainly has a way with dumb animals.

Iago, hearing Crocodile’s comment, glares at him with his mouth still full.

Jafar: Now then, perhaps I can divine a solution to this thorny problem.

Sultan: If anyone can help, it's you.

Crocodile: And it just so happens we know of a ritual that may help, but it would require the use of a mystic blue diamond. Much like that one.

Crocodile points towards the Sultan’s hand with a blue diamond ring on it, but the Sultan pulls his hand back.

Sultan: Uh, my ring? But it's been in the family for years.

Jafar: It is necessary to find the princess a suitor.

He looks at Crocodile, and Crocodile nods at him, with an evil smile. Knowing what to do, he turns his cobra-headed staff towards the Sultan. The eyes of the staff begin to glow blood red. The room darkens, Jafar’s voice slows down and deepens. Apparently, Jafar crafted this staff using dark magic he acquired from Morganna, so he can use it on the Sultan, in case he doesn’t “cooperate”. The Sultan's eyes get a hypnotized look as Jafar uses its power.

Jafar: Don't worry. Everything will be fine

Sultan: *hypnotized* Everything...will be...fine.

Jafar: The diamond?

Sultan: *hypnotized* Here, Jafar. Whatever you need will be fine.

He removes his ring and hands it to Jafar. Jafar takes it with a smile and pulls back the staff, causing the room to turn back to normal.

Jafar: You are most gracious, my liege. Now run along and play with your little toys.

Sultan: *Still hypnotized* Yes...that'll be...pretty good.

After Jafar and Crocodile left the room, they groaned in annoyance.

Crocodile: What a fool. Playing with underaged toys for brats. *to Jafar* I still don’t get why you couldn’t use your staff on him to rule this kingdom. If it were me, I’d be making them do whatever I want.

Jafar: I would if I wanted to. But this kingdom would still be his. What would be the point of ruling if it meant having to use him like a mere puppet?

Crocodile: Hmm…good point.

Then Iago finally spits out the cracker from his mouth.

Iago: I can't take it anymore! If I gotta choke down on one more of those moldy, disgusting crackers...BAM! WHACK!

Jafar then pulls on a rope, and a wall opens in front of them, revealing a hidden entrance to his chambers within the palace. Jafar and Crocodile enter the passageway and walk upstairs.

Jafar: Calm yourself, Iago.

Iago: And then I'd grab him around the head. WHACK! WHACK!

Jafar: Soon, I will be sultan, not that addlepated twit.

Crocodile: Once we finally have the lamp in our possession, that is.

Iago: And then I stuff the crackers down his throat! Ha ha!

They pass through a door to the chamber and slam it shut. Later that same day in the city, the Straw Hats were adjusting to a life of a street rat, thanks to Aladdin showing them how to survive. They only take what they need for the day and nothing more. On one of the rooftops, the crew look over some of their recent loot for lunch. So far, they managed to get three loaves of bread, a basket of fruit and a bag of nuts.

Nami: That’s all we got?

Franky: Not exactly a five-star buffet.

Aladdin: You kidding? This is more than what me and Abu scrape up in a day.

Usopp: Well it’s better than going hungry. We’ll have to do better for dinner.

Sanji: Let divvy up the loot *to Luffy* and no double dips Luffy!

As the group divides the food for lunch, Usopp looks down to the street and notices an angry Prince Achmed riding past crowds.

Usopp: Hey, isn’t that that Achmed jerk from yesterday?

Chopper: Yeah, it is!

Luffy: Why that lousy—I’m gonna!

Sanji: Hold it Luffy! I got this.

Sanji motions Aladdin to follow him as the others watched from the rooftops. Achmed was about ten steps form the main gate and Sanji and Aladdin dropped down and blocked his path. Achmed was less than please to see them again.

Aladdin: Well, if it isn’t the great Prince Achmed. Leaving so soon?

Achmed: I have nothing to say to you filth.

Sanji: I guess the princess dumped ya, huh?

Achmed: My personal affairs are no concern of yours, street rats!

Sanji looks over and notices the seat of Achmed’s pants was missing.

Sanji: Seems like she took a piece put of ya. What happened; did the door hit you on the way out?

Achmed: How dare you, you dirty peasants! You’re a wretched disgrace!

Usopp: A vicious creep, ain’t he?

Nami: That guy can’t talk to Sanji like that.

Luffy: Yeah, only we can.

Nami said nothing but bops Luffy in the head.

Aladdin: And what gives you the right to judge others?

Achmed: I am a PRINCE! It IS my right to judge others! Especially lowly vermin like you!

Aladdin: Why you—

Sanji stops Aladdin with his arm and walks up to Achmed with a annoyed grin.

Sanji: You know something. You may be rich, you may be a prince, but you’re still a big jerk!

Achmed: WHAT?! You think you’re better than me?!

Sanji: Dude, I know we’re better than you. *notices Usopp on a nearby rooftop, readying his slingshot* and sooner or later somebody’s gonna knock you off your high horse.

Usopp fires off a lead star, striking Achmed’s horse in the flank. The impact causes it rear up in a fright, surprising Prince Achmed. He desperately tries to control of his horse. Usopp fires another shot, this time hitting Achmed in the head, stunning him as he falls off his horse. As he falls off his saddle and onto the ground, his left leg gets caught in the reins. Seeing an opportunity, Sanji smacks the horse on the flank, causing it to run at full gallop and dragging Achmed across the ground as he screams. The horse kept on galloping past the gate and out the city until it and Achmed were out of sight.

Sanji: Good riddance to tacky rubbish.

Aladdin: Couldn’t have happened to a nicer prince.

Sometime later, night finally settled in Agrabah. The garden was as silent as the night, not a creature disturbing it. However, we know see a cloaked figure, walking through the garden. The figure looks around, making sure no one’s watching. As we got closer, we finally see it was Princess Jasmine, disguising herself as a peasant. She decided to run away from the palace, and go on with her one life, where she is free to choose what she wants to do. She approaches one of the walls and looks around for anyway to scale it. Then she sees a tree, tall enough for her to climb over. She went over and starts climbing, but then she felt a tug from behind. She looks back down and sees Rajah, with a sad face as he bites onto her cloak.

Jasmine: Oh, I'm sorry, Rajah. But I can't stay here and have my life lived for me. I'll miss you.

She climbs back down, and hugs her best friend, one last time. Then she starts climbing again. But this time, she was helped up by Rajah. By the time she got on top of the wall, she looks back at the tiger.

Jasmine: Goodbye.

She disappears over the wall and Rajah then begins to whine and whimper, hoping that she may return.


Jul 28, 2004
in my mind
Chapter 3: A Princess among Pirates. Fortunes, Fate and Shocking Revelations.

It was another day in Agrabah, and the marketplace was packed with tons of people. Each seller sold an assortment of stuff, like pottery and jewelry. They even sell food like fruits and meat. For our crew, since the street is so packed, they had to stick to the rooftops, so they won’t get in people’s way. they have managed to gather a bunch of food for breakfast, but only this time, they actually paid for it.

Luffy: Hahaha! Look at all this food!

Franky: Now this is a haul.

Zoro: At least now we won’t go hungry till lunch.

Brook: And all thanks to Robin’s sudden windfall.

Nami: Say Robin, how did you get this money from anyway?

Robin: Well…I went and got a donation.

Now Robin was in a state of modesty to tell how she got the money. What really happened was that Robin wandered into the local thieves quarter earlier that morning, encounters several “well-funded” locals and…conducted a ‘charity drive’. And by charity drive we mean she went around using her Hana-Hana Fruit powers to KO a bunch of thieves and steal what money that had on them.

Usopp: A donation? That’s the story you’re sticking with?

Robin: Yep.

Nami: At this point, I’ll buy it.

Chopper: Hey, where’s Aladdin?

Zoro: Over there getting his breakfast.

Everyone then looked to see Aladdin and Abu up to their capers again. This time, they are on top of the awning of a fruit stand.

Aladdin: Okay, Abu. Go!

Abu smiles dips over the edge and looks at the proprietor, who is trying to sell melons.

Proprietor: *To passing crowd* Try this, your taste buds will dance and sing.

Abu grabs a melon and hangs there, getting his attention.

Proprietor: Hey, get your paws off that!

But Abu only made faces at him, making him mad.

The proprietor tries to take it out from Abu’s hands. But while he was distracted, Aladdin dips down from the other end and snatches another melon from the stand.

Proprietor: Why you! Get away from here, you cursed, filthy ape!

The proprietor finally takes the melon from Abu, where he places it on top of a stack. But then he looks confused, like he has just done this, because he notices another melon is missing. He looks back at Abu, and the monkey smiles at him. Then he zings back up and rejoins Aladdin.

Aladdin: Nice goin' Abu. Breakfast is served.

Then they break open the melon and eat. The Straw Hats were astounded by the planning of Aladdin and Abu.

Usopp: Wow, that was pretty clever.

Robin: One performs the distract while the other takes the prize. A very genius tactic.

Just nearby, Princess Jasmine, still disguised as a peasant, was just now walking through the marketplace. Just as she walks by each stand, many shopkeepers are already trying to offer their wares to her.

Shopkeeper 1: Pretty lady, buy a pot. No finer pot in brass or silver.

Shopkeeper 2: Sugar dates, sugar dates and figs! Sugar dates and pistachios!

Shopkeeper 3: Would the lady like a necklace. A pretty necklace for a pretty lady.

She is indeed charmed by the actions of the shopkeepers being so kind. But then she is startled by a fish thrust into her face by the fourth shopkeeper.

Shopkeeper 4: Fresh fish! We catch 'em, you buy 'em!

Jasmine: I don't think so.

She begins to back away, but then she accidentally bumps into a fire-eater. As for the fire-eater, he was startled into swallowing his fire.

Jasmine: Oh, excuse me.

The fire-eater gulps, and then belches fire from his mouth. Jasmine backs away from the fire, startled, and loses her hood, exposing her identity. Aladdin gets a pleased look on his face and taps his stomach after eating the melon. Then he looks over and sees Jasmine, without her hood on her face. And then, a strange look comes over his face.

Jasmine: I'm really very sorry.

He has never seen such a beautiful woman before in his entire life. Something about her beauty and her eyes began to fill his heart with pure love and passion. Jasmine pulls a hood back over her head and resumes walking. Abu sees Aladdin’s odd look and jumps on his shoulders. He tries to get his attention by waving his hands in front of his face, but Aladdin still has that dreamy look on him.

Jasmine wanders past a nearby shop, when suddenly she felt as if something was calling her inside. Following her curiosity, she went into the shop. Inside she saw the most bizarre things she could imagine. Shelfs were filled to the brim with old books, vials and jars filled with who-knows-what. A large circular table sits in the center of the room. Bits of junk and other assorted bric-a-brac laid scattered all over room, Jasmine had never seen such a dirty place. As she goes to inspect one of the objects, a voice booms from behind the curtains to another room, startling the princess.

Cloaked Man: Who’s in here?

Jasmine: Ohh! Well-i-i-I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to-

Cloaked Man: Can’t ya read the sign?

Jasmine: What sign?

Cloaked Man: The sign over there, ya silly!

An arm jolt out from the curtain, pointing towards a bell rope near the entrance with a sign that says; “please ring for service”, before slinking back behind the curtains. Jasmine was surprised she didn’t notice it before. So, she walked over to the bell rope and rang it twice, just then a man, drabbed in a large shabby cloak emerges from behind the curtain as if he was on a stage show.

Cloaked Man: Now that’s more like it. Welcome to my somewhat humble shop. Don’t mind the mess, it adds a little atmosphere. So, what brings a young lady like you into a place like this?

Jasmine was silent with surprise, she had never anyone like him outside the palace before. The cloak was so big that Jasmine could barely see under the hood, which was draped over his whole head. Only the lower part of his face up to his nose was visible. The Cloaked Man immediately notices Jasmine’s lack of a response.

Cloaked Man: Well, are you gonna say something or do I have to monologue for the both of us?

Jasmine: Oh, I’m very sorry. Its just that this is my first time in a…place like this.

Cloaked Man: The first time is always the most rememberable one. So, what would be your poison?

Jasmine: My what?!

Cloaked Man: I mean what do you want to buy? NO WAIT! Don’t tell me! Let me guess! Hmm…you want a beauty potion?

The Cloaked man goes up to Jasmine and examines her face upclose.

Cloaked Man: Nah! Why improve natural looks? Perhaps a trinket, maybe.

Waddles over to a chest, opens it up and starts flinging trinkets from the chest as he looks one Jasmine might like.

Cloaked Man: Nope. No. Nada. Nyet! That’s last year’s model. Not this one. Too gaudy. Too tacky. Toulouse-Lautrec. *hold up a trinket* So that’s where I left it. *throws it away, pauses for a bit* Nya! All junk!

The Cloaked Man shuts the chest and starts to pace the room, muttering to himself on something while Jasmine looks on with a concerned look.

Jasmine: Umm…sir.

Cloaked Man: Ohh! I know! Would you like to have your fortune told? Free of charge.

Jasmine: Well…I suppose…

Cloaked Man: Good enough.

The Cloaked Man takes Jasmine by the arm and bring her to the table. He clears way some the stuff and puts up a crystal ball in the center.

Cloaked Man: Now then, let’s see what the ball can show us. Hey, I think I see something.

Jasmine: What?

Cloaked Man: My reflection. HAHAHAHA! Get it? Because the ball has a reflective surface and I saw my…

The Cloaked Man stops as Jasmine gives him a somewhat annoyed look.

Cloaked Man: Okay! Forget the ball *throws the ball away* do you want your palm read?

Jasmine: Sure.

Cloaked Man: Hold out your hand.

Jasmine holds out her hand for him, he takes it and pulls out a paintbrush and a can of red. Just as the Cloaked man dips the brush into the red, Jasmine pulls her hand back.

Jasmine: What are you doing?!

Cloaked Man: Well you said you wanted your hand “red”. Get it? Red as in the color? Read? Red?

At this point, Jasmine was not amused.

Cloaked Man: Okay! Okay! No more jokes. Hmm…okay, how about this.

The Cloaked Man grabs the table and flings it away to the side, revealing a large cauldron in its place. Without saying a word, the Cloaked Man started rummaging through the shelves, gathering up bottles and jars and bringing them to the cauldron. Once gathered, he began to a pinch of this and a dash of that into the cauldron, tossing a bunch of things in whilst muttering some form of gibberish to himself.

Jasmine: Oh, is this some kind of concoction that can make one see into the future, or a potion that can change someone’s fate?

Cloaked Man: Whudda ya nuts or something?! If you want something about fate, go see a soothsayer. This is my breakfast.

The Cloaked Man pulls out a ladle and dips into the cauldron, pulling up some of the ‘soup’ with some potatoes and other veggies.

Cloaked Man: What some?

Jasmine: Uhh…no thanks.

Cloaked Man: Why so depressed? I’ve been giving you my best material and all I get is a frown.

Jasmine: I’m sorry, I’m just not in the mood.

Cloaked Man: Well, who isn’t these days? *goes over to shelf* So…what form of calamity has brought upon your mood today?

Jasmine: Well…you see…

Cloaked Man: Wait! Don’t tell me…you’re being forced to marry someone you don’t like but have to because the law says so right?

Jasmine: Exactly! Every suitor I’ve met only care about themselves. They only talk about themselves and how rich they are, how many servants they have or how fancy their palaces are…Hmph, sometimes they can be so…so…

Cloaked Man: Presumptuous?

Jasmine: Yeah…

Cloaked Man: So basically, the men wanting your hand are either narcissistic peacocks or pompous jerks. Their either one or the other…and sometimes both.

Jasmine: True…

Cloaked Man: *examining some bottles on the shelf* So, rather than accepting your lot in life, and the eventual headache you’ll get for the next twenty years, you decided to run away from your responsibilities in the hopes of finding something out there that is better than what you had now…. just try and tell me I’m wrong.

Jasmine tried to answer him but couldn’t…because he was right.

Cloaked Man: Honestly, I can’t say I blame you. Not being able to decide your own future but instead have others to do for you, I can’t think of anything worse. But…if you really want to know about the future. You came to the right place.

The Cloaked Man throws the spice into the cauldron, causing a pillar of smoke to explode before Jasmine, startling her. As the smoke clears, the soup is now a bright emerald with a surface as clear as a mirror. He gazes into the cauldron, hoping to find the answers for Jasmine. As he gazes further he sees strange figures forming on the surface, and they weren't good.

Cloaked Man: Hmm…as I thought.

Jasmine: What do you see?

Cloaked Man: It seems you have much bigger problems than forced marriage. I see a great shadow covering all of Agrabah, with despair and chaos in its wake.

Jasmine: What?! What could be casting this shadow?

Cloaked Man: A great darkness is preventing me from seeing clearly…I can only make out the shape of two dark figures with an even darker purpose.

Jasmine: What is their purpose?

Cloaked Man: I cannot say for certain, but what I do see that they seek an item that will give them immense power.

Jasmine: Power enough to rule Agrabah?

Cloaked Man: It may seem so at first, but it would appear that is only part of the problem.

Jasmine: Part of? What do you mean?

Cloaked Man: I see a much greater shadow looming over the figures as if it was commanding them, should this shadow obtain the item that they seek, would only spell disaster for Agrabah, but for the universe as well.

Jasmine: How can this be stopped? What must I do to prevent this from happening?

Cloaked Man: I’m afraid there is nothing that you can do to prevent this, what I see will come to past.

Jasmine: Then…there is no hope.

Cloaked Man: How hold on. I never said that the kingdom can’t be saved, only for that role to save it belongs to another.

Jasmine: To whom?

The Cloaked Man grabs some spice and sprinkles it into the cauldron and stirs it in. a new image appears.

Cloaked Man: I see a young man living on the streets of Agrabah, accompanied by a group of foreigners. To the common eye they look like a band of pirates and thieves, but their true value lies far beneath their appearance. One might say…they were like diamonds in the rough.

Jasmine: And how can these people save all of Agrabah?

Cloaked Man: I cannot see beyond anything further…but I can see them becoming then unwitting pawns of the dark figures. But it will be these heroes who will expose the villains to all and will confront them in a battle for the fate of Agrabah and the world. There is nothing else I can do for you except to give you my blessing for luck.

Jasmine: Thank you, sir. I will remember what you said.

Cloaked Man: You shouldn’t be too concerned about your marriage problem, Princess Jasmine. I’m certain to will find your true love, much sooner than you may think.

Jasmine: Wait! How did you—

Just as she turned around, the she finds the room completely empty, no selves, no junk on the floor, no cauldron and no cloaked man. Jasmine wondered if she imagined to whole thing or perhaps it was something else. Jasmine left the ‘shop’ and notices a young boy trying to get an apple from a nearby cart but couldn’t because he was too short.

Jasmine: Oh, you must be hungry.

She picks one up from the apple stand and gives it to him.

Jasmine: Here you go.

The boy smiles and runs off. Jasmine was about to walk off until the fruit stand’s proprietor stops her.

Proprietor: You'd better be able to pay for that.

Jasmine looks back at him with a mystified look.

Jasmine: Pay?

Proprietor: No one steals from my cart!

Jasmine: Oh, I'm sorry sir. I don't have any money.

Proprietor: THIEF! *yanks her over to his cart*

Jasmine: Please, if you let me go to the palace, I can get some from the Sultan.

Jasmine tries to free herself. Aladdin suddenly breaks off his dreamy state when he saw that she’s in trouble. Even the Straw Hats notices the problem.

Proprietor: Do you what the penalty is for stealing?!

He takes her hand, pins it down on the table and pulls out a sword, intending to chop it off.

Jasmine: No, no please!

The sword drops, but his hand is stopped by Aladdin’s, who appeared just in time.

Aladdin: Thank you, kind sir. I'm so glad you've found her.

Usopp: Yes, thank you very much, sir. We’re happy that you found her for us.

Sanji: We've been looking all over for you.

Jasmine: *whispering* What are you doing?

Aladdin: *whispering back* Just play along.

Usopp: *whispers* We’re getting you out of this mess.

Then he, along with Usopp and Sanji, tried to escort her away. But the proprietor stops them for the moment.

Proprietor: You three, uh, know this girl?

Aladdin: Sadly, yes. She is my sister. She's a little crazy.

Aladdin circles his finger around his ear, proving his point. Jasmine was shocked, and frowns at him. But the proprietor grabs him by the vest and pulls him close to his face.

Proprietor: She said she knows the Sultan!

Usopp: No, no, no, sir. You got it all wrong. She thinks the monkey is the Sultan.

Usopp points to Abu, was about to pick a pocket when he hears this. And he immediately straightens up. Jasmine begins to understand what they were trying to do, and she starts playing along as well.

Jasmine: Oh, wise Sultan. How may I serve you?

Jasmine kneels and bows to Abu, playing along. Then Abu starts impersonating a Sultan. The others then started playing along as well.

Robin: It’s so tragic, isn’t it?

Nami: A real crying shame.

Then Aladdin picks up another apple from the cart with his foot and puts it in his pocket without the proprietor noticing.

Aladdin: But, no harm done.

Then he walks over to Jasmine and they start walking her away.

Aladdin: Now come along sis. Time to see the doctor.

Jasmine: *to nearby camel, still playing along* Oh, hello doctor. How are you?

Aladdin: No, no, no. Not that one. *To Abu, whose pockets are bulging* Come on, Sultan.

Abu bows to the crowd and everything he's stolen from the cart falls out. The proprietor notices.

Proprietor: Huh? What is it?

Usopp: And that’s our cue to go! Bye!

Then our heroes ran off. Abu picks up what he can carry, and he ran off with them.

Proprietor: Come back here, you little thieves!

Meanwhile, in Jafar's hidden chamber, Jafar, along with Crocodile were busy trying to find the “diamonds in the rough” that can enter the Cave of Wonders. To do so, they are using Jafar’s odd and bizarre contraption he made himself so they can find them. On top of the bizarre device is a glass orb with a miniature storm brewing inside which seems to power the contraption. But the storm itself is being generated by a set of gears on the side of the device. Running on the gears was Iago holding onto a handle, so he can power them by running on it like a treadmill to get it started. But Iago was already extremely exhausted from running and is now huffing and puffing.

Iago: With all due respect, your rottenness, couldn't we just wait for a real storm?

Jafar: Save your breath, Iago. Faster!

Jafar places the Sultan's ring into small placeholder above an hourglass.

Iago: Yes, o mighty evil one!

Crocodile: This device of yours better work, Jafar. I hate to be the one to tell Morganna that we couldn’t get the lamp.

Jafar: It WILL work, Crocodile. You just wait and see.

Iago began to run faster and faster until a blue lightning bolt shot out of the sphere and into the ring and streaks through it and passing into the hourglass below. Then the sand in the hourglass begins to swirl.

Jafar: Part sands of time-- reveal to us the ones who can enter the cave.

The sand in the top part of the hourglass forms the Cave of Wonders. Then it falls through down to the bottom part into a miniature sandstorm, forming an image of Aladdin, along with the Straw Hats, although the latter has not entered the image yet.

Jafar: Yes, yes! There they are. Our diamonds in the rough!

Crocodile goes over to look into the hourglass and as he did, his eyes widened the minute Luffy enters the image.

Crocodile: Wait a minute! Straw Hat?! What’s he doing here?!

Jafar: What where?!

Crocodile: Right there!!! Look!

Crocodile points Jafar to Luffy in the hourglass and he too became shocked as the other Straw Hats soon appeared as well.

Jafar: It can’t be! The Straw Hats are here in Agrabah!

Iago: That's them?!?! That’s the brats who defeated Malefi—AHHH!!

Iago, in a sense of shock, loses his footing and is pulled right into the gears.

Crocodile: This is problem. If they’re here, then it won’t be long until they find out about our operation and put us out of business.

Jafar: Seems you have some history with them.

Crocodile: You have no idea; they ruin my plans once before, but I’m not planning to make it an even two.

Jafar: Wait! This can work to our advantage.

Crocodile: What do you mean?

Jafar: If they are indeed the diamonds in the rough that we seek, will let them go into the cave to retrieve the lamp for us…and when they exit the cave…

Jafar makes a slow slashing motion across his neck with his thumb, emphasizing what they’ll do. Crocodile pondered a bit, but then nods in agreement.

Crocodile: It could work…but we best be careful. Cause even a dog can bite the hardest when cornered.

Jafar: True…after what became of Maleficent and Eneru, we must take no chances.

Crocodile: Good. I’ll set up the call to inform Morganna.

Jafar: And let's have the guards extend them an invitation to the palace, shall we?

Crocodile: An excellent idea.

Then Iago comes shooting out from the gears, flew past them, and slams into the wall upside down.

Crocodile: *to Iago* What say you, bird?

Iago: Swell…

Iago groaned in pain, before falling off the wall. Then Jafar and Crocodile laughed wickedly together for what they had in store for our heroes.

Sometime later, he sun finally starts setting in Agrabah. And our heroes were on their way to Aladdin’s adobe. Right now, they were waiting for Aladdin and the girl, unaware that she is Princess Jasmine, climb up the ladder.

Aladdin: Almost there.

Then Aladdin and Jasmine finally appeared, and Aladdin helps her up. Jasmine climbs over the top, but trips and falls into Aladdin's arms. She looks up at him, and their eyes met for the first time. They stare at each other for the moment until they break away.

Jasmine: I want to thank you guys for stopping that man.

Franky: You’re welcome miss.

Sanji: Well, it’s not like we were gonna let that guy chop your hand off.

Aladdin: So, uh, this is your first time in the marketplace, huh?

Then Aladdin pole vaults to the next building, leaving Jasmine behind. The others leaped over to the other building after Aladdin and Abu.

Jasmine: Is it that obvious?

Aladdin: Well, you do kinda stand out.

He stares at her, still in love. She returns the look. But he realizes what he is doing and returns to normal.

Aladdin: I mean, uh, you don't seem to know how dangerous Agrabah can be.

Zoro: Yeah and we’ve been here for a few days.

Aladdin lays a plank between the buildings for Jasmine to walk over. But as he is leaned down, she vaults over his head. He, along with our heroes, looks back in surprise. And most of the crew’s eyes were bulged in surprise, including Aladdin and Abu.

Sanji: How did…?

Jasmine: I'm a fast learner. *She tosses the pole to Aladdin*

Luffy/Usopp/Chopper: WHHOOOAAAA….

Zoro: Some fast learner.

Aladdin: Right. C'mon, this way.

They go inside the roof of a building, dodging planks and beams as they go.

Aladdin: Whoa. Watch your head there. Be careful.

Jasmine: Is this where you live?

Aladdin: Yep. Just me and Abu. Come and go as we please.

Robin: Its more of a temporary adobe for us.

Jasmine: it sounds fabulous.

Aladdin: Well, it's not much…*he pulls back the curtain and exposes the palace* …But it's got a great view. Palace looks pretty amazing, huh?

When Jasmine looks, her smile drops, and she saddens. Looking at her own home reminds herself of her father and the life she left behind.

Jasmine: *sadly* Oh, it's wonderful…

Aladdin: I wonder what it would be like to live there, to have servants and valets...

Jasmine: Oh, sure. People who tell you where to go and how to dress.

Aladdin: It's better than here. Always scraping for food and ducking the guards.

Nami: Called names, always on the run.

Jasmine: You're not free to make your own choices.

Aladdin: Sometimes you feel so—

Jasmine: You're just—

Aladdin/Jasmine: –trapped.

Then they looked at each other in surprise. And then they realized that they're perfect for one another. Even the teams began to smile at this. Aladdin and Jasmine just looked at each other lovingly. But Aladdin then realizes where he is again and breaks the look. He takes the apple out of Abu's hand which Abu is about to bite into, and rolls it down his arm, and into Jasmine’s hand.

Aladdin: So, where're you from?

Jasmine: What does it matter? I ran away, and I am not going back.

Aladdin: Really?

Luffy: How come?

Jasmine: My father's forcing me to get married.

Aladdin: That's--that's awful. *sees Abu trying to steal Jasmine’s apple* Abu!

Jasmine: What?

Aladdin: Abu says that--uh--that's not fair.

Abu: Huh?

Jasmine: Oh, did he?

Aladdin: Yeah, of course.

Chopper: That’s funny, because I thought he said she was a b—

Nami claps Choppers mouth shut to keep him from finishing that sentence.

Jasmine: And does Abu have anything else to say?

Aladdin: Well, uh, he wishes there was something he could do to help.

Jasmine: Hmm, tell him that's very sweet.

Aladdin and Jasmine move closer and closer, until Aladdin leans in to kiss her. He is interrupted, however, by the guards, who have found them.

Captain: There you are!

Brook: Uh oh!

Usopp: YIPE!

Aladdin/Jasmine: They’re after me!

Then surprised, they looked at each other.

Aladdin/Jasmine: They’re after you!

Nami: How did they find us?!

Jasmine: Oh no! My father must have sent them—

Aladdin: Do you trust me?

Jasmine: What?

Aladdin: Do you trust me? *He extends his hand*

Jasmine: Yes. *She takes it*

Aladdin: Then jump!

And then they all jump off the roof, fall and land in a pile of salt. They get up and tried to get away, but the exit is blocked by the same captain from two days ago. He grabs Aladdin and brings him to his face.

Captain: We just keep running into each other, don't we, street rat?

Then once again, his turban is pulled down by Abu. Aladdin and Jasmine ran, but the other exit is blocked off by more guards. Aladdin and Jasmine ran back towards the captain’s directions. The captain pulls Abu off his head and throws him in a vase. Aladdin and Jasmine tried to run pass him, but the captain grabs Aladdin from behind and throws him to the other guards, and they restrain him. The Straw Hats tried to run off, but it was too late, the guards threw a net at them, and they got tangled up in it.

Captain: It’s the dungeon for you lot!

Jasmine: Let them go!

But the captain only laughs, not even realizing she is the princess.

Captain: Look what we have here, men--a street mouse.

The captain laughed as he throws her down. All the guards then laughed as well. Then Jasmine had enough of this and stands up and faces him.

Jasmine: Unhand them…*takes off her hood*…by order of the princess.

The guards suddenly stopped laughing when they realize who she really was. And then they bowed to her.

Captain: *bowing* Princess Jasmine.

Aladdin: The princess?

Abu: *peeking out from the vase* The princess?

The Straw Hats: THE PRINCESS?!?!?!

Captain: What are you doing outside the palace? And with this street rat and these foreigners?

Jasmine: That's not your concern. Do as I command. Release them!

Captain: Well, I would, princess, but my orders come from Jafar and Sir Crocodile. You'll have to take it up with them.

Jasmine: *crossing her arms, with a furious look* Believe me, I WILL.
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Sep 25, 2010
My favorite part in this chapter is with the Cloaked Man giving advice to Jasmine. The jokes were a riot and delightful. I also like how Jafar and Crocodile are in cahoots to get one over the Straw Hats and the Sultan. They work really well together as villains. And it's nice to see Jasmine try to use her role as the princess to get everybody free. Well, they'll get away, cause they're the good guys. Eventually. And Robin getting 'charity' money was awesome. Definitely a good pair of chapters overall. Can't wait to read more. :D


Jul 28, 2004
in my mind
Chapter 4: The Council Gathers! The Plan Goes into Motion!

Sometime later, we find ourselves back at Morganna’s castle. Within the council chamber, we find Medusa, Orochimaru, Rattigan and Pitch Black in their respective thrones, all called by Morganna for an emergency meeting. With Morganna not present yet, the four were quite bored and had nothing worth interesting to talk about. That is…until Medusa breaks the silence.

Medusa: So…any chance what this meeting is about?

Rattigan: Hard to say, you know how Her Radiance is with details. Always keeping us guessing.

Pitch: Well, I for one enjoy surprises…especially scary ones.

Orochimaru: Of course, you would…

Suddenly, the doors leading out of the chamber open and two figures emerge into the chamber catching the other four off-guard.

Orochimaru: And speaking of surprises…

The first figure was a mild-featured man with brown swept back hair, with a strand hanging down his face. His uniform consists of a white jacket, black sash, white hakama, black tabi and white zōri and a pink sash around the waist. This is Aizen Sōsuke, former Shinigami turned rogue.

The other figure was an adult lion with brown fur and a thin, silky, coal black mane. The fur on his belly, the bottoms of his paws, and around his mouth is light tan and is quite lanky and frail. There are short tufts of black fur on the back of his elbows, as well as on the tip of his tail, and he has sharp, dark brown claws. The only notable feature on his face was a scar he has over his left eye. His eyes are striking yellow green and his sclera is yellow, while his eyebrows are the same color as his mane, black. He has a widow's peak and his large, round ears are partially visible through his mane. He has ten dark whiskers, five on either side of his upper lip. He also features a goatee on his chin. This is Scar.

The two casually walked into the chamber and went to their respective thrones. Aizen went and sat on the ‘Ram’ throne, while Scar sat upon the ‘Monkey’ throne.

Orochimaru: Well look finally decided to show up.

Pitch: Neither of you showed up for the other meetings when summoned. Very naughty of you.

Aizen: Well I can’t speak for Scar, but I was busy with a few side projects, so I wasn’t able to attend.

Medusa: As if we’d care about your projects. *to Scar* And what’s your excuse.

Scar opened his mouth and only a bunch of growls and roars came out. The room went silent from the awkwardness.

Medusa: Ok! What idiot forgot to turn on the universal translator?

Rattigan: Wasn’t me.

Aizen: Hold on, I’ll do it.

Aizen taps his finger into the air, causing a thin holo-panel to appear before him. He presses a few buttons, causing the screen to turn green.

Aizen: There…you were saying, Scar?

Scar: I was saying, that certain obligations prevented me from attended our previous meetings. As you know I am quite busy.

Aizen: Oh of course, busy lamenting about how your brother is still king of the Pridelands and you’re not.

Scar: As if my personal affairs are of any concern of yours, human.

Aizen: Excuse me? Human?

Medusa: *to herself* Here we go again.

Aizen: Need I remind you that I am a Shinigami, a soul reaper, the fact that I look human is merely a coincidence.

Scar: Regardless, you all look the same to me.

Aizen: And yet you lions hardly look like the other at all.

Scar: As if physical appearance matters to you. All that matters is strength, and raw power belongs to those of the animal kingdom.

Aizen: On the contrary Scar, we ‘humans’ are more deserving of power than you ‘animals’.

Scar: And what does that mean?

Aizen: I mean humans are much more advance than animals. We can invent things that can expand our borders, build weapons that can level whole countries, and unlike most creatures…*Hold his thumb at Scar* we have opposable thumbs.

Pitch: *to Scar* Ha! He’s got you there!

Scar: *irritated* I’d suggest you put that thumb away or you might just lose it.

Aizen: What are you gonna do, blow me away with that ‘roar’ of yours? Oh wait, I forgot, you don’t have it anymore! Not after you used it on your own guard.

Scar: SILENCE! I may not have my roar, but I still have claws that rip and teeth that bite.

Aizen: And I have a sword…and a reiatsu powerful enough to reduce you to ash.

Scar: Oh…I am quivering with fear!

Aizen: Then I suggest you show me how you can fight, kitty!

Scar: Gladly!

Scar lunges at him, fangs and claws bared, but Aizen blocks him with sword, still sheathed in its scabbard and swats Scar away. Scar quickly recovers and charges at Aizen.

Aizen: Bakudō #8. Seki!

Aizen generates an orb of light blue energy and shoves it into Scar’s face, sending him flying across the room. Scar shakes off the impact and charges again, this time Aizen unsheathes his sword and counters one of Scar’s claw swipes. The others watched with mixed reactions as the two fought.

Rattigan: Shouldn’t we try and stop them?

Pitch: You kidding? This is a classic entertainment!

Orochimaru: My money’s on Aizen.

Suddenly, a loud boom was heard in the direction of the chamber entrance. Everyone stood completely still as the booms grew louder and louder. Just then, the doors burst wide open, sending a powerful gust of wind, nearly knocking over the other members to the ground. As the wind died down, Medusa looked up to see what caused it, only to turn pale with fright at a large figure at the doorway. He wore a cape around his waist, though with the addition of cargo pants and armored boots. On his upper body, he wears ornate blue armor with gold trim & red pearl-shaped jewel. He also wears a pair of gold colored gauntlets which cover his arm from his elbow to his fingers. The armor covering his fingers have a claw-like appearance. There are also tufts of fur round the certain unarmored sections of his outfit. He wears a spiked crown on his head which is connected to the red jewel on his forehead. He also has a beard and long mane of red hair that stops at his waist. This was the Great Demon King of Evil, Ganondorf Dragmire.

Rattigan, Pitch and Orochimaru stared in shock and surprise while Aizen and Scar froze in fear upon seeing Ganondorf.

Rattigan: I-it can’t be!

Orochimaru: No way!

Pitch: G-G-G-G-G-G-Ganondorf! You’re alive!

Ganondorf: Yes…I am…though it would seem as a disappointment to you all.

Orochimaru: What?! No, of course not! It-it’s just that…when we heard of your defeat, we assumed that-

Ganondorf: You assumed that I had perished for good? Sadly, for you all, news of my death has been…greatly exaggerated.

Rattigan: No-no! It’s not that at all…it’s just that, we didn’t think you’d return to us so soon.

Ganondorf: Regardless, I have returned to fulfill my ‘obligations’ to Her Radiance. I expected at least a proper reception upon my return, but what do I find instead in my absence? Only to discover that one of our own has perished at the hands of mere mortals and now, pointless bickering amongst the council.

He then turns his attention to Aizen and Scar, still frozen with fear as he approached them.

Ganondorf: And of course, the bickering had to be caused by you two. *to Aizen* A disgraced Shinigami *to Scar* and a kitten whose too big for his own mane. You two argue over power as if it was some cheap commodity.

Scar: O-oh, well we wouldn’t say that.

Aizen: We were just having a little sparing match. To see who was strongest; man or beast.

Ganondorf: A sparring match?

Aizen and Scar both nodded their heads, hoping that he would buy it.

Ganondorf: The next time you decide to have another ‘sparring match’, I suggest you take it elsewhere. Unless you two wish to continue here, I’d be more than happy to chime in and show you what real power is like.

Ganondorf raises his left hand and clutches it, revealing a marking of three golden triangles with the top one glowing bright. This causes Aizen and Scar to gulp nervously.

Aizen: Ugh…that won’t be necessary, Ganondorf…we-ugh-we just finished.

Aizen and Scar retreated to their respective thrones and slunk down in them.

Ganondorf: As I thought.

Just then the doors leading to the throne room open and out comes Morganna prompting the other members to return to their seats except for Ganondorf.

Morganna: Ahh…just in time.

Ganondorf: Your Radiance…

Morganna: I can see that rumors surrounding you were unfounded. Have you come to take part in the council?

Ganondorf: As per my obligations…then yes.

Morganna: Then kneel and swear unto me your allegiance!

Ganondorf: *kneels* I, Ganondorf Dragmire, Great Demon King of Evil, hereby swears my loyalty and allegiance to Her Radiance, The Cosmic Witch, Morganna. To serve unto her with all the resources at my disposal and to obey her now and always.

Morganna: Rise, Ganondorf and take your place on the throne of the Boar, at my right side.

Ganondorf rises as instructed and sit upon the ‘Boar’ throne, looking somewhat proud as he did.

Aizen: Well that was simple.

Scar: Remember when Maleficent had to perform the oath to get on the council?

Aizen: Who hasn’t. It was painful to watch her try to perform her oath while trying to act smug.

Ganondorf: Were you two saying something?

Aizen/Scar: Nothing!

Just then, the center of the chamber opens, and a large table emerges from below. Runes begins to form on the table head and two holoimages of Crocodile and Jafar appear, both bow before Morganna.

Jafar/Crocodile: Hail to thee, your Radiance!

Morganna: Jafar. Crocodile. I was beginning to wonder. What is the word on your progress?

Jafar: Your Radiance, we have found the location where the lamp is hidden.

Morganna: Excellent! How soon till you recover it?

Crocodile: Soon, your grace. We are currently devising a plan to obtain the lamp, due to an unforeseeable setback.

Morganna: Setback?

Jafar: What he means is that getting to the lamp will be difficult, we won’t bore with the details, but rest assured we have found some candidates that will retrieve it for us.

Morganna: Glad to hear, and you will dispose of your ‘gophers’ once the lamp is recovered?

Jafar: They won’t even know what hit them.

Morganna: Well done, Jafar. Keep me informed of your progress and report back to me once you obtain the lamp.

Jafar/Crocodile: Yes, Your Radiance.

Back in Jafar’s lair, Crocodile presses a button and the holoimage of Morganna disappears. He looks back at Jafar with an inquisitive look.

Crocodile: You didn’t tell her about the Straw Hats?

Jafar: There was no need to inform her about that until after we gain the lamp. Besides it’ll take pressure off us if she didn’t find out they were here.

Crocodile: Good point.

The two walks out of Jafar’s lair and back towards the secret entrance. They check to see if the coast is clear, then they get out and Jafar slides the door shut slowly, carefully, and quietly. But before he can finish, he was interrupted when Jasmine, no longer wearing her disguise, came storming in.

Jasmine: Jafar! Crocodile!

Jafar: Oh, uh, princess!

Jafar, surprised to see her, quickly slams the door shut, pinning Iago inside the door frame who was about to walk out.

Iago: Awk! Jafar, I'm stuck!

Jafar: How may we be of service to you? *He spreads out his cape, hiding the door*

Jasmine: The guards just took a boy and a group of foreigners from the market! On YOUR orders!

Crocodile: We apologize for the inconvenience, Princess Jasmine. But your father's charged us with keeping the peace in Agrabah. They were merely criminals.

Jasmine: And what was their crime?

Iago: I can't breathe, guys!

Jafar: Why, kidnapping the princess, of course.

Iago: If you could just-- *Jafar kicks him back inside the door and it slams shut* -OWWW! THAT HURT!”.

Jasmine: They didn't kidnap me! I ran away!

Then Jafar and Crocodile began to walk away, pretending to be shocked.

Jafar: Oh, dear! Oh, why frightfully upsetting! Had we but known!

Jasmine: What do you mean?

Jafar: Sadly, their sentences has already been carried out.

Jasmine: What sentence?

Crocodile: Death… *Jasmine gasps* … By beheading.

Jasmine: No! *She collapses to the floor*

Jafar: We are exceedingly sorry, princess.

Then Jasmine faces them with a glare and tears running from her eyes.

Jasmine: How could you?

Crocodile: You must remember we thought you were kidnapped. The act itself was a capital offense and as such punish—

Jasmine strikes Crocodile across the left side of his face. Then she ran off crying as she goes. Then the hidden chamber's door opens, and Iago finally makes it out through the door. He flies up and lands on Jafar's shoulder, coughing.

Iago: *normally* So how did it go?

Jafar: I think she took it rather well.

Crocodile: *rubbing his face* Hmph! She’s definitely a firebrand. Still, I can’t believe she thought we already executed them, well, not yet anyways.

Jafar: And now we shall proceed to phase two of our little plan.

Crocodile: And just how do you plan get all them to the Cave of Wonders? Some of them won’t be easily fooled.

Jafar: You just leave that to me.

Later that night, Jasmine was in the gardens, crying on the fountain. Rajah began to approach her, but with a sad look on his face. It hurt him to see Jasmine this way, and he was always there to comfort her. Rajah gently nudges her and Jasmine turns to him.

It's all my fault, Rajah. I didn't even know that boy’s name.

Then she held Rajah close as she cried on him.


Jul 28, 2004
in my mind
Chapter 5: An Old Man’s Proposal. Enter the Cave of Wonders!

Later on, down in the dark dungeon, rats scurry along the chains and the walls. The worst part is the stench of the horrid smell of decay and filth. Down below, we see Aladdin, along with the Straw Hats, shackled to the wall. Aladdin was struggling with his shackles as Nami and Usopp.

Usopp: Forget it, Aladdin.

Nami: You’ve been at it for a good 15 minutes. Those shackles are not coming off.

Aladdin then deeply sighs. He knows they’re right. Aladdin then sat there, looking down at the ground.

Aladdin: She was the princess. I don't believe it. I must have sounded so stupid to her.

Robin: It wasn’t just you, Aladdin. We ALL didn’t know she was.

And, for the record, I didn’t think you sounded stupid to her.

Aladdin: But I DO! Man, I can just imagine that she’s laughing about me already.

Robin: We hardly doubt that.

Aladdin: How would you know?

Robin: Well for thing one it was obvious she was into you.

Usopp: Plus, she was trying to get the guards to free us.

Aladdin: Well, I guess so…

Abu: *from a distance* Yoo-hoo! Aladdin? Hello!

Abu appears at the window at the top of the dungeon.

Aladdin: Abu! Down here! Hey, c’mon--help me outta these.

Abu stops, then begins chattering wildly, dropping to the ground. He wraps a cloth around his head and makes his eyes big in an imitation of the princess. Then he starts chattering wildly and angrily at him.

Zoro: What did he say?

Chopper: He said that Aladdin wouldn’t be in this mess if he hadn’t tried to help that girl.

Aladdin: Hey, she was in trouble. Ah, she was worth it.

Abu jumps up on Aladdin’s shoulders and pulls a small set of tools out of his pocket and begins working on Aladdin’s shackles.

Aladdin: Don’t worry, Abu. I’ll never see her again.

Zoro: Why’s that?

Aladdin: I’m a street rat, remember, and there’s a law.

Brook: What law is that?

Aladdin: She’s gotta marry a prince. She deserves a prince.

Abu finally frees Aladdin’s hands and starts breaking the Straw Hats from their shackles.

Luffy: Well, that’s dumb!

Usopp: Hey who knows, maybe they’ll change the law and she can be with you.

Aladdin: What’s the point? *Rubbing his wrists* I’m a… I’m a fool.

????: You're only a fool if you give up, boy.

They looked over to a dark corner, and they see an old man sitting there, that neither of them have seen before.

Chopper/Usopp: EEEHHH!!!

Nami: Hey, where did you come from?

Franky: We never saw you here.

Old Man: Oh, I’ve been here. It’s just I have a knack for being unnoticeable.

Aladdin: Hmm, but who are you exactly?

Old Man: A lowly prisoner, like yourselves. But together, perhaps we can be more.

Aladdin: I’m listening.

Usopp: I don’t like this already.

Zoro: What exactly are you getting at here?

Old Man: In the vast desert beyond this city, there is a cave. A Cave of Wonders. Filled with treasures beyond your wildest dreams.

The old man as he wobbles towards them with his walking stick. Then he pulls out a couple of large rubies and shows them on the palm of his hands. Nami and Abu looks at them in awe. Then the old man puts them away as he walks away, looking at Aladdin.

Old Man: Treasure enough to impress even your princess, I'd wager.

Then out from their hearing range, Iago pokes his head out from his clothing. Apparently, the old man was actually Jafar himself in disguise. This is his only way to get to them, but Iago is blowing his cover.

Iago: *sweating profusely* Jafar, can you hurry it up? I’m dyin’ in here.

Jafar whacks him back into his disguise with his stick.

Aladdin: But the law says that only a prince can marry--

But the old man (Jafar) got up close to him.

Old Man: You've heard of the golden rule, haven't you? Whoever has the gold makes the rules.

Then he grins, showing a hideously bad mouth with a gold tooth.

Nami: Ewwww…Yuck!

Aladdin: So why would you share all of this wonderful treasure with us?

Old Man: I need some young people with pairs of legs and strong backs to go in after it.

Aladdin: Ah, one problem: It's out THERE. We're in HERE?

Zoro: So how are we gonna bust out of here without causing a ruckus?

Old Man: *walks towards a wall* Mmm, mmm, mmm. Things aren't always what they seem.

Then using his stick, he pushes a wall brick, and it reveals a hidden exit. Everyone was suddenly surprised by this hidden exit.

Nami: Wait a minute, how’d you know that was there?

Old Man: Let’s just say I’ve been around long enough to know a trick or two in this place.

Usopp: And how long have you been waiting for this moment?

Old Man: Longer than you know. So, do we have a deal?

They all looked at each other, and they all shrugged their shoulders.

Sanji: Like we got a choice?

Sometime afterwards, they have escaped from the palace dungeon and are now in the desert, fighting through the sandstorm with the old man. Moments later the Straw Hats and Aladdin finds themselves standing before the Cave of Wonders. They stand in awe in front of it, while Usopp, Brook, and Chopper shivered in fear behind them.

Cave: Who disturbs my slumber?

Aladdin: It is I, Aladdin.

Luffy: I’m Monkey D. Luffy, pirate.

The cave raises an eyebrow at them. Then it speaks again.

Cave: Proceed. Touch nothing but the lamp.

Then it opens up with a roar, and a staircase appears in front of them.

Old Man: Remember, my friends--first fetch me the lamp, and then you shall have your reward.

Zoro: You ready for this?

Franky: You kidding? I was born ready.

Usopp: Hold up, guys! We don’t even know what’s down there.

Sanji: Getting cold feet already, Usopp?

Usopp: It’s not that! Look, I know we just met this guy, but what if he’s leading us into something. For all we know there could be traps, monsters or who knows what in there.

Luffy: Why not? That’s what makes it fun.

Nami: Once again, Luffy logic.

Robin: Might as well go in, no sense coming all this way just to turn back.

Aladdin: *to ABU hiding under the shoulder of his vest* C'mon, Abu.

Then sticking together, they walked right into the tiger’s mouth and down below. The staircase appears to go all the way down for miles. As it seemed they are heading towards the center of the earth. But moments later, they reached the bottom floor and they come across a golden light from the next room. They approached and entered. But when they did, they gasped in awe at what they have discovered in the room. The entire room was filled with mountains of gold and objects. Mountains of coins and jewels rises above them, and giant statues reaching as ten feet tall.


Aladdin: Would ya look at that!

Brook: Just look at all this gold!

Aladdin: Just a handful of this stuff would make me richer than the sultan!

Franky: As the Sultan? With all this gold, you could rule the whole world and still have plenty left over!

Nami: All that gold….AND ITS OURS!!!!

Luffy: GOLD!!!

Usopp/Chopper: WE’RE RICH!

Luffy, Usopp, Chopper, Nami and Abu rush over the nearest pile of treasure and leap upwards for a...

Nami/Luffy/Usopp/Chopper: CANNONBALL!!!

Robin: HOLD IT! Ochenta Fleur: Cinco Manos!

Robin conjures fives gigantic hands, each grabbing Nami, Chopper, Luffy, Usopp and Abu in mid jump, hovering over a rug on the floor. Their friends approached them.

Luffy: Hey!

Usopp: What the big idea?!

Robin: Remember what the cave said, ‘touch nothing but the lamp’. Suppose all this gold could be one big trap.

Chopper: You mean Usopp was right?

Usopp: I was?

Robin: Indeed. So, until we get that lamp and get out of here…

Robin dismissed the hands, dropping them to the ground.

Aladdin: Don’t…touch…anything!

Sanji: Now come on. We gotta find that lamp.

Then they moved on, with Nami and Abu following behind them.

Nami: *sarcastic* Well, that’s just perfect. What’s the good in all this treasure if we can’t even take it?

They begin to make their way through the room when the Carpet rises off the floor and begins following them. Nami and Abu get the feeling they’re being followed.

Nami: Huh?

Right when they turned around to see what or who’s following them, and the carpet lies flat on the floor. When they looked, they saw only a carpet on the floor and nothing else.

Nami: Huh, probably nothing.

Then they continued onward, and the carpet rises up, then it followed them again. Again, they get the feeling and turned around, but the carpet is rolled up and leaning against a pile of treasure.

Nami: That…wasn’t there before.

Getting nervous, they immediately rushed over to the others.

Abu: Aladdin! Aladdin!

Nami: I think there’s something here!

Nami, not now.

Nami: But--

Aladdin: We need to find the lamp, so will you guys knock it off?

They continued onward, leaving Nami and Abu pouting as they followed them. Then the carpet followed them once again. And when they turned once again, it over to the other side.

Nami: What was that?

The carpet reaches down with a tassel and pulls Abu’s tail. When Abu jumps around, the carpet again goes to the other side. This time, Abu lands in a karate stance. He yells at Nami thinking she pulled his tail.

Nami: What are you yelling at me for?

While their backs are turned, the carpet plucks Abu’s fez off and puts it on itself. They sat down thinking for a second, until the carpet waves a tassel in front of their faces. They looked to see the carpet looking at them, eye-to-eye…sort of.

Nami/Abu: AHHHHHH!!!

As they jumped in fright. The carpet got scared as well. They all ran in different directions as Nami and Abu ran right towards their friends. Abu tackles Aladdin, while Nami tackles Luffy at full speed.

Luffy: Hey!

Usopp: What the?!

Zoro: Nami, are you crazy?!

Nami: *stammering* But the carpet and the fez and the tassel and the tail and the wave and the Aahh and the--

Franky: And the what?

Nami: LOOK!!

Nami points into the direction of the carpet, which peeks out from the pile of treasure.

Aladdin: A magic carpet.

Luffy: Woah! It looks so cool.

Aladdin: *to the carpet* C'mon. C'mon out. We’re not gonna hurt you.

The carpet slowly comes out, shyly, then picks up Abu’s hat and dusts it off. It flies over to Aladdin and hands the hat to Abu next to him. Abu screeches, and jumps onto Aladdin’s shoulder.

Aladdin: Hey, take it easy, Abu. He’s not gonna bite.

The carpet again picks up Abu’s hat and hands it to him. Abu shakes his fist and screeches at it. Carpet begins to walk away, "sadly."

Aladdin: Hey. Wait a minute. Don’t go. Maybe you can help us.

The Carpet looks back, excited. It then flies over and wraps around the group.

Luffy: Hey!

Brook: Whoa!

Aladdin: You see, we’re trying to find this lamp.

(CARPET motions for them to follow it.)

Aladdin: I think he knows where it is.

Luffy: Then let’s go!

After a while of traveling deeper into the Cave of Wonders, they finally emerge into a giant underground cavern. In the center of the room is a tall pillar, with a staircase going up to it. It is surrounded by water with unevenly placed stones forming a bridge. At the top of the pillar is a beam of light.

Chopper: You think it’s up there?

Robin: Only one way to know for sure.

Aladdin: Wait here. I’ll go check.

Aladdin began crossing the bridge. Then all the sudden, as they waited, Abu sees a shrine with a golden monkey. In its outstretched paws was holding a giant ruby. Abu is soon hypnotically drawn to it. Aladdin crosses the bridge and carefully walks up the stairs. It wasn’t until Zoro notices something wrong.

Zoro: Hey, where’s the monkey?

Everyone began to quickly look around for them. Then Usopp sees Abu heading towards the giant ruby and gulps nervously.

Usopp: Uh, guys?

Sanji: Stop him before he sets off a trap!

The group dashes over and pin Abu to the ground, trying in vain to pin him down. As they restrain them, Aladdin finally reach the lamp. It just sits there in a beam of light, just waiting for someone to retrieve it. Aladdin takes the lamp and they took a long look at it.

Aladdin: This is it? This is what we came all the way down here to--

He looks down to see Abu break free from the Straw Hats and make a lunge for the ruby.

Aladdin: ABU! NO!

Abu was only a few inches from the ruby but suddenly get yanked backwards. The puller was Nami who had managed to grab Abu by his tail. Abu flails around frantically until Nami bops him on the head.

Nami: Listen you little banana-muncher! There’s no way I’m letting you jeopardize our lives over a ruby! But of course, you are thinking ‘hey, here’s a shiny big ruby, I’ll just take it cause its shiny and not care about the consequences because I like shiny things’.

Zoro: Kind of sounds like you, Nami.

Nami: NOBODY ASKED YOU!!!! *back to Abu* I mean really, the cave said we’re not to touch anything BUT the lamp. And instead of heeding said warning, you decide to throw caution to the wind and grab the first jewel you see anyway. Can’t you be that senseless?

Usopp: Uhm?

Nami: Don’t answer that! So basically, if everyone in the world acted like you, people would be swiping stuff left and right without so much as a thought. So, in that regard, I could just swipe this ruby from that statue and not care about whatever trap I might swing just…like…this!

Nami swipes the ruby from the statue with one hand and shows to Abu. The act causes the other Straw Hats mouths, even Robin’s, to drop straight to the ground in shock.

Nami: So maybe next time learn to think before you—

Suddenly there is a rumbling and the room begins to shake. The Cave’s voice booms throughout the chamber as if it was right next to them.

Cave’s Voice: INFIDELS!

Nami: *realizing what she did* EEEEKKK!!!!

Abu: Uh oh!

Usopp: Now you’ve done it Nami!


Chopper/Brook: ‘Forbidden Treasure’?

Franky: Now he tells us!

Nami: Wa-wait! It was an accident-I just trying to-I-I-didn’t mean--look, I’m putting it back. I’m putting it back.

Nami frantically places the jewel back into the paw, but the jewel and the shrine begin to melt down into a puddle of lava.


The spot where the lamp was erupts into a tower of fire. Then the entire cave began to shake violently as rocks fall from the ceiling. The water surrounding the pillar begins to turn into fiery lava.

Sanji: Aladdin, get down here fast!!!

Aladdin races down the steps, but they flatten into a ramp, and he skies down until he flies into the air. The water has now turned into lava. He is falling towards it, when all of a sudden Carpet appears and catches him. Abu was the only ones standing on the rocks of the bridge. He looked left and right frantically and saw rocks exploding into lava. Then Carpet races over and Aladdin grabs him, just as the last rock is exploding.

Aladdin: Guys, get on!

Chopper: Do you think we’ll all fit?

Zoro: No time for questions, get on the carpet!

The Straw Hats all scramble onto Carpet as it flew by. It was a bit crapped, but comfort wasn’t the important thing at the moment.

Brook: Um, guys?

Brook points behind them and they all look to see a colossal tidal wave of lava rising and coming right towards them.

Aladdin: Whoa! Carpet, let's move!

Altogether, they raced back through the caves, dodging walls and falling debris. But the wall of lava pursues them as it flows after them. Carpet swerves left and right, dodging stalagmites and stalactites, flying as fast as it can. Then the rocks from the ceiling come falling right at them.

Sanji: Heads up!

They ducked out of the way, and the rocks exploded into the lava behind them. Abu got so scared, he grabs Aladdin's head and accidentally covers his eyes.

Aladdin: Abu! Abu, this is no time to panic!

He pulls Abu off his head, and gasps when he sees that they are flying towards a wall.

Aladdin: Start panicking!

Then they all go into a dive, yelling as they go. Then they finally flew into the Treasure Chamber, and the massive lava wave flows in. It collides into the treasure, resulting in a massive explosion.

Luffy: Wait, the treasure! What about the treasure?!

Zoro: Forget the treasure, Luffy. It’d be no good to us if where dead!

Then they swerve left and right, avoiding erupting lava plumes, shooting from the lava as they race through the massive chamber. Then all the sudden, gigantic hands of fire appeared in front of them. They moved out of the way, just before the hands smashed them all together. Outside the entrance, the cave begins to growl and start to collapse as a fierce storm raged around it. Back inside, they have finally reached the entrance.

Usopp: Hey, we’re gonna make it! We’re gonna--

But before they nearly reach it, a massive rock struck Carpet and it, as well as the Straw Hats, plummeted down to the ground. But Aladdin managed to grab onto the ledge of the entrance. The Straw Hats managed to leap off of Carpet just as they hit it the floor, with a boulder pinning it down.

Franky: Well just was nuts!

Zoro: Come on! We got to get this rock off the Carpet!

Franky: Why?

Zoro: Aladdin’s still up there!

Luffy, Franky and Zoro try to pry the rock off of Carpet. Aladdin looks up to see the old man within reach.

Aladdin: Help me out.

Old Man: Throw me the lamp.

Aladdin: I can’t hold on. Give me your hand.

Old Man: First give me the lamp.

Aladdin reaches into his vest and pulls out the lamp. He hands it up to him, and the old man takes it and raises it above his head in laughter.

Old Man: Ha ha ha ha! Yes! At last! Ha ha ha ha!

Abu has managed to climb out and are trying to pull Aladdin up. But the old man kicks him aside all the sudden, and grabs Aladdin’s wrist.

Aladdin: What are you doing?!

Old Man: Giving you your reward… *normal voice*Your ETERNAL reward.

Jafar pulls out a crooked dagger, Aladdin gasps in shock as he prepares to stab him. But Abu jumps up and bites him on the wrist. Jafar screams in pain, but lets go of Aladdin, who falls into the cave. Jafar throws Abu down as well.

Straw Hats: ALADDIN!!!!

The magic carpet also sees them fall but is still pinned under a boulder. Luffy, Franky and Zoro manage to move the rock slightly, just enough for it to break free. The carpet races up and the carpet catches Aladdin, but he was already hit the wall and was unconscious. The Straw Hats duck for cover as the rocks pummels back down to the depths, with the unconscious Aladdin on the carpet. On the surface, the cave roars one final time, then sinks back into the sand. After all is quiet, Crocodile, surprisingly enough, emerges from the sands next to Jafar as he pulls off his “old man” beard.

Crocodile: I can’t believe it. We’re finally rid of those brats.

Jafar: And the Lamp…is all ours. I--

Jafar chuckled as he rummages through his pocket for the lamp. But he can't find it in his pocket for some reason.

Jafar: --where is it?

Crocodile: Wait! What do you mean ‘where is it’?! You had the lamp in your hands, didn’t you?!

Jafar: Yes, I did. I took the lamp, I put it in this pocket and now it’s not there.

Jafar searches frantically around him to see if he misplaced it, while Crocodile tried searching on the ground like a hound dog.

Crocodile: Maybe you dropped the blasting thing or perhaps it fell out.

Jafar: Impossible! Even if it did fall it couldn’t have--

Suddenly Crocodile and Jafar both came to the same conclusion; the lamp fell back down into the caves and is now buried with the only people who could enter it.

Crocodile: No!

Jafar: NO!!

Later on, back at the palace in Agrabah, Jasmine is sitting on her bed, next to Rajah, who looks sad. Jasmine was still upset about earlier, and she hasn’t got better. Then her father, the Sultan, walks in, noticing her sad look.

Sultan: Jasmine? Oh, dearest. What's wrong?

Jasmine turns to him and looks as if she’s been crying.

Jasmine: Jafar…and Crocodile…they…did something…terrible.

Sultan: *comforting her* There, there, there, my child--we'll set it right. Now, tell me everything.


Jul 28, 2004
in my mind
Chapter 6: Never Had A Friend Like Me! The Genie of the Lamp!

Hours later, back inside the cave, Aladdin lies unconscious on the magic carpet. Abu rushes over and tries to wake him. Then the carpet rises up from the floor, lifting Aladdin up. Aladdin awakens slowly, and the carpet gently puts him down. He rubs his sore head.

Aladdin: Oh, my head.

He looks around, and he sees everyone else recovering from the harrowing experience. Some of them were busy digging themselves out of the rubble and sand.

Franky: What a rush!

Zoro: Is everyone still breathing?

Luffy: I am.

Sanji: Same here.

Franky: Barely, but still alive.

Brook: Never been better.

Robin: Well it looks like we’re not getting out of here any time soon.

Nami: What makes you say that?

Robin: Look up.

Everyone looks up at the ceiling, and they saw that the entrance is sealed in. And there was no opening to the outside at all.

Aladdin: We're trapped. That two faced son-of-a-jackal!

Luffy: When I get my hands on him, I’m gonna tie him into a pretzel knot!

Everyone let’s just relax. We got another thing to worry about right now. And that is getting outta here.

Chopper: Can’t we just dig our way out?

Robin: Possible. But if we try to dig through the ceiling, then sand will just pour right in and bury us all.

Sanji: And even if we do dig out, we’re still stuck in the middle of nowhere.

Usopp: Well, that’s just great!

Zoro: Well, if Nami hadn’t grabbed that jewel in the first place, we wouldn’t be in this mess.

Nami: Hey, the monkey was going for the jewel! I was trying to stop him.

Zoro: By grabbing the jewel?

Nami: It was an accident!

Franky: Well, we might as well get comfy. We’re gonna be here for a while.

Brook: I wonder who was that old man anyway?

Aladdin: Well, whoever he was, he's long gone with that lamp

Then, Abu gets a sly look on his face. Then he pulls out behind his back…the lamp! Everyone then began to smile brightly.

Usopp/Brook/Chopper: The lamp!

Aladdin: Why, you hairy little thief…

Luffy: Ha! Serves that old jerk right!

Nami: Way to go, Abu. I take back to the mean stuff I said about you.

Zoro: That’s nice and all…but lest we forget, we’re still stuck in here. And that lamp isn’t gonna help us out of here.

Aladdin: Yeah, you’re right. It looks like such a beat-up, worthless piece of junk.

Robin: What I want to know is why that old man was obsessed with that thing anyway?

Franky: Doesn’t look that impressive to me.

Aladdin: Hey, I think there's something written here, but it's hard to make out…

Sanji: Try rubbing it off.

Aladdin does as Sanji told him to do. He rubs the lamp, then all the sudden, it began to shake, rattle and glow with a red aura.

Nami: What in the…

Then before they can react, the lamp shoots out a spark of light into the air, and it explodes like fireworks. The lamp fires off another, the stream of sparks fly inches away from Usopp’s nose.

Usopp: EEEEHHH!!!!!

Usopp, Nami, Chopper, Brook, Abu and the Carpet dived behind a nearby rock for cover, while the others stood their ground. Zoro prepares to draw out his sword for a battle.

Zoro: What the heck’s that lamp doing?!

Franky: How should I know?!

Although Aladdin was startled by this, he still held onto the lamp as it rattles in his hands. Then, a massive blast of smoke billows out from the lamp, and it materializes into the form of a giant blue man. He continues to emerge from the smoke, yelling loudly as he goes. Then he felt a neck snap.

Blue Man: OY! Ten-thousand years will give ya such a crick in the neck!

Then he picks up Aladdin and hangs him on a nearby rock.

Blue Man: Hang on a second.

Then he pulls his head off and spins it around, yelling as he does so. Everyone was a little disturbed, if not shocked, seeing that happening. The Carpet flew up and pulls Aladdin down.

Blue Man: Woah! Wow! Does it feel good to be outta there! *uses the lamp end of himself as a microphone* I tell ya it’s nice to back, ladies and gentlemen. So, uh, which one of ya good fellas rubbed me out from the lamp?

Speechless, the Straw Hats all point at Aladdin. The blue man then approaches Aladdin, sticking the microphone in his face.

Blue Man: Hi, where ya from? What's your name?

Aladdin: Uh, Al--uh—Aladdin.

Blue Man: ALADDIN!

The blue man said it like he just discovered something big. Then a neon sign appears and lights up with Aladdin's name on it, circled by chase lights. The sign changes to reflect the blue man's upcoming line.

Blue Man: Hello, Aladdin. Nice to have you on the show. Can we call you “Al”? Or maybe just “Din”? Or how bout “Laddi”?

The blue man changes into himself as a Scottish man, complete with hat, kilt, sideburns, scarf and shillelagh.

Blue Man: Sounds like “Here, boy! *whistles* C'mon, Laddi!

Then he disappears, calling a dog with a whistle, then a dog in a plaid kilt and hat jumps in, grabbing the shillelagh like a stick.

Usopp: Ok, I’m not the only one seeing this, right?

Nami: Nope, I’m seeing this too.

Aladdin: We must have hit our heads harder than we thought.

Franky: Either that, or this is one super freaky dream.

Blue Man: *Still a dog* Do you smoke? Mind if I do?

The dog then poofs into smoke, then back to the blue man. Abu screeches wildly and jumps away to Aladdin.

Blue Man: Oh, sorry Cheetah--hope I didn't singe the fur!

Sanji: And I thought Franky was the crazy one.

Blue Man: *sees the Carpet* Yo, Rugman! Haven't seen you in a few millennia! Give me some tassel! Yeah! Yo! Yo!

The Carpet goes up and gives the blue man a high-five, then he looks at Aladdin.

Blue Man: Say, you're a lot smaller than my last master. *lifts his beer gut* Either that or I'm gettin' bigger. Look at me from the side--do I look different to all of you?

Luffy: Like your fly being down?

Nami/Sanji: *bops Luffy* NOT FUNNY, LUFFY!!!

Aladdin: Wait-Wait a minute! I'm--your master?

The blue man slaps a diploma in Aladdin's hand and a mortarboard on his head.

Blue Man: That's right! He can be taught!! What would you wish of me…*transforms into Arnold Schwarzenegger* The ever impressive…*transforms into a cube with himself compacted inside* The long contained… *turns into a ventriloquist with a dummy* Often imitated… *tosses the dummy aside* But never duplicated…

He then multiplies into multiple versions of himself who surround him, each saying the word “Duplicated”. Then a spotlight shines on the blue man in the middle.

Genie: *Says it like a ring announcer at a boxing match* Genie! Of! The Lamp!

Then he turns into Ed Sullivan and the duplicated genies applauds him.

Genie: *as Ed Sullivan* Right here direct from the lamp, right here for your enjoyment wish fulfillment. Thank youuuuu!

Then everyone realizes what this could be, and they are amazed.

Nami: *realizes* Wait a minute…

Luffy/Usopp/Chopper: A real genie?!

Robin: So that’s why the old man wanted that lamp!

Aladdin: Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Wish fulfillment?

Brook: You mean you can grant wishes?

Genie: Three wishes to be exact. And ix-nay on the wishing for more wishes. *turns into a slot machine* That’s it--three. *three genie caballeros come out of the slot* Uno, dos, tres. *Changes into b/w Groucho Marx* No substitutions, exchanges or refunds. *a wooden puppet duck drops with the secret word "Refunds” in its beak*

Aladdin: Now I know I'm dreaming.

Usopp: If this is your dream, then wake me up.

Genie: Master! I don't think you quite realize what you've got here! So why don't you just ruminate with your pals, whilst I ILLUMINATE the possibilities.

Genie grows big and lights up like fluorescent light on the word ‘illuminate’. Then he drops down and explains to our friends through song.

Genie: Well Ali Baba had them forty thieves
Scheherazadie had a thousand tales

He produces 40 thieves out from his hand like playing cards, which they surround Aladdin with swords.

Genie: But master you in luck 'cause up your sleeve
You got a brand of magic never fails!

He pops his head out from Aladdin’s vest, then sticks his arms out and boxes the thieves into submission, along with some help from Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji. Then a boxing ring appears, and Aladdin appears in a corner, being massaged by the Genie, with Usopp fanning Aladdin down with the Carpet and Chopper holding a water bottle.

Genie: You got some power in your corner now
Some heavy ammunition in your camp

The Genie turns himself into a firework and lights himself up and fires away. Usopp, Chopper, Abu, and the Carpet ducks as the Genie shot pass them over their heads.

Genie: You got some punch, pizzazz, yahoo and how
See all you gotta do is rub that lamp
And I'll say…

The Genie explodes as fireworks. Then he appears outside the lamp, halfway in, and grabs Aladdin’s hand and rubs lamp with it. Then he reappears, with arms crossed.

Genie: Mister Aladdin sir
What will your pleasure be?
Let me take your order, jot it down
You ain't never had a friend like me
Ho ho ho!

The Genie produces a table and chairs, which Aladdin and the others are sitting down in, then writes down things on a note pad, like a waiter.

Genie: Life is your restaurant
And I'm your maitre' d!
C'mon, whisper what it is you want
You ain't never had a friend like me

He gives them a tray and lifts up the lid, revealing a plate of chicken. But then the genie’s head appears on it, surprising them. He returns to normal, enlarges his ear to listen to Aladdin. Finally, he explodes into four duplicate genies.

Genie: Yes sir, we pride ourselves on service
You're the boss, the king, the shah!
Say what you wish, it's yours! True dish
How about a little more Baklava?

The genies gave him a shave, haircut and manicure. Then Aladdin appears in a comfy chair surrounded by the treasure and being fanned by Abu and Chopper. The Genie appears and fills the screen with baklava.

Genie: Have some of column 'A'
Try all of column 'B'
I'm in the mood to help you dude
You ain't never had a friend like me

Aladdin rises up on a column with a giant A on top, then jumps to another column of food with a B on top. He falls off and is caught by a cushion held by the Genie. He opens his mouth, and his tongue turns into a staircase. A miniature version of himself dressed like a magician comes out. The mini Genie does a little dance with the Genie's two giant hands. At the end, they surround the mini Genie and squish him into nothing.

Hand: Wah-nah-nah!

Genie: Oh my.

Hand: Wah-nah-nah!

Genie: No no.

Hands: Wah-nah-nah!

Genie: My my my. *Scats*

Genie: Can your friends do this?

The Genie pulls off his head, duplicates it, then juggles them.

Usopp/Chopper: No way!

Genie: Can your friends do that?

He tosses them to Aladdin, Franky, and Sanji, who juggles with one hand and spins each of the heads on their fingertips like a basketball.

Franky/Sanji: No way!

Genie: Can your friends pull this out their little hat

They tossed them back to the genie, who proceeds to try and pull himself out of a hat at his base. He spirals around and around until he turns into a white rabbit.

Genie: Can your friends go POOF!!!

The rabbit transforms into a dragon and he breathes fire, which turns into three beautiful harem girls who dance around Aladdin seductively. Seeing the girls, Sanji and Brook pull Aladdin back and switches places with him.

Genie: Well looky here
Can your friends go Abracadabra, let 'er rip
And then make the sucker disappear?

Just as Sanji and Brook begins to enjoy them, the harem girls disappear into puffs of smoke.

Genie: So don't you sit there slack jawed, buggy eyed
I'm here to answer all your midday prayers
You got me bona fide, certified
You got a genie for a chare d'affairs!
I got a powerful urge to help you out
So what you wish I really want to know
You got a wish that's three miles long, no doubt
So all you gotta do is rub like so, and oh!

Genie imitates what he is calling Aladdin, then turns into a certificate which rolls up and surrounds Aladdin. The genie pulls a list (written in Arabic) out of Aladdin's ear, which he uses to rub his behind like drying off after a shower.

Genie: Mister Aladdin, sir, have a wish or two or three
I'm on the job, you big nabob

The dancing Harem girls reappear, and Aladdin leans in to kiss one. But she turns into the Genie, which startles Aladdin.

Genie: You ain't never had a friend, never had a friend
You ain't never had a friend, never had a friend

The Genie zaps four dancing elephants into existence in one direction. And in the other direction, he zaps in four dancing camels.

Genie: You ain't never...had a... FRIEND... LIKE...ME!

A grand finale dancing number ensues. The Genie conjures up whole bunch of stuff; sword jugglers, dancing monkeys, boats, girls and piles and plies of gold. Many of the Straw Hats are dancing along to the finale, while Abu was grabbing as much gold as he can into his fez.

Genie: You ain’t never had a friend like me!

He wraps everything up in a cyclone and zaps it away into the lamp until they're all back in the cave. He now has a neon "APPLAUSE" sign on his back. The carpet, along with everyone else, applauds. Abu turns his fez over and sees that it is empty. He puts it back on, disappointed in not getting any gold.

Genie: So what’ll it be, master?

Nami: Let me see if we got this straight? Anyone who has your lamp can get three wishes?

Genie: Indeed, little missy! Whoever controls the lamp, controls the genie, i.e. me! But only three wishes per customer.

Aladdin: And you can grant us any three wishes we want right?

Genie: *As William F. Buckley* Ah, almost. There are a few provisos, a couple of quid pro quos.

Usopp: Ah, provisos?

Sanji: You mean there’s limits to what wishes we can make?

Genie: *as Ed McMahon* You are correct, sir!

Aladdin: Like?

Genie: Ah, rule number one: I can’t kill anybody. *He slices his head off with his finger* So don’t ask. Ah, rule number two: *puts head back on* I can’t make anyone fall in love with anyone else. *Head turns into a big pair of lips which kiss Aladdin* You little punim, there. *Lies flat, then gets up and transforms into a zombie* Rule number three: *as Peter Lorre* I can’t bring people back from the dead. It’s not a pretty picture, *He grabs Aladdin and shakes him* I don’t like doing it! *He poofs back to normal* Other than that, you got it!

Aladdin ponders this for a moment. But then, gives the look as if he was plotting. Abu smirks and gives him a thumbs-up. An idea of getting out of the cave fills his head.

Aladdin: So, basically, there’s certain wishes you can’t grant?

Then he scoffs and turns to Abu.

Aladdin: Some all-powerful genie--can't even bring people back from the dead. I don't know, guys--he probably can't even get us out of this cave. Looks like we're gonna have to find a way out of here--

But before they can leave, a big foot stomps down in front of them. They look up, and the Genie was towering above them.

Genie: Excuse me? Are you lookin' at me? Did you rub my lamp? Did you wake me up? Did you bring me here? And all of a sudden, you're walkin' out on me?

Then Aladdin smirks at the others, and they give a curious look back. Aladdin’s plan is absolutely working. The Genie stomps towards, getting madder and madder.

Genie: I don't think so! Not right now! You're gettin' your wishes, so SIDDOWN!!!!

Usopp: EHHHHHH!!!!!

They all get on Carpet. Genie takes the form of a stewardess, with lots of arms pointing out the exits.

Genie: In case of emergency, the exits are here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, anywhere! Keep your hands and arms inside the rides. Weeee'rrrrrreee...outta here!

And they shoot up through the ceiling, out of the sand in the desert, and off into the distance like a shooting star.


Jul 28, 2004
in my mind
Chapter 7: Plan B for Betrothal. A Genie’s Wish for Freedom!

The next morning, back at the Palace, the Sultan has summoned Jafar and Crocodile to his throne room and he was not in a good mood. After Jasmine had informed him of what occurred yesterday, he was outraged that they carried out the ‘execution’ of Aladdin and the Straw Hats without his consent or knowledge. He was about to finish a stern talk to the duo about what they have done.

Sultan: Jafar, this is an outrage! If it weren't for all your years of loyal service. But from now on you are to discuss the sentencing of prisoners with me, before they are carried out. And as for you, Sir Crocodile, I expect you to follow my orders the same as Jafar, understand?

Crocodile: Understood, sir.

Jafar: We assure you, your highness, it won't happen again.

Sultan: Very good. Now Jasmine, Jafar, Crocodile, let's put this whole messy business behind us. Please?

Jafar: Our most abject and humblest apologies to you as well, princess.

Crocodile: Yes, and I pray this sordid affair does not sour our relations in the future.

Jafar takes Jasmine’s hand to kiss it, but she quickly yanks it away.

Jasmine: At least some good will come of my being forced to marry. When I am queen, I will have the power to get rid of you both!

Sultan: That's nice. All settled, then. Now, Jasmine, getting back to this suitor business…

The Sultan turns to Jasmine, but he sees Jasmine already walking out of the room and rushes after her.

Sultan: Jasmine? Jasmine!

As soon as the Sultan had left, Jafar and Crocodile’s forced smiles suddenly drops into angry growls.

Crocodile: Where does that little brat get off threatening us like that! Not to mention ratting us out to the Sultan!

Jafar: If only we had gotten that lamp!

Iago, who was on Jafar’s shoulder the whole time, was mockingly mimicking Jasmine’s threat, in her own voice at that.

Iago: *mimicking Jasmine* I will have the power to get rid of you both! *normal voice* GGRRR!! To think; we have to keep kissing up to that chump and his chump daughter for the rest of our lives!

Jafar and Crocodile walk over to a nearby balcony while Iago was still ranting about their current misfortune. Down below they see the Sultan still trying to talk some sense to Jasmine, who was having no luck in doing so.

Jafar: No, Iago. Only until she finds a chump husband. Then she’ll have us banished…or beheaded.

All three went uggh at the very thought, nervously holding their necks as they did.

Crocodile: Well, even if she does have us beheaded, it’ll be nothing compared to what Morganna would do to us.

Jafar/Iago: Morganna?

Crocodile: I mean, think about it; we just told her that we would have the lamp. And when she finds out we don’t have it, and I know she will, we best pray that she’d be merciful.

Jafar: Well, I’m afraid Her Radiance isn’t known for her mercy, especially towards failure.

Iago: What are we worried about? At least we got rid of those pirates, that’s gotta be good news for her.

Jafar: Yes, but the lamp was our priority and we don’t have it! Even if we do tell her about it, it won’t save us from her wrath.

Crocodile: Plus, the Sultan is still expecting us to solve his suitor problem. At this point, the only way to solve that mess is if one of us married her. But who’s gonna be one to play the ‘chump’ husband?

Suddenly, an idea pops into Iago’s head which maybe the answer to their problem.

Iago: Ohh, wait a minute! Wait a minute! Guys! I got it! What if Jafar was the chump husband?

Jafar: *insulted* What?!

Crocodile: Was that even a joke?!

Iago: No, no! Think about it; Jafar marries the princess, alright? And…and…and then he becomes the sultan!

Crocodile: Oh, come off it! It’ll never work!

Iago: Hey, you’re the one who suggested it!

Crocodile: I was being sarcastic! You’d have to out of your mind to marry that—

Jafar: Wait! This could work!

Crocodile/Iago: Huh? What would work?

The three return to the throne room where Jafar sits on the Sultan’s throne thinking over Iago’s idea.

Jafar: It’s so simple; marry the shrew…and I become sultan. Crazy as it sounds, the idea does have merit.

Iago: Yes, merit, yes! And then we’ll drop ‘papa-in-law’ and the ‘little women’ off a cliff. YAAAAAAAHHHH—Ker-SPLAT!

Crocodile: HAHAHA! Iago, I love the way that foul little mind of yours works.

Then all three of them laughed evilly. For a new plan to take the kingdom was now in motion.

Meanwhile, somewhere else in the Arabian desert, our heroes, along with Aladdin and Genie, have arrived in an oasis after escaping the sealed-in Cave of Wonders.

Genie: *still as a stewardess* Thank you for choosing Magic Carpet for all your travel needs. Don't stand until the rug has come to a complete stop.

Then they came to a stop and everyone gets down from a stairway formed by the magic carpet.

Genie: *as they get off* Thank you. Good bye, good bye! Thank you! Good bye!

Luffy: Ah, it feels GOOD to get out of that cave!

Nami: Out of the cave and breathing fresh air again!

Usopp: Yeah, I thought we’d never get out of that death trap.

Then the Genie poofs back to normal as he turns to Aladdin.

Genie: Well, now. How about that, Mr. Doubting Mustafa?

Aladdin: Oh, you sure showed me. Now about our three wishes…

Genie: Dost mine ears deceive me? Three? You are down by ONE, boy!

Aladdin: Ah, no--I never actually wished us to get out of the cave.

Usopp: He’s right, Genie. You actually did that on your own.

Genie thinks for a second, then his jaw drops. He just now realizes that he ACTUALLY did get them out of the cave without wishing. Sheepishly, he turns into a sheep.

Genie: Well, I feel sheepish. All right, you baaaaad boy, but no more freebies.

Aladdin: Fair deal. So, three wishes. I want them to be good. *turns to the Straw hats* What would you guys wish for?

Nami: Well if it we’re me, I’d wish for all that treasure from the Cave of Wonders.

Zoro: All of it?

Nami: All of it!

Franky: But where are you gonna stored it all? There’s no way the Sunny can hold all that treasure.

Nami: Who cares? I’ll be having too much fun counting it.

Usopp: With all that gold, she’ll be an old lady by the time she’s halfway through it.

Nami: What was that?

Usopp: Nothing!

Nami: So how about it Genie? One cave’s worth of gold if you please.

Genie: Sorry, Ma’am. No can do.

Nami: Eh?

Genie: *turns into a lawyer* All the gold and treasure you saw is trademarked and owned by the Cave of Wonders and as such part of the Cave itself. Any attempts at wishing for said treasure will result in total wish fulfillment incompletion and immediate cancellation of aforementioned wish.

Usopp: So, in other words, we can’t wish for the Cave’s treasure even if we wanted to?

Genie: *turns back to normal* Exacta Mundo!

Nami: AUGHH!!!

Zoro: Well it’s not like we’re gonna keep that treasure anyway.

Sanji: So how about making a wish that’s doable.

Suddenly, everyone hears the sound of a loud growl…coming from Luffy’s stomach.

Luffy: Awww…I’m hungry!

Brook: Oh yeah, we haven’t had anything to eat since we busted out of the dungeon.

Luffy: Hey, Sanji! Get me some food!

Sanji: One problem Luffy, we don’t any food or the mean to cook it with.

Genie: Uhh…Hello! Super magical entity that can grant wishes here! Why not just wish for some food.

Chopper/Usopp: Really?!

You can do that?

Genie: Of course I can, I’m not called the Genie of the Lamp for nothing. Just say the words, and I’ll deliver a five star 12 course meal in thirty minutes or less, or your order is free. Hey, I’ll even throw in a cappuccino.

Luffy: Well in that case, I wish for—

Sanji: Hold it! *grabs the Lamp* If anyone is making any food based wishes, then how about we let the chef of the crew handle this. *to Genie* Okay Genie, I got a wish.

Genie: You got it! One king-sized banquet coming—

Sanji: No!

Genie: Huh?

Sanji: A chef’s duty is to feed his crew, regardless of where they are. And with this lamp, I intend to continue that role. For my wish, I want you to help me make a feast worthy for my friends.

Genie: Well, wouldn’t be easier just to simply wish for a meal?

Sanji: Any simpleton can wish for anything from a banquet to a sandwich. But to use a wish to make the ultimate meal to one’s palate, that alone is a treasure.

Genie: Fair enough. So…

Genie beings conjuring a whole bunch of blue smoke that surrounds Sanji in a thick cyclone. As soon as the smoke clears. Sanji find himself no longer in the oasis but in a large white room and extended forever. Before Sanji could even react, Genie appears right in front of him as Morpheus from The Matrix.

Genie: *as Morpheus* This…is the Chef’s Construct. Here you can load anything from food, utensils, anything you would need to make the ultimate meal.

Sanji: Are you going to be making jokes all day?

Genie: *turns normal* Forgive me for trying to add a bit of humor.

Sanji: Well just so we’re clear, there’s two things I don’t screw with; cooking and beautiful women.

Genie: *looks at the audience and blows a kiss* Goodnight everybody!

Sanji: What was that?

Genie: A fourth wall break.

Sanji: Skip the breaks and lets get to the cooking.

Genie: Okay! So, what do you need for this meal?

Sanji: For starters…I’ll need about fifty people at least.

Genie: Done. *splits into fifty separate genies, all in chef attire* What else?

Sanji: We’ll need a five by twelve foot work table, a cooktop range for eight, a three by two foot grill, a deep fryer, a prep sink, a charboiler, a griddle, mixers, blenders, cooking utensils and two big ovens.

Genie: How big?

Sanji: Big enough that you can walk in them.

Genie: Ooh…that big.

Sanji: And we’ll need food…lots of food.

Genie snaps his fingers and each of what Sanji has asked for appeared in quick puffs of smoke. And as Genie summoned said items, Sanji pulled out a notepad and started to jot some stuff down. By the time Sanji was finished, so was Genie.

Sanji: So here’s what’ gonna be on the menu for lunch.

Sanji hands over the notepad and after reading it carefully, Genie’s jaw dropped straight to the floor.

Genie: Wow! That’s some order.

Sanji: Okay; we’re gonna do this in groups of five. Group One, you’re the Sauciers, you prepare the sauces, warm hors d'oeuvres and completes meat dishes. Group Two will be the Entremetier, that means you’re in charge of the entrees. Group Three is the Rôtisseurs, you guys are in charge of the meat dishes. Group Four, the Poissonniers, you guys handle the fish and seafood. Pâtissiers is Group Five, all the desserts and baked goods are yours. I’ll be head chef and help out each group if need be. Just follow my instructions and will get this done in time…ready?

Genies: *in military fashion* Sir, yes sir!

Sanji: Then let’s get cooking!

And so each of the teams got to work preparing the dishes for the Sanji’s grand meal. Group Two made dozens of small entrees upon several plates. Group Three was having trouble getting a slab of meat the size of a boulder into the oven to be cooked. Sanji went over, kicks the meat into the oven and slams the oven door shut, Group Three applauded. Group Four was busy with their fish dishes, until two of the chefs started acting up by comically slapping each other with some of the fish. Group Five was having fun having all sorts of fancy desserts. And of course Sanji and Group one was prepping the sauces and putting the finishing touches on the other meals. Within an hour, the meal was completed. The Genies were so exhausted from the work they all poofed into smoke, leaving behind the original Genie with Sanji.

Genie: Wow…that was the best workout I’ve had in years.

Sanji: Nice job. Now how do we bring this to the others?

Genie: Like this.

Genie snaps his fingers and both Sanji and Genie reappear back in the oasis, but this time with a table laden with a massive meal.

Luffy/Chopper/Usopp: Woah!

Sanji: For the entrée we have; Herb Salad with Medaka Sauté, Root Veggie Minestrone and Prehistoric Mystery Soup. Main course includes; Mouthmelting Angel Omelet, Large Bones Takoyaki, Seafood Magma Curry, Spicy Seaboard Pizza, Pirates' Piranha Grill, Spicy Shark Fin in Misosauce and Softboiled Shrimp in Tartar sauce. For drinks there’s; Coconut Milk, Juice For Ladies and Special Cola Pirate Style. And for dessert; Fruit Tart, Blue Hawaii and Pirates Kakigori Superlarge portion. Everyone, enjoy.

All: BANZAI!!!

The Straw Hats leaped at the banquet, ready to chow down at their delight. And after just thirty minutes, the lunch was gone, and our crew was full and satisfied.

Luffy: That…was the greatest meal I ever had!

Brook: Best wish you ever made, Sanji!

Sanji: No prob, but Genie was a bigger help.

Genie*turns into the Cowardly Lion* Shucks folks, I’m speechless.

Usopp: Say Genie, I’ve been meaning to ask; what would you wish for?

Genie: *changes back to normal* Me?

Usopp: Yeah. If you had your own wish, what would it be?

Genie: Well…uhh…

Chopper: You don’t know what to wish for?

Genie: It not that. It’s just no one's ever asked me that before. Well, in my case…ah, forget it.

Brook: What?

Genie: No, I can’t…

Aladdin: Come on, tell us.

Genie: …Freedom.

Chopper: From what?

Genie: *points to the Lamp* From that.

Nami: Wait a sec…

Aladdin: You’re a prisoner?

Luffy: I thought being a genie was fun?

Genie: Well to be honest, its not all sunshine and rainbows, for me at least.

Chopper: It’s not?

Genie: It's all part-and-parcel, the whole genie gig. You get- *grows gigantic, with his voice echoing* Phenomenal cosmic powers! *he shrinks down, cramped in the magic lamp* Itty bitty living space.

Aladdin: Genie, that's terrible.

Genie: But, oh--to be free. Not have to go “Poof! What do you need? Poof! What do you need? Poof! What do you need?” To be my own master, such a thing would be greater than all the magic and all the treasures in all the world! But what am I talking about? Let's get real here. It's not gonna happen. Genie, wake up and smell the hummus.

Franky: What makes you say that?

Genie: The only way I get outta this is if my master wishes me out. So, you can guess how often that's happened.

Aladdin: I'll do it. I'll set you free.

Genie: Uh huh, right. Whoop!

Genie, and turns his head turns into Pinocchio's head with a long nose, indicating lying.

Usopp/Chopper/Brook: Pinocchio?!

Aladdin pushes the nose back in and the Genie's head returns to normal.

Aladdin: No, really, I promise. After I make my first two wishes, I'll use my third wish to set you free.

Usopp: And don’t forget, if Aladdin can’t use his third wish, one of us can use ours.

Nami: Wait, what?!

Genie: Well, here's hoping. *shakes Aladdin’s hand* Okay. Let's make some magic! *turns into a magician* So how 'bout it. What is it you want most?

Aladdin: Well, there's this girl—

But Genie suddenly ranged like a buzzer, and his chest shows a heart with a cross through it.

Genie: Eehhh! Wrong! I can't make anybody fall in love, remember?

Aladdin: Oh, but Genie, she's smart and fun and...

Genie: Pretty?

Aladdin: BEAUTIFUL. She's got these eyes that just...and this hair, wow...and her smile…*sighs*

Then a Parisian café appears with Abu, the magic carpet, and Robin, and the Genie in a French outfit.

Genie: Ami. C'est l'amour.

Aladdin: But she's the princess. To even have a chance, I'd have to be a-*gets an idea*-hey, can you make me a prince?

Right on it, Genie takes out a “Royal Recipes” and flips through the pages.

Genie: Let's see here. Uh, chicken a'la king? *Pulls out a chicken with a crown on its head* Nope. Alaskan king crab? OW! * Yanks out his finger, and we see SEBASTIAN the crab from "The Little Mermaid" clamped on* I hate it when they do that. Caesar's salad? * A
dagger comes out and tries to stab him* AH! Et tu, Brute? Ah ha, to make a prince.

He finds what he was looking for, then he looks slyly at Aladdin.

Genie: Now is that an official wish? Just say the words!

Aladdin: Genie, I wish for you to make me a prince!

Genie: All right! *takes on square shoulders and looks like Arsenio Hall. * Yo Yo Woof woof woof woof! *becomes a tailor/fashion designer * First, that fez and vest combo is much too third century. These patches--what are we trying to say--beggar? No! Let's work with me here.

He takes Aladdin’s measurements, snaps his fingers and Aladdin is outfitted in a splendid prince costume.

Genie: OH! I like it, Muy macho!

The Straw Hats go over and give Aladdin a look over, admiring his new attire.

Chopper: So cool!

Usopp: Loving the threads, Aladdin. Every girl in Agrabah’s gonna fall in love with you.

Aladdin: Yeah, well Jasmine’s the only girl I want to fall in love with me. And with this, she will.

Zoro: And yet somehow, I feel this plan isn’t gonna work out the way it should.

Usopp: Who cares, with that outfit, Jasmine will be falling for Al by tonight.

Luffy: Man, I wish we had some clothes like Aladdin’s.

Genie: *As Groucho Marx* Kid, you just said the secret word!

Genie snaps his fingers and the Straw Hats were magically outfitted with royal garbs and uniforms matching Aladdin’s princely attire.

Zoro: What the?!

Brook: Our clothes!

Franky: Wow! Nice!

Usopp: Luffy! Why’d ya go and waste a wish like that?!

Luffy: I just thought it would be cool.

Usopp: Yeah, well now you got two wishes left. But I got to admit, these do look nice.

Nami: Ahem!

All the boys looked over, and their eyes were shot wide-opened as Robin and Nami were dressed as harem girls. Thought Nami was not happy with the new wardrobe change.

Nami: *covering herself* For the record, I do not approve of this getup.

Robin: Perhaps we could have something that’s a tad conventional?

Nami: And something that’s a little less revealing.

Genie snaps his fingers again and Robin and Nami are given large cloaks to hide their harem outfits.

Nami: This will do. But what if someone were to recognize us?

Robin: Maybe some masks will suffice? Or will that count as another wish?

Genie: Technically it will still be on Luffy’s wish tab, so ask away.

Robin: Please give us some masks to go with our outfits.

Suddenly, mask appeared on the Straw Hats, each of unique design that matches each crew member.

Franky: I can get used to this.

Genie: Satisfied?

Robin: Indeed.

Genie: Now, still needs something. What does it say to me? It says mode of transportation. Excuse me, monkey boy! Aqui, over here!

He looks over at Abu. Abu tries to cover himself with the carpet, but Genie zaps him, and he flies over.

Genie: Here he comes…

Then Aladdin and Genie appear on a game show set, where Aladdin stands behind a podium with "AL" on it.

Genie: …And what better way to make your grand entrance on the streets of Agrabah, than riding your very own brand new camel! Watch out, they spit!

Then a door bearing Genie's head on it opens, where Abu is transformed into a camel. He spits out the side of his mouth on cue. But Genie's not sure.

Genie: Mmm, not enough.

He snaps his fingers and Abu turns into a fancy white horse.

Genie: Still not enough. Let's see. What do you need?

Genie wondered as he snaps his fingers repeatedly, turning Abu into: a duck, an ostrich, a turtle, and a '57 Cadillac, with license plate “ABU 1”. Finally, he's returned to normal and Genie gets an idea.

Genie: Yes!! Esalalumbo, shimin dumbo! Whoa!!

And on the keyword of the spell, Dumbo, he zaps Abu and turns him into an elephant. But the carpet struggles to get out from under Abu's size 46 feet.

Genie: Talk about your trunk space, check this action out!

Abu sees his reflection in a pool of water and screams in fright at the sight of his new self, then jumps into a tree. The tree naturally bends right back down to the ground, where Abu hangs on and looks at Aladdin upside down.

Aladdin: Abu, you look good.

Genie: He's got the outfit, they got outfits, he's got the elephant, but we're not through yet. Hang on to your turban, kid, cause we're gonna make you a star!

Then as we zoom out from the oasis, fireworks explode in the sky as Genie works as magic on our friends.
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Chapter 8: The Newest Suitor! Prince Ali and his Pirate Entourage!

An hour later, back in the throne room in the palace of Agrabah, the Sultan is carefully trying to stack a pile of toys, all of them are animal toys. The Sultan is almost finally finished as he’s about to place the last toy on top. He slowly places it on the top softly, and the stack does not fall. He smiles as he sits back and sighs. But all the sudden, the doors slams open, causing the pile to collapse. He looks to see Jafar with Iago, Crocodile coming in, and Jafar was holding a scroll.

Jafar: Sire, we have found a solution to the problem with your daughter.

Crocodile: Yes, it did take a while, but it was all very simple!

Iago: Awk! The problem with your daughter!

Sultan: Oh, really?

Jafar then unrolls the scroll, which due to the long length of it, rolls up to the Sultan. Crocodile takes it and reads it out loud.

Crocodile: Right here. *reads scroll* ‘If the princess has not chosen a husband by the appointed time in question, then the sultan has the authority to choose for her’.

The Sultan tries to stuff a cracker into Iago's mouth, but Iago backs away.

Sultan: But Jasmine hated all those suitors. How could I choose someone she hates?

Crocodile: Not to worry, my liege. There is more.

The Sultan absentmindedly pulls the cracker back. Iago is relieved, but the Sultan quickly stuffs a cracker into his mouth.

Crocodile: ‘If, in the event a suitable prince cannot be found, a princess must then be wed to’...hmm...this is interesting.

Sultan: What? To who?

Crocodile: ‘To the royal vizier!’ Why, that would be...

Jafar: Me!

Sultan: Why, I thought the law says that only a prince can marry a princess, I'm quite sure…

Jafar: Desperate times call for desperate measures, my lord.

Jafar puts the scroll away, then he pulls out the staff and hypnotizes the Sultan with it.

Crocodile: And these are… desperate times indeed.

Sultan: *hypnotized* Yes...desperate measures...

Jafar: You will order the princess to marry me.

Sultan: I…will order...the princess...to...*snaps out of hypnosis* ...but you're so old!

Crocodile: And what does that have to do with anything?

Sultan: Well…it’s just that Jasmine’s a lot younger than Jafar and…well what would the people think of her being married to an older man?

Jafar: It won’t matter what the people think, the princess WILL marry me!

Jafar holds his staff closer to his face. The Sultan falls under the spell once again.

Sultan: The princess will marry...

The spell is again broken, this time by the trumpet fanfare of "Prince Ali".

Sultan: What? What is that? That music! *rushes to the balcony*

Crocodile: Arrrghh! What NOW?!

The Sultan rushes out to the balcony and looks out to the city. Then he smiles with joy when he sees a massive parade approaching.

Sultan: Ha ha ha. Jafar, Crocodile, you must come see this.

Down at the parade, they were being led by the Straw Hats, including what appears to be the Genie in human form as a Major.

Marchers: Make way for Prince Ali!

Swordsman: Say hey! It's Prince Ali!

Genie/Franky: Hey, clear the way in the old bazaar,

Nami/Robin: Hey you, let us through, it's a bright new star,

Luffy/Usopp: Now come, be the first on your block to meet his eye!

Genie: Make way, here he comes,

Usopp: *hits some pot and pans* Ring bells,

Luffy: *bangs on the proprietors gut* bang the drums!

Genie/Luffy/Usopp: Are you gonna love this guy!

Genie/Straw Hats: Prince Ali, fabulous he, Ali Ababwa!

Then Abu, as an elephant, marches through the town, with Aladdin (Prince Ali) on his back. Aladdin gives a toothy grin. The Genie and Sanji see three guards not bowing. So, they pulled out the rug under their feet, causing them to fall on their knees.

Sanji: Genuflect, now show some respect
Down on one knee

Iago is dancing to the music until Jafar and Crocodile glares at him.

Genie: Now try your best to stay calm

Robin: Brush up your Sunday Salaam

Franky: And come and meet his spectacular coterie…OW!

Franky "wheelbarrows" six men up onto Abu's trunk. They stand on each other's shoulders as Aladdin shakes hands with them.

Genie/Straw Hats: Prince Ali, mighty is he, Ali Ababwa!

Genie/Usopp: Strong as ten regular men, definitely

The pile collapses on Aladdin, but a Genie (tm) brand lightning bolt zaps the pile and he ends up holding them all up in an acrobatic wheel formation.

Brook: Why he faced the galloping hordes!

Chopper: A hundred bad guys with swords!

Zoro: And who sent those goons to their lords?

Genie/Straw Hats/Chorus: Why Prince Ali!

Jasmine comes out to her balcony, wondering what was going on.

Chorus of Men: (Carrying the camels) He's got seventy-five golden camels!

In pops the Genie as a typical parade commentator named Harry.

Genie (Harry): Don't they look lovely, June?

Chorus of Women: (On a float) Purple peacocks, he's got fifty-three!

In comes Genie as another commentator named June.

Genie (June): Fabulous, Harry, I love the feathers!

Then a giant balloon gorilla proceeds down the parade.

GENIE: When it comes to exotic type mammals
Has he got a zoo,

Chopper: And I'm telling you

The Genie pops in as a leopard and speaks the last two lines with Chopper to the two children from earlier.

Chopper/Genie: It's a world class menagerie!

We cut to a balcony, where three harem girls are joined by the Genie, Nami and Robin, all dressed as Harem girls.
(The lyrics in parenthesis are the girls counterpoint singing)

Genie/Nami/Robin: Prince Ali, Handsome is he, Ali Ababwa
(There's no question this Ali's alluring
Never ordinary, never boring)

Nami: That physique,

Robin: how can I speak

Aladdin flexes to the girls, but Genie works his magic, causing Aladdin’s muscles to puff up like an inflated balloon.

Nami/Robin: Weak at the knee
(Everything about the man just plain impresses)
Well, get on out in that square
(He's a winner, he's a whiz, a wonder)

Genie: Adjust your veil and prepare
(He's about to pull my heart asunder)

Genie/Nami/Robin: To gawk and grovel and stare at Prince Ali!
(And I absolutely love the way he dresses!)

Aladdin blew a kiss at the girls, and they literally faint. Jasmine has had enough and humphs it off as she leaves the balcony.

Chorus: He's got ninety-five white Persian monkeys
(He's got the monkeys, let's see the monkeys!)
And to view them, he charges no fee!
(He's generous, so generous)
He's got slaves, he's got servants and flunkies!
(Proud to work for him)
They bow to his whim, love serving him
They're just lousy with loyalty to Ali! Prince Ali!

Aladdin throws gold coins out to the people, who rush over to collect them. Abu, our heroes, and the parade march up the steps of the palace and inside. The Sultan runs back inside to the door to the throne room, but Jafar and Crocodile stand in front of the door, preventing him from opening it. Suddenly, it bursts open, with Abu and the Straw Hats leading the way, and crushing Jafar, Crocodile and Iago behind the door.

Genie/Straw Hats/Chorus: Prince Ali! Amorous he! Ali Ababwa

Genie/Usopp: Heard your princess was a sight lovely to see!

Jafar pushes the door back, revealing himself, Iago and Crocodile flatten right into the wall with cracks formed behind them.

Genie: And that, good people, is why

Usopp: He got dolled up and dropped by

Chorus: With sixty elephants, llamas galore
With his bears and lions
A brass band and more
With his forty fakirs, his cooks, his bakers
His birds that warble on key
Make way for Prince Ali!

More and more fanfare build up until Aladdin flies off Abu's back on the magic carpet and flies down to the Sultan. Jafar and Crocodile pushes the parade out the door and slams it shut. The Sultan began applauding happily.

Sultan: Splendid! Absolutely marvelous!

Aladdin: *deep voice* Ahem. Your majesty, I have journeyed from afar to seek your daughter's hand.

Sultan: Prince Ali Ababwa! Of course. I'm delighted to meet you.

The Sultan rushes over and shakes Aladdin’s hand.

Usopp: And I am his grand advisor, Yabusopp the Great!

Sanji: Yabusopp?

Usopp: Shh! *to the Sultan* And this his Prince Ali’s entourage, who names are unimportant to mention right now.

Nami: Hey!

Sultan: Pleasure to meet you as well. This is my royal vizier, Jafar, and his associate, Crocodile. They’re delighted too.

Jafar: *extremely dryly* Ecstatic.

The Straw Hats, sans Brook and Franky, all freeze up the moment they saw Crocodile. Luffy was about to go into an outburst, until Nami, Zoro and Sanji stops him and clamped his mouth shut.

What’s his deal?

Oh, nothing! He thought he saw a bug. Hahaha!

Jafar: Of course…*to Aladdin* I'm afraid, Prince Abooboo—

Aladdin: --Ababwa!

Jafar: Whatever. You and your friends cannot just parade in here uninvited and expect to—

Sultan: ...by Allah, this is quite a remarkable device.

Sultan in awe, examines the magic carpet. He tugs at the tassels, and it tugs his moustache.

Sultan: I don't suppose I might...

Usopp: Why certainly, your majesty. Allow us.

Usopp and Franky helps the Sultan up onto the Carpet, and he plops down. But before the carpet can fly off, Jafar pins it down on the floor with the staff.

Jafar: Sire, I must advise against this—

Sultan: --Oh, button up, Jafar. Learn to have a little fun.

He kicks away the staff and the carpet and the Sultan flies away. Iago, who was standing on the head of the staff, falls down, repeatedly bopping the staff with his beak as he descends. The Sultan and the carpet fly high into the ceiling, then begin a dive-bomb attack, flying under Abu, scaring him. The flight continues in the background, while Jafar and Aladdin talk in the foreground.

Jafar: Just where did you say you were from?

Oh, much farther than you've traveled, I'm sure.

Jafar: TRY ME.

Franky: DUCK!!!

They all duck in time as the carpet whizzes centimeters over their heads. The carpet returns and the Sultan chases Iago around the room.

Iago: Hey, watch it. Watch it with the dumb rug!

The carpet zooms underneath Iago, who sighs with relief and wipes his brow. But not paying attention where he’s going, he crashes head-first into a pillar. He falls to the floor, and his head is circled by miniature Sultans on carpets, saying “Have a cracker, have a cracker”. The real Sultan begins his final approach.

Sultan: Out of the way, I'm coming in to land. Jafar, watch this!

Jafar: Spectacular, your highness.

Sultan: Ooh, lovely. Yes, I do seem to have a knack for it.

The carpet walks over to the others dizzily, then collapses. But Abu catches it with his trunk.

Sultan: This is a very impressive youth. And a prince besides. *whispers to Jafar* If we're lucky, you won't have to marry Jasmine after all.

Jafar: I don't trust him, sire. Or his friends.

Sultan: Nonsense. One thing I pride myself on Jafar, I'm an excellent judge of character.

Iago: *brushing himself off* Oh, excellent judge, yeah, sure...NOT!!!

That is when Jasmine came into the throne room quietly and eavesdropped on their conversation.

Sultan: Jasmine will like this one!

Usopp: On that, you’re majesty, we can agree on.

Aladdin: And I'm pretty sure I'll like Princess Jasmine!

Jafar: Your highness, no! I must intercede on Jasmine's behalf.

Jasmine hears this and gets mad.

Crocodile: I’m with Jafar, this boy is no different than the countless suitors who came before him. *glares at Aladdin* What makes this one think he is worthy of the princess?

Usopp: Your majesty, my master is Prince Ali Ababwa! The wooer of thousand women.

Usopp flicks Crocodile on the nose, causing him to rub it.

Usopp: Just let him have an audience with her, and he will surely win your daughter’s hand by tomorrow.

Jasmine: How dare you!

They all look at her surprised and startled, as they didn’t even see her come in.

Jasmine: All of you, standing around deciding my future? I am not a prize to be won!

Usopp: Whoops.

Sultan: Oh, dear. Don't worry, Prince Ali. Just give Jasmine time to cool down.

The Sultan take Aladdin and exits the room. The Straw Hats follow suit leaving behind Jafar and Crocodile in the room.

Zoro: Well that went well.

Sanji: Way to lay it on thick, ‘Yabusopp’! *smacks Usopp in the head*

Usopp: Ow! What’d I do?!

Nami: Well someone’s gonna smooth thing over with the princess, and you’re the best one for the job.

Usopp: Why me?

Nami: Because I said so!

Meanwhile, back in the throne rom with Jafar and Crocodile…

Jafar: Well…this will complicate things.

Crocodile: I don’t know why, I feel like I’ve seen them before. Either way this is a problem. What do you think?

Jafar: I think it’s time to say good bye to Prince Abooboo.

Crocodile: My thoughts exactly. We do it tonight!


Jul 28, 2004
in my mind
Chapter 9: Romancing of the Princess! A Whole New World!

Nighttime finally arrives in Agrabrah. Jasmine was up on her balcony, looking up at the starry sky. Then she went back in as we tilt down and our heroes, along with Aladdin and company down in the gardens. Everyone else was relaxing as Aladdin was disappointed by what just happened earlier.

Aladdin: What am I going to do? Jasmine won't even let me talk to her. I should have known I couldn't pull off this stupid prince wish.

Nami: Well, you were the one who wished to be a prince, it wasn’t like she was gonna love ya at first sight.

Aladdin: I thought she would. I just don’t understand why Jasmine hates me!

Zoro: She doesn’t hate “Aladdin”, she just hates “Prince Ali”.

Sanji: Besides, Usopp’s helping to clear a path for you. So you shouldn’t worry.

Robin: I’m more worried about why Crocodile is here.

Aladdin: Who?

Robin: Crocodile. A former enemy of ours. He once took over a whole country just to get his hands on an ancient weapon. But thankfully Luffy and his crew were able to thwart his plans and save the kingdom. We haven’t heard much about him since then.

Luffy: Come to think of it, I haven’t seen Crocodile since Marineford…I wonder what he’s doing here?

Robin: We’ll worry about him for another time. For now we should focus on getting back on Jasmine’s good side. Which Usopp is currently doing in place of yourself, Al.

Nearby, Abu struggles with his elephant paws to open a banana. He squishes it, and the banana squirts into his eye. He then tosses the banana peel into a heaping pile of the same. Near him, the Genie was busy playing chess with the magic carpet.

Genie: So move.

The carpet makes his move, knocking a black king piece off the board. This results in a checkmate.

Genie: Hey. That's a good move. *as Rodney Dangerfield* I can't believe it--I'm losing to a rug.

Speaking of Usopp, he should’ve been back by now. I wonder what’s keeping him?

Knowing Usopp, he’s probably spinning some absurd tale of some nonexistent deed that prince has never even—

Just then, Usopp was seen walking into the gardens, with his clothes ripped apart and his nose bent upwards in a ninety degree angle.

Luffy/Chopper: Usopp!

Franky: What happened to you?!

Usopp: I tell ya, that Jasmine is a blasted spitfire!

Brook: What did she do?

Nami: More importantly, what did you do?

Usopp: I didn’t do anything! I barely got a word out when she slammed the door in my face. Not to mention right on my nose. *pulls his nose back into place*

Nami: So was that before or after she tore up your clothes?

Usopp: No it was before, and it was her pet tiger that did this.

Chopper: She has a pet tiger?!

Usopp: Yeah, no sooner than I tried to explain, she sicced him on me! I was barely able to outrun that thing.

Nami: Well, go back up there and help calm her down.

Usopp: Oh no! I’m not going back up there just to face that oversized pussy cat with teeth! Look what he did to my pants!

Aladdin: Genie, I need help.

The Genie zips over to him, but as Jack Nicholson wearing dark shades.

Genie: *As Jack Nicholson* All right, sparky, here's the deal. You wanna court the little lady, you gotta be a straight shooter, do ya follow me?

Aladdin: What?

Genie: *Back to normal, wearing a mortarboard. He points out his words on a blackboard* Tell her the...TRUTH!!!

Aladdin: No way! If Jasmine found out I was really some crummy street rat, she'd laugh at me.

He puts on his turban, which lights up as the Genie.

Genie: A woman appreciates a man who can make her laugh!

Frowning, Aladdin pulls the chain turning off the light. The Genie comes out holding the real turban and hands it to him.

Genie: Al, all joking aside, you really oughtta be yourself.

Robin: Genie does make a point, Aladdin. It’d be far easier to be yourself than to be someone else.

Aladdin: Hey, that's the last thing I want to be. *puts on his cape* Okay, I'm gonna go see her. I gotta be smooth, cool, confident. *turns to the others* How do I look?

Genie: *sighs* Like a prince.

Usopp: Good luck! You’re gonna need it.

Aladdin then gets on the magic carpet and flies up to Jasmine’s balcony.

Zoro: Y’know, something tells me that Aladdin’s gonna mess this up badly.

Franky: How do you know?

Zoro: Call it a hunch.

Brook: So how do we know if Al does louse it up.

Robin: Allow me. *crosses arms* Oreja Fleur.

Robin sprouts an ear beneath the balcony railing, so it can’t be seen. In the room, Jasmine is on her bed with a sad look on her face as she gives out a depressing sigh. Rajah is by her side, sad as well. Then soon both hear Aladdin calling out to Jasmine.

Aladdin: Princess Jasmine?

Jasmine: Who’s there?

Aladdin: It's me--Prince Ali. Ahem-- *deep voice* Prince Ali Ababwa.

Jasmine: I do not want to see you.

Aladdin: No, no, please princess. Give me a chance.

Aladdin starts to move forward, but Rajah halts him and growls threateningly as he advances on him.

Jasmine: Just leave me alone.

Aladdin: Down kitty.

As Robin listens in to what was happening, Genie appears beside her.

Genie: So how’s are little beau doing?

Robin: How do I put this…

Robin pretends to cut her throat with her finger. Genie face-palms himself, seeing that this is not going well. Then before she went back in, Jasmine looks back at Aladdin and sees his turban off his head, while he was using to brush Rajah away. That’s when Jasmine noticed something very familiar about him. But the question is: Has she met him before?

Aladdin: Good kitty. Down kitty.

Jasmine: Wait, wait.

Rajah stops and went over to Jasmine’s side. She looks at him, thinking she has seen him before.

Jasmine: Do I know you?

Aladdin realizes he’s not wearing his turban and quickly puts it back on.

Aladdin: Uh, no, no.

Jasmine: You remind me of someone I met in the marketplace.

A bee then starts buzzing around Aladdin’s head as he comes up with an explanation.

Aladdin: The marketplace? I have servants that go to the marketplace for me. Why I even have servants who go to the marketplace for my servants, so it couldn't have been me you met.

Jasmine: No, I guess not.

Then the bee, which turns out to be Genie, spoke to Aladdin.

Genie: Enough about you, Casanova. Talk about her! She's smart, fun, the hair, the eyes. Anything--pick a feature!

Aladdin: Um, Princess Jasmine? You're very...

Genie: Wonderful, glorious, magnificent, punctual!

Aladdin: Punctual!

Jasmine: Punctual?

Hearing this, Robin groans as she rolls her eyes.

Genie: Sorry

Aladdin: Uhh…Beautiful!

Genie: Nice recovery.

Then, Jasmine gets a seductive look on her face.

Jasmine: Hmm. I'm rich too, you know

Aladdin: Yeah!

Jasmine: The daughter of a sultan

Aladdin: I know.

Jasmine: A fine prize for any prince to marry.

Jasmine was now backing him up towards the edge of the balcony. Then Aladdin starts to get nervous about this.

Aladdin: Uh, right. Right. A prince like me.

Genie: Warning! Warning!

Robin: Uh oh.

Usopp: ‘Uh oh’? She said, ‘uh oh’? Why’d you’d say ‘uh oh?!

Robin: Wait for it…

Jasmine: Right, a prince like you…and every other stuffed shirt, swaggering, peacock I've met!

Jasmine, now showing her anger, pulls Aladdin’s turban over his face and wrapped his cape around his head.

Genie: *Rear end on fire, wearing goggles and crashing* Mayday! Mayday!

Robin: And he got shot down.

Nami: That bad?

Robin: At least he got farther than Usopp.

Usopp: Hey!

Aladdin: But—

Jasmine: Just go jump off a balcony! *She turns and walks away*

Aladdin: What?

Genie: Stop her! Stop her! Do you want me to sting her?

Aladdin: Buzz off!

Genie: Okay, fine. But remember--bee yourself! *zips back into the lamp*

Aladdin: Yeah right!

Jasmine: What!?

Aladdin: Uh, you’re right. You aren’t just some prize to be won, * looks disappointed* You should be free to make your own choice.

Jasmine and Rajah look at each other in confusion.

Aladdin: I’ll go now. *steps up on the ledge and drops off*

Jasmine: NO!!

But Aladdin completely pokes his head up from over the edge.

Aladdin: What? What?

Jasmine was confused. Shouldn’t he have fallen straight down? She went over and peeked over the edge and see that he’s on a magic carpet.

Jasmine: How--how are you doing that?

Aladdin flew over on the carpet.

Aladdin: It's a magic carpet.

Jasmine: It's, uh, lovely

The carpet takes Jasmine’s hand with a tassel and kisses it.

Aladdin: You, uh, you don't want to go for a ride, do you?

Jasmine gives him a questionable look. She wasn’t so sure about this.

Aladdin: We could get out of the palace, see the world.

Jasmine: Is it safe?

Aladdin: Sure. Do you trust me?

Then she looks at him at the saying of that all-important line. She has heard that line before.

Jasmine: What?

Aladdin: *lending his hand out to her* Do you trust me?

Thinking about this, she came into a decision, and gets a sly grin on her face.

Jasmine: *slyly* Yes.

She takes his hand and gets up on the carpet. It zooms into the sky, knocking them both into sitting positions. Down in the gardens, the Straw Hats see them fly away.

Chopper: Hey! Where are they going?

Robin: I think Aladdin’s finally got onto Jasmine’s good side.

Sanji: Let’s hope he doesn’t blow it.

Jasmine looks back and sees Rajah looking up at her questioningly. She gasps as they fly over the palace wall and into the sky.

Aladdin: We can show you the world
Shining, shimmering, splendid
Tell me princess, now when did you last
Let your heart decide?

The carpet flies down through the town, stopping slightly to pick a flower. The carpet gives the flower to Aladdin, who gives it to Jasmine. She smiles as Aladdin continues to sing.

Aladdin: I can open your eyes
Take you wonder by wonder
Over, sideways, and under
On a magic carpet ride

The magic carpet do some swerves and spins as they fly. Then they shoot up to the sky.

Aladdin: A whole new world!
A new fantastic point of view
No one to tell us no
Or where to go
Or say we're only dreaming

Jasmine looks back and watch Agrabah disappear from sight. They fly in and out of the clouds. And they fly pass the moon. Jasmine was enjoying this so much, she began to sing beautifully.

Jasmine: A whole new world
A dazzling place we never knew
But when we’re way up here
It's crystal clear
That now I’m in a whole new world with you!

Aladdin: Now I’m in a whole new world with you!

They each catch a small cloud as they continue the flight. They then circle a pillar of clouds, giving a swirly look to it. The carpet did a somersault and they find themselves flying with a flock of birds.

Jasmine: Unbelievable sights.

One of the birds sees them and squawks in fright at the sight of them.

Jasmine: Indescribable feeling
Soaring, tumbling, freewheeling
Through an endless diamond sky

The carpet does somersaults and flips, at times putting Aladdin, Jasmine, and Glitter in free-fall, but catching them. They then zoom above the clouds where a starry night awaits them.

Jasmine: A whole new world!

Aladdin: Don't you dare close your eyes

Jasmine: A hundred thousand things to see

Aladdin: Hold your breath--it gets better!

Jasmine: I'm like a shooting star,
I've come so far
I can't go back to where I used to be!

They zoom down over a river, apparently the Nile, for beyond the ship's sails are the Great Pyramids. They wave at a worker sculpting the complete nose of the Sphinx. He smiles, but gasps and the sight of them and chisels too much and breaks off the front section of the nose. They both looked embarrassed.

Aladdin: A whole new world!

Jasmine: Every turn a surprise

Aladdin: With new horizons to pursue

Jasmine: Every moment, red-letter

They fly alongside a herd wild horses running. Jasmine pets one of the baby horses.

Both: I'll chase them anywhere
There's time to spare
Let me share this whole new world with you

Then they fly through Greece, where Aladdin grabs an apple from a tree and rolls it down his arm to Jasmine, who is now sure she is dealing with Aladdin, not Prince Ali.

Aladdin: A whole new world

Jasmine: A whole new world

Aladdin: That’s where we’ll be

Jasmine: That’s where we’ll be

Aladdin: A thrilling chase

Jasmine: A wondrous place

Both: For you and me.

Then they softly flew along over a lake, and we see the reflection of the moon in the lake. Fireworks burst and we see them at a Chinese New Year celebration, sitting on a rooftop. The two gazed at the fireworks as they exploded. Jasmine in sighs softly.

Jasmine: It's all so magical.

Aladdin: *dreamily* Yeah.

She looks at him and decides to burst the bubble.

Jasmine: It's a shame Abu had to miss this.

Aladdin: Nah. He hates fireworks. He doesn’t really like flying either.

Hearing this, the carpet looks right at him in surprise, realizing what is happening.

Aladdin: *realizes* Uhh… That is...oh no...

Aladdin, now realizing what he just gave himself away. Jasmine takes off his turban, revealing his true identity.

Jasmine: You are the boy from the market! I knew it. Why did you lie to me?

Aladdin: Jasmine, I’m sorry.

Jasmine: Did you think I was stupid?

Aladdin: No!

Jasmine: That I wouldn’t figure it out?

Aladdin: No. I mean, I hoped you wouldn’t. No, that’s not what I meant.

Jasmine: Who are you? Tell me the truth!

Aladdin: The truth? *He looks at the carpet who wave him on, giving up hope* The truth…the truth is…I sometimes dress as a commoner to escape the pressures of palace life. *the carpet slumps down in defeat* But I really am a prince! *The feather on his turban falls down over his eyes*

Jasmine: Why didn’t you just tell me?

Aladdin: Well, you know, um…royalty going out into the city in disguise, it sounds a little strange, don’t you think?

Jasmine: Not that strange.

She flicks up the feather and cuddles with him. The magic carpet puts a tassel under his "chin" and looks mystified. Aladdin was relived that he dodged a big proverbial bullet, but for now he enjoyed the moment with Jasmine as the fireworks went off.


Jul 28, 2004
in my mind
Chapter 10: Evil Exposed! Lamp Lost!

Later on, they have returned to the palace of Agrabah. It was around midnight when they returned, Aladdin flew Jasmine over to the balcony. The magic carpet forms a set of steps and she descends. Aladdin then descends just below the balcony and looks back at her.

Jasmine: Good night, my handsome prince.

Aladdin: Sleep well, princess.

Of course, they have been leaning closer and closer, as if they are about to kiss. But the magic carpet bumps Aladdin up and they kiss sooner than expected. Both were surprised, but they soon gave in to the kiss. Their lips then parted, and she walks away slowly. Then she turns and looks at him. Finally, she enters her room through the curtain.

Aladdin: Yes!

He falls back onto the carpet, who descends to the ground, along with Tyler and Glitter. Aladdin then lies back on the carpet, looking up at the balcony.

Aladdin: For the first time in my life, things are starting to go right.

Without warning, four sets of hands grab Aladdin and pin him to the ground. As he is tied up and gagged, Aladdin sees Abu hanging from a net in a tree. Carpet tries to fight off the guards but get tied in a tree. The Straw Hats are brought in as well, and every one of them was bound, gagged and out cold by the guards. Then, the guards moved aside, and Jafar and Crocodile appears before them.

Jafar: I’m afraid you and your entourage have worn out your welcome, Prince Abooboo.

Crocodile: Nothing personal, but the vizier and I have some big plans in the works. And it involves Jafar marrying Jasmine, he becomes the Sultan and you going bye-bye.

Jafar: *walks away* Make sure they’re never found.

Then the guards knocked out Aladdin after striking him in the back of the head. And all went black…

The guards then laughed as we now see them tossing Aladdin and the Straw Hats off a cliff. They fall into the ocean and splash into the water. Just after they splash, Aladdin and Sanji gain conscious. They try to swim up, but their feet are tied to rocks. They reached the bottom of the ocean floor and they struggled to get free. Sanji spins around, triggering Diable Jamble which caused the chains to melt and free his legs. He went to Aladdin first, but Aladdin motions him to free the others first. As Aladdin struggled, his turban falls off and the lamp tumbles out. He sees this and struggles to rub the lamp. Sanji tried to hold his breath as he tries to free the others. Aladdin continues to try to get the lamp, but then, he loses oxygen and loses consciousness and falls to the floor. Shocked to see Aladdin not breathing or alive, Sanji sees the lamp and takes it. He rubs it and out comes Genie with a bath brush, rubber duckie, and shower cap.

Genie: It never fails. You get in the bath and there’s a rub at the lamp. *squeaks the duck* Hello. *sees Sanji starting to turn blue* Sanji? Guys?

Then he sees the unconscious Aladdin.

Genie: Al? Al! Kid, snap out of it! Look you can't cheat on this one! I can't help you all unless one of you makes a wish. You have to say “Genie, I want you to save my life”. Got it? Okay. C'mon Aladdin!!

He grabs Aladdin by the shoulders and shakes him. His head goes up, then falls, looking like a “YES”.

Genie: I'll take that as a yes. *head turns into a siren* Wooga! Wooga!

Turning into submarine, Genie grabs Aladdin and Straw Hats as he babbles in something that sounds like German. On the surface, a giant water spout emerges, and lands on top of the cliff. Genie puts everyone down as they cough the water out of their lungs.

Genie: Don't you guys scare me like that!

Aladdin: Genie, I--uh, I-uh...

Aladdin couldn’t think of how to say it, so they just hug each other.

Aladdin: Thanks, Genie

Genie: Oh, Al. I'm gettin' kind of fond of you, kid. Not that I want to pick out curtains or anything

Brook: *coughs* What the-*cough* What happened?!

Franky: And why are we all wet?

Sanji: We almost went sleeping with fishes.

Aladdin: How did you guys get caught?

Zoro: *groans* it wasn’t intentional, I assure you. No sooner than you and Jasmine left, we got jumped by the palace guards. Didn’t even give us a chance.

Sanji: Next thing we knew we woke up underwater and now we’re not.

Robin: Well, right now, we got bigger problems.

Luffy: Yeah, Crocodile and that other jerk are gonna take over Agrabah.

Usopp: And it’s our problem, why?

Robin: If we don’t stop them, it will be Alabasta all over again! And who knows what those two might do.

Aladdin: Well, what are we waiting for? We got to get back to the palace

Nami: Genie, takes back to Agrabah. On the double!

Genie: *As John Wayne* You got it, little lady. All aboard Genie Airlines!

Genie grabs everyone into his arms and zooms all the way back to Agrabah. Back at the palace, Jasmine was in her room, humming "A Whole New World" and brushing her hair, which is no longer braided. Then the Sultan appears in one of the double doors, but hypnotized.

Sultan: Jasmine.

Jasmine: Oh, father--I just had the most wonderful time. I'm so happy.

Sultan: *monotone* You should be, Jasmine. I have chosen a husband for you.

Jasmine: What?

The other door opens and reveals Jafar, along with Iago and Crocodile.

Sultan: You will wed Jafar.

Jasmine gasps at the sight of him.

Jafar: You're speechless, I see. A fine quality in a wife. *takes her hand*

Jasmine: I will never marry you! *to the Sultan* Father, I choose Prince Ali!

Crocodile: Prince Ali left!

Aladdin: Better check your crystal ball again, Crocodile.

They looked to see Aladdin and the Straw Hats standing at the doorway to the balcony.

Jasmine: Prince Ali!

Jafar/Crocodile: What the!

Iago: How in the he--*stops himself* --uh, awk!

Nami: Surprised to see us?!

Aladdin: Tell them the truth, Jafar! You tried to have me, and my friends killed.

Crocodile: Ha! Your highness, why would you believe these liars?

Nami: Lairs?!

Aladdin: You ordered the guards to chuck us into the sea!

Jafar: This is ridiculous nonsense, your highness. They are obviously lying. *he brings the staff close to the Sultan's face*

Sultan: Obviously...lying.

Jasmine: Father, what's wrong with you?!

Then Aladdin and Luffy sees the staff with glowing eyes and they see the cause of the Sultan’s strange behavior.

Aladdin: We know what’s wrong.

Aladdin charges at Jafar, and Crocodile leaps in to stop him. But he was tackled by Luffy and was knocked away.

Crocodile: You little…!

Crocodile was about to counter but Luffy slugs him in the face, knocking into a nearby pillar. In the confusion Robin grabs the staff away from Jafar.

Robin: *to Aladdin* Here! *tosses the staff to Aladdin*

Aladdin catches it and smashes the cobra head to the floor, destroying it. Jafar flinches and the Sultan finally snaps out of his hypnosis, returning to normal.

Sultan: Oh, oh, oh my!

Aladdin: Your highness, Jafar's been controlling you with this! *gives the Sultan the staff*

Sultan: Wha-w-w-what?!

Robin: It’s true, sire. He has conspired with Crocodile into having you give Jasmine’s hand in marriage to him via hypnosis.

Chopper: And you were just about to too!

Sultan: *angrily* Jafar? Crocodile? You, you traitors!

Jafar: Your majesty, all of this can be explained...

Sultan: Guards! Guards!

Sanji: It’s over, Crocodile! You’re both going down.

Iago: *speaking English* Well, that's it--we're dead, forget about it. Just dig a grave for all three of us. We're dead.

Jafar sees the lamp in Aladdin's turban. He makes a move but is grabbed by the guards.

Sultan: Arrest Jafar and Crocodile at once!

Crocodile recovers from the punch and suddenly realizes who Aladdin’s entourage was. Before he could react, the guards grab him and bring him over with Jafar.

Crocodile: This isn’t over yet, Straw Hat!

Crocodile opens his hand and begins to create a whirlwind of sand in his palm.

Zoro: Stop him!

Crocodile: Sables!

Crocodile throws the whirlwind down, creating a dust storm of sand all over the room. By the time the sands disappeared Jafar, Crocodile and even Iago have vanished.

Nami: They’re gone!

Sultan: Find them, search everywhere!

The guards take off to find them

Aladdin: Jasmine, are you all right?

Jasmine: Yes.

They lean in to kiss, but the Sultan barges between them.

Sultan: Jafar, my most trusted counselor, plotting against me all this time. Just horrible. How will I ever—

Robin: *taps the Sultan* Forgive me for interrupting you mid lament, but I think something a bit more positive is happening.

Robin points to the pair that is Aladdin and Jasmine and the Sultan suddenly realizes.

Sultan: Can it be true? My daughter has finally chosen a suitor? *Jasmine shakes her head yes* Ha Ha! Praise Allah!

Franky: Alright!

Usopp: I knew he could win her heart.

Nami: No you didn’t.

Usopp: Hey!

Sultan: You brilliant boy, I could kiss you! I won't--I'll leave that to my--. You two will be wed at once! Yes, yes. And you'll be happy and prosperous, and then my boy, you will be sultan!

Aladdin: Sultan?

Sultan: Yes, a fine upstanding youth like yourself, a person of your unimpeachable moral character is exactly what this kingdom needs!

As everyone celebrates, Aladdin then gets a concerned look on his face. He still didn’t tell Jasmine the real truth and now he’ll have an even harder time to do so. Back inside the hidden chamber, Jafar, Crocodile and Iago enter after evading the palace guards. Iago frantically flies over to his cage in a panic, as Jafar and Crocodile smile broadly upon closing the door.

Iago: We gotta get outta here! We gotta get out-- I gotta start packing, you guys. Only essentials. We gotta travel light. Bring the guns, the weapons, the knives…

Iago start throwing all sorts of junk into a bag but stops and takes out a picture of himself and Jafar.

Iago: …and how about this picture? I don't know--I think I'm making a weird face in it.

Then all the sudden, Jafar and Crocodile starts to laugh wildly, banging their fists on the door.

Iago: Oh, boy--they cracked. They’ve gone nuts.

Iago flies down to Jafar and knocks on his head.

Iago: Jafar? Crocodile? Get a grip!

Then suddenly, Jafar grabs him by the neck.

Iago: Good grip!

Jafar: Prince Ali is nothing more than that ragged urchin Aladdin!

Crocodile: And his so called entourage are the Straw Hat Pirates! But that still doesn’t explain how they escape from the cave?

Jafar: There’s only one way Crocodile, they have the lamp!

Crocodile: What?! Impossible!

Jafar: I saw it in his turban! I swear! How do you think they escaped that cave?!

Crocodile: Of course! Which also explains how they escaped their watery grave.

Iago: Why those miserable—

Jafar: *to Iago* But you are going to relieve them of it!

Iago: Me?

Crocodile: Yes you! Gentlemen, Plan ‘A’ is back on!

The next morning, our heroes are with Aladdin as he looks out to the gardens. Although no sign of Crocodile or Jafar was found since last night, that was not problem. Aladdin was fine with finally winning Jasmine’s heart, but now he is to become the next Sultan, something that he didn’t count on happening.

Aladdin: Sultan? They want me to be sultan?

Genie: *emerge from the Lamp* Huzzah! Hail the conquering hero!

Genie turns into a one-man band and celebrates. But he sees Aladdin walk away with his head hung sadly, with his friends following him. He stops, scratches his head in confusion, comes up with an idea, and then zooms over to Aladdin. He holds up his hands like a director scoping a picture and we look through them.

Genie: Aladdin, you've just won the heart of the princess. What are you gonna do next?

Aladdin looks at him, then walks away in sadness to the bed, where he falls on it and sighs. Genie is confused once again, then goes to him and pulls out a script labeled “Aladdin”.

Genie: Psst, your line is “I'm going to free the genie”. Anytime.

Aladdin: Genie...I can't.

Genie: Sure you can. You just go “Genie, I wish you free”.

Genie grabs Aladdin's head and uses him as a mock ventriloquist's dummy. But Aladdin pulls away.

Aladdin: I'm serious. Look, I'm sorry--I really am. But they want to make me sultan--no! They want to make Prince Ali sultan. Without you, I'm just Aladdin.

Genie: Al, you won!

Aladdin: Because of you! The only reason anyone thinks I'm worth anything is because of you! What if they find out I’m not really a prince? *Quietly* What if Jasmine finds out? I’ll lose her. Genie, I can’t keep this up on my own. I-I can’t wish you free.

Genie: *Sarcastically* Fine, I understand. After all, you’ve lied to everyone else. Hey, I was beginning to feel left out. Now, if you’ll excuse me, master.

He says the last word in disgust, then poofs back into the lamp. Around the time, Abu and the magic carpet are watching from the window. Aladdin then feels bad after what he said to the Genie.

Aladdin: Genie, I'm really sorry.

But a tongue comes out of the spout and raspberries him.

Aladdin: Well, fine. *He slams a pillow on top of the lamp* Then just stay in there!

Then he looks at Abu and the carpet.

Aladdin: What are you guys looking at?

Just like the Genie, both were taking back by what Aladdin said. Both of them began to sadly walk away.
Aladdin: Look, I--I'm sorry. Wait, Abu-- wait--I'm sorry, I didn't--wait, c'mon.

Then he notices the Straw Hats glaring at him, very unhappily too.

Aladdin: *sighs* Let me guess. Now it’s your turn to lecture me?

Zoro: No…we’re not. Come on guys, let’s give ‘Prince Ali’ some space.

The Straw Hats all walk out of the room, all except for Robin who looks at Aladdin with a somewhat plain look.

Aladdin: Okay! Fine, I didn’t tell truth, alright. But what was I supposed to do?! Jasmine almost figured me out and now they’re expecting me to be the next sultan. I mean...what else can I do? *Robin says nothing* Well say something!

Robin: *pauses* The way I see it, you have two choices; you either continue pretending to be a prince until you’re exposed as a fraud or you come clean about who you really are and hope that they understand. You and you alone will have to make that choice. Because one way or the other, the truth will come out.

Aladdin: But how?

Robin: You’re a smart boy, Aladdin. You figure it out.

And with that Robin leaves, after she left the room, Aladdin deeply sighs.

Aladdin: What am I doing? Genie and Robin are right--I gotta tell Jasmine the truth.

Then he wears Jasmine’s voice in a distance.

Jasmine: Ali, oh Ali--will you come here?

Aladdin: Well, here goes.

He puts on his turban. Then he walks into the garden where there were flocks of flamingos.

Jasmine? Where are you?

Apparently, one of the flamingos was actually Iago disguised as one, wearing a beak and standing on stilts next to a flamingo in the pond. He is imitating Jasmine's voice to draw Aladdin out.

Iago: Ahem—*as Jasmine* Out in the menagerie, hurry.

Aladdin: I'm coming.

He hurries past, not noticing the birds. Iago laughs, then turns back and looks into the face of a flamingo, who is panting, thinking that Iago was a girl flamingo.

Iago: Ya got a problem, pinky?

He sweeps the bird's feet out from under it. Then he runs into the palace and finds the lamp under the pillow.

Iago: Boy, the guys are gonna be happy to see you! *as Jafar* Excellent work, Iago! *as Crocodile* Nice job, bird. *Normal* Ah, go on. *as Jafar* No, really--on a scale of one to ten, *as Crocodile* you are an eleven! *Normal* Ah, Jafar, Crocodile--you’re too kind. I’m embarrassed, I’m blushing.

After it has happened, the Straw Hats were heading towards the palace foyer.

Luffy: I believe Al would behave like that to Genie.

Franky: Don’t blame him, they painted Aladdin into a corner. It’s not his fault for not being careful.

Chopper: So what do we do now?

Zoro: Nothing. Aladdin got himself into this mess, he can get himself out of it.

Usopp: I hope so.

Meanwhile, the Sultan is standing on top of a balcony above the entrance of the palace, making an announcement to the people he had been waiting to give for so long.

Sultan: People of Agrabah, my daughter has finally chosen a suitor!

Behind the Sultan, Jasmine was peeking behind the curtains, when Aladdin appears at the bottom of the stairs.

Aladdin: Jasmine?

Jasmine: *rushes over to him* Ali, where have you been?

Aladdin: Jasmine, there's something I've got to tell you.

Jasmine: The whole kingdom has turned out for father's announcement!

Jasmine pulls Aladdin up to the balcony and get him ready for his ‘introduction’.

Aladdin: No! But Jasmine, listen to me, please!

Jasmine: *kisses him* Good luck!

She pushes him out onto the platform with the Sultan, where he overlooks the entire crowd.

Sultan: …Ali Ababwa!

The crowd then cheers for Aladdin.

Aladdin: *mumbles* Oh, boy…

Unaware, above them were Jafar, Iago and Crocodile, looking out a window at him below.

Iago: Look at them, cheering that little pipsqueak

Crocodile: Let them cheer. Because they won’t be cheering for long. Jafar, will you do the honors?

Jafar: Gladly.

Smiling evilly, Jafar lifts the lamp and rubs it. Genie then comes out, thinking Aladdin has summoned him.

Genie: You know Al, I'm getting…

Genie turns around expecting to see Aladdin. But he was surprised to only find Jafar and Crocodile instead.

Genie: Reallyyyyyy--I don't think either of you are him.

He descends and consults a playbill.

Genie: *reading playbill* Tonight, the role of Al will be played by a tall, dark and sinister ugly man.

Jafar: I am your master now!

Jafar grabs and throws Genie to the ground and puts his foot on his face.

Genie: *muffled* I was afraid of that.

Jafar: Genie grant me my first wish. I wish to rule on high, as sultan!!!

Outside the palace, dark clouds began to swirl above, creating a foreboding atmosphere.

Luffy: Huh?

Franky: Did someone call for dark clouds today?

Nami: I don’t think this weather’s normal. Something isn’t right!

Zoro: She’s right! Something IS wrong! Come on!

Back to where we left Aladdin, Jasmine, and the Sultan, the palace now starts to shake violently. The roof rips off and the Sultan and Aladdin ducks.

Aladdin: Whoa!

Sultan: Bless my soul. What is this? What is going on?

The Straw Hats arrive just in time and rush over to Aladdin.

Aladdin! What’s going on?!

Aladdin: I don’t know!

Just then, the Sultan’s turban lifts off his head. When he tries to grab it, his whole body flies up, then is stripped of all his clothing except his boxer shorts. The clothing reappears on Jafar, who appears out of nowhere with Iago and Crocodile. Jafar began to laugh evilly in his new sultan attire.

Sultan:Jafar, you vile betrayer.

Iago: That’s Sultan Vile Betrayer to you.

Aladdin: Oh, yeah? Well, we’ll just see about that!

He pulls off his own turban, only to discover that its empty.

Aladdin: The Lamp!

Jafar: Finders-keepers, Abooboo!

Then the whole palace began to shake violently again. Then, Aladdin and the Straw Hats were shocked to see a gigantic Genie, their own friend, lift the palace into the clouds. Aladdin whistles and the magic carpet flies up to greet him. Luffy grabs on and they fly up near the Genie's head.

Aladdin: Genie! No!

Luffy: I wish you stop! Put it back!

Genie: *sadly* Sorry, guys--I got a new master now.

He places the palace on top of a mountain.

Sultan: Jafar, I order you to stop!

Crocodile: Sorry, sultan, but there’s a new order now--

Jafar: MY order! Finally, I will give Agrabah the ruler it deserves, and you will bow to me!

Jasmine: We'll never bow to you!

Iago: Why am I not surprised?

Jafar: If you will not bow before the will of a sultan, THEN YOU WILL COWER BEFORE THE MIGHT OF A SORCERER!! *yells to Genie* Genie, my second wish--I wish to be the most powerful sorcerer IN THE WORLD!

Having no choice but to grant his wish, the Genie extends his finger. Aladdin and Luffy tries to stop him, but he cannot, and another Genie (tm) brand lightning bolt strikes Jafar, returning him to his normal look, and granting him his new cobra-headed staff.

Iago: Ladies and gentlemen, a warm Agrabah welcome for Sorcerer Jafar!

Sanji: Ooh boy!

Jafar: Now where were we? Ah, yes--abject humiliation!

And he zaps Jasmine and the Sultan with his staff, enveloping them in a red aura, and they both bow to him. He even zapped the Straw Hats in a red aura as well, pinning them in place. Jafar then turns to see Rajah running at him.

Jafar: Down boy!

Jafar zaps Rajah with bolt of magic, changing him back into a little tiger cub.

Rajah: Meow?

Usopp/Chopper: EEHHH?!?!?

Crocodile: Now that’s funny! And speaking of laughs…

Jafar turns to Jasmine and lifts her chin with his staff.

Jafar: Oh princess—there's someone I'm DYING to introduce you to

Aladdin: Jafar! Get your hands off her!

Aladdin and Luffy comes flying towards him on the carpet. Jafar and Crocodile turns to them as they break into a song.

Jafar: Prince Ali
Yes, it is he,
But not as you know him.

Crocodile: Read our lips and come to grips
With reality

He zaps Aladdin off the magic carpet. Then he zaps him again and he brings him and Jasmine closer in the air.

Jafar: Yes, meet a blast from your past

Crocodile: Whose lies were just too good to last

Jafar: Say hello to your precious Prince Ali!

Jafar zaps Aladdin’s clothes, thus turning him back into himself. Jasmine became shocked by this as Aladdin looks at her in shame.

Iago: Or should we say Aladdin?

Crocodile: And that’s not all! Jafar, show them who else was with him.

Jafar: With pleasure, playing the roles of Prince Ali’s entourage are…

Jafar swings his staff around, creating a wave of magic that sweeps the area. The wave strikes the Straw Hats, changing their clothes all the way back to when they first arrived in Agrabah.

Iago: The Straw Hat Pirates!!!

Luffy: What the?!

Nami: Our clothes?!

Jasmine: Ali.

Aladdin: Jasmine, I tried to tell you. I’m not--

Jafar: So Ali turns out to be merely Aladdin

Jafar zaps Abu as he charges, turning back into his monkey self.

Jafar: Just a con, need I go on?

Crocodile: Take it from we

Crocodile sends out a sand tornado, grabbing Aladdin, Abu and the Straw Hats.

Jafar: Their personality flaws

Crocodile: Give us adequate cause *pinches Luffy’s nose and then smacks his face*

Jafar: To send them all packing on a one-way trip
So their prospects take a terminal dip

Crocodile casts them into a tall tower, with Aladdin screaming for Genie.

Jafar: Their assets frozen,

Crocodile: the venue chosen

Jafar: Is the ends of the earth, whoopee!

The carpet manages to get in before Jafar launches it like a rocket by swinging his staff like a golf club.

Crocodile: So long

Iago: Good bye, see ya!

Jafar: Ex-Prince Ali!

Then Jafar begins to laugh manically, for his darkest desires have finally became reality. Jasmine and the Sultan could do nothing but cower in fear, for they and the city were now at Jafar’s mercy…


Jul 28, 2004
in my mind
Chapter 11: Rumble in Agrabah! Battle against the Desert Tyrants!

Somewhere in a snowy wasteland far near the edge of the world, the pillar crashes and starts rolling down the slope of the mountain. As it rolls, our heroes were tumbled out or thrown out. They became buried in the snow as the pillar comes to a complete stop. Luffy is the first to emerge from the snow and looks around.

Luffy: GUYS!!! WHERE ARE YOU?!?!

Zoro was the second to pop out of the snow, coughing out any snow that got into his mouth.

Luffy: Zoro, you okay!

Zoro: Yeah. *coughs* We had better landings.

Then before they know it, the rest of the Straw Hats emerge from the snow, including Aladdin. It didn’t take long for all of them to be affected by the cold.

Usopp: Man, it’s freezing!

Zoro: Is everyone here?

Franky: I think so.

Nami: Wait! Where’s Abu?!

Aladdin: Abu? Abuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

Chopper: Over there!

The group looks back at a shivering pile of snow. Aladdin rushes over and starts digging til he find Abu underneath.

Aladdin: Oh, this is all my fault--I should have freed the genie when I had the chance.

He digs out Abu and cradles him inside his vest to keep him warm.

Aladdin: Abu! Are you okay?

Abu gives a slight thumbs-up, a bit frozen but okay.

Aladdin: I’m sorry, guys--I made a mess of everything.

Robin: Now’s not the time for apologies.

Yeah! Right now we gotta get out of here before we all turn into icicles.

Aladdin: I gotta go back and set things right.

Brook: By yourself?!

Aladdin: If I have to!

Luffy: Not a chance! We’re all in this together.

Usopp: We are?

Luffy: Yes, we are! We’re not gonna let those two send us flying and get away with it. And I’m going back there to give them a punch in the nose! *starts walking through the snow*

Even if you have to walk the whole way!

Luffy: Yeah! And nothing’s gonna stop me—

Suddenly Luffy steps on something causes him to trip and fall. It was a frozen carpet and lifted from the snow.

Aladdin: Carpet!

Franky: So much for walking the way there.

Aladdin looks up and sees Carpet is pinned by the pillar. He tugs to try and free Carpet. He can’t do it, so he begins to remove snow from the base of the pillar.

Aladdin: Guys, start digging!

The group started to dig carpet out from the snow. Finally, enough snow has been removed, and the pillar begins to roll. As the pillar rolls, the group tries to outrun it, only to run out of room to run. Suddenly, Zoro step in front and draws one of his katanas.

Zoro: I got this. Ittoryu…Daishinkan!

Zoro executes a two handed overhead swing from the top down and the pillar splits clean in two. The group forms a line as the pillar pieces roll around them and falls into the endless chasm below.

Aladdin: Yeah! All right!

He looks up at his new turban, made out of a scared Abu. Carpet shakes off the snow and rushes over to pick them up.

Aladdin: Now, back to Agrabah!

Luffy: Let’s go!

Later on, back at the palace, it remains on top of a mountain, shrouded in red clouds, as thunder strikes. Inside, the throne room became filled with treasure, and was decorated in cobra motif. Jafar was sitting on the throne with Jasmine, now dressed as a slave, chained next to him. Iago has the Sultan tied up like a marionette (and dressed up like one too), shoving crackers down his throat. Crocodile was leaning on the throne with an annoyed look on his face.

Iago: Puppet ruler want a cracker? Here's your cracker. Shove 'em all right down your throat. Here, have lots!

Jafar pulls the chain, and Jasmine walks up to him holding an apple.

Jasmine: Stop it, Jafar, Leave him alone!

Jafar motions Iago to stop. Iago stops for a second, then continues.

Jafar: It pains me to see you reduced to this, Jasmine. *He takes a bite out of the apple she is holding* A beautiful desert bloom such as yourself should be on the arm of the most powerful man in the world.

He waves his finger, and Jasmine’s chains disappeared and transform into a crown.

Jafar: What do you say, my dear? Why, with you as my queen…

Jasmine: Never!

Jasmine, disgusted by the mere thought, grabs a nearby glass of wine and splashes it in Jafar’s face. Jafar growls angrily as the wine were splashed at his face.

Jafar: I'll teach you some respect!

As Jafar angrily stood up, Jasmine falls to the floor as he raises his hand to slap her. Just as he was about to, an idea enters his head.

Jafar: Hmm. *he turns to the Genie, who sits sadly near him* Genie. *Genie looks over at him sadly* I have decided to make my final wish. I wish for Princess Jasmine to fall desperately in love with me.

Jasmine gasps softly in shock.

Crocodile: Hold it, Jafar!

Crocodile swipes the lamp out of Jafar’s hands with his hook.

Jafar: Give that back Crocodile!

Crocodile: Not a chance! You already used up two of your wishes, I’m not gonna let waste your last one.

Jafar: *grabs the lamp* But I OWN the lamp; therefore I get to make MY wishes as I see fit!

Crocodile: *tugs the lamp* You already got be the strongest sorcerer ever and rule Agrabah, in my book that’s good enough.

Jafar: *tugs the lamp back* For me, enough is never enough. And with Jasmine as my queen, I will have this kingdom by right.

Crocodile: And to also whet your appetite I’ll bet.

Jasmine shudders at what Crocodile said, not wanting to know what he meant.

Jafar: As if you cared about my appetites.

Crocodile: What I care is what Morganna will do if we don’t call in. *pulls the lamp back* Which is what I’m gonna do now.

Jafar: Fine…call upon Her Radiance.

Crocodile pulls out small orb-like device and tosses it to the ground. The orb expands into a disc and then projects a beam of light, and from said light emerges a projection of Morganna, sitting upon her throne.

Morganna: Aah! Jafar and Sir Crocodile! I was hoping you two would call back.

Crocodile: Your Radiance, we have some good news. The lamp and its genie are in our possession.

Morganna: Excellent! I trust that the acquisition was at no expense.

Of course not, your grace. In fact, I had already use two of my wishes confirm its abilities.

Morganna: You…already…used the lamp?

Indeed, thanks to the genie, I have seized control of Agrabah and am now the most powerful—

Morganna: YOU IDIOTS!!!!

Morganna’s roar was so loud that it shook the entire throne room. Some of the piles of gold began to collapse from the tremors.


Crocodile: Well, we had to use it to take care of some loose ends. And for the record…Jafar was the one who made them, and he has about to use the last one.

Morganna: And how many have you made Sir Crocodile?

Crocodile: None yet, Your Radiance.

Morganna: Good…Crocodile, you use the lamp and do as I instructed.

Crocodile: Of course. *to Genie* okay, Genie. Now I have a wish to make…and I expect you to grant it.

By this time, Aladdin and Straw Hats have just arrived in Agrabah and head straight for the palace. Back at the palace, Crocodile was fuming mad at Genie over something.


Genie: I told you. The items you’re asking for cannot be wished for. The powers that made them are so ancient that they surpasses even my magic. I can’t summon them here even if I wanted to.

Jafar: Well so much for that.

Morganna: Not yet…we may still have a use for the Genie. I have ways of getting some “proper” use out of him.

Genie gulps nervously at what Morganna meant.

Jafar: So does that mean we can use the lamp?

Morganna: …it does. But once you have your ‘fun’, bring it to me. It that clear?

Crocodile/Jafar: Yes, your Radiance.

Morganna: Good…I look forward to receiving my new ‘toy’.

And with that, Morganna’s projection vanishes and the disc-like device flies back to Crocodile.

Jafar: So what now?

Crocodile: Now…I get to use my wishes.

Jafar: What are you gonna wish first?

Crocodile: I’m thinking…

An idea suddenly pops into Crocodile’s head and a sinister smile creeps along his face.

Jafar: What’s with that face?

Crocodile: Just this. *to Genie* Oh genie…for my first wish; I want you to awaken my Devil Fruit powers. Grant me the ability to turn stone and metal into grains of sand and remold them to my will!

Genie: Are ya sure you don’t wanna wish for something simple? Maybe your own kingdom, or perhaps even a sandwich--

Crocodile: *grabs Genie by his throat* Either you grant my wish, or I’ll turn you into the first blue raisin!

Genie: Okay! Okay! *as Ed Norton* Yeesh! What a grouch!

Genie fires a Genie (tm) brand lightning bolt at Crocodile. He could feel the magic surging through his body as his wish was granted. In mere seconds, the last of the magic seeps into Crocodile’s body.

Jafar: Well?

Crocodile: *checks himself* I don’t feel any different, aside from this slight tingle. *to Genie* Are you sure place the you granted my wish?

Genie: Well I zapped you with my magic, didn’t I?

Crocodile: Hmm.

Crocodile goes over to a gold pile where Iago was sitting near. He gets an idea, he stretches his left arm out, and suddenly the gold starts to move. The coins dissolved into a fine metallic dust as they merge with his hook, causing it to turn into a melted blob. Within seconds, more gold began to merge with the blob until it became a large lump of gold on his hand. With all that gold, Crocodile was having a hard time holding it all up. But another idea pops into his head and begins to concentrate. The gold begins to spread up to Crocodile’s shoulder, once it did it began to solidify into its metallic state, giving Crocodile a golden armor. Once at the hands, five fingers burst out, forming a claw-like hand replacing his hook. By the time it was done, Crocodile had created a golden dragon claw. On impulse, he slashes his newfound claw on a nearby pillar, swiping a huge chunk out of it. Crocodile begins to laugh triumphantly, as Jafar looks with surprise.

Jafar: Impressive.

Crocodile: Impressive nothing! It’s everything I ever hoped for! Okay Genie, you can go grant Jafar’s wish while I think of something else to wish for.

Genie: *as Buckley* Ah, master-- there are a few addendas, some quid pro quo—

Jafar: Don't talk back to us, you stupid blue lout! You will do what we order you to do, slave!

Then Jasmine noticed something at the window above them. They see Aladdin, and the Straw Hats there. They began to smile brightly, and Aladdin and the others motioned them to keep quiet and play along. An idea hits Jasmine, an idea she hopes she can get away with.

Jasmine: Jafar…

Jafar, Crocodile and Genie turn to look over at her.

Jasmine: *seductively* I never realized how incredibly handsome you are. *places the crown on her head*

Genie’s jaw literally drops in shock. He ACTUALLY thought Jafar’s wish came true. But Jafar smiles delightfully, as Crocodile stares in disbelief.

Jafar: Mmm, that's better.

He pulls the Genie's jaw up like a shade and walks up to Jasmine.

Jafar: Now, *places the lamp on the throne* pussycat, tell me more about…myself.

Jasmine: You're tall, dark, well dressed..

As Genie figures out how Jafar’s wish worked with a confused look, he notices our heroes hiding behind a pillar.

Genie: Guys! Al, little buddy!

Aladdin: Shhh!

Understood, Genie literally zips his mouth shut. He went over to them and starts talking. But his mouth was zipped shut, so he unzips it.

Genie: Guys, I can't help you--I work for senor psychopath now. *His head turns into Jafar’s, then back* What are guys gonna do?

Aladdin: Hey--I’m a street rat, remember? *rezips Genie’s mouth* I’ll improvise.

Everyone waited in the shadows as Aladdin and Luffy went for the lamp. Aladdin slides down a pile of coins and hides close to Jafar and Jasmine. But Jafar’s back was turned to him.

Jafar: Go on.

Jasmine: And your beard...is so...twisted!

She has her arms around him. She pretends to twist with her finger, but she is actually motioning for Aladdin to come over. He makes his move. But Iago sees him and gasps.

Iago: Jaf--mmmmmm!

But he was interrupted when Abu and Chopper grabs him and covers his beak.

Jafar: And the street rat?

Jasmine: What street rat?

Crocodile: Wait a minute! Somehow I am not fully convinced.

Jafar: Why, whatever do you mean, Crocodile? I’m convinced.

Crocodile: And yet the Genie didn’t do any of that magic hocus-pocus on her. How do we know she’s faking it?

Jafar: What would it take to convince you?

Crocodile: Prove it.

Jafar: How?

Crocodile: Have her kiss you…on the lips.

Jasmine was about to do so, and Aladdin was about to grab the lamp, when Iago manages to knock over a bowl. Crocodile was about to turn and look when Jasmine grabs Jafar and kisses him on the lips. Aladdin looks both shocked and disgusted after he sees Jasmine kissed Jafar. The Straw Hats reactions varied; Luffy eyes bulged out in shock, Usopp and Franky’s mouths dropped straight to the ground, Sanji, Zoro, and Robin’s face went pale, Nami throws up in her mouth and Brook’s lower jaw falls right off in shock. Abu, Chopper and Iago disgusted by the scene. Even Crocodile’s face turns pale green with disgust.

Chopper/Abu: Yuck!

Jafar: Convinced now, Crocodile?

Crocodile: *gulps* I have to admit, that was—

But he stops when he notices Aladdin and Luffy's reflection in her crown.

Crocodile: --a believable performance…especially since she has some motivation.

Crocodile points to Jasmine’s crown and Jafar sees the reflection. Aladdin, realizing that he’s been seen, makes a run for the lamp.

Jafar: YOU!

Aladdin was just inches from the lamp, but Jafar blasts him to the pile of gold coins. Genie and Jasmine gasps in shock.

Jafar: How many times do I have to kill you, boy?!

Crocodile: As many as it takes! Desert la Spada!

Crocodile fires several solid blades with fan-shaped edges at Aladdin, but Luffy jumps ahead and with one Haki-empowered punch, blows away the attack. Jafar fires another bolt of magic but Zoro leap out and blocks it with his sword. He raises his staff to zap Aladdin again, but Jasmine grabs the staff. Jafar knocks her down as Aladdin rushes him. He grabs it and tries to take it from him. Crocodile readies another attack but gets dogpiled by Franky and Chopper (in Heavy Point form).

Aladdin: Get the lamp!

Jafar: NO!

Crocodile: Jafar, stop her!

He knocks Aladdin aside and zaps Jasmine before she takes it.

Jafar: Ah, ah, ah, princess--Your time is up!

She was zapped into an hourglass as it lands on its bottom part. Aladdin and Luffy tackled him, and Aladdin looks to see Jasmine trapped in the hourglass.

Aladdin: Jasmine!

Iago: Oh, nice shot, Jaf—

Abu grabs a nearby bowl and knocks him out. He makes a run for the lamp, but Jafar pushes Aladdin off him and grabs his staff.

Jafar: Don't toy with me!

Jafar fires a bolt of magic at Abu, zapping him into a toy monkey.

Aladdin: Abu!

Go for the lamp!

Usopp: I got it!

Usopp rushes to the lamp and grabbed it.

Jafar: Freeze longnose!

Jafar zaps Usopp, freezing him into a block of ice, causing him to drop the lamp as the ice reached his hands.

Luffy: Usopp!!

Struggling, Crocodile turns into sand and frees himself from Frank and Chopper. He reforms right behind him.

Chopper: Huh?!

Crocodile: How’s this for a pile up? Golden Desert…

Crocodile gathers more gold dust sand into a massive lump and hurls it over Franky and Chopper.

Crocodile: …Confiscar!

The mound bursts into a web like shape and surrounds Franky and Chopper. The sand instantly rehardens back into gold, creating a large cage over the two.

Franky/Chopper: Hey!

Jafar: Caught in the act I see! HAHAHA!

Sanji Get ‘em!

Zoro, Sanji and Brook all charge at Jafar, but Crocodile slams his gold claw into the floor.

Crocodile: How’s this for a sinking feeling! Quicksand…la Sepoltura!

Suddenly the ground beneath their feet turns to quicksand and all three sinks downward.

Zoro: What the?!

Crocodile quickly pulls his claw out and the floor turns back to normal, but Sanji, Zoro and Brook are trapped up to their waists.

Brook: Hey! We’re stuck!

Nami: Why you!

Nami and Robin make a break for the lamp.

Jafar: Sorry to rain on your parade.

Jafar conjures a storm cloud and it fires a lightning bolt at Nami and Robin, causing them to duck behind a nearby pillar. Just then Carpet swoops down and grabs the lamp.

Jafar: But things are unraveling fast now, folks.

Jafar zaps Carpet, causing it to unravel into a pile of strings and falls to the ground along with the lamp.

Jafar: Get the point!

Luffy and Aladdin rushed for the lamp, but they were blocked off when swords fell to the floor in front of her. Aladdin reaches for it, but Jafar grabbed the lamp and laughed hideously. Aladdin pulled a sword out of the floor and they charged towards him.

Jafar: I’m just getting warm up.

He breathes a ring of fire around the two and laughs more.

Luffy: Oi! Enough with the puns and face us already!

Aladdin: Or are you afraid to fight us yourself, you cowardly snake?

Then Jafar emerges from the flames towards them.

Jafar: A snake, am I? Perhaps you'd like to see how *shows a snake’s tongue and fangs* snake-like I can be!

Then he grew larger and longer, turning into a giant cobra. Jasmine gasps softly as Jafar towers above them and hisses. And the ring of fire around the two became part of the snake, encircling them.

Luffy: Is that the best you can do? Turing yourself into a monster?!

Crocodile: A monster eh? Then perhaps it’s time I showed you how much of a MONSTER I CAN BE!

Crocodile stretches his hand and a nearby pile of gold begins to turn into dust. The dust swirls into a dense cloud and merges with Crocodile, making him look more of a monster than a man. Aladdin and Luffy could do nothing but watch in shock as the mass of golden sand becomes bigger and bigger until it was as big as Jafar. The mass begins to take shape, turning into a sandy-gold colored tanuki. It has a jagged, concave mouth with no tongue, and the sclerae of its eyes are black, with yellow irises and pupils that each takes the shape of a black four-pointed star with four black dots around it. Its tail looks more like a bunch of golden scales bundled up together.

Crocodile: Desert Forma; GOLDEN TANUKI!!!

Crocodile makes the first move, swatting Luffy over a gold pile. Crocodile look over to see if he was down, but suddenly a burst of steam erupted from behind the pile and a fist strikes Crocodile square in the nose. Luffy leaps out from behind the pile, except this time he was in Gear Fourth; Kong Man Form.

Luffy: You’re not the only one that transform Crocodile!

Crocodile roars and lunges at Luffy, who jumps out of the way and gears up for an attack.

Luffy: Gum-Gum Kong Gun!

Luffy slugs Crocodile, blasting Crocodile’s left arm clean off. However, Crocodile gathers more sand and regenerates his lost arm. The two go into a massive slugfest, trading blow after blow after blow. Meanwhile, Jafar lunges at Aladdin, fangs bared, but Aladdin was able to dodge them. On Jafar’s fourth strike, Aladdin swings his sword and hits Jafar in the face, who then yelled in pain.

Genie: Rickem, rackem, rockem, rake--stick that sword into that snake!

Luffy continued to slug it out with Crocodile, each blow was like hitting solid metal. Crocodile does a 360, swinging his tail at Luffy. Luffy manages to block it, but it sent flying across the room and crashes into a pillar. Luffy quickly recovers and fires a punch at Crocodile. Crocodile readies to block it but…

Luffy: Go, Python!

Luffy’s arm suddenly makes a sharp right and bounces all around the giant sand monster. As the confused Crocodile lowers his guard…

Luffy: Gum-Gum Culverin!

The arm snaps back, striking Crocodile square in the left eye, who roars out in pain.

Genie: Sackem, catchem in the rye--sock that raccoon in the eye!

Crocodile: SHUT UP!!!!

Jafar: You stay out of thissss!

Genie then merged back together and waved a tiny pennant with a “J & C” on it.

Genie: Jafar and Crocodile, they’re our men--if they can't do it--GREAT!

Aladdin used the distraction to make a break for the hourglass where Jasmine was trapped. However, Jafar saw this and lunged at him.

Luffy: Gum Gum Rhino Schneider!

Luffy delivers a double flying kick and hits Jafar. Jafar was knocked into a gold pile and barely missed Aladdin, who jumped out of the way as his sword slid across the floor.

Jasmine: Aladdin!

Jasmine yelled as the sand was starting to fill the bottom of the hourglass. Aladdin jumped on a large gem and slid across the floor, grabbing his sword on his way. He turned a corner, but the pursuing snake could not, and the front half of Jafar crashed through a wall and hung outside the palace. Aladdin jumped up on the snake's back and stabbed it. Luffy charges at Crocodile, retracting both of his fists into his arms.

Luffy: Gum-Gum Leo Bazooka!

Luffy "fires" them at Crocodile with a double open-palm strike, blasting away a large portion of his body. The giant tanuki gets sent flying and crashes into Jafar and they both fall out of the balcony. Aladdin rushed to the hourglass again to free Jasmine.

Aladdin: Jasmine, hang on!

Aladdin was about to strike the glass when Jafar grabbed him, trapping Aladdin in his coils. Jafar laughed hideously as he tightened his grip.

Luffy: Aladdin!

Without warning, Luffy gets hit by a big blast of sand before he could react. The sand hardens into a large mound, trapping Luffy from the shoulders up. The attacker was none other than Crocodile, who has lost most of his sand form and now back to his normal size.

Jafar: You little fools! You thought you could defeat the most powerful being on earth!

Squeeze ‘em, Jafar! Squeeze them like *gets swatted by Robin* --awk!

Let me out, sand Croc!

Crocodile: Not a chance, Straw Hat! You’re not gonna be able to wish yourself out of this one!

Jafar: Without the Genie, boy, you're nothing!

Aladdin looks over at the Genie, who shrugs his shoulders hopelessly. There’s nothing he can do here. That’s when Aladdin gets an idea.

Aladdin: “The Genie! *looks back at Jafar* The Genie has more power than you'll ever have!

Jafar: What?!

Luffy: What are you doing?!

Aladdin: He gave you your power, he can take it away!

Suddenly, Luffy figured out what Aladdin is doing and yells at Jafar.

Luffy: Yeah, the Genie’s way better than you! You wouldn’t have gotten this far without his help

Genie: Al, Luff, what are you doing? Why are you bringing me into this?

Luffy: Face it, Jafar! It doesn’t matter how powerful you are—

Aladdin: --you're still just second best!

Jafar hissed angrily, but realized he was correct.

Jafar: You're right! His power does exceed my own! *he smiles* But not for long!

Crocodile: Jafar, what are you up to?

Jafar: A much better wish!

Jafar slithered around the Genie and circled him.

Genie: The boy is crazy. He's a little punch drunk. One too many hits with the snake.

Genie said this nervously as his hand turned into a snake and he hit his head with it.

Jafar: Slave, I make my third wish! I wish to be...an ALL-POWERFUL GENIE!!

Franky/Chopper: WHAT?!!

Nami/Robin NO!!!

Sanji/Zoro/Brook: IS HE NUTS?!?!

Genie then deeply sighs.

Genie: *reluctantly* All right, your wish is my command. *sideways to Aladdin* Way to go, Al.

Looking away, Genie zapped Jafar with a lightning bolt. Jafar snake form dissipates and he turns into a genie. Aladdin falls to the ground. Crocodile, in a state of shock, releases his sand, allowing Luffy to escape.

Jafar: Yes! Yes! The power!

Luffy smashed the hourglass as sand poured out and Jasmine fell into Aladdin’s arms.

Jafar: The absolute power!

Jafar bursts through the roof into the sky.

Jasmine: What have you done?!

Aladdin: Trust me!

Suddenly, a black lamp appeared from Jafar’s base as he controlled everything around him. The planets, moons, stars, the very cosmos was under his power and he was enjoying every minute of it.

Jafar: Hear me, Morganna! For the universe is now mine to command! TO CONTROL!!!

Aladdin: Not so fast, Jafar! Aren't you forgetting something?

Jafar stopped and looked down questioningly.

Jafar: Huh?

Luffy: You wanted to be a genie, well you got it!

Suddenly shackles appeared on Jafar’s wrists, as the cosmos was being put back in place.

Jafar: WHAT!?!?!

Aladdin: And everything that goes with it! *holds out Jafar’s lamp*

Jafar, realizing he had been tricked, began to be sucked downward as Aladdin held onto his own lamp.

Jafar: No! NO!

Luffy: And you’re not the only one who’s got it, right, Crocodile?

Crocodile: The only thing you’re getting is an early grave, Straw hat!

Crocodile begins to swirl around, gathering all his sand into a large cloud.

Luffy: Al, toss me the lamp.

Aladdin throws Jafar’s lamp over to Luffy.


Crocodile’s sand cloud starts to take shape, transforming into a massive dragon!

Crocodile: DRAGÓN ESPARDA!!!

Crocodile, in his new dragon form, charges at Luffy at top speed, preparing to finish him off for good.

Luffy: Wrong, Croc. It’s YOU who’s finished!

Luffy swings the lamp around, causing Jafar’s whirlwind to whip around the room. Then like a lasso, Luffy flings the whirlwind at Crocodile, causing it to collide with his attack. The whirlwind spins the sand dragon around and around, causing it to lose its shape as the sand was being pulled into the lamp itself.

Crocodile: WHAT THE!?!?!?!

Crocodile unable to solidify, finds himself at the whirlwind’s mercy as he and his sand were being pulled directly into Jafar’s lamp.

Luffy: That’s right Crocodile, you and Jafar get to share the whole genie gig together!

Iago: I'm gettin' out of here!

Luffy: Phenomenal cosmic powers!

Iago flies away to make his getaway, only for Jafar to grab him by his tail feathers, in a desperate attempt to escape the lamp…

Iago: Come on, you're the genie! I don't want to, wait NO-

But it was to no avail, as Crocodile, Jafar and Iago were all sucked right into the lamp.

Aladdin: Itty bitty living space.

Genie: Al, you little geniuses, you!

Luffy: Okay Genie, for my second wish, I want you to put everything back to normal.

Genie: Luffy, consider it granted!