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Fanfiction ► One Punch Frisk. ( UnderTale Pacifist continuation.)

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Lanydx reborn

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Jun 14, 2009
One Punch Frisk (Cause I couldn’t think of anything that ended with tale for a title.)

Chapter Zero: A miracle for a pacifist.

“I’ve saved everyone but you two, but there’s got be something I can do.” A thought, a prayer, a wish was brought into existence.

A lone human child, tanned skinned, short messy brown hair, a headband covering her forehead, and the rest of her body was covered in a shorts, and iconic purple and blue striped shirt. This human’s name was Frisk. Her eyes filled with determination, as she walked to an old looking door. She carried her light round, red, with blue stared Captain America Shield, and her boots cos across this white room. Frisk was in a place beyond the Underground, in a place beyond her Earth, or even time and space.

A pure multi colored humanoid form with one glowing brown eye gazed upon something new in his realm.

“Well, well, this is interesting.” The being spoke sounding slightly amused.

The human child wasn’t sure what to say. She looked around to find nothing but herself, this being, and the door.

“We’ll I wasn’t planning on seeing you here anytime soon Frisk,” The being spoke showing a smile. The human girl looked surprised.

"How do you know my name?” The girl known as Frisk asked.

“Oh well I know a lot of things Frisk, after all…I'm what some call The Universe, or God, or the Truth, but you can call me The Writer. Anyways, no more about me, what about you? Why are you here?” The writer asked hovering the being’s body posture gave Frisk a bored impression.

“Well Mr.Writer, I’m here, cause I fell down into Mt.Ebott’s Underground. It was full of monsters that were trapped down there cause of the war. They wanted to get out but the only way to break the magic barrier was to have seven human souls. I met and befriend all the monsters, even the ones that wanted to kill me and take my soul. I’ve got a new family in them now.” Frisk said with smile.

“Anyway some stuff happened there was this evil flower who wanted the human souls to become a God and screw over the world, but I didn’t let him, and it turns out he was my new mom’s son who died, and I also met another girl who was also my new mom’s first daughter, but she died cause of a plan that didn’t go well… and it’s all really nuts and crazy.” Frisk started to babble before having to stop and take a breath.

After the human took a breath She started again. “Still I was able to free the monsters from the Barrier that over time became alive and evil, and it was magically influencing everyone to slowly lose hope, and oppress everyone…but I beat it, and saved everyone…expect for two people….Two people who should get a happy ending, I'm I guess Im here to find a way to give it to them!” Frisk finished before running out of breath again.

The being wasn’t even looking at the child. From what Frisk could tell The Writer was…actually watching a youtube video of her adventures.

“Hmmm I see…well..that explains the six extra souls in your body.” The god like being said making the video disappear. Frisk noticed that her body was glowing, and the girl tucked up her shirt, exposing her stomach and underdeveloped chest, which was censored fromthe viewing public. Her red heart looking soul was glowing and joined by six other human souls.

“I just thought that I could find a way to save Chara and Asriel…I want Mom and…Asgore to have their kids back. Also these other souls…they should have another chance too. What happened to them...wasn’t fair. None of this was fair.” Frisk muttered putting her shirt back down.

The Writer looked at the girl.

“Life’s not fair kid…..” The writer spoke truthfully.

“Can you help me?” Frisk asked, “If you can’t I’ll find another way. I promised that I would save everyone, and I don’t break a promise.” Frisk added.

The writer laughed at the child.

“I admire your resolve, so human…actually with all those souls..you're more of a demi god right now. So what you want to do, I can help you with. But it’ll come with a price.” The Writer said grinning, causing Frisk’s hair to stand on end.

Frisk took a breath, and sighed. She took attacks from all sorts of monsters in the Underground to win their trust. What was a little more pain to her?

“So…do you want an arm or a leg, or both?” Frisk asked taking the God figure aback.

“Frisk, this isn’t Full Metal Alchemist..no, I don’t want that.” The Writer laughed. Frisk tilted the side of her head wondering what the Writer wanted in return.

“If you have any chocolate on you, I think I could bend the rules of life and death for you.” The writer hinted.

Frisk quickly checked her pockets. She found a snickers bar and a kit kat bar.

“I got these.” Frisk said holding out the candy bars that the Writer craved.

“Very well…then we have a deal!” The Writer stated while shaking the trusting child’s hand.

Frisk suddenly felt very odd. All the surge of power from the six other human souls left her, returning Frisk back into a regular human child. She also felt something else leave her body. Ever since she came into the Underground, Frisk had these feeling of someone else being with her. Later she found out that the feeling was the remains of Chara. The process made Frisk drop to her knees. The images Chara and Asriel went into her mind.

The large stone door slowly opened. Frisk looked at it to find outside of it were two people. One floppy eared white furred goat monster boy, and the other a pale, pinked cheeked human girl with brown hair and freckles.

“YES!” Frisk cried out with joy as she ran and grabbed a hold of the monster and human kid who were slowly waking up.

“…I..I have a soul..Im…I'm not a flower anymore!” Asriel spoke baffled, starting to cry. After so long as Flowey the Flower, he could actually feel things again.

Frisk nodded smiling.

“…I have a soul again, and I’m alive. Asriel we’re alive! I missed you so much!” Chara yelped.

“I missed you too Chara.” The goat prince of the monsters bawled out as the two siblings hugged it out after all this time.

Frisk was so happy, she was glad to let the two have their moment. Then Asriel roped her into their hug, forcing Frisk to drop her shield.

“Frisk…” Chara started to mumble, causing the pacifist to look in her direction.

“I’m…I'm sorry, I'm sorry for what I almost made you do. I don’t deserve any of this. You’ve got every right to hate me. I'm a demon child…are you…would you actually want me in your life?” The girl admitted sadly very unsure about herself.

Frisk just gave her a smile.

“I already said I forgive you silly. Lets put all that stuff behind us and live our lives on the surface.” Frisk said. Asriel gave the two girls a hopeful look.

“What if I slip up and do something bad again?” Chara mumbled.

“Then I’ll just have to stop you and bring you back to your senses, Sis.” Frisk said winking at her. Chara gave a small smile in return.

“Wow, you really are too nice for your own good.” Chara chuckled. The three kids then started to notice they were vanishing.

“Ah no we’re gonna die again!” Asriel yelped in a panic.

“Relax, I’m just taking you back the the Underground. Everyone’s waiting for you. Oh Frisk don’t worry I’ve already taken care of the other souls. They won’t be misused ever again.” The writer spoke.

"Thank you, Mr.Writer!” Frisk said waving her hands as a farewell.

“Don’t thank me kid, you worked hard for your happy ending. Just keep that determination, and make your new story a good one.” The Writer requested before the three children vanished from his realm.

“And remember…no crying until the end.” The writer spoke. Unaware something else left the old stone doors before closing.

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Lady Featherine

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Sep 15, 2016
One Punch Frisk, you say? Is this somehow related to the Undertale Comic parody of OPM that's been circling around Tumblr or in the web?

It's cute, I don't know much about Undertale but I liked the reunion of our little goat and Chara. And of course... A fickle omnipotent being, chocolates for the price of bending the laws of causality. Hmhm~ very well, color me curious.

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Sep 25, 2010

A million times yes! If there was a legit button, I would be frantically hitting it over and over! I love Undertale. Hundred percent devoted fan and proud of it. And this, this was freaking outstanding. I absolutely loved how in character you have everyone. The writer amused me to no end. I actually thought for a minute there, he'd turn out to be Gaster. Unless Gaster was what escaped towards the end there? And Frisk having Captain America's shield took me by surprise. It's a cool item for her to have. And I like that Asriel and Chara get to reunite with Asgore and Toriel after all this time. I cannot wait to see what happens next if you continue this. <3

Lanydx reborn

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Jun 14, 2009
Chapter 1: Knocking on Heaven’s door.

Santa Del Amgio was an interesting city even for Southern California. A train ride away from Los Angeles, and Santa Monica’s beach. The oddly large mountain beach town had been a Navajo reservation, but over time immigration brought in Irish, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, people of jewish faith, Korean, and African Americans, Now as of late the two had a new culture and people: Monster Americans. Yes, the stories and Navajo legends on the war between humans and the fabled monsters were in fact true. The sealing of the monsters being forced into the underground of Mount Ebott by a magic barrier was true.

In the early Twenty First Century a human child had fallen down the into the underground, while most people would think this girl would have fought her way out to return home, but that wasn’t the case. She and another human girl freed the monsters and brought them to the surface. While most humans were ignorant that monsters were even a thing, many people in the government were worried that this might lead to war between the two races once more.

But there was no war, while tensions were high around humans and monsters, things were actually peaceful at least between humans and monsters. Sadly humans were still more than willing to kill each other over stupid things like race, religion, and gender, and sexuality. We’re kinda stupid that way.

Now in the town on Iguana Street, was a lovely home held by the Dreemurr family. It was a lazy Saturday, so school or work weren’t an issue for anyone. Toriel Dreemurr, the purple cladded goat monster woman was enjoying a good book, next to her was Sans the Skeleton, snoozing away like normal. Hey a guy has to work real hard at being this lazy.

Papyrus the taller more zany skeleton brother was playing a card game of Poker with Frisk, Chara, and Asriel. Rather then betting money, the kids and kid like adult were playing with chocolate kisses. Asriel had the worst Poker face, While the others were better at keeping their tell.

“I'm out.” The goat boy muttered throwing down his cards.

“All in!” Frisk stated pooling in all of her candy.

The others did the same, the former murder demon child and zany skeleton were both chuckling at the cards.

“NYEH HE HE, THE CANDIES ARE MINE!! FULL HOUSE!!!” Papyrus proclaimed, showing the girls his cards.

Chara’s red eyes glowed, twitching in irritation since she didn’t have anything to beat Papyrus’s hand.

Frisk put her card’s down.

“Great game Papyrus.” Frisk praised.

“WHY THANK YOU HUMAN! STILL BECAUSE YOU ALL WERE SUCH GOOD PLAYERS I SHALL SHARE MY WINNINGS!” The pure cinnamon roll of a monster said, while evenly giving out the chocolate kisses.

“Wow thanks, Mr. Papyrus.” Asriel said gratefully eating a few of the candies.

“Now my children, please don’t eat them all at once-Chara…Oh dear.” Toriel muttered as Chara was already going to town on the sweets.

Frisk left the living room, seeing her adopted goat mom escort her now half crazed, sugar high sister into the backyard to burn off some energy. The savior of monster kind wanted to get drinks for everyone, so she walked into the kitchen. Frisk went into the fridge and got some water, soda, and kitchen for Sans.

When the girl turned around, in the middle of the kitchen was a floating, black metal door with odd looking symbols.

Frisk set the drinks down, to take a closer look at the door. It was floating in mid air, and didn’t have a handle or lock. Frisk using DETERMINATION, used the Act action.

Frisk knocked on the door. To her disappointment nothing happened.

“Yo, kiddo where’d you go?” Sans called out. Frisk was unaware that the Skeleton bros found her.

“AH THERE YOU ARE HUMAN WE WERE-WOWIE A FLOATING DOOR!” Papyrus gasped noticing the mysterious door.

“Hehe, yeah, guess it’s a knocker..” Sans punned as Frisk knocked again, Papyrus did his normal over the top groan at his brother's awful puns. However for once it wasn’t San’s fault, the writer just isn’t good at making puns.

Frisk knocked again one more time, and the strange door finally opened.

What came out of it wasn’t what anyone would expect. Sans and Papyrus’s eyes became wide as dinner plates at what or who they saw. A tall skeleton monster who’s head had been cracked near the upper and lower parts of his eye sockets, and multiple holed hands around a long black suit like robe.

“OH THANK THE WRITER I'M SAVED!!! The Skeleton monster shouted with joy. He noticed the human child.

“Ah…a human, fear me not pup for I the Grand Gaster, shall not harm you. If you're a good pet, I'm sure you’ll get a fetching reward for liberating me from the void.” The Skeleton known as Gaster joked while using one hand to pat Frisk on the head like a dog, and another to scratch underneath her chin. Frisk looked confused at the combination of Sans and Papyrus in front of her.

The new monster’s eye sockets

“SANS, PAPYRUS… is that you?” The monster asked in very quiet voice.

“Hehe, hi dadster.” San chuckled, but seemed very nervous. Papyrus on the other hand grabbed everyone into a loving bear hug.

“PAPA YOUR BACK FROM YOUR VACATION AT LONG LAST! I'M SO GLAD YOU FOUND YOUR WAY TO THE SURFACE!” The puzzle, and pasta loving monster cried out, almost crying tears of joy.

“WE’RE ON THE SURFACE!? HOW, WHEN, I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS!!??” Gaster screamed out getting the attention of everyone else in the house before fainting.

Toriel, Chara, and Asriel looked confused

“I'm not a dog.” Frisk mumbled to herself.

The goat matriarch of the house wanted an explanation from her boyfriend and his brother.

“DADDY”S COME HOME!” Papyrus said happily. “I SHALL MAKE HIM SOME PASTA!!”

“Oh God no, not more of them!” Chara thought to herself.

“Papyrus dear, maybe we should get him into a bed first, he seems rather bone tired.” Toriel chuckled.

“Hehe, good one Tori.” Sans laughed, mostly everyone agreed.

“YOUR RIGHT LADY TORIEL, COME SANS AND HUMAN PAPA NEEDS HIS REST!!! ONWARD!!!” The monster boss screamed still holding Gaster, Frisk, and his brother, running to find the guest room. Toriel followed to make sure no one got hurt.

“Azzy…I'm gonna hide in my room till this is over.” Chara muttered getting a headache.

“I’ll join you.” The former prince of the monsters said, not getting a good feeling about this Gaster character.

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Sep 25, 2010
[Yes] I love how Chara and Asriel aren't as excited about Gaster returning. The father figure role for Sans and Papyrus make this even more exciting. I found Sans puns to be hilarious. One of my favorite parts of it. Loved every minute of this chapter. Hope to see more. <3 Although, I wonder why Sans was nervous?

Btw, did you want me to edit this any?

Lanydx reborn

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Jun 14, 2009
Written by our own Cinder, everyone you had better read this. Since she's taken the time to read all of our stuff. Even my awful stuff.

Chapter 2.

"Mom, you have a guest!" Frisk shouted from down the hallway, opening the front door and allowing Asgore inside with a big smile. "Come on in!"

"Where's Tori- I mean, everyone?" Asgore quickly amended, gently patting Frisk on the head, ruffling her hair affectionately and looking around for his ex-wife. Noticing his discomfort, she pointed towards the hall down to her right. "Toriel is in the guest room with everybody."

"Thanks Frisk." Asgore replied awkwardly, shuffling inside and working his way down the hallway towards the growing sound of voices outside of a bedroom door. Holding up a hand anxiously to knock on the guest room door, except it swung out before he could.

"Heya, good to see you, Asgore." Sans greeted warily, not sure what Asgore was doing here. Especially where Toriel was concerned.

Asgore inclined his head in acknowledgement as he sadly watched Toriel stiffen at his name. Clearly things were still a bit rough between them despite her working as a teacher and him as a landscaper. Catching sight of Gaster in the bed, he approached him to welcome him back, except Toriel was in the way and he didn't want to bother her.

"Gaster, you should rest. You're dead on your feet." Toriel forced out, pulling the covers up on him as she turned around to face the elephant in the room. "Asgore, what brings you here?" The pleasant smile her face almost made him forget they weren't together anymore until her red eyes glowed apprehensively.

"Nonsense! There's plenty of time for resting!" Gaster interjected, sitting up right as he took in Asgore's appearance. "Why Asgore, it's good to see you! Feels like it's been ages since entering that awful forsaken void."

Gathering up his courage Asgore bit the bullet. “It’s my weekend to see Chara and Asriel, and I just heard from Papyrus that Gastor came back.”

Every eye in the room except for Gaster's and Asgore's turned to look at a completely unaware Papyrus. Gaster looked from face to face with growing confusion as Papyrus slowly became aware of everyone's attention on him; jumping in surprise with a sheepish smile. "It wasn't me this time! I didn't call Asgore here! Nyh-heh-heh-heh!"

"Undyne called me." Asgore cut in.

The tension in the room evaporated in an instant like a balloon popping out of thin air only to be replaced by Gaster leaning into Asgore to loudly inquire, "Why is Toriel frowning at you so much? I know you two had a couple of rough spots with Chara then Asriel's death, but that should've made you two come more closer together-"

Gaster's eye's grew wide as he took in Sans right eye glowing dangerously blue with his smile widening enough to show his canine teeth at Asgore, who shifted uncomfortably beneath the pressure. And Toriel's frown grew while Papyrus nervously chuckled making Gaster come to the conclusion something bad must've happened while he was gone. "Clearly I've missed a great deal... judging by everyone's grim expressions."

Asgore sheepishly rubs the back of his head. "We're not together anymore. Me and Tori."

"Obviously." Gaster joked.

Toriel put a hand on Sans shoulder to sooth him to dissuade him from acting out rashly. "We had a disagreement. Asgore was trying to break the barrier to free us from the underground by taking seven human souls. Asriel and Chara's death put a damper on things. And when Frisk entered the picture... all of us had enough. I wouldn't help Asgore kill another child to reach the surface."

"Frisk somehow brought Asriel and Chara back too!" Papyrus interrupted excitedly, "Now we can all have some of my famous spaghetti!"

"That's putting it delicately. My word this Frisk girl must be something.” Gaster admonishes with a frown, ignoring Papyrus brief interruption for now. "Asgore! You actually went and…did that?! I was kidding man!!! I wasn't even sure if it'd work. Killing human children and taking their souls to get past the barrier should've only been a last resort! I mean did you even think of anything else before ending of life of someone’s pride and joy?! Didn’t you think to wait a bit and help them become a part of monster society and allow relations to get better? I mean if you had just let the souls leave their bodies naturally it might have taken longer, but at least your hands would have been clean! You didn’t think man! That’s always been your problem even the we were kids! YOU DON’T THINK!!!!” Realizing he was raising his voice at their former king, he took a deep breath. "No matter, what's done is done."

"I'm sorry."

"Speaking of the kids, where's Frisk, Asriel, and Chara?" Toriel asked with concern in her voice, knowing the three of them could get into trouble if they weren't careful. "I was going to bake them cinnamon and butterscotch pie, once things were good here."

"Frisk is with them! I'm sure she is!" Papyrus exclaimed proudly, "They'll be okay with her around! After all, I taught Frisk everything she needed to know after being a guard for you and Asgore! You worry too much, Toriel!"

Sans shared a look with Toriel.

"Need a hand? There's plenty of hands to go around!" Gaster interrupted, trying to clear some of the tension in the room by holding up multiple hands up at once. "Get it? Because I have a lot of hands?"

Papyrus groaned as Sans chuckled appreciatively at his joke. "No, not more jokes! Nyh-heh-heh-heh!"

"No seriously, I can lend you a hand. I’ve got twenty of em.” Gaster offers despite not being at full strength to fight off any monsters or humans that threaten the kids lives. "I might not be able to do much but, I can help."

"No, no. You need to rest," Toriel reassured him, "We need to bring Alphys by to check on you and your vitals. I'm sure she's already back from her vacation with Undyne. And we still need to know what happened to you and how you ended up in the void. I'll just give the kids a call-"

"No need. I'm already on it, Toriel. Time to go get Frisky.” Sans chuckled, teleporting out of the room with a swoosh to check up on the kids. Grateful for an excuse to avoid losing his cool not that he had a body temperature. Thus leaving the former queen and king of the underground alone with Gaster and Papyrus. The room dropped temperature.

"Is it just me or did it get a lot more colder in the room just now?" Asgore asked.

Meanwhile in the kitchen, Asriel and Chara were scavenging around in the fridge for something to eat; moving condiments out of the way as they found some spider donuts being kept fresh on a shelf. Not wanting to be left out, Frisk tapped them on the shoulder to get their attention; making them turn around to see who it was.

"Hey Frisk Uh," Asriel and Chara greeted in unison, pointing at the door standing behind her a few feet away. "What's that?"

Chara not thinking much of it, approached the door confidently before twisting around with a gleam in her eye. "We should see where it leads!"

"I don't know really. Frisk replied, equally confused about the doorways appearance. "I wonder if this is the void Mr.Gaster mentioned earlier?"

Asriel frowned. "I don't think that's a good ide-"

Chara not having any of that grabbed hold of him by the sleeve. "C'mon Asriel, we can take whatever is on the side of the door!" When Asriel looked away, she pulled in for a hug. "Please Asriel, don't leave us to go in there alone."

"Okay." Asriel smiled hesitantly.

Frisk selecting 'Act' watched the mysterious door open before her eyes with a nervous Asriel holding Chara's hand for support. "Let's go." Together they bravely walked into the pitch black room as the door shut soundlessly behind them, unable to make out anything for a while except for the sound of their own feet trampling on solid ground until the sound of something snapping caused them to stop.

"What was that?!" Asriel shouted in fright, clutching Chara tightly to him in fear.

"C'mon Asriel, it's probably nothing." Chara reassured him.

Frisk's heart glowed with determination as she knelt down and felt for what appeared to be a stick; after feeling how light and nimble it was. Still Frisk felt a bit on edge, so with some of her own secret magic, she summoned her shield. Then as if the darkness was beginning to lighten up all around them, she could see what they presumed to be a room was in fact no longer a room. Trees began to appear. "How'd we... get outside?"

"Can you still reset, Frisk?" Chara asked quietly, realizing this may of been a mistake as everything around them started to feel a more ominous. "I know Sans won't be happy about it but, I don't think we're alone."

"Did either of you see that?" Asriel asked, rubbing his eyes in confusion as he kept spotting something tall wandering in between the trees. Almost like it could be Gaster, except it wasn't.

Something like static started to sound as Frisk lead the way through the dark forest, catching sight of something white a few feet away attached to a tree. When a crunching sound came from behind them, Chara grabbed out her knife as Asriel went to stand protectively in front of her before the oncoming silhouette in the dark.

"No need for violence, kiddos." A familiar skeleton in a hoody said with a magical blue eye glowing in the dark, clearly annoyed that they wandered into somewhere unfamiliar. It didn't feel like the surface exactly. "Where are we? How'd you three get here?"

"Sans!" Frisk cried out happy to see her friend/uncle figure.

“Oh ho ho ho. The brat Chara is finally here in my woods, I was worried I;d have to track you down. Oh, and your brought friends! I hope you lot are fun, It’s been ages since I had victims to play with! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!” An ominous voice spoke out loud. Chara the former demon child knew who this was, and she was shaking with terror.

“Brat what’s going on?” Sans asked looking annoyed at her.

“…I didn’t think that actually happened. I thought that was just the Barrier messing with me again…but he’s real.” Chara squeaked.

“Chara?” Frisk said as Asriel put a hand on his best friend’s shoulder.

“S-Slender Man.” Chara gasped in terror as more static started to appear.

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Sep 25, 2010
Your stories aren't awful. They're entertaining and a lot of fun to read. :)

I know I helped write this chapter, but I'm really excited to see how things go down against Slender Man! Or if they'll be able to escape? In a way, it'd be cool to see what powers of theirs work against him. That and Asgore love life being in shambles was a lot of fun to write. xD I probably shouldn't of enjoyed it so much, but it was quite fitting. Gotta see how that works out in the end too! I wonder how Asriel and Chara will feel upon seeing Asgore again. So many things that could happen! And I can't wait to help you write more of it too. :D

Lanydx reborn

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Jun 14, 2009
One Punch Frisk Chapter 3.1

The Chapter that explains this story's title.

“D-Don’t look at him!” Chara shrieked, whirling around and covering her eyes in fright. “It was a mistake to come here! We shouldn’t of come!”

Chara being hysterical was unsettling for Asriel, Sans, and Frisk. It wasn’t like her to be afraid of anything, especially when she was threatening to erase the underground and everyone in it before. Sans right eye took on a blue hue as he frowned at her, ignoring the pleading look Asriel was giving him.

“Chara, why? Wha-What happens if you do?” Asriel asked in bewilderment, swallowing hard as he held a shaking Chara in his arms. He never seen her like this before.

“Chara? Chara, c’mon!” Asriel pleaded, shaking her by her shoulder, trying to snap her out of it until he felt a tentative hand catch his elbow and halting him from shaking her further, less she looks more of her marbles.

“Asriel, stop.” Frisk said softly, biting her lower lip as the static grew louder, making it harder to think about what to do with Slender Man approaching them.

“I don’t know what you’re pulling Chara, but if this is one of your tricks-” Sans growled, his eyes turning instantly black at the thought of being tricked again after everything they’ve been through.

“Sans!” Asriel barked out, not appreciating him accusing Chara of doing anything wrong. Her fear seemed genuine

“Which of you should I play with first?” Slender Man asked gleefully, shifting two steps right then, two shifts left until he was hovering right over Chara. His faceless mask barely an inch away from hers as he bent over her. If he weren’t a faceless man, he’d have a psychotic smile on his face.

“How about you, my dear?” Slender Man teased, reaching out for her to grab her by the front of her shirt. Asriel tried to tug her away by the back of her striped shirt, except Chara was rooted to the spot in terror, and wouldn’t budge no matter how much Asriel pulled on her.

“Chara, move!” Asriel shouted, slipping in the dirt and falling back on his butt with a hiss.

Frisk acting on her DETERMINATION threw her nimble stick hard at Slender Man’s back, except it fell harmlessly off the back of his suit. What made it worse was that he didn’t even bother to turn around to attack her, instead he picked Chara up by her throat right before their very eyes.

“Your soul will make for a tasty treat,” Slender Man purred, squeezing her throat tighter as Chara started to struggle in his grip. “But I’ll save it for last, after you help me escape this place, and lead me to everyone else souls, waiting to be devoured and crushed.”

None of them could see it but, Chara’s eyes shifted into red ones with a demonic smile on her face at the thought of it.

“We won’t let that happen!” Asriel cried out angrily, two familiar black stripes appeared across his cheeks as his right hand glowed blue, then yellow, then orange, then purple, and finally, green. “I won’t let you hurt my friends!” He threw a ball of power at Slender Man, watching as a red shield appear out of thin air, blocking Slender Man from harm as as his power collided into it in a powerful blast; causing a whiff of dirt to smoke screen them from his view.

Sans snapped his two fingers together, making a row of gaster blasters appear around Slender Man with their mouths wide open; surrounding him and Chara both, instantly firing hot lasers at the pair of them as a bluff to get Slender Man to let her go.

“You think this is enough to stop me?!” Slender Man laughed, using the smoke to evade the gaster blasters lasers, tossing Chara aside like a ragdoll, ignoring the lovely crunch sound of her back hitting into a nearby pine tree as she fell to the ground in a motionless heap.

Frisk and Asriel ran to Chara’s aide as Sans teleported onto a tree limb trying to get a better eye on Slender Man, except Slender Man wasn’t making it easy on him as the static grew louder then softer to throw him off; making his skull throb.

“Having a little trouble?” Slender Man called out, laughing manically as he latches a firm grip onto Sans unsuspecting ankle, tugging him down with ease. “Why don’t you come down here and play?” Enjoying the shock written on Sans face as Sans falls right out of the tree and lands hard into the dirt.

“Leave them alone!” Frisk cries out, rushing frantically to Sans side with a scramble of her feet and hands despite being weaponless. Her hands hovering over her red soul, clutching it in the palm of her hands to try to stop this nightmare from happening.

“Now why, would I do that?” Slender Man asks, stepping around Sans, and taking his time as he slowly backs Frisk up against a tree, trapping her easily in place with nowhere to go or hide. Sans slowly pushes himself off of the ground with a groan, his eyes warily taking in Asriel lifting Chara up with her arm around his shoulder to support her, and Frisk- !

“Looks like I don’t have any choice, but to make you!” Frisk declares, her soul burning bright with DETERMINATION as she rears her arm back, then punches Slender Man right across the face until he’s sprawling into the dirt a few leagues away. “ONE PUUUUNNNCHHH!”

Sans and Asriel's mouth dropped wide open as rock music began to play in the background. Meanwhile, Frisk smiled brightly at them as she waved her glowing hand around. "This... IS SO COOL!"

Somewhere in another dimension, The Writer was grinning form ear to ear.

"Oh yes Frisk, yes it is." The Writer said while opening a copy of One Punch Man.

End of Chapter part.

Continue? Reset?

This was done by the lovely Cinder, since unlike myself, she's got talent.
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Nice job Cinder and Landyx! I absolutely love Undertale so I really enjoy these! You do good too Lanydx. I probably wouldn't do so well though lol. xD

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One Punch Frisk Chapter 3.2

Papyrus was stirring a pot of boiling spaghetti when the front door slammed open with a familiar BANG, making him drop his stirring spoon. "Undyne!! You're right in time for my famous spaghetti!" His eyes shining with excitement as he made a pose with his red apron on with the words 'Kiss the Cook!'

"Thanks Papyrus, but we'll have to try some of it later." Undyne said, strolling in with a huge smile on her face as Alphys trailed behind her with her arms stuffed full of Mew Mew 3 merchandise, which was dropped clumsily onto the empty kitchen table.

"How was the vacation?" Toriel asked, stepping into the kitchen to investigate the noise in hopes of it being the children coming home with Sans.

Undyne's eyes softened a fraction with concern at the worry lines on her former queen's face. "It was great! But uh, look, about King As- I mean Asgore, I'm sorry for not warning you ahead of time about coming over."

"Oh! B-B-But we should totally bring Frisk, Chara, and Asriel to the next anime convention! They could have matching t-shirts of Mew Mew 3! A-A-And they could get autographs!" Alphys interrupted, trying to smooth things over as she grabbed Undyne's hand to support her.

"The kids are missing." Toriel sighed, frowning and holding her head in her hands.

"WHAT?!" Undyne and Alphys exclaimed in shock.

Papyrus set a reassuring hand on Toriel’s shoulder. “Sans is with them! They’ll be home in no time at all!”

“Papyrus is right,” Undyne said slowly, “Sans can handle anything thrown his way. And Frisk has her determination. Her determination is limitless. And she did save us from the Underground.”


All eyes turned to see Asgore stepping aside to let Gaster come into view, who had his hands in his coat pockets as he took in the room with a warm smile, and calm expression on his face.

"D-Dr. Gaster!" Alphys exclaimed, fidgeting and sweating nervously at the sight of him. "You're here! How did you-"

Gaster held up a hand. "It's a long story."

"Shouldn't you be in bed?" Toriel asked with concern, moving to stand up as she pushed her chair out of the way.

"No, no, I appreciate your concern, but Papyrus and Undyne are right," Gaster said kindly. "If something happened to Sans, me and Papyrus would feel it."

"How's that possible?" Alphys squeaked, wondering if she should run an experiment or two to find out the cause. Except she doubted the famous Dr. Gaster would let her after hearing about her failed experiments after being fired for what she did in the Underground.

"Magic." Gaster stated calmly.

Meanwhile, Sans is leading the way out through the woods, too bone tired to teleport them out of there after their run in with Slender Man. Frisk and Asriel trailing slowly behind him as they carry a knocked out Chara between them.

“Chara sure is heavy.” Frisk whispered, shifting some of Chara’s weight to ease the burning ache building up on her shoulder as she helps carry her.

“Probably from all of the chocolate she eats.” Asriel suggests with a smile, watching Frisk try unsuccessfully to hold back her laughter as her eyes begin to water and her lip tremble from holding it at bay.

“Hey Frisk,” Sans interrupts, halting his steps with a sigh and closes his eyes, “Doesn’t these woods look more familiar to you now?”

Frisk gasps softly. “H-How?”

A familiar bridge built by Papyrus stood in their way, which was meant to prevent humans from crossing through into Snowdin. Not too far away was the human shaped lamp with a built hotdog stand besides it.

“This isn’t possible.” Asriel says warily, not liking this one bit as he keeps his eyes peeled. “Weren’t we in another dimension? How’d we return to the Underground?”

None of them have answers as they gentle sit Chara down against the hotdog stand. Frisk and Asriel keeping an eyes out as Sans moves behind his old hotdog stand, grabbing out ketchup, mustard, buns, and some hotdogs.

“I thought thistle cheer you up.” Sans jokes, offering the pair of them a hotdog to eat.

“You’re awful.” Asriel sighs, rolling his eyes as he takes a bite of his hotdog, and groans appreciatively, not realizing how long it’s been since they’ve last eaten and feels suddenly ravenous as he devours his hotdog faster. “Flower puns at a time like this, really?”

Frisk tries to hide her smile at the pair of them. “Any ideas on what we do now?”


All three of their heads turn to see someone approaching from the left of them, their mouths dropping at the sight of another Frisk appearing out of thin air. Sans eyes widen in shock, except his Frisk is standing right next to him, tugging on his sleeve to hide as Asriel pulls Chara behind the hotdog stand with him.

Frisk, Asriel, and Sans watch as the other Frisk halts at the bridge Papyrus built. A few feet behind the other Frisk is another Sans, who holds out his hand to the other Frisk, who takes it a moment after with a loud WHOOSH sound coming from them.Sans smiles fondly. “The good ol whoopie cushion trick. A classic.”

Asriel shakily looks beyond where the other Sans and Frisk happen to be standing, spotting a familiar golden flower watching the two of them with a sinister look on its face. “Flowey. I-I’m here too.”

The three of them watch as the other Frisk, Sans, and Flowey disappear out of their sight after a small confrontation with the other Papyrus stomping his foot in frustration. Knowing where the three of them are going, they stay put until it’s safe to come out without making things worse on whichever timeline this is.

“It’s the side effects from resetting the other timelines,” Sans announces, “When you reset, the other timelines still continue until they come to their conclusion with other versions of ourselves.”

“Can we stop our other selves in their timelines then?” Asriel asked, afraid of what Flowey might do in this timeline.

“What about my stats?” Frisk inquired, placing a comforting arm on Asriel’s shoulder. “When we were fighting against Slender Man, I was able to do something different with my powers without leveling up.”

Sans smiled, placing a hand on Frisk’s head and ruffled their hair. “We’re anomalies because, what happened to you, Asriel, and Chara, we get to play by different rules in these alternate timelines. I’m not sure why your stat has changed entirely, Frisk. Something Alphys and Gaster might know more about.”

“Then what are we waiting for?” Asriel demanded, pointing in the direction their other selves had disappeared off to in Snowdin. “We could stop them from what they’re about to do, and convince them to come back with us!”Frisk nodded in agreement. “Sans, you lazy sack of bones, you could’ve told us after we stopped them!”

“It’s a skele-TON of work to do.” Sans replied, grinning mischievously, “And it’s not like we don’t know where they’re going.”

Asriel and Frisk groaned. “Your jokes aren’t very humerus right now, Sans.”

“What was that?” Sans asked, batting an eye. “Maybe I need to put a little bit more BACKBONE into these jokes?”

“C’mon, Frisk, we should get Chara and- Wait, where’s Chara?” Asriel huffed, unable to listen to Sans anymore until he sees a vacant spot of where he set Chara down. There weren’t even footprints in the snow to show where she went.

“Uh oh.” Frisk whispers, not liking this at all. “We better find her before something else crazy happens.”

End of chapter.
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I know I helped write these recent chapters, but it's fun seeing the story come to life. xD I still find it incredibly amusing to think Frisk can act on using Saitama's famous move in One Punch Man. And Toriel sure does worry a lot and rightly so. Gaster, you could try to be a little bit more sensitive! lol. Magic, he says. That's probably one of my favorite lines I got to use in this story so far. xD Anyways, you're still amazing for coming up with these cool ideas, Lan. :D And you've got plenty of talent yourself with your humor!

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Once again done by Cinder.
Chapter 3.3 I'm seeing Double, four Frisks!

The snow crunched softly beneath Chara’s feet as she follows Frisk into Snowdin. Confusion setting onto her face as she spots familiar monsters lurking around. Such as Monster Kid standing next to a Christmas Tree with presents lying around, or Greater Dog lurking around inside of Grillby’s with Dogmay and Dogaressa in a booth. Which shouldn’t of been possible because, everyone made it up to the Surface. Didn’t they?

As Chara passes by a window, she stops, seeing her reflection staring right back at her with red glowing eyes. Her reflection mouthing the words, “Kill or be Killed.”

Chara rubs her eyes, trying to pretend it's just a trick of the imagination until she sees her reflection frown with a gaping mouth full of sharp demonic teeth.

"You're not real."

"Just think about it..." Chara's reflection whispers, "You don't need those puny humans called friends. You think they trust you? HA! They don't. They'll turn their back on you the first chance they get! They already think of you as a monster."

"And Frisk, she thinks she's above the consequences by changing the timeline through divine means. Pretending she's innocent when she's not, and continues to toy with everyone's feelings. How long do you think it'll take before they blame you for her boredom?"

"You're lying!" Chara shouts, "Frisk wouldn't- Frisk wouldn't reset like that!"

But as soon as Chara said those words, she wasn't so sure. Chara knew Frisk had the ability to change things in their timeline. A reset would erase everything that they've done so far. And how long... how long would it be before Frisk decides to take things into her own hands without asking? Toriel, Asgore, Asriel, and everyone... she couldn't lose them again.


Chara stumbles back at the same time Monster Kid does, rubbing his head where he bumped into her. "I'm sorry! I didn't mean to run into you!"

"It's okay," Chara replies, trying to smile. Except inside her mind she hears the words, "We could start with him. Sans and Frisk wouldn't know what we've done until its too late. We need more hate and determination to finish what's been started."

"Are you a fan of Undyne? We should go see her and-! Wait, what are you doing?" Monster Kid exclaims, seeing the hilt of a knife Chara's hand was wrapped around. Then lifting his eyes up, he sees a sinister smile with red glowing eyes on Chara's face. "M-Maybe we should get you some help... you don't... look so good."

Chara stalks forward with her knife as Monster Kid looks left to right for help. His plea for help caught in his throat as Chara doesn't stop until she's looming right over him with her knife extended in the air.

"S-Somebody... anybody... help." Monster Kid chokes out.

But Nobody Came.

In one last desperate attempt, Monster Kid asks. "You're not going to hurt me, are you?"

A pensive look briefly flashes across Chara's face as if she's internally at war with her before disappearing altogether. Instead she tilts her in response as her smile and red demonic eyes stays put.

"No!" Chara screams inside of her mind, except no one can hear it as this Chara ignores her and carries forward with her plans to kill every monster and human until she can erase this world from existence before moving onto the next one.

The knife gleams threateningly in the air as Chara’s hand begins to shake around it one last time with Monster Kid looking on with fear as he trips and falls back onto his hind legs in the snow, unable to move as the knife swings forward before his eyes in a flash. The urge to scream dying in his throat as he throws his hands up to protect himself from the oncoming blow.

Only the blow didn’t come.

The knife immediately turns blue, its movements halting in mid-air by magic as Sans appears a few feet away with Frisk and Asriel by his side. Monster Kid gulps, then scrambles back as quickly as he can in the snow as Sans throws out a hand at Chara, capturing her soul in his fist, and turning it blue, before hurling her into a pile of snow as the monsters looked on with fear and confusion in their eyes.

“Sans!” Asriel barks, rushing to Chara’s aide, grabbing hold of her sleeve and tugging her out of the snow as Frisk looked on with a frown between them all.

Sans closes his eyes, shaking his head left to right with a grin as he held his hands up in mock surrender. “Reflex.”

Chara coughs as she holds a hand to her head in pain. “What happened?” After taking a moment to collect herself, Chara sees the pained look on Asriel’s face; grabbing his hand in hers, she gives it a squeeze. “I’m okay, but did I- I didn’t hurt Monster Kid did I?”

“We stopped you in time.” Asriel reassures her, glaring a tiny bit at Sans.

"I'm sure Undyne will keep Monster Kid safe after that little scare." Sans points out, folding his arms across his chest.

Frisk lets out a sigh as she looks past her arguing friends to see the other Frisk wrapping up his fight against Papyrus and following after him to presumably go on a date or hang out with him. This would be her chance to set things right before the other Frisk would consider hurting someone, since the rest of the monsters haven’t fled Snowdin yet. Frisk could only take that as a good sign that this wasn’t the Genocide timeline.

“I’m going on ahead to convince the other me not to do anything stupid.” Frisk said, taking a step forward, then another in the direction of Sans and Papyrus’s old house.

“Isn’t it dangerous to go alone? We don’t know what the other Frisk will do, when they see you!” Asriel asks with a waver in his voice, unable to fathom the idea of letting her go on alone when Flowey was watching somewhere nearby.

“I think we’re about to have more pressing problems, kiddo.” Sans points out warily, catching sight of Snowdrake looking intently at Chara, then Asriel as if not believing what they’re seeing.

“I-Is that King Asgore’s and Toriel’s son?”

Asriel spots Ice cap joining Snowdrake’s side, the whispering growing louder, loud enough to draw a crowd of monsters attention. It doesn’t take long for the monsters to close in around them, leaving them without a way out without explaining themselves.

“Isn’t he suppose to be dead?”

At the word dead Asriel trembles in shock much to Chara’s surprise and Sans concern. Neither of them prepared to see Asriel like this as Asriel remembers the past; where Chara had died in his arms, carrying her through the village under the watch of the same monsters that looked on at him now as if he were a ghost. For a minute, his vision goes black as he remembers being a golden flower without a soul, and he gasps in pain.

“Asriel? Asriel, can you hear me? C’mon Asriel, you’re scaring me.” Chara pleads softly, shaking his arm to try to snap him out of it. Only he doesn’t. He doesn’t seem to hear her as she stops shaking his arm that she looks to Sans for help.

Not too far away behind the ring of monsters is a golden flower watching with a look of disgust on its face. “What’s the meaning of this? Why am I with Smilely Trashbag?”

Sans ignores the look of helplessness on Chara’s face as he grabs hold of both of them by the sleeve, teleporting Asriel and Chara as far away as possible. Within minutes, they’re blasted with heat as Chara looks around to see they’re in the Hot Lands now.

“You two go on ahead. We don’t want to keep Toriel waiting too long,” Sans encourages, “Me and Frisk will catch up with you.”

“Wait, what about-” Chara begins to protest, reaching out to stop him only Sans vanishes before her eyes. “What about Flowey and Asgore?”

In the meantime, Frisk patiently waits for Papyrus to go into his room as the other Frisk continues to explore the house, searching beneath the cushions for some loose change with his back facing the door. Giving Frisk enough time to quietly slip inside with the door shutting softly behind her with a soft click, startling the other Frisk into looking up.

“Hi.” Frisk says with a smile, watching the other Frisk point at her in disbelief.

“A-Are we twins?”

Frisk puts her hands on her hips and leans forward. “Didn’t Toriel tell you it isn’t nice to stare and point at people?”

The other Frisk flushes at the firm reprimand, lowering his hand down as he mumbles, “Sorry.”

Then as if to pretend they were standing in front of a mirror, Frisk and the other Frisk begin to goof around, intimidating each other’s movements; sticking their tongues out at each other, patting their bums until they can’t hold it in any longer and burst into laughter.

“You’re me? But how? How is this possible?” The other Frisk asks, reaching for her hand to hold in his, checking to see if they have the same exact skin tone; lining themselves up against each other to confirm that it is.

“It’s a long story,” Frisk said, “But first, what happened to you make you fall down here after climbing Mount Ebott?”

The other Frisk cracked a smile. “I could be asking you the same exact question.”

“Funny.” Frisk replies, poking the other Frisk playfully in the chest. “But I asked you first. Now cough up.”

The other Frisk shrugs, taking a seat on the couch as Frisk climbs in to sit beside him with her knees drawn to her chest, patiently waiting to hear his tale of before. While also ignoring the doubts plaguing her mind that something could happen to Asriel and Chara, or how she’s left them alone for way too long already. The other Frisk sensing her impatience, quickly clears his throat, then begins to talk.

“I didn’t mean to fall into the Underground when I first climbed Mount Ebott. I was curious to see if the rumors were true that you couldn’t return if you fell in. I got too close to the edge when I felt something like a hand push me in.”

Instantly Frisk thinks of Slenderman, but isn’t sure how that’s remotely possible as she waits for him to continue by tugging at seams of the cushions that were falling apart; something she probably shouldn’t of been doing, but knew Sans wouldn’t mind.

“When I woke up, I knew I needed to go home before my parents sent out a search party with my sister in tow,” The other Frisk sighs, “And then I met Flowey, who tried to kill me right before Toriel showed up to save the day.”

Hot, burning tears comes to Frisk’s eyes as her lips start to tremble at the thought of this Frisk’s family being alive unlike hers. The other Frisk moves in to comfort her with a hug, wrapping his arms around her as Frisk lets out a sob, unable to hold it in any longer.

Outside, Sans grows alarmed to see his Frisk in tears, but resists the urge to go inside by kicking the mailbox in frustration because, he needs to know what this Frisk did in this timeline first.

“I don’t know what happened to you to cause you so much pain, but I also did something I regret.” The other Frisk whispers, running a hand soothingly down Frisk’s back to calm her down. “I know I wasn’t suppose to because, Toriel asked me not to, but I killed Froggit.”

Frisk went still in the other Frisk’s arms, knowing this wasn’t good. “You’re not planning on hurting anyone else, are you?”

Sans eyes instantly turn black as he overhears this. “You’re about to have a bad time.” Then without meaning to he throws an arm to the right, impaling his mailbox with a bunch of bones until it’s nothing more than a scrap piece of metal.


The tension in Frisk’s shoulders instantly fades away as if it were never there in the first place. After wiping her tear streaked cheeks and her runny nose, she asks, “Then how about we go home to the Surface together? We could save someone really special along the way too.”

“I’d like that a lot.”


“What was that?!” The other Frisk asks abruptly, jumping slightly from being startled as he tries to look out the window to see whatever made that sound.

Sans scratches his head as he looks at the damage he caused to his old mailbox. “Whoops.” Then seeing two Frisk's looking at him through the window, he holds up his hands in what can I do about it now gesture as his Frisk face palms and the other Frisk laughs.

Meanwhile inside of Alphys secret lab, Slender Man lets out a irritable groan as he holds his face from where that little brat sucker punched him good. Taking a look around he stalks the empty corridors until he comes across a room full of syringes filled with Determination lying on a desk next to a bunch of scientific notes that he picks up a syringe and injects the Determination into his arm with a needle.

"This will do nicely." Slender Man laughs, absorbing every drop of Determination until all of the syringes are drained empty, allowing all of them to drop to the floor with a clatter as he wanders around.

When an Endogeny catches sight of Slender Man, it starts to bark and shake its tail. Or at least it would if it weren't an Amalgamate that had fallen and experimented on by Alphys into something else. Slender Man sees in its misshapen mouth that it has a tennis ball and uses a tentacle to take it as the Endogeny drops it. Taking pity on it for a moment, Slender Man tosses the tennis ball and hears the Endogeny let out a excited bark and hurries after it.

As the Endogeny picks up the tennis ball and gets ready to turn back around to its new playmate, Slender Man's black tentacles loom in the shadows, rushing forward and skewering it into pieces until nothing but dust remains in its wake. The tennis ball rolls silently across the floor as Slender Man moves along having absorbed the Determination he needed and goes to search for the other poor souls inside of Alphys lab.

Eventually Slender Man makes his way outside into the Hot Lands, ignoring the Royal Guards blocking one of the paths as he makes his way down until he comes across a river with a ferry man standing on a boat in the River of Styx. "Tra la, la, beware the man who speaks in hands."

"Sounds like my kind of guy." Slender Man replies, eager to find this man who speaks in hands.

Somewhere in the darkness... someone unable to escape is watching and waiting with hunger.

And in the far distance, does a pair of bells begin to ring in the Hall of Judgement.


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Again, I know I wrote this myself and it's a little weird to review. xD At the same time, I still continue to love where this story is going, along with the interactions the characters have with each other. Sans accidently breaking his mailbox was probably my favorite part in all of this. And you should give yourself in the chapter above because, you came up with the ideas! Otherwise, I'm still incredibly entertained by Undertale to this day. Good chapter as always.

Also the tennis ball isn't my original idea and belongs to camilia from youtube. Should any one ask.
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One Punch Frisk

Chapter 4.: Anyone got a flame thrower.

Asriel held Chara’s hand as they walked silently side by side into Judgement Hall, where streams of light reflected inside of the corridor through tall panes of glass. It was the second time he stepped through this place in his original form instead of that of a tiny, golden flower. It brought back painful memories, but he didn’t regret a single one because, he was given a second chance and reunited with his love ones. Admittedly, he didn’t care for Sans jokes, but he could live with it as long as he had Frisk and Chara by his side.

Lost in his own thoughts, he almost didn’t notice when Chara had stopped moving that he came close to falling back on his butt. Wondering what caught her attention, he almost feared the Flowey from this timeline had appeared. Instead he caught Chara staring up at the Delta Rune much to his relief. He looked fondly upon the Delta Rune that made him think of his goat mom and dad waiting for them to come back with all of their friends.

“I miss mom and dad,” Chara said softly, aware that Asriel was looking at her. “I wanna go home.”

"I do too."

Asriel felt Chara’s hand squeeze his more tightly, making the young Dreemurr smile fondly at her as he squeezed affectionately back. “We’re almost there, Chara. I promise.” It wasn’t hard for Asriel to imagine what it’d be like when they were back home on the surface. “And mom will probably scold us both for taking off on our own, when we have school to worry about now.”

“And don’t forget she’ll have cinnamon and butterscotch pie waiting for us like always.” Chara teased, elbowing Asriel in the side. “I know how much you like it, Asriel.”

“We need to tell her to stop making it, cause I can’t eat much more of it without going green.” Asriel groaned as Chara let out a few giggles. “I don't care if it breaks her heart. It can’t possibly be healthy for us to eat this much pie.”

“It’s never stopped any of us from eating it though.” Chara pointed out, “And it’s better than Undyne’s spaghetti.” The both of them shuddered at the memory of Undyne cooking in Toriel’s kitchen, where Asgore decided to help Undyne out by lighting up the stove with some of his magic; nearly torching the place down around them, and getting banished from the house soon after.

“I dare you to say that to Undyne’s face and see how long you last with her spears in your face,” Asriel laughed, “But nothing beats the great Papyrus’s spaghetti!”

“Don’t let Sans hear you say that, or he’ll never let you live it down! And he’ll become even more insufferable to be around with that thick bone head of his.” Chara replied, unable to stop smiling now.

“If Sans were here, he’d make a joke out of it too.” Asriel sighed, trying to fight the smile off of his face, but it was proving to be contagious.

"Howdy! I'm Flowey the Flower! You sure do know how to keep me waiting! I'll have to teach you some manners."

All of the happiness drained off of Chara and Asriel’s faces as they spotted a tiny, golden flower with a big smile on its face. If you could really call it a smile because, its mouth opened up revealing a row of teeth with its tongue sticking out; looking quite ravenous. "By starting with your souls. I'll take both of them to break the barrier, then I'll SAVE over your files, so you can watch your loved ones die. Over and over again as I rewrite this world!"

"Were you always such an a-hole, Asriel?" Chara yawned, not blinking an eye at the empty threat.

"Hey! Hey! Are either of you listening?!" Flowey demanded in disbelief, "I just said, I'm going to kill everyone! Are you two idiots brain dead?!"

"Remember that video game with the annoying fairy in it? Doesn't Flowey sound a bit like him?"

"Chara, you're breaking the fourth wall." Asriel reminded her with a tsk.

"Sorry." Chara whispered to the audience.

"Yeah, yeah, we heard you," Asriel said with a dismissive wave, keeping his eyes on Chara. "What would Toriel say if she heard you call me an a-hole!"

"You know what I mean, Asriel! And it's just a stupid flower anyways."

"I object to being called stupid." Flowey pipped in, clearly growing agitated by the minute between the two of them bickering. "And I'm not just ANY flower!"

"You're a weed." Chara pointed out, grabbing out an item that looked distinctively like roundup. "And you know what we do with weeds? We kill them."

“I think you're bluffing.” Flowey said, glancing over to the throne room, where the lingering six souls we're kept by Asgore. Clearly his ego had taken a hard hit as he thought about killing Asgore to prove his point that he wasn't just some flower. "You wouldn't kill me, cause golly, don't you wanna be FRIENDS?"

"Of course!" Chara said instantly, smiling down at him.

"Pathetic!" Flowey cackled, "Like I would REALLY be friends with YOU or Smilely trash bag!"

"Then you leave us with no choice but to stop you." Chara threatened, tilting her head to the side with a creepy smile of her own as her demonic eyes returned. "And I won't show you any mercy, cause it's Killed or Be Killed."

Flowey cowered slightly, remembering all too well what Chara was capable of.

"C-Chara...?" Asriel's hesitantly reached out to grab her shoulder, but she pushed his hand away before he could touch it. "You're still with me, right?"

"Oh relax, Asriel! I'm joking!" Chara exclaimed, blowing a raspberry as she placed her hands on her hips to stare him down. "I picked up a new trick to do with my eyes. See?"

With a snap of Chara's fingers her eyes immediately turned red before turning back to normal again. "On, off, on, off. on, off!" It was like a light switch being controlled by a really obnoxious ten year old, who didn't know when to stop or enough was enough. Neither Asriel nor Flowey could stand it for much longer that Asriel knew he needed to get things back on track before Flowey did something... drastic.

“Chara, you can stop now! I think we all get it!” Asriel shouted, growing more agitated and anxious by the minute. Normally under different circumstances he'd allow himself to laugh at her silly behavior, but now wasn't a good time for it.

"Aww, do I have to?" Chara whined, pretending to pout as Flowey looked on in disgust. "I bet I really look cool doing it in the dark!"

"You can do that at home, kiddo." Sans pipped in, appearing next to them out of nowhere with everyone else by his side. "I'm sure Toriel and Papyrus will get a kick out of it when you get home to show them."

Flowey rolled his eyes. "Don't you guys have something better to do?"

Sans winked at Flowey before turning a blind eye to him.

Which pissed Flowey off even more as everyone continued to ignore him. In a fit of rage, he sought out the remaining six souls in the company of King Asgore, knowing where he kept them after being refused to see them countless times before. This time would be different. This time he would get what he wanted! Even if it meant killing Asgore by himself!

King Asgore was hunched over as he tended his flowers, humming softly to himself as Flowey appeared right behind him with his little, white, friendliness pellets. Asgore's heart was vulnerable when his back was turned, making this incredibly easy for Flowey as he shot them at Asgore's back, except Sans intercepted the pellets and making them drop soundlessly to the ground.

"Why don't you listen to what the kid has to say first?" Sans suggested, soundlessly appearing besides him as he kept an eye on Asgore. "We wouldn't want you to throw away your one and only chance of going back to normal, would we?"

"Like I care." Flowey sighed, looking longingly at Asgore to get started with his plans.

"Do you want to have a bad time?"

"Am I seeing double or am I just this good lookin'?" Sans asked as the other Sans from this timeline appeared.

"You should care!" Asriel interrupted, glaring down at Flowey. "You're me and I'm you. I know there's some good in you, even if you don't believe it exists. You wouldn't of tried befriending other monsters in the underground without a heart otherwise!"

"They're so easy and predictable to mess with no matter how many resets I do." Flowey replied, ignoring the heated glare as the other Frisk and Frisk knelt down besides him.

"What about us then?" Frisk pointed out, "Aren't you the least bit curious how there's two sets of us?"

Flowey let out a huff in response.

Asriel couldn't stop himself from asking, "Is it really worth killing Da- I mean, Asgore for power?" He knew his words weren't quite reaching his counterpart as much as he hoped. Deep down he knew this version of himself lacked compassion and empathy. Including the other important feelings one must feel to care. Which made it hurt all the more to know his other self was still planning on erasing this timeline for good.

“Come home, Flowey.” The other Frisk said gently, kneeling down before the flower with a kind smile on his face. “I know you want to deep down because, it's better than being alone. We can make things righ-!”

“You naive idiot,” Flowey laughed, “You REALLY think I want to go home with YOU? Heh… You really don’t get it, do you?”


A splatter of blood hit the floor instantly as both Sans's eyes widen in shock with a bead of sweat going down the side of their face. Chara's face went white as a sheet as Asriel held still in terror, unable to move, let alone process what happened. Meanwhile, Frisk gasp as her hands balled up into fists against the side of her mouth as if to prevent the scream working its way out of her throat.


Flowey let out a cackle as he absorbed the other Frisk's heart. "What a bunch of idiots. All this talk of friendship and going home? I'LL BECOME GOD!"

The room glowed an eerie red as Omega Flowey began to form. First the television appeared with sharp vines striking the ceiling and latching onto it as thick arms with claws appeared on either side of the television; it's nose smelling the fear inside of the room as the mouth open and closed. Frisk back up in fear as both Sans's stood beside her with Asriel looking defiantly at Omega Flowey with Chara by his side, who took the 'roundup' and started walking forward, spraying the contents of the bottle at Omega Flowey.

Omega Flowey laughed as he started raining bombs down upon them, making Sans and the other Sans stop them with their magic.

“Why isn’t this working?!” Chara demanded, shaking the bottle in frustration as she pointed the nozzle at Omega Flowey's arms and continued to spray it. Instead of shriveling up like a normal plant would it seems to have no effect on Omega Flowey. In fact it was quite the opposite!

“Uh, guys, is it just me or did Flowey get bigger?” Frisk asked as Omega Flowey loomed over them, growing bigger and larger by the minute.

“Kid, lemme see that bottle for a sec.” Sans asked without looking at her, catching it effortlessly out of the air and looking down at the description of the bottle.

Asriel and Frisk peered at it from either side of Sans. And it read: "Do you want a healthy plant? Throw some fertilizer on it! It'll make it grow almost instantly!"

“Chara, you didn’t!” Asriel complained, “Chara, that says fertilizer not round up!”

“Oops?” Chara winced, halfheartedly looking down apologetically. “Mom said we weren’t old enough to play with the weed whacker or flame thrower!”

Frisk rolled her eyes. "If we make it out of this alive, I want to say for the record, Omega Flowey sucks."

"I'm sorry the old me went on a killing spree, okay? I was lonely and bored!" Asriel said in his defense, using his shocker blaster to electrocute Omega Flowey in flashes of light.

"Kids, kids, we can settle this later. Let the grown ups handle it." Sans grinned, sharing a look with the other Sans. "This wouldn't be our first rodeo against an overgrown houseplant."

"What about the other Frisk?" Frisk asked softly, twisting the hem of her striped sweater around in the palms of her hands with worry.

"Believe in us, Frisk." The other Sans said, ruffling her hair as his jacket turned black. "We totally got this!"

"Guys, watch out!" Asriel shouted in alarm, watching in horror as both Sans were whacked away by a bunch of vines that left them sprawled across the floor.

Unfortunately, Frisk was right where Omega Flowey wanted them to be as its big mouth open wide on either side of them, ready to snatch them and devour them whole. Asriel scrambled forward to pull his Frisk out of the way, when Frisk did the unthinkable and upper cut Omega Flowey in the face, making the oversize houseplant smack straight into the ceiling. The television cracked right down to the center as Omega Flowey screamed in rage only to cough up the other Frisk, who looked appalled to have been eaten.

"I feel all slimy and gross." The ​other Frisk complained, wiping nervously at his clothes that were covered in drool. "Can we uh... go home now?"

"You're back!" Frisk shouted, tackling him to the floor in relief as Chara and Asriel hurried over to pull their Frisk off of the other Frisk.

"Okay, Frisk, I think it's time you let go of him!" Asriel laughed, trying to persuade her to let go as Frisk held on tighter.

"C-Can't breathe!" The other Frisk cried out, looking awfully blue as Chara laughed and poked him in the face.

Meanwhile, Flowey had turned back to normal and tried to slink away, when Sans grabbed a hold of them by the vine. "And where do you think you're going? You got some apologizing to do, don't you think, Flowey?"

Flowey couldn't disagree with that, since he lost to Frisk once again. His power of determination wasn't as strong as theirs, so he knew there wasn't a point to fighting anymore. "Whatever, I'll do it."

Sans looked fondly at all of them with Flowey by his side until the ground beneath his feet began to tremble and wiped the smile off of his face. "Somethings wrong."

"Well don't look at me, it's not my doing!" Flowey huffed, looking pointedly away.

[Continue?] [Reset?]

Made by the amazing Cinder.
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One Punch Frisk Chapter 5: The Worst Timeline.

Somewhere beyond time and space stood someone at the Writer’s Center. Their was first for this universe it was Toby Fox the first creator. Then came the Writer. At first the Writer did okay continuing the universe and looked into the Undertale Multiverse. But as time went on he got lonely and wanted someone else to join in on the fun. And soon The Co-Writer took over for a while.

However the Writer was dragging his feet helping Frisk along in her life.

“Come on you can do it.” The feminine goddess encouraged putting a hand over his shoulder.

“I don’t wanna! It’s the worst timeline.” The Writer whined.

“Well the sooner we do it, the sooner we get it over with…and since you didn’t watch Slender Man…and he got out again….think of this as a lesson.” The Co-Writer joked, causing her partner to sigh.

“Alright….back to Frisk….forgive me, kiddo.” The Writer mumbled as he got back to the story.

“Wait, this isn’t my doing!” Flowey shouted as two Sans, Frisks, Asriel, and Chara looked around the Judgement Hall. It seemed different. It seemed more ominous and foreboding than then when they were there a few seconds ago.

“Hello anyone here?” Dude Frisk cried out.

But nobody came!

“Oh no!” Chara, and Asriel, thought to themselves. While the two Frisks seemed confused if not unsettled.

They all could hear a set of footsteps coming down from both sides of the hall. Frisk saw a third Sans where she had meet him in the Judgement Hall on her adventure. Her Sans and the neutral Sans noticed that the third counter part’s eyes were dark and wearing Papyrus’s scarf, and it seemed torn. Frisk didn’t notice this ran toward the new Sans. The oddest thing was that the monsters were hearing some kind of battle music.

“Yay triple friends! Hi Other Sans” She cried out in spite of the warnings of everyone around her. Frisk suddenly felt her body stopping dead in it’s tracks. She was glowing blue. And so was Chara and Dude Frisk. Frisk had a bad feeling, as this opposing Sans was summoned one of his giant Gaster Blasters. Flowey went underground to hide and run away.

“Hi…you dirty brother killer.” The possibly insane Sans muttered darkly as the attack opened fired.

“What?” Frisk mumbled, her eyes wide.

“Oh Crap! SANS DO SOMETHING!” Chara cried out.

Both Sans and Neutral Sans managed to pull Frisk out of the firing range. Two more Gaster Blasters took their place. One was to fire at Chara, the other was at Dude Frisk. Asriel pushed Chara out of the way, while Frisk managed to find her Captain America shield and deflect it the blast.

“Hmm, there's more than one of you this time…not that I care. You and all the rest of your kind will burn in hell all the same.” The attacking Sans mused as he scattered bones around the hall. Chara deflected any attacks with her knife, while Asriel used his magic to cover the slightly demonic human.

The music only getting louder and louder The attacking Sans summoned multiple Gaster Blasters surrounding our heroes. The protecting duo Sans created their own Gaster Blasters to counter the attacks. Their was a beam struggle, that caused the blasters to vanish.

“ Okay….time traveling versions of myself protecting scum bag humans.” The antagonizing Sans deducted..

Trust me..um..Other Sans…you wouldn’t be saving those….things! if you knew what they did!” The huffing skeleton growled.

“Sans…what….what do you mean…Why…do you you have Papyrus’s scarf? Frisk asked wanting to know what the heck was going on.

“Is..Is Papyrus okay?”Frisk asked feeling a sense of dread. She’d felt it ever since she got here.

Then the antagonist Sans started to laugh. A loud bitter, and cruel laugh. Neither of the protective Sans like where their thought process were going. Since only one thing could really make them go all out.

“Is Papyrus okay? I dunno squirt, why don’t ask him? Oh wait…we can’t. He’s dead!”

“What?!” Both Frisks cried out. The girl Frisk looked sad.

“Don’t play cute with me brats! He’s dead, my brother is dead! Every monster in the Underground is dead thanks to you!” He accused.

Chara and Asriel could actually feel their Frisk’s heart shatter. Dude Frisk seeing his female pacifist counter part tear up. He then stood in front of her with the shield.

“Okay buddy, you’ve definitely got the wrong girl! And…guy for that manner.” There is no way in heck either of us would wipe out all of Monster kind. I mean what kind of sick, twisted, heartless crazy person would even think of doing something like that?” Dude Frisk said baffled.

“Me.” Chara whimpered sounding more like a mouse. Ashamed of her past thoughts and attempt.

“Well it doesn’t really matter I’ll just have to kill every single human, so even if there aren’t any resets, no monsters will ever be hurt by humans ever again! Hehehahaha!” The slowly turned insane Sans ranted as he was about ready to open fire with another round of Gaster Blasters.

“Yeah sorry pal, can’t let you do that. I’m pretty attached to this one, and my girl would make me into bone marrow stew if anything happened to any of these kiddos.” Sans declared as he covered the Frisks Asriel and Chara with his own Gaster Blasters.

“And to add, my two gold to our equally handsome cohort, my timeline would be pretty boned without the half pint..and I think your acting like a disgrace to our brother. Papyrus would be very disappointed in you.” The Neural Sans added while adding his own Gaster Blasters. The goat boy and three humans had to do everything they could do dodge the upcoming blasts.

“Where do they keep getting the power to make this stuff?!” Dude Frisk cried out.

“Magic, what I want to know is where is that music coming from?” Asriel asked. The poor goat boy had to cover his ears due to the mystery music, getting louder and louder as the battle went on.

Everyone was unaware that the Writer and Co-Writer were dancing to the song Megalovania. The only good thing about this cursed timeline.

All three Sans shot off, another triple way Gaster Blaster struggle circling almost every part of the judgement hall. The battle seemed even neither Sans willing to give in. Then Dude Frisk opened his eyes, which was a rarity for the two Frisks. But that wasn’t the odd thing. No the wonderful and insane thing was Dude Frisk shooting out a laser beam from his eyes. This shocked everyone, including the lady Frisk. Crossing the laser beam of determination with the Gaster Blaster beams, resulted in an explosion that covered the whole scene in pure white light. It blinded everyone and shook the Underground, created massive earthquakes and started a few brush fires.

To be fair the mountain was in Southern California so it wasn’t anything new to the natives of the state.

The two writers used their divine powers to make sure nothing got too out of hand, the country had enough natural disasters as it was right now. However a North Korean dictator and the rest of his government lap dogs would all suffer a nice fatal heart attack as a counter balance. It’s not like the world would have missed anything in the absence. Asgore could take his place and people’s lives of that pitiful country would improve twelve fold.

Asriel groaned as he slowly opened his eyes to find Frisk right on top of him. And he got a clear look at Frisk’s loving, brown eyes staring into his. Neither knew what to say. It was the same case for Chara and Dude Frisk, and Chara couldn’t help but blush as the male Frisk gave the same sunny smile.

“ I’d better call Heaven cause, I think there’s an angel gone missing.” Dude Frisk flirted as he wiggled his eye brows. Chara in turn shoved him off of her. Girl Frisk giggled as the goat boy groaned in annoyance.

The Frisk who’s story we first followed looked to find their Sans and found all three were sleeping. After a few pokes by the kids to each Sans, and none of the three skeletons were waking up any time soon. All four kids gave a sigh of relief.

“So what was that laser beam?” The former demon asked the boy meson of her savior.

“Determination?” Dude Frisk guessed, since he had no idea that the Writer just put that little ability inside of him on a whim.

“Well thank God the battle is over, at least something’s going right for us.” Frisk said cheerfully.

Only for fate to slap that optimism in the face with a red glowing magic knife stabbing the deranged Sans in the rib cage. He woke up, as they all watched the the damage overwhelm his one hit point.

“Wait, what..this never happened before…Papyrus.” The dying Sans cried out before the three humans and goat monster turned to dust and vanish into the wind.

“Man oh man, finally. I’ve been stuck on that Trash bag for ages. Finally I can move on.” They heard a new voice echo across the judgement hall.

They all looked to find, another Frisk. Chara could quickly see a bloody knife in their hands, glowing red eyes. “ Oh no this version of me…fully took over.” Chara thought to herself. Her mind gave her an image of A demonic Chara and glowing Frisk batting in the center of the latter’s mind.

“Greetings..I don’t quite know why there are more than one human…and a duplicate version of myself…but my name is Chara.” The more demonic sounding child introduced. Looking at them all like they were the demon child’s next meal. It didn’t help that the group was suddenly had a sense of dread.

“We…noticed.” Frisk mumbled. She felt her hair standing on end, a lot like the first time she’d met Chara. She looked at the third Frisk…she shuddered to think her adopted sister planned on stealing her body and soul to….kill everyone. It was almost sickening that she’d actually done it in this timeline. If what the attack Sans said was true.

They suddenly all saw Flowey pop out of the ground. He gave a smug look as everyone was suddenly wrapped and bound by his vines.

“This is a grave situation …I can’t let her…me…hurt Azzy or the Frisks or even those bone heads.” Chara thought as they everyone struggled to get free.

“Aw your all so cute and sacred….don’t worry it’ll be all over soon. For every monster, and human…but please scream for me, it’ll be extra fun.” The demon in a child’s body ordered as she tired to slash at the Frisks. Flowey gave off his signature evil laugh.

“Wait, before you kill us, don’t we get a last request?” Dude Frisk yelped as the demon Chara missed.

She mused on this plea, while Flowey looked annoyed.

“No you don’t get a last request, you get to die!” The enraged flower shouted.

“Flowey shut up.” The demon child ordered, causing him to whimper like a coward. Their captives were still on edge.

“Hmm sure you can have a last request. What is it?” The evil Chara asked curiously.

“ Just tell me…why are you doing this? This whole killing all the monsters and then killing all the humans I mean…just why? This Chara doesn’t want to so WHY?!” Dude Frisk shouted in a burst of frustrated about the demon’s actions and everything he had deal with since he’d been forced into the Underground.

“Why? Now that’s a stupid question. Come on other me, you get it right?” The demon Chara asked giving her counter part a creepy smile, while getting very close.

“F&%K OFF!!” Chara growled, giving her own demonic look at her evil self while flipping her off.

The demonic Chara backed off a bit, and then sneered at all of her captives.

“Well then…let me put it in a way you idiots will understand…Flowey, hit it!” The Demon Chara ordered. They all looked to find Flowey playing a CD into a stereo. Both Frisk’s could tell that this was the song from Wander Over Yonder.

“I'm not the damsel in distress.”

“I'm not your best friend or the frightened princess.” The Demon Chara went on as she flicked Asriel on the nose, and batted her eye lashes at Frisk.

“I'm not like all the rest to trying to get by. Nope…I’m the bad guy.” She declared, all the while a pair of red horns started to pop out of the possessed Frisk’s head, along with a a black goop like body.

“All these former humans, that you see!” Demon Chara sang while Flowey brought out the six human souls: Orange, Yellow, Blue, Green, Cyan, and Violent. However they weren’t in glass cases, but bound together by black metal chains as they had taken on silhouette forms of children.

“Each of them with shaking knees, has knelt before me.” Demon Chara said smuggly as Orange punched the ground in defeat, and Blue was forced to look up at their tormentor, stroking her chin.

All of them forced on their knees. Chara and Asriel felt pings of guilt since they were reminded that these souls weren’t just a means of breaking the barrier, but like them…children.

She then turned to her living captives.

“So I'm not your teammate or your partner in crime..What I am, Souls!?” Demon Chara called out.

“She’s the bad guy.” They all said glumly, as if any hope had left them long ago.

“Oh it’s stellar, to watch a monster, turn to dust and die” Demon Chara sang her heart out as she killed a wandering frog monster right in front of them all. Everyone had to try to keep Frisk from fainting.

“Oh it’s thrilln, to be the villain.” The Demon went on as she pranced around Chara, who was still flipping her off. The demon made it all the way to Neutral Sans.

“I crush all their hopes, and then I watch them cry.” The Demon sang as she stabbed the skeleton, turning him into dust, right in front of both Frisk. Dude Frisk was in utter shock at his aloof ally’s demise, and Frisk tried not have a panic attack, and wriggling under Flowey’s vines. Flowey himself was laughing his head off.

“CAUSE I'M THE BAD GUY!” The demon shouted giving Frisk a fright. Her screams finally woke the last remaining Sans up.

He used his power to finally get everyone free,and Chara lunged at her counter part with her knife. The Frisks, Sans, and Asriel went to go free the souls.

Flowey went to get in their way, with his “friendly pellets.” and vines.The Frisk used Frisk’s Captain America shield to plow through the bullets, and Sans blasted the vines. Asriel simply, picked the flower up and started to eat him. The poor evil flower was struggling for dear life, screaming for mercy as the goat monster was trying to close his jaw. Frisk would have told him to stop it, but she was too busy trying to free the other souls. And Dude Frisk was hoping Asriel would succeed, unaware of any consequences to the space time continuum.

Once Sans was able to break the chains, The souls all ran right into Frisk, making her feel dizzy, and both hands were starting to glow. The goat monster had lost Flowey as he just barely escaped being eaten, just hardly staying ahead of his magic attacks.

Chara was doing everything she could to destroy everything she hated about herself, all the while the demon started to giggle and laugh. Chara didn’t notice that she was starting to grow miniature horns herself.

“It’s this fantastic?” She asked giggling like a crazy person.

“We something, and slash it!” The Demon shouted as Chara felt the loss of HP and her favorite stripped shirt gaining a deep cut in it.

Sans yanked Chara before any more damaged by the twisted self.

“And let me, tell you why…” Demon Chara called out getting uncomfortably close to the male Frisk.

“I’ve always had a weakness, for bareness and bleakness. I’ll destroy your hopes and take your soul!” She ranted before stabbing the male Frisk, and the black ooze started to entrap the boy like a fly to a spider’s web.

Frisk went to try and save her male corner part, only to get grabbed by Demon Chara’s black web.

“See I find genocide rather fun!” The demon explained to a shocked and disgusted pair of Frisks.

“I don’t want your redemption!” The demon scowled looking at the a saddened Frisk.

“Or your recrimination!” The Demon turned to see a scowling Sans and Chara.

“I’ll destroy everything, and bid you bye bye!” Demon said before slicing the frantic flower in half, while waving at the pleading monster until he turned to dust. The kids were taken a bit more for a loop, while Sans gave a growl in disgust. He was going to use a Gaster Blaster to fire, the demon used the two Frisks as human shields.

“Why? COME ON GUESS?!” The Demon cried out as she transformed fully into a black and red horned demon. The only trace felt of the Frisk body was the glowing red soul.

“Your the bad guy?!” Everyone said with either sadness, anger or disappointment.

“That’s right! HAHAHAHAHA!” The Demon cackled as the music finished and the song finally ended.

Then there was a slow clap and a even creeper laugh that followed it. Everyone looked to find Slenderman walking down the judgement hall. The room slowly turning pitch black as she walked toward our heroes and their attacker. Dude Frisk wanted to ask who or what this guy was, but the words seemed to have died in his throat.

“Oh Chara, you the bad guy…now that is just adorable.” The horror laughed in a mocking tone. Both Charas good, and evil suddenly felt very weak, small and helpless.

“Oh…hehehe Slender…it’s been so long…I’ve Um…got a human soul…just like I promised I would.” The Demon Chara stuttered as the horror got closer and closer. The demon form was reduced to a black puddle, freeing The Frisks. Sans felt like this….thing wasn’t even noticing them at the moment so he used his power to pull the duo of saviors to his side. Asriel was guarding his whimpering Chara with his life.

“Oh Chara…don’t you remember our deal? You can have all the fun you want, but when I come back…I get your soul. I never said anything about you exchanging someone else’s soul.” The Horror stated, causing the demon’s eyes and the reformed Chara eyes to widen.

The Slender man then grabbed his tentacles, slowly wriggling and popping out of his back. The demon child tried to use her knife as an attack, but all that did was give the possessed body a broken arm. He forced his long, claw like fingers down the Frisk’s throat as Slenderman slowly, and painfully ripped out a screaming Chara spirit out of now a sickly looking third Frisk.

“Oh thank God I’m free!” She quickly cried out before feeling all the neglect, pain, and abuse her body had gone through since she had last had control over her own body.

Slender simply tossed the poor gravely ill Frisk into a wall. Everyone whinced hearing a bone crunching sound come from her, after turning his attention over to the now helpless captive soul.

“What…what are you going to do with me?” Demon Chara’s soul asked as she looked at the faceless predator, now bound by one of the tentacles.

“Why I'm going to eat you, and send you into a personal hell of course.” Slender said as if he’s done this before in a very casual manner.

“What?!” Both Charas gasped.

“Yes, while traveling the multiverse I’ve seem to have grown an addiction to Chara souls. The little brats are so easy to manipulate….just promise them the power to get revenge for something that was from what I saw…their own damn fault..and watch the fun. Granted some timelines…I’ve had to improvise when their plan goes wrong, or just catch them off guard.That last neutral timeline’s face was priceless." Slender man spoke with sickening glee.

“So does that mean that their wasn’t a Chara in the other timeline we just got out of?” Asriel thought to himself. The idea of multiple versions of his best friend suffering at the hands of this….thing…made him sick to his stomach.

“Now down the hatch!” Slender sang as one of his tentacles slowly opened up like a set of razor sharp tooth jaws. As the demon Chara was being dangled below, feeling powerless to do anything, for that seemed like ages. She truly was helpless as she was being dangled and toyed with. She got a look to see multiple versions of her own soul inside of the beast, crying and screaming out for help. For someone, anyone to save them from this beast’s eternal punishment and torment. And everyone could hear it. Even Sans, who wasn’t a Chara fan left chilled down to the bone. He would have laughed at that but he was too focused keeping the kids alive.

The still living Chara thought she was going to throw up, they barely stood a chance against him, and she did make the deal, just like the rest off them. She could picture everyone else in this room dying, at his hands. Her family and new friends never knowing what happened to them. Three months since they’d left the underground and she was still causing the same problems for everyone else. Why did she have to see where that door lead? All she could do was cry in frustration, and at what seemed like her fate. She figured she’d deserved it…and only a miracle could save them.

Then Frisk got up, and she acted. She was done being frightened and doing nothing! Before Slender could enjoy his meal, Frisk with one of her glowing hands sucker punched him right across the face. They could all hear the rock music from the chapters ago. Still Slender slowly turned to face her.

“That little trick isn’t going to work this time! I’ve absorbed tons of your human determination! I am a God of horror, and you will know the suffering of all the rest of my victims!” Slender ranted as he was about to attack Frisk.

“FRISK!” Asriel, Sans, Chara and her male counter part yelled as she cracked her knuckles and used her second fist to punch Slender man right into ceiling of the judgement hall. This caught the horror legend off guard as Frisk managed to jump to him,and as she visualized her opponent as a laughing red eye purple energy beast known as the Barrier.

“ONE PUUUUNNNNCHHHH!!!!” Frisk shouted as she attacked Slender man again. This time his tentacles dropped the Chara, and threw up all of the other imprisoned Chara souls free. Whether that was for good or bad was up to interpretation. Never in all his existence had Slender felt this much pain and humiliation. He sent frights and terrors just by his image alone, he wasn’t about to be beat by this little girl? Then everyone heard a cracking sound. The sheer force of Frisk’s glowing fists had sent Slender and the entire mountain into space. The villain screamed until he couldn’t be heard anymore.

Every survivor was this timeline was in utter shock at this display in power. Not even Frisk had fully realized what she had done until Sans got her gently back on the ground. The weak and ill Frisk, the pawn in the Demon Chara and someone else’s choices. While she had been utterly terrified of the monsters and their assault on her, she was taken back by the goat monster trying to heal her along, with what looked like a boy version of herself. While the human slightly more heroic version of her tormentor tried to help the fat skeleton monster get the super Frisk down safely.

“…I’m…I'm so sorry…I never wanted this…I….I wanted to go home….but you all wouldn’t stop attacking me. I tried to be nice like Toriel asked…but then she tried to set me on fire…..I….I just…that demon promised…she promised I’d be safe…” The ill Frisk whimpered as tears fell down her face. Asriel felt awful, as he healed her.

“Hey it’s gonna be okay.” Dude Frisk tried to reassure her, trying to sound like the older brother that he was, but the ill Frisk shook her head.

“No! It’s not okay….I killed people…the monsters here…were people….I….I have to fix this!” She proclaimed. They heard a ping…and then an option. A True Reset Option.

“Hey wait,we aren’t from this timeline, if you do that-“ The Poor Goat boy tried to explain, however it was too late. With the last of the ill fated girl’s strength she pressed the option, and all of reality faded to white.

Toriel, Asgore, Papyrus, Undyne, Alphys, and Gaster were pleasantly surprised to find Sans, Frisk, Chara, and Asriel suddenly appear in the kitchen by the fridge.

“Are we dead?” Chara asked feeling dizzy.

“My children!” Both Toriel and Asgore cried out as they picked up all three of the kids.

“Brother where have you been, we’ve been worried sick about you!” Papyrus asked. “Are you alright?” He asked as he picked up his brother from the floor.

“Heh, sorry bro, we had an interesting tale….we ended up back in the Underground…you could call it an Undertale!” Sans joked, causing Toriel, Frisk and Gaster to laugh. Papyrus just groaned.

“Your fine.” He mumbled.

“But…I don’t understand how we got back, that Reset shouldn’t have worked for our timeline or universe. How did that work?! This is so confusing!” Asriel asked a bit baffled, causing confusion to his parents, and everyone else.

“Don’t think about it.” Both Sans and Gaster said simply.

“That goes for you readers as well.” The eldest skeleton spoke breaking the fourth wall. Or whatever was left at this point.

“Can any of you explain to be where you went, and why your covered in dust?” Toriel questioned.

“And why Chara has a gash in her shirt, and why for a second she had glowing horns?” Asgore added on.

“Mom, we’ve had a long day, can we explain later tonight…I just wanna take a bath and go to sleep.” Frisk requested feeling very drained.

The matriarch of the house thought for a second. She could see Asriel was tired as well, and Chara had a very worried look on her face.

“Oh very well. Asgore, Sans, help me prepare a bath for these three.” She requested while picking up the worn out children and taking them upstairs.

“Yes dear.” Both men said at the same time, following her.

Frisk waved lazily to her bestie and otaku girlfriend before leaving their sight.

“Yo old man, you seem to know what’s going on, spill it.” Unydne crudely ordered.

Gaster gave an amused scoff.

“You’ll hear more from the kids…however I have a feeling our lives are going to be very eventful later down the line.” Gaster guessed looking at the spot where the door had been. He was clearly seeing something that the others wouldn’t be able to. And he wasn’t sure if he liked what the Writers were cooking up.

But not even they knew everything going on in reality.

Continue? Reset?

in the deepest darkness, stood a monster. A monster with the exact same face as D.W Gaster. The only difference was the change in clothing which made him look like a spike theme Saturday morning cartoon villain. Beside the look alike was a small, skinny, sad, pink haired human girl, dressed in rags, bandages over her eyes, and was forced to have a metal collar wrapped around her neck, connected by a leash.

They both stood behind a door.

“Are you sure this is the right one?” The monster asked with a Ketch David sounding voice.

The girl nodded her head slowly, flinching as she felt a hand pat her on the head.

“Good, good, it may take some time, but we can get started at least. My plans shall be come forth…or my name isn’t Professor M.S Sinister!” The monster known as Sinister proclaimed. He then turned to the readers.

….Oh and if any of you readers, plan on telling the Writers or Gaster and his wretched sons…about me….well you wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to the child, now would you?” He asked in a threatening manner, causing the small girl shake like a leaf.

The door opened and the two vanished.

Report chapter Tampering?

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Jan 29, 2015
oh gosh I actually took the time to read this xDDD
“So…do you want an arm or a leg, or both?” Frisk asked taking the God figure aback.
me, a FMA fan: Fullmetal Alchemist style ALRIGH--
“Frisk, this isn’t Full Metal Alchemist..

"Remember that video game with the annoying fairy in it? Doesn't Flowey sound a bit like him?"
Oh my God
"Chara, you're breaking the fourth wall." Asriel reminded her with a tsk.
"Sorry." Chara whispered to the audience.

"Am I seeing double or am I just this good lookin'?" Sans asked as the other Sans from this timeline appeared.
good one there, good one for a Sans fan

Frisk rolled her eyes. "If we make it out of this alive, I want to say for the record, Omega Flowey sucks."
AMEN. Lol but now really. When I played through his boss fight, the frustration made me abandon the idea of ever replaying Undertale again xD …. A week or so later the thought of knowing about this “Asriel” I didn’t know shit about brought me back for the True Pacifist run. BEST DECISION EVER, afterwards I fell completely in love with Undertale

Her Sans and the neutral Sans noticed that the third counter part’s eyes were dark and wearing Papyrus’s scarf, and it seemed torn.
Oh no. Is this that one AU with Geno Sans?

To be fair the mountain was in Southern California so it wasn’t anything new to the natives of the state.
I laugh at this thought xDDD

Only for fate to slap that optimism in the face with a red glowing magic knife stabbing the deranged Sans in the rib cage. He woke up, as they all watched the the damage overwhelm his one hit point.

“I crush all their hopes, and then I watch them cry.” The Demon sang as she stabbed the skeleton, turning him into dust, right in front of both Frisk.
OH NO!! *heart hurts*

“Oh Chara, you the bad guy…now that is just adorable.”

“Heh, sorry bro, we had an interesting tale….we ended up back in the Underground…you could call it an Undertale!” Sans joked

and the ending……
what did I just read xD

this was pretty freaky but a nice read! I loved the Asriel/Chara interactions a lot! Probably I felt I needed more Dadster content till this point but the plot logic didn't allow it so I understand. Nice job, you two! :'D
also the subtle soriel hints, if intentional, were subtle enough not to make me uncomfortable, as I am not a soriel shipper at all T w T thank you for this. It's one of the reasons I continued reading


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Sep 25, 2010
That ending. What does it mean? Who is the pink haired girl? XD What's going to happen next? I have so many questions!

Lan you really out did yourself with this chapter! It's incredible! Also, I wasn't expecting you to kill off the other Sans. ouo" Let alone having it become a true reset to get them back there in the kitchen. I like Frisk kicking butt a whole lot too! Gaster being able to see the door is quite interesting. It also makes sense, considering he's abnormal from the others. I also like how observant Undyne is! Well, I can't wait to see what happens next!

And thank you, DarkGrey Heroine! It means a lot to hear that you're enjoying it. <3

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So yeah, I'm awful when it comes to these reports. This is what I get for half assing before counsel meetings. The monsters on Mt.Ebott still are acting well...like people. It's been three months. Still we all noticed that Time Reset and mini timeline jumps. The Writer and Co-Writer are obviously planning something. I just hope I can talk Red into my: Wait and Watch approach with the monsters...I mean we'll have bigger fish to fry. Aw screw the long reports, it's almost time and I'm fed up.

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