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Organization 13 Extra Boss battles

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Feb 9, 2007
Hey guys, after seeing the new scans ive come up with some possible ideas on how some of the optional org boss battles could go like.

Xemnas- He should be much more harder and he should perform his skills that he did in the first final mix

Xigbar- During part of the battle , he could change the shape of the battlefield and make it to be a long narrow hall. Then after teleporting to the other side he would create many warp holes towards the left and right acroos the hall. Sora will have to run thru the hall of warp holes and get to xigbar who is on the other side, before a time gauge runs out. At the same time, the floor will begin to dissapear and become much more thinner as Sora is running across and trying to dodge all the lasers shooting out of the warp hole. This will hinder his time if he gets hit by some. If Sora does not get to the end of the hall before the floor become too narrow to walk on then GAME OVER.

Xaldin- during his wind cannon attack instead of just hurting sora, it should also blow him far away somewhere into the sky to show how powerful the blast really is. After that xaldin will teleport to meet sora in the sky..as he slices and smacks Sora around in a tornado. Sora will have to use reaction commands to escape the mess

Luxord- His time battle should extend tp about 3 rounds! Instead of just one. It can be similar to the teken fighting series in which if sora wins 2 out of 3 rounds then he wins..but if Luxord wins 2 out of the 3 rounds then sora looses. During each time battle, Luxords card skills should change each time and when sora turns into a dice, he will not be able to get out until 5 of his drive guage runs out. During this time, NO DAMAGE can be done to Luxord at all.

Saix- During his berserk..it should do twice the amount of damage and Sora will not be able to easily pick his weapon up and knock him out. When saix says ALL SHALL BE LOST TO YOU, and the explosion occurs then it should drain all of soras health all the way to the second chance health. This will only happen if sora is close to saix during the attack. Finally later during the stage when saix says MOON SHINE down, he will cause a total ECLIPSE to cover the battle area making the whole place dark. You cannot see saix and the only way you can locate him is by locking on to him during his berserk mode.

So what do you guys think? These are just some of my ideas, feel free to add your..:thumbup:
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