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Jul 15, 2005
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The sunday paper landed on the front doorstep of Young sergon Gualec's house. The front article read in bold letters "boy sent into a coma after playing virtual game". this was not an uncommon article in the world anymore. in fact in the past few weeks this had been the top story. it all began when a young boy, who was playing a popular video game,"The World", was suddenly sent into a coma. There was no one around him online or in his house. his parents found him several hours later slumped over on his desk in front of his computer, the virtual reality goggles still covering his eyes.it was not the only case either. there had been thousands of cases all over the country. This "Bug" ,as the CC corperation( the company that runs the game) calls it, is injuring people all over the world. They are working their hardest to stop it. but aparently there hardest isnt enough to stop it. The company will surely go under if no one can put a stop to this problem soon.

Officials argue that the people who were sent into a coma were just ordinary people and were doing nothing wrong at the moment the incident hit them.however, there are people in " The World" who work to destroy the world. People who wish to see the company crash and burn. Many believe this is the work of those people. Hackers, as they are called by many. "Hackers" are in the world soley to create special items that people rarely find. But according to CC corp. " hackers are there to hurt "The World" in any way possible, and in the end destroy it. Which side will you take? which path will you follow? will you hurt the world.....or work to protect it? its all up to you now.


No God moding, PPing, or Ghosting.
Please...be detailed.
no one liners.
Dont kill anyones character off without there consent.
romance-- keep it PG13
Language, no F-bomb , and Try not to use it in everyother line of your post : D


Game alias:
Weapon: ( please limit yourself to one weapon)
Spells: ( if any)
Side: (hacker or Regular player--we also need one administrator)


Name: Luca Nausic

Game alias: Relic

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Class: Blade master

Weapon: Nuaser (a simple longsword which is cappable of hiting the enemy with amazing speed)

Spells: Repth(heal)


Silver strike-- an attack which allows the user to strike his opponent multiple time with brute force in a matter of seconds.

Shadow foot-- grants the user invisiblity for 60 a limited period of time

Side: Player


Bio: Luca has been playing " The World" for about 4 years. he has honed his character's skills and has trained hard so that he might be the one of the strongest in " The World". his only goal used to be making it on to the high score list. now he spends his days wandering "The World", and wodering why he is still playing. When he heard about the victims of the "Bug" he wanted to help. quickly he logged on to the game and started searching for answers. Though no one near him has been affected, Luca still wants to help as much as he can and do whatever he must to solve the problem. Maybe this was why he was still playing, or maybe he is just hoping to do something that no one can accomplish, but whatever it is, it keeps him coming back every day, wondering why he is there, and what he might find in his search for an answer.

Jack London

Nov 28, 2005
Meadows Of Heaven.
Name: Raven
Game alias: NightWing
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Class: Spearman
Weapon: Spear
Spells: None
Abilities: Can sense when somebody is near by.
Side: Hacker
Appearance: Is kinda pale with long black hair and dark brown eyes. Wears a chain mail under his black cloak. Wears black leather knuckle gloves and combat boots.
Bio: Whenever Raven played an online video game he would always find some way to hack into it and help himself win. He always did it for fun never to destroy the game. As he grew older his hatred for the world grew. His parents had died from a major car accident. When he went to live with his uncle he didn't like him. His uncle was always taking his anger out on him and always putting him down. Raven changed his attitude toward the world and life and found it meaningless and idiotic. His friends didn't even bother to try to understand him and left him instead. Raven ran away from his uncle to find a purpose in his meaningless life. Eventually, he had heard of a new online game called "The World" and found it interesting that it was a virtual game. He found out more about the game and formulated a plan to destroy it and the people who played it. One day he went into a computer cafe and everyone there was playing it. He smiled and used the last computer so that nobody could see what he was doing. When Raven logged into the game he immiedatly hacked into the main system and bugged the virtual reality goggles causing whoever played it to go into a coma. The computer cafe fell silent and Raven's body never to be found. His soul was sent into "The World".
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