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Pokébrids: A Different Pokémon Adventure

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Jul 14, 2008

There have been many stories of alternate dimensions, places that move at the same time, but completely different in their characteristics.

In the world of Pokétopia, Pokémon-Human Hybrids have lived in the world for centuries, all at the same time as the dimension where human trainers capture and control their Pokémon. At first, the land used to be peaceful and prosperous, with equality throughout the land. But a few decades ago, the land was taken over by a ruthless dictator Raichu Pokébrid, only known as Gigas. Ruling over the land with an iron fist, he has oppressed the people, never seeming to get age.

As time has progressed, a Rebel group formed, led by an older Blastoise Pokébrid. In the capital of Diamond City there is the Rebel Base hidden deep underground, with an entire city. As big as it is, the Government has never been able to find it.

The story starts off with a young Pikachu Pokébrid running through the streets of Diamond City to find the Rebel Base.


1. Your character cannot do everything and magically not get injured. That isn't what happens, ever.
2. I will permit up to two characters, but don't create a ton, and then forget about them.
3. I'll allow small side-stories, only if I am messages beforehand, and as long as they don't interfere with the main plot.
4. No one else can lead the RP but me. Hate to sound like a jerk-loser, but I guess I want to make that clear as well. xD
5. No one-liners. Try to write a few sentences (three or more if possible).
6. I'm not one for rules; I want people to have fun and enjoy the RP. Just follow all the basic rules that you know, and it should all be good!

Pat, pat, pat.

A young boy quickly ran down a deserted alley. He was panting, showing signs of fatigue; he had been running for nearly a half an hour, darting down different streets as he attempted to evade his pursuers. It was dark, something he had hoped would help him escape easier, however, it seemed as if they would not leave him be. Two Primape Pokébrids continued to track him, always a couple dozen meters away. Ever since he began his trek towards the Rebel Base, it seemed like he was continuously being followed.

"I've gotta be there soon," he thought.

As he thought this, he turned down another street, coming into a vacant lot. There was a normal looking door at the end of one side of the lot, but other than that, the field was empty. It was also closed in on every side, save for the one he entered from.

Isaac was at the base, or at least where it was hidden. He was given a map one day, and had been planning on his escape for almost a month. He was relieved that he finally arrived, but this was short lived. In a few seconds, the two pursuers were sure to show up.
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